WordPress 5.3 & Our Proud Contribution: A Colorful Evening here at weDevs

Some moments become important than everything around us. And the only way to honor them is a celebration.

We witnessed some happiest moments yesterday afternoon here at weDevs. WordPress 5.3 got released with a huge collection of new features and improvements. As a WordPress plugin development organization, it's really great news for us. Greater than that was seeing a few names of our team members on the golden list of contributors to this large release.

In addition to our regular work and helping community members, we are constantly contributing to WordPress core development- what else can be better than it! So, the day became very exciting and delightful.

Let's take a quick look at what we have contributed to WordPress core this time, how was our celebration and the notable updates-changes WordPress 5.3 came up with.

Story of a Colorful Evening

Tuesday at 4:15 pm, there was an announcement from our HR department. ‘Everyone please gather on the playground at 5:00 pm sharp.’ We all got together with a lot of thrills and eagerness. Office assistants seemed quite busy.

WordPress 5.3 kirk news

After a while, weDevs Founder & CTO Tareq Hasan joined us. Some large-sized colorful packets were brought to the table. Tareq Hasan said-

‘It’s always a pride contributing to WordPress core. This time three of us have contributed to WordPress 5.3 core release. It’s really a big achievement and a great moment of enjoyment. Our heartiest congratulations to Towhid, Edi Amin and Mehedi Hasan. I want to see all of us got into the bandwagon of WordPress core contributors in the upcoming days. Just like we are doing here at weDevs to develop great products for the community. And today we are celebrating both our contribution and WordPress 5.3 core release, together.

WordPress 5.3

He then handed over beautiful gifts to them. The whole office was buzzing with the sounds of a crowd cheering.

Then we cut three cakes one by one. A beautiful evening got captured both in our memory and in the frames of our digital devices!

weDevs CEO and co-founder, our beloved Md: Nizam Uddin was on the way to returning home from WordCamp USA 2019. From there he wrote- ‘Congratulations to Towhid, Edi Amin Bhai and Mehedi. Proud of you guys. All of you will get WordPress Core Badges, inshallah.’

This is how we celebrate and recognize the contribution-success of our team members here at weDevs.

What's New in WordPress 5.3

It’s the largest release after WordPress 5.0 in which we got introduced with WordPress Gutenberg editor. WordPress 5.3 expands the block editor with more intuitive interactions and enhanced accessibility. New features in the editor increase design choices, provide extra layout options and style variations to provide designers more control over the look of a site.

WordPress 5.3 named ‘Kirk’ in honor of jazz multi-instrumentalist Rahsaan Roland Kirk’

The main focus of WordPress 5.3 was on Improvements of Gutenberg block editor, design flexibility and the Default theme Twenty-Twenty. Let’s take a short overview of them.

Improvements with Gutenberg Block Editor

WordPress 5.3 introduces over 150 new features and usability enhancements, including large image support for uploading even non-optimized, high-resolution pictures taken from your smartphone or other high-quality cameras.

With this updated combination, pictures will look their best.

Introducing WordPress Default Theme- Twenty Twenty

This release also comes up with the default Twenty Twenty theme, providing you more design extensibility and integration with the block editor. Creating beautiful web pages and advanced layouts have never been easier with WordPress’s default themes.

Ultimate Design Flexibility

WordPress 5.3 comes with more robust tools for creating marvelous designs.

  • With the new Group block, you can easily divide your pages into colorful sections
  • The Columns block now supports fixed column widths
  • The new predefined layouts allow you to arrange content into advanced designs
  • Heading blocks now allow controls for text and background color

And more just like this. Designing is now a fun game with WordPress 5.3.

Core Improvements for Everyone in WordPress 5.3

  • Automatic Image Rotation
  • Improved Site Health Checks
  • Admin Email Verification

Special Improvements for Developers

  • Date/Time Component Fixes
  • PHP 7.4 Compatibility

What We Contributed to WordPress 5.3

WordPress 5.3 kirk

You know that as an open-source CMS platform, WordPress.org is free for all. Like using, anyone can contribute to ‘Make WordPress.org’ as a developer, designer, technical writer, translator, support engineer and more. WordPress really is a great platform ‘for the people, of the people and by the people’! As we already said that this time three of our members contributed to WordPress 5.3.

Their area of contribution was ‘core development’ and they solved and developed around 30 issues. Our sincere congratulations to them.

Being a renowned WordPress core Developer, weDevs founder and CTO Tareq Hasan always encourage team members to contribute to WordPress core. weDevs CEO and co-founder Nizam Uddin is working very hard to make the community stronger by organizing, sponsoring and attending local-international WordCamps-meetups on a regular basis.

We are happy that we already have more than a dozen members in the team who has several WordPress profile badges.


Giving Back to The Community

When we were celebrating WordPress 5.3 core release last week, Our CEO Md Nizam Uddin was on the way to returning home joining WordCamp USA 2019. Just two days earlier, head of our marketing team Mainul Kabir Aion and community manager Mizanur Rahaman Mizan returned from WordCamp Mumbai. Right now, another team is preparing to join WordCamp Kochi, India. We have organized Wadcamp Dhaka 2019 for the first time in Bangladesh just a few weeks back.

In addition to interacting with general users as well as developers from different parts of the world, we sponsor almost every notable WordCamps throughout the year. Yes, this is how we want to continue our contribution to the community. So, stay with us. Let's make WordPress a more powerful, more convenient and accessible platform together.

What do you think? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, experiences or suggestions with us in the comment section!

weDevs is the Proud Platinum Sponsor of WordCamp Dhaka 2019

Finally, It’s going to happen!

WordCamp Dhaka 2019 is scheduled to be held on September 28th. And the good news is- weDevs is participating in this magnificent event as a Platinum Sponsor. Not only that, our Founder & CTO Tareq Hasan; Co-Founder & CEO Nizam Uddin will be attending as the speakers and panelists.

They will share their thoughts-experiences about WordPress Ecosystem and its future prospects, Product Development, Digital Marketing and more.

Many of our emerging talents and qualified team-members will play a key role in the event as speakers, organizers and also volunteers. And as a participant, you will find exciting giveaways including t-shirts, backpacks, stickers, pen, keyring, up to 100% special discounts and what's not!

In this post, we have talked about various aspects of WordCamp Dhaka 2019 and beyond. Also, you will get a clear idea of WordCamps, how they work and why should you attend. So, let's get started.

Matt Mullenweg & WordPress Community: The Story behind WordCamps

WordCamps are informal, locally-organized conferences spreading everything about WordPress. The first such event was WordCamp 2006 in August that year in San Francisco. It was the brainchild of the Automattic Founder & CEO Matt Mullenweg.

On July 9, 2006, Matt shared this idea on his personal blog- ma.tt.

The idea is to bring WordPress users and developers so we can meet each other face to face, share stories, and try to figure out the future of our little corner of the online publishing revolution

Matt Mullenweg

With the short notice of less than one month, Matt’s dream became a reality.

The first WordCamp outside San Francisco was held in Beijing on September 2007. Since then, there have been 1,022+ WordCamps in over 75 cities in 65 different countries around the world.

WordCamp San Francisco 2014 was the last official annual conference of WordPress, taking place in San Francisco, That's now been replaced with WordCamp US.

The first regional WordCamp ran in 2013 as WordCamp Europe. The purpose behind regional WordCamps is connecting people who aren't already active in their local communities. And encourage them to get in touch with WordPress professionals in their hometowns.

This year's WordCamp Dhaka 2019 is going to be held with the same purpose in Bangladesh.

WordCamp Dhaka 2019 at a Glance

Welcome to WordCamps- WordCamp Dhaka 2019

The WordCamp Dhaka 2019 is a day-long casual community meet-up of WordPress professionals including product developers, designers, marketers, bloggers and others who are enthusiast about WordPress. Like other regional WordCamps, its also organized by the local WordPress community members.

We are very excited and hoping to do everything WordPress here at WordCamp Dhaka 2019 with a total blast so that you can learn, connect and contribute and make WordPress better for everyone.

WordCamp Dhaka Team

As it's the first country-wise Community Meet-up in Bangladesh, just imagine what could be happening there!

The program will start at 8:00 am. There will be around 15 sessions, workshops and a special panel discussion on- ‘Future Prospects in WordPress: Business & Beyond!' The attendees will get the opportunity to participate in different Quiz and win exciting giveaways. Also, there will be amazing swags waiting to be distributed among all the participants.

This day-long program will end with an awesome After Party meet-up at 8:00 pm.

Visit Our Stall and Get Swagged!

You already know that weDevs is attending this event as the Platinum Sponsor. So, there are lots more to get.

Crowd in WordCamps- weDevs WordCamp stall
Our stall in WordCamp Kathmandu

We are ready with a huge collection of swags including Stickers, Mugs, Wrist Bands, Key Ring, Pen for everyone. And it's just the beginning! Check what more is waiting for you.

1. Developer Quiz Contest

Mechanical Keyboards- WordCamp Swags
Mechanical Keyboard for Developers!

This is a special Quiz Contest designed for developers. If you're a WordPress developer attending this WordCamp, you also can participate and win an awesome gift. The gift for this contest is a Mechanical Keyboard.

2. Share & Win

WordCamp Swags- Backpack
Share your thoughts and win amazing Shoulder Bags

This is a ‘Share and Win' contest for the general audience. The attendees will get the opportunity to share their thoughts on our products on their social media profiles or timeline and win swags like a shoulder bag, Mi band 4, wireless headphone, Power bank and more. Give a check!

3. 25% Discount on Any Purchase Order!

