Benefits of Having a Review Page for Your Online Business (Guide to Design a Review Page in WordPress)

It may sound fascinating to you, more than 72% of customers won't take any actions until they read any reviews. People will surely listen to you and do business if they trust you. And this will happens if they get positive reviews of your company.

15% of users don’t trust businesses without reviews – Hosting Tribunal

Therefore, considering the importance of review on business, we'll discuss how to make a review page on WordPress website, smart strategies to get positive reviews and also introduce amazing addons.

Yes, you're hearing the right. We're talking about Happyaddons. The most amazing enhancer that works seamlessly with Elementor Page Builder.

However, in the next part, we'll discuss why Happy Addons is perfectly suitable for designing a review page.

So, let's begin with the elaborate discussion:

Why Choose Happy Addons for Designing Review Page

How to make a review page on WordPress
HappyAddon – Collections of Slick, and powerful widgets

Happy Addons is completely unique and has dazzling designing tools. It has around 25 different widgets for the WordPress ecosystem. Moreover, the widgets of Happy Addons are capable of creating any types of designs at different circumstances.

Collaboration with Elementor makes it more strong and powerful. And its trendy and unique look with detail editing experience allows everyone to create ravishing designs in a quick time. Again, it includes two extra features for every elementor widget called Happy Effect.

Happy Effects

Happy Effect consists of two portions, and they are:-

  • Floating Effects: Using Floating Effects. you can Translate, Rotate or Scale thus it helps to create stunning animations for any Elementor widget
  • CSS Transforms: CSS transforms is another fruitful feature of Happy Addons. It'll help you to add various CSS transforms, for example, using it you can translate, rotate, scale and also skew your elements.

Let's check out the facilities you'll get using Happy Addons for any designs in WordPress:-

  • It's free, easy to use, and collaborates with Elementor
  • Responsive and tested on different screens
  • Compatible with almost every theme
  • Constantly adding new features
  • And, it's lightweight and fast

So these are the main reason why should determine Happy Addon as the prior plugin to make a review page on WordPress.

Anyways, read the article on ‘How elementor changed the era of WordPress Development

How to Design a Review Page with HappyAddons

Happy Addons works perfectly with Elementor. So before using Happy Addons, install the Elementor plugin to your website. After that, install Happy Addon.

Let assume you have already installed and used both WordPress and Elementor.

Check out the article on ‘How to Create a stunning header with Elementor

So let's get started:

Step 1: Adding Sections

First, add a section like the way you always do with Elementor. And then drag Review Widget to the sections.

How to make a review page on WordPress
  • After dragging ‘Review Widget', it'll appear like the following screenshot.
Overview of Review section
Overview of the review section

Step 2: Editing Preset, Review and Reviewer

In this section, you can edit Preset, Review, and Reviewer.


It's a collection of designs that will help you to use it in the objects. Using preset will allow you to decorate your review box with a more delightful look.

check out the screenshot below:

How to make a review page on WordPress
Selecting Preset


Here you can resize rating and also choose rating style. Next, you'll see the description, review position, and the review type, etc.

How to add preset
Editing Preset


This part is very interesting. You can edit each and every review of your customer. For example, the reviewer's photo, images position, name, designation, and more.

How to make a review page on WordPress
Editing Reviewer

Step 3: Stylize Review Widget

To stylize the section, click on the ‘Style‘ button.

How do you write a review page
Style section
  • Here you'll have more options to stylize your review page. You can stylize Rating, Review & Reviewer, and Photo, etc.
How to stylize review page
Style Section

However, you can edit this section according to your website design and your choice. You'll get three option here like:


Here you can resize the rating button, bottom spacing, padding, text color, and more.

How to edit review with Happy Addons
Options for Review

Review & Reviewer

In this section, you'll have more options to do different things with your review button. Therefore, it will look different and lucrative.

How do you write a review page


Next, you'll get a ‘Photo' section. It's also very simple to utilize. Here you can edit and resize your photos and do a lot of things like padding, margin, box-shadow, height, width, and more.

How to make a review page on WordPress

Step 4: Finalizing the design

This section is the final part of this tutorial journey. If you're a WordPress lover, then you must want to design your blog with fruitful styles. Right.

Here you can edit your design with some advance option. For example, margin, padding, Z-Index, CSS ID, and CSS Classes, etc.

How do I create a review page on WordPress
  • Now, you'll get the ‘Happy Effect' here. As we already mentioned earlier, the Happy Effect consists of two sections.
How do I create a review page on WordPress
  • If you activate the ‘Floating Effect' you can use its facilities. However, check out the following video to understand it more deeply:
Complete video of Floating Effect
  • After activating the ‘CSS Transform' like the previous part, you'll see more options to experience different designs. By the way, check out the following video to get a clear idea:
Complete Tutorial of CSS Transform

Live preview of Review Page

How to make a review page on WordPress

Smart Strategies To Get Positive Reviews From The Real Customer

Smart Ideas to get more Reviews
Smart Ideas to get more Reviews

If you're giving 100% to your customers then there is no one better than your satisfied customers to express your success stories. As we mentioned earlier, 72% of customers take any service after reading reviews. So, it's very notable to increase positive reviews for your business to stay in the competition especially if you have an eCommerce business.

Giving away real time experience of your customers on your website, blogs, and social media accounts, etc will prove how dedicatly you work for your brand to keep promise in the real world.

In this part, we’ll share some very effective smart ways of getting quality customer reviews. So let's get started:

Provide Customer Live Support

Having customer support on the website is a very plus point. Because it helps customers to communicate with you directly. For example, they'll share their views, opinion, feedback, search for any items and also complain if any problems arise. Therefore, this may increase reviews and trust also

Respond Reviews Quickly

You must respond to customer reviews quickly. Because it proves that you take care of them! And also you should respond to both the positive and negative reviews. Publicly ask your customers to contact you directly so that you can discuss the problem. Show them that you are eager to do all you can to solve the problem.

