Build WooCommerce Marketplace With Dokan For Used Electronics

The rapid growth of internet users and the immense development of social media diminishes all the geographical borders. Now everyone is connected with together regardless of their social status, age, profession or geography. This concept of globalization made Online Business popular over the last few years.

Moreover, it's remarkably inexpensive and easy to start an online business if you have dedicated internet service. Sometimes it needs even less than $100 (the cost of purchasing a domain name and hosting service) to establish an online business site.

Moreover, nowadays if you own a multi-vendor marketplace then even you can earn money from your own eShop without having any products of your own in it. Hence, it can be a great idea to establish an eCommerce platform where many different sellers will upload their products. And you can earn a certain percentage of commission from each sale.

Today we will show you how to build a WooCommerce marketplace for used electronics with Dokan. Most amazingly it requires no prior knowledge and less than 30 minutes.

Why Build Your Own WooCommerce Marketplace Business

WooCommerce marketplace

An online marketplace allows you to reach millions of customers around the globe. The increasing popularity of e-commerce business and online sales provoke more and more people to create a Marketplace on different niches. Moreover, customers also love to purchase on the marketplace as they get plenty of options to choose from.

WooCommerce marketplace

According to a recent study, in 2018, 1.8 billion people have spent $2.86 trillion in online shopping. There are more than 3 million online stores available at this time, but around 63% of them also sell in various marketplaces. Global e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.8 trillion by 2021.

Besides that, 501 billion USD was the retail eCommerce sales in the United States and it is forecasted that the sale will increase to 740 billion in 2023.

The survey of 6,000 consumers conducted by Salesforce and Publicis.Sapient stated that repeat customers prefer to shop from the online marketplace over the brands. It shows buyers feel safer to spend their money in a broad marketplace like Amazon. With WordPress, it's not anymore a professional's job only to create a site like Amazon.

So, you can also build an Amazon-like platform on your own. However, it must be easy to use for brands and retailers well. Also, you should focus on ensuring better customer experience so that they come back to your shop again and again.

Why Design Your WooCommerce Marketplace with Dokan?


People always love to enjoy an easy solution with maximum output and less hassle. This is the reason WordPress has grown so much in popularity and powers more than 33% of all websites globally. Moreover, you can add almost any functionality to your site, with no coding or technical knowledge.

There are tons of free plugins, that you can use without shelling out any cash, or you can opt for premium subscription.

If you have a WordPress site, then you can easily own an Online Marketplace like eBay or Amazon within a day only. With Dokan you get to turn your WooCommerce site into a full-fledged multi-vendor marketplace in less than 30 minutes.

Furthermore, you will get all the functionalities at your fingertips to run your business smoothly. With Dokan you can save hundreds of work hours while creating an online WooCommerce marketplace.

Dokan is the no. 1 open-source Multi Vendor Solution with 30000+ active installations around the world.

Dokan has unique features like:

  • Best frontend experience
  • Easiest configuration option
  • Supports 20+ modules
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Compatible with any WooCommerce themes

By following some easy steps you can start earning from your online marketplace right away.

WooCommerce marketplace

So, it clearly shows that you require only a few resources and effort to create a used electronics online store with Dokan in WordPress.

Turn your WooCommerce Site into a Multi-vendor Marketplace in Minutes

WooCommerce marketplace

A journey towards the biggest revenue starts from here!

Here, we will show you a step-by-step guide to create a multi-vendor eCommerce platform where vendors can sell second-hand electronics products. In addition, today we will introduce an exciting module of Dokan known as Dokan Single Product Multivendor.

This unique feature allows vendors to sell other vendors' products. They can add a product from another vendor's store to their own store with a single click. Furthermore, they have the flexibility to customize the product details as their liking.

At the same time, customers can go through all the same products that the vendors are selling and compare each price from the product page. This will let consumers buy a product with the best price.

Now let us describe how to configure and build a used electronics marketplace using Dokan's Single Product Multivendor Module.

Prerequisites for Launching a Used Electronics Site

Initial Configuration for Your WooCommerce Marketplace

WordPress: At first, you should buy your own domain and hosting from a trusted provider. Then, install the WordPress on your server. 

WooCommerce: After logging into the site with your personal credentials install and activate the WooCommerce plugin like any other WordPress plugin. That's it your single eCommerce store is ready for launch.

Dokan Free and Pro: Now you have to install Dokan to turn your single store into a multi-vendor marketplace. To unlock all the advanced features you can simply get the Dokan Pro with a 100% money-back guarantee & customer satisfaction.

Active Dokan Single Product Multiple Vendor Module: Now, navigate to WordPress Admin Dashboard → Dokan → Modules.

Click on the toggle button beside Single Product Multiple Vendor to activate the module as shown below.

Single Product Multiple Vendor

An Appropriate Theme for Dokan: Most amazingly, Dokan works well with almost all the popular WooCommerce themes available in the market. So, you have the flexibility to choose a theme that fits your business. You can check all the Dokan Compatible Themes.

However, the theme must be easy for both vendors and buyers to surf and conduct other transactions.

You can check the cost that you need to launch your desired WordPress site.

How to Create a Used Electronics Online Platform Using Dokan

Now, you have all the components in your hands to build your first multi-vendor marketplace for used electronics. Before proceeding, configure your Dokan plugin with all the essential settings as below:

General Setting Dokan

Here you can optimize your marketplace as per your brand requirements. It helps you to operate your business seamlessly. After that, you are free to design your own Marketplace Website using Dokan.

General Settings for Single Product Multiple Vendor

Step 1

Navigate to your WordPress Admin Dashboard → Dokan → Settings → Single Product MultiVendor.
Then, Click on the checkbox beside to Enable Single Product Multiple-Vendor.

Dokan Settings

Step 2

Now, you can change the default content of the “Sell Item Button Text” and “Available Vendor Display Area” title.

To change the ‘Sell Item Button Text', type over the given field. It has the default text “Sell This Item”. You can change it as per your preference.

Here we have set the text as “Sell This Product Now!”.

Dokan Module Settings

This is how vendors will view the button for a product from the store.

WooCommerce marketplace

Step 3

You can also change the text for Available Vendor Display Area Title as you desire. To do this, simply write your desired text over the given field. It has the default text “Other Available Vendors”. 

Here we have set the text as “Buy this product from these vendors”.

WooCommerce marketplace

So, above you can see how the button will appear in the store. Vendors can see the list of all other vendors selling the same product:

product review

Step 4

You can also choose where you want to display the available vendor's list.
For this you have to select the desired option from the drop-down menu given for Available Vendor Section Display Position:

WooCommerce marketplace

Store-end View for Vendors

All the configuration has been done from the admin. Now, when a visitor will visit any product from another vendor, s/he will see a new button “Sell This Product Now!”.

When you click on this button, a new product will be created for your store and you can edit its details as per its specifications.

edit product dokan

Store-end View for Customers

Now when a customer visits your marketplace and clicks on a product a pop-up window will appear. And then they can see the product's details along with the other vendor's names who sell the same product.

As a result, the customer will get a fair chance to compare among all the vendor's offers. It will help them to acquire the best deal at the cheapest price.

WooCommerce marketplace

Furthermore, with this advanced feature of Dokan, you can gain your customer's trust very quickly. It will uplift the customer acquisition and retention rate at a rapid pace.

With the latest update of Dokan, now the admin can assign a single product to multiple vendors very easily from his/her dashboard. Also, you can employ a set of conditions before allowing the vendors to sell other vendors' products. 

Check this documentation to get all the available features of the Dokan Single Product Multiple Vendor. However, for better visibility of your site on the search engine, you should implement proper SEO tactics. It will help you to grow your Marketplace Website faster.

Moreover, you can also create a marketplace for downloadable products using Dokan. Nevertheless, you can create an Airbnb Alternative Site with Dokan WooCommerce Booking.

Note: Admin can set up his/her own store and sell products if s/he has any products and services to sell.


Dokan Empowers Your WooCommerce Marketplace with Ease

WordPress makes it easy as pie to build an effective eCommerce Marketplace with interactive plugins. Dokan has all the components to make your journey smooth and efficient. However, you need a strong marketing strategy to reach your target audience. It will improve your brand value. Also, you will get more commission as the sales increase.

Even without being a professional, with Dokan you can develop a highly functional WooCommerce marketplace in a single day. It allows you to bring plenty of related service providers on the same platform. And earn money with a commission from each sale.

Nevertheless, WordPress page builder-Elementor makes the web development process easy than ever. Therefore, you can build a Professional Marketplace With Elementor & Dokan without any prior knowledge and coding. Thus, it makes the journey more effortless from developing a marketplace site to earning money.

Kanban Methodology: Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Kanban Project Manager is a simple yet powerful tool to simplify the responsibilities of project managers. It's an effective way to run your business more efficiently. Also, it helps you to stay organized and connected collaboratively.

The Kanban methodology is suitable for every business type, size, and goal. It allows you to manage the work-flow in a planned way with a visual representation.

A simple Kanban board consists of several columns to describe the different stages of all tasks. Such as To-Do, In Progress, and Completed. You can also supervise complex scenario by adding more columns. Here, all the associated members can participate to contribute through the organisation.

Depending on your business nature you can arrange your Kanban board particularly. With this PM methodology, you can set the hierarchy level. It assists you to accomplish all the tasks sequentially with ease.

In this beginner's guide, we will discuss how to track all the projects and related tasks with Kanban Project Management. Additionally, it will help you to yield project goals and business objectives with Kanban methodology.

An Introduction to Kanban Methodology in Project Management

Kanban Project Manager

Kanban is a management technique to monitor and simplify the task workflow. It allows you to visualize every step of your workflow on a board called “Kanban board”. Therefore, you and your team members can organize and manage the working process in a simple and appropriate way.

Kanban refers to cards that graphically represent the flow of components and finished products throughout the production system.

The tasks that you insert on Kanban Board are known as kanban cards. The core objective of Kanban system is to identify all the tailbacks and remove them from your working process. Since it ensures maximum output at an optimal speed.

Compared to other method Kanban is easy to implement in any business process. You can easily overview the task flow of your team members from anywhere and anytime. As a result, it elaborates on the working arena and flexibility.

In short, Kanban Project Management visualizes your working process. So, you can acquire all the progress reports of your workflow in one place. Despite telling you what is right or wrong, it assists you to improve from your present situation. Moreover, it uplifts your team productivity and collaboration.

Benefits of Kanban Methodology 

kanban methodology

Kanban is a visual system for managing work in a planned approach. With this visual Project Management technique you will be able to keep track of every project and task with ease. However, it can be applied in several ways depending on the hierarchy of an organization.

Proper utilization of Kanban Methodology and kanban board can boost your overall productivity. It is broadly used by software companies to visually manage their task flow. Now, other businesses are also adopting Kanban project management system to manage their projects more smartly. 

Here are some outstanding benefits you will get with Kanban Project Manager:

  • Break down the project into important segments
  • Visually monitor all the tasks and progress
  • Easily define priority, time duration, assignee and others
  • Accelerate the task management to meet deadlines
  • Easy to keep track of work progress
  • Diminish waste inspiring overall team productivity
  • Reduce the workload and give mental relief

Breaking Goals Down into Actionable Tasks:

In order to accomplish the main goal of a large project, you have to complete a list of tasks related to it. In Kanban Project Management you will get the chance to chop a big project into small pieces. And manage them individually throughout the project.

Kanban Project Manager

Thus it helps you to complete all the tasks in time as well as acquire the main goal. Also, it will be easy for you to find out all the obstacles that may bother you to reach the ultimate goal. So, you can fix them before they impact on the entire management system.

Reduce Waste

As you can overview and update the task status on kanban board so it is easy to handle all the resources efficiently. Therefore, there is less chance of wastage. Kanban system ensures the the reduction of waste in all aspects. It diminishes over-production, unnecessary motion, communication gaps, defects, over-processing and waiting. 

However, Kanban board makes it easier to find out the work status of your team members. So you can take the necessary steps to serve the project objectives in time. This feature ensures that teams don’t spend time doing unnecessary work.

Faster Problem Solving:

By using visualization, Kanban represents all the task details in-front of your eyes. So, you can define immediately what is actually happening in a project and who is responsible for that. So, you can easily identify the lacking that is pulling your system backward.

Kanban allows you to bring out all the problems and fix them by providing required assistance.

Minimize Cycle Time:

In Kanban methodology, the entire team put their best effort on reducing work backlogs. It ensures the smooth work flow throughout the project management. Visual representation influences the team members to take quick decision. Rather than wandering around they can focus on their tasks more specifically.

Therefore, beside diminish waste it allows your team to self-organize the visual process & workflows. As a result, they adopt the time management skills accordingly.

Speed up the Workflow:

Kanban Project Manager ensures a complete transparency about the work distribution as well as existing bottlenecks if any. On Kanban boards you can see the workflows depending on the complexity.

So, you can examine particular parts of the workflow to deliver the work on time. It leads to identify the hurdles on the path of progress and remove them. Hence it will accelerate the working process with better productivity.

Better Communication:

Kanban aids real-time communication among the team members. Specifically, you will get an optimized framework to associate with your co-workers immediately. So, it energizes your project by improving team alliance.

Furthermore the visual nature of Kanban Project Manager makes it easy & simple to execute. As team members don't face any extra hassle to adopt this system. So they can spontaneously use the new technique to improve team productivity.

6 Core Practices of Kanban Methodology in Project Management100

Kanban Project Manager

It is already well established that team communication and collaboration are crucial to get success in any project. Kanban technique significantly emphasizes the participation of team members in development. In order to get a smoother workflow you should follow six core practices when using Kanban.

Practice 1 – Visualize Your Work: Kanban system visualizes the entire work process with complete transparency and task status.

Practice 2 – Limit Work in Progress: It's also called WIP. It allows you to allocate the workload appropriately that one can able to handle.

Practice 3 – Manage Flow: It's all about improving the flow of a process so the lead-time is decreased. Lead-time refers the time limit from when you start working on a task until you are done with it.