Yes, you can get a special 25% discount for your each and every purchase up to the end of September-19. And it's open for anyone across the world! You also have the opportunity to be part of this WordCamp.

So, pick up any of your favorite plugins and claim the discount!

How Do WordCamps Work

The purpose behind WordCamps is to build perfect communication among those who are working with this great CMS platform as developers, marketers, authors or in other ways. So that they will be able to work more efficiently in the upcoming days. And the WordPress ecosystem gets more powerful through the way.

WordCamps are very helpful to maintain proper interaction and understanding

Experts get the chance to talk, share knowledge and thoughts, discuss what they are going to do, what needs to do or more. And WordCamps are the only stage where they can build the perfect understanding and interactions, which is very rewarding and effective for everyone at the end of the day.

Usually, WordCamps are one or two days of casual meet-ups. Organizers may have a workshop or contributor day

WordCamps also create a lovely relationship between locals community members, as well as those who are working globally.

Besides, product companies get the opportunity to brand and promote themselves. And there are expert people who share their thoughts and experiences to help others; do personal branding. These are the core achievements of WordCamps.

Why WordCamps are Important

Now the question is-

Is it possible to get those benefits without WordCamps?… not actually! In this digital age, we are globally connected mainly through the internet and modern devices. It’s ok and even enough for the basic working purpose. But physical meet-ups are essential for building a strong, sustainable and emotional relationship.

WordCamps bring all kinds of WordPress related people under one umbrella, give them a chance to get together.

We can say- the idea of organizing camps was one of Matt Mullenweg’s revolutionary thoughts, which has been happening since 2006, from the very early age of WordPress.

Why weDevs Attends WordCamps

weDevs is the platinum sponsor at WordCamp Dhaka-2019

Here at weDevs, we appreciate WordCamps very much. As a WordPress based product company, we believe that WordCamps give us the opportunity to perform some of our particular duties and responsibilities towards the community.

We believe that giving back to the community has the same importance

Sponsoring WordCamps is not about generating revenue or doing business. It's about making the community strong. There are many people who we work with regularly can't meet face to face. WordCamps help us to meet our friends and create a happy reunion. Also, helping the community by sponsoring gives us peace of mind that we are helping WordPress to grow more.

We have been sponsoring and participating in WordCamps every year since 2014. Have a look at some of our WordCamps stories.

Looking Forwards

Our Founder and CTO Tareq Hasan, weDevs’ Co-Founder and running CEO Nizam Uddin are ensuring their participation and contribution to various local and global WordCamps at the same time. We are not only the sponsor of this year's ‘WordCamp Dhaka 2019’ but also one of the core organizers.

The Head of our Marketing team, Mainul Kabir Aion, is also regularly participating in various WordCamps, organizing local meetups, sharing his experience and maintains contact with global community members. And that's how we want to strengthen our relationship with the WordPress community today and in the future.

We are working to build a stronger community along with our beloved customers so that we can prepare a culture of creating harmony and the tendency of sharing and caring in the WordPress ecosystem. Thus, we want you to be a part of it as well.

Let's meet at WordCamp Dhaka or some other future WordCamps 🙂

How To Streamline Your Small Business Using Free WordPress Plugins

If you have a proper plan, it's very easy to start an online store with WordPress. But you know- meeting success is always tough.

Since you're using WordPress as your platform, you can easily manage your business and go ahead with your goal if you have useful plugins. This is a list of best free WordPress plugins for business.

There are thousands of plugins in the WordPress community to help you out. Read this article carefully and install these essential free plugins to your store today. Ensure the easiest way to streamline your business without spending a single penny.

Cost is one of the most significant facts you should reminisce in the primary phase of your business. With the list of some dedicated plugins, we will also try to cover why to prefer these plugins and how to get the best results.

If you don't have an online store yet, just check out how to create and customize your own eCommerce marketplace using WordPress within minutes.

Before that, let's have a loot at-

Why You Should Prefer WordPress for Your Business

You might already know- there are lots of reasons to choose WordPress for your business. When you are going to start your online business journey, you need some key characteristics of a website to be perfect. Check out some of the essential things you need to think before building a website.

  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Performance
  • And ease of use.

WordPress is certainly the best suit for you in all of these regards.

How WordPress Helps to Start and Skyrocket Your Business

Nowadays WordPress users are increasing rapidly. More than 19,500,000 websites today are using WordPress for their online presence. Famous brands around the world like BBC America, Sony, Forbes, Reuters, Microsoft have chosen WordPress as their web platform. The fact is- why?

best free WordPress plugins for business
  • WordPress is free. Your budget isn’t a matter to worry about.
  • WordPress is a built-in solution. You can set up your website easily even without a developer.
  • Blog or business- WordPress confirms awesome flexibility for all.
  • Go big or small- WordPress has a large online support community. Your project's size isn't a matter in WordPress.
  • WordPress is now one of the unchallenged champions for marketing and SEO.
  • WordPress is secured and always under development. It's obviously a quantum advantage for anyone in online business.
  • WordPress has a broad verity of themes and plugins for every feature you need.

If you curious enough to learn more about using WordPress for business, check out why big brands are preferring WordPress for their business?

Ways to Streamline Your Business Using Free WordPress Plugins

You have already started your eCommerce marketplace. Now is the time to streamline and skyrocket your business. Here are free WordPress plugins to help you. Let's shortly discuss some facts you should consider at this beginning stage.

If you don't have an eCommerce store yet, follow this step by step guideline to create your own online store within minutes!

5 Facts You Should Consider to Streamline Your Business

There are a number of facts to estimate for ensuring your business growth. We have selected the top 5 among them.

best free WordPress plugins for business and planning
Do perfect marketing plan for your small business

1. Manage Your Site Easily from Frontend

When you run an eCommerce shop, there are huge tasks and things you need to manage all at once. It's almost impossible for anyone to manage all this stuff perfectly. Here you need to take help from WordPress business plugins. You could do everything by adding these plugins to your site.

All you need to set up and install a frontend management plugin. Ninja Form, Gravity Form, and WordPress User Frontend are out there to make your task done. Our pick for you is WordPress User Frontend.

WPUF is one of the best free WordPress plugins for business

You could just check out why WPUS is the best suit for you! It will certainly help you to manage all of your products, posts, and customers from the frontend. Moreover, it will assure giving enough space your users or customers need to.

2. Run Projects Effectively with Automation

You could just fall behind if you choose manual management for your projects. Sometimes you may even not know you are committing poor management offenses. There are lots of project management software to help you in managing all of your projects perfectly without investing lots of time, energy or resources. 

WP project manager

Our pick for you is one of the best WordPress project management tools- WP Project Manager. Check out why it's the best option for you.

If you want to learn more- just read out how expert project managers get powerful results with automation.

3. Track & Collect The Information You Need

You have to track & collect essential information from your potential customers to secure the proper growth of your business.

One of the most effective ways to capture customers’ information is integrating forms on your WordPress business site. Gravity Forms and WP-forms are premium WordPress plugins that allow you to create and publish multiple forms on your WordPress site.

If you’re looking for a free solution with the absolute output, then weForms is the best option for you.

weForms is the best free WordPress plugins for business too

Check out why and how weForms is better than others.

4. Launch & Execute Email Marketing Campaigns

Although there are lots of ways to market your business online, email marketing is still the most efficient approach to communicate with people directly.

There is built-in functionality in your WordPress site to send out emails, but you should go for a professional solution, like MailChimp or Aweber. The default mail function of WordPress doesn't work sometimes.

MailChimp- best free WordPress plugins for business

If you have less than 2000 subscribers in your site, you may opt to use MailPoet. It's a free solution to send emails inside WordPress.

You should consider using WordPress User Frontend to track your conversion and secure lead generation. It's too free for you!

5. Manage Your Customer’s Queries

Customers have a lot of queries in common, especially in this initial stage of your business. Answering each one of them separately could take a huge amount of your valuable time and efforts. You should automate your customer service and support. You can do that by only adding a plugin.

  • Use bbPress to set up a basic discussion forum
  • Use DW Question & Answer to add a Quora-like question and answer section to your site.

Moreover, you could use some essential modules of WordPress User Frontend from pro version to manage your customer queries and ensure better communication.

Best Free WordPress Plugins for Business with Use Cases

Plugins are important to easily manage your store, products, and customers. There are countless free plugins for you in the WordPress community. We have selected the best five plugins these are most essential for your store at this beginning stage.

best free WordPress plugins for business

These will help you to create a unique e-commerce website using WordPress.

Why Need to Use Plugins?

  • Perceiving perfect project management
  • Implement the sales process
  • Improve customer service and support
  • Collect necessary information tracking the conversion
  • Launch email marketing campaigns
  • Manage customers, vendors, partners, and affiliates
  • Organize users using custom attributes and find them using filters
  • And many more…

Just check out the list below, try to perfectly use them for meeting your goal.

WPERPSkyrocket Your Business with Automation

WPERP- best free WordPress plugins for business


  • All in one business management solution including HRM, CRM & Accounting
  • It has 20+ extensions and project management modules
  • 8000+ businesses are keeping their faith in this solution for years
  • WPERP has users all around the world from (over 160 countries and 20+ languages)
  • It's a built-in solution for your business
  • And finally, it's free with 24/7 official support

Mail Chimp– E-mail Management Tools with Automation

mail chimp- free woocommerce plugins


  • To develop your e-commerce marketing strategy with automation
  • Easily manage all of your campaigns
  • Follow up with your customer activities from one place

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking- best free WordPress plugins for business


  • Obtaining advanced user behavioral data
  • Tracking your WooCommerce business better
  • Getting detailed conversion data for analytics
  • Creating better ad campaigns
  • Securing better customer retargeting for future marketing efforts and many more

weForms– Amazing Form Builder Plugin

weForms- best free WordPress plugins for business


  • Create any type of forms you need within a minute
  • Save time using this form builder to focus on your marketing and strategy
  • It has more than 18 premium modules to make it more powerful and effective.