Keep Easy for Customers reviewing

Try to keep the review process of your website easy and simple. Thus, your service and products will get more ratings and attract more reviews. Suggestions from KissMetrics expresses that, keep your review form easy and short. In addition, it creates sense to make such forms as amusing as possible.

Share Your Reviews Through Social Platform

It’s quite important that your customers like your emails. Including customers, reviews in your promotional emails may energize your customers to take action on your site.

Follow Up Your Customers Regularly

Following up with customers regularly is another practice of getting more positive reviews. For example, giving calls, mail, tweets or messages. Thus, it increases revenue and traffic. However, this method is proactive and generates more leads.

Monitor Social Channels Regularly

Monitoring social channels on a regular basis also proves your activity. Moreover, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. can be a perfect place for getting customers reviews. So your instant response to customer reviews on these platforms is a positive sign to get more reviews.

So these are the smart strategies that you should follow if you have a small or medium online business.

Final Words

In this tutorial, we tried to show how to make a review page on WordPress in a very easiest way. However, you may already observe that we haven't used any code or programming language to make this review page.

So as a beginner, it'll give you amazing experience and joy using Happy Addon along with the Elementor page builder.

How Does Happy Elementor Add-ons Help to Design Your Dream Blog

In these highly competitive days, people are changing their views towards blogging and its utilities. Because blog sites are becoming more popular and getting visitors day by day.

Yes, having a blogsite of yourself or your company can get the following benefits like:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Increase your SEO/ SERP
  • Position your brand as an industry leader
  • Develop better customer relationships

Therefore, the importance of a well-designed blog site will not only increase your potential customers but also enlarge brand reputation. So as a digital marketer, you must emphasize the design quality of your blog site.

But unfortunately, many amateur bloggers don't know well how to design a blog with a prominent designing look. Fortunately, if you're a WordPress user, then you can create any type of design with the page builder plugins available in the WordPress ecosystem.

Yes, we're talking about Elementor and Happy Addons. These two tremendous WordPress Page Builders will let you perform all types of designing activities with ease.

So, in today's article, we'll be showing how to design a blog using a page builder plugin. So, without further ado, let's get into the discussion:

Why Choose Happy Addons

how to design a blog

Generally, using Elementor page builder you may easily customize your blogsite or website. You may curious, why we should use Happy Addons? Right? Yes, ‘Happy Addons' is a collection of wonderful widgets that works flawlessly with Elementor. That means you can employ Happy Addons to strengthen Elementor.

Check the following reasons why ‘Happy Addons‘ is appropriate to use in terms of designing blog site or websites:

So these are the significant facts that you'll get after capitalizing Happy Addons. Next, we'll show how to design a blog with Elementor and Happy Addons. However, read this article on ‘Ultimate Addons to create a website

So let's get started:

How To Design a Blog with Elementor & Happy Addons

How to design a Photography website

Creating a personal blog or portfolio with Elementor and Happy Addons becomes an easy task. As a beginner, you can employ these two elegant plugins for creating any design without applying a single code.

However, here we'll show how to create or design a portfolio website in a very simple way. So follow the step by step process till the end.

Before going to the discussion, let's check out the requirements that you'll need:

Requirements to Design a Blog Site With Happy Addons and Elementor

So before employing these plugins be sure about the requirements that we recommended.

In today's post, we'll show how to design this type of Portfolio website.

create a website with Elementor

Step 1: Adding a Header

Adding a header part on the website is the easiest part. Not only the header portion but you can also add footer part using Happy Addons Feature.

So all you have to do is go to your website's Dashboard > Pages > Add New Page > Give Title of the page > And Select Elementor Canvas > Then Click on Edit With Elementor > Publish it or save it as a draft.

Check the screenshot below:

Next, you'll get a white Elementor default interface to put your all requirements. We all know that a website consists of different sections, Right? For example, the header part, hero banner part or slider part, contact part, and footer part.

In that case, you need sections. So in the white canvas, you can add as many sections as you want. In this page builder plugin, you'll get some built-in sections. Here, we selected the first one for this.

create a blog

Next, you'll see many options to design your header part in the style part. To add a background in the header portion, click on the ‘Style' option. Here you can add background and customize it.

how to design a blog
Selecting a Style option to add a background

After adding a background, edit the following options. This will help you to get a view like the following screenshot.

how to design a blog
Resizing Header

Next, you need to add a ‘Heading Text' at the top of the page. To do that, type ‘Heading' widget and drag it to the selected area.

Adding Header
Adding Heading

Then, if you want to add an icon like this. Then like before, type ‘Icon Box‘ widget and drag it. That's it. ‘Style option' for all the widgets is the same. Here you can stylize your content, for example, padding, size, spacing, margin, etc.

Adding heading
Adding Icon Box

Step 02: Adding Inner Sections

After adding the first portion, you need the rest of the part. So the ‘Inner Section' widget will let you do this. Just select the widget and drag it to the area. That's it.

How to add Inner Section
Inner Section Wiget

After adding the inner section. You can add multiple sections inside the other sections. Isn't it awesome? Like you can add title, description, social media icon, and also you'll have the option to add your service video if you want. So just type the widget that you want to add. Then drag it into the section area.

About Me portion

Step 03: Adding Gallery Images

Adding any widget into the inner section or any section is as similar as we discussed earlier. To add this, you'll get the ‘Images Gallery' widget to do this.

Here you'll get more options to add many images and also you'll able to customize them suitably.

Step 04: Adding Counter Widget

This widget has awesome features. Counter Widget will help you to showcase your projects by numbers. To do this, click on the ‘Counter Widget' and then just drag it to the section. That's it.

As mentioned already, you just need to customize them by Size, padding, margin, font, color, and text, etc.

design a blog
Adding Counter Widget

So in this way, you can add your projects with the ‘Counter Widget‘. As you can see on the left side of the screen, there are options to customize. To make it splendid, you can do more with it. For example, giving a background behind the section, stylizing text, text color, and more.

Counter Widget
Counter Widget

Step 5: Adding Contact Form

The ‘contact form' is an essential part of any website. Because it helps to get customer information thus it creates customer leads. So if you want to add a contact form. Just follow the steps.

