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How to Create a WooCommerce Marketplace for Used Electronics with Dokan

The rapid growth of internet users and the immense development of social media diminishes all the geographical borders. Now everyone is connected with together regardless of their social status, age, profession or geography. This concept of globalization made Online Business popular over the last few years.

Moreover, it's remarkably inexpensive and easy to start an online business if you have dedicated internet service. Sometimes it needs even less than $100 (the cost of purchasing a domain name and hosting service) to establish an online business site.

Moreover, nowadays if you own a multi-vendor marketplace then even you can earn money from your own eShop without having any products of your own in it. Hence, it can be a great idea to establish an eCommerce platform where many different sellers will upload their products. And you can earn a certain percentage of commission from each sale.

Today we will show you how to build a WooCommerce marketplace for used electronics with Dokan. Most amazingly it requires no prior knowledge and less than 30 minutes.


Why Build Your Own WooCommerce Marketplace Business

WooCommerce marketplace

An online marketplace allows you to reach millions of customers around the globe. The increasing popularity of e-commerce business and online sales provoke more and more people to create a Marketplace on different niches. Moreover, customers also love to purchase on the marketplace as they get plenty of options to choose from.

WooCommerce marketplace

According to a recent study, in 2018, 1.8 billion people have spent $2.86 trillion in online shopping. There are more than 3 million online stores available at this time, but around 63% of them also sell in various marketplaces. Global e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.8 trillion by 2021.

Besides that, 501 billion USD was the retail eCommerce sales in the United States and it is forecasted that the sale will increase to 740 billion in 2023.

The survey of 6,000 consumers conducted by Salesforce and Publicis.Sapient stated that repeat customers prefer to shop from the online marketplace over the brands. It shows buyers feel safer to spend their money in a broad marketplace like Amazon. With WordPress, it's not anymore a professional's job only to create a site like Amazon.

So, you can also build an Amazon-like platform on your own. However, it must be easy to use for brands and retailers well. Also, you should focus on ensuring better customer experience so that they come back to your shop again and again.

Why Design Your WooCommerce Marketplace with Dokan?


People always love to enjoy an easy solution with maximum output and less hassle. This is the reason WordPress has grown so much in popularity and powers more than 33% of all websites globally. Moreover, you can add almost any functionality to your site, with no coding or technical knowledge.

There are tons of free plugins, that you can use without shelling out any cash, or you can opt for premium subscription.

If you have a WordPress site, then you can easily own an Online Marketplace like eBay or Amazon within a day only. With Dokan you get to turn your WooCommerce site into a full-fledged multi-vendor marketplace in less than 30 minutes.

Furthermore, you will get all the functionalities at your fingertips to run your business smoothly. With Dokan you can save hundreds of work hours while creating an online WooCommerce marketplace.

Dokan is the no. 1 open-source Multi Vendor Solution with 30000+ active installations around the world.

Dokan has unique features like:

  • Best frontend experience
  • Easiest configuration option
  • Supports 20+ modules
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Compatible with any WooCommerce themes

By following some easy steps you can start earning from your online marketplace right away.

WooCommerce marketplace

So, it clearly shows that you require only a few resources and effort to create a used electronics online store with Dokan in WordPress.

Turn your WooCommerce Site into a Multi-vendor Marketplace in Minutes

WooCommerce marketplace

A journey towards the biggest revenue starts from here!

Here, we will show you a step-by-step guide to create a multi-vendor eCommerce platform where vendors can sell second-hand electronics products. In addition, today we will introduce an exciting module of Dokan known as Dokan Single Product Multivendor.

This unique feature allows vendors to sell other vendors' products. They can add a product from another vendor's store to their own store with a single click. Furthermore, they have the flexibility to customize the product details as their liking.

At the same time, customers can go through all the same products that the vendors are selling and compare each price from the product page. This will let consumers buy a product with the best price.

Now let us describe how to configure and build a used electronics marketplace using Dokan's Single Product Multivendor Module.

Prerequisites for Launching a Used Electronics Site

Initial Configuration for Your WooCommerce Marketplace

WordPress: At first, you should buy your own domain and hosting from a trusted provider. Then, install the WordPress on your server. 

WooCommerce: After logging into the site with your personal credentials install and activate the WooCommerce plugin like any other WordPress plugin. That's it your single eCommerce store is ready for launch.

Dokan Free and Pro: Now you have to install Dokan to turn your single store into a multi-vendor marketplace. To unlock all the advanced features you can simply get the Dokan Pro with a 100% money-back guarantee & customer satisfaction.

Active Dokan Single Product Multiple Vendor Module: Now, navigate to WordPress Admin Dashboard → Dokan → Modules.

Click on the toggle button beside Single Product Multiple Vendor to activate the module as shown below.

Single Product Multiple Vendor

An Appropriate Theme for Dokan: Most amazingly, Dokan works well with almost all the popular WooCommerce themes available in the market. So, you have the flexibility to choose a theme that fits your business. You can check all the Dokan Compatible Themes.

However, the theme must be easy for both vendors and buyers to surf and conduct other transactions.

You can check the cost that you need to launch your desired WordPress site.

How to Create a Used Electronics Online Platform Using Dokan

Now, you have all the components in your hands to build your first multi-vendor marketplace for used electronics. Before proceeding, configure your Dokan plugin with all the essential settings as below:

General Setting Dokan

Here you can optimize your marketplace as per your brand requirements. It helps you to operate your business seamlessly. After that, you are free to design your own Marketplace Website using Dokan.

General Settings for Single Product Multiple Vendor

Step 1

Navigate to your WordPress Admin Dashboard → Dokan → Settings → Single Product MultiVendor.
Then, Click on the checkbox beside to Enable Single Product Multiple-Vendor.

Dokan Settings

Step 2

Now, you can change the default content of the “Sell Item Button Text” and “Available Vendor Display Area” title.

To change the ‘Sell Item Button Text', type over the given field. It has the default text “Sell This Item”. You can change it as per your preference.

Here we have set the text as “Sell This Product Now!”.

Dokan Module Settings

This is how vendors will view the button for a product from the store.

WooCommerce marketplace

Step 3

You can also change the text for Available Vendor Display Area Title as you desire. To do this, simply write your desired text over the given field. It has the default text “Other Available Vendors”. 

Here we have set the text as “Buy this product from these vendors”.

WooCommerce marketplace

So, above you can see how the button will appear in the store. Vendors can see the list of all other vendors selling the same product:

product review

Step 4

You can also choose where you want to display the available vendor's list.
For this you have to select the desired option from the drop-down menu given for Available Vendor Section Display Position:

WooCommerce marketplace

Store-end View for Vendors

All the configuration has been done from the admin. Now, when a visitor will visit any product from another vendor, s/he will see a new button “Sell This Product Now!”.

When you click on this button, a new product will be created for your store and you can edit its details as per its specifications.

edit product dokan

Store-end View for Customers

Now when a customer visits your marketplace and clicks on a product a pop-up window will appear. And then they can see the product's details along with the other vendor's names who sell the same product.

As a result, the customer will get a fair chance to compare among all the vendor's offers. It will help them to acquire the best deal at the cheapest price.

WooCommerce marketplace

Furthermore, with this advanced feature of Dokan, you can gain your customer's trust very quickly. It will uplift the customer acquisition and retention rate at a rapid pace.

With the latest update of Dokan, now the admin can assign a single product to multiple vendors very easily from his/her dashboard. Also, you can employ a set of conditions before allowing the vendors to sell other vendors' products. 

Check this documentation to get all the available features of the Dokan Single Product Multiple Vendor. However, for better visibility of your site on the search engine, you should implement proper SEO tactics. It will help you to grow your Marketplace Website faster.

Moreover, you can also create a marketplace for downloadable products using Dokan. Nevertheless, you can create an Airbnb Alternative Site with Dokan WooCommerce Booking.

Note: Admin can set up his/her own store and sell products if s/he has any products and services to sell.


Dokan Empowers Your WooCommerce Marketplace with Ease

WordPress makes it easy as pie to build an effective eCommerce Marketplace with interactive plugins. Dokan has all the components to make your journey smooth and efficient. However, you need a strong marketing strategy to reach your target audience. It will improve your brand value. Also, you will get more commission as the sales increase.

Even without being a professional, with Dokan you can develop a highly functional WooCommerce marketplace in a single day. It allows you to bring plenty of related service providers on the same platform. And earn money with a commission from each sale.

Nevertheless, WordPress page builder-Elementor makes the web development process easy than ever. Therefore, you can build a Professional Marketplace With Elementor & Dokan without any prior knowledge and coding. Thus, it makes the journey more effortless from developing a marketplace site to earning money.

Introducing weMail: The Most Affordable Email Marketing Tool to Boost Your Business

If you ask any big product based firm ‘What is your biggest way to market the product?' Almost all of them will tell you it's Email Marketing. Rightly so as the conversion rate and the ROI of email marketing are higher than any other marketing method.

As the average Return On Investment on email marketing is still an astonishing figure of $38 for every $1 spent.

But is sending emails to your customers is the only thing that improves the conversion rate? Not really. But successful email marketing helps really a lot. So how do you make your email marketing campaign successful? It's the Email Automation Tool that is being used in all the successful business firms nowadays.

With every email campaign, there goes a lot of effort behind making it a successful one. Companies are giving more and more emphasis on email marketing practices to boost their sales through retargeting and other marketing plans.

But as the email list grows bigger managing to run a complete and full proof email marketing campaign becomes more challenging than ever. Sending emails to each customer and retargeting them manually is a huge hassle, to say the least. This is where the Email Marketing tool comes in rescue.

Email Marketing Challenges

weMail plugin

With the growing list of emails to manage, comes a number of other issues that need to overcome for the marketing team. After running an email marketing campaign, the team needs to encounter a number of problem like:

  • Lower email delivery rate
  • Minimal open rate
  • Below average click rate
  • Higher bounce rate
  • More spam report
  • Elevated unsubscriber rate
  • Lesser activity on a clicked post
  • Decreased active ratio

Features that Sets weMail Apart

Most email marketing tools nowadays tempts its user base with a wide range of useful features for different plans. So the customer gets in quite a dilemma in realizing which one would be more suitable for their business.

And so far weMail is offering most of its premium features in the free version. Many of these features are available only in the Pro version of other popular email marketing tool.

WordPress Integration to Grow Your Email List

Say you have a WordPress website but you are not able to integrate your email marketing tool with it. Would you want to deal with this inconvenience while planning for your email marketing campaigns? Guess not.

email list building

But now with weMail, you are able to perform integration with any WordPress site. Moreover, you can collect your email lists directly from your WooCommerce store from the subscriber's lists. Not just from your subscriber's list of your e-commerce store or a multi-vendor marketplace, you will be able to build your email list from every user registration on your sit.

Also, if you have comment opt-in activated then without even redirecting your visitor, you can collect emails right from the blog comment you get on your page. Not to mention its ability to auto-import every WordPress user's roles to weMail's subscriber list automatically.

Embed & Opt-in Forms for an Email Marketing Tool

Opt-in weMail

Sometimes a user may need to place embedded and opt-in forms within the site to collect emails from the visitors. This method can get very difficult if your used marketing tool doesn't allow you to do so properly.

But with weMail, place your embed forms anywhere and it will work like magic on any posts, pages, or widgets. Create an HTML form with custom fields easily with the help of customizable embed form options.

Moreover, there are multi-purpose multiple opt-in and double opt-in forms to collect leads better. Get to place the opt-in forms in the form of inline form, floating bar, slide up and Modal.

Also, the bounce rate of the subscriber can be reduced by simply implementing the double-opt-in functionality of weMail. With this feature, you can also identify your dead email list and clean them up for good. Based on your campaign required, it has the ability to redirect double opt-in emails to any page you like.

Comprehensive Campaign Reports

Without the help of a complete report of your on-going email campaigns, you will be unable to take steps for your future campaigns. You will need to closely analyze the stats and metrics of the campaign report to know how should you approach and design your upcoming email campaigns.

report Dokan weMail

Now with weMail, analyze the performance of your campaign better than ever. Make the right decision to running a successful email marketing practice by its extensive analytics.

Even if you are too tied up to not be able to monitor the activity of the email campaign, get the statistics of the last 24 hours of your campaign. Have a close overview of the whole email marketing campaign to find out how it is performing in terms of email sent and how many are left to be sent including the stats of its sending rate.

Quickly get to know the stats related to the click rate and how many times the link inside the email was clicked without the help of any third-party trackers.

Moreover, weMail also enables you to have the option to tag the link clicks of the email via Google Analytics in order to better track and view it for a more improved reference.

