Boost Your eCommerce Sales with Instagram (Guide for Entrepreneurs)

It may amaze you, in 2019 there are 3.48 billion social media users over the world.

So, what can be a better option to spread a buzz everywhere rather than social media?

On the other hand, online shopping also gets popular day by day due to its easy transaction, handful options, and quick Comparative Analysis

In this article, we will show you how to boost your eCommerce sales with popular social media like Instagram.

Social Media at a Glance

We live a life of ‘like and share' today.

On average people spend 2 hours 22 minutes on social media every day.

We get more engaged with the web of online world day by day.

From checking the current traffic of the highway to book an air ticket we rely on online services.

Social media broadens our surroundings and scope to share our views.

The increasing popularity of social media makes it an effective way to build a connection with your consumers.

You can promote your business on popular social media and reach your targeted audience very easily by increasing your visibility. on internet

Popular Social Media Platforms

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest etc.

Why Instagram is Important to Boost Your eShop

68% of Instagram users engage with brands regularly where for Facebook it's only 32%.

Instagram supports a simple way to share images and videos instantly from your life. As people love to visualize their imagination than just reading the plain text the popularity of Instagram is getting upward drastically.

In 2019, Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users, among them 500 million users daily log onto this social network and have active interaction.

Therefore, if you are an eShop owner and want to introduce your brand in front of your targeted audience, Instagram can be a wide platform for your brand awareness.

You have to increase your business visibility to get more customers to your shop.

Check this Top Instagram User Stats For Marketers here.

By posting your product updates on a popular platform you can ensure more customer interaction for your brand.

Moreover, Instagram users post more than 40 billion photos and share an average of 95 million videos and photos in a single day.

It allows the user easy mobile access for buying your products.

As a result, your brand voice gets louder here and attract more audience to your brand and convert them into a loyal customer.

For getting a larger audience and improve engagement reputed business owners rely on Instagram. It is the best way to promote their products and services.

Consequently, to get real consumer and increase your brand value you must include Instagram into your Social Media campaigns.

How to Improve eCommerce Sales with Instagram

 eCommerce Sales with Instagram

The main motive of every business is the same, spread the business arena among the target audience, make more loyal customers, increase sales, earn more revenue and grow business fast.

To get this ultimate goal you need to get more and more traffic to your eCommerce site.

If you can gain the trust of your audience they will convert into your potential customers and will work as a loyal review for your business.

For instance, Instagram gives you an opportunity to build a buyer community for your brand and showcase your products to them.

People love to get reviews from real users. Instagram allows them to interact with others who have already used your products or services.

A real-time conversation with product users or brand helps to build trust and it eventually broadens your loyal customer's list.

Create a Business Account on Instagram

75 percent of Instagram users take action, such as visiting a site, buying products or services, after liking a post on Instagram.

Therefore you have a high possibility to grow your business fast and convert the visitors to your potential customers easily.

Instagram allows you to open a business account which has some extra facilities to reach more consumers for your shop.

And it's completely free!

9 Steps to Prepare A Perfect Business Account on Instagram

  1. If you never use Instagram, first download the app from Apple iOS, Google Play, or Windows app stores.
  2. Launch the app, and create an account in one of two ways:
    Option 1: Sign up with your email address or phone number, and then enter a username.
    Option 2: If you have a Facebook account, you can log in with the same information and link the account.
  3. Go to your profile and tap Account.
  4. Tap Switch to Business Profile and select the Facebook Page you’d like to associate with your Business Profile
  5. Make sure your profile is set to Public. Note: Private accounts can’t switch to Business Accounts.
  6. Review your business’s contact information, make required changes and tap Done.
  7. Write your bio preciously that viewers can get an overview of your business. Add your website link here. Note: This is the only opportunity to include a clickable link that will create direct leads to your website.
  8. The more you expose, the chance of exposure will get high. In the settings menu, use the “Invite Facebook friends” option
  9. Now fill your gallery with related images and videos to communicate with your audience in your brand voice.