Practice 4 – Make Policies Explicit: Every associated member should have clear idea on the policies and principles. That they can follow and suggest the improvement.

Practice 5 – Implementing Feedback Loops: You should measure and optimize the lead-time and collect customer feedback.

Practice 6 – Improve Collaboratively, Evolve Experimentally: Plan and execute an experiment and find out a new way of working based on the experiment result.

How to Use Kanban Boards of WordPress Project manager

WordPress Project Manager

At this present age, every organization prefers to integrate a smart Project Management Tool in their businesses. Project management software helps project managers and owners to ensure the proper distribution of time and resources. It may include task distribution, time tracking, budgeting, resource planning, scope constrain, team collaboration, and many more. So, you can meet the project goal on time.

According to a recent study 77% of high-performing projects use project management software. And this percentage is growing rapidly.

As a WordPress users you can smartly manage your projects from the site dashboard. However, WordPress Project Manager is a simple yet powerful open source Project Management tool. It may help you to manage work and deliver projects timely.

Moreover, it supports 9 interactive and intuitive modules that can boost your team productivity higher. Kanban Board is a pro module of WP Project Manager. This module lets you see all the tasks of a project and organize them in different boards according to their status just like Trello. Kanban Board add-on is developed based on the popular Kanban method of managing a project.

kanban board

WP Project Manager Kanban Board is the ultimate add-on that allows you to manage tasks based on their status. This add-on lets you see all the tasks of a project and organize them in different boards according to their status. Also, you can customize the board as you like.

Most amazingly, it is super easy to configure and manage WordPress Project Manager Kanban Board on your site. Let assume you have already activated WP Project Management Pro on your WordPress site. Now let see how to get kanban Board to organize your projects effectively.


In order to activate the Kanban Board Module navigate WP Admin Dashboard → Project Manager → Modules → Activate the Kanban Board.

Kanban Project Manager


Now you can access to your Kanban Board, go to Project Manager → Projects → Select any project you wish to view → Click on Task Lists tab.

After that, on the top right of the page, you will find two small bars one is horizontal and the other is vertical. Now, click on the vertical bars to see the Kanban board of your project.

Kanban Project Manager

After clicking on the vertical bar icon you will get the Kanban Board:

When you enable the Kanban Board Moduleyou will get four default boards: Open, In Progress, Done and Overdue. You have the full flexibility to customize your boards. It allows you to rename, add or delete a board with a click only.

Next, you can add new tasks on the individual board. In addition, you can edit a task, add subtasks and comment on a task. Thus you can explore go through this documentation to uncover all the amazing features indeed.

So utilizing the WP Kanban board the right way will help:

  • Visualize the task flow form your dashboard
  • Manage tasks based on their status
  • Organize all the task in different boards
  • Customize the board as per your demand within a few clicks only
  • keeps a bird's eye on team members performance

Hence, WordPress Project Manager along with Kanban Board Extension will make your workflow management easier than ever.


Kanban VS Scrum: How Kanban is Different from Scrum

As we have mentioned above, Kanban is a visual system for managing task-flow of a project. This intuitive method fosters continuous improvement, team collaboration, productivity and efficiency. On the other hand, Scrum is an agile process that helps to deliver the project output in the shortest time.

Depending on your business nature you may consider the following aspects. Give a quick glimpse of kanban VS Scrum before introducing a new Project Management approach:

Kanban is always open to make changes frequently.Scrum starts with sprint planning and ends up with sprint retrospective. No change is allowed in mid-sprint.
Work is pulled through the projectWork is pulled through the system in sprints.
No prescribed roles so flexibility in term of individual responsibilities.Pre-defined roles of Scrum master, Product owner and team member.
Products and processes are delivered continuously as per the requirement. So testing and review also goes on simultaneously.Deliverables are determined by sprints, so a set of work must be completed for review within the time period.
Ideal for teams with stable priorities that unlikely to change over time.More appropriate for projects with changing priorities.
Using cycle time or the exact time it takes to complete one full piece of a project to measure production.Using velocity to measure production through sprints.

Implement Kanban Project Manager the Right Way to Organize Task Better

Kanban's visual nature makes it superior over the other Project Management approach in recent days. It lets you and your team members get a better understanding of the work status. Furthermore, with this visual framework, it's easy to track the progress of all the projects and tasks.

However, Kanban stops you from dealing with unnecessary stuff. It helps you to maintain a balanced workflow. So, you can deliver more works without overloading your workers or extra burden.

Nevertheless, this modern approach guides you for continuous improvement and track the metrics with related components. Hence the visual Kanban Board assists the project managers to identify the logjams and fix them immediately. Therefore, smart integration of Project Management System along with Kanban Methodology will improve your team's productivity and workflow efficiency.

How to Get The Best WordPress Conversion Tracking Tools for Your WooCommerce Store

WordPress conversion tracking can be a great way to analyze the performance and measure the growth of your WooCommerce site. It leads you to develop stronger marketing strategies, optimize your campaigns and improves your buyer's journey. As a result, you can reach your desired consumers more efficiently and boost the traffic for your eShop.

As an online shop owner, you have to identify your visitor's each and every movement on your site. Otherwise, your spends on paid adds will go to drain if you don't analyze the actions of the site visitors going through these ads.

Woocommerce Conversion Tracking lets you identify either you are investing the money in the right way or not. Otherwise, it will only cut your pocket with zero return.

Why Should You Implement WooCommerce Conversion Tracking


As an online shop owner, you may have a budget for online advertisements in order to promote your brand widely. But this marketing tactic will not bring any profit for your business unless you track the conversion rate for your website.

Therefore to measure the conversion of your WooCommerce site, you need to measure the following KPIs:

  • Add to Cart: How many visitors use the cart in your store.
  • Initiate Checkout: Identify the number of people who are initiating checkout.
  • Purchase: How many people make purchases on your WooCommerce store.
  • Complete Registration: Find out how many visitors perform registrations on your site.
  • View Product: Visitors who view certain products.
  • View Product Category: Those product categories that are viewed for several times.
  • Search Product: Identify the products that are searched by visitors.
  • Add To Wishlist: You can track products that are added to the wishlist by the visitors.

So, with an eCommerce Tracking Tool, you can understand your audience better.

Features of WooCommerce Conversion Tracking at a Glance


Every marketing campaign has a specific goal. In order to make the campaign successful for your business, you must measure its performance. However, if you are running a Woo-commerce Site you can easily do it by getting a plugin. You just have to employ the embed code into your site provided by different campaign platforms.

The Conversion Tracker inserts those codes on the WooCommerce cart page, checkout success page and after user registration. So you can track who is adding your products to cart, who is buying them and who is registering to your site.

In this way, you can measure how much your paid campaign is paying off.

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking can avail you to:

  • Measure your website's performance
  • Identify the scope of improvement
  • Optimize the campaign and site structure
  • Retarget your lost visitors
  • Increase your traffic and sale

Therefore conversion tracker gives you all the information for every action that performed on your online store. Also, you can make the best data-driven decision for your Woocommerce site.

How to Setup Woocommerce Conversion Tracking


You can easily install the Woocommerce Conversion Tracking tool on your WooCommerce site the same as other WordPress plugins. All you need to follow the steps given bellow:

Log in to your WordPress Dashboard and add the new plugin. Go to WP Admin Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.

Now search for the plugin, “WooCommerce Conversion Tracking“. After that install and activate it just like any other WordPress plugin.


Now, navigate to WP Admin Dashboard > WooCommerce > Conversion Tracking > Integrations (Tab).

After that, turn on the toggle bars for each platform you want to use.


You can get the basic features to track the conversion from Facebook, Twitter, Google Adwords, and Custom Pixel without spending a bulk with the free version. To extend the functionality and enjoy the full-fedge advantage you should get the premium subscription.

Woocommerce Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

At first, identify your potential audience and run Google Ads that can drive potential traffic to your site. It is very easy to Setup AdWords Conversion Tracking in your WooCommerce Store.

All you need to insert your Account ID, that you can get from your Google AdWords account. Then active the labels for each event, and start tracking.


By turning on the Google Adwords toggle bar you can track two events of your WooCommerce site:

  • Purchase (free)
  • Complete Registration (premium)

You need to enable these events individually to get the data of your site.

Facebook Pixel WordPress Conversion Tracking


You can track Facebook Pixel Conversion on your WooCommerce Store by inserting the Facebook Pixel ID. In order to do this, you have to enable the toggle bar for Facebook.

Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard → WooCommerce→ WooCommerce Conversion Tracking.

Now, turn on the Facebook toggle button under Integration Settings to get data for your WooCommerce store using Facebook Ads.


Now you can track the following events for free:

  • Add to Cart
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Purchase
  • Complete Registration

Furthermore, with the premium version you can extend the following functionality:

  • View Product (premium)
  • View Product Category (premium)
  • Search (premium)
  • Add to Wishlist (premium)

Woocommerce Conversion Tracking Twitter

You can use Twitter's Ad Platform to supercharge your e-commerce business and track the necessary data from your WooCommerce site.

Enable the twitter toggle to the following events of your site for free:

  • Purchase (free)
  • Add to Cart (premium)
  • Complete Registration (premium)

You have to insert “universal tag ID” to make it work.

Woocommerce Bing Conversion Tracking (Premium)

Bing Ads AKA Microsoft Ads tracking is a premium feature of the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking tool. Here, you can track only the “Purchase” event of your site with this platform.


You have to turn on the toggle bar next to Bing Ads and insert the UET Tag ID.

Perfect Audience (Premium)

Perfect Audience is a great platform to retarget your audience for your WooCommerce store. Same like others enable the toggle bar to activate.

You can track the following events with this premium tool:

  • View Product
  • Add to Cart
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Purchase
  • Complete Registration

Here, you have to insert Advertised ID provided from Perfect Audience to make it work.

Adding Custom Platform

If you want to add any platform outside of these channels mentioned above you can do it manually.


Carefully follow the steps for Custom Integration Setting and don't forget to save the changes every time.

FAQ Woocommerce Conversion Tracking

How Do I Add a Conversion Tracking Code to WordPress?

Well, in order to do this you have to run a campaign on your desired platform. You will get a conversion tracking code from the individual channel. Now you can insert the code snippets in the body-tags of your WordPress theme.

If your theme does not support this function you can install a compatible plugin on your site. However, for a WooCommerce site, you can get the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking tool and start tracking your site with some simple steps.

How Do You Install Conversion Tracking?

Conversion Tracking allows you to identify how your ads generate leads and track the visitor activities on your site such as purchase products, registration, searching, add to cart, and others. At first, you have to create a conversion action from your Google Ads Account and then Set up your conversion tracking tag. You can install the tag by yourself or use Google Tag Manager.

How Do I Link Google Analytics to WooCommerce?

Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications. You can use WooCommerce Google Analytics for free to connect your store to your Google Analytics account. It will give you basic interaction reports and figure out the site performance effectively.

Where Do I Put the Google Tag Manager Code?

Google Tage Manager lets you manage and deploy marketing tags (snippets of code or tracking pixels) on your website without modifying the code. You can simply follow 3-easy steps to install Google Tag Manager and configure the tags: Create an account, Install the container, Add and publish your tags.

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress Without a Plugin?

Before starting make sure you have the back-up of your theme as if there happens some mess you can recover it. At first, collect your Google Analytics Tracking Code from your Google Analytics account. Then, add the Tracking Code to the header.php file and save the updates.

How Do I Create and Install a Facebook Pixel?

To measure the conversion through Facebook Ads at first you have to create Facebook Pixel. You can easily create this from the pixel tab. Now, you can add the Facebook pixel to your website based on your preference to make updates in your website's code. After adding the code you have to keep eyes make sure that your pixel is working correctly.

Final Thought

You can promote your business through paid ads on different social platforms. Undoubtedly, it is a strong marketing strategy to expand your business. But it is not enough to send your brand voice to your potential consumers and improve the sale drastically.

In order to track your Woocommerce business better and increase ROI from all paid media investments, you have to install a WordPress Conversion Tracking tool on your eShop.

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking can track the activities of the visitors on your site. By analyzing the data you can optimize your campaign and modify your further marketing policy. Eventually, it will increase customer engagement with your woocommerce site.

It's always the best decision to keep eyes on your investments and their consequences. In order to get the best pay off from your paid ads platforms, you need a reliable tool like WooCommerce Conversion Tracking. It ensures the best revenue for your Woocommerce store.

Time Management Skills of A Project Manager for Modern Day Marketing

The success of a project largely depends on proper scheduling and resource distribution. So it is important to plan and design your project appropriately. You should consider all the risk factors and other attributes before starting a project. And while working on a project, monitor and control all the activities carefully.

It is crucial to synchronize all the project activities in a planned way. For that, you need a better time management plan to execute.

Time management in project management includes all the processes to complete a project within the agreed schedule. It is the key aspect to manage a project with available resources. Also, it boosts your team productivity with maximum revenue.

A project manager utilizes his potentiality to design, develop, monitor, control and complete a project in time. In this article, we will describe the importance of time management and how a project manager can accomplish it.

Time Management in Project Management: Key considerations for 2020

time management in project management

An organized time management plan helps you to improve team productivity. At first, you should split a project into small tasks. Then divide the allocated time period among all the sub-groups. You can take the help of many management tools and techniques for better time management in the projects.

Undoubtedly, if you can manage your time effectively then you can do more work in less time. Also, it will keep you focused on your ultimate goal. Perhaps, you can prioritize your work ensuring the highest quality. As a result, it remains you aways from excessive workload and stress.

Most importantly, here you are allocating a certain amount of time for each task. So at a time you can focus on a particular job. It assists you to finish the task on time. Hence, it allows you to complete your projects successfully by their deadlines.

However, you have to run simultaneously with time. Otherwise, you cant touch the limit efficiently.

The Importance of Time Management in Your Projects

time management in project management

Time management lets you organize and plan the time spent on activities in a project. Time is the precious resource that you cant buy with money. Therefore, you need a systematic way to manage your time more efficiently.

Ineffective time management can ruin your all efforts. As a result, your project can be collapsed also. So, in order to get all the tasks done in time, every project needs a planned task schedule to follow. For project managers, it is especially important to possess time management skills to be successful.

