Dokan PayPal Adaptive Payments – v1.0 released

Today we have released the version 1.0 of Dokan PayPal Adaptive Payments add-on and we addressed some severe feature requests over the past few months.

Refund and Dispute

Refund and Dispute was a main concern for the site owners. In chained payments, admin were the primary receiver and sellers were secondary and that was creating a headache. What will happen if someone submits a dispute for a seller order? As admin already paid the seller, though the dispute would be against the site owner because they are the primary receivers.

Receiving multiple seller orders in the same order was ambiguous in this process as it wasn't possible to set a single seller as primary among many sellers. Thats why in v1.0 we added a Single Seller Mode.

New features in v1.0
New features in v1.0

When using the Single Seller Mode, you can only add products to the cart of a single seller. We need a single seller for making the seller as primary and the side admin as secondary. So all disputes and refunds will be managed by the seller.

Error notice when adding multiple vendors product
Error notice when adding multiple vendors product

Shipping Address

Buyer shipping address to PayPal
Buyer shipping address to PayPal

Now we are also sending the customer shipping or billing address along with the purchase to PayPal. It ensures more of the seller/buyer protection.

If you already purchased the add-on, you can download the latest version from your account. Or you can buy PayPal Adaptive Payments for Dokan.

Purchase → Dokan Purchase → PayPal Adaptive Payments

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