A Multi-seller e-commerce theme – “Dokan” coming …

“Dokan” – is named as out  upcoming WordPress theme for building multi-seller e-commerce store, powered by WooCommerce. Our team is working on this for couple of months and it’s going to be released at end of this month or in first half of February.

What is Dokan?:

Dokan – is a Bangladeshi word which means – Shop/Store. This WordPress app theme been building for multi-seller online shops so, we decided to name it Dokan.

Dokan is using WooCommerce as it’s backend engine and will be based on upcoming WooCommerce 2.1. So if you want to build a site having multiple vendors, you can easily do that.

Multi-seller e-commerce stores:

Multi-vendor e-commerce sites are really popular. Sites such as eBay, Etsy and AliBaba, Themeforest etc have enormous reach and support with 100,000's of sellers on just one site.

However, multi-vendor sites are also really difficult to build and maintain. E-commerce itself is difficult enough, but when you multiply the number of transactions and vendors, you multiply all of the potential issues.

For Dokan we tried out best to make things simple, clear and easy enough so any one can run a multi-seller e-commerce site with a little WordPress knowledge!

Dokan Features:

It has all the features what a multi-seller e-commerce site should have:

– Vendor registration
– Seller Dashboard
– Product Listing
– All woocommerce product variations, attributes etc features from front-end
– Coupon management
– Sales reports
– Each seller's dedicated Store page
– Withdraw System
– and much more…


We haven't put any working demo online. You can check screen shorts here:

Release date:

We are hoping to release this end of this February or early March'2014

Dokan theme has a nice user friendly dashboard in front-end. So if you want to build a site for your client, may be it’ll be a good start if your client isn’t familier with WordPress dashboard. There are many potential as well to start your very own multi-sellers e-commerce business with this theme.
Stay tuned to get updates more.


  • Thomas


    Absolutely desperate for this theme to be released! How much are you expecting to retail it for?

    I’ve be trying to recreate something similar for a long time but it is really difficult to get it right!

  • Dan


    Need Badly!!

  • Stefano


    Hi, on which woocommerce’s plugin is based? Matt Gates’s Product Vendor or Woocommerce’s Product Vendor?


    • Mahi


      This theme will release based on Woocommerce and Easy Digital Download both plugins.
      No, there are no product vendor or any other existing plugin involve here. Totally customised by wedevs team.

  • Nath


    Any news on release?

    • Tareq


      Will be in next week I hope 🙂

  • Richard


    Can’t wait for this…! Do you guys have a price yet? 🙂

  • Chris McCoy

    Chris McCoy

    looks good, any coupons for current customers of your other premium products? 😉

    • Mahi


      use the coupon “dokan-early-bird” for 30% discount

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  • james howard

    james howard

    Multi-seller theme is a cool idea and dukan is welcomed with good packages and discount coupons for the early birds is awesome.
    SEO services cheltenham

  • sarah


    can you add to it “make an offer?

  • Sekander Badsha

    Sekander Badsha

    Hello Sarah,
    I am not sure about what kind of feature you are asking, but we do not have any feature for bargaining or offering a price to the vendors.
    You can describe your idea in details in our contact form and we can add that to our feature request list.

  • James


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