Contact Forms are Important for Any Email Marketing Tools

From a business point of view not having to get the option to integrate the popular contact form with your email marketing tool can prove to be quite inconvenient. And nowadays successful email campaigns without a contact form in it are not imaginable.

weForms webpage

And weMail conveniently enable you to integrate with a number of popular and user-friendly form builder like weForms, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Caldera Forms, Ninja Forms, WP Forms. With this integration, its user is able to create some stunning contact forms to help generate more engagement with the clients with the email campaigns.

Multiple API Option

API based gateways to send email reduces the amount of request/roundtrips for its users. With API, the customer gets to activate a number of microservices from third-party email sending service providers. This provides the user with better services at a cheaper cost improving the user experience.

weMail has integration with some of the popular third-party API based email sending service providers like Amazon SES, SendGrid, MailGun, SparkPost, PostMark, Elastic Email. And also if you want to send customized emails from your own server then you can even use Custom SMTP for that. These email sending API.

The most exciting thing is you can send 100000+ emails absolutely free using the email sending server of Amazon SES, SendGrid, MailGun connecting it separately via API.

Email Listing & Management

When your emails list starts to grow bigger than your expectations then it becomes quite a hassle to list and manage it. Listing, managing and segmenting emails is an imperative part of email marketing. And it is something that no business firm can ignore while running their email campaigns.

email list management

And weMail makes your email listing, segmenting, tagging contact easier than ever. Also, you don't need to open a separate campaign either when you need to send the same email to another list with its feature to send emails to multiple lists. Segment the email based on the subscriber list and send it to the most relevant person.

Use the HTML and Opt-in forms of weMail to collect leads and include them in the email list. Manage your automated emails to send them to your new subscribers. Auto clear-out all the inactive email lists and manage it accordingly using the weMail bounce handling feature.

Easy Campaign Setups

It is not possible to run successful email campaigns if you can't design your campaigns properly with your email marketing tools. So being able to set up, design, automate and manage your email campaigns is as important as sending those emails.

So with weMail, design, create and configure your email campaigns directly from your WordPress dashboard without any sort of hassle. Whether it is any standard or automated email campaign that you are planning to run create it without any hitch using the beautiful built-in templates of weMail.

What's more from an Email Marketing Tool

Along with a well responsive build-in email editor, weMail comes with a built-in autoresponder that automatically responds to your email when you are too busy to attend them. Being a cloud-powered solution, it takes away the added load from your server to keep your site fast & reactive.

Moreover, the biggest USP of weMail lies in its robust yet premium features that turn the email marketing experience productive than ever. And not to mention, all of them are loaded in its both free and premium version of the plugin.

weMail Vs Others

Email marketing tools that are available in the market already promises to deliver the best of its services. weMail is no different from this. Let's check out a brief comparison between weMail's basic features and upcoming pricing plan with some of the other contemporary email marketing automation tools.

weMail email marketing tool comparison

And in case you are wondering how cost-effective would weMail be compared to other giants. Like MailChimp & Campaign Monitor for sending via different third-party email sending API services that are integrated with weMail, below is the cost comparison for 250000 emails to be sent via weMail's third party email sending API against MailChimp & Campaign Monitor.

Here is an idea as to why weMail holds the title of being the most cost-effective email marketing tool out there right now.

weMail API email sending

Boost Your Campaigns With the Right Email Marketing Tool

If you look at the bright side then the biggest benefit of using an effective email marketing tool is that all the email campaigns can be tracked or monitored. The best part is you can generate a number of email campaign related stats and reports to analyze the effectiveness of each particular campaign individually.

Sometimes the marketing team doesn't take the careful step in the process of launching an email campaign. They take time to frame a full-proof strategy and just presume that the campaign is flawless after it is launched. But it is only after running it for a few days, the marketing team starts to realize their strategy was far from being right.


This is why the proper analytical metrics of your email marketing campaigns play an important role in apprehending whether your approach is right or not. Moreover, it allows the team to provide them with useful insights into the existing email campaigns. This makes them understand what needs to be done in the current campaigns allowing them to fix other ones while planning them for the future.

And when you are using a comprehensive email marketing tool like weMail you get to review an overall report of your campaigns starting as well as each individual ones so that you can stay ahead of your game understanding the way you need to approach for your future email campaigns.

So want to take advantage of this free yet feature-rich email marketing tool? Then

If you have already tried weMail then feel free to let us know your feedback. Your constructive suggestions & constant support always inspire us to improve our products and services for the future.

Best WordPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday Offers 2019

Celebrate the biggest sale of the year 2019 with tempting WordPress Halloween deals and discounts on WordPress themes, plugins, hosting services, SEO and social media marketing tools from your favorite service providers around the world.

October is here! The spookiest holiday of this year 2019 has arrived. Costumes, foods, and decor are ready to celebrate the glorious holiday on 31st October.

And we wish a very Happy spooky Halloween to all our readers. Another two big events: Black Friday And Cyber Monday are fast approaching. This year the world will celebrate Black Friday on Friday, 29 November, and Cyber Monday on Monday, 02 December.

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How Does WordPress Community Celebrate This Festive Season

WordPress Halloween deals

Like other communities, WordPress service providers and product builders are also ready to join the fun. Most of the companies have announced their special WordPress Halloween deals for this season, others are about to reveal.

Halloween starts the festive season in October that continues till the end of the year. That's why its the best time to start your shopping and give yourself a great treat with big savings.

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weDevs is one of the most uttered words in the WordPress industry. Like previous years, we have already declared many amazing WordPress Halloween deals and packages to light up the celebration for our valued clients.

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Top WordPress Halloween Deals, Black Friday & Cyber Monday Offers for 2019

WordPress black Friday and cyber Monday deals

There are hundreds of companies in the WordPress industry. Almost all of them offer alluring WordPress Halloween deals and discounts like every year to make their client's celebration double.

However, it’s tough for you to check all of them and select the best. 

We will guide you to sort through the noise with the best online sales of WordPress plugins, themes, templates, hosting or other WordPress related products in this festive season. 

So, have a cup of tea and go through the best WordPress Halloween deals, Black Friday Cyber Monday offer 2019!

Best WordPress Hosting Deals 2019

  1. HostGator
  2. BlueHost
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  4. FastComet
  5. Cloudways

HostGator – 60% Off on Shared Web Hosting

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HostGator is a leading and secure website hosting service provider over the world. In this festive season of 2019, you can get a 60% discount on all new hosting packages of HostGator including reseller, shared, dedicated and VPS.

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WP Engine – Up to 20% Off on All Annual Plans

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WP Engine offers the best secure web hosting services. Small business owners, developers, and bloggers love the Black Friday flat 35% discount deal of all the packages of WP Engine.

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fast comet

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Cloudways- 40% Off on All Hosting Plans


Cloudways provides cloud-based managed WordPress hosting. They ensure fast website performance with maximum speed and fool-proof security for your WordPress website.

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Best WordPress Plugins Deals 2019

  1. Dokan
  2. WP ERP
  3. HappyAddons
  4. Themeum
  5. Elementor
  6. OptinMonster
  7. IceGram
  8. StoreApps
  9. Get Astra
  10. WP Security Audit Log
  11. Password Policy Manager
  12. BlogVault
  13. BuddyBoss

Dokan- Up To 39% Off on All Plans

weDevs is famous for fairly organized and user-friendly WordPress plugins and extensions. They have almost everything you need to establish your business and expand widely.

Many exclusive brands have built their marketplaces with their eminent multivendor plugin Dokan worldwide.

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WP ERP is a revolutionary web-based ERP solution by weDevs, made to work within your WordPress powered website. It can handle all business-related tasks like HR, CRM, Project Management, Accounting and other departments that are needed to run and coordinate an entire business structure – small or large.

The plugin has a family of components to extend functionality according to company needs, thus making it a complete enterprise resource planning solution.

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Happy Elementor Addons- 35% Off

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From a freelancer to a well-established company, any website can grab the advantage of Elementor. It is the pioneer of the drag and drops page builder plugin for WP. Elementor is best known for bringing your imagination in real web design. Like the previous year, Elementor provides a 20% discount for plus and expert packages.

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Password Policy Manager

Password Policy Manager

Password Policy Manager ensures the security of your website & WooCommerce store configuring policies for users & customers to use strong passwords.

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BlogVault is the go-to for WordPress backup, staging, migration & security. Trusted by over 200,000+ websites, it can backup or migrate a 300 GB site without overloading your server. It also boasts of the fastest website recovery tool (< 5 mins) and powers migrations for popular web hosts like WPEngine, FlyWheel, and Pantheon.

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BuddyBoss is a powerful solution to create a successful online platform on WordPress. You can sell memberships, courses, and build online communities using BuddyBoss for your WordPress site.

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Best WordPress Themes Deals 2019

  1. Themify
  2. Template Sell
  3. AccessPress Themes
  5. WPMRP
  6. WPBuffs
  7. TemplateMonster
  8. Degree Themes
  9. iThemes
  10. Theme Junkie
  11. Themebeez
  12. AccessPress Themes
  13. 8 Degree Themes
  14. Woostify

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Themify themes and plugins have been contributing to this industry for the last ten years. You can build beautiful, responsive and highly functional websites with their vast collection of premium WordPress themes and plugins.

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This season you can celebrate a huge discount with Template Sell. They offered up to 30% discounts on all its premium items including WordPress themes and HTML templates. Confirm your deal within November 1st, 2019 because it is available for a limited time period.

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AccessPress allows you to design your WordPress sites with parallax design and effects. They provide free and premium themes and plugins to make your site stand out of the crowd. This year they are offering a flat 30% discount on all their premium themes.

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WPMRR offers different types of podcasts, Webinars and Video Tutorials to teach you about building WordPress sites and handling them effectively. This course site helps you to implement, sell and execute website care plans. Ensure the best deal with WPMMR this October as they are offering 75% off on their courses.

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WordPress Halloween Deals 2019: Best SEO & Marketing Tools

  1. SEMRush
  2. Long Tail Pro
  3. Back-up Buddy
  4. SE Ranking

SEMRush- 60% Off On All Packages

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Long Tail Pro – 30% Off on All Annual Plans

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Long Tail Pro is well-accepted tools among the Affiliate Marketers to find out low competitive and high search volume buying keywords. This makes the marketers' life easy to drag sales in less SEO effort. The company offers a 30% flat discount for all the monthly and yearly packages.

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Back-up Buddy – 35% Off

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You can keep a back up of your entire WordPress website with Back-up Buddy. Secure your site with just a few clicks at a 35% discount and save your pocket through October 31.

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SE Ranking – 30% OFF

se ranking

SE Ranking is an all-in-one cloud-based SEO and digital marketing platform for business owners, SEO pros and digital agencies.

The platform offers a complete set of tools that enables small and midsize businesses to run a comprehensive on and off-page website audit, analyze competitors, track rankings, collect and group keywords, monitor backlink, get automated SEO reports, and do so much more.

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Other Attractive WordPress Black Friday Deals 2019

  2. themehunk
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  4. Premium Press
  5. Advanced Coupons
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  18. WP Sent Mail
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  20. Hookturn
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  22. AAWP
  23. BARN2 Plugins
  24. Edwiser
  25. flycart
  28. ThemeGrill
  29. WPEverest
  30. Zakra Theme
  31. Qode Interactive
  32. 10web


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Advanced Coupons

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Make Your Mind And Ensure The Best Deal

Out of the thousand deals floating on the web, we have picked the best offers for your small-large enterprises that use WordPress. Hopefully, your business will crack a great discount at this festival. Treat yourself first with the best WordPress Halloween discounts and don't miss the rest.

Moreover, you can add your valuable thoughts and other useful WordPress Halloween deals, Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer in the comments.

How to Build an Online Marketplace With Elementor & Dokan

Successful online marketplaces are inspiring people all over the world to build their own online eCommerce stores or marketplaces. Thanks to platforms like AliExpress, Airbnb, Fiverr, Etsy or eBay, the perception of doing businesses online has changed dramatically in this new age.

This is where the hype of building an online marketplace is coming from. Even I wanted to build an online business over some point in the past year! 

Why Create Your Own Online Marketplace Business?

In 2018, $2.86 trillion was spent in online stores by 1.8 billion people. There are 3 million online stores available in the world, but around 63% of them also sales in various marketplaces. Besides that, 501 billion USD was the retail eCommerce sales in the United States and it is forecasted that the sale will increase to 740 billion in 2023. [Source]

Most importantly, the eCommerce sector is growing 23% every year and this could be a great opportunity for any of us.

So, why wouldn't people want to start their own online marketplace?

Why Design Your Online Marketplace with Elementor?

Create Online Marketplace using Elementor

Design is an integral part of building a website. When it comes to designing a website beautifully inside WordPress, the first solution that pops into our mind is – Elementor!