Want to Start A Multivendor Marketplace like Amazon?

You have a built-in WordPress eCommerce store. And now you know how to streamline your business with free woocommerce plugins. But today's trend is to build a multi-vendor marketplace. You could turn your store into a multi-vendor marketplace by just adding a plugin.

There are lots of multi-vendor marketplace builder plugins in the WordPress industry. Dokan Multivendor Marketplace, WC Marketplace, and WCFM Marketplace are some of the great examples of these plugins. Our pick for you is Dokan, a trusted plugin by 20,000+ organizations around the world.

Dokan- best WordPress multivendor marketplace

Dokan can be certainly the best choice for your startup multivendor marketplace project, You will wonder knowing that it's free!

Check out how to create an eBay like multivendor marketplace using this free plugin within a few minutes!

Time to Get Free WordPress Plugins for Your Business

Today is the time for automation. You can't meet the desired success ignoring automation in your projects. As a proud member of the WordPress community, you have this awesome opportunity to streamline your business using free WordPress business or Woocommerce plugins.

Get and Install these essential free woocommerce plugins to your store and skyrocket your business without spending your precious time, money and efforts.

WordPress Frontend Editor Plugin and It’s Core Practices

If you are using WordPress as your web-platform, you may already know there are lots of frontend management solutions in the industry. As the most popular open-source platform, WordPress working on making the solution easier and more user-friendly. Now we have here the WordPress frontend editor solution to help.

WordPress frontend editor plugins serve as high-quality solutions for frontend posting, editing and uploading contents to the website, there is almost no need to understand and manage the WordPress backend dashboard.

Yes, all your editorial tasks, allowing users and managing their activities are this easy with WordPress frontend solutions.

In this post, we’re going to cover what features you should look for while choosing a frontend editor plugin. Let’s start with this basic but significant question.

Why Do You Need a Plugin for Frontend Management?

Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers. –Brian Clark

WordPress these days has been notably packed with features and functions that make it the most powerful CMS platform. These features allow and enable end-users to keep their focus on managing tasks with ease and save both the time and energy.

A large community of WordPress developers has been working on making the required front-end editors easily available to the global customer base of WordPress. So, what is a frontend editor plugin actually? Let’s find out.

WordPress frontend editor

Frontend editor is a special kind of plugin that helps both you and your users edit profile, monitor account information, create new posts or edit on your website from the frontend dashboard. It enables you to restrict the users’ access to your site’s admin panel.

Get Benefited By Guest Posting

One of the major advantages of this plugin is its ability to allow and manage guest posting on your website right from the frontend.

Guest Blogs can bring new insights to your website. You can reach to more audiences and can generate more traffics through guest blogs

Nowadays, enabling guest posting is riding high in the world of blogging. It’s an opportunity for both you and your users to add a post easily without any restriction.

But adding a post from the backend (with lots of functionalities and time-consuming settings) could annoy some of your users. It’s also not that wise decision to give any outsiders to give away direct access on your site’s main dashboard or backend. But now there is nothing to worry about, as there are frotend editor solutions out there.

WordPress makes it safe for any site to allow their guest to post even anonymously and control their actions by setting the user roles. And frontend editor makes it easier to manage all their activities without giving them access to your backend.

That’s why you should seriously consider using a frontend editor solution right now.

More Advantages of Using a Frontend Dashboard Plugin.

  • Productive engagement with your audiences
  • Taking a chance to achieve a quantum leap over your competitors
  • Encouraging your audiences to write for you and your products or services
  • Growing your reputation in the community
  • Differentiating your content strategy and presentation
  • Adding more value to your brand image
  • Establishing a lifetime bonding with your audiences etc.

Basic Fields of a WordPress Frontend Editor

There are basically two major fields of a frontend editor or frontend dashboard plugin- Frontend Posting and Frontend Dashboard. Let’s have a look.

Frontend Posting

WordPress frontend editor

A frontend plugin must enable both you and your users to create forms and post anything from the frontend. It should also allow you to insert forms into different pages with ease.

Check out the important features a frontend plugin should include-

Create Posts and Pages

Even with the backend admin panel, WordPress users get discarded to create unlimited posts, pages or custom post types, etc. A WordPress frontend editing plugin enables you to create unlimited custom posts and pages just from the frontend!

Manage Guest Posting

A WordPress frontend plugin should obviously have the guest posting support. Also, the plugin should have the feature to auto-register the guests with their names and email addresses.

Control over the User Submitted Posts

A frontend plugin helps to moderate the status of a particular post. When your users or guests edit their submitted post, then you could set the status of the post as a pending, draft or published and so on. This is how you can ensure full control over the submitted posts by your users.

A proven way to make your site more User-friendly

With ensuring the security and making it easier to manage your site in a smart way, frontend dashboard plugin helps you create a site that users love. You know that user-engagement is the most significant thing on any website. To meet this goal, a frontend plugin is a must for you.

Create Multi-column Forms

WordPress frontend editor

If you like to create or break down a long form into multiple steps, a frontend dashboard plugin can help you do it very easily. Creating multi-column forms are really essential these days.

Redirecting Users to a Specific Page

Redirecting the users to a certain page is a special feature required by all the site owners nowadays. Frontend plugins allow you to prefer a page and to specify that page to be redirected to.

Ensure Security

WordPress frontend editor

Security is one of the most important issues of any site. If you allow users to your backend, they could change the settings or do something that could break down or breach your site’s security. A frontend dashboard editor helps you ensure the site’s security by enabling the users to do everything from the frontend.

Frontend Dashboard

Since we’re talking about frontend task management, it's sure that the plugin should have a frontend dashboard too. Without a fully customized frontend dashboard, it's impossible to manage all the tasks from the frontend.

Check the major fields and features that your frontend editor plugin should have.

  • My Account Page
  • Registration and Profile builder
  • Contact Forms
  • Content Restrictions
  • Creating Invoices for the Subscription Packs
  • Live Account's information in the frontend
  • Edit Profile and settings
  • Automatic Change of User Profiles in Backend
  • And more…

Essential Features You Should Look for

We already discussed some of the important features both in frontend posting and frontend dashboard. Let's have a look at a few more significant features.

WordPress frontend editor

Post Form Building

A frontend editor solution should have easy form-building capabilities. Having an advanced drag and drop form building is great. If not then at least a basic form building opportunity is essential.


With the subscription feature, you would be able to create and manage subscription packs for your users. If you have plans to earn from your site then this is the feature you should look for.


If you plan and create subscriptions, you need to accept and process payments. Your frontend solution should have payment managing capabilities to conduct the process properly.

Creating Coupons

Not only does this feature provides you with the scope to create a Subscription Pack but also allows to create coupons for it.


When earning is the main focus, You should look for this feature. Pay-per-post gives you the capability of earning from every post on your site.

Social login and Registration

Nowadays, websites have Login and Registration facility through social profiles of Facebook Twitter, etc. It lets the user log in and register on any website without the need for them to remember and log in with the new IDs and password every time.

WordPress frontend editor

Sometimes, many users just randomly give away incomplete or false information while registering to a site. To prevent this, social login and registration on your website come to the rescue. This will also let users share any post by just one click on their social accounts.

WooCommerce Products Adding

If you’re using WordPress, then you probably know that WooCommerce is the most powerful eCommerce solution for WordPress. If you’re running or planning to start a WooCommerce store, this is a must-have feature for you. This feature will enable you to add WooCommerce products from your frontend.

Advanced Features of a WordPress Frontend Editor

You may not need all the features from the very beginning of your blogging or business journey. But, overtimes you will surely need some more advanced features. Check that your selected solution can offer these or not.

  • Automated frontend emails
  • Private messaging
  • Building and managing user directory
  • Manu restriction
  • Creating and maintaining the email list
  • Setting up subscription taxes

Which One Could Be the Best for You?

There are lots of frontend solution in the WordPress industry. WordPress User Frontend, Ninja Form, WP Forms, AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro, Frontier Post, and User Submitted Posts Pro are some of the great plugins you should consider to manage both your editorial and user activities with ease.

WordPress frontend editor

You can choose any of them that fits your needs. But you might want to check out WordPress User Frontend. Because its the first developed frontend solution and has more and better features compare to others.

Moreover, it's free with a reach collection of premium modules, you can upgrade to its pro version whenever you need it.

Wrapping Up

To transform your business and ensure proper growth, you need to differentiate it in a proper way. A perfect WordPress frontend editor can make your job easier. WordPress User Frontend could be the best solution regarding all the above features.

To ensure an advantage over your competitors, it is necessary to skyrocket your website with a solution that could easily differentiate you from the cloud. This is exactly where a WordPress frontend solution comes to the picture.

Check the related solutions, compare features, pricing, users’ experience and pick the right one for your site.

Psychological Pricing Strategy For Marketers With Magic Numbers

As an entrepreneur or marketer, you are well aware of pricing and its overall impact on sales.

A common mistake that happened by many of the marketers is forgetting about customers behavior towards pricing. Yes, people are more likely to make a decision depending on behavior and emotions.

If you only think about production cost and current market trends, you may fail to attract your desired group of customers. With today’s well-informed and self-oriented customers, rational pricing strategy doesn’t work so well.