Add More Legit Followers on Instagram

If you can maintain your Insta right, it will help you to drive more traffic to your business site and eventually, they will become your loyal customer for your eShop.

Therefore, you must post high-quality and colorful images here that viewers can get a clear idea about your products from all dimension.

To boost your post and reach more people you must post something useful, unique, interesting, fun or something people get attracted. The more people get engaged with your post the more Instagram will spread the post to others.

Furthermore, use related hashtag # with your post as it will describe your brand or services and also your potential audience will find you easily.

For example, you sell shoes in your eShop and stock new product for the new year. Then you can post some amazing images of the new shoes along with the hashtag #NewArrival #Brandname #NewYearShoes etc.

You can tag someone by using the sign “@” to give a personal notification to that person. In that way, their audience will also see your post and your brand will get more engagements.

Be Strategic to Increase eCommerce Sales with Instagram

If you run a business for a specific location then add geo-tagging with your post that your potential buyers can find you when they search on Instagram by location.

It's a great way to build trust and get your neighborhood followers as your loyal buyers.

Remember one thing, the people search for a service by the location have a high possibility to get it immediately. So, it's easy to convert these type of people into regular consumers.

You can build a community consists of your targeted audience that you can easily introduce or expand any news or offers regarding your business very swiftly.

Partnership with those who offer complementary products or services to your business can be a potent way to gain more trust in increasing buyers satisfaction and get them to stick on your service.

Increase User Interaction with Engaging Content

The only way of spreading any business widely to give the best experience to your buyers.

In Instagram, you have to publish your business-related post that is useful to the readers. And it must be a media file as I have already told Instagram users are more likely to come for visual pleasure.

Always offer something better than your competitors and find out the requirements of your consumers. If you can post according to their needs, it will increase their trust in your brand.

If need goes for open conversation with them. Get an honest review from the users and be polite with them either it's positive or not.

What can be a better option to get reviews from potential buyers than Instagram?

You can arrange some contest or Giveaways to make your audience closer to your brand. In present days it's a very common event for Social Media Marketers to attract their consumers by offering some tempting coupons or special gifts.

If you can make them use your product one time and they get satisfied with your service, there is a high possibility to convert them into your lifetime advisor.

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram influencer marketing is one of the quickest growing consumer acquisition systems agreed by around 40% of the marketer. As a billion-dollar market, it is the future of product promotion.

But as a new user, you may have some doubt about the ROI. Most of the marketer find it effective around 80% cases.

Instagram influencer marketing is not a basket of film stars activity.

It is more about the people who create great content and communicate with their followers. They are very much knowledgeable about the content and topic.

However, they know better about the audience.

The most convenient way to find the real influencer for your niche is asking help to Google. You can also ask help from some websites like Hello Society, Revfluence, BuySell Shout out, etc.

While selecting the influencer, you must be careful about the engagement rate. The high engagement rate means the influencer has a better understanding of the audience.

If an influencer has around 100K followers with 3 engagement score, it gives the opportunity to get sales for 300 unit. Specific Instagram account have their followers and engagement requirement to become an influencer.

Advertising on Instagram for Your eShop

Instagram is a proven way to drive traffic to eCommerce websites, generate sales leads for your eShop and promote your business effectively.

Instagram has its own set of the community who are very active and decide seeing ads on Instagram.

After integration with Facebook, the opportunity of the Instagram ads increase to reach more people.

The USA is the largest market in the world where 35% of people use Instagram. 75% among them decide from the Instagram ads or visit the link.

The best option for Instagram CPC needs around $0.8 at an average.

There are five types of Instagram ads like Video, Photos, Stories, Collections, Carousel, etc. The easiest way to add links to your eShop relevant product with each ad.

For eShop, the Carousel Advertising system is most suitable because it contains both information sharing and call to action purchasing.

