8 Proven Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Sales

Do you have an established eCommerce store? A good customer base? Competitive products and services with a price set better than the rest of the market? And in spite of all, does it seem that your sales have become stagnant over time?
If you said yes to all of the above, know that this is not a dead-end. You can boost your company growth and sales again with some well known methods. The only thing is you have to be persistent with these efforts in your business.

Try Out These 8 Steps To Revamp Your Sales & Boost Your Revenue!

Below we bring to you some golden tips, though well known yet sometimes underrated, that brought our business and those of our peers in the industry a steady growth in terms of sales.

Utilize offline connections

To do this bring online your connections that you made through personal networking. These include your family, friends, and any connections you have made through acquaintances and people who you have met in events and different occasions. Bring those influential people, businessmen, and individuals whom you have come to know through mutual friends and relatives. Take their emails, add them up on Facebook, follow on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, wherever you may find them and leave no scope to let them know of your online business!

Leverage social media platforms

Social media today is one of the better and effective ways today to reach your customers. Install plugins for your social profiles on your website and ecommerce platform so users can directly follow and like your page without the hassle of going to a different window. Post daily updates and know your customers and their needs by interacting with them regularly.

With several online solutions available for amateurs to create images and videos for their business, it has now become even more handy for you to reach out better to your customers through social media. Not always you have to hire designers, sometimes you can throw in some creatives made by you!

Offer more coupons, discounts and contests

The importance of offering giveaway contests, bonuses, coupons and special offers to your regular customers cannot be underestimated. But it not only helps to make your regular clients more loyal to you, it also increases your leads and makes your offerings more attractive to potential clients.

Become a regular blog writer

Keep your customers up to date and informed about your business with regular blogs. Your blogs should feature not only updates about your service or product but also how you are willing to help your clients grow through your offerings, how you vision your business, and how you are making an impact in the lives of your customers.

Sponsor appropriate events and fairs

If budget allows, participate in different local fairs and conferences that are relevant to your business and fields. Also consider sponsoring products and services in these fairs and conferences that will represent your seriousness and passion about the services and products you sell.

Keep growing your email list

Use referral programs to create email lists that will increase your leads whom you can send subscription requests. Create subscription pop-ups in your blogs and eCommerce site. Send welcome emails, and follow up emails to new customers after a purchase. You can also send newsletters on weekly blogs. Make as much free offerings as possible.

Make use of online ads

Use Google, Gmail and Facebook ads to reach your target customers. All of these sources have amazing targeting and customization features and are very popular among all types of businesses. With Google Ads, you are able to track both clicks and conversions to your ads. It is very powerful given that it is the most popular search engine and you can play around with keywords to create ad campaigns.

Create campaigns on Facebook and target them to the right group of audience by sponsoring. Now with Facebook video ads, which work similar to YouTube ads, you can showcase the creativity of your business. Also use Gmail ads to target the same keywords as your competitors so buyers who are purchasing from them will also see your ads in their inboxes.

Grow better with mobile optimization

With the huge impact of smartphones in everyone’s lives and the growth in smartphone users, it has become ever more essential to to make your website and overall business mobile friendly. A large number of smartphone users are heavily influenced by online ads and products displayed attractively. So it is essential to make your online site mobile friendly. Though more often than not you have to get professional solution to make your site mobile friendly, the investment does pay off. You will realize this when you see growth in your sales again.

I have done all these, now what?

If you have done all the above already then you must also know how important it is to change sales techniques after a certain period because needs and preferences of consumers change too. You must also know how important it is to give your customers a user friendly and fulfilling experience of your business in order to increase your sales.

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