You may listen to the term psychological pricing strategy. According to experts' opinion- it's better than rational or traditional pricing practices. But is it perfect or good enough for all sorts of products or services?

If yes, how would you apply it in a proper way? If not, what should be your ultimate pricing strategy?

In this post, we have tried to answer all your questions about pricing. You will also get a guide on best pricing practices.

Pricing, Psychology and Picking up The Right Strategy

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. – Warren Buffett

In the above quotation, Warren Buffett describes pricing from the customers perspective. As an entrepreneur, you know that pricing is all the exchange rate you put on your products or services. You actually receive payments providing value to your customers.

So, your pricing should be focusing on value not only estimated cost or market trends. As you know, a business exists for providing value.

Psychological pricing strategy

Coming to this point, we should have a look at psychology on pricing. What is psychological pricing?

Your pricing has a certain psychological impact. As a scientific study of our minds and behavior, psychology describes that people are more likely to make a purchase decision with a bit different pricing practices.

You can encourage more people by changing a single digit or just the font size of your pricing number. People create mental measuring before going to purchase something. And they tend to think with a round figure.

When someone comes to your shop thinking that one of your product should cost $20 and you have written it $19.99, they consider it as a discount and winning condition. This is how the psychological pricing strategy works. Isn't it interesting?

So that you should plan and practice your pricing in a way that let people think of them as a winner and someone special each time they come to purchase.

And that's the reason to consider psychological pricing strategy as a priority basis.

Basic Types of Psychological Pricing

Psychological pricing strategy has a lot of types and approaches. We have described here some of them that you can apply to boost your sales. Let's get started.

Odd-Even Pricing or Charm Pricing

Psychological pricing example

In Odd-even or Charm pricing, the price is set up slightly lower than a rounded number. It creates a measurement that the product/service is tagged at the lowest possible price.

Charm Pricing encourages using pricing that ends in ‘9' and '99'.

With charm pricing, the left digit is reduced from any round figure usually by one cent. We come across this technique each day we make purchases from a super shop but don’t pay proper attention. Psychology describes that our brain processes $5.00 and $4.99 as different values.

To your brain, $4.99 is $4.00; which is cheaper than $5.00.

This kind of pricing touch the consumer mind by creating a fairly priced image whereas round-figured price looks somewhat dishonest and manipulated.

Charm pricing practices are very common these days among marketers. You can also take the advantage!

Price lining or Product Line Pricing

Businesses with an extensive product line can use this strategy. Following this strategy, you can create a price range for a particular product line. In this type, sometimes a price is temporarily decreased to easily grab the attention of customers.

Using the product lining model, you can set each product within a certain group at distinct price points. How would it facilitate you? You will be able to sell the same product charging extra money for additional features and options.

For example, a car you have developed may come in three different styles and you can price as standard, medium and higher-ending model separately. The fact is the same for your software too. Check out the below example.

Psychological pricing strategy
Apple's price lining approach

Price lining offers your customers the flexibility of choice. Also, they can make a decision with ease being focused on one single brand. And your advantages are clear. You can earn more by offering almost the same features and with the lowest marketing cost.

Multiple Unit Pricing

In this type, items are bundled together and offered as a package, like two for $500 rather than $250 per item.

Psychological pricing strategy

It creates a sense of value and thus encourages the purchase of multiple items and boost your sales volume with ease.

As a marketer, you should always keep your customer in a winning position. Multiple pricing or multiple unit pricing enables you to make the job done and keep your customer happy.

Prestige Pricing to Spread out Brand Loyalty

It's also known as premium pricing. A variation of psychological pricing is also when businesses sell products or offer services at a high price and consider it as a premium product.

Prestige pricing is the complete opposite of the odd-even or charm pricing. Prestige pricing includes making all numerical values or odd numbers into rounded figures. For example, $199.99 is converted to $200 in this pricing approach.

Psychological pricing model

You may be wondering why. According to Kuangjie Zhang and Monica Wadhwa in a 2015 study, rounded numbers ($200) are more fluently processed and encourage reliance on consumers' emotions, compared to non-rounded numbers ($199.99), which are less fluently processed, and encourage reliance on cognition.

This means that rounded figures look right because the purchase is being driven by feelings and the price is processed quickly.

You can ask that odd-even and prestige both are from psychological pricing practices and according to your description both of them are proven for getting results. So, with this clear difference how would I apply it in a proper way?

Psychological pricing strategy
Brand like Lamborghini applies prestige pricing

The answer is simple, prestige pricing is only applicable for luxury products and odd-even for consumer items. You can't apply prestige pricing for oil or onion. On the other hand, $14,999 (instead of 15,000) isn't a smart figure for any branded item.

Get Smart with Buy One Get One Free Offer

BOGOF is a strategy in which customers pay the full price for one product or service to get another for free.

The psychology that honestly works here is greed

Once a customer comes across the offer, logic gets thrown to the wind and the main focus is making a purchase to get an extra item.

Psychological pricing strategy

Being generally utilized and since most people no longer take the attraction, you should mix things up a bit by offering a deal like below.

  • Buy one and get 50% off in your next purchase.
  • Buy one, get three without no extra charge.
  • Purchase one and get four bonuses priced at $60, etc.

To completely utilize this strategy, get creative with your discount offers and don’t rely on rational practices.

Check this video out to get more pros and examples to get smart with your pricing. Nick Kolenda is the speaker here.

There are lots of psychological pricing strategies to check and utilize, we have just described some of them in this post.

Psychological Pricing Strategy: Looking to The Future

No doubt that psychological pricing will dominate the market of our pricing in upcoming days. If you want to easily grab your customers' attention and encourage them to buy your products or services, psychological pricing is the option for you.

We have described 5 easiest but effective pricing approaches that would help you get a go.

CTA Best Practices With Killer Copywriting Ideas

Today, marketing is all about smartness. People now make decisions depending on their own choices. You can’t force them, can’t even hope getting expected sales by only informing them about your products or services.

Digital marketing or online strategies play a major role in today’s overall sales game. And one of the best ways of digital marketing is using CTA or call to action button.

When you are in the market with your products or services, you should follow inbound marketing and growth hacking practices. And for both of them, useful CTAs are the must.

So, what is CTA?

CTA Buttons at a Glance

CTAs are actionable ways of making decisions or setting priorities. It helps both the marketers and customers to interact with each other in a meaningful way.

Using a CTA, you can tell people what you want from them or encourage them to go forward to meet their needs

On the other hand, CTAs help the consumers to learn more about a specific product or service they want or save by adding to cart to take action next time or simply go ahead with their buying decisions directly.

CTA best practices

More precisely, a CTA is a meaningful way of connecting-making communication between what you want and your customers need.

A CTA button tells people how to accomplish their goal and let you increase your conversion, click-through-rate and finally, generate desired leads and sales!

Types of CTAs and How to Use Them

Usually, when you listen to the word CTA, you may find some ‘ colorful buttons’ in your mind and memory, various type of! Yes, CTAs are broadly used in the form of buttons. But these aren’t limited on. We will try to take a deep look into this in the last part of this post.

CTA best practices

CTAs are anything that helps you take actions or make a choice. So, CTAs aren't only text or color, hyperlink or a GIF. CTAs are a mixed form of text, color, hyperlink, etc. and broadly used as buttons.

Now, check out some common CTA buttons we are familiar to.

  • Add to cart button
  • Start the trial button
  • Download button
  • Learn more button
  • Sign up button
  • Get the demo button
  • Buy Now button
  • Please Share button
  • Watch Now button
  • Listen to the show button etc.

Any direction, request, order, helping word or phrase that let you make your next move is a CTA. So that you can understand the broad area of using these CTAs.

Why CTAs are so Important for Marketers?

You are already aware of the benefits of using actionable CTAs. Have a look at below data that would blow your eyes.

  • Over 90% of visitors who read your headlines, also read your CTA copy
  • Emails with a single CTA can increase clicks of 371% and sales 1617%
  • Preparing CTAs to look like buttons created a 45% increase in clicks for CreateDebate
  • Adding CTAs to your Facebook page can boost the click-through rate by 285%
  • HubSpot found that anchor text CTAs increased conversion rates by 121%

Between 47% and 93% of a post's leads come only from anchor text CTAs. And 83%-93% of each post's leads come from anchor text and internal link CTAs.

  • For KISSmetrics, a CTA button within a video content gets 380% more clicks than their normal sidebar CTAs.
  • By forcing visitors to watch an informational video on their services before presenting a CTA, Kimberly Snyder increased conversions by 144%!

Sources: HubSpot, Copyblogger, Unbounce, WordStream, AdRoll, QuickSprout, etc.

How to Write a Call to Action and Make It more Effective

Selecting a perfect word or phrase is very important for an effective CTA button. While going to write a CTA button text, keep its main purpose on your mind- why would you add this button to your site?

  • Get more subscribers
  • Boost sales or
  • Just take them to another piece of your content?

When you are clear about your purpose, decide about where to place it? It’s important because you need to choose a word or prepare an actionable sentence according to the place you will set it. You can select actionable call to action words from the list below prepared by CoShedule, shared on Pinterest.

call to action words
Powerful Call to Action Words

Now, consider these things to write an attention-grabbing CTA.

Be Clear, Use Strong Command Verbs

Be as clear as possible and use active words that relevant to your industry. If you want to sell, you should choose words like Buy, Shop, Get, etc. On the other hand, you should write Discover, Learn or Sign up, etc. if you want to increase your subscribers. Check out some examples.

  • Try our free trial
  • Reserve your seat
  • Download whitepaper

And don't forget to use 1st person while and where it’s possible.