As Instagram is a product of Facebook, you can advertise either through a business page or through direct Instagram.

For advertising about eShop on Instagram, you should take care of the following lines-

  • You must have a complete understanding of your audience.
  • As there is a limitation of using words on Instagram, you should be very careful and try to create something to satisfy your mind.
  • Hashtagging is one of the best marketing features of Instagram which can boost traffic 26%.
  • Try to reach your customers by using direct and passive engagement.
  • You should be consistent for all of your ads
  • Regular evaluate the performance and optimize the ads accordingly.

Engaging more customers is easy on Instagram than Facebook and Twitter. You do not need to put high effort to make eShop popular.

Only a few wise and tricky part can help you to grow the eShop business to a sustainable level.

Power of Instagram Analytics

It's not enough to post engaging content or giving paid ads, you should have a clear knowledge over the performance of your brand on Instagram.

  • Which type of posts works better?
  • What time or season is best for potential audience reach?
  • How relevant was the audience of the influencer you paid to?
  • What is the quality of traffic referred by Instagram?

You can optimize your business profile and increase the possibility to grab reliable buyers for your eShop by analyzing your business account performance through Instagram Insight.

It's a built-in facility of Instagram as soon as you convert your account into business profile it appears automatically in the right upper corner of your profile with a bar graph icon.

If you can able to track the analytical result properly and execute your next strategies according to the insight you will definitely grow eventually and drive more buyers for your business.

  • Find those post which gets more likes, comments, and share
  • Notice the time and days when you get the maximum number of audience.
  • If some of your posts get less like or comment but still drive traffic for your shop then improve the quality of the image and post them in the peak time
  • If you get regular visitors from any specific area or community, you better post something special targeting them to make them more attached to your brand.

Instagram insight is a useful add-on to monitor the growth toward your company goal. It helps you to grow fast and get more buyers for your eShop by executing your plan in an effective way.

Tools to Boost eCommerce Sales with Instagram

You can use different free yet useful tools to amplify the user experience.

Photo Editors: You must use a high-quality image on Instagram as your follower intent to judge your brand through visualization.

You can use Canva or Aviary if you don't have enough knowledge of photo editing. If you want something more professional and unique Adobe Photoshop will be the best option for you

Hashtag research: This tool is useful to find the relevant Hashtag for your business.


You can also use tools regarding schedule your post, repost the content, generate reports and so on.

You can offer your followers some easy ways to interact directly with your brand.

Send a direct message on Instagram DM if they show interest to your product

Use the short link of landing page with the post but remember you can't make it clickable.

Maintain continuity in post type and time

Before Ending

Instagram becomes a broaden platform for throwing your brand voice to your target audience. You can easily take advantage of its active and engaged users to reach your potential buyers and generate sales.

You need a powerful online presence to get more traffic on your site. Our proven Instagram marketing tips will help you to convert more viewers into your regular customer and you will get more hits on your shopping cart.

12 UX Design Trends You Will See In 2020

These days there's no doubt in the fact that tablets, smartphones, and other digital devices have become an integral part in our life.

In fact, the way in which the technological world is emerging, it has become a quintessential philosophy to serve a user needs with the best experience on the several digital platforms he or she may use.

User experience includes all aspects of the end user’s interaction with the business, its products, and its services.

Now, in a case, if you're the one who's wondering that what UX is then here're the answers for all the likely questions. Primarily,

UX means having a complete understanding of all the users, this includes knowing what users need, how they want everything to be carried out, what are their abilities, limitations and so on.

Why Is It Important To Follow-Up with UX Design Trends

UX design trends

UX takes into consideration the profit of the users and service providers as well. UX principally aims at continuous improvisation of the quality of the user’s experience with the digital interface and perceptions of the product and any similar services.

User Experience has been the major focus of the design plans recently. Commerce now make use of Data Analysis, Business Intelligence, and many other tactics along with a superfluous User Experience (UX) to make sure that the users are getting crafted experiences for their needs.