  1. Smart Planning and Execution
  2. Higher Quality of Work
  3. Meet the Deadline Timely
  4. Proper Use of Time and Resources
  5. Increase Productivity

Smart Planning and Execution

time management in project management

Proper time management makes you and your team members more productive. You can complete more tasks in less time with a disciplined schedule. It keeps your co-workers focused on a particular objective. They need not perform several tasks simultaneously. As all the tasks are segmented individually with significant time allocation.

Planning is the main component to get success in any project.

Moreover, you can manage and distribute your workload synchronized. At first, you have to set a certain amount of time for each task. So, you can prioritize your task list to accomplish the goal on time. Hence it accelerates the possibility to complete the entire project and all the related tasks by their deadlines.

Higher Quality of Work

A strategic time schedule assists the employees to improve their work quality. As they have to fix their aim on a specific point at a time. So, there will be less pressure to get things done at the last minute. And you can maintain the highest quality of each task by touching the deadline timely.

An appropriate time management system will shorten the path to the goal.

You must be strategic to perform all the tasks accurately. It allows you to estimate and track time accordingly. So, you should include all the constraints and other factors while estimating the time schedule. Thus, it helps your team members to attain all the tasks appropriately.

Meet the Deadline Timely

time management in project management

A well-organized project schedule will help you to align all the project activities. Also, it lets you assign resources to the associated persons or tasks. Moreover, it minimizes any distractions and removes all the obstacles. As everything is pre-planned here by considering all the possible circumstances. So, you can keep all the tasks and projects on track.

You have to manage schedules and prioritize all the tasks well. It helps you to deliver the work on time. In addition, it diminishes the chance of project failure.

However, meeting deadlines is one of the most crucial pieces of the time-management puzzle. An optimized time schedule makes it easy to complete the job within the time limit.

Proper Use of Time and Resources


You can ensure the maximum use of time and resources for a specific project. But you need a well-organized project plan first. This is the best way to prevent all the wastage of resources in a project.

A good project manager can generate and establish a strategic time management plan. It will lessen the risk significantly and improve the success rate dramatically.

As a project manager, you must have the ability to supervise a project from start to end. You should observe overall activities until the closure of a project. It's your responsibility to ensure the balanced distribution of all the related resources.

Increase Productivity


The productivity of the employees can make or break a project. So, you have to boost team productivity with great efficiency. However, an organized project schedule aligns all the tasks simultaneously. Hence you can stimulate productivity with a time tracking solution.

In a properly managed project, the manager assigns tasks to every available resource with deadlines. He defines the milestones and objectives clearly. Therefore, all the team members can accomplish the ultimate goal spontaneously.

Thus, you need a concrete resource management plan and project schedule to increase productivity in a project.

How to Ensure Better Time Management with a Project Management Software

time management in project management

Time management strategies include all the project activities in a planned way. It drives you and your team members to reach the project goal in time. The success of a project largely depends on everything regarding its planning, development, and execution.

But luckily, there is a ton of advanced project management software available now. It minimizes the stress of a project manager. If you have a WordPress site, you can manage everything of your project from the dashboard.

WordPress Project Manager is a simple yet powerful open-source Project Management tool to manage and deliver projects timely. It lets you organize, create, assign and observe all the project aspects easily. I

A project manager can handle unlimited team members at a 70% less cost with WP Project Manager Pro.

Moreover, it ensures a better practice of time schedules. With WP Project Manager Time Tracker it requires only a few clicks to integrate with your task. You can track the time spent on each task in the browser without installing any software on each worker's PC.

Nevertheless, you can automate your small to medium-sized business with a complete ERP solution. It will streamline all the operations of your company including HR Management, CRM & Accounting.

Final Verdict

Time management is crucial to increase effectiveness and improve productivity. It arranges the tasks in a queue. Generally, all the tasks in a project are connected to each other. So, it is important to complete each task in time. Otherwise, the overall project will be suffered.

However, the project manager plays a vital role in the success of a project. Since he must be strategic to run a long term project seamlessly. And complete all the tasks in the allocated time period. However, an interactive project management tool can help him out.

You can integrate a smart WordPress Project Management solution into your business. It lets you organize and track all the tasks in a project. Furthermore, you can overview all the project's updates from anywhere. And it helps you to manage everything at your fingertips.

Best WordPress Christmas Deals & New Year Discount 2020

If you did not crack the best deal from Black Friday or Cyber Monday tempting offers, there is nothing to be worried about. The holiday sale season is not over yet!

Like every year, the WordPress community has come forward to leverage its users with many attractive Christmas deals. As a WordPress user, you can save your dime for the next year. This is the right time to grab your last-minute Christmas deals and sale.

It's time for Christmas! The joy and excitement are already in the air. WordPress is also celebrating this glorious holiday by offering the best deals for hosting plans, themes, plugins and other tools.

There are many offers floating on the web already. But all the December deals might not be beneficial for your business. Therefore, you should compare all the deals first. Then, pick the right one for your brand.

To help you out, we have rounded up the very best WordPress Christmas Sales Below.

weDevs is Celebrating This Winter with Great Christmas Deals

Christmas deals

weDevs is the maker of Dokan Multivendor, WP Project Manager, WP User Frontend, WP ERP, weForms, weMail and many more. With our innovative tools and solution, we have empowered 100,000+ businesses all over the world. The number is still growing.

Also this year we have introduced a new Elementor plugin- Happy Addons. So, now you can create a professional site without writing any code. It minimizes your all hassle to hire a coder or programmer.

However, we are again ready to glorify the joy of your Christmas. We are providing exclusive deals like every year for WordPress users.

In this weDevs Chritsmas Offer you will get up to a 27% discount on all products .

Therefore, do hurry up and check our products to save your pocket. It is the best opportunity to fill up your hands with great products at the cheapest rate.

Top WordPress Christmas Deals and New Year Discount for 2020

Christmas deals

There are thousands of WordPress companies in the world. Almost all of them are offering special discounts for their clients in this festive season.

Although, it's not possible for you to check all the available Christmas deals and select the best. Therefore we have listed the best deals for WordPress plugins, themes, templates, hosting and other tools. It will help you to pick the right solution for your business.

So, check the top deals for this Chritsmas 2020 carefully and save your pocket.

Dokan- Up to 27% Off On All Plans

Christmas deals

Dokan is the best multi-vendor marketplace in WordPress right now. It has empowered 30,000+ businesses all over the world. Now you can build your own eCommerce marketplace without hiring any professional. It lets you create and manage your sites effortlessly. With Dokan it requires only 30 minutes to develop a site like Amazon or eBay or Shopify.

This Christmas Dokan is offering 27% off on all plans. So, confirm your deal before it gets over.

Coupon Code: N/A

Validity: From December 22 to December 27

WP ERP- Up to 29% Off on All Extensions

Christmas deals

WP ERP is the complete ERP solution to automate your business. It has CRM, HRM and Accounting module that will help you to manage your company with the utmost ease. Moreover, there are 20+ extensions and Project Management is available to coordinate all the parts of your business.

Luckily! this Christmas you can get these extensions at a staggering 29% discount. So don't miss the opportunity to get all the modules at a lower price than usual.

Coupon Code: N/A

Validity: From December 22 to December 27

WP UserFrontend Pro- Up to 27% Off on All Plan

Christmas deals

With WP UserFrontend PRO you can build registration forms, profiles, WooCommerce products, subscriptions, and contact forms effortlessly. At present, it has 20000+ active installations. It can be your ultimate all-in-one frontend companion.

WP UserFrontend is offering a huge discount on this Christmas. You can get a 27% discount on all the plans. Grab it while hot!

Coupon Code: N/A

Validity: From December 22 to December 27

wePOS- 51% Off on All Plans

Christmas deals

wePOS is an advanced and responsive WooCommerce Point of Sales plugin. It lets you take orders and track your real-time inventory through your WooCommerce store. With wePOS you can process your customer's orders super fast. Also, it makes possible to manage unlimited outlets and counters concurrently.

WP Project Manager Pro- Up to 29% Off

wp project manager

WP Project manager helps you to plan, create, organize, and complete a project in an optimized way. It is a powerful tool to deliver your projects timely. Also, you can ensure the best use of your resources with details reports and suggestions.

Happy Addons-Up to 50% Off

happy addons

Happy Addons is a powerful Elementor widget to design your website. It has 25+ interactive and free widgets to start initially. However, you can enlarge the capability with 20+ elegant premium widgets. It supports many advanced features like Presets, Unlimited section nesting, Happy Effects, Floating Effects and so on.

You can get all these exclusive widgets and features at a huge discount starting from 25% up to 50% this Christmas. Get the Christmas deals while you have the chance.

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Rymera Web Co-20% Off On Any License

Christmas deals

Advanced Coupons is designed for WooCommerce store owners. It lets them run amazing new types of coupon promotions that you can’t otherwise do with standard WooCommerce coupons.

Coupon Code: HOLIDAY20

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Flothemes- 25% Off


Flothemes offer premium WordPress templates for photographers, videographers & other creative businesses. They are running a limited-time Christmas sale, which expires on December 31st. Get $75 Off any theme. Get started today!

Coupon Code: HOHO75

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Woostify- 30% Off


Woostify is one of the most complete free and powerful WooCommecre WordPress themes that focus on increasing conversion rates for an eCommerce site. With many awesome features needed in any online store such as Ajax Add to Cart, Ajax Search, Mega Menu, etc.

Coupon Code: WOONEW

Validity: Until the 4th of January

Draftium- 35% Off

Christmas deals

Draftium is a site prototyping tool for those who want to ideate a site prototype at absolutely no cost. It is easy-to-use, fast, minimalistic, and has a wide variety of pre-made blocks and templates.

This Christmas season, until December 29, we’re giving out Draftium Pro with an amazing 35% discount.

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Weblium- 30% Off


Weblium is the most convenient website builder you’ve ever tried. With Weblium, you can create a professional site yourself even if you don’t know anything about web design or have only a few hours to build a site.

We’re offering a 30% discount on a PRO subscription by December 29.

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Nestify- 30% Off


Nestify improves site speed, eliminate downtime and increase conversions by up to 300%. It has better load times, more uptime, higher conversions.

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ThemeHunk- 30% Off

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ThemeHunk is a popular place where you can get a wide range of beautiful, professional WordPress themes and plugins. Themes are easy to set up and customize as you need with a top-notch responsive design.

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WpZita- 30% Off

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This Christmas you can get all MotoPress products at the 25% discount! Best hotel Booking plugin and its addons, Membership plans, Multipurpose themes and other must-have products for your website. Also, you will get priority support, constant updates and unlimited access to every single item!

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Grab high-quality Christmas Sale for WordPress WCAG and ADA themes. You will get 20% OFF on all plans.

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Get 35% OFF AliDropship plugin, themes or add-ons, and build a dropshipping store by yourself in just minutes!

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ELEX Dynamic Pricing and Discounts – 10% Off

Christmas deals

The plugin offers a ton of exciting features for WooCommerce discounts. WooCommerce variable pricing discounts, and displays discounts in a pricing table and offer table on the product page, making it one of the best WooCommerce dynamic pricing solutions for your business.

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Wrapping Up

Christmas is just around the corner. WordPress companies around the globe are ready to flourish their customers with great deals and discounts. Among a ton of lavishing WordPress sales, we have listed the most precious deals for your business. It will help you to gain a remarkable revenue in the next year indeed.

Therefore, don't miss this wonderful chance! Save your pocket by cracking the best Christmas Deals before changing the calendar.

Moreover, you can add your valuable thoughts and other useful WordPress Halloween deals, Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer in the comments.

Create An Airbnb Alternative Site In WordPress With Dokan

Do you intend to build a location-based peer-to-peer marketplace? Are you planning to develop an Airbnb alternative site? Then you have arrived at the right place.

You can also own a reservation platform like Airbnb or HomeStays without owning any personal property. However, online marketplaces are quite complicated to build as it consists of many complex functionalities to execute. Such as filter searching, geolocation, online payments, shipping, communication and so forth.

But luckily, plenty of advanced tools are available now to make it easy as pie. Rather if you have a WordPress site then you can build a marketplace like Airbnb in minutes. It requires no technical skills and less than $600.

In this article, we will show you an easy and affordable way to build a rental marketplace with Dokan. All you need to follow the guide step by step and you will be ready to launch the next Airbnb.

Let dive deep to create an Airbnb alternative site instantly:

Building An Airbnb Alternative: What You Should Consider

Airbnb alternative sites

A peer-to-peer marketplace connects travelers and local property owners on a single platform. In recent days, travelers prefer to rent an apartment instead of staying in hotels. This trend makes the rental marketplace popular over the last few years.

Airbnb lets people rent or lease accommodations, apartments, hotels, resorts, etc. for a limited time period. Starting the journey from 2011, they got immense popularity within a short time period.

From a one-page website it makes it's journey to an internationally known company valued at $31 bln by 2019.

People also love this concept as it gives a home alike hospitality at a lower price. On the other hand, the local proprietors can also earn money by giving their place for rent. It's a win-win situation for both parties. And a reliable and profitable income source for marketplace owners also.

Hence, you can easily turn your WordPress site into a marketplace with any third party plugin. Dokan has already proved itself as a reliable tool for empowering the multi-vendor marketplace with ease. It helps you to build your own marketplace seamlessly. And you can start earning money from your vendors immediately.

Prerequisites For Launching An Airbnb Alternative Site

You need the following attributes to start a virtual renting marketplace on your WordPress site.

Initial Configuration for Your Airbnb Alternative Site


At first, you have to buy your own domain and hosting from your respected provider. Then, install the WordPress on your server. It is quite simple to configure your very first WordPress site. You can easily do it by yourself. For any further guidance, you can go through this guide How to install WordPress.


After that, log in to your personal WordPress Dashboard with your personal credentials. Now, its time to activate essential plugins for your sites. At first, you have to install and activate the WooCommerce plugin. It will help you to establish an online eCommerce store. Now, you are ready to sell products or services from your eShop.