Click on the ‘Green' button. Then you'll get unlimited in-built themes, banners, photos, header, footer and more.

Selecting Envato Element

Select any templates for the contact form. Here we have selected this one. So you just need to click on ‘Add Block to Page'. Automatically it'll appear to your page.

How to add contact form
Inserting Contact Form

After adding the ‘Contact Form‘ from Envato, you'll able edit or customize its content, style and also able to customize it with the ‘Advance' section.

how to design a blog
Editing Contact Form


So these are the steps that'll help you to design a whole blog or portfolio. For your better understanding read this article on ‘How to Create a photography website‘. This blog will also enlarge your ideas about this tutorial.

How to Design a Business Website with Elementor & Happy Addons

create a marketplace

In a simple sense, all the business websites mostly depend on their perspective landing pages. The reason is, landing pages display each and every information or service of the company shortly. Thus customers come to this page and perform their activities. For this reason, the significance of having a landing page is very important, especially if you have a WordPress site.

A landing page is a specific web page, created precisely for a marketing or advertising campaign.

For instance, you should give proper time to the landing page design of your website. You may see lots of landing page examples available on Google which are high converting.

Though there are already a lot of landing page builder plugins available in the WordPress platform, Elementor along with ‘Happy addons' has changed the era of WordPress development.

So, in this section, we'll show how you can implement Elementor and Happy Addons to build a business website yet a landing page. Without further ado, let's get started.

Requirements to Design a Business Website

  • Same as the earlier section (WordPress, Elementor, Happy Addons, A Theme, etc.)

Step 1: Adding a Page

We have already mentioned earlier how to add a page and start with Elementor. Right? In this case, we're skipping this portion. Because in the first tutorial we showed how to create a page, header, and installation process. So let assume that you have already created a web page. And able to go on the Elementor Interface.

So after finishing the requirements, you'll get into this page. Here you'll see three options. The first two options are in-built and the 3rd one is Envato elements.

Check this article on How to create Envato like marketplace.

landing page builder

Step 2: Selecting Template

You're going to create a landing page, for instance, you'll need a template. So you can get unlimited templates, photos, and blocks that are available in Elementor. But using ‘Envato Elements', you'll get the same facilities.

To select the template, click on the ‘Green Icon‘. Here you'll see lots of built-in templates.

how to design a blog

Then any of these templates from the list.

landing page design

After that, just select ‘Insert Button‘. Then it'll automatically appear on your page.

create a blog

Note: You can add individual portion to your landing page instead of adding full in-built landing page.

Step 3: Adding a Footer

For your information, in-built landing pages don't have a header or footer part. So you have to create a header or footer on your own or you can use the default header or footer.

To do that, select the ‘Red Plus' button. Or you can choose Envato if you want.

You'll see footer with different styles. So just pick one of them.

It'll just appear under the previous section. That's it.

Footer with Elementor


So by following this way you can manage to build a landing page for your business. We tried to show the simplest way so that you can employ it more smoothly. Therefore, to get more potential customers and lead, the connotation of a landing page is beyond question.

Final Verdict

Wise decision at the right moment is very crucial. And, if you're a business owner then it's the foremost thing for you. We hope you have got something useful from this step-by-step guide.

Having a website along with showcasing products to the world, you must design your website's landing page according to your product category and types.

If you don't have designed yet, this is the right time to choose a fruitful landing page builder or Website page builder. Especially if you're using the WordPress platform. However, if you have anything to share or ask, feel free to share it to the comment section.

How To Integrate weForms with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and MailPoet

Have you ever thought about why you need a contact form for your WordPress website? Probably, your answer would be, I use the contact form to collect data, for example, gather the feedback of customers, save time, lower bounce rate, etc. But how about utilizing a free WordPress form builder as a vital email marketing tool?

Yes, we are talking about weForms. If you have a WordPress website, then you must need a WordPress Form Builder Plugin to get the mentioned benefits. In that case, weForms will not only give you those benefits but also will provide email marketing facilities.

So, if you're looking for such a solution where you can get all these facilities in one place then this article is for you. Because we'll be going to show ‘How you can integrate weForms with the most popular email marketing solutions like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor & Mailpoet, in a few minutes.

So Let's get started:

How To Integrate weForms with Mailchimp

free wordpress form builder
Integrating weForms with Mailchimp

If you have an online business with the WordPress platform, then you must associate with MailChimp. Because it's well-known as the best email marketing solutions. Furthermore, it's very powerful and provides amazing email marketing support for small to medium businesses.

How would it sound if you can collaborate Mailchimp with your website's contact form? For instance, you'll be automatically getting every form datum of your website right into Mailchimp. Thus, it'll reduce the time, cost, and more. Yes, you're getting right. You can integrate weForms with Mailchimp to get the privilege of email marketing with ease.

That's why, we'll be going to show, how you can integrate weForms with Mailchimp, in this section.

So without further ado, let's get started:

Note: Mailchimp (Module) is a pro feature of weForms


Basic Installation Process (4 steps)

The installation process of any plugins in WordPress is the same. So after installing weForms, you just need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Activating Mailchimp Module

  • To activate this module, Navigate to WP Admin>weForms>Modules> Activate Mailchimp
free WordPress form builder
Activating Mailchimp

Step 2: Getting API Keys

An API key is a must if you want to integrate Mailchimp with weForms. To do that, log in to your Mailchimp account.

  • Then click on the Extras>API Keys
 Form Builder Plugin
Selecting API keys
  • Next, You'll get a window where you'll see the API number or key. What you have to do is, copy the code or click on ‘Create API
Getting API keys
Copying API keys

Step 3: Setting Up Mailchimp

Give your API key here, and then click on save changes. To do that,

  • Navigate to WP Admin>weForms>Settings>Mailchimp
Giving API key
Giving API key
  • To integrate forms with Mailchimp. Navigate to weForms>All forms>Add New Forms>Select Form Template>Integration Tab
Integrating Mailchimp
Integrating Mailchimp

You'll get some default fields of Mailchimp here. And you just need to put the desired information of weForms. Again, you'll also get shortcodes to use in the fields. So click on the <> button. And then select the fields of your form that you want to pass the data to Mailchimp.