Earlier there were so many different trends which were used but now in 2020, there are many of those which have taken a new place into the list.

In this post, I've picked out some of the most intriguing trends for this year.


Before starting, just have a look at the list below. I've covered top UX design trends of this year and it will also let you understand the recent UX best practices.

  1. Responsive UX
  2. Liquid graphics
  3. Photo Driven Interfaces
  4. Dark Themes
  5. Illustrations
  6. Implementing Material Design
  7. Creative loaders
  8. Custom 3d graphic: animated and static
  9. Minimalism
  10. Promote Video Content
  11. Personalized Content
  12. UX Design for Business Models

Responsive UX

Gone are the times of ‘mobile-friendly’ sites. These days, in the quickly growing design business, it is essential to be Device Agnostic. It is no longer going to be a choice for companies to make the UX for any specific platform.

Responsive UX is necessary for companies that strive to be successful in this digital era.

The purpose for UX Design in 2020 should be to provide a seamless experience the each and every user irrespective of the device which he or she is been using.

Liquid graphics

Liquid graphics are something which is becoming more digitized. In 2020, numerous web designers are planning to go ahead with this trend so as to bring more complex forms of colors in the real digitalized world.

Liquid graphics in UX design trends

In fact, these days liquid graphics, chromatic forms, and holographic are so much in trend that you find them everywhere so adding them would surely work great.

Photo Driven Interfaces

As mobile screens are getting bigger, their viewing experiences vary too. Focus can be shifted from utilizing merely vectors and symbols to real-time pictures. Photography is an essence in the area of design and a perfect combination in images and UX Design can be viewed out for in 2020.

The purpose is not to puzzle users with lots and lots of pictures. You need to maintain substantial margins, spacing, whitespaces, and color balance.

Dark Themes

The dark themes began to predominate after the Mojave update was issued. Dark side interests users and world-known organizations have issued software updates having dark themes.


Incorporate illustrations: Hand-drawn illustrations, vectors, graphics, pictures in the UXD to add character and playfulness to your brand.
Illustrations enhance the artistic value of the screen, append to the look and feel as well as maintain the users to relate to the content on the screens.

Implementing Material Design

With the enlightenment of Material Design in 2014, it revamped the way UX was created. Easy, minimalistic, vibrant but complex color palettes, typography, all transformed the system screens viewed and were considered.

We need to now desperately go from the brightness and blandness of flat design to liveliness, crispness, enhanced interactivity, intricate textures, and designs, the flexibility of design to different devices, customization, and a user-centric approach courtesy Material Design.

Creative loaders

Not for the initial year motion design holds in trends. People like funny, flexible animation. The UI design also practices motion in various loading situations.

Complex, unengaging animation hooks a user, which thereby affects the overall user experience.

Custom 3d graphic: animated and static

The 3D design is one more noticeable trend. Presently it’s not just a static design but more an animated 3d graphic.

3d graphic in UX design trends

Several simulations of natural elements, the flow of objects and mind-blowing combinations of things in compositions pique users’ attention and make them stay.


In opposition to the resurgent color schemes successful in 2018, the minimalist design is evolving. The austerity of the interfaces is determined by the stock companies, featuring the static nature, elitism and the high quality of their products and services.

Minimalism is accomplished by utilizing a monochrome shade palette and clear fonts.

Promote Video Content

Advertising Video Content is one of the trends which numerous people are likely to involve in UXD in 2020.

Rather overwhelming a user to see 4-5 sections on What We Do, Why Us, About Us, go for employing a 1–2 mins of a video describing all you desire to convey to your users.

Promote video content by applying UX design best practices

Well, over here you can make a video which would be clear, short, and succinct.

Personalized Content

This is of utmost importance. According to one report, 37% of clients who quit business associations do so because personalization is missing.

Usually, many users tend to prefer interfaces that are personalized as per their preference and choices. The great part is that personalization really continues to appeal to the whole human nature and requirements.