People want simplicity and want to achieve more taking less hassle. This is the reason Elementor could climb to the top position within just a year. Now, more than 3 million people are actively using Elementor Page Builder on their WordPress site and I am one of them 😉

Not to mention, Elementor has a 4.9 out 5 Start rating in and it has been download more than 34 million times till date!

Elementor user growth

From, we can look into the active installation growth of Elementor page builder. It shows a 1% growth in their active installation and for a tool with 3 million active users, this is pretty good.

Apart from that, Builtwith data shows 1.63% of the world's top 1 million sites uses Elementor to design their sites. This number is roughly 16,322! Only in the United States, there are around 900K sites using Elementor.

Elementor has a great drag and drop page builder where you can copy-paste sections and blocks. It is fully supported with WooCommerce, the best eCommerce plugin for WordPress.

Also, there are pre-built templates, animations and query management inside Elementor.

WordPress Web Development
Related Article: How Elementor Changed The Era of WordPress Web Development

If you are still looking for a way to build your own online marketplace platform, then here is good news for you! 

You can now create your marketplace within a few minutes and today's article will guide you through the step by step process.

Create Your Own Amazon-like Marketplace in Minutes

35% of the world's websites are built with WordPress, a powerful yet easy to use content management system. You can create more than just a website thanks to the plugins and themes that WordPress has to offer.

That being said, you can create an online store with a few clicks with WordPress. You will require an eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce. Just follow my steps and you will be able to create a marketplace similar to Amazon, AliExpress or eBay easily.

Step 1: Choose Domain & Hosting for Your Marketplace

The first thing that you will require to start an online marketplace is a live website. For that, a domain name and hosting is a must.

There are countless domain and hosting providers out there to choose from. Among them, GoDaddy, Bluehost, Namecheap, Kinsta, Cloudways WooCommerce Hosting are the best.

You can get started with just $20 per year ($10 for hosting and $10 for domain). There might be discounts available to it might be less in that case.

Managed Hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce Sites

However, keep in your mind that an online marketplace will require a strong hosting because when you start getting a huge amount of traffic, cheaper hostings won't be able to provide that much support. So, you can look for marketplace hosting plans (they might cost a bit more!).

Step 2: Install WordPress

Now, comes the big brother of all CMS – WordPress.

It's very easy to install. You can install directly from your hosting's Cpanel. You will only have to perform a few clicks to get done with this simple step.

You can go through this detailed tutorial on how to install WordPress in the right way.

Build A Free eCommerce Marketplace Using WordPress

Step 3: Add eCommerce Features

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce solution inside WordPress with more than 5 million active installations and 90% market share. It holds more than 24% market share in the entire eCommerce industry!

See more WooCommerce Stats here →

You might ask why this eCommerce plugin is so popular?

Because it is completely to free to get started with and the free version has many features that would be enough for you to start a fully functional online store.

To add eCommerce functionalities to your online store, log in to your WordPress Admin Dashboard and click on the plugins menu. From there, you can add plugins to your site.

Click on the add plugin button and search for WooCommerce in the plugin store. When you find it, simply click Install and then Activate. That's it.

how to install woocommerce

WooCommerce has an amazing setup wizard that will help you to set all the important settings after installation.

Add your desired payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc. Create products if required and start selling! Check the tutorial below for further help.

Step 4: Turn Your eCommerce Store into A Marketplace

You have launched your own online store successfully with WooCommerce, but your goal is to create a marketplace. You will need an advanced solution for this type of complex job. Luckily, the shining knight of marketplace industry, Dokan Multivendor makes thing easy for you.

With Dokan, you can create a fully functional marketplace within a few minutes. All you have to do is – install and active the Dokan plugin from the plugin page.

how to install dokan

For advanced features, you will need the premium version of Dokan, which starts from $149/year. This is comparatively 60% reasonable than other solutions in the market like Shopify, Magento, CS-Cart, etc.

After Installing Dokan, you will get a setup wizard similar to WooCommerce. It will walk you through the most important settings.

You have to enable registration on your site so that vendors and customers can come in and join easily. Dokan has built-in registration forms for both vendor and customer.

You can also set up vendor commission using Dokan. When vendors sell their products, you earn commission from them. You can then set withdraw earning management for vendors from their dashboard.

Here is a detailed guide on how to create an online marketplace using Dokan.

Multivendor marketplace with dokan

There are many themes available for Dokan. Here, I am using the famous Elector theme.

Step 5: Design Your Online Marketplace with Elementor

Now, the most important part of this blog.

You can customize your online marketplace with Elementor. To do so, you will require Dokan Elementor module, which comes with the Professional version of Dokan. You will also require the pro version of Elementor. With this combo, you will be able to edit the design and layout of the default Dokan store.

So, you need the following plugins to get started with –

  • WooCommerce
  • Dokan Lite
  • Dokan Professional
  • Elementor
  • Elementor Pro

At first, activate all the plugins. Now, navigate to – WordPress Admin Dashboard → Dokan → Modules → Enable Elementor module.

How to install elementor

Now, navigate to – WordPress Admin Dashboard → Templates → Add New

Installing elementor

You will see the Elementor Template creation modal form. Select the type of template you want to create. For designing stores, you must select the Single Store type.

Template type of Elementor

Type in a name for your template. Hit the Create Template button.

Installing Elementor template

In this step, you have to choose the type of design or layout you want to customize your online marketplace with Elementor. Your stores' design layout will be transformed into the one you select from here.

Elementor template library

Hover over your chosen template and click on the Insert button. You will now see the stores' design editable using Elementor.

You can read the detailed Dokan Elementor documentation.

You will find all the elements that you need to design your store in the Elements section including –

  • Store Banner
  • Store Name
  • Profile Picture
  • Store Info
  • Store Social Profile
  • Tab Items
  • Share Button
  • Store Support Button
  • Live Chat Button
  • Store Follow Button
  • Store Vacation Message
  • Coupons
  • Also the regular elements of Elementor
Build online marketplace with Elementor

After editing, here is the store page that I have come up with. Its really easy if you are familiar with Elementor.

Dokan tutorial

Step 6: Customize Your Marketplace with Advanced Features

Dokan has many amazing features and modules to let you create the ultimate online marketplace like Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress, eBay, Flipkart, etc.

  • Live Chat: Allows you to create a live chat system between vendor and customers.
  • Geolocation: Lets your customers search for vendors' stores by location.
  • Product Duplicator: Enable vendors to copy a product that another seller is already selling.
  • Return and Warranty Request: Lets the admin manage vendors to offer a customized return and warranty system.
  • Seller Verification: Allow vendors to verify their stores using social profiles or ID cards.
  • Wholesale: Lets you turn your marketplace have the popular feature of wholesale management.
  • Store Support: Get all the customer support features at the convenience of your frontend.
  • Subscription: Create highly customized subscription packs and charge vendors as you like.
  • and 15 more!

Now, you have successfully created your own marketplace and designed it with Elementor. You can launch your new venture this way and start earning from your vendors.

Wrapping Up

WordPress has opened a new door for general people like us to make our dreams of creating our own online businesses true. You can be the next Jack Ma with your very own version of Alibaba and AliExpress.

All you have to do is find an amazing marketplace idea and use WordPress, Dokan, and Elementor to make it a reality.

Dokan is evolving every day with amazing new features and integrations. The Elementor module is one of the integrations of this evolution. You can design your marketplace with the available themes and create your own store design using Elementor. The day is not so far when Dokan will fulfill every bit of requirement that you have regarding the design and development of online marketplaces or multi-vendor stores.

How to Add Wallet & Cash Back Offer to Dokan Multivendor Marketplace

Payment is the most important thing that differentiates an online store from a physical one. While shopping on an eCommerce store, you get the privilege of buying products using electrical payment options. So, you often need digital currencies that lets you pay for the things you want to buy.

In case of WooCommerce stores or multivendor shops, customers might feel the necessity of having their own wallets where they can store some money and use them when required. This is what we call a digital wallet. To make shopping even more interesting, store owners tend to provide cash back offers.

Continue reading “How to Add Wallet & Cash Back Offer to Dokan Multivendor Marketplace”

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them With Project Management Software

Say you want to start your own marketplace using WordPress. You want to do that within 3 days. So, you are the project manager and you are setting project management goals for it.

After setting the goal, it is up to you whether you can achieve your goal or not. You have set your goal but now you have to find the answer on how to achieve your goal.

Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality.

You may have the best idea for a product that will change the world. And you can have the best team working under you. But without proper Project Management drill, it is highly unlikely that you will create that product.

That is where project management software can make a significant difference. So. today we are going to discuss project management goals and how to achieve them efficiently. But first, let us discuss the importance of project management software.

Let us dive in.

Importance of Project Management Software for Your Business

Businesses have goals and objectives to be achieved which can be used to measure its level of success and growth

From the above quote, we can say that to call your business successful your business has to achieve the desired goal. In order to achieve them, you need effective project management practices. And there are no other techniques or shortcuts to that.

Project management software project management goals

Whether you like it or not, technology has taken over our entire lives. If you want to accomplish something in your life in this era, you must take the help of technology. Also, you need to know the ins and outs of modern business.

When you have a bigger goal in mind you can't be stuck juggling small and petty tasks. Yes, no work is small or valueless. But when you are looking at the big picture you can't get distracted by these tasks.

But the work needs to be done. Someone has to do it right? Why not let a project management software handle it. And it is not that it can only handle only petty tasks but can handle some big work also.

Today's technology has become capable of handling such tasks. Ok let's not elaborate any further and let us tell you the importance of project management software for your business plan.

Scheduling & Planning Becomes Easy

When we are talking about project management goals, obviously scheduling and planning is a necessary part of it. But if you sit down, take a pen and a piece of paper, start writing your plan and schedule imagine how much time it will take up.

Therefore, without a proper system in place, it would become difficult for your team and you to stay within the schedule. Most of the times they will get confused about what to do and when to do it. So, you need proper time management skills to manage your work.

Team Collaboration

A large project requires a large team. Each member is assigned to individual tasks. If any member gets confused about any work they can communicate internally through a project management application.

Team Building Exercises in Your Workplace for 2020 (Pro Tips for Managers)

They will get the right responses from the right people from the right projects. That's three rights! They can share files, share data and also get KPI's. Cool isn't!

Also, the software will help a great deal in building a team as a team.

Task Updates

Who doesn't want to stay updated? You would want to know what is going on and what work was completed to which level. Now, you can't go to every member of your team and ask for updates right? That will be foolish and time-wasting.

WP Project Manager Subtasks

Every member will create small subtasks of every task and mark complete when done. That way you will know what part of every task is done.

Backup Your Every work

At the time of planning and scheduling, we said that what if you start writing your plan in a piece of paper what would happen. Suppose you wrote your plan on a piece of paper. But what if it got lost? What will you do then?

Backup WP Project manager

That is why backup is very important. Using project management software, keeping a backup becomes very easy. You can easily store your work and use it whenever it is necessary.

Also, you can set milestones for every work or project. It may sound less important but trust us it is way more important.

We have been talking about project management software and how it can make your work easier. But which project management software possesses all this quality in the real sense? One name comes to mind WordPress Project Management Software.

How To Set Project Management Goals Using WP Project Manager

People often get confused with the words Milestones and Goals. They think both words carry the same meaning. But that is not the case every time.

Milestones are the steps to achieving your main Goal

On the path to obtaining your goals, you can set little milestones for yourself or the team. These little milestones will tell you exactly how far out you are from achieving your dream or goal.

The good news for you that the WordPress Project Manager plugin offers this feature for FREE! You can manage milestones for your project with the help of this plugin. And that can be your answer to “How To Set Goals”.

How To Add Milestones

Now that you know you can add milestones for your project using WP Project Manager, you obviously want to know how it is done. Ok, let us demonstrate its easy process for you.

Step 1: Install WP Project Manager plugin

Let us start with the basics. Let's assume you have WordPress installed on your device. Installation of this plugin is as easy as installing any other WordPress plugin.

Just navigate to WP Admin-> Plugins. On top of your screen, you will see the button Add New plugin. Click on it and search the WP Project Manager. Simply install and activate it and Voila! you are done.

Navigation project management goals

Step 2: Create a project

To create milestones you need to have a project first. To create your project just go to WP Project Manager->Projects. Click on the New Project button. Set a name and you are good to go.

Step 3: Adding Milestones

Now the moment you have been waiting for. Adding milestones. If you click on the project that you created earlier you will see Milestone Tab on the top.

Click on the Add New Milestone button. Then add the milestone name, due date and if you want you can also add a short description describing your milestone. Its simple, isn't it?

Adding Milestones project management goals

Note: You can add as many milestones as you want for a project.