Finally, Save the form and when you're done with integrating the form with MailChimp.

Step 4: Final Step

  • After integrating your form with MailChimp, hit the ‘Publish' the form. And then put some value on the fields and click on the submit button.
Final Integration
  • Then, fill out the form and click on the ‘Send Message' button. And that'll be recorded to your Mailchimp account.

In this way, a WordPress Form Builder Plugin will ease your task to get data from your website. This will not only help you to get all the data but also enhance your UX on the website.

However, read this article on ‘How to create an online Database using weForms

Getting Confused? Watch the full video of this tutorial:

A short overview of integrating weForms with Mailchimp

How To Integrate weForms with Campaign Monitor

Integrating weForms with Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is another useful feature like Mailchimp. And one of the most popular email marketing solutions out there in the market. The good news is Campaign Monitor is now integrated with the WordPress form builder plugin ‘weForms‘! So what's more?

You can get everything that you need for your business. Moreover, it's supporting over 2 million people for their perspective business. So we're going to show ‘How you can integrate weForms with Campaign monitor' in a simple way.

So let's dive in:

Note: Campaign Monitor is the pro feature of weForms.


Basic Installation Process (4 Steps)

Step 1: Activating Campaign Monitor Module

  • To activate this module, Navigate to WP Admin>weForms>Modules>Activate Campaign Monitor

That's it. You need no third party integration for this.

Campaign Monitor
Campaign Monitor

Step 2: Getting API Keys

You need API keys to run this feature for your website. However, here you have to copy the API keys from the campaign monitor account and paste it to your website. To do that:

  • Navigate to Campaign Monitor Account>Click On Account Settings>Api Keys>Copy The Codes
free WordPress form builder
Copying API keys from Campaign Monitor

Step 3: Setting Up Campaign Monitor

Next, paste the API key, that you generated earlier in the Campaign Monitor.

  • To do this, navigate to WP Admin>weForms→Settings→Campaign Monitor>Hit the ‘Save Changes‘ button.
Form Builder WordPress Plugin
Giving API keys
  • After that, you need to integrate it with your form. To do that, navigate to weForms>All Forms>Add new Form>Integrations

However, you need a subscriber list. If you do so, then it'll appear in the list menu. So click on the dropdown menu title list and select the Campaign Monitor List. And using <> shortcodes, you can get names and email, etc.

free WordPress form builder
Configuring Campaign Monitor
  • After giving all the information in the fields, click on the ‘Save Form‘ button when you're done with your integration.

Step 4: Final Integration

Finally, your form is ready to work with Campaign Monitor and also collect data. This process is also like the previous section.

Anyways, if you have any confusion you can check the following video tutorial to get a better understanding.

Integrating Campaign Monitor with weForms

On the other hand, you can check our documentation for more details.

How to Integrate weForms with Mailpoet

Mailpoet is another fastest email marketing solution. This is also the most used email marketing solution over the years. To make the email marketing path smoother, Mailpoet is now integrated with weForms. Again, you'll get facilitated with the collaboration of weForms and Mailpoet on your website.

Anyways, you'll get the Mailpoet Integration feature in the personal plan(Pro Feature).

The integration process of weForms with Mailpoet is similar to the process of Campaign Monitor and MailChimp that we covered in the earlier section. So check out this documentation on ‘How to Integrate weForms with Mailpoet

Watch the video tutorial to get a better understanding.

How to Integrate weForms with Mailpoet

Over To You

Well, we have discussed elaborately on ‘How you can integrate weForms with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor & Mailpoet' with your website. We hope that you get something useful and also believe that this tutorial will encourage you on ‘How a free WordPress form builder can be a very effective weapon for email marketing in these days'.

Final Verdict

We often think a Contact Form Builder has a limited opportunity towards business. And people beware of spam nowadays, so make sure you're using a customizable WordPress Form Builder Plugin for your site. Do you know an effective contact form will not only beautify your site's outlook but will also give you enormous opportunities to gain happier customers?

So the benefits of contact forms these days, especially in the email marketing trend, are enormous. That's why we have discussed the utilities of using weForms in terms of various purposes. So you can use weForms not only as a contact form but also as a vital email marketing tool.

How to Manage Files, Documents & Duplicate Projects with WP Project Manager

You can't deny the significance of managing files and documents these days. Companies from every sector, small to medium have to maintain their important files with much care. In this case, a suitable file & document management tool can be very useful for you and also for your company.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a technology company or any other business. They all make extensive use of files or documents.

In this article, we are going to show how you can manage files & documents with the WP Project Manager. And in the last part, you'll also able to know how to duplicate projects using WP Project Manager Recurring Task.

Before jumping, let's know about how easy to manage projects in the WordPress platform.

Managing Projects in the WordPress Ecosystem

File & Document Management tool
Managing Project Using Project Manager

However, managing projects is always very tough. But in the WordPress ecosystem, you'll manage them with ease no matter which industry your business is dealing with.

We all know that WordPress is growing very fast. Currently, 34% of all the websites across the world are built with it. And it also provides solutions to different problems in the form of plugins.

With that said, it also comes with a project management solution. For these reasons, people are switching their taste in this popular CMS(Content Management System) as a project management tool.

In addition, while managing projects, you may find difficulties in other sectors. In that case, WordPress with its unlimited plugins will let you do every task with the blink of an eye.

Related topic: ‘Successful Project Management Example

Why Managing Projects are Important for Business?

If you manage each and every project properly, then surely the revenue of your business will grow faster. It's simple. Isn't it? Then whats more!

Let's know how it facilitates you in business:

  • Increase activity and time concerning
  • Scheduling tasks and projects in time
  • Creating a deadline to speed up workflow
  • Easy to see all the tasks along with co-workers
  • Easy to create tasks in a short time

In the next part, we're going to show how you can manage files and documents using WP Project Manager.