Content marketing through UX best practices
Image Source: Edubirdie

Catering to the clients’ requirements based on their former communications in giving personalized user experiences is a trend that hit up in 2018-mid widely.

Personalization in UXD is effective. The purpose is that as it learns and modifies, personalizing your UX offering can happen in productive activities.

UX Design for Business Models

Creating your UX according to the company model of your customer: B2B, B2C, C2C, and Hybrid is very vital. Unfortunately, several companies today are yet blind to the potential of fulfilling those right UX tactics that will add on to their companies’ value.

UX design best practices for business

When a company abandons to shine on a digital network, it’s the time you know that it is necessary to spend more time into UX to get that value to your company. The proper accomplishment of the UX Design assists your business to know how to understand your business and your stock(s).

It also enables them to get a sight of your brands to feel and if or not you will be a perfect fit in the opposition. When more and more users discover your site/ app’s UX pleasant, they’ll keep reaching back.

Final Words

After going through all this, I can certainly say that the UX design trends in the forthcoming 2020 will be completely understandable, accessible and simple.

So, this is something which is actually going to work great in favor of businesses and people. I hope this post assists you as you create your User Experience.

This post is written by Liza Kosh. She is known for her tremendous contribution as a senior writer who loves to share her views on upcoming technology and the market trends. She is now associated with a UI-UX design services providing company based in the USA as a content strategist.

AI-powered marketing tools or Machine learning tools for marketers

Artificial Intelligence is one of the greatest evolution in technology. This is because it has the potential to affect every aspect of our lives. From manufacturing to the media, science and technology, medicine, advertising, marketing, etc.

It has changed the way we do things and artificial intelligence is here to stay. No wonder smart marketers and business owners all around the world are embracing this great innovation in their marketing campaigns.

Artificial intelligence (AC) can be seen all around us from Siri to google translate, self-driving cars, robots performing human functions, etc

Also, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, digital marketers can now perform tasks that were once impossible, cumbersome or requires lots of manpower at the click of a button.

No wonder some of the best organizations in the world have embraced artificial intelligence and machine learning into their marketing endeavor.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) at a Glance

AI tools

Artificial Intelligence is the science of building machines or programs that are capable of simulating or carrying out human activities. It gives machines the power to perform some tasks which were once impossible for machines, machines can learn from past experience, profer solutions and perform tasks better based on past knowledge.

AI involved the whole process of machine learning, reasoning, self-correction, problems solving and improving task based on past knowledge and experience.

In a simple sentence, it involves the whole process of a machine carrying out activities that involve human intelligence

Examples of AI Applications

  • Self Driving cars
  • Automation
  • Machine learning
  • Machine Vision
  • Robotics
  • Facial recognition
  • Translation  
  • Transcription
  • Digital Virtual Assistance
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Medical Diagnosis

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

1. It helps in automation of complex processes

2. Results are more accurate

3. It is faster, effective and efficient

AI-powered marketing tools

Science and Technology are changing the world it has changed the way marketing is done but artificial intelligence is the future of marketing it will help automate a complex task that was once impossible.

Marketers and business owners all over the world are adopting smarter ways to optimize and improve their marketing strategies. No wonder there is an increase in artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to improve marketing endeavors.

One of the major challenges is most marketers are data rich but have not idea how to translate these data to usable formats thereby leading to frustration, but with the right Artificial intelligent marketing tools. You can read, understand, breakdown and optimize these data into a more usable format.

With an increase in customer choices, competitions, marketing channel, etc it can be a very difficult task optimizing each of these manually but with Artificial Intelligence, it is easy to automate the customer journey all the way from marketing to advertising, drawing up the campaigns, engagement, communication, etc

Artificial Intelligence can help marketers keep track, analyze, automate and optimize customer data without human interaction.

Analytics tools


Albert- artificial intelligence tools

This is one of the best artificial intelligent marketing tools that help to design tailor-made campaigns which uses AI to automatically sort the data. It is self-learning, data-driven digital marketing tool which can analyze data seamlessly and optimizing it with sets goals and objectives.

It works based on an unprecedented self-learning algorithm which improves the overall effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns by integrating into your existing marketing tools. Albert leverage on the existing information, it can track and provide an in-depth analysis based on the information provided.

It helps to define strategies for your digital creatives and also helps in measuring and tracking your campaigns.


Nudge- AI tools for marketing

This is one of the best tools for maintaining relationship intelligence with users.  It helps to measure the sales activities of your team or department. With Nudge, you can run a deal risk analytics that helps you measure where your team lacks the relationship to win a deal.

It also helps you increase upsell and growth. It is used by top professionals from some of the worlds most successful companies like Shopify, CenturyLink, Autodesk, etc  


Sensai is a social media marketing tools that provide insight and report that analyses the effectiveness of your posts. It combines the power of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to enhance insights, task, workflows while helping you influence real-time decisions thereby creating a personalized digital experience.

Sensai is data-driven and highly detailed analytical tools that help you understand which post is getting the highest engagement from your target audiences on social media like Instagram and Twitter. It also provides a detailed analysis of your social media result.

Sensai is used by top Corporation like Sky UK and Swisscom.

Content Marketing Tools


Grammerly- artificial intelligence powered tools for content creation

Grammarly is one of the most popular artificial intelligence content marketing tools. Imagine a tool that is capable of correcting mistakes, making suggestions on the use of words and correcting grammatical blunder. Like a scanner, Grammarly app reads through your content and make suggestions based on the content you’ve created.


AI tools- acrolix

Acrolinx helps you create personalized and engaging contents. With Acrolinx you can align the content with the set guidelines and you can analyze the performance of your entire content operation. It has the ability to read and access your comment and profer suggestions on how to make it better.

Acrolinx uses natural language processing to provide smart suggestions for your content using word processing. Acrolinx is used by top organizations like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Lenovo, Philips, Cisco, Nestle, etc


artificial intelligence tools

This is one of the most powerful cross channel artificial intelligent platforms that allow you to manage all your digital campaigns in one platform offering a cross channel intelligence on search, social media, e-commerce, and apps. It is a cross channel intelligent audience targeting tool.


artificial intelligence tools

This is a powerful content creation tool used by the likes of Forbes and Associated press for creating content on their platforms. Articoola uses different algorithm to gather, analyze and reconstruct texts providing accurate, unique and articulate texts.

With articoola you can get the texts ready within minutes providing you with unique plagiarism and error free article. It has the power to create unique contents from scratch without human efforts.

E-mail marketing


artificial intelligence tools

This is an artificial intelligence email marketing platform that can help automate email marketing campaigns that are tailored to your target audience. It is an automated email campaign tool that helps to automate email campaign and conversion with potential customers. This service is being used by CenturyLink, The Los Angeles film School, Epson, etc


artificial intelligence tools

Optimal uses a special Artificial Intelligence that automatically changes the content, timing and personalization to increase the engagement and open rate of an email campaign giving you the flexibility create tailored email campaigns that meet individual clients needs.

This tool uses the power of Artificial intelligence to automate your email marketing campaigns by automatically editing the content, time and personalize email campaigns to boosts engagements and results.

Social Media Management Tools


Cortex- AI powered tools

The cortex is an all In one Artificial Intelligent social marketing tool that offers data analysis, insights and full automation.  

This is a content creation tool which can predict how humans react to certain contents or posts, make recommendations based on users behavior and can also interpret and provide you with a more in-depth analysis and a better social media campaign. It helps in analyzing and scheduling images, videos, text through machine learning recommendations.


artificial intelligence tools- Conversocial

This is a powerful artificial intelligence application that helps to improve users and clients experience when they visit your social media pages. It provides real-time engagement and answers to questions on your social media pages. Giving a real-time one on one customer experience. Conversocial has the likes of BBC, Tesco, Google and Audi as some of their clients.


AI marketing tools- sysomos

This is another powerful social media Artificial intelligence tool that helps gain useful insight into how brands are performing across different social media sites by providing visualized information and how much campaign efforts generated in terms on return on investment (ROI).

Chatbot Artificial Intelligence

Getting your communication strategy right should be one of the many goals of your digital marketing campaigns. With chatbots, you can respond to client enquiries swiftly even when you are not online. Chatbots have made automation and communication so easy with pre-written messages and machine learning such that when customers ask questions, they get immediate responses.

Answer Bot

This is one of the most powerful chatbot application, it uses a special technique by combining machine learning and intelligence with the content in your Zendesk knowledge base to answer customers queries. Once it receives customers questions it scans for answers from the knowledge base and suggests relevant post or articles to the client and in the case where there is no relevent article, it automatically routes the user to human agent.


Xenioo- artificial intelligence tools

This is a chatbox creation platform that doesn’t require any form of coding or programming knowledge. You can instantly create super-intelligent chatbots for your website or social media pages like facebook, twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Whatsapp, etc  Xenioo is a multilingual chatbot that can understand and translate complex language structures.

It also helps solve the multi-language translation barrier.


Aivo- powerful artificial intelligence tools

Aivo is another artificial intelligent chatbot that helps to power customer service by providing real-time text, images or voice.

It can also be integrated with different third-party platforms to give an awesome customer experience.

Returning to You

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small e-commerce store in America, Africa, Asia, Australia or Europe you will find a perfect artificial intelligence tool that can help make marketing automation easier and create a personalized customer experience.

What are your opinions, views, and fears of using artificial intelligence in your digital marketing campaign? Let us know in the comment section.

Drive More Traffic From Social Networking Sites by Retargeting Your Lost Customers

Do you want to remarket your products and services? Or are you planning for an online campaign to retain your lost customers?

If yes, then you are in the right place. Be sure that ‘Retargeting campaign’ can help you to achieve these goals.

Retargeting is a type of online marketing that utilized digital marketing tools and platforms to retain customers.

Retargeting essentially focuses on getting back the customers who have visited your website but did not make any purchase.

Accordingly, the customers who show a little interest in your products are retargeted for adding them to the sales funnel. These customers are somehow aware of your products, and an effective retargeting campaign can help you to retain these customers.

Retargeting campaign

So, retargeting ads and campaigns require lesser efforts and resources to make new customers because the customers are already familiar with your products.

Interestingly, businesses also apply retargeting tools and processes to retain the lost customers such as a customer who have purchased a product in the past but did not come back. In the same way, companies also retarget customers on social media sites to drive more traffic for their websites which is effective in making new sales.

How Retargeting Works

Retargeting works on technical grounds by creating a list of customers through embedded JavaScript tags. All you have to do is to write a small JavaScript code and embed it on your website. The code works without disruptions because it is small and it runs in the background without the notice of the users.

Retargeting campaign

What good does this code bring for you?

The code maintains a list of visitors on your website. Ultimately, the retargeting ads providers will display ads to your customers on other websites to increase their interest in your products. You can also retarget your customers exclusively on social media sites to drive more traffic.

Why Retargeting is Essential to Get Back Your Lost Customers

Normally, only 2 % of customers make purchases on the first visit to a website. The rest of the customers are not sure about their choices, price to quality ratio of your products and the authenticity of your brand. For this purpose, you need to give a push to these customers so that they would come back to your website.

Retargeting campaign

So, how would you like it if you convert a visitor into a customer rather than a naïve person who does not even know about your brand?
Therefore, retargeting is essential to get back your customers because it requires less resource, generates huge traffic on your website and converts the already interested visitors into customers.

With an increase in the number of social media users, social media sites have become popular for retargeting ads. A large number of active social media users can bring good luck for businesses which are eager to retain their customers.

Here, take look at amazing statistics related to active social media users:

Retargeting campaign through social media

So, retargeting campaigns has become more interesting after an increase in the number of social media users because the competition between the companies is high and everyone wants the lion’s share in sales.

Now, take a look at these important things to consider while you retarget your customers.

7 Things to Consider While a Retargeting Campaign

Adjust the Advertising Frequency

Advertising Frequency is something that most of the advertisers neglect. There is a wrong perception that businesses need more and more retargeting ads to engage the customers. However, this perception creates negative advertising.

Take yourself as an example and imagine if you are targeted with ads every time you open social media networking sites?

Isn’t it annoying or frustrated?

So, you need to adjust the advertising frequency to keep continuity and persistence in the retargeting campaign. The visitors should be targeted with two to three ads per day. You cannot put all the visitors under this criteria. However, I have made it simple for you so that you get an overview of how to retarget the visitors with ads.

The best example of advertising frequency adjustment can be drawn from Pizza Hut which has modified the retargeting ads and only targets its customers with an appropriate amount of ads per day.

Retargeting campaign example- pizza hut

Keep Track of Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey is the process through which a buyer goes from initial visit to purchasing. You must keep an eye on the buyer's journey to facilitate him throughout the buying process. Through this process, you convert a potential buyer into a customer. For instance, Starbucks keep track of buyer journey to strategies retargeting campaigns.

Retargeting campaign example- starbucks

So, a buyer’s journey can facilitate you in propagating you retargeting campaigns!

It is more like a sales funnel through which a buyer is converted into a customer. The retargeting strategies are an essential part of this journey. So, whether you are working to remarket your products for visitors or you are retargeting your lost customer, you can always utilize a buyer’s journey to make retargeting plans easy for you.

Here are some of the steps of a buyer's journey you may need to keep an eye

  • Create awareness about your brand
  • Create a sense of familiarity between the buyer’s choice and your products
  • Make your remarketing ads worthy enough so that the buyer considers them
  • Shift your potential buyers into the purchasing process
  • Make customers loyal towards your brand

Retarget Your Customers Using Social Media Networking Sites

Social media networking sites have become popular because billions of users use social media daily. The digital marketing strategies of businesses, companies, and brands nowadays contain social media marketing plans as an essential component.

So, keeping in mind a large number of social media users, you should focus your retargeting ads on them. The social media sites have already grabbed users’ attention. Accordingly, it is quite easy for businesses to remarket their products on social media because they do not need to start from scratch and attract users to a platform where they would apply retargeting ads.

So, start to modify your retargeting campaigns for social media sites.

You can guide your retargeting providers about your social media retargeting strategy to keep the things working by your remarketing plans. For instance, Uber retargets its customers on social media sites for better response.

Here is a look at Uber’s social media ad:

Retargeting campaign example- Uber

Make Creative Ads for Retargeting

Creativity is crucial to the marketing process. It is vital when you need to attract customers on social media sites. So, you should develop creative remarketing ads for the enhanced promotion of your brand. There is a long list of essential to be considered while making a creative ad.

However, we have made it easy for you by shortlisting some of the fundamental components of creative ads including:

  • Make your ads simple
  • Use customer-friendly content
  • Include high-quality dynamic images and videos
  • Include relevant content with details
  • Focus on creative ideas to make ads

So, creativity is everything when it comes to remarketing because your customer wants to listen and see something different from you. For instance, Nivea advertises the Nivea Night Cream with a creative advertisement which grabs customer’s attention. Here is a look:

Retargeting campaign example- Nivea

Make Priority List of Target Audience

The target audience is already trimmed with retargeting process discusses above. However, you need to attach priority to different target audiences based on their interaction with your website. In this regard, you can take the help of retargeting tools for making a precise list of visitors.

This strategy can save your money and resources of retargeting. With this technique, you will always end up getting a lot of customers onboard. It works