WordPress Project Manager: How It Helps to Achieve Project Management Goals

What, you thought WP Project Manager has only this milestone feature? no, my friend. This software has vast features that will help you to achieve your goals. But to unlock these features you need to purchase the WP Project Manager Pro version.

Don't believe us? Ok, let us break it down for you.

Time Tracker: Know how close you are to your goal

Remember at the start of the article, there was an example where apparently you had to start a marketplace within 3 days? So, how are you going to track whether the milestones for that project are being done in time or not?

Time Tracker

Not to worry, the WP Project Manager Pro has a time tracker feature that will help you to track how much time is needed for every milestone. Taking you one step closer to your goal.

Gantt Chart: Illustrated view of your projects and task

To achieve something you need planning.

So to take care of your project needs and to handle all the planning you need a feature like Gantt Chart. It is well used and popularly known as planners and schedulers of individual and team tasks.

gantt chart

It typically shows what the various activities are, when each activity begins and ends, how long each activity is scheduled to last, where activities overlap with other activities, and by how much, the start and end date of the whole project.

Kanban Board: Maximize the workflow

When you are aiming big you need to make your work more simple not complicated. That is exactly what Kanban Board does. It is suitable for every business type, size, and goal.

Kanban Methodology: Ultimate Guide for Beginners

A simple Kanban board consists of several columns to describe the different stages of all tasks. Such as To-Do, In Progress, and Completed. It ensures maximum output with optimal speed. Therefore, it is perfect for you to achieve your target quite easily.

You can give a read to this interesting writeup to know more about Kanban methodology.

Interactive Task Calendar: Get daily, monthly, weekly updates

If you are planning for a big project then this feature is for you. A big project requires time. And when the time span is big then you need to be aware of what is happening and when.

Therefore an interactive task calendar can help you do this with ease. You can easily get the updates. Also if you want you can get weekly, monthly or yearly updates of your projects.

Bonus Feature: WP Project Manager Frontend

While achieving your dream why not do it with a little style. WP Project Manager has a frontend operational feature that will help you manage all your projects from the front.

WP PM Project Manager-how to set goals

To activate it, simply paste this ‘[pm]‘ shortcode on your page and see the magic.


To sum up, if you are looking for a reliable project management solution then WP Project Manager is the solution you need. It has the features that will help you build your path to achieving your goal while answering the questions on how to set goals and how to achieve them.

After looking at all these features we hope you understand why you need management software for your projects and how you can properly utilize it.

Check out this video for a complete overview.

Wrapping Up On How To Set Goals and Achieving Them

In this day and age, you are always in for the competition. Everyone is running to fulfill their dreams and goals. So, why let the lack of technology be the barrier between you and your goals.

When you have a software like WP Project Manager at the grasp of your hand, then there is no stopping you from achieving your target. You just have to be smart enough to know what project management goals are needed for your project and use this software accordingly.

Future Ecommerce Trends: 7 Possible Forecasts for 2020

Ecommerce business is on the rise and will evolve remarkably in the near future. It changes customer behavior, needs, and shopping process a lot. Also, you can combine the online and offline selling procedures together to take the maximum advantages of these two channels.

Adaptation of new technology, large customization, updated policies, and improved integration have taken the eCommerce industry by storm. Within 25 years it has made over 2 trillion US dollars in sales worldwide.

Today we will discuss the Future Ecommerce Trends that will reflect the revolving scenario of the eCommerce industry for 2020 and beyond.

Ecommerce Industry Stats: Future of eCommerce

Over the past few years, the e-commerce business is growing at a meteoric pace. It has left a significant impact on traditional retailing. And this will continue in the following years too.

Most importantly, this growth pattern is not solely a retail B2C model. In fact, now B2B worldwide eCommerce more than doubles B2C in sales and is growing.

Interestingly, customers also prefer e-commerce to brick-to-mortal shopping just because of avoiding the long queue and annoying traffic. Also, they can read reviews and compare the products while buying online. That's why business owners also set their marketing strategies to get more online traffic rather than foot traffic.

However, China and the USA have a fast-growing eCommerce space and rule the global economy with a great percentage. These are the top 10 countries that are spending money online.

  • China – $656.3
  • United States – $500.47
  • United Kingdom – $83.83
  • Japan – $78.64
  • Germany – $68.01
  • South Korea – $62.69
  • France – $45.54
  • India – $29.47
  • Canada – $28.63
  • Australia – $19.33
ecommerce annual growth

Let see the states that show the further possible transformation of the eCommerce industry in 2020 and beyond.

  1. By 2040, around 95% of all purchases are expected to be via eCommerce.
  2. The number of online buyers is expected to reach 2.14 billion by 2021.
  3. The total value of global retail eCommerce sales will be nearly $4.88 trillion in 2021.
  4. Online stores with a loud social media presence will get 32% more sales on average those who do not.
  5. On average, 52% of eCommerce businesses have omnichannel capabilities.
  6. The shares of m-commerce in all eCommerce is predicted to reach to 72.9% by 2021.

And these states do tell us a lot about major changes in consumer behavior that will continue to 2020 and beyond. Digital shoppers should update their business strategies by considering this figure. Otherwise, there is a high risk to collapse.

Future Ecommerce Trends Predictions:

Future Ecommerce Trends

If you want to keep pace with this moving industry you must be updated with the future eCommerce trends of this space. It will help you to make the customer shopping experience more excited.

  1. Global Retail eCommerce Sales will Increase
  2. Rise of Mobile Shopping
  3. B2B eCommerce Will Continue to Outperform B2C eCommerce
  4. Multichannel Personalization
  5. Voice Shopping to Take Center Stage
  6. Social Media Enters Online Shopping
  7. Increased AI Use in Ecommerce

Global Retail eCommerce Sales will Increase Worldwide

Future Ecommerce Trends

Ecommerce sales have been rising continuously worldwide. It has revolutionized retail business in the last 25 years. According to Statista, the sales are projected to increase from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.5 trillion in 2021. It has evolved a lot with the advancement of technology and the changing demand of customers.

retail ecommecre sales

In recent days, online shopping becomes one of the most popular online activities on the web. So, business owners also emphasize on making user experience better. They are continuously introducing new methods that make their clients more comfortable while shopping online.

Now, websites are more customer-friendly and easy to surf. It allows visitors to select their products and perform the regarding activities effortlessly. Also, these sites offer different verified payment gateways with the highest security. Most of them have a dedicated support team and refund policies.

Moreover, the giants impose strict security to ensure the privacy of all customer data. They took away all the hassle of going shops, These facts are influencing the customers to purchase more on eCommerce sites rather than brick-and-mortar stores.

Rise of Mobile Shopping

Future Ecommerce Trends

Mobile shopping has been on the rise massively in recent years. Customers from all over the globe intend to purchase products and services using their mobiles or tablets. Online retailers also adopt the mobile-first approach as mobile shopping grows. People are more likely to turn their smartphones for online purchases.

Mcommerce sales broke records on both Black Friday (US$ 2.9B) and Cyber Monday (US$ 3.1B) 2019

The number of mobile users worldwide is forecast to reach 7.26 billion in 2020. And this trend of e-commerce will be proceeding in the next following years. Now the users often use their devices to investigate the products before finalizing the orders. It makes mobile optimization a necessity for online retailers.

Mobile Shopping's Share of eCommerce, 2016 to 2021

By 2021, mobile is predicted to dominate online sales. Probably, 73% of eCommerce sales will be made on mobile in 2020. So, eCommerce companies must optimize their sites for mobile users if they want to grow the business fast.

B2B eCommerce Will Continue to Outperform B2C eCommerce

Future Ecommerce Trends

The new trend of eCommerce has become a game-changer for both B2B and B2C companies. It is being conceived that B2B eCommerce is outpacing B2C, and will soon outperform it. B2B eCommerce entails wholesale distributors selling goods to peer entrepreneurs.

Moreover, B2B minimizes the hassle of manual processes using an online sales portal. It lets businesses sell and distribute the products from one business to another through online channels. So, it will increase your sales with a stronger online presence at a lower price.

B2B eCommerce fuels the current global economy. A recent study of Forrester says US business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce will reach $1.8 trillion by 2023.

And they predicted a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10% for B2B eCommerce over the next five years. This report shows the opportunity of the US B2B eCommerce industry. Online merchants are entering this market with the gaining popularity of B2B eCommerce. It will ensure seamless online purchasing experiences for the customers. 

Omnichannel Retail in Ecommerce


Omnichannel retail is a modern sales approach that ensures a unified shopping experience for customers. Multi-channel eCommerce business refers to promote and sell products on multiple channels including E-Commerce websites, marketplaces, and even offline.

Interestingly, it will blur the distinctions among channels, both physical and online ones. Customers will get more choices to get information about your products or services. Furthermore, when you will promote your brand in different channels that may increase sales opportunities and brand recognition.

Online traders should aim at providing the customers with a seamless and consistent customer experience across all sales channels.

However, customers can visit multiple channels during their shopping process. It lets a user start his/her journey at one channel and complete the purchase on another one. That's why the Omnichannel retail approach has been adopted by different marketing strategies to boost their eCommerce business.

Voice Shopping to Take Center Stage

Voice shopping is gradually becoming mainstream for next-generation online buyers. Big shots like Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, and other giant companies have already introduced voice shopping in their online grocery. This eCommerce trend starts getting popularity since 2014 when Amazon launched its smart speaker – Echo. 

According to a recent study, 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. And voice searching is predicted to hit $40 Billion in U.S. by 2022.

OC&C Strategy Consultants, 2018

You will be amazed to know that more than 30% of US internet users have used a voice assistant to look for product details or purchase products. That's why online retailers spontaneously integrate voice commerce into their businesses. So, the buyers can make purchases using their voices easily.

Voice shopping will make the purchasing process more smooth. Users can search, analyze, compare and buy products by providing a verbal description. These facts and statistics have proved that the number of voice shoppers will dramatically increase in the coming years.

Social Media Enters Online Shopping

Social media shopping

Social media is not only a channel anymore which connects people together. Besides promoting products or services, social media platforms let the retailers sell their products directly. Now, social shoppers can buy products through Buy Button on Facebook or Instagram Checkout.

For many people, the social platform is the first point of contact with any business. Nowadays buyers prefer to read reviews from real users. They follow the brands and more likely to buy products from the ones they follow.

Social Media has the potentiality to increase eCommerce sales by 71%. It is a powerful digital marketing tool to drive sales and long-term loyalty.

However, E-commerce owners can get help from Facebook and Instagram influencer to promote their brand widely. Social media exposure will continuously influence your audience to connect with your brand.

Thus, Social Media becomes a noteworthy marketing tool to increase loyal advisors with optimal sales for your business. The number of social media users and social influencers is increasing broadly. Therefore, online retailers should come with better social marketing strategies to explore more opportunities for their stores.

Increased AI Use in Ecommerce

AI tools

E-commerce or digital shop has taken the business prospect to the next level with the help of artificial intelligence. By integrating AI technology into your business you can analyze the store data and buyer's behavior more efficiently.

Moreover, AI has empowered customers with many high tech experience. It enables them to conduct a visual search, personalized recommendation, voice assistants and so forth. These advanced tools will make the shopping experience worthy. In addition, an online seller can improve the pricing module and product representation with the help of AI.

That's why online businesses are expected to spend over $7.3 billion on AI by 2022.

In fact, a recent study of Business Insider suggests that more than 85% of customer interactions will be managed by chatbots in 2020. Many eCommerce business owners have already been using AI tool to better understand their clients, generate more leads, scream the brand voice and make the user experience smooth.

Bonus: Personalization of Customer Experience

Future Ecommerce Trends

You can make your clients feel special by personalizing his/her shopping experience. As hundreds of new companies are entering the industry every year. It makes the competition so high. If you cant make your clients satisfied s/he has plenty of alternatives in their hands.

Ecommerce Personalization lets the online traders set digital strategies based on browsing behavior, purchase history, demographics, personal data, and psychographics. So, digital businesses should impose extra effort to personalize the customer's shopping experiences that will improve customer loyalty & sales.

According to a survey, 85% of US marketers believe that their prospects or customers expect a personalized experience.

Online retailers noticed a remarkable revenue lifts in their business after personalizing the shop. Therefore, it is the best time when you should treat specifically with each and every client. You have to focus on the customer's individual needs while designing the products and services.

Importance of Knowing Future Ecommerce Trends

Future Ecommerce Trends

In order to sustain in this competitive world, you have to stay tuned with the updated eCommerce trends. Your business can lag behind even after having all the essential attributes if you don't monitor the changing forecast of this industry.