Dokan Free and Pro

You have to install Dokan to turn your single store into a multi-vendor marketplace. Dokan light will satisfy you all basic needs to run your marketplace smoothly. But the subscription of Dokan Pro will let you explore all the advanced features. It will take your marketplace to the next level. Besides, all the upgraded features you will get 24/7 live support with Dokan Pro.

Note: You have to activate the Dokan light first to enable Dokan Pro.

WooCommecre Booking Plugin (Premium)

Platforms like Airbnb should have facilities like reservations, appointments or rentals. WooCommerce Booking Plugin lets you convert your products or services into a bookable resource. Therefore your customers can easily rent or reserve their desired service from your eShop.

Dokan Bookings Module (Pro)

Now you have to enable the booking features for your marketplace as well. Dokan WooCommerce Bookings allows vendors to create bookable products. Also, it helps customers to customize their booking orders appropriately.

To make this feature activate firstly navigate to your WP dashboard->Dokan->Modules. Then turn on the toggle bar of WooCommerce Booking Integration.

Airbnb alternative site

Important fact: Dokan Bookings is developed to enhance the WooCommerce Bookings for a multivendor marketplace. So, we suggest you overview the WooCommerce Bookings documentation and definitions first before starting. We have just made the features compatible with a frontend interface. Its interactive usability makes the user experience easier.

An Appropriate Theme for Dokan

Dokan is compatible with almost all the popular themes available in the market. So, you have the opportunity to pick the right theme that fits your brand. You can check over here for Dokan Compatible Themes.

As you are planning for an Airbnb alternative site, then you should prefer a simple design with easy navigation. It should allow your customers to perform their transactions smoothly. An attractive theme design will encourage people to take effective actions. It will help to build their trust in your brand as well.

Moreover, it should be easily manageable for you and your vendors also. In short, your theme should match your business requirements completely.

How to Create an Online Platform Like Airbnb Using Dokan

Now, you have all the elements in your hands to build your multi-vendor marketplace. Before starting, configure your Dokan plugin with all the essential settings as bellow:

Airbnb alternative site

This optimization will help you to run the rental marketplace smoothly. You should change the settings according to your store requirements.

Now, you are completely ready to open your marketplace for vendors. You should promote your site accordingly to reach the target sellers largely.

Moreover, you should always try to keep the procedure easy and simple to attract more vendors towards your site. Dokan is a perfect solution to help you in this manner. With Dokan it requires only a few clicks to add and edit bookable products indeed.

How Your Vendors will Upload Bookable Products

After registering on your site each vendor will get an individual store with a unique URL. They can add, edit and manage their products from their own dashboard. For vendors, they have to log in to their store with personal credentials.

Then, go to Vendor dashboard → Bookings to get available options.

Airbnb alternative site

Create a New Booking Product

Click on Add New Booking Product at the top right corner. A form will appear immediately with different options. Here, you can update all the information related to your service or product.


Title: Add your service or product name here.

Category & Tags: You can select a particular category from a drop-down menu. Admins should define the categories and tags from the backend. The vendors can only select them from the front-end dashboard. 

We prefer not to allow your vendors to create categories and tags. It may arise duplicates and other confusion.

Booking Duration: This field allows you and your vendor to define the duration of the service or product. It indicates the time period of each product your customers are eligible to buy.

Suppose you own a 5-star motel. Now you don't want to rent your best room unless someone rents it for more than three days. So you can keep three days as your block duration. For regular rooms, you can put it one day.

Calendar Display Mode: Vendors can select the calendar option displayed by default for their customers. Also, traders can make the calendar a date picker to make the user experience better.


Check the Cancellation Button: Vendors can allow their clients to cancel their bookings before a certain time period.

Airbnb alternative site

Availability Options: Here, agents(vendors) can set their data regarding their product's availability. They can mention a fixed date from which they are ready for taking bookings. Also, they can fix the ending time for its availability.


However, you will get many options to configure your marketplace with Dokan Bookings Extensions. Now, you have to decide and design the site according to your business needs.

Furthermore, you can adjust the buffer period, costs of each room for individual personnel, resource management, and apply other conditions as per your brand policy.

After all the customization your store will look like below:

Airbnb alternative site

For better understanding, you can check the full documentation for Dokan WooCommerce Bookings.

Shipping, Tax and Other Required Things to Build an Airbnb Alternative Site

Dokan Pro supports a lot of advanced features like product inventory, customize shipping rate, built-in tax system, easy refund calculation and so on.

Tax System

Dokan has built-in support for WooCommerce taxes. Therefore, the admin can configure taxes from backend. After that, vendors can select those tax classes while creating or editing the products.

Refund Request

In Dokan you can easily calculate the refund amount excluding the shipping and tax rates. With this feature, you can process multiple refund requests for a single order. But only one refund request will be processed each time.

Coupon Management

Offering coupons is an effective way to drag your audience's attention. It can be a great way to retain old customers as well. Dokan lets the vendors manage coupons with ease.

Zone Wise Shipping

With Dokan PRO, vendors can add multiple shipping zones, shipping methods, and shipping classes straight from the Vendors Dashboard. So they can set up shipping rates for their stores independently. Also, Vendors can perform Zone Wise Shipping and Product Wise Shipping. And most amazingly, they can set up everything on their own.

Easy Withdraw System

Dokan supports several payment options and a transparent withdrawal system. Vendors can request a withdrawal based on the admin's backend setup.

Hence, with Dokan you will get thousands of advanced yet simple customization options to run your marketplace seamlessly.

How Your Customers Will Buy the Products

Now you have many vendors for your marketplace. And they have arranged their individual shop with their products. However, now its time to drive traffic for your site. More traffic will generate more sales. And you will get more chances to earn a commission from each sale.

Here, we will show you how the customers will see the products and buy them from your marketplace.

Select Products With Options

Customers will get the options which were created while updating the product. They have to choose the criteria and fill up all the related information to get a product indeed.

From here, they can select a room type, number of people and insert the date they want to book.

Place Orders

If the date is available then the Check Availability button will become active. Then they have to click on the button and it will redirect them to the order page.

Now, the customer should update the necessary information for ordering the product or service. They should click on the Request Confirmation button after filling the order form. It will create a new order.


A customer can cancel the order for any issue. They should navigate to My Accounts → Orders and click on the cancel button.

Although its a short and smooth journey to insert a complex mechanism into your WordPress site. Dokan is your one-stop easy solution to build an Airbnb alternative site with a few clicks only. Also, it lets you manage everything at your fingertips. As a site owner, you can start earning money immediately without owning any property.

However, you can also minimize your designing hassle using a professional WordPress Page Builder-Elementor.

Note: Admin can set up his/her own store and sell products if s/he has any products and services to sell.

A quick preview of the Dokan WooCommerce Booking Module:

This is how you can build a multi-vendor renting platform. Similarly, you can also create a marketplace for Clothing, Beauty Products, Software, Electronics, Music store and so on.

Final Verdict

Dokan expands the usability of WooCommerce. Now you can create a marketplace instead of a single store. And you need only a few elements to do this along with the Dokan plugin. You can resolve all the complexity easily while creating an Airbnb alternative site.

In this modern era, you can be the owner of a wide marketplace like Airbnb without owing any personal property. Also, it lets you earn money online by spending a few dimes. However, WordPress makes the site development easy for everyone. And the high functional plugins make it possible to create anything with WordPress.

Despite being a professional you can also develop your marketplace in a single day. You can create a platform to bring related service providers under the same roof. And earn money with a commission from each sale. Dokan will help you in all aspects from developing a marketplace site to earning money.

Introducing wePOS Pro: Best WooCommerce POS Plugin for Entrepreneurs

An efficient Point of Sale system can turn your computer, mobile, iPad or Android tablet into a cash register. So that you can operate your business from anywhere in the world. With WordPress, it becomes easy as pie from developing an eCommerce site to sell the products with a smooth transaction.

wePOS is a fast and responsive WooCommerce Point of Sale plugin. With only a few weeks, it has already empowered around 1000 WooCommecre stores.

Now, we are going to release a Pro version of wePOS with a rich collection of unique features. Yes, wePOS Pro is finally here to make your eCommerce journey easier!

You may already know that wePOS lets you take orders and track your inventory for your WooCommerce store. Also, it lets you physically count your WooCommerce products by scanning Bar Codes. After that, you can add them directly to the customer’s cart for processing the order.

wePOS Pro: Best Point of Sale (POS) System for WooCommerce

wePOS pro

wePOS is a web-based Point-of-Sales (POS) system. It is a fast promising WordPress plugin for both small-medium retailers. With the wePOS core, you will get a simple interface to track your real-time inventory and manage orders effectively.

This plugin is specially designed to perform seamlessly with WooCommerce. You can connect it to your store using the official WooCommerce and wePOS API.

Moreover, you can directly connect it to your WooCommecre database. And you need no third-party bridging software or middleware for that. Therefore, there is no chance for syncing issues, extra cost or any complexity.

Interactive and Intuitive Features of wePOS Pro

  • Specially designed for WooCommerce
  • Advanced UI design
  • Custom barcode support
  • Able to handle multiple orders at a time
  • Super responsive and compatible with all sized devices
  • Easily integrate with your online and offline retail store

It will bring significant uplift to your online shop by simplifying sales management.

Why Should You Integrate wePOS Pro into Your WooCommerce Store

Most amazingly, wePOS offers all the basic features including Based on Rest API, Attractive User Interface, TAX Calculation, Cash gateway and so forth completely free. Besides, we offer 3 different premium packages starting from $199. You can operate unlimited outlets, counters, and cashiers with the business package.

However, premium packages broad access to many advanced modules. Such as Outlet & counter management, Secure login panel for cashiers, Multiple live cart management and so on.

Based on REST API

wePOS is a single page application that can respond fast. In a physical store, you have to manage a lot of customers and process their orders simultaneously. In this situation, a fast system like wePOS can be the best choice to run your inventory smoothly.

Outlet & Counter Management

wePOS pro lets you handle unlimited outlets and unlimited counters. You can manage these outlets individually. And assign different cashiers/ agents for those counters separately.

Secure Login Panel for Cashiers

Your cashiers can log in to the system with their credentials. They will be eligible for operating the frontend only. So, you need not to handover the backend WordPress access. Therefore, it will give your cashier an effective process with high productivity.

Cashier Take Care of Your Orders

As we have mentioned before, you can create and assign cashiers for each of your counters on different outlets. The assigned cashiers will get access to those particular counters that you have assigned them to. This is the way, wePOS ensures the privacy of all transactions in your store.

Advanced Receipt Builder with White-label

With the white-label feature, you can personalize your POS system according to your preference. It allows you to customize every single detail and style in your invoice.

Multiple Live Cart Management

This wePOS feature lets you handle multiple carts concurrently. It includes a tab style cart management. So, you easily manage multiple live carts without losing the data. Moreover, you can initiate checkout for multiple customers at the same time.

Convenient Payment System

wePOS supports almost all the popular payment gateways including cash, cards, and others. So, your customers will get plenty of options to complete their purchase.

Attractive User Interface

You will get an interactive user interface with wePOS. Its intuitive design allows you to operate the system smoothly. Also, you can manage your inventory and orders in an organized way.

Tax Calculation

wePOS comes with an upgrade Tax management feature. It will automatically calculate the Tax and VAT for your sales. You can specify whether to include Tax or VAT in the checkout or not.

wePOS Pro Pricing: Claim Your 51% Discount Now!

wePOS pro

As we have mentioned before, you will get all the basic plans to track your sales with wePOS completely free. Besides, you can unlock the advanced features by picking any pro version of wePOS. There are 3 premium packages are available to subscribe for.

Therefore, you can choose the most reliable & fastest POS system for your WooCommerce stores at a reasonable price. At first, you should find out the features that your online store actually needs. Then invest your money to buy the best fit for your business. Here is one good news for you:

We are offering 51% discount for all our packages in this winter. Use this coupon code: wepos51 to avail the best deal. Do hurry up and grab your deal before 24th December 2019.

wePOS pro
wePOS Pricing Plan

What are You Waiting For: Go Get wePOS Pro Now

Are you looking for a flexible POS system for your WooCommerce store? wePOS Pro can be the perfect solution that integrates easily with your online and offline retail store.

With wePOS you can manage your physical shop along with the online store. It lets you conduct the sales procedure in a disciplined way by using shortcut keys. Furthermore, it will amplify your business growth and customer experience at a rapid pace.

How to Choose A Perfect WordPress Marketplace Theme

A modern, responsive and stylist theme can scream your brand loudly to the globe. Nowadays it's very natural to get confused picking the right WordPress marketplace theme for your online business as you have a wide range of free and paid options in-front of you. But it's important to choose the theme carefully that can match your business scheme and satisfy other functionalities.

For an eShop, outlook matters a lot to attract their consumers and drive massive traffic to the site. It is also important to keep the site browsing smooth and simple that customers can transaction easily.

As an online business owner, you should know how to choose the best WordPress theme that will give a better user experience within 15 seconds to your visitors.

In order to transform your WordPress site into a customizable eCommerce store, WooCommerce is the best plugin option. It is easy to configure and optimize to run an online business successfully. Furthermore, you can boost up your earnings converting the single eShop into a broad marketplace.

In today's article, we will light up the things you should consider before selecting a marketplace theme and present the best 7 themes for your WordPress Marketplace.

Why It's Important to Choose The Best WordPress Marketplace Theme

WordPress marketplace theme

In recent days entrepreneurs intend to bring multiple traders under an umbrella and create opportunities to sell their products immensely. In order to do this, you need a perfect site that can convince both vendors and consumers to visit your shop and engage effectively.

Therefore, to make your eShop appealing you need the best WooCommerce theme that can spread your brand image and fits your shop style. Furthermore, it must be user-friendly, easy to use, flexible and fast in speed.

Moreover, to drag traffic you have to make your site visible on the Search Engine. So, your theme must be built with valid schema markup to rank better on Google.

In short, in order to perform better online and earn more revenue from your Marketplace, theme selection plays a vital role.