ContentVerve saw a 90% increase in click-through rate by only using 1st person phrasing- ‘Start my free 30-day trial’ instead of ‘Start your free 30-day trial.’

Size and Color of Your CTA Buttons

CTA best practices

Size and color of your CTA play the most significant role. Always try to use perfect size and bright color in your CTAs. When you are designing your CTAs, consider where to place it. CTA buttons’ size depends on where would you place it. Not so big, not so small, try to keep it smart enough to easily grab people’s attention.

CTA button example
Example of smart CTA on Midium's home page

According to Yahoo small business– Red, Green, Orange, and Yellow are the most used colors in CTAs across the world. You can also use Blue as it’s also eye-catching. And the worst colors in CTA buttons are Black, White, and Brown.

CTA best practices

Nail Patel Says-

Focus instead on two things: noticeability and value. People want to know exactly how to take action. That’s the whole point of the CTA

You know that colors vary from sites to sites regarding the background and landing page design. You should care about these things from the 1st day of your online journey. Check out some stats.

  • SAP has found that orange CTAs boosted their website conversion over 32.5%
  • Performable found that red CTA buttons boosted their conversion by 21%
  • Brafton made design changes that focused on relevant and well-placed CTAs by-

-Adding CTA buttons to article templates increased their revenue by 83% in one month.
-Ecommerce conversion rate of Brafton increased by 22% quarter over quarter.

-Average order value for blog readers increased by 49% in every quarter

  • Reducing clutter around their CTA increased Open Mile's conversion rate by 232%

Sources: Neil Patel Blog, QuickSprout, etc.

Create a Scene of Urgency & Highlight the Immediate Benefit

One of the most significant ways to easily grab customers and encourage them to make decisions faster. Your perfect-touchy words or a short term discount can increase your sales quicker than ever.

Try to use the words that are able to create a scene of urgency or highlight the immediate benefits. Use phrases like-

  • Get it now!
  • 50% off today only!

FriendBuy got 34% increased signups by adding anxiety-reducing content and explaining key benefits next to their CTA.

Get Fancy with CTA Graphics

A graph or arrow in your CTA can affect your click-through rate. Check out below CTA button designed by Crazyegg.

cta button examples

Helzberg Diamonds saw a 26% increase in clicks by adding an arrow icon to their CTA buttons.

Focus on Value and Be as Specific as Possible

While writing a CTA copy, you should focus on value. If you couldn’t describe the proper value of your products or offerings, even your attention-grabbing words could fail to get the desired result.

CTA best practices
MailChimp‘s CTA practicing

It’s not so easy but try to use words that are able to describe the proper value with being attractive enough.

Invite Readers Inside and Get Personal

Another significant thing you shouldn’t avoid is inviting your audience inside and get personal as much as possible. Making personalized or smart CTA means using different copies to attract different groups of audience.

You know some variables like 1st time or referral visitors, people who browse some of your pages before or who are already using some of your products. If you can target them separately, this would help you a lot.

According to Hubspot- personalized CTAs could convert 42% more visitors into leads than untargeted CTAs.

Keep No-obligation or Try to Minimize the Risk

When you are directly selling something or encouraging to download or something like that, you should clear confusion or help them to be tension-free by adding some extra words or a sentence.

CTA best practices
Check the line below their CTA button

For example, when you are adding a Download button to your products’ landing page, just add a short sentence below the main copy of your CTA- ‘This will take only 30 seconds’.

If you are inviting to buy them one of your products, you can tell them how much discount/bonus offer they are getting or just how wonderfully they would get benefited by using this.

More Effective Tips You Should Consider while Practicing CTAs

  1. Include secondary images with your CTAs
  2. Try to create curiosity and anticipation
  3. Avoid friction words in CTAs
  4. Large and legible text is better for direct selling CTAs
  5. Your CTA copy shouldn’t so long
CTA best practices
2 buttons, several copies

6. Make your CTA button more attention-grabbing than others, if there are other buttons on the page
7. Never force readers to backtrack, because it could annoy them
8. Place CTAs according to readers natural flow and your language style (right-left)

Where to Place Your CTA Buttons

Your CTA buttons’ copywriting and design is ready. You have chosen the right color regarding your audience perspectives and landing page design. Now is the final step of placing and setting up your CTAs in the right place to grab more attention and gain the desired conversion.

Since your primary objective is grabbing their attention, you should choose the most visible place of your site, even it could be negative for some reasons.

Check out some places where you can place your CTAs.

  • At the start of the page
  • At the end of the content
  • In a sidebar
  • At the middle of the content
  • In the welcome gate
  • In Email templates

Not only a place, but you should also consider both place and time (situation) for using your CTAs.

Set up CTAs-

  1. Where you need a social share
  2. When people are about o leave
  3. Use exit-intent popups to grab more conversion

Have a look at Grow & Convert’s experience and use cases on CTAs. They measure their conversion rates for certain CTA locations-

  • Sidebar: 0.5-1.5%
  • Generic, end-of-post: 0.5 – 1.5%
  • Pop-ups: 1 – 8%
  • Sliders and bars: 1 – 5%
  • Welcome gates: 10 – 25%
  • Feature box: 3 – 9%
  • Navbar: varies

Neil Patel found that users prefer to learn about the offer before clicking a CTA – placing their CTA above the fold decreased conversions by 17%

So, How Will You Make Your CTAs Stand Out?

Let’s take a look at a few key CTA design factors. Most people agree that you should-

Use white space (blank) effectively so that your button would stand out

Ensure that your CTA button contrasts with the colors on the rest of the page.

If necessary, frame the button to create contrast

Pay attention to the size of the button- it has to be legible but not overwhelming.

Get more Real-World Examples of Useful CTA Practices

Performable got a 21% conversion lift by changing the color of its CTA button.

SiteBuilderReport increased conversions around 14% by removing a single word from their CTA.

SAP redesigned a download page and found that adding the word ‘free’ and removing difficulties made CTAs work better. The page variation with a large, orange button boosted their conversions by 32.5%.

Wrapping Up on CTA Best Practices

Whether its a blog, eCommerce marketplace or a site for any other purpose, CTA buttons are always important to engage with your audience. For marketers, there is no chance to ignore actionable CTA practices.

When you are going to use a CTA, try to write a powerful copy, select an attention-grabbing color and finally apply it in the right place. These combinations would help you get desired results.

In this post, we have tried to cover almost all the significant things that would let you ensure CTA best practices. Now it's your turn to play and win!

RNR Creative Enterprises Story of Success and Growth With WP Project Manager

There was a time when we used to think that big projects mean large places and a lot of workforces. The picture is totally different now. In this era of technology and information, we know almost all the big stuff can be done even in a small room. And how easy these are to manage.

Automation has not only facilitated our work, but it has also reduced a huge amount of costs and places.

Today, we are going to share one such incredible story of success and growth of a creative firm with WordPress Project Manager.

These days, designing a proper plan and strategizing the execution process are more important than your idea. The bigger your project, the smarter and extensive your plan. And utilizing perfect technology is a must. RNR Creative Enterprises did the same thing and they met success with a very short period.

Let’s jump to the actual story.

RNR Creative Enterprises and The Team behind It

WP Project Manager success story

RNR Creative Enterprises is one of the prominent design firms based in Denver, Colorado. They work on building brands. What a business organization may need from its planning to execution, RNR has the ability to handle everything very well.

Our purpose is to help you illuminate, elevate and execute your idea(s)

Team RNR

RichardNRhodes is the brain behind RNR Creative Enterprises. He started his career as a design and branding practitioner around two decades earlier. Going ahead with a certain goal, he built a fully customized branding and consultancy firm named RNR Creative Enterprises.

Richard- RNR creative enterprises

With a great in-house team of professionals, Richard is now moving forward to achieve his next bigger goal through quality branding and strategic supports.

RNR Creative Enterprises covers a broad service area including-

Branding, Advertising, Web Development, Strategic Solutions, Brand Storytelling, Video, Strategic Communications, Graphic Design, Creative Management Services and consultancy, SEO/SEM and more…

They have a team of business and communications strategists, writers, designers, developers, and programmers to produce content across the whole media spectrum from traditional broadcast, print, collateral and direct mail to new media including the web, email, social media, apps, and mobile products, etc.

And with all the above, the company is riding high day by day.

RNR's Struggle and Meeting the Solution

WP Project Manager success story

Through offering quality services to thousands of organizations over the years, RNR has become one of the great reliable creative service providers in Denver. But at a point, when they were growing and both of their projects and team members were increasing, RNR greatly felt that they need an automated solution to easily manage their growing team and projects.

Projects and situations RNR needed to handle at that time were-

  • Creating various projects
  • Adding unlimited tasks to each project
  • Assigning people to a specific task
  • Opportunity to discuss, file sharing
  • Creating milestone and tracking the progress
  • Making reviews and shortly overview all the project through a stunning dashboard or frontend calendar
  • More facilities like getting timely reports, opportunity to use advanced tools like Time tracker, Kanban board, Task labeling, etc.
  • Third-party app integration to customize the entire task management process

With all these situations and needs, RNR started to find and select a solution that really able to provide meaningful support.

How Did WP Project Manager Come to the Rescue

WP Project Manager

Having lots of projects under the parent company, RNR Creative Enterprises also have two independent organizations.

So that you can easily understand their actual project counts and the necessity of ensuring real-time support to service-holders.

Since RNR Creative Enterprises uses WordPress as their web platform, there were lots of project management solutions out there. And they found WP Project Manager Pro as the most responsive solution they were looking for. Check out what Richard says-

I use the WP Project Manager as a complete intranet for all of my large-scale projects where I need to manage massive complex collaboration, managing digital assets, and track the progress of the entire process.