Now, it's all about making the user experience better. The success of your eCommerce business largely depends on how easily your site can treat its users. Customers are becoming smarter day by day so you have to upgrade your skills to match their requirements. This situation makes online merchants more tech-friendly than ever before.

As we are moving to 2020, so you must adopt the new eCommerce trends to update your business expansion strategy. Therefore, you can take optimal advantage of these further forecasting. It will keep you always a step ahead of your competitors. And you can expand your eCommerce brand effectively worldwide.

Online Sellers Should Consider the Future Ecommerce Trends before Investing

It must be more comfortable if you can purchase and pay from your home. As an online retailer, you have to make your customers feel that comfort. It will convince them to buy from your shop indeed.

Nevertheless, you should adopt Future Ecommerce Trends to set new business models and practices. It will assist you to establish a robust eCommerce business for your users.

Summary: eCommerce Trends 2020

  1. The number of online buyers is predicted to skyrocket to 2.14 billion by 2021.
  2. B2B eCommerce is expected to be two times higher than B2C by 2020.
  3. U.S. mobile retail revenues are projected to reach 339.03 billion U.S. dollars in 2020.
  4. 74% of customers rely on their social networks to make purchasing decisions.
  5. It is predicted that 80% of businesses will use chatbots by 2020.
  6. Voice commerce sale is estimated to jump to $40 billion by 2022.
  7. More than 50% of online buyers say a personalized experience is important. 74% of marketers believe personalization has a “strong” or “extreme” impact on advancing customer relationships.

If you are an online retailer or planning to start one then you must monitor these Future Ecommerce Trends closely. It will help you to improve your online selling strategy. And you can keep yourself updated with the changing demand of consumers.

Top Jira Alternative for 2020 – Find Out Which One is Better

What do you think about the immense popularity of Jira? It's indeed a hell of a powerful project manager and bug tracking platform. If you following agile in your business, you must have come through the name very often.

Jira is developed by Atlassian. People from more than 100 countries using it, and currently, it has 75000+ users. It offers to plan, track, and release your product, user support assistance. Furthermore, an overall project management aid including HR, customer onboarding, document reviews, etc.

However, there is always a dark side of the moon. It's true. Jira becomes a global brand amongst the largest company. But it takes huge efforts to handle. It has various complexities, limitations for small and medium businesses. Thus resulting in a lot of people always talking about Jira alternatives.

Hence, if you also searching for a Jira alternative, you are not alone. In this post, we will show you some of the best team management tools you can use as more simple and cost-effective than Jira.

Why do You Need a JIRA Alternative 

Before you get to the list, we will try to reveal some of our findings regarding Jira. Though we've briefly mentioned it has some drawbacks. Hence, there are some other factors that make people think of getting an alternative to this famous project management software?

Complexity in User Interface

Since the beginning, Jira rarely brings complete updates. So their UI somewhat looks confusing. You may find it disoriented, and the filters aren't that easy to apply. For example, the software use an older version of the graphical interface for some parts, and newser version for other parts. It's a bit distracting.

Setup Process isn't simple

The setup and configuration take time and effort. It's one of the key points that people dislike. Jira proclaimed itself as a software family, there are a bunch of components that require to configure during the integration. It takes quite of your hardship to tamed this big tool.

Learning and Managing Jira is a Lengthy Process

If you don't want to invest much time in learning the tool while managing your team, you should find a Jira Alternative. How to utilize Jira to the fullest? Well, it's really complicated. There are too many features and plugin requirements that can turn down your site's speed.

You Can't Assign Multiple People on a Single Task

You can name it as a total disadvantage. Jira won't allow you to assign many people in a single issue or task, which isn't expected from popular tools like this. So using Jira could be hindering your team collaboration in a sense.

It's Not For Everyone

Jira began its journey keeping the software developer as the target user. That's why professionals from different backgrounds may face a tough time using the tool for their business. Besides, if you have a smaller business, or you opt to manage your freelancing team, you should lookout for a different solution.

9+ Best Jira Alternative To Manage Your Team

Here we've sorted out some of the best project management software you should consider right now. Let's have a look.

1. WP Project Manager

best jira alternative WP-Project-Manager

WP Project Manager is one of the most reliable Jira alternatives. A simple project management tool for any small and medium-sized business. This powerful open-source plugin lets you manage your task, ensure the timely delivery of your projects, monitor and analyze your progress so easily.

Unlike Jira or any similar WordPress PM software, it doesn't have any usage limitations. You can create unlimited teams or projects, and don't need to think over the cost for every user. So, even the free version helps you well enough to handle your team day to day collaboration.


⇒ Unlimited To-Do lists

⇒ Assigns multiple users in a single project

⇒ Inspecting progress and co-worker's activities

⇒ Set and accomplish project milestones.

Messaging with teammates or co-workers

⇒ Upload images or files

⇒ Sending email notifications

If you need more enhanced features like WordPress Kanban Board, Gantt Chart, Time Tracker, or sub-task manager you can move to a pro pricing plan anytime.

The popular part of WP PM is it's easy setup and configuration process. Besides, the interactive and accessible user interface will guide you to gain full control over your projects at ease.

2. Target Process

Targetprocess jira alternative

Target Process branded itself as a portfolio solution for agile team managers. You can create projects and portfolios, distribute tasks in the team, and monitor all the activities, join discussions with your co-workers, and generate reports.


⇒ Custom workflows (Team workflows, custom fields, custom rules), multiple teams support

⇒ Email notifications

⇒ Share views with comments and mention

⇒ Export or import any report and activities through CSV file or the platform API

⇒ Custom Graphical Reports, etc.

From project management to risk and product management, tracking product cycle, and establishing scrum, Target Process is a reliable solution.

3. ClickUp

clickup jira alternative

ClickUp offers an exciting UI with one of the simplest project managers in the market. It's totally hassle-free. Ever ready to remove all of your project management frustrations.


⇒ Agile board view and checklist templates

⇒ Assign multiple people to any project

⇒ Setting up a particular status for any specific projects

⇒ Creating information wiki with the project's data

⇒ Recurring Task and Multitask Toolbar

⇒ Drag and drop reordering

⇒ Two-way Calendar Sync, and Time Tracking

⇒ A lot of integration like GitHub, everHour, and Toggle

You can call it a single solution for any tasks. Moreover, the free version is enough for any small to medium enterprises.

4. Wrike

wrike jira alternative

It's a remarkable PM solution to streamline projects and team collaboration. Wrike can aid you to create and execute a plan to manage multiple projects in one single platform. It's a cloud-based platform. Designed customize each project for specific team members to scale across the team flawlessly.


  • Monitor all the team activities in real-time and get reports
  • Create and manage marketing campaigns such as email campaigns
  • Streamline your team collaboration and make your projects progress visible to the team management
  • Send emails and notifications
  • Put comments and opinions while working on different projects

Most importantly, it provides particular feedbacks to individual co-workers via images, tagging, and videos

5. Asana

asana jira alternative

From managing projects to control different admin role for specific tasks, Asana can be a proper Jira alternative. This popular tool offers two different perspectives for the user.

It's possible to utilize Asana by a team to handle marketing campaigns, product planning, and HR information. Besides if you want to manage business activities by project management workflow, scheduling with calendar, implementing kanban board, or maintain agile-scrum, Asana is good to go.


  • Breaking down any big project into small tasks and sub-task
  • Set project milestones
  • Sync tasks across projects
  • Custom templates
  • Monitor projects and get progress reports in real-time
  • Permission-based privacy control

6. Airtable

Airtable jira alternative

Airtable is a responsive team-organizing tool. It's highly promising for customization. The most interesting part to mention is it's UI. The interface looks like a spreadsheet. You can log a project and input the necessary information. Then assign and define roles, put comments, oversee the progress report.


⇒ Mobile responsive layout

⇒ Block (a feature that provides a creative palette of app-like functionality)

⇒ Custom branded forms

⇒ Priority support

⇒ Real-time team collaboration

⇒ Individualized training and product learning

⇒ Enterprise-wide admin panel

However, the free version is limited to most of the useful features and limits. Either you are managing a team from home or abroad, Airtable is flexible from any device. Its mobile app is quite fascinating.

7. Kanbanize


Kanbanize mainly focused on getting the highest outcome of the kanban board. As a project manager, you can create and customize different boards for every section of your business.


⇒ Easy setup to establish a kanban hierarchy

⇒ Applies business policy in your project management

⇒ Email integration

⇒ Time-tracking features and record billable hours

⇒ Generate reports through analytics

⇒ Advanced search functionality

For example, it's possible to create a kanban project for the designers, and the developers in your business. While observing and managing their doings, you may assemble all the boards to collaborate more definitively.

8. ProofHub


Proofhub comes with almost every major project management features that Jira offers. Its setup and configuration are way simpler than most of the competitors. You can manage administration, teams, and your business clients in a solo platform like this.


⇒ Live workplace conversations with co-workers.

⇒ Celebrate project milestones, team achievements, and various event through the announcement

Gantt chart and kanban board

⇒ Streamline all the reviews with inline comments advanced markup tool

⇒ Initiate support or report form

⇒ Track billable hours with time-tracking

⇒ Create a database with uploading images, CSV files, etc.

However, Proofhub gives a discount with their pricing for non-profit organizations. But the free version for any business is trial-basis. You need to purchase a pro-plan to avail all the features we are mentioning below. So, you can consider it as your Jira Alternative to conduct a project successfully.

9. Backlog

backlog jira alternative

Are you managing a remote developer team? Or do you need a project management plugin like Jira only to manage developers? In such a scenario, Backlog comes out as an essential one. You can handle your projects and coding in one robust platform with it. It's easy to utilize and monitor the activities, streamline all of your progress and issues to find possibly faster solutions.


⇒ Bug tracking features to track and fix bugs within your coding

⇒ Log projects and break down in subtask

⇒ Manage projects with Burndown and Gantt chart

⇒ Consistent monitoring with native mobile app

⇒ Discussion and comment section in every single task

⇒ It can be used as a cloud platform or on-premise

⇒ Highly visual workflow

If you have a smaller team under 10 members, the free version is good for one project at a time. It has three other pro-plan for enhanced possibilities.

10. Trello


Trello is a highly customizable kanban based project and task management software. Back in 2017, Atlassian acquired it to provide a Jira alternative assistance to the users. Compared to Jira, Trello's interface is simple and uncomplicated.


⇒ Built-in workflow automation

⇒ The scope is great regarding its simple working process

⇒ Sync project management data with mobile app

⇒ Team playbook feature to build database and resource

⇒ Create unlimited board and card even with the free plan

⇒ Custom backgrounds and sticker

⇒ Domain restricted invitations

⇒ Email notification service and scheduling commands

⇒ Limit and define user roles and activities

However, you don't need to put too much effort into learning, thus makes your experience better with handling your team and collaborate better.

11. Pivotal Tracker

pivotal-tracker jira alternative

Like any other Jira alternatives, Pivotal Tracker is an agile team management solution that can help especially a software business. It has similarities with Backlog and comes with several plans considering the size of your team.


⇒ Creating projects like a story. Set up different stages to complete the stories

⇒ Easy estimation process of time and budgeting

⇒ Real-time tracker to track progress and set billable hours

⇒ Automated and sleek planning to set exact expectations and accountability

⇒ Insightful analytics

⇒ Sending notifications to team members, mentions and following

⇒ To-do list and task distribution

⇒ Save the project history and build a central database

It nurtures the collaboration between the teammates, displays ongoing issues to discuss and solve as soon as possible. Hence, it's a remarkable tool compared to Jira, Pivotal Tracker's pricing plan is quite heavy.

Choose the Right Jira Alternative that Fits Your Need Best

All that way you've been through this list of top Jira Alternatives, have you get a clear idea of their basic functionalities? Managing teams should be easier, and you must choose a tool that led the path to grow your business nonetheless.

If you are a WordPress user, have several projects and need to assign multiple people in a single project, you won't find a better solution than WP Project Manager. It's stand out of any complexity, the installation process needs only a few steps. Moreover, the free version is steller compared to any other option in the marketplace.

So, what do you think? We would love to hear about your project managing experience anytime.

9 Proven Ways to Increase Returning Users Growth Using weForms

If you are running an online website for your business, you need an enormous amount of visitors. Because these visitors will one day turn into paid customers.

And, to this end, a web form can play a vital role. Because using a webform builder will help you to create contact forms, rating forms and a lot more to grow your business.

Luckily, if you do have a WordPress website, you don't have to create any webforms with hard-core coding knowhow. Because there is already a plethora of web form builder plugin available in the WordPress repository.

In this tutorial, we will show you a few ways to increase returning users using weForms and get the most out of this WordPress form builder. Now, let's dive in…

1. Use Conditional Logic to Ask the Right Questions

No one loves redundant and non-personalized content. To sustain visitor traction, it's quite necessary for you to make your content precise and properly personalized.