7 Things You Should Consider Before Choosing A WordPress Marketplace Theme

Not all WordPress themes support complete WooCommerce functionality and pre-styled template. Therefore, you should choose the right WooCommerce theme for your marketplace carefully.

It must be compatible with all the features for a marketplace like shopping cart, easy payment methods, smooth navigation, built-in review/rating system, eye-soothing color scheme, appealing presentation, wishlists, etc.

Let's see the factors that can be influential to pick a WooCommerce Marketplace theme.

Responsive Design

Research says 49% of consumers use mobile phones for shopping. It clearly shows your marketplace should respond great to all sized devices. Therefore, pick a responsive theme for your marketplace that supports flexible grids and smart layout to adjust itself based on screen size and resolution.

Browser Compatibility

Though the maximum number of people around the world use Google Chrome still the rest of the people prefer other browsers like Safari, Firefox, Opera and others to visit sites.

So, your WooCommerce theme must be well suited with all the browsers accordingly.

Support all Essential Plugins 

WordPress plugins allow you to add custom functions to your sites. You can extend your site's features and performance as well. Nevertheless, you can optimize your site, accelerate the speed, improve user experience, track the conversion rate and enjoy unlimited flexibility with useful WordPress add-ons.

In order to make your site works better and smooth you may add several essential plugins to your WordPress site.

Therefore, choose the theme for your marketplace that is compatible with all required WordPress plugins.

Easy Customization

Before selecting a theme you should consider your target audience, brand scheme, and product type. Based on these three criteria try to pick your theme that resonates with your theme in some way. You should take the theme that is easy to navigate and also simple to manage as well.

Loading Speed

Google has marked the webpage speed as one of the major factors to rank pages on search engines. Also, the loading speed of the WooCommerce site is important to amplify user experience. A website with longer loading speed lowers average time spent on sites and increases bounce rate. So, ensure outstanding user experience by choosing the fast loading eCommerce marketplace theme that fits your business type.

SEO Friendly

In order to get potential buyers and sellers on your marketplace, you must make your marketplace visible to the search engine. Select SEO optimized and mobile-friendly eCommerce marketplace theme so the search engine can rank your site immediately.

Security and Customer Support

As an online business owner, you must take good care of your buyer's and vendor's personal data. Your eCommerce marketplace may contain much confidential information, order details, payment data, and other important details. Therefore your marketplace theme should be secured for all kinds of transactions and data storage.

A supportive and active customer support team can supervise you in any kind of difficulty with your theme management.

7 Responsive WordPress Marketplace Theme for 2020

Choosing a suitable eCommerce marketplace theme for your online business can be a challenging job. We have already enlisted 30+ fully compatible themes for Dokan Multivendor. Now, we are going to suggest some more themes you can consider to implement.

These themes are fully responsive, depth integration with WooCommerce, translatable to any language and highly adaptable.

Marketify: Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme

Marketify Marketplace Theme is a feature-rich template to build a professional and highly functional online marketplace to sell digital products or services. Digital products include an ebook, audio or video files, plugins, theme, photos and so on. However, you can also sell physical products as well.

It features a great template design along with a functional blog, author pages, seller front-end submission, custom widgets and more. Also, you will get additional features like using social login, product ratings & reviews, points & rewards, and seller split commissions.

You will avail with Marketify:

  • Individual blog section.
  • Custom logo, background, layouts, shortcodes, color, typography, etc.
  • Audio and video support.
  • Video tutorials and documentation available.

Martfury: WooCommerce Marketplace WordPress Theme


Martfury multi-vendor marketplace theme is suitable for any kind of online marketplace including electronics, furniture, clothing, Hi-tech store, accessories, etc. The most amazing thing about this theme is that it's mobile-first.

It is a Gutenberg compatible WordPress theme that is specially designed for working smoothly with all sized screens- desktop, laptop, smartphone, iPad, etc.

You will avail with Martfury:

  • Elementor page builder-compatible.
  • Dokan multivendor marketplace multivendor compatible.
  • Full integration with the WC vendor and WC marketplace.
  • Easy product filter option by product category and product attributes.
  • Built-in live search to find and sell products quickly.
  • Customizable advanced typography.

Makery: Marketplace WordPress Theme


Makery is not just a theme, it's an advanced application to manage multiple vendors, shops and consumers. You can easily organize the marketplace activities with built-in features like adding unlimited shops, orders handling, tracking shop earnings, withdrawing them, collecting shop commissions and others.

Moreover, it offers a front-end form for the vendors to upload their information and set the shops without even seeing the WordPress backend.

You will avail with Makery:

  • Theme options panel available with slider settings, page layouts, sidebars, email notification and more.
  • Facebook Login andGoogle Analytics Integration.
  • Easy shop management with shop editor, multiple carts, commissions, sales counter, report form etc.

You can ask for free support via the support form.

Vendify: Marketplace WooCommerce Theme


Vendify is an optimized platform to set up your multivendor marketplace efficiently. You can allow vendors of different niches including digital and physical goods or services to sell on your site.

Also, you can seamlessly deal with vendors and consumers with zero technical knowledge due to its easy customization. Moreover, your vendors will get a handsome toolset to manage their shops. Therefore you can include unlimited vendors in your marketplace and increase your revenue accordingly.

You will avail with Vendify:

  • Support all WooCommerce payments and shipments.
  • Vendors can edit their products live on the site.
  • Have full control of commission rates, campaign fees, and advertising.

Using Vendify made a huge difference to our business and make launching months sooner that expected.

George Richards
CEO at EatDrinkWell

Select Vendify to supercharge your own marketplace.

MarketHub: Multivendor Marketplace Woocommerce Theme


MarketHub is specially designed for the digital marketplace. You can configure your digital multi-vendor site with maximum scalability with this highly functional WordPress theme.

You can avail with MarketHub:

  • SASS & Neat for modular CSS
  • Side navigation widget area
  • All settings defined via customization API
  • Lightweight without any unnecessary libraries

Speed up your business and profit margin with MarketHub.

Multimarket: WooCommerce Marketplace Theme

Multimarket is fully compatible with WooCommerce and Dokan multivendor to convert your single eCommerce shop into the marketplace. It offers different custom layouts for homepage, blog, products, footer, and more.

You will avail with Multimarket:

  • Supports four product types: standard, audio, video and audio link.
  • Custom footer layouts.
  • Three shop style variations.
  • Accept video and audio type review.

SecretSho: Creative Fashion WooCommerce MarketPlace Theme


SecretSho is a beautifully tailored theme for selling clothing and fashionable goods. It's best for your fashion marketplace.

You will avail with SecretSho:

  • Suitable for the professional online fashion market.
  • powerful AJAX live search,
  • product quick view lightbox and image zoom/gallery
  • featured video thumbnail for the product
  • AJAX cart/compare/wishlist

WooCommerce: Best WordPress Plugin to Build eCommerce Site


As we all know the advanced functionality of WordPress and its plugins make website designing easiest than ever before. “Only developers can build sites”- WordPress breaks this concept and make developing open for all.

Even, you can develop eCommerce sites and run your online business at a very low developing cost with WordPress. In addition, you can make this journey more comfortable with the best custom eCommerce WordPress plugin named WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin built for WordPress. It is well organized and designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress.

However, you can maximize your profit by converting your single e-commerce site into a multivendor marketplace. Dokan, along with WooCommerce can help you to build a marketplace like Amazon or eBay within 30 minutes.


Dokan is the best multi-vendor marketplace solution on WordPress, powered by WooCommerce.

Well, the increasing popularity of online shopping upgrades the demand for online business dramatically. From household chores to luxury elements or educational tutorials to health care now people love to purchase everything online.

Moreover, potential buyers prefer to visit multi-vendor sites rather than single shops. Because Marketplace allows consumers to get several types of products and services from one place. It saves their time and effort both. It also offers a wide range of choices and scopes for them to pick the best one.

Dokan: Best Marketplace Website Builder in WordPress

Advanced functionality and vast customization options of WordPress make site development a piece of cake for all. Even, anyone can set up his/her online business site with payment gateway, consumer handling, product management and many more. Moreover, many useful eCommerce plugins for WordPress are available to configure your eShop.

Nevertheless, you can extend the business arena by converting your conventional eShop into a broad marketplace to sell and buy products frequently. Dokan is the best eCommerce multi-vendor solution for WooCommerce.

It can help you to configure and optimize your multi-vendor shop. Furthermore, you can manage your site, facilitate your vendors, improve user experience, direct transaction and others at the tip of your nail.

Though Dokan works great with mostly the WooCOmmerce theme, we suggest using Dokan compatible theme for avoiding any layout issue.

Final Thought

The importance of theme selection is not limited to the external presentation of a site anymore. In order to expand your brand value and business functionality, it's mandatory to pick the right theme that suits your business.

Start your marketplace with WooCommerce and Dokan to keep developing process easy and simple. It maximizes your business revenue and saves your time. Also, select the best eCommerce marketplace theme that fits your specific needs.

How to Create Envato-like Software Marketplace in WordPress with Dokan

Do you want to build a new Software Marketplace like Envato in WordPress? Then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will show you how to create a Software Marketplace using WordPress in less than 30 minutes. It demands a simple procedure to follow spending only a few bucks.

An online marketplace allows multiple vendors to sell their products or services. Here, they can set up their individual stores on a single eCommerce platform. It's an open space to connect the buyers with various traders.

Indeed, the marketplace operator will manage all the background setup. S/He will streamline the whole transaction process smoothly. As an admin, you can earn money from each transaction of your marketplace.

However, you can easily build a marketplace on your WordPress site. All you need to install a suitable multi-vendor marketplace plugin. And, it will help you to make a huge profit shortly. Due to low overhead costs, it becomes a popular online income source over the last few years.

Let's dive deep to build a Software Marketplace With Dokan Multi-Vendor Plugin following few steps.

Prerequisites for Launching A Software Marketplace

A marketplace allows its visitors to select the best products for them. Here, they get a chance to compare among a wide range of available deals.

Apart from this, buyers also prefer to purchase from a marketplace instead of a single store. Since they get several types of products from different brands under one roof. Therefore, there is a high chance to draw your audience's attention easily through a well-optimized marketplace. You can also sell Digital Courses Online with Dokan & WooCommerce for Free.

However, you need the following tools to set up your online multi-vendor marketplace:

  1. Domain & Hosting (Paid)
  2. WordPress (Free)
  3. WooCommerce (Free)
  4. Dokan (Free)

Everything is free here apart from the Domain and Hosting. At first, select a suitable domain name for your Software Marketplace. Then buy the domain and hosting from a reliable source.

Let assume you have already got your domain name and hosting and configured your business WordPress site. Now, activate the WooCommerce plugin on your site. It will make your site an online store in minutes. However, it consists of all store facilities like the product listing, cart, checkout, payment, and others.

After that its time to convert your single store into a wide marketplace.

Turning Your WooCommerce Store into a Multi-vendor Software Marketplace Using Dokan

First of all, you have to install and activate the Dokan plugin on your WooCommerce site. This marketplace solution extends the functionality of your WooCommerce store. It will turn the single store into a multi-vendor marketplace.

Installing Dokan is similar to any other WordPress plugin. You need to install the lite version first which is FREE. Here, you will get all the basic features of the marketplace. In order to uncover all the advanced features and frontend capabilities, you can download and activate the Dokan Pro Version.

You can check our step-by-step guide to build a free eCommerce marketplace using WordPress.

Now according to your Software Marketplace's needs, you can configure the general setting of Dokan.

In addition, you can set the commission rate for an individual vendor. You will get a percentage of each transaction. In this way, you can Earn with Dokan Plugin Using Different Vendor Commissions.

Configure Your Shop for Admin

After configuring Dokan and WooCommerce your marketplace is ready to go. Now, its time to promote your business and invite the sellers. As an admin, you can allow your vendors to sell any software on your marketplace.

Most amazingly, you need not configure anything for adding downloadable products on Dokan. Dokan has this advanced feature built-in into its system.

Now, you have to create the following two categories in the product category of WooCommerce :

  • Downloadable
  • Affiliate

To do this, go to Products > Categories > Add New Category. Here we have created those two categories mentioned above.

software marketplace

These categories will let your vendor categorize their products easily.

Configure Your Shop for Vendor

Dokan Vendors can sell their software in two different ways. They are:

  • Uploading the software
  • Using affiliate file links

Uploading the Softwares

A vendor can set up his/her own shop with a unique URL on your marketplace. At first, s/he needs to register him/herself on the site filling a frontend registration form.

Now, vendors can add products into their shops after login to the site.

Step 1

In order to add new products into the store navigate to your Dashboard > Add New Product.

software marketplace

Step 2

Then, you will get a modal window to add your Software details. You should update the software name, price, relevant image, tags, and description there appropriately.

software marketplace

After adding all the information, you have to click the “Create product” button.

Step 3

After that, you will be redirected to the edit page of the product. Here, you get all the options to configure the other software details.

At first, you have to check the Downloadable option. It will let your users download the software instantly.

software marketplace

Step 4

After scrolling the page down you will get options to upload your downloadable software. Firstly, hit on the Add File button to get the Choose File option. Now you can click on the Choose file option to upload your software.

software marketplace

You can click on the Add File button again to upload more related files as many you want.


Furthermore, you can specify the number of times a user can download the software. Input the number in the text box of Download Limit. Also, you can set the number of days for your Software expiry with Download Expiry.

dokan downloadable option

After completing all the required modifications, click on the Save Product button.

Well Done! you have successfully added a downloadable Software on your store.

Step 5

Now, you can check your shop. You will get the added software there.


Using Affiliate File Links

However, if you don't upload your Software directly to the shop, you can share the affiliate link only.

In order to do this, follow the above steps to add a product accordingly. Now instead of uploading a downloadable file, you should use the link of a file from another website.

multivendor marketplace

At last, click on the Save Product button to publish the Software details on your shop.

How a Customer will Download the Software

Now a customer can buy the software from the frontend of the marketplace site. The buying process is the same as a regular WooCommerce site.