How to Manage File and Document with WP Project Manager

You can manage your important files, document, images and other important files with WP Project Manager. So you can able to create and add files, documents, save links of web pages and more.


Let assume you have already installed both the WordPress and Project Manager. Now, let's get started with file, folder, document, and project management:

Step 1: Uploading Files or Doc

This is a very easy process. You just need to follow the steps. That's it.

To do that:

  • Navigate to WP Admin>Project Manager>Project
  • Select ‘Files
  • And, here you can ‘Create Folder‘, ‘Upload a File‘, ‘Link to Doc‘ and ‘Create a Doc‘.
File & Document Management tool
File Dashboard

After clicking on ‘Upload a File‘ button, you'll get a window like the following:

File & Document Management tool
Attaching a File

From here, you easily attach a file from your computer. It's that easy!

Step 2: Creating a Folder

This process is also like the earlier section.

To do that,

  • Click on ‘Create a folder‘ Button
  • A pop-up will appear. You'll be asked to put the folder name
  • You can also make this private
  • Finally, click on the ‘Create a folder‘.
Folder Management with WP Project Manager

After creating folders you'll able to see them in a sequence. Like the following screenshot:

Documentation management
All created folders

Step 3: Adding Sub-Folder

You can also add a sub-folder inside the root folder. It's the same process as we showed in the earlier section.

Adding Sub-folder

By the way, you can add ‘doc files‘ and ‘link doc‘ files, ‘Commenting on a folder or doc‘ in the same process. See the documentation to know the full process.

In the next section, we'll show how you can duplicate your projects using WP Project Manager Recurring Task.

How to Duplicate Your Project with WP Project Manager

Sometimes you need you duplicate your projects in terms of saving times. This is very helpful to manage projects for your employees and the company as well as. So, WP Project Manager lets you do this in a very smart way.

Let's get into the tutorial:

With WP Project Manager Pro 2.0.8, users can duplicate any project with ease. And the interesting part is, after duplicating a project, tasks under the project will be also duplicated.

Duplicating Projects

To do that, go to WP Project Manager>Projects and choose the project that you want to duplicate. Next, click on the top right corner dot button.

Choosing a project for duplicating
  • Click on the ‘Duplicate‘. And it will appear on the screen.
Click on the duplicate button
  • Finally, your project is ready. From here you will be able to see the tasks and sub-tasks under the project.
Project Duplications

How To Set Recurrence in Projects Using Recurring Task

Though it is an amazing file & document management tool for managing files or doc in a very sequential way. You can easily schedule tasks using the Recurring Task Module,

It'll not only save your time but also will help you automatically create tasks every day on your expected time. Moreover, this is a pro feature, so you will have to use the business version of the WP Project Manager.

Okay, without further ado, let's jump into the discussion:

Step 1: Activating The Module

To activate the module:

Navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → Project Manager → Modules → Activate the Recurring Task

How to activate recuring Module
Recuring Module

Step 2: Setting Up Recurring Task

Next, go to the duplicated project that you created earlier. And then there you'll get the task under the project. However, you can add more tasks there.

Recurring Task

After clicking on the ‘recurrence button', a popup window will appear. Here you can see the following things:

  • Repeat: How (Weekly, Monthly and Annually) you want to get it.
  • Repeat Every: You can set it for 1 week to 3 weeks. You can deactivate the particular day by clicking on the green button.
  • Expires: Here you'll able to set expiry date, You cans set it, on a date and on occurrence.
  • Duration: Giving Duration, you can increase the recurring task scheduling time.
File & Document Management tool
Scheduling Tasks

After giving all the information, just enjoy recurring task scheduling using WP Project Manager.

File & Document Management tool
Final Scheduling by Recurring Task

Okay, this the whole process. Hope you enjoyed the full process. That's It!

Final Thought

Using a file & document management tool for a company can be very effective. Because it removes all the hurdles to manage the important files and docs. So as an owner, you must consider and think twice if you really don't want to lose any important official files.

So, we can say WP Project Manager can be the ideal file & document management tool and also for managing projects smartly. Finally, if you have anything to share, let us know in the comment section below.

Ultimate Youtube Marketing Strategy for SMEs (How to Make It Worth Doing)

YouTube is the 2nd biggest platform after Google with having over 50 million content creators at a time. Therefore, as a marketer, you can assume that your YouTube Marketing Strategy should stand out if you want to create a place in your audience's heart.

So as a startup, YouTube is the perfect platform for you but you may face different challenges and obstacles.

That's why we're going to share everything you need to build a smart YouTube Marketing Strategy with expert opinions.

YouTube is the Best Video Marketing Platform: Why?

YouTube Marketing Strategy

As we mentioned earlier, YouTube is the 2nd biggest website and the first among all video sharing platforms.

YouTube currently counts 2 billion monthly active users – YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki 

YouTube becomes popular due to its easy user experience and video sharing services. Anyone can view, upload videos, add comments, and subscribe to their favorite channels with zero time and effort.

Okay, Let's check out the following reasons why it's the best video content sharing platform:-

  • You'll get a vast audience
  • You can save your money with free video hosting
  • The ease of use
  • Easy to link with your website thus increase traffic
  • Unlimited Video bandwidth and sustainability
  • Easy to get feedback from the customers and More

Not only that, you'll have lots of benefits applying YouTube Marketing plans for your business.

To enhance your YouTube Marketing knowledge let's know about the types of YouTube Marketing & how to manage your YouTube channels.

How to manage your YouTube Channel in a Professional Way

People like visualization than reading words by words. So the importance of video is quite clear. If you want to succeed in content marketing, then using videos inside the content will, of course, increase your engagement thus creates brand value. And that is the main thing.

Check out the screenshot below:-

YouTube Marketing Strategy
Using Video Content inside the article

As a business owner, you must have plans to choose YouTube as a vital video content platform. Right?