For example, you may want to run a survey to collect reasons for the deactivation of your plugin. Now, you can use a few checkboxes for that purpose. However, there may be reasons you might miss to include in the checklist. In this case, you may use the ‘Other' option. When the user clicks on the other option a text box will open up.

And to do so, you need to use conditional logic. Here is how it works:

weForms tips and tricks

Hiding in such a way is also pretty useful when you want to hide or show particular fields. For example, you may want to show particular fields for male while you don't want to show them to the females.

Follow this link to learn more about Conditional logic.

2. Send Custom Form Notifications to the Right People

Now, if a visitor opens an account on your site, you may need to send them personalized notifications to their associated email inbox. You can not only configure this email but also can edit its content effortlessly with weForms.

The best part here is that you can send this notification to the users based on their user roles.

To learn how to do it, you can go through this tutorial.

3. Display Success Messages Based on User Actions

You can also display success messages to your users as per their user roles. For instance,

  • You can show a “Thank you…” note to just after a user register or makes payment to your website. Read more.
  • After successful submission of the form or after having purchased an item you can redirect your visitor to a certain page of your website.
weForms hacks
  • You can also take your users to a different website after successful form submission.

4. Create Multi-Column Layouts With a Click

increase returing users using weForms

Surprisingly, it is also possible to give your forms different appearances using multi-column layouts.

Out of the box, weForms will show fields in one column which can be changed with multi-column layouts.

5. Use Multi-page or Multi-step Forms to Boost Completion Rates

Another amazing hack can be using user's psychology, that is, to breaking down the steps of the form if your webform is unusually large.

And weForms can allow you to do so in two ways. You can use either multi-steps functionality or can use the multi-page functionalities.

Here is a sample of a multi-step form:

increase returing users using weForms

You can also change the text color, background color and active background color at your disposal:

increase returing users using weForms

Breaking down your long-form into bite-sized pieces will make it more user-friendly and eventually increase the number of form submissions.

You can follow these tutorials to create a multipage or a multi-step form.

6. Customize Breadcrumbs for Multi-Page Forms

If you are already using multistep forms, then you may need to style the progress bars or breadcrumbs.

In weForms, you can not only use different types of breadcrumbs but also change their color.

increase returing users using weForms

weForms supports the following two breadcrumbs:

  • Progress Bar
  • Step-by-step

To learn how to use breadcrumbs or to customize them, you can go through this doc.

7. Attach Google Maps in Your Form

weForms maps

If you want to register your visitors for a particular event, you can even use Google maps on your form. This will help your visitor get to know the exact location where the event is going to be held.

To learn how to use Google maps follow this link.

8. Use Payments Fields to Get Paid

weForms payment methods

When you have your visitors on your web form, you may want to sell your products or services to your potential customers. And surprisingly, weForms supports popular payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, etc.

You can go through this documentation to learn how to use payment methods on weForms.

9. Filter Your Leads through ReCaptcha

weFoms reCaptcha

With weForms, you can block unwanted users and their contents. This is a Google service you will find in weForms. For your online business, you need quality leads. This is where weForms got you covered.

Click here to learn how to use reCaptcha using weForms.

Extra Bonuses: Integrate Other Platforms

weForms integrates a ton of other platforms. For instance, it has a successful integration with the following:

  • MailChimp
  • Hubspot
  • Zapier
  • Stripe
  • Google Analytics
  • Zoho
  • PayPal
  • Salesforce

Final Thoughts

Now, it's time to implement these hacks in your form. I hope that this article will be helpful to grow your business by gaining more quality leads.

However, there are more untapped resources in weForms you can play around with.

If you are yet to be convinced, you can try out the demo to get a hands-on experience of the web form builder.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the weForms now and start attracting more qualified visitors to your website.

A Cool New Vendor Listing Page on Dokan Multivendor Marketplace Builder

During the past several months, we have received a lot of requests regarding the Dokan store or vendor listing page. Therefore, we have completely redesigned it!

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Customer On-boarding Process: Here’s What You Should Care about in 2020

Is it a reasonable game-plan to find new customers every day? What good it will be if people purchase your product once and never come again? 

According to a Gartner report, 80% of the company’s future revenue depends on 20% of existing customers.

It’s crucial to practice a fruitful customer onboarding process that makes them attached to your service, giving positive feedback, and feeling an urge to build kinship toward your business. 

The first interaction writes the whole course of your forthcoming relationship with a customer. After someone shows interest in your product, you need to nurture him through continuous activities that focus on improving his knowledge of that product.  

So if you aren’t addressing customer onboarding as a serious issue yet, we don’t want you to fall apart. Here in this post, we will show you how to develop and practice such a process that sticks and help to increase customer retention nonetheless. Keep reading.

How Onboarding Works

The customer onboarding process starts from the very touchpoints when a visitor lands on your website for the first time. 

Firstly, it includes impressing clients to purchase, then keeps them connected, help them learn the product and how to get most out of it. Secondly, you need to solve their issues, provide technical support if necessary. And finally, do whatever it takes to earn trust and make them acquainted with your service. 

In a nutshell, customer onboarding is a set of activities that involve aiding customers to understand your product, giving information step by step through emails, guidelines, tutorials, videos, or live chat, etc.  

The onboarding cycle starts before the purchase, then beyond the post purchasing stage, and keep going on.  

The Importance of Following a Customer Onboarding Process

Having a data-driven and reliable customer onboarding process means you will ensure a low churn rate and on a way to building your brand reputation. 

The top 3 reasons for a 53% churn rate are- poor onboarding, failing to build a strong relationship, and lack of authentic customer service. 


The customer onboarding process demands you to take care of every single customer, give them a feeling that you really want to improve their product experience and provide the relevant information gradually. 

That’s how it works. If you are not convinced enough, let’s get straight to some magnificent stats on the importance of customer onboarding. 

  • 82% of customers left a business if they face bad customer experience. 
  • It’s almost 16X more expensive to create a long term relationship with a new customer than curate and cultivate the relationship with an existing one.  
  • The worldwide value of average lost customers is $243. 
  • It cost 5x more money to acquire a new one than to keep a regular customer. 

Emphasizing your customer onboarding is a potential way to establish long-lasting customer relationships. And, if you already have one but don’t get the desired results, it’s high time to renovate your whole process.

Set Your Customer Onboarding Strategy

People tend to abandon a product they don't understand clearly. And, people love to get along with things that deliver the values they have been promised. 

As you are not going to let your users abandon the site before converting, you must keep them to a continuous success funnel. 

It is all about attaching people step by step in your onboarding cycle. As a business owner or marketer, you need to think from the customer’s perspective. 


Before you are going through the activities to get your user familiar, there are some key customer onboarding best practices that need your certain attention.

Know Your Customer

Until you know how your customer perceives things, what is their early experience with a similar product, and the pinpoints that stimulate their purchasing decisions, your chances are low. So it’s your first task to gather as much information as you can, conduct research, try to know what makes them enthusiastic to buy a service. 

Well, how to get that information? You should read similar product reviews on various platforms. When they opt-in to your website, make individual research on their online activities, participation on social media, etc. 

Set the Bar of Expectation

Never promise for something you are not capable to deliver. Avoid sugar-coating your offer. Be specific, be honest. Say exactly what you have and how your features and service can play a sufficient role in your client’s success. 

You may ask, why would I do that where boasting can hit the right cord and increase sell? 

Well, here your intention isn’t selling a product for one time and get past a customer. So, if you boast about a factor and when the time comes, fail to give it, can you imagine what happens? 

On the other hand, if your customer knows what he can achieve or not, he can make himself prepare for any circumstances. 

Set Customer Oriented Goals

Ask your customers what are their success metrics. Set your onboarding goals centered around those metrics. You will gain two advantages from it. One, it will let create a feeling amongst your customers that you truly doing business to make them successful. Two, your growth will be based on their satisfaction. 

Establishing value

People care for values. Before they purchase your product, you should get them to learn and realize the utmost values your product may add to their achievement.

One of the best ways to emphasizes values is by giving them examples, show them how other individuals or company get benefitted from your business. You can share specific use cases, documentation, or free training courses (if it is possible) to brandished yourself.  

Consistent Communication is the Key

After sending a welcome email to a customer, you can send him essential guidelines by maintaining a stable email sending frequency. 

There is a thin line between a balanced or chaotic communication effort. You shouldn’t poke your customers each hour of the day. Also, you shouldn’t let someone detached from your learning attributes. A fine balance and wise approach is the key here.

Do something so stimulating that your customer feels free and enjoy every approach you made to them.  

Success Measurement

Measuring success get us to improve our weaknesses and guide us where to focus more. Suppose you are following a customer onboarding process but don’t measure all the efforts, the chances are high that you won’t progress as you aiming at the beginning. 

Some of the key metrics you ought to find out are the Churn rate, Lifetime Value of a Customer, Retention Rate, Customer Survey or Loyalty through Net Promoter Score (NPS). 

Top 7 Steps to Establish a Successful Customer Onboarding Process

For any type of digital business, customer onboarding has two core milestones. One, when a customer signs up for your product for the first time. Two, when your customer gets the very first success by using your product. You need to achieve these milestones before your customer gets along with you and make decisions to stay with your product for a long time. 

From the first interaction to last (though you don’t know and should expect it may keep going), there are some crucial steps to guide the customers. It’s essential to maintain a strategy while sharing product information. For example, people can’t grasp a product’s technical specifications unless they ask for it. 

Well, let’s take a look at these steps to establish a fruitful customer onboarding process in your company. 

Send a Welcome Email as the Initial Catch

74% of people expect to get a welcome email after they are opt-in for a product. So it’s inevitable. Welcome emails have a magnificent 91.43% open rate.  

When one of your customers purchases your product, they expect an assurance from you. You should let them know that you are so thankful that they choose your product over others, and you will not let them down. 

You can look at this welcome message from the renowned WordPress project management plugin WP ERP. It will help you to understand how to greet a customer in the first place.

welcome email

Help Your Client With Product Setup Guideline

You can add a user guide in your welcome email. The email example we’ve shown above has used this technique. They add a CTA button with an in-depth product setup guideline. The intention here is to aid a customer to learn the product setup step by step.

Though, it’s also great to send the product setup guide in your next email. One best hack you may apply, make this tutorial or setup wizard simple and optional. 

Include Information on How to Get the Best of it

When a customer buys your product, and get into their dashboard, they will see all the features and maybe feel a bit scattered on what to do at first. Because all the info fields will be empty and it’s normal for them to get confused. You don’t want to let your customers wandering around alone in this stage. 

WooCommerce Multivendor Plugin Dokan is doing an amazing job in this regard. They add a help section directly to the user dashboard. 

dokan help

This step will guide any user to utilize all the features they need to the highest.

Interactive Product Learning Tips

We have emphasized consistent communication earlier in this post. Though, here we want to include consistent product learning guidance as one of the most crucial steps in the customer onboarding process. You should provide these learning tips gradually. And, it must be interactive. 

You should follow the customer interaction with your product. At any stage, if they face an obstacle, you should solve their issue as soon as possible. 

Some of the best ways to provide interactive product learning tips are- sending them video tutorials and infographics, inspire customers to submit support tickets and employ instant support, etc. 

Build a Q & A Section and Powerful Product Data Centre

A data center or knowledge base helps any interested people about your business to learn simultaneously. It should be such resourceful with information like your product’s technical specifications, documentation, customer reviews, detailed set up guidance. Besides this informations, you must launch a Q & A section where anyone must find all the possible questions and answers regarding your product. 

Sending Product Update Email and Offers

Product updates are a continuous process. It intends to improve customer experience and increases brand value. Whenever you release an updated version of your product or introducing a new feature, let your customers know this. Also, show them the necessary steps on how to utilize this new update or feature in the simplest way. 

On the other hand, get your user to feel more excited by sending offers on various occasions or festivals. Also, let them know if you have made any achievements. 

For example, Dokan shares greetings and offers a few days ago when it touches the milestone to have 30000+ active marketplace around the world.

dokan shares success

Celebrate Each of Your Client’s Success 

Your company grows with your clients. And, at the beginning of your customer onboarding strategy, you have set customer-centric goals. So, each time one of your product user making a success or gain, you should celebrate it. 

You can send congratulatory emails or calls, tips on how to improve the strategy to grow more. The intention of this step is to spread the idea upon your business people that they are getting success and you consider yourself an essential part of it.    

Wrapping Up

We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.

– Jeff Bezos

It needs an ongoing effort to develop the perfect customer onboarding process. We believe now you can plan and execute your own way. 