A buyer will get the downloadable file after completing the buying process completely. After that, they can download the file in the format you have uploaded them. For instance, the file type can be zip, pdf, mp4 and so on.

After purchasing a Software a customer should go to My Orders option from the navigation menu bar.

software marketplace

After clicking on the orders he or she will be able to see the purchased software along with the total amount and other details.

In order to download the software, the customer now has to click on the ‘View' button.

software marketplace

Now, the customer will get the download option.

software marketplace

Finally, you can get the software by clicking on the downloadable file. Now save the software on your desktop/laptop.

If you have used affiliate links on your shop then your customers will get the URL. They can visit the vendor's LMS website while viewing the software after payment.

Software Marketplace: Simplest Way to Make Money

software marketplace

Sofware business is the fastest growing business for the present time. You can spread your brand voice loudly tying up with other companies. A wide marketplace with multiple vendors will accelerate your business revenue rapidly.

However, without owing any business or products you can still build a software marketplace with Dokan. It will allow third-party software companies to sell their products or services on your marketplace. Also, you can add unlimited vendors to build their own stores and run them from the frontend dashboard. Moreover, you have all the managerial power in your hand.

As an admin, you will get a commission for each transaction on your site. Besides this, you can sell your own products by creating an individual store. Therefore, it increases the opportunity to expand your business vastly.

Most importantly, you may not handover the backend access of the WordPress dashboard. In this way, you can ensure a secure and private online experience for your users. You will get a commission for each sell on your site. It is the easiest and simple way to make your pocket rich.

Shipping, Tax and other Required Things at a Glance

Dokan Pro has all the required elements to run a wide Software Marketplace smoothly. Let discover some advanced functionalities you will get with Dokan Pro:

Shipping Method: Dokan is bringing the WooCommerce shipping system to the frontend. Now, vendors can set the shipping rate for their stores independently. They can configure everything on their own with Zone Wise Shipping and Product Wise Shipping system.

Tax System: Dokan has a built-in support system for WooCommerce taxes. Therefore, the admin can configure taxes from the backend for the vendors. After that, vendors can select those tax classes while creating or editing the products for their stores.

Payment Gateway: Dokan Light supports the standard payment systems like PayPal, bank transfer, etc [non-adaptive payment gateways]. And the Pro version supports adaptive payment solutions like Stripe Connect and MOIP.

Coupon Management: Dokan has an intuitive coupon management system for your vendors. You can let your vendors showcase their coupons on the storefront. However, registered merchants can boost their sale offering tempting discounts and coupons. With Dokan it requires only a few minutes to handle the coupons accordingly.

Thus, Dokan Pro has many more outstanding features to create a big possibility with little price.

Its Time to Think Bigger

There are thousands of opportunities float on the web. This is the time to grab the best one that fits you. However, with the trio combination of WordPress, WooCommerce, and Dokan you can set up your Software Marketplace within an hour maximum.

Dokan diminishes all the complexity to manage an online marketplace indeed. Since Dokan Light is scalable you can extend the features by getting Dokan Pro.

Are you still in any dilemma? Give Dokan a shot now and build your online software marketplace right away!

software marketplace

Make Money from Your WordPress Site with Guest Posts (How to Integrate A Payment Gateway)

If you have a WordPress website with heavy traffic then there are hundreds of ways to make money online. Link sharing, Google AdSense, Sponsored Blog Posts, Affiliate marketing are some common ways to earn money from your blogging site. Most amazingly, feature-rich WordPress plugins confine all these tasks within few clicks only.

Today we will discuss how to allow users posting anything from frontend with the WP User Frontend. Also, we will show you how to make money with guest posts directly charging your users for each post.

Let's dive deep to earn from your WordPress blogging sites effortlessly.

Why Use WP User Frontend for Your Personal Blogging Site

make money with guest posts

With WP User Frontend you can create forms and manage user post types. It follows a simple process with less implementation time. You can add this WordPress plugin on your blogging site with a few clicks only.

It will allow registered or guest users for posting on your site smoothly. Moreover, you can let the users manage everything from Frontend. Nevertheless, you can make money with guest posts by activating the Paid Membership or Subscription feature on your site.

Above all, you will get fresh content for your blogging site regularly. On the other hand, your subscribers will be able to avail themselves of good backlinks from your site. Therefore, it will be beneficial for both sides.

Nevertheless, your user will manage all their contents from the frontend dashboard. So, you can relax with the full backend authority of your site. It will ensure the complete security of your site and simultaneously facilitate all your users with advanced attributes.

Most amazingly, this WordPress plugin is available in both free and premium versions. However, you can give a special treat to your clients with WordPress Frontend Pro. WP User Frontend Pro offers advanced functionalities like content restrictions, form templates, frontend dashboards, and so on.

How to Configure WP User Frontend in Your WordPress Blog

It will take less than 10 minutes to customize a frontend submission form for your WordPress blogging site. Hence it is very easy to insert forms into pages using shortcodes and Gutenberg blocks.

Let's jump into the details process to make your WordPress Blogging site a reliable income source.

Step 1: Download and Install WP User Frontend (Free & Pro)

Assuming that your WordPress blogging site is up and running. Now login to the WP Admin Dashboard → Plugins → Add New.

make money with guest posts

Now write ‘wpuf‘ on the search bar and hit the enter button to find the plugin from the WordPress directory. After that, install and activate the plugin like any other WordPress plugin.

make money with guest posts

Next, you will get a brief setup wizard. Hit the “Let's Go” button to proceed.

make money with guest posts

Now, keep the “Enable Payments” and “Install WPUF Pages” checked and click on the ‘Continue‘ button.

make money with guest posts

You can unlock all the advanced functionality of this WordPress frontend plugin with WP User Frontend Pro. There are 3 different packages are available. You can pick the package that fits your needs perfectly.

If you have any further query then check the official documentation or comment bellow.

Step 2: Activate Stripe Payment Module to Make Money with Guest Posts

In this step, you have to activate the Stripe Payment module. It allows you to receive direct payment from your users. Aso, it will keep the further configuration process simple and smooth.

However, you can let your users buy subscription packs using Stripe. It requires only a few clicks to activate the Stripe Payment module on your site. After that, you can incorporate it along with the built-in PayPal payment gateway.

In order to avail, this extension you should navigate to WP dashboardUser FrontendModules. Then, turn on the toggle button of Stripe Payment to activate this module.


After installing and activating the Stripe add-on configure the essential settings accordingly. You should modify it in the way you want the users to pay on your sites.

Note: Stripe payment is only available in WP User Frontend Pro. Get it to make money with guest posts from your personal site.

Step 3: Create a Form for Guest Post Submission

Well, you have successfully installed and configured WPUF, now you need to create and publish a sample post form. At first, navigate to WP Admin Dashboard→ WPUF → Post Forms. Then, select the Sample Form to edit. Or, you can also hit the Add Form button to create a post form from scratch.


After selecting the Sample Form you will get a form editor. Then, you can customize the elements according to your requirements. After completing all the modifications, hit on the Save Form button.

make money with guest posts

Then, copy the shortcode of the newly created post form from the editor.

Step 4: Configure Your Guest Post Form

Visitors can post on your site without registering themselves with the powerful Guest Post feature of WP User Frontend.

Go to WP Admin Dashboard → WPUF → Post Forms → Settings → Submission Restriction. 


Now, check the Guest Post option. Enabling the Guest Post will open up 4 more options. Checked or unchecked the options based on your requirements.


Now, click on the Save Form button. Congratulation! You have done with configuring the guest post form.

Step 5: Enable Payment Option

Now, click on the Setting tab and check the Payment Option to enable payment for the form we have just designed.


Then, you can check the option “Force subscription pack” or “Enable Pay Per Post” based on your payment criteria.

Also, you can set the amount that you want to charge for each post on your site. It's now easier to make money with guest posts and other ways.

Step 6: Publish Your Guest Post Form

Now, create a new page and paste the shortcode on it from the Sample Form you have designed above.


After that, hit the “Publish” button to make it live.

Step 7: Check The Frontend View of Your Guest Post Form & Payment Gateway

If any guest user comes on the posting page, he or she will find a post form like below as we have created above.


When the user will hit the Submit button they will get an option to make the payment using their cards.

make money with guest posts

Guest users must register first and then make the payment here to publish their blogs on your site. When they will insert their credit card information and hit the proceed button Stripe will complete the payment. They will get a confirmation message on the screen.

make money with guest posts

The transaction does not need any approval from the admin.

You can check the total income and all the transaction by navigating WP-Admin → User Frontend → Transaction

make money with guest posts

Finally, check the ultimate outcome and promote your site accordingly. Furthermore, it will encourage your target audience to contribute to your site.

In addition, WP User Frontend will notify both the admin and the guest users by sending individual notifications through messages or emails.

Effective Ways to Make Money with Guest Posts & Subscription Pack

However, it will make you able to earn money from your users in two ways. Either you can charge for per post submission or you can create a subscription package that will allow the guests to pay in advance.

So your options are-

  • Charge per post
  • Charge for subscription in bulk

How to Configure for Pay Per Post Submission

You can charge your guest authors for every single post they want to publish. To do so, you should navigate to User Frontend -> Settings.

Click on the Payment Tab to configure all the attributes.


Click on the Save button at the bottom of the page. Check the details process of Pay Per Post Submissions and start to make money with guest posts!

How to Configure for Subscription Packs

With WP User Frontend you can create customized subscription packs. It allows you to limit post numbers, post expiry times and also charge in bulk. All you need to make a submission platform for your guest authors.

Here, you can even limit fields, custom CSS and make the pack recurring.
Therefore, go to WP User Frontend→Subscriptions and start building a pack with Add New. At last, edit the form as per your requirements.

make money with guest posts

For further and detailed guidance about WP User Frontend's features, modules, usages, and implementation, go through the documentation site or YouTube channel.

You can also contact our support team.

Now, you have all the essential elements to make money with guest posts from your personal WordPress site through direct payments.

Time to Make Money with Guest Posts

You can easily make money with guest posts from your WordPress Blogging site. All you need to allow guest users to publish their content on your site. Then you can easily charge them for their contents consequently.

WP User Frontend makes you able to create frontend forms for your users. Guest authors can submit their posts through a frontend dashboard on your site. However, they have to pay a fixed amount according to your site's rules and regulations.

This is the most reliable and easiest way to earn from your WordPress Blogging site. Also, it does not require the backend access to your site. So, you can ensure the highest security for your WordPress site.

Nevertheless, you can satisfy Google's ranking factor by publishing unique content regularly. It will improve your position on search engine drastically.

6 Best WooCommerce POS Plugins for 2020

If you are running a WooCommerce site you can synchronize all the data regarding product billing and stock calculation with the best WooCommerce POS plugin.

It will automate your store management system by taking orders, processing transactions, updating inventory and maintaining analytics.

Integration of a fast and responsive WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) plugin allows you to take orders and track your inventory through the WooCommerce store.

While picking the best POS system for your online store you should consider the following aspects carefully:

  • Usability and unique features
  • Payment gateways
  • Supported platforms and devices
  • Set-up cost and compatibility with your eShop
  • Integration with third-party plugin

In this article, we have listed the top 6 WooCommerce POS Plugins for WordPress that you can choose the best fit for your eShop easily.

Best WooCommerce POS Plugins for WordPress 

POS Plugins simplify the process of orders taking & inventory management. Here are the top 6 POS solutions for WordPress users.

  1. wePOS
  2. Hike POS
  3. WooCommerce POS
  4. WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS)
  5. Square for WooCommerce
  6. Lightspeed POS Integration


wePOS- best woocommerce pos

wePOS is a fast promising WooCommerce Point of Sales plugin. If you have a WooCommerce store it needs only a few clicks to integrate a smart solution with wePOS. It simplifies the process of tracking inventory and managing orders effectively.

With this smarter Point of Sale system, you can trigger all the POS functionality on your WooCommerce shop in an optimized way. It's a single page application that can process all the orders and transaction super fast. Therefore, you will get a boost to your business growth and customer experience.

Furthermore, you will get a user-friendly and attractive interface that is easy to operate. With wePOS you can organize your eShop appropriately and find an efficient approach of counting inventory.

Surprisingly, you can manage your physical shop along with the online store in a disciplined way by using shortcut keys. It let your sale executive read the QR codes and process the orders with pace.

  • Specially designed for WooCommerce
  • Advanced UI design
  • Custom barcode support
  • Able to handle multiple orders at a time
  • Super responsive and compatible with all sized devices
  • Easily integrate with your online and offline retail store

Price & Support: Free version is available now. The Premium version is about to launch soon. However, you will get 24/7 support with the free version also.

Hike POS


Hike POS is a renowned retail POS software in the cloud to manage your business with intuitive inventory and insightful reporting. It is a fully customized all-in-one plugin to run and grow your business widely.

With Hike, you can improve your sales, customer service, and inventory management system seamlessly. It elaborates your ability to manage all your sales channels and transactions accordingly. This advanced solution works smoothly on all devices like iPad, PC, and Mac.

Most amazingly, Hike also works offline so you can do business even when the internet is down. The data will be synced automatically back to the cloud when you will be online again.

Hence, it is more reliable and faster compared to generic cloud POS systems. Also, this robust solution is suitable for all types of online retail businesses.

Highlights of Hike POS:

  • Custom design for each register
  • Better sales reporting analytics
  • Barcode scanning
  • Compatible with other accounting, eCommerce, payments & marketing apps.
  • No limit for adding cash registers, users or even store locations

Price & Support: Different packages are available starting from $59 USD/month to $129/month. We will get an option of a 14-days free trial with 24/7 customer support.

WooCommerce POS

best woocommerce pos

WooCommerce POS by kilbot provides a simple interface for taking orders using your WooCommerce store. It can be a great alternative to Vend or Shopify POS.

This self-hosted system uses the same database as your store. Therefore you can own your data without monthly subscription fees. Also, your inventory will always in sync with all transactions. You can configure and use this WordPress plugin following a few easy steps or you can do it manually as well.

In addition, with the premium version of WooCommerce POS you can explore more advanced features like payment gateways, customer relationship management, multiple report generator and many more.