Richard, CEO, RNR Creative Enterprises

We said earlier that- with all their sister concerns, RNR has to manage a vast number of projects. And all are very serious to schedule, manage, monitor and execute on time. They really had not any consideration to compromise with the quality of the solution.

RNR Creative Enterprises believes that ‘Ideas are Crucial. Strategy is Important. Execution is Everything.’ And they relied on WordPress Project Manager Pro to smartly manage and execute all of their projects.

Considerations to Choose WP Project Manager Pro

WP Project Manager is a project management solution for WordPress users with a rich collection of features including unlimited project and task management, assigning people, creating milestone, tracking the progress, team discussion, to-do list, email notifications, etc. and all are free for anyone within the community.

WP Project Manager pro version includes features like Subtask, Time Tracker, Kanban Board, Recurring Task management and more.

WP Project Manager dashboard

As RNR Creative Enterprise was rapidly growing and they badly were in a need to manage all their project easily on time and budget, WP Project manager came to the light with a lot of functionality and great support. If you compare its easy-smooth user experience with other available solutions in the industry, you will definitely refer to WP Project Manager.

Our company is growing and thriving, and all of our projects are on time, under budget and practical solutions in the marketplace. All thanks to the WP Project Manager

Richard, CEO- RNR Creative Enterprises

Are They Happy with The Solution?

Up to now, you have listened to the beginning part of this story. RNR as an enterprise, their struggle of handling the growing team and projects and picking up the WP Project Manager Pro. Now the question is- are they happy with the solution to ensure real-time service and make their customers satisfied too?

Have a look at what their customers say to get the real picture.

WP Project Manager testimonial
WP Project Manager example

Check out RNR's portfolio page to get a bunch of case studies about what the company has done throughout the years.

Coming to this point, it's now clear to you that what will be team RNR's feeling about WP Project Manager. Yes, since they are going forward with making and keeping their customers satisfied, RNR too happy with WP Project manager. See what does Richard say!

To date, all of my clients love this solution.

Richard, CEO- RNR Creative Enterprises

WP Project Manager’s Scalability for Small to Large Enterprises

WP Project Manager is one of the top useful project management solutions in the WordPress industry. You can manage your any type, sort or size of teams and projects with this easy-to-use plugin. Creating unlimited projects, task lists and assigning-removing people would enable you efficiently handle all your on-going or upcoming task from a single place.

With a free version, WP Project Manager also has a rich collection of modules. You can customize the solution just as you need. Have a look at some pro features of WP Project Manager.

As you already know that with a huge number of projects, RNR Creative Enterprises is managing their day-to-day activities and providing all sorts of supports for years. And they are very happy with WP Project Manager. Richard and his team have recommended the solution for any business, especially for SMEs.

The WP Project Manager plugin is an invaluable tool for any business, but especially for small companies that tend not to have large, robust in-house tech departments.

WP Project Manager is not only let you manage your projects, but you can also track all sorts of web-based tasks with a to-do list, milestones, time-tracker, and advanced task management tools.

This awesome solution enables you to ensure and increase team-collaboration through discussion, adding comments, private messaging and more.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to get reports and overview the completed and on-going tasks.

Confused to Choose the Right Solution?

If you are struggling to find the best project management solution for your small-medium-large enterprise, WP project manager would be your wise choice. RNR Creative Enterprise' story of success and growth could help you go ahead with your decision.

The ability to get updates about all your on-going projects by just one click will let you plan and execute your any sort of task on time and get the best output from your team.

Returning to You

RNR Creative Enterprises is one of the great real-world examples which met success through offering quality service on time. In this busy world, your success depends mainly on your team and time management. And a smart project management solution is a must these days to manage, monitor and ensure real-time service and support, as well as to increase team collaboration.

Over 7000 businesses now rely on WP Project Manager from around the world.

Are you using WP Project Manager? Share your story with us. Let the world know your struggle and the tremendous story of success and growth.

Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips & Tools You Should Definitely Try Out

Nowadays, when you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing appears in your mind?

‘Have I missed something? What changes, updates or innovations came out last night?'… Like you, most of the people say this or something just like that.

In this age of information, we are always busy to level up and create balance with the on-going technological advancement. You will find the same unavoidable reality in all other aspects of life including your business and marketing.

Continue reading “Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips & Tools You Should Definitely Try Out”

How to Install WordPress on Localhost (5 Easy Steps)

As the most popular web platform, WordPress is already powering up over one-third of the entire websites.

Hundreds of people are entering the community every day. If you too are one of them, we are welcoming you with this easy and beginner-friendly tutorial- “How to Install WordPress on Localhost” in five easy steps.

Learning WordPress is just fun. Nowadays, anyone can build a website for his/her blogging-business or any other purposes within minutes. Yes, CMS (Content Management System) made it such easy for all of us. And WordPress is leading the CMS industry with a surprising market share of more than 60%!

In this post, we have shown how to install WordPress on localhost in 5 easy steps. Let's start with this basic question.

Why Install WordPress on Localhost?

A site in a localhost environment is basically for personal purposes, not for users or audience. The only person who can see the site is you! So, why does anyone need to create a site in localhost?

The answer is already given in the above paragraph. Before going live with our site or to make a visual presence, we should learn the basics and test the output of our developed solution. A localhost site lets us check and experience the updates, changes, and settings etc. to be sure about the final outputs.

Basically, developers use these sites to check their works for being sure about the quality and issues on it. But as a user, you too should create and use one or more localhost sites before making any update or adding a new feature.

So, a localhost site actually supports you to prepare for your next final move. Technology is going ahead rapidly so is the software industry. There is no chance to ignore the updating-upgrading process. Here comes the localhost site to the rescue.

How to Install WordPress on Localhost (5 Easy Steps)

WordPress made it easy to install the solution with ease both in a c-panel or localhost. Most of the famous hosting provider companies offer one-click installation for WordPress. But, you need to depend on a localhost web server solution to create a database and save your files when you are creating a local site.

And there is a number of popular solution out there to set up your WordPress on Localhost. To make your job easy, we are mentioning four of the most popular localhost service providers.

  1. WAMP
  2. MAMP
  3. LAMP
  4. XAMPP

In this post, we will show you how to install WordPress on localhost using XAMPP. This localhost server is famous for its overall support and quick response. You can install WordPress using WAMP, LAMP or MAMP, following the same way.

These are the software that creates localhost on your PC by utilizing web server software Apache, PHP and MySQL. You may know-

PHP is a programming language and MySQL is a database management software. Both of them are required to run a WordPress site.

Installing each of these software separately is difficult and time-consuming for beginners. That’s why you need to depend on the solution like XAMPP/WAMP/LAMP/MAMP.


Among these solutions, XMAPP and WAMP are open-source and provide a free solution.

XAMPP is better than WAMP because it's compatible with all the available operating systems like Windows, OS-X, and Linux. On the other hand, WAMP is limited only for the Windows operating system.


LAMP and MAMP are also open-source based free localhost solution and provide good support. But the problem is LAMP stands basically for Linux operating system and MAMP limited only for Mac operating system.

So, which one is better compared with the others? You could find XAMPP as the best suite for any of the operating systems with its lots of features.

Now, lets start with the first step.

Step 1- Download XAMPP

  • There are different versions for different operating systems. Choose the perfect one for your device.
Download XAMPP

After clicking on the download button, wait for a few moments. It's around 150 MB file, so you should give some time for it to get downloaded.

Step 2- Install & Run the XAMPP on Your PC

This is the second step. After downloading the software, you need to unzip it. When the file is ready, just select the Install button or click on it twice. Soon you will discover that the installation process has began.

XAMPP set up
  • In the next step, you will see some checkboxes these are already marked. You only need MySQL and phpMyAdmin, so unmark all the others.
MySQL and phpMyAdmin
  • After a few moments, you would see a welcome notice. That means your installation process is working perfectly.
Welcome to XAMPP
  • If you have any antivirus software installed in your PC, you may see a security alert like this. Don't worry, check any of the given networks and go ahead by clicking on the Allow access button.
XAMPP security
  • You would see a language selection option, check one that you want and click on the Save button.
  • You are almost at the end of the installation process. Just mark this question box and click on Finish button. The XAMPP control panel will automatically run on your device.
Install XAMPP

Congratulations! You have completed the XAMPP installation process!

Step 3- Download WordPress Latest Version

Now is the time to create a database and start installing WordPress on localhost. To do that, you need to download the latest version of WordPress.

  • Go to the WordPress official website, click on Get WordPress button from the top right side. You will be redirected to a new page.
  • Now hit on Download WordPress button.
Download WordPress

The download process might take a few moments to begin. You will get a zip file. Unzip the file and copy that for your next uses.

Step 4- Create a Database

To create a database, first you need to prepare a folder on your PC in which you want to save all the data of your local site.

  • Go to your local disk, where you saved the downloaded XAMPP file.
  • Select the htdocs folder and paste the WordPress latest version you have copied earlier.
Htdocs- How to Install WordPress on Localhost

Now, rename the WordPress folder. You can avoid this option, if you want to build your site with the name ‘WordPress' itself.

We named the folder here ‘mytest'. Check the below screenshot. You should remember the name you have selected for your database.

Rename WordPress- How to Install WordPress on Localhost

  • Select Database
  • Write the same name you have written on your local disk. And finally, click on the Create button. Your database will be created within a few seconds.
Database name- How to Install WordPress on Localhost

You have successfully created your localhost database. Now, is the turn to install WordPress on the localhost.