You may have the following goals that you want to achieve:-

  • Improve brand awareness and engagement
  • Showcase company's culture to the audience
  • Generate more leads and conversions
  • Want to drive more traffic to your website
  • Increase sales
  • Product marketing, launching, or provide any tutorials, etc.

So considering the importance of YouTube Marketing, check out the types of YouTube marketing.

Types of Video Marketing on YouTube

Basically, YouTube Marketing depends on your business types. That means if you're an eCommerce businessman, your should video should focus on product-related. If you're a traveler then you must focus on traveling video.

And if you're a tutor and teacher then your videos should be on educative purposes.

So after researching, we have discovered 5 types of YouTube Marketing. Let's get into the discussion:-

  • Promotion Type video marketing
  • Interview or job-related video marketing
  • Tutorial Type/Product Demo video
  • Presentation or product releasing video
  • User Interaction type video

Promotional Video Marketing

Marketing through promotion

If you want to advertise your brand on YouTube, then the first and foremost task is to create more promotional videos. The idea of promoting videos traditionally is not available nowadays. Because your users are smarter now.

However, a quality promotional video can help you to create brand value thus helps to convert more traffic to your website.

Interview or Job-related Video Marketing

Interview with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella!

Job interview or product interview can be an effective way of promoting videos. The interviewer may ask you some questions on your products so that people can know each and every detail about your products.

On the other hand, your employee can take part in the interview for a particular product. Additionally, you as an owner also can take an interview from your customers on the experience they have. By doing this, your brand will get more responses.

Tutorial Type/Product Demo Video

This is very important for any small business. If you want to advertise your product to all, then you must create a short video, demo, trial or a teaser of your product, etc.

Do you know? Customers want to learn and connect with brands through video content.

You can showcase your product by giving proper tutorial videos. In this video, you can show the following things:-

  • Installation process
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Customer review or satisfactory video
  • How to utilize your products
  • And Success stories

Presentation or Product Release Video

You can also advertise your product through a product release video. Therefore, customers will get informed. On the other hand, you can create a video by giving guidelines to your audience.

Viewers from YouTube, prefer tutorial videos than the other videos. So its high time you should take proper initiative to make quality tutorial videos.

While making this kind of video, follow the tips:-

  • Make your video informative
  • Be straightforward
  • Keep your video short
  • Use animated illustration in your video if need

User Interaction Type Video

Now, this one may be harder to apply – especially if you will be depending on your audience to make videos that advertise your product directly. It's another part of the YouTube Marketing Strategy.

The oreo team does the trick. They create a hashtag of #PlayWithOreo. And their users make the video. This is a huge video marketing strategy. This video got 600k views overall.

To sum up, use hashtags, make some entertaining YouTube videos with innovative ideas that ‘outside of the box’. If you will, and surely, you’ll get user interactions.

Strategies You Should Follow in YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing Strategy

When it's about Content Marketing, video is an up-and-comer. As we mentioned earlier in our previous section, using relevant video inside the content is very effective for content marketing.

Video marketing is cited to be the top disruptor in the marketing world – State of Inbound 2017 Report

However, many Markers don't know how to do YouTube Marketing, or what should be the YouTube Marketing Plan, etc. For instance, you can engage more people by following smart strategies.

So, in this part, we'll show the strategies you should follow during YouTube marketing. However, check out the following points that we'll cover:-

  • Do Your Research
  • Learn about your audience
  • Research your competitor
  • Create Useful And Informative Content
  • Be Consistence
  • Optimize Your Videos

Do Your Research

Do research before starting any plan

Generally, research is the first step of any content marketing strategy. You should make perfect research before starting video marketing especially if you really want to succeed YouTubing.

Importantly, you should also research your competitors like what they are doing, creating or preferring, etc.

Learn about Your Audience

Best YouTube Marketing strategies
Know your audience

It's very crucial to know customer conduct for example, what they are preferring. Furthermore, you can improve your video quality yet your service quality.

In the YouTube channel, you'll have a tab to analysis your visitor activities, for example, your view counts, average watch time, revenues generated, and interaction rate across videos.

In this analytics tab, you can get valuable data on your subscriber demographics. Monitor the total view time and demographics analytics to answer questions like:

  • Place where your videos being viewed
  • Know what are your viewers
  • Know about your subscriber's gender
  • And Which video soothes them the most

Research Your Competitor

YouTube Marketing Strategy

Continuous analysis of your customer is very essential to you especially, it will help to pull ahead of other business. Fortunately, you need to collect lots of data to compete with your competitor.

So you can do the following things to know your competitor:-

  • Count your competitor views
  • Quality they follow
  • Topics they choose
  • Watch their customer review
  • Follow them on various social media
  • And how they manage to maintain video quality

Create Useful & Interesting Content

You have to consider why people are interacting with video content more than any other content, before making any content. Because they find more relevant, interest and attracting in the video more than blog articles.

Moreover, they find more entertainment in videos than blog content.

You have different types to choose from video topics to start. For example, you can create content on how to use a product, success stories of people who’ve liked it, office cultural videos, and demo videos, etc.

So all you have to do is, represent videos in a creative, useful way so that it worth exploring.

Be Consistence

Be Consistence while following YouTube Marketing Strategy

You have to be very consistence and accurate in YouTube Marketing. Because your viewers always want something valuable and unique from you.

However, many Youtubers don't follow this term. They always provide irrelevant content after becoming famous. But you should always treat YouTube as any other content marketing strategies.

Optimize Your Videos for Better Results

Learn How to optimize YouTube videos

Your YouTube videos must be optimized for your search result if you want to get the most value out of them. But don’t worry if your first few videos fail to gain a lot of traction. You can work on them and make them perfect your YouTube SEO.

Let's check out the following facts on how you can optimize your YouTube Videos:-

  • Select perfect title
  • Give a relevant thumbnail
  • Provide a fine description
  • Add a hashtag on your video description
  • Add cards, bumper ads, and watermarks
  • Ask viewers to subscribe

So these are vital issues you should think before planning for YouTube Marketing. Whatever your business is, small or medium, you have to follow these steps to succeed in Youtubing.