As it is been said, never stop learning and improvising, you should find yourself on this growth funnel. If you want to strengthen the user experience, the only way is to improve your service and let them understand it. 

So tell us what do you think right now. Do you have any questions left? Don’t forget to put your questions or idea in the comments section. 

WooCommerce Google Shopping Feed: Here’s What You Should Consider (with Plugin Suggestion)

Starting an eCommerce website doesn't help you propel the products on to the market and get it popular. You need to strategize your approach to get your products online. Google Shopping is gaining momentum among retailers to be the catalyst in promoting their products online.

Hence to keep your business growing it is important to work on how to get your products online. Google Shopping, with the help of the Google Merchant Center, is lending a hand of help to promote small and big retailers and establish their online presence.

In order to get your products online, you have to first create an account with Google Merchant Center and upload your products. In the case of a WooCommerce store, you can make use of the WooCommerce Google Shopping feed generator plugin and then pave way for the products to Google Shopping.

How Does Google Shopping Help to Kickstart Your eCommerce Sales

WooCommerce google shopping feed

Google Shopping is indeed the key to marketing your products and reaching out to the right audience. Your shopping campaigns are assisted by Google Product Feeds that are uploaded to the Google Merchant Center and the Googe Ads, which helps you strategically decide upon the target audience. 

When someone is looking for your product on Google, if you want them to see your product on top then you must be aware of how it is happening. If you look out for strategies, then partly it is with the proper utilization of Google Ads and the rest depends on what information you have fed to Google Shopping, via Google Merchant Center.

Your WooCommerce store data is imported to the Google Merchant Center using methods and formats mentioned in the Google Merchant Center.

Here are some important points to remember when you upload your google product feeds:

  1. The product feed must be up-to-date.
  2. No erroneous information must be included.
  3. Images and data must be accurate and give the right idea about the product.
  4. The feed must adhere to the rules provided by the Google Merchant Center.

Hence in order to generate an error-free Google Product Feed, it is important to make use of a plugin that helps to do it. And there are lots of WooCommerce Google Shopping feed plugins out there.

If you look up, there are plenty available in the market. Let us take a look at a few of the free Google Product Feed plugins available:

ELEX WooCommerce Google Product Feed plugin

ELEX WooCommerce Google Product Feed plugin

ELEX Google Product Feed free plugin is one of the popular free Google Product feed plugins that helps to upload the basic feeds into the Google Merchant Center. The plugin helps to generate an XML file and then upload it to the Google Merchant Center.

The free version does not include product variations though. But the plugin is most suited for retailers who want to make use of the Google product feed to enter Google shopping.

The premium version of the plugin ELEX WooCommerce Google Shopping feed has many more features.

WooCommerce Product Feed Manager

WooCommerce Google Shopping feed

WooCommerce Product Feed Manager is a very basic free version of the WoCommerce Product Feed Manager Pro. The plugin helps to generate a feed for various channels like Amazon, Bing, Google Shopping, etc.

The best part about the plugin is its auto-sync feature with Google Shopping. The plugin also has effective category mapping and extensive filter options to include or exclude certain data.

Moreover, scheduled updates let you keep the data up-to-date.

WooCommerce Product Feed for Google, Bing, eBay and Many More

WooCommerce Google Shopping feed

An ideal free Google Product Feed plugin, this one from WebAppick can create feeds for multiple channels. Like eBay, Bing and much more apart from Google Shopping. You can sync the shopping feed via HTTP or FTP to different shopping engines and keep the data updated.

The free version does not permit Bundled products and composite ones though. Which is again included in the premium version of the plugin. It also supports more than one hundred merchant sites. The plugin is quite responsive and fast. It's one of the best WooCommerce Google Shopping feed plugins.

Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Google Shopping feed

Get your products on to different shopping engines in minutes with the help of this plugin. The Product Feed Pro for WooCommerce plugin helps not only to generate product feeds for Google Shopping but also contains 100 plus templates. Those support the comparison of products across search engines and marketplaces.

An unlimited number of products can be uploaded with advanced category mapping. And rule-based mapping for supporting various conditional statements for better visibility of products.

Looking forward to WooCommerce Google Shopping Feed Plugins

The above ones are the list of popular WooCommerce Google Product Feed plugins. These will help you generate error-free Google Product feeds for Google Shopping. Once you generate your Google Shopping feeds, it is uploaded to the Google Merchant Center.

With effective planning and managing of Google Adwords, the target markets are obtained. Wherein your products are displayed and marketed for bringing in higher conversion rates.

Adopt Subscription Business Model in 2020: Why Should You Charge for Online Content?

Subscription is a process that offers periodic access to a product or service. It can be yearly, monthly or seasonal. Subscription Business Model is picking up speed gradually because you can turn your visitors into customers with it. To clarify, this model has a basis for expecting some consistency.

Subscription started as a way for newspapers and magazines to rope in readers. However, it has then gradually evolved into a strategic approach for a business to manage revenue, growth in a wide range of industries.

Subscriptions increases customer lifetime value.

So it is clearly visible why people are leaning towards subscription business. You can create a long-term relationship with your customers, that will go beyond a single transaction. Therefore, they will continue to do business with you.

Subscription business model

So, let us see why Subscription Business Model in WordPress has become so popular.

The Recent Growth of The Subscription Business Model in WordPress

Imagine you have a site that is flooded with daily visitors. What if you could turn them into potential customers. This exactly what Subscription does. Not only it reduces the risk of the business but it also provides early payment from customers.

Subscription pricing can make it easier to pay for items that are expensive. Since customers can pay for over a period of time and thus can make the product seem more affordable.

In the last five years the subscription eCommerce market has grown 100% a year.

That is quite an extraordinary fact. Also 15% more users have signed up one or more subscriptions to receive more products on a recurring basis.

You can understand from these facts that why the Subscription-Based Business Model has become so popular. Let us see what this model can do for your business.

Building Customer Relationships

If you can create a strong relationship with your customers then what more can you ask for. When a strong bond is established, the customers become loyal and stay true to your products.

Customer Relationship_Subscription Model

You can easily create a direct relationship with your customers using Subscription. Because it gives you an opportunity to form that kind of relationship. You can easily collect feedback from your subscriber's overtime on your products. Which will give you ample chance to improvise your products to your customer's liking.

Get Customers From Any Channel Using Subscription

When you are thinking about marketing your site or your products you think about all the channels you can use. However, if you don't have the right techniques than it may not be fruitful.

subscribe through any channel-Subscription Business Model

That is where Subscription comes in. You can easily establish fast, simple and automated customer acquisition from any promotional channel using a subscription.

But make sure you have the system that supports maintaining all the channels.

Value For Money with Subscription Business Model

Suppose you are running a site that sells WordPress themes. Each theme goes for $7. So, if you sell a theme then you have to provide support for that theme lifetime for free. But, if you use subscription then you don't have to provide support for free.

In fact, the customer has to pay $7 every month. So, if the customer uses the theme for 9 months then he/she has to pay $63. That will cover the expense for your support.

Value for money_Subscription business model

It was just a small example of how you can turn the subscription business model in WordPress into a really good profitable business.

Right Consumer Metrics

You can easily acquire the right information from your customers as we have said earlier. Analyzing this information you can create metrics that will help you understand if your product is working for the customer or not.

Customer metrics

So, what will be the end result? Well, you can find out what is missing from your product, fix it and create a product that will create a real buzz amongst the customers.

Deploy New Pricing For Your Subscription Business with Utmost Ease

The subscription business is always changing. Many start the business with simple recurring pricing. But there is always a chance to evolve. There will always be competition. So the pricing should be dynamic and flexible.

Deploy Pricing

That is possible with Subscription. Because you are always collecting data and constantly improving your product, you can easily change your pricing for Subscription and deploy it.

Now, the question may arise why should you charge for your contents regularly from the customers. Let us discuss it.

Should You Charge For Your Online Content?

Should you charge for your online content? that is a question that has crossed every business or site owner's mind at some point who is in the Subscription business. We all know creating content is not easy. You need to put effort, time and hard work behind every content you create.

It doesn't matter whether the content is blogs, videos, Softwares or WordPress plugins.

Yes, you can give some content for free. But that is only to create more engagement and attract customers. The free content will give them insight into your products.

When they get hooked up, then you can start charging for your more exclusive content through Subscription. A question may arise that if the charging for your content can have an impact on your site's engagement rate?

Well, if you have the right content created then you don't need to worry about that. Yes, that doesn't mean you can go on and charge for every product you create. Providing free content can prove to be highly profitable.

The free content will keep the balance of your business. Keeping you from going overboard.

Now, you must be thinking of trying your luck on Subscription Business Model. Well, we have good news for you. Creating a subscription-based doesn’t require coding knowledge these days since you have WordPress! And also if you have a tool like WordPress User Frontend. You can easily create an attractive login and registration page so that your customers can easily subscribe.

Let us dive into it, shall we?

How to Create a Subscription Business Model Online?

As we have said you can easily create a Subscription or a Membership site, also an Alumni website without knowing any coding using WordPress. Specially WP User Frontend.

WordPress Site Login

If you follow these easy steps then you can easily create a membership site.

Step1: Setting Up a WordPress Site

First, you have to create a WordPress site. Building a WordPress site is one of the easiest tasks on the web. If you are not familiar with WordPress, you can follow the links below to set up your WordPress site. 

Step 2: Enable Subscription Pack Using WP User Frontend

You can easily install and activate WordPress User Frontend like any other WordPress plugins out there.

It comes with subscription features, like pay per post, locking contents and guest posting. Also, you can manage your content and comment.

Step 3: Create Subscription Pack

For creating your subscription packages, you have to navigate through wp-admin → User Frontend → Subscriptions → Add Subscription.

enable subscription

You can set how long you will show a post on your site, send emails to the particular user about the expiration of post and you get to define what holds in the future of the expired posts using the “Enable Post Expiration” feature.

Enable Post Expiration

You also have the “Recurring” option if you want your subscriber to keep purchasing one of your specific subscription packs.


Step 4: Register and Payment

If you have persuaded anyone to buy a subscription pack, then you can also register your customers. Navigate to, wp-admin → Settings → Check anyone can register. 

Check Anyone Can register

Your users need to complete payment in order to buy a subscription pack. So for payment navigate to wp-admin → User Frontend → Settings → Payment.

Step 5:Charge for Posting

Enabling this feature, you will get all your subscription packs on a specific page. Also, you will get some already created pages, among them there is a page called “subscription” that has a shortcode [wpuf_sub_pack]. When you select “yes” for the charge for posting, you will see all your created subscription packages on the page called “Subscription Pack Page”.

Subscription_Subscription Business Model

Payment Page and Payment Success Page

These pages are already set when you install WP User Frontend, you don't need to do anything here. If you want you can create your own custom page and set those here.

Payment_Subscription Business Model

Step 6:PayPal and Bank Payment Methods

Using WP User Frontend your Subscribers can pay through PayPal or direct bank. You don't need to add any extension to enable this feature. Navigate to, WP User Frontend → Settings → Payment. You can use Stripe as the Payment Gateway as well.

Payment method_Subscription Business Model

Your subscription-based membership site is ready for business. Now you can go for a full-fledged Subscription Business.

Final Word On Subscription Business Model

People are always online and Email marketing is gaining popularity. The target is to draw more and more visitors. The more visitors you have, the more opportunities you have, it's that simple.

For this reason, WP User Frontend has some extensions through which you can allow your subscribers of different email marketing platforms to learn about your posts and other content on your website.

Kanban Methodology: Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Kanban Project Manager is a simple yet powerful tool to simplify the responsibilities of project managers. It's an effective way to run your business more efficiently. Also, it helps you to stay organized and connected collaboratively.

The Kanban methodology is suitable for every business type, size, and goal. It allows you to manage the work-flow in a planned way with a visual representation.

A simple Kanban board consists of several columns to describe the different stages of all tasks. Such as To-Do, In Progress, and Completed. You can also supervise complex scenario by adding more columns. Here, all the associated members can participate to contribute through the organisation.

Depending on your business nature you can arrange your Kanban board particularly. With this PM methodology, you can set the hierarchy level. It assists you to accomplish all the tasks sequentially with ease.

In this beginner's guide, we will discuss how to track all the projects and related tasks with Kanban Project Management. Additionally, it will help you to yield project goals and business objectives with Kanban methodology.

An Introduction to Kanban Methodology in Project Management

Kanban Project Manager

Kanban is a management technique to monitor and simplify the task workflow. It allows you to visualize every step of your workflow on a board called “Kanban board”. Therefore, you and your team members can organize and manage the working process in a simple and appropriate way.

Kanban refers to cards that graphically represent the flow of components and finished products throughout the production system.