Note: Before going to the final step, you need to start both Apache Web Server and MySQL Database from the Xampp control panel installed on your PC or Mac. Without starting both of them, you can't get access to PHPMyAdmin.

Just go to your app folder. Select the Xampp control panel and click on MySQL and Apache buttons. Have a look at below screenshot.

Activate Apache Web Server and MySQL Database

Step 5- Install WordPress on Localhost

Open a new tab on your browser and write localhost/your given name (‘mytest‘ in our case) and hit on the Enter button. You will see a WordPress setup wizard like below.

  • Select your language and click on continue
WordPress language
  • You would see a welcome notice on behalf of WordPress. On the next step, WordPress will require
  1. A database Name
  2. A user name
  3. A password
  4. And a database host
  • Just click on the Let's go button
WordPress database
  • These are the fields you can see in the below screenshot.
  • Provide your database name, you can write ‘root' as user name, keep the password option blank- it's better and you would find other fields filled up from earlier.
  • Click on Submit button
WordPress settings
  • This is your final step of installation.
  • Give a name to your site. we named our site WordPress ERP here. You can also keep your database name as your site's name.
  1. Write your user name
  2. Give a strong password
  3. Write your personal e-mail address
  4. Carefully check the search engine visibility button. Otherwise, Google would start indexing your local site too!
  • And, finally click on Install WordPress button!
How to install WordPress on localhost

Yes, you have completed you installation. You should see a notice like below.

How to Install WordPress on Localhost

Check out the Site You Have Built

This is the time to check out your local site. How would it look like or how would it work? Give a check.

  • This is your backend dashboard or admin panel, from where you would control everything.
backend dashboard- How to Install WordPress on Localhost
  • And this is your front-end dashboard.
frontend- How to Install WordPress on Localhost
  • You can check this by adding a new blog post or installing and activating a plugin/theme etc. We have published a blog post, it looks just like a live site- isn't it?
final output- How to Install WordPress on Localhost

So, this was the total process of building a personal testing site on a localhost environment. The process requires 5-10 minutes based on your capability.

Get to know 100+ interesting stats and facts about WordPress, from the article below.


Wrapping up on How to Install WordPress on Localhost

As CMS made it easy to build a website for people of any background, you can consider it as fun. Yes, building a website with WordPress is so easy these days. You already know- how to install WordPress on localhost, so it's your turn to build a site for learning WordPress or checking/testing any plugin/theme/update, etc.

WordPress started it's journey just as a blogging platform, but over time it became the most powerful web platform for all sorts of websites. You can easily build an online shop or even a multi-vendor marketplace at completely free of cost!

So, give it a try and let us know in the comment section below if there is any confusion. We are always here to help!

Seth Godin’s Ideas to Save Your Business and Do Real Marketing

In this busy age of marketing, when a person like Seth Godin stands up with the statement This is Marketing, you should definitely stop moving for a while and make a final review on your on-going strategy- are you on the right track?

Today, everything is changing faster than ever, as well as marketing practices. If you rely on the common-old day's strategy, you will just fall behind. There are high chances of failing in your projects and slowing down the growth.

In this post, we have described some of Seth Godin's ideas that would certainly help you save your business and do real marketing.

Seth Godin and Some of His Remarkable Works

Seth Godin's Bio
Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a prominent writer, entrepreneur, and blogger. He thinks and works on marketing ideas, teaches and helps people to get their desired success. He was recognized as the ultimate entrepreneur for this information age by the BusinessWeek back over a decade!

Seth introduces himself as a teacher and project creator. He is well known for his outstanding ideas on leveling up people both in their careers and business projects.

Hi. I’m Seth Godin. I’m a teacher, and I do projects. For more than thirty years, I’ve been trying to turn on lights, inspire people and teach them how to level up –Seth Godin

Seth is the author of 19 bestselling books, the last one was ‘This is Marketing' and it's too a bestseller!

Seth is running a blog for over 10 years and it's one of the most popular blogs around the world even this day. You will just wonder discovering that how is it possible to maintain the same popularity over the years providing these short and simple posts!

Startup School is a specialized podcast show designed and hosted by Seth Godin and was on the top list for a long period of time. In this podcast, Seth actually guides entrepreneurs on how to start, grow and shine in their dream business. Now he is hosting a new cultural podcast ‘Akimbo‘ from last year.

Seth's journey is to spreading new thoughts and actionable ideas for this advanced-changing era of science and technology. Over times, Seth is becoming more and more obvious and inevitable for digital marketers and business owners.

11 of Seth Godin's Ideas to Save Your Business

Through his books, blogs, lectures, podcast shows and more; Seth is actually working to spread out his ideas to teach and encourage people to do something remarkable in their lives and level up their skills. Check out 11 of his ideas to ensure a quantum leap over your competitors and get a go.

Marketing Is about The Stories You Tell

Since the main purpose behind marketing is to connect and communicate with your audience, you should focus on telling stories. Seth believes, story-telling is the best way to create an emotional attachment with the customers.

Seth Godin's Quotes

Traditional marketing campaigns help you get a lot of attention but that wouldn't help you much to create a great base of loyal customers and lifelong brand value.

On the other hand, a story can help you both grabbing attention and making sales through a more intimate relationship. That is why Seth says-

‘Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but the stories you tell'.

Do Permission Marketing

One of the amazing thoughts of Seth Godin on which he is working and trying to spread out for years. The journey began in 1999 and it's now a popular theory that is broadly applied across the world.

The basic concept of this strategy is turning strangers into friends and friends into customers.

Permission Marketing recognizes the new power of the best consumers to ignore marketing. It realizes that treating people with respect is the best way to earn their attention.

It's like dating your customers. In traditional marketing, marketers try to intrude new thoughts and ideas on their customers.

But what you should do is earning the right first. When you earn their trust and get right-permission to tell your stories, you should move forward. This is the best way to grab people's attention and make your job done with ease.

Seth godin's blog

You can take social media platforms' activities as examples of permission marketing- sending requests, being friends and partners and then starting to tell and listen to the stories and updates.

Social media, SEO, e-mails etc. are the channels of doing permission marketing.

Invent, Implement and Sell the Ideas

If you look around, there are lots of examples that marketers try to follow others and duplicate ideas instead of invent and implement a new one.

A unique idea can give you a quantum leap over your competitors in a way you can just imagine. It's true that you can't invent a new idea all the time but you can surely differentiate and customize that as your needs.

Seth Godin's quotes

Another big thing is to keep trying to sell ideas. People just love to get familiar with new ideas and thoughts. A new idea doesn't require to develop a new theory all the time, a slogan, a good line of your add copy, a smart design of your campaign can easily reflect and represent a new thought and perspective.

Sell What People Want, Not What They Need

Common marketing strategy is to deliver what people need but according to Seth's idea, you should focus on what people want.

Set Godin's Ideas

People's wants are more specific than their needs. We have unlimited needs in our lives but do we want to fulfill all of them? Or what we want to get, are these always the things that we need?

The answer is a big ‘No'.

You can take Singapore as a great example of this idea. Having the highest-density population, Singapore isn't ready to allow more cars. So, they charge too much tax on new cars. But Singapore is still in the top list of countries who buy expensive brands like Ferrari. Why?

They buy the expensive cars because they want to buy them.

So, when you design your marketing plan and prepare your strategy, try to focus on what people want. You will definitely get success and be able to attract the right customers.

Keep Your Customers Happy

It's always challenging to make and keep your customers happy. Seth suggests business owners and marketers a few things to do.

The first thing you should do is to define your customers. Who are your customers? People could have different choices being their needs the same. So, you should be well informed about your targeted customers and their preferences.

Seth Godin's Books
Finding Customers

The second thing you should consider is to treat different customers in a different way. It's a worse mistake that marketers make that treating all the customers in the same way. Like market segmentation, it's also important to divide your customers into different groups to ensure better user experience.

And the third important thing is to set a prioritized customer group. Why and how?…Check out some examples.

Nike– famous shoe manufacturer around the world, focuses only on athletes and doesn't care very much at all the other people who buy their shoes.

Columbia Records has no idea who buys their products and even never has! Many manufacturers considered retailers as their customers– if Wall-mart is happy, they're happy!

So, you should also define and set a prioritized customer groups.

The core benefit of this segmenting is to easily keep focusing on them and treat them in a way they just love. And others would follow them, it's a surprising fact for marketers and business owners.

Deliver Basic Human Wants

When you're going to enter the market with a new product or service, try to offer and deliver something that people really want. Discover and find out their priorities and provide a smart solution at a cost that they can easily effort.

Basic human needs- Seth Godin's ideas

Things are changing, similar to the people's priority. Today, there is a huge list of things that people consider them as their basic needs. And it's increasing day by day.

So, as a business owner, you should keep your eyes open and try to pick an idea from the top of the people's basic needs.

Don't Only Rely on Mass Media Marketing

Advertisements on Radio and Television these days are recognized as the ‘Interrupted Marketing' which interrupt people when they are doing something of their preference and love. Seth wants to inform the business owners and marketers who rely only on mass media marketing to be aware and make a reconsideration.

Interrupted marketing- Seth Godin's ideas

As we mentioned earlier that your main purpose is to touch people's thoughts and hearts, not only reach to them and of course not interrupt and disturb them. So, try to find and use channels that can help you to reach them in a way they just love. See the world through the large window of digital marketing.

Send ME-mail, Not E-mail

Another big-deep idea of Seth Godin that you should send ‘ME-mail' instead of Emails while doing e-mail marketing.

The concept is- people prefer what they want. They don't usually want or like what you want. So, when you write a copy of your marketing e-mail or design a template, you should focus on what they want.