Common Mistakes in YouTube Marketing

Mistakes are unusual things. When it's about YouTube Marketing, you can not commit any mistakes. Million people are watching your videos at the same time. So your videos are carrying your brand value.

There is no other way to make any mistakes especially if you're a startup.

So considering this important fact we are going to share some common mistakes that every startup business owner does.

The following mistakes that every YouTubers make:-

  • Not Uploading enough data
  • Upload short videos
  • Using bad audio
  • Not Asking for comments or subscribing
  • Not using categories
  • Using irreverent content
  • And not telling others to share

These are the most common mistakes that every YouTuber does. Check out the following video to know more details.

Mistakes that YouTubers make

YouTube Marketing Strategy: Is It Really Worth Doing

Though Creating video content can be a time-consuming and long process but very important in this visual age. No matter who is your audience, consumers of all aspheres are choosing video content than others.

So it's more competitive than ever to make sure your YouTube marketing strategy is going the right path.


How to Get SMS Notifications and Reports in WordPress with WP User Frontend Pro

It may sound surprising to you that WordPress is now powering 34% of all the web. This is the most recognized web platform across the countries.

Statistics say users make 41.7 Million new posts and 60.5 Million new comments every month by WordPress. The result is truly remarkable. It indicates that the ratio will be undoubtedly double in the near future.

If you are a regular WordPress user, you may familiar with many WordPress plugins or solutions. And WP User Frontend is one of them.

There are many plugins available in the market that provide various modules with different benefits. Likewise, WP User Frontend Pro has 20+ modules. SMS Notification and Report features are among them.

SMS notification feature with your WordPress site will help you get some benefits like, who is registering and who is submitting a post. And the report feature will help you see the total summary of these activities like user's conduct, posts, subscriptions, and transactions, etc.

In this article, we will cover the SMS Notification and Report module of WP User Frontend. But before going to the discussion, we need to know about what is WordPress user frontend and how does it help to grow business. So let's get started gradually.

How Does WP User Frontend Help to Grow Your Business

WordPress frontend solution plugin

People are becoming smarter than in the past. They prefer better, affordable and user-friendly services in any sector. When it's about an online platform then you as a business owner have to be very careful about your service.

WP User Frontend has been giving an amazing service to the business owners. It's really helping them with the easy frontend interface. Have a look at its basic features in the below article.

Getting SMS Notification with WP User Frontend

To enhance your customer loyalty and increase future marketing opportunities, SMS notification module is the best option to have.

SMS Notification is a useful add-on for WP User Frontend Pro. It gives you a notification when a user submits a form.

A study by Baymard Institute shows about 67.45% of eCommerce carts are neglected who don't use WordPress SMS notification service on their website.

So this plugin can help you minimize this situation with a suitable SMS notification feature on your eCommerce website. Let's know how to add SMS notification feature on your website.

How to Utilize WordPress SMS Notification

Go to your website's admin dashboard. Navigate-

User Frontend>Modules, select and activate SMS Notification.

WordPress SMS plugin
Activating WordPress SMS notification featre

How to Configure

Go to WP Dashboard → User Frontend → Settings → SMS.

You will get the blank options to set up addon. You can utilize any of the following sections for sending SMS.

  • Clickatell
  • SMSGlobal
  • Nexmo
  • Twilio

All you need to have an API or Token of these services. This will help you to activate the SMS Notification service.

WordPress SMS plugin
Configuring SMS Notification module

When you are done with required settings, click on “Save Changes” button

After that go to WP Dashboard → User Frontend → Registration Forms. Then click on the setting tab.

Read the documentation to know how to create a registration form

SMS notification
Enabling SMS notification

Then click on the “Enable SMS” checkbox. Therefore SMS notification setting will appear.

wordpress sms plugin

Next, put the information in the blank box. Set the message body and choose a gateway you want to use.

Finally, update your form. And yes! you have successfully set up your WordPress SMS notification.

Watch the video to learn more about the WP User Frontend SMS Notification Module.

Generate Reports with WP User Frontend

When you think about getting any report on your website, you may worry. But it's easy to generate all essential reports using WP User Frontend Report module.

The report module will help you get posts reports, subscription reports, and transaction reports. In this section, we will show you how to enable the Report module and also its process.

Report module of WP user frontend
Report module

To activate the report module go to-

Wp admin>Dashboard>WP User Frontend>Modules and then activate it.

How to Configure the Report Module

After activating the module “Report” option will appear on your menu.

WordPress SMS plugin
Report Menu

You can check monthly reports by clicking on the right corner above the page. Just select this month, last month, this quarter, last quarter, last 6 months, this year, and last year and then click on the “Show” option.

User Reports

User report shows the number of total registered users, the pie chart for comparison, different users role by categorizing in color, percentage of growth/drop of the total registered user, etc.

WordPress SMS plugin
User reports

To be noted: The Yellow curve indicates users in last period and the Blue curve indicates users in this period

Post Reports

Here you will get the total number of posts, total number of pages, number of all post types, and the pie chart.

Post reports
Post Reports

Subscription Reports

In this section, you will get the sales amount of total subscriptions, the pie chart of total sold pack and pending transactions.

Subscription reports

Transaction Reports

This option will give you the total sales report, tax amount, and net income. The blue curve shows the sales report in this period, deep green shows tax in this period, and light green shows the sales in the last period.

Reports on transaction
Reports on transaction

FAQ about WordPress SMS Notification and Report Features

Question: Are these modules free to use?
Answer: No, WP User Frontend is free but you will not able to get the modules in the free version. Modules are available in the pro version. Click to Get pro version.

Q: Can I use other SMS gateways apart from the integrated SMS gateways?
A: No, You can only use the default SMS gateways. Supported SMS gateways are: Clickatell, SMS Global, Nexmo, Twilio

Q: Does it charge to avail SMS gateways features?
A: It depends on which types of gateway you have configured.

Q: How can I get all the reports?
A: To get necessary reports, navigate to WP-Admin>Dashboard>USer Frontend>Report> And click Ctrl+P.