The tasks that you insert on Kanban Board are known as kanban cards. The core objective of Kanban system is to identify all the tailbacks and remove them from your working process. Since it ensures maximum output at an optimal speed.

Compared to other method Kanban is easy to implement in any business process. You can easily overview the task flow of your team members from anywhere and anytime. As a result, it elaborates on the working arena and flexibility.

In short, Kanban Project Management visualizes your working process. So, you can acquire all the progress reports of your workflow in one place. Despite telling you what is right or wrong, it assists you to improve from your present situation. Moreover, it uplifts your team productivity and collaboration.

Benefits of Kanban Methodology 

kanban methodology

Kanban is a visual system for managing work in a planned approach. With this visual Project Management technique you will be able to keep track of every project and task with ease. However, it can be applied in several ways depending on the hierarchy of an organization.

Proper utilization of Kanban Methodology and kanban board can boost your overall productivity. It is broadly used by software companies to visually manage their task flow. Now, other businesses are also adopting Kanban project management system to manage their projects more smartly. 

Here are some outstanding benefits you will get with Kanban Project Manager:

  • Break down the project into important segments
  • Visually monitor all the tasks and progress
  • Easily define priority, time duration, assignee and others
  • Accelerate the task management to meet deadlines
  • Easy to keep track of work progress
  • Diminish waste inspiring overall team productivity
  • Reduce the workload and give mental relief

Breaking Goals Down into Actionable Tasks:

In order to accomplish the main goal of a large project, you have to complete a list of tasks related to it. In Kanban Project Management you will get the chance to chop a big project into small pieces. And manage them individually throughout the project.

Kanban Project Manager

Thus it helps you to complete all the tasks in time as well as acquire the main goal. Also, it will be easy for you to find out all the obstacles that may bother you to reach the ultimate goal. So, you can fix them before they impact on the entire management system.

Reduce Waste

As you can overview and update the task status on kanban board so it is easy to handle all the resources efficiently. Therefore, there is less chance of wastage. Kanban system ensures the the reduction of waste in all aspects. It diminishes over-production, unnecessary motion, communication gaps, defects, over-processing and waiting. 

However, Kanban board makes it easier to find out the work status of your team members. So you can take the necessary steps to serve the project objectives in time. This feature ensures that teams don’t spend time doing unnecessary work.

Faster Problem Solving:

By using visualization, Kanban represents all the task details in-front of your eyes. So, you can define immediately what is actually happening in a project and who is responsible for that. So, you can easily identify the lacking that is pulling your system backward.

Kanban allows you to bring out all the problems and fix them by providing required assistance.

Minimize Cycle Time:

In Kanban methodology, the entire team put their best effort on reducing work backlogs. It ensures the smooth work flow throughout the project management. Visual representation influences the team members to take quick decision. Rather than wandering around they can focus on their tasks more specifically.

Therefore, beside diminish waste it allows your team to self-organize the visual process & workflows. As a result, they adopt the time management skills accordingly.

Speed up the Workflow:

Kanban Project Manager ensures a complete transparency about the work distribution as well as existing bottlenecks if any. On Kanban boards you can see the workflows depending on the complexity.

So, you can examine particular parts of the workflow to deliver the work on time. It leads to identify the hurdles on the path of progress and remove them. Hence it will accelerate the working process with better productivity.

Better Communication:

Kanban aids real-time communication among the team members. Specifically, you will get an optimized framework to associate with your co-workers immediately. So, it energizes your project by improving team alliance.

Furthermore the visual nature of Kanban Project Manager makes it easy & simple to execute. As team members don't face any extra hassle to adopt this system. So they can spontaneously use the new technique to improve team productivity.

6 Core Practices of Kanban Methodology in Project Management100

Kanban Project Manager

It is already well established that team communication and collaboration are crucial to get success in any project. Kanban technique significantly emphasizes the participation of team members in development. In order to get a smoother workflow you should follow six core practices when using Kanban.

Practice 1 – Visualize Your Work: Kanban system visualizes the entire work process with complete transparency and task status.

Practice 2 – Limit Work in Progress: It's also called WIP. It allows you to allocate the workload appropriately that one can able to handle.

Practice 3 – Manage Flow: It's all about improving the flow of a process so the lead-time is decreased. Lead-time refers the time limit from when you start working on a task until you are done with it.

Practice 4 – Make Policies Explicit: Every associated member should have clear idea on the policies and principles. That they can follow and suggest the improvement.

Practice 5 – Implementing Feedback Loops: You should measure and optimize the lead-time and collect customer feedback.

Practice 6 – Improve Collaboratively, Evolve Experimentally: Plan and execute an experiment and find out a new way of working based on the experiment result.

How to Use Kanban Boards of WordPress Project manager

WordPress Project Manager

At this present age, every organization prefers to integrate a smart Project Management Tool in their businesses. Project management software helps project managers and owners to ensure the proper distribution of time and resources. It may include task distribution, time tracking, budgeting, resource planning, scope constrain, team collaboration, and many more. So, you can meet the project goal on time.

According to a recent study 77% of high-performing projects use project management software. And this percentage is growing rapidly.

As a WordPress users you can smartly manage your projects from the site dashboard. However, WordPress Project Manager is a simple yet powerful open source Project Management tool. It may help you to manage work and deliver projects timely.

Moreover, it supports 9 interactive and intuitive modules that can boost your team productivity higher. Kanban Board is a pro module of WP Project Manager. This module lets you see all the tasks of a project and organize them in different boards according to their status just like Trello. Kanban Board add-on is developed based on the popular Kanban method of managing a project.

kanban board

WP Project Manager Kanban Board is the ultimate add-on that allows you to manage tasks based on their status. This add-on lets you see all the tasks of a project and organize them in different boards according to their status. Also, you can customize the board as you like.

Most amazingly, it is super easy to configure and manage WordPress Project Manager Kanban Board on your site. Let assume you have already activated WP Project Management Pro on your WordPress site. Now let see how to get kanban Board to organize your projects effectively.


In order to activate the Kanban Board Module navigate WP Admin Dashboard → Project Manager → Modules → Activate the Kanban Board.

Kanban Project Manager


Now you can access to your Kanban Board, go to Project Manager → Projects → Select any project you wish to view → Click on Task Lists tab.

After that, on the top right of the page, you will find two small bars one is horizontal and the other is vertical. Now, click on the vertical bars to see the Kanban board of your project.

Kanban Project Manager

After clicking on the vertical bar icon you will get the Kanban Board:

When you enable the Kanban Board Moduleyou will get four default boards: Open, In Progress, Done and Overdue. You have the full flexibility to customize your boards. It allows you to rename, add or delete a board with a click only.

Next, you can add new tasks on the individual board. In addition, you can edit a task, add subtasks and comment on a task. Thus you can explore go through this documentation to uncover all the amazing features indeed.

So utilizing the WP Kanban board the right way will help:

  • Visualize the task flow form your dashboard
  • Manage tasks based on their status
  • Organize all the task in different boards
  • Customize the board as per your demand within a few clicks only
  • keeps a bird's eye on team members performance

Hence, WordPress Project Manager along with Kanban Board Extension will make your workflow management easier than ever.


Kanban VS Scrum: How Kanban is Different from Scrum

As we have mentioned above, Kanban is a visual system for managing task-flow of a project. This intuitive method fosters continuous improvement, team collaboration, productivity and efficiency. On the other hand, Scrum is an agile process that helps to deliver the project output in the shortest time.

Depending on your business nature you may consider the following aspects. Give a quick glimpse of kanban VS Scrum before introducing a new Project Management approach:

Kanban is always open to make changes frequently.Scrum starts with sprint planning and ends up with sprint retrospective. No change is allowed in mid-sprint.
Work is pulled through the projectWork is pulled through the system in sprints.
No prescribed roles so flexibility in term of individual responsibilities.Pre-defined roles of Scrum master, Product owner and team member.
Products and processes are delivered continuously as per the requirement. So testing and review also goes on simultaneously.Deliverables are determined by sprints, so a set of work must be completed for review within the time period.
Ideal for teams with stable priorities that unlikely to change over time.More appropriate for projects with changing priorities.
Using cycle time or the exact time it takes to complete one full piece of a project to measure production.Using velocity to measure production through sprints.

Implement Kanban Project Manager the Right Way to Organize Task Better

Kanban's visual nature makes it superior over the other Project Management approach in recent days. It lets you and your team members get a better understanding of the work status. Furthermore, with this visual framework, it's easy to track the progress of all the projects and tasks.

However, Kanban stops you from dealing with unnecessary stuff. It helps you to maintain a balanced workflow. So, you can deliver more works without overloading your workers or extra burden.

Nevertheless, this modern approach guides you for continuous improvement and track the metrics with related components. Hence the visual Kanban Board assists the project managers to identify the logjams and fix them immediately. Therefore, smart integration of Project Management System along with Kanban Methodology will improve your team's productivity and workflow efficiency.

Digital Coupons: What, When & How to Create them to Ensure Desired Sales?

Whether you are operating an online store or a brick and mortar store coupons will always be one of the most tempting ways to accelerate sales. If you are an owner of an online store, you can leverage your sales with the help of coupons.

In this article, I will walk you through the concept of the digital coupons its creation, benefits, usage and how to create it in the easiest way.

So, grab a cup of tea, sit tight and go ahead…

How Digital Coupons Work

In case you did not know, a digital coupon is either discounts or promotions or offer or things like that is proffered to the prospective customers or to the current customers by an online store.

Offering coupons is an enticing way to prompt your customers nudging to purchase from your store as quickly as possible.

Why You Need to Create Coupons

Not only you need coupons to retain your loyal customers but you need it to gain more paying customers. Here are a few important statistics regarding digital coupons:

  • Coupons are used by 90% of consumers according to (Valassis)
  • Digital coupon redemptions are expected to be totaled at $91 billion by 2022. (Juniper Research)
  • mobile devices will account for 80% of coupon redemption by 2022. (Juniper Research)
  • By 2022, chatbot coupon volume is slated to have a spike of 1.1 billion. (Juniper Research)
  • Each month, more than 25 million Americans use coupon apps to save money. (ReadyCloud)

When You Need to Create Coupons

Now that you know the benefits of using coupons, you may want to deploy them on your website. To achieve the full benefits mentioned above, you need to use them for some special events. But when to deploy them on your store? Let's find out:

1. Attracting new customers

Using online coupons can be an exciting way to have a customer on board. You can show the coupons on your store when they are subscribing for the first time.

For example, you can welcome your customers to enjoy a certain amount of discount or give them free shipping service when they are purchasing for the first time.

Here is a real-life example from a marketplace, Aliexpress:

digital coupons

As coupons are responsible for quick conversions, make sure to employ them for your marketplace.

2. Introducing new product lines

When you are performing grand-launch of new products in your store people may be reluctant to buy them. That's because they feel suspicious about the newly rolled-out products' efficacy. In order to convince them you may have to impel them by giving discounts on presales.

A coupon code just help you do that!

digital coupons example for new product launch

Image Source: RetailMeNot

3. Getting rid of unwanted inventory

Trends are always evolving. If you can not sell out all your products during a particular trend, chances are very high that those inventories will remain unsold for a long time even for years. To avoid such a problem, using attractive coupons can be a cog in the machine.

digital coupons
Image Source: Groupon

How Can You Create Coupons?

Well! You can create coupons with different tools for your eCommerce marketplace. To create coupons for your eCommerce marketplace, effortlessly, you need the following tools:

As Dokan is a multivendor marketplace platform, you can let your vendors create coupons for their individual stores.

Supposing that you have installed WooCommerce, Dokan (free) and Dokan (Pro) on your WordPress website. Now that you have installed all the required items, your vendors can now create coupons for their individual stores.

Step 1: Go to the Vendor Dashboard

To create coupons, log in as a vendor on your Dokan and WooCommerce powered eCommerce website. After that, navigate to Vendor Dashboard->Coupons. Then click on Add New Coupon.

Step 2: Fill out the required fields

Now, you will have to fill out all the required fields like Coupon Title, Description, Discount Type, Amount, Email Restrictions, Usage Limit, Expire Date and many more options.

digital coupons

That is how you can effortlessly create coupons for your eCommerce store with Dokan and WooCommerce.

Here is how your coupon will look to the customers:

Now, if a customer visits your store he or she will be able to see the coupon code and its details:

digital coupons

For further resources, you can go through this documentation to learn about advanced terms like discount type, that is, whether the discount is fixed or having a percentage amount, and many more.

Looking forward with Digital Coupons

Creating coupons is effective both for online and physical stores. If you want to step up your sales volume there is no alternative to this amazing sales strategy.

If you are using Dokan and already creating coupons for your store then don't forget to share your hands-on experience with us in the comment section below.