People don’t want Email; people want ME-mail

ME-mail refers to a more personalized mail, providing something extra and special for your customers. According to Seth's idea- you should offer a purple cow, not a common one. Because people have lots of options and they usually do ignoring stuff these days. So, when you send a mail, you should make it specialized for them that they just love it.

If you don't have something to send and share with people, just wait. Irrelevant emails harm businesses in many ways. You can lose many of your potential customers forever. It's too another example of ‘interrupted marketing‘.

Another significant fact is the opening and click-through rates of e-mail marketing is decreasing day by day. So, if you send same irrelevant and unnecessary mails again and again, you could lose even your potential customers.

That's why Seth says- ‘People don’t want email; people want ME-mail.'

Google Never Forgets

The era we are living in, it's true that we are always under a ‘Candid' camera. All are being recorded what we're doing day or night, in the house or outside.

Google never forgets- Seth Godin's ideas

With some issues, it's actually a great opportunity, especially for marketers. You need to just ensure right entries in the right way and avoid wrong SEO tactics.

Once you make an entry, It's now Google responsibility to spread it out. So, don't forget Google. Because Google never forgets; anything, anyone.

Believe Yourself First, Out Loud Publicly

To make people believing you, you need to believe yourself first. If there is any confusion-hesitation or weakness in your talks, advertisements or blog posts, that would decrease the appeal and people would lose their attention.

You are more powerful than you think – Seth Godin

And another significant fact is to loud out publicly. Seth always encourages and say that when it's a matter of marketing, you should surely raise your voice among people and marketers.

To get success and lead a team, you need to be a leader. And two of the essential qualities of leadership is believing yourself and out loud publicly. You can do that because according to Seth- ‘ You are more powerful than you think!

Your Goal Is Creating Trust Not a Crowd

When you do marketing, you should focus on creating trust, not a crowd. The actual purpose of marketing is to increase sales and profits, not only awareness. So, give preferences to create a relationship of trust rather than grabbing only the attention.

marketing strategies- Seth Godin's ideas

If your customers believe you, if they have faith in you; they wouldn't let you down anyway.

Don't Play Promise Games

It's a dangerous act that many marketers do practice even these days. If you want to survive and get a lifelong success, you shouldn't even think of playing promise games.

Sometimes it happens that you can't keep your words even after your best efforts, but the result is always the same. Seth says-

Some organizations work very hard to weasel in the promises they make. They imply great customer service or amazing results or spectacular quality, but don’t deliver. No, they didn’t actually lie, but they came awfully close. The result: angry customers and negative word of mouth.

So, try to avoid promise games to keep your customers happy and ensure better output all the time.

Final Words on Seth Godin's Ideas

It's surprising that you wouldn't find the same reason behind the success of two similar types of businesses. You couldn't also get the same result by applying the theory that your competitor is already applying. You should find your own feeds and differentiate the way or change the model to give your customers a perfect nudge!

That's the way of getting success and touch the milestone with ease.

Seth Godin is one of the most experienced persons who can help you to apply the same idea in a different way. To level up in your life, to get a unique way of thinking and finally to meet the goals, you should follow Seth Godin and get familiar with his ideas.

We have covered 11 of Seth's popular ideas that would help you get a go in 2019.

Recurring Task Scheduling in Your WordPress Site- The Easiest Way

We perform different types of duties and responsibilities in our everyday life. Some of them are instant, some others are repeating on a regular basis. With lots of instant or uncertain tasks, we manage our repeating activities by maintaining a diary or setting up alarms etc. The situation is the same in our business projects too. There are lots of recurring tasks in each & every project.

So, how would you manage them?

If you follow the manual (pen & paper) process till now, that's just waste of your time. Automating the projects by implementing software isn't something new or unfamiliar today. But if you have a Project Management Software, you know that creating new tasks and assigning the members also requires some times and that could be huge regarding your project's size. That's exactly where comes the Recurring Task Scheduler to the rescue.

Recurring task scheduling

This post is basically for WordPress users. If you're using WordPress as your web platform, you have easy options to set recurring task schedulers and save both your times and efforts. WordPress Project Manager let you automate your projects and track all the internal activities and overall progress. Let's start.

Requirements to Use Recurring Task Management Module

To schedule your tasks using Recurring Task Module, you need to have these solutions.

  1. Your WordPress Business/Blogging site
  2. WordPress Project Manager (Part of WordPress ERP)
  3. Recurring Task Module (It's premium)

Why Do You Need a Recurring Task Manager?

The Recurring Task Module lets you schedule your repeating tasks on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis in your WordPress site. If you don't have this module, you have to create each of your tasks separately and assign the team members every time. Isn't it boring? Not only that, it will kill your valuable times.

So it's clear that if you use this module, you will be able to-

  • easily schedule all your tasks
  • track and monitor the progress
  • create timely and perfect plans
  • give employees check their assigning tasks
  • stay alert about the milestones and more

A Short Overview on WordPress Project Manager

To use this recurring task module, you need to have the WordPress Project Manager Pro. So, what this software actually let you do? This solution makes it easy for you to manage all the projects and tasks with lots of handy features, like creating unlimited tasks, calendar, milestone, private messaging, time-tracking, work scheduling, discussion features and other things that you need for your project.

WordPress Project manager-

It has a huge collection of essential modules that let you design and customize your process in a more productive way.

How to Add and Activate Recurring Task Management Module

The process is easy. Simply go to your WordPress site's dashboard. Install and activate the WordPress Project Manager plugin.

Recurring task module

This is a free-primary version. After activating the plugin, you need to upgrade to its pro version. Getting the pro version you need to activate all the advanced features including Recurring Task Module.

Now create a list of projects that you have and assign your team members to these projects. In each and every project, you will get an independent dashboard including the fields like- Overview, Activities, Discussions, Task Lists, Milestones, Files, Gantt Chart, Invoice, and Settings etc.

PM dashboard- recurring events examples
WP Project Manager Dashboard

These options would enable you to monitor the overall progress and add or edit new tasks and other things.

How to Schedule a Recurrence

When you have added a task that you need to perform on a regular basis, you can schedule them using Recurring task module. So, how would you schedule them? Let's check. You can also check our step by step documentation to learn the basic.

Step 1- Go to Your Projects Dashboard

Click on any of your created project. You will be redirected on your dashboard. Now select Task Lists option.

Task list- recurring task management

Step 2- Set a Recurrence by Weekly/Monthly/Annually

Setting a recurrence in WordPress
Setting a Recurrence
  • Name your task
  • Click on the recurrence loop from the right side
  • Select a (weekly/monthly/annually) recurrence
  • Finally, (after completing other options) click on the check button
  • You would see a green loop on the right side of your created task

Step 3- Setting a Recurrence by Date

recurring settings- recurring task
  1. Select a recurrence (weekly/monthly/annually)
  2. Select the number of repeating (1/2/3)
  3. Choose expiration on Date
  4. Mention the time duration for each task
  5. And finally click on the Done button

Step 4- Setting a Recurrence by Occurrence

recurring task management
  1. Select a recurrence (for example- monthly)
  2. Select the date of the month (1st to 31st of the month)
  3. Choose expiration After Occurrence
  4. Finalize the number of occurrences for each task (0 to infinite)
  5. Mention the time duration for each task
  6. And finally, click on the Done button

This is how you can set a recurring task in your To-do list.

Checking the Output of WordPress Task Scheduler

The options you have chosen for your recurring task, you would be able to see the same new task on your task list at the date you have selected, with all the sub-tasks, assigned people and time duration etc.

And the task would be created as child under your parent task.

output- recurring task

Options with 3 Different Repeating Criteria

Now, check all the options you would get with this module to smoothly schedule your repeating tasks.

options- recurring task

Questions Answered

Question: Is it possible to edit my recurring task once after scheduling?

Answer: Of course, just go to your dashboard, select Task list and then click on recurring loop. You can easily edit the scheduling.

FAQ- recurring task

Q: How can I cancel a recurring task after scheduling?

A: First select the task, click on recurring loop and then select “No” on Repeat option. Your recurring task will be canceled.

recurring task list- recurring task

Q: I don't understand the difference between expiration on date and after occurrence.

A: When you select a recurrence by a week, the module lets you set an exact date on which you want to see your task would be re-created. You also have an option to set the expiration by the Occurrence. Check the image below.

Weekly recurring- recurring task

But when you select monthly or annual recurring option, the module will let you choose only “After Occurrence” expiration. You can't choose on date option directly. Here occurrence means how much time you want to recreate the task.

So, when you choose monthly or an annual time duration, it's clear that the task would require several occurrences.

That is why this module lets you choose only the occurrence option to make it easier regarding your needs. But of course, if you have only one occurrence, you can set that by select the number.

recurring task moduler

Q: When I will choose occurrence and duration date, will that time duration applicable for each occurrence separately or only for 1st occurrence?

A: Separately for each occurrence. Suppose you have created an annual recurring and set 5 occurrences with a 2-day duration, you will get 2 day for completing each of your occurrences.

what is recurring task management

So, you can see that setting up the recurrence and scheduling all of your repeating tasks with the Recurring Task module is so easy. It doesn't only help you to automate your projects but also make you able to track all the repeating task and see the progress.

Get the WP Project Manager now and start using the Recurring task module to skyrocket your business.

Final Words on WordPress Recurring Events Management

With around 10 independent modules, you have lots of options to automate and manage your business. Recurring task module is one of the premium features of the WP project manager that lets you get a go!

If you have any confusion or want to learn something specific, let us know in the comment option. We're always here to help you.