How to get report through
Getting Data from the report module

These are the FAQ of the SMS notification and Report module of the WP User Frontend plugin.

It's Your Turn to Make the Right Decision

We believe that you got something useful in this article. We always try our best to put emphasis on the quality of our product. Therefore, it could be easily said that WP User Frontend' SMS Notification and report feature will satisfy you just as you want.

In this competitive business world, you can use these two features to grab the customer and make a remarkable success in the business field. So without any confusion just grab the WP user frontend pro as your business enhancer than any other solution.

How WordPress Forms Help To Create An Online Database Website

A database refers to a well-organized, structured and managed set of data. If you are running a website you should definitely create an online database for your website.

To create an online database, you need to have tools to store your data. You can consider your database a file cabinet where you store data in various areas for a specific purpose.

When you need a particular file you will just look to these areas and get your data. Isn't it interesting?

Basically, WordPress uses its own database like MySQL. It has own way of creating a database, store and provides information when you need it.

The point is- having an online database software or application could minimize your problems in many ways.

When you use a database, all of your data will store in the server but they hardly store on your computer. So it's really very crucial for you to have a database for your website.

Having a backup will consume your pain of losing any data from your website. Creating an online database will half your pain.

How an Online Database Builder Actually Serves You

Create online database website

An online database has a huge number of benefits. Have a look at below points.

  • Keep track all of your information
  • It helps your employees to access the data
  • Effective data integration
  • Increase data sharing and data security

Let's discuss some points that may help you understand the broader picture.

Quick Decision Making

With better information, the board frameworks and methodology comes to higher quality data.

A database helps in giving a structure to encourage information quality activities. Thusly, higher quality data helps in improving, quicker choices in an association.

Cost Reduction

You can save your money using create an online database for your business. But if you don't have the database software for your company that can cost you a lot. Utilizing an online database may demonstrate less expensive, contingent upon the number of PCs you use.

You additionally don't have to put resources into servers to store the information at your business.

Building Customer Trust

Another advantage of using an online database is user flexibility. You just need to pay for those you use only. To create an online database for your website is not only time-saving but also helps to bring customer trust.

In the event that your business develops or contracts, you shouldn't be worried about the expenses of the database the board programming or servers.

Real-Time Support

Another preferred position of utilizing a web-based database program is that you can move the specialized help weight to another person. Paying an organization for access to an online database incorporates specialized help.

In the event that the database has issues, you basically contact the organization and the staff handles it. You don't have to pay for a data innovation proficient for this reason. On the off chance that you as of now have an IT division, your workers can concentrate on different things.

Need to see any information the board framework in real life and increase the majority of the above advantages of utilizing information on the executive's stage? Snap the case to plan a demo now!

How You Can Create A Database Using Forms

create online database

There are lots of ways to create a database. But first of all, you have to think about what types of medium do you need to create that stuff. But thinking about the demand of the customer you must keep the process easy for them.

What are database forms?

In database circumstances, a form is a window or screen that contains various fields, or spaces to enter data. Each field contains a field label so that any user who views the form gets an idea of its contents.

A form is obviously more easy and user-friendly than generating queries to create tables and insert data into fields.

Creating a database through forms can be very helpful because you can get the customer or visitor's information within a very quick time. weForms can be the best option to create the database for your website.

Why Choose weForms

online database form

It is just a contact form module that accompanies propelled highlights, easy to use interface and amazing simplified manufacturer. It's adjustable and extensible, much the same as most WordPress modules.

It has the least demanding and quickest UI. Clients can without much of a stretch begin with weForms with its pre-fabricated structure formats. The introduction is totally arrangement of course and clients don't need to design anything in an unexpected way.

Features that Make weForms Best in This Feat

  • Easy to install and configure
  • Super fast to navigate
  • Creates high standard forms
  • Integrated with the popular frontend publishing plugin, WP User Frontend
  • Accompanies a few distinctive predefined adaptable layouts
  • Loads in a solitary page immediately
  • Live to see accessible while altering the structure
  • Intuitive structure components
  • 100% mobile responsive

Creating Forms for Your Online Database Using weForms

You can rely on weForms both for your eCommerce and blogs to easily collect data. So before making any forms, you have to decide what types of data you want.

If you are running an eCommerce website you may need these points to get. Customer name, gender, payment method, buyer email and shipping address, etc. Okay, let's have a look.

Follow the guide to install weForms on your WordPress site.

After installing weForms on your website, you will have a dashboard. Then go to weForms.

  • Click Add Forms
  • Select Blank Form
Online form set up

After selecting the blank form you can design your own form that you want to use it to your eCommerce website.

Online ecommerce database form

See the next part of your form. After completing the form you will have a form like this.

Online form sample
  • After creating this form you can use it your blog or website you maintain. And your audience just needs to hit the submit query button.
database for website

You have opportunities to use conditional logic in weForms.

Creating Multi-steps Forms with weForms

Yes, you can create multi-step forms using weForms. If you need that for your online database. The process is the same. but you need to have the pro version of weForms. Check the screenshots below.

  • 1st step- basic info
Multi-steps forms
1st step
  • 2nd step- Related info you want to collect
Multi-steps forms with weForms
  • 3rd and final step- your final message
Multi-column forms

In this section, you can put the reaction message for the customer. And they can also rate your service. Then just need to hit Submit query

So in this way you can create a form and collect data. And also make a database for any needs. And also you can export all the data to CSV.

You can not get all the modules in the free version. To get all the modules you have to pick weForms pro

Check out the video to easily understand the form-creating process with weForms.

Creating a new form for your business website or blog

Note: To activate the form, copy the form code under the title and paste it to the post or page that you make.

By this procedure, you can build such forms to grab customer's attention and collect data. Using forms to collect information for your online database is the best and secured way.

And the complete process is such easy with weForms.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of being an amateur in the market, weForms carries out the responsibility of spanning the two-route correspondence between the client and supplier as aggressively as others.

weForms made a promising begin with its UI and all its fundamental highlights.