Highlights of WooCommerce POS:

  • Translatable into your native language
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Fast searching and filtering products
  • Quickly adjustable product inventory, titles, and price
  • Add and choose a shipping method and set tax rate
  • Create multiple stores with multiple tax rates and custom receipts

Price & Support: You can acquire the free version without spending a penny. The pro version comes at $129 USD for a single site license including 1 year of upgrades and support.

WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS)

point of sale

WooCommerce Point of Sale plugin is developed by actuality extensions and quality checked by Envato. Its author offers 6 months of support for its users. Your sales and register settings are always safe with this WordPress plugin.

Moreover, you can integrate this system in any industry with all custom features and flexibility. It allows you to control the order status and load the incomplete orders directly into your register.

Also, you can expand your online presence by integrating with WooCommerce product add-ons, WooCommerce built-in reporting module, barcode scanning, order notes, and cash management tools.

Highlights of WooCommerce Point of Sale:

  • Offer discounts or apply coupons in your local currency
  • Decimal based stock is available or weight-based products, like jewelry
  • Add shipping details to the order straight from the register
  • Track the special customer request with order notes
  • Set the register to automatically print and email receipts

Price & Support: It costs $100 for a regular license.

WooCommerce Square

square woocommerce

Square Point of Sale is a cloud-based POS software that can be integrated into your WooCommerce store to enable the retail POS functionality. It allows you to sync inventory and product data connectively between WooCommerce and Square POS. 

Square is a leading point of sale system that will help you to manage the inventory, direct all the transactions, generate reports and receipts and so on. After installing this plugin in your WooCommerce store it will automatically update and synchronize all the changes in your inventory from Square to WooCommerce.

Highlights of WooCommerce Point of Sale:

  • Provide chargeback protection
  • Fast fund deposits
  • Track your sales and listings across all channels on a common platform
  • Supports online payments through all major debit and credit cards worldwide.

Price & Support: $79 USD for a single site subscription. The subscription comes with one year of updates and support.

Lightspeed POS Integration

best woocommerce pos

Lightspeed POS Integration allows you to run the business with all functionalities connecting your WooCommerce store and Lightspeed Point of Sale account concurrently. It will keep the inventory in sync and conduct all the transactions smoothly.

With Lightspeed POS, you can manage inventory, service, data, staff, and customer relationships from a single interface.

Highlights of Lightspeed POS Integration:

  • Manage all transactions from one platform
  • Communicate and sync the inventory when a new sale comes
  • Help to update the stock qualities in the WooCommerce interface
  • Manage inventory across multiple channels

Price & Support: It costs $149 with 30 days money-back guarantee. Also, it offers support teams world-wide and safe online payments.

FAQ on Best WooCommerce POS System

best woocommerce pos

Let check the most popular queries about integrating WooCommerce POS before making the final decision.

What is a POS System?

The point of sale or point of purchase is a computerized system that allows a retail shop owner to process an order, the number of products that customers take, calculate the amount, complete the transaction, update the inventory, generate invoices for the customers and refer the options for the customer to make payment.

With an advanced POS system, you will be able to take orders and count your inventories in the easiest manner.

What is WooCommerce POS?

You can integrate a POS system in your WooCommerce store to manage the orders and track the stock simultaneously. It's a smart approach to automate your store management system and handle all the data from a common platform.

How does POS system work?

A smart POS system manages all the data regarding processing order, tracking inventory, sale transaction and payment methods from a centralized database. It maintains communication among all the departments and updates the database immediately. Hence, it automates the stock management and billing system.

Why should you consider POS system for your store?

A POS system with built-in stock control features can sync your stock while you complete a sale. Therefore, you can easily track product movements and make smarter decisions about purchasing and sales. It saves your time and effort and maximizes the profit line by aligning all the management procedures in an organized way.

What are some of the pros and cons of WooCommerce POS?

A POS system allows a trade merchant to effectively track sales, update inventory, maintain sale trends, generate expenses reports in detail as well as allow you to manage employees and other store operations.

However, sometimes people find it a little bit costly and face difficulties to adopt the new system.

How much does a POS plugin cost?

It depends on your business size and customer quantity. However, you can lower the initial cost by installing a free POS plugin on your WooCommerce store.

How do I use wePOS?

You can track your sales and inventory easier than ever with wePOS. You can simply integrate this POS functional plugin in your WooCommerce store following a few easy steps.

We assume that you have a WordPress powered WooCommerce shop. Now, to install the wePOS plugin, go through this brief documentation.

Final Thought

An automated Point of Sale system extends the capability of your business synchronizing all the data regarding customer management and purchase details. If you own a WooCommerce shop then get the best WooCommerce POS for your eShop to keep all the transactions transparent and manage the stock concurrently.

In order to manage every part of your WooCommerce business effectively with inventory management and analytics, you should introduce a smart POS solution into your business immediately.

Best WordPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday Offers 2019

Celebrate the biggest sale of the year 2019 with tempting WordPress Halloween deals and discounts on WordPress themes, plugins, hosting services, SEO and social media marketing tools from your favorite service providers around the world.

October is here! The spookiest holiday of this year 2019 has arrived. Costumes, foods, and decor are ready to celebrate the glorious holiday on 31st October.

And we wish a very Happy spooky Halloween to all our readers. Another two big events: Black Friday And Cyber Monday are fast approaching. This year the world will celebrate Black Friday on Friday, 29 November, and Cyber Monday on Monday, 02 December.

Retailers are already ready with impressive deals to greet their customers. Thousands of special offers are floating on the web for WordPress lovers, users, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. To help you out we have listed the top WordPress deals on awesome WordPress themes, plugins, bundle packs, hosting deals and more.

Fill your hands with a special treat and enjoy the Best WordPress Halloween deals, Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer of 2019.

How Does WordPress Community Celebrate This Festive Season

WordPress Halloween deals

Like other communities, WordPress service providers and product builders are also ready to join the fun. Most of the companies have announced their special WordPress Halloween deals for this season, others are about to reveal.

Halloween starts the festive season in October that continues till the end of the year. That's why its the best time to start your shopping and give yourself a great treat with big savings.

So if you are looking for hot Halloween, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for WordPress products, you are in the right place! Here you will get all the appealing plans and discount coupons offered by leading WordPress Service Providers.

WordPress hosting, plugins, themes, templates, as well as membership plans, and everything you might possibly need for your website!

All the Halloween Sale is back from the DEAD! Packages for Black Friday and Cyber Monday are also gearing up. Pick the best offer for you now!

What We are Offering This Year at weDevs

weDevs is one of the most uttered words in the WordPress industry. Like previous years, we have already declared many amazing WordPress Halloween deals and packages to light up the celebration for our valued clients.

This year we have come up with a 33% flat discount on our all products.

As you know, weDevs is the producer of many powerful tools to empower your small-large sized business effectively. In this festive season, you can enjoy special offers for

and many more. We have opened our doors with excellent deals to celebrate this winter with our potential buyers at the best price.

Most amazingly! this year we are launching our new Elementor Plugin Happy Addons to add an advanced wing to your Elementor site. You can also enjoy up to 50% discount offer with this amazing extension.

Enjoy the attractive deals. No Tricks only Treats like each year!!

Top WordPress Halloween Deals, Black Friday & Cyber Monday Offers for 2019

WordPress black Friday and cyber Monday deals

There are hundreds of companies in the WordPress industry. Almost all of them offer alluring WordPress Halloween deals and discounts like every year to make their client's celebration double.

However, it’s tough for you to check all of them and select the best. 

We will guide you to sort through the noise with the best online sales of WordPress plugins, themes, templates, hosting or other WordPress related products in this festive season. 

So, have a cup of tea and go through the best WordPress Halloween deals, Black Friday Cyber Monday offer 2019!

Best WordPress Hosting Deals 2019

  1. HostGator
  2. BlueHost
  3. WPEngine
  4. FastComet
  5. Cloudways

HostGator – 60% Off on Shared Web Hosting

WordPress Halloween deals

HostGator is a leading and secure website hosting service provider over the world. In this festive season of 2019, you can get a 60% discount on all new hosting packages of HostGator including reseller, shared, dedicated and VPS.

Now, you can start your site at $3.00/month. Get 1-year free domain registration on shared annual plans.

Regular Price: $8.95/month

Offer Price:$2.75/month, (60% OFF on All Shared Plans)

Coupon Code: No code needed.

Validity Date: Until further notice.

Bluehost- Up to 50% Off

Bluehost halloween deals

Bluehost is back again this year with its Halloween discount! By their excellent hosting offer in this Halloween, you can get a massive discount of up to 50% for Shared Web Hosting. Bluehost is recommended by many WordPress engineers, fans, users alike.

Over 2 million websites already use Bluehost as their hosting. You need no coupon code to unleash this offer for your business.

Regular Price: $7.99/month

Offer Price: $3.95/month (70% OFF on All Shared Plans)

Coupon Code: No code needed

Validity Date: Until further notice.

WP Engine – Up to 20% Off on All Annual Plans

WordPress Halloween black Friday cyber Monday deals 2019

WP Engine offers the best secure web hosting services. Small business owners, developers, and bloggers love the Black Friday flat 35% discount deal of all the packages of WP Engine.

The deal has already started and will continue until the first week of December 2019.

Regular Price: $35/month

Offer Price: $29/month (20% discount for all annual packages)

Coupon Code: No code needed

Validity Date: Until further notice.

FastComet- 70% Off on Shared Hosting

fast comet

FastComet is giving a flat 70% OFF on Shared Hosting packages. Now you can get shared hosting from FastComet for just $2.95 per month instead of $9.95. FastComet is one of the most popular WordPress hosting providers out there and has a high satisfaction rate.

Regular Price: $9.95/month

Offer Price: $2.95/month, (70% OFF on All Shared Plans)

Coupon Code: SAVE70.

Validity Date: Until further notice.

Cloudways- 40% Off on All Hosting Plans


Cloudways provides cloud-based managed WordPress hosting. They ensure fast website performance with maximum speed and fool-proof security for your WordPress website.

Discount Details: 40% OFF for 3 Months on All Plans

Coupon Code: BFCM40

Validity Date: Starts from November 14th till December 4th, 2019.

Best WordPress Plugins Deals 2019

  1. Dokan
  2. WP ERP
  3. HappyAddons
  4. Themeum
  5. Elementor
  6. OptinMonster
  7. IceGram
  8. StoreApps
  9. Get Astra
  10. WP Security Audit Log
  11. Password Policy Manager
  12. BlogVault
  13. BuddyBoss

Dokan- Up To 39% Off on All Plans

weDevs is famous for fairly organized and user-friendly WordPress plugins and extensions. They have almost everything you need to establish your business and expand widely.

Many exclusive brands have built their marketplaces with their eminent multivendor plugin Dokan worldwide.

WP Project Manager, WP User Frontend and weForms are some of the weDevs' most impressive and popular products here in the WordPress industry!


weDevs is back this year to make your celebration glorious with the great festive discount, up to 39% off on all of their products. Get the best deal to empower your business!

Regular Price: $148.99/y

Offer Price: $99/y (up to 39% discount on all products)

Coupon Code: BFCM2019

Validity Date: 26th Nov- 4th Dec 2019

WP ERP- Up to 39% Off on All Plans

WordPress Halloween deals

WP ERP is a revolutionary web-based ERP solution by weDevs, made to work within your WordPress powered website. It can handle all business-related tasks like HR, CRM, Project Management, Accounting and other departments that are needed to run and coordinate an entire business structure – small or large.

The plugin has a family of components to extend functionality according to company needs, thus making it a complete enterprise resource planning solution.

Regular Price: $399/y

Offer Price: $267/y (up to 39% discount on all plans)

Coupon Code: ERP-BFCM33

Validity Date: 26th Nov-4th Dec 2019

Happy Elementor Addons- 35% Off

WordPress Halloween deals

Happy Addons creates a buzz in the Elementor community for the super flexible customization. This widget is another premium creation of weDevs. You can get the 35% discount on this amazing Elementor Extension to give your site a new height.

Discount Offer: 35% 0ff on all packages.

Coupon Code: BFCM2019

Validity Date: 26th Nov – 4th Dec 2019

Themeum – 50% Off on All Products!

WordPress Halloween deals

Themeum has a smart and massive collection of WordPress themes and plugins. In this festive season, they have come with a flat 50% off on all their themes and plugins. This includes all plans, single purchases, bundles, upgrading and everything else. You can also save a massive $400 on purchasing a lifetime multisite deal of Tutor LMS!

Discount Offer: 50% Off on All Products

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY50

Validity Date: From 25th November to 5th December 2019

Elementor – Flat 20% Off on All Packages

WordPress Halloween deals

From a freelancer to a well-established company, any website can grab the advantage of Elementor. It is the pioneer of the drag and drops page builder plugin for WP. Elementor is best known for bringing your imagination in real web design. Like the previous year, Elementor provides a 20% discount for plus and expert packages.

Discount Offer: 20% off on all premium plans

Coupon Code: Not Required

Validity Date: Till 31st October 2019

OptinMonster – Up to 50% Off on All Plan

WordPress Halloween black Friday cyber Monday deals

OptinMonster is a premium WP lead generation software. Online marketers often use this standalone system to monetize web traffic and convert them into a customer. This outstanding customer acquisition system offers up to 50% discount on their packages.

Regular Price: $39/month

Offer Price: $19/month (Up to 55% discount for all packages)

Coupon Code: No code need

Validity Date: Until further notice

Icegram- 30% Off Sitewide


Icegram provides highly functional and user-friendly WordPress plugins for lead capture, call to action and email marketing. It is easy to customize for screaming your brand voice worldwide. They have arranged their Halloween bucket with amazing offers and profitable deals for their customers.

Discount Deal: Flat 30% sitewide + BONUS

Coupon Code: No code need.

Validity Date: 22nd Nov – 3rd Dec

StoreApps- Up to 30% Discount


Storeapps can supercharge your WooCommerce store with powerful and feature-rich plugins to sell more, save time in-store management, retain more customers and make better decisions. This October they are lavishing their clients with attractive WordPress Halloween deals to avail.

Discount Offer: Flat 30% sitewide + BONUS

Coupon Code: No code need.

Validity Date: 22nd Nov – 3rd Dec

Get Astra- Flat 20% Off on All Packages

WordPress Halloween deals

GetAstra ensures the site's security and prevents all types of damages. You can easily install and maintain the plugin on your WordPress site. Moreover, it will keep your site secure from hackers, internet threats & bots. They are celebrating this festive season with 20% off on all their plans.

Discount Offer: Flat 20% off on all plans.

Coupon Code: No code need.

Validity Date: Until further notice.

Password Policy Manager

Password Policy Manager

Password Policy Manager ensures the security of your website & WooCommerce store configuring policies for users & customers to use strong passwords.

Discount Offer: 40% discount on all the premium plans

Coupon Code: BF201940

Validity Date: From 27th November until 3rd December 2019



BlogVault is the go-to for WordPress backup, staging, migration & security. Trusted by over 200,000+ websites, it can backup or migrate a 300 GB site without overloading your server. It also boasts of the fastest website recovery tool (< 5 mins) and powers migrations for popular web hosts like WPEngine, FlyWheel, and Pantheon.

Discount Offer: 40% off on Annual Plans

Coupon Code: N/A

Validity: Nov 27th, 2019 – Dec 3rd, 2019

BuddyBoss- 30% OFF sitewide


BuddyBoss is a powerful solution to create a successful online platform on WordPress. You can sell memberships, courses, and build online communities using BuddyBoss for your WordPress site.

Discount Offer: 30% OFF sitewide

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY2019

Validity: Nov 24th, 2019 – Nov 29th, 2019

Best WordPress Themes Deals 2019

  1. Themify
  2. Template Sell
  3. AccessPress Themes
  5. WPMRP
  6. WPBuffs
  7. TemplateMonster
  8. Degree Themes
  9. iThemes
  10. Theme Junkie
  11. Themebeez
  12. AccessPress Themes
  13. 8 Degree Themes
  14. Woostify

Themify – 30% Off on All Products


Themify themes and plugins have been contributing to this industry for the last ten years. You can build beautiful, responsive and highly functional websites with their vast collection of premium WordPress themes and plugins.

Like others, they have also come up with the best WordPress Black Friday discounts on all products including themes, plugins, bundles, add-ons, and others. Grab the best deal before it ends!

Discount Offer: 30% off on all purchases & 50% off for the lifetime club

Coupon Code: BOO30.

Validity Date: October 28- November 1.

Template Sell– UPTO 30% Off on All Premium Items!

WordPress Halloween black Friday cyber Monday deals 2019

This season you can celebrate a huge discount with Template Sell. They offered up to 30% discounts on all its premium items including WordPress themes and HTML templates. Confirm your deal within November 1st, 2019 because it is available for a limited time period.

Coupon Code: halloween30

Validity Date: From now until November 1, 2019

AccessPress Themes – 30% Off on All Premium Themes!

WordPress Halloween black Friday cyber Monday deals 2019

AccessPress allows you to design your WordPress sites with parallax design and effects. They provide free and premium themes and plugins to make your site stand out of the crowd. This year they are offering a flat 30% discount on all their premium themes.

Discount offer: 30% off on all premium themes

Coupon Code: BFCM2019

Validity Date: Until 5th December 2019

CSSIGNITER -30% OFF On Any Purchase!

WordPress Halloween black Friday cyber Monday deals 2019

Since 2012 CSSIGNITER has been supporting a large number of professionals and business owners. They provide enormous support without any confusing part. You can get their amazing premium WordPress themes & plugins at a discount price in this festive season.

Discount Offer: 30% off on all plans.

Coupon Code: SPOOKY2019

Validity Date: 25th October to 4th November 2019

WPMRR- 75% Off On All Video Courses!

WordPress Halloween black Friday cyber Monday deals

WPMRR offers different types of podcasts, Webinars and Video Tutorials to teach you about building WordPress sites and handling them effectively. This course site helps you to implement, sell and execute website care plans. Ensure the best deal with WPMMR this October as they are offering 75% off on their courses.

Discount Offer: 75% Discount on all courses.

Coupon Code: AWYEAH

Validity Date: Valid till 14th November 2019.

WP BUFFS – 10% Off On All Care Plans!

WordPress Halloween black Friday cyber Monday deals 2019

WP Buffs provides 24/7 WordPress website maintenance and support. You can do various customization of your site with WP Buffs. They are well-known for website customization, speed optimization, security, 24/7 monitoring, and others. This October they are offering 10% off on all WordPress care plans and packages.

Discount Offer: 10% off all on all packages.

Coupon Code: BOO2019

Validity Date: From now to 1st November 2019.

TemplateMonster – 50% Off On All Products!

WordPress Halloween deals

Template Monster is a marketplace with a large collection of WordPress themes, website templates, eCommerce templates, plugins, and other category based themes and templates for your business. Also, it has a special bundle offer for Elementor users. This year you can enjoy 50% off on their hot selling products.

Discount Offer: 50% off on all products.

Coupon Code: Not required

Validity Date: November 21st – December 3rd

8 Degree Themes – 30% Off on All Premium Themes!


8Degree Themes is a WordPress marketplace with a large variety of WordPress Themes such as multipurpose, blog, magazine, WooCommerce, Photography, law and many more. They support 18+ premium WordPress themes.

Discount Offer: 30% off on all premium themes.

Coupon Code: blackfriday2019

Validity Date: Until 5th December 2019.

iThemes –  50% Off for Everything!


iTheme provides all kinds of supports and essential tools to build your site along with keeping it secured. Choose the right plan for your business and treat yourself with 50% off on all packages.

Discount Offer: 50% off on all plans.

Coupon Code:  wptoolkit50m

Validity Date: Until November 30, 2019.

Theme Junkie – 75% Off on All Theme Packages!


This October you can save your money with the best deal from Theme Junkie. They provide 60+ themes, support, and domain license to empower WordPress sites.

Regular Price: $99/year

Offer Price: $24/year

Coupon Code: No code need.

Validity Date: Until further notice.

Themebeez – 40% Off on All Premium Themes

WordPress Halloween black Friday cyber Monday deals 2019

Themebeez is a one-stop solution for WordPress theme, plugins, and service. You will get amazing products and great support with them and it requires zero code knowledge.

Discount Offer: 40% Off on all Premium WordPress Themes

Coupon Code: halloween2019

Validity Date: Until 5th November 2019

Woostify- Powerful WooCommerce Theme

WordPress Halloween deals

Woostify is a Free Powerful WordPress WooCommerce theme. The Pro version comes up with a variety of awesome features such as Mega Menu, Sale Notification, Size Guide, Sticky add to Cart Button, Buy Now, Elementor Bundle, etc.

This year, they have come with some amazing deals for their valued clients.

Discount Offer: 40% Off on all Premium WooCommerce Themes

Coupon Code: BLACKOFF

Validity Date: Nov 26-Dec 06, 2019

WordPress Halloween Deals 2019: Best SEO & Marketing Tools

  1. SEMRush
  2. Long Tail Pro
  3. Back-up Buddy
  4. SE Ranking

SEMRush- 60% Off On All Packages

WordPress Halloween black Friday cyber Monday deals 2019

SEMRush is one of the most powerful analytical tools for digital marketers. It helps to set strategies to convert a visitor into a customer. Besides analytics, new content analytics attracts users. The company offers a flat 60% off for all the packages in this October.

Regular Price: $200/year

Offer Price: $80/year

Coupon Code: No code required.

Validity Date: Start from 23rd November 2019

Long Tail Pro – 30% Off on All Annual Plans

WordPress Halloween deals

Long Tail Pro is well-accepted tools among the Affiliate Marketers to find out low competitive and high search volume buying keywords. This makes the marketers' life easy to drag sales in less SEO effort. The company offers a 30% flat discount for all the monthly and yearly packages.

Regular Price: $297/year

Offer Price: $207/year

Coupon Code: No code need.

Validity Date: Until further notice.

Back-up Buddy – 35% Off

WordPress Halloween deals, black Friday cyber Monday deals

You can keep a back up of your entire WordPress website with Back-up Buddy. Secure your site with just a few clicks at a 35% discount and save your pocket through October 31.

Regular Price: $80/year

Offer Price: $52/year

Coupon Code: TREAT35

Validity Date: 31st of October 2019.

SE Ranking – 30% OFF

se ranking

SE Ranking is an all-in-one cloud-based SEO and digital marketing platform for business owners, SEO pros and digital agencies.

The platform offers a complete set of tools that enables small and midsize businesses to run a comprehensive on and off-page website audit, analyze competitors, track rankings, collect and group keywords, monitor backlink, get automated SEO reports, and do so much more.

Regular Price: $89/month

Offer Price: $26.7

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY2019

Validity Date: December 2 at midnight EST

Other Attractive WordPress Black Friday Deals 2019

  2. themehunk
  3. Brainstorm Force
  4. Premium Press
  5. Advanced Coupons
  6. CheckoutWC
  7. Tyche Softwares
  8. pixelemu
  9. Plugmatter
  10. nestify
  11. ICONIC
  12. 7theme
  13. 99robots
  14. AliDropship
  15. MotoPress
  16. MailOptin
  17. gg
  18. WP Sent Mail
  19. Advanced Content Templates
  20. Hookturn
  21. Live Agent
  22. AAWP
  23. BARN2 Plugins
  24. Edwiser
  25. flycart
  28. ThemeGrill
  29. WPEverest
  30. Zakra Theme
  31. Qode Interactive
  32. 10web


Discount Offer: 35% Off all Flothemes and up to $179 Off bundle deals

Coupon Code: Not required

Validity Date: November 18th – December 1st


Discount Offer: 30% off on premium themes

Coupon Code: PRODUCT30

Validity Date: Till 05-12-2019

Brainstorm Force

Discount Offer: 30% OFF on all purchases and upgrades

Coupon Code: Auto-applied on the pricing page

Validity Date: 25th November 2019 (12:00 am EST) – 4th December 2019 (12:00 pm EST)

Premium Press

Discount Offer: 70% discount off the original price

Coupon Code: C

Validity Date: Until 31st Dec 2019

Advanced Coupons

Discount Offer: 30% OFF on ANY License + Store Owner's Ebook Blister Pack (7x Ebooks For Growing WooCommerce Stores)

Coupon Code: BF2019

Validity Date: November 25 to Dec 2 Midnight


Discount Offer: 30% discount for all licenses


Validity Date: This offer is valid until December 3, 2019

Tyche Softwares

Discount Offer: 35% off on all plugins, bundles & license upgrades

Discount Code: BFCM19

Validity Date: 25 Nov 2019 to 2 Dec 2019


Discount Offer: 50% OFF on WordPress themes

Discount Code: BLACK2019

Validity Date: 25th November – 2nd December 2019.


Discount Offer: Lifetime 50% OFF

Discount Coupon: WPSBF50OFF

Validity Date: Until further notice


Discount Offer: 30% On all products

Coupon Code: NEST30OFF

Validity Date: 28 Nov 2019 to 4th Dec 2019


Discount Offer: Up to 50% Off

Coupon Code: Not required

Validity Date: Nov 29th to Dec 6th 2019


Discount Offer: 30% discount on all WordPress themes

Coupon Code: blckfrdy

Validity Date: 25th November-3rd December


Discount Offer: 50% of any product OR the All Access Product Pass

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY50

Validity Date: Nov 25 – Dec 3, 2019


Discount Offer: Get a 35% OFF the AliDropship Plugins, add-ons and themes

Coupon Code: WEDEVS35

Validity Date: November, 27th – December, 3rd, 2019


Discount Offer: 40% discount on all our products and membership

Coupon Code: bf2019

Validity Date: From November 22 till December 4


Discount Offer:

Coupon Code: BFCM2019

Validity Date: Valid from November 29th to December 3rd 2019

Advanced Content Templates

Discount Offer: 30% discount for all licenses.


Validity Date: From 27th Nov-4th Dec

WP Sent Mail

Discount Offer: 30% discount for all licenses


Validity Date: From 27th Nov-4th Dec


Discount Offer: 40% off all pro/dev licenses

Coupon Code: No coupon code is required

Validity Date: From 27th Nov-3rd Dec

Live Agent

Discount Offer: $100 credit for LiveAgent and Post Affiliate Pro

Coupon Code: No coupon code is required

Validity Date: 25/11/2019 – 03/12/2019


Discount Offer: 30% Off on all licenses

Coupon Code: BLACKWEEKEND2019

Validity Date: Valid From Friday, 29th November 2019 (from 00:00) Valid until Monday, 02nd December 2019 (until 23:59)

BARN2 Plugins

Discount Offer: 50% discount

Coupon Code: BARN2CYBER2019

Validity Date: 29 November to 2nd December


Discount Offer: 25% discount on all our Edwiser products

Coupon Code: EDBFCM19

Validity Date: From 29th November 2019 to 2nd December 2019


Discount Offer: 30% OFF Black Friday

Coupon Code: No Coupon Code Required

Validity Date: Until further notice


Discount Offer: 30% off any purchase


Validity Date: Start on November 28th and end on December 3rd.


Discount Offer: 30% off on all products

Coupon Code: BFCM30 (applicable on all products and bundles on the site)

Validity Date: 28th November 2019 – 2nd December 2019


Discount Offer: 35% off on all of our premium themes or theme bundles

Coupon Code: BFCM2019

Validity Date: 23 Nov-2 Dec 2019


Discount Offer: 35% off on all our plugins and their add-ons

Coupon Code: BFCM2019

Validity Date: 23 Nov-2 Dec 2019

Zakra Theme

Discount Offer: 35% off on all amazing theme

Coupon Code: BFCM2019

Validity Date: 23 Nov-2 Dec 2019

Qode Interactive

Discount Offer: 50% off on 8 premium

Coupon Code: Not required

Validity Date: Starts on Tuesday, November 26th, 2019 at 12pm and ends on Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019 at 8pm (AEDT)


Regular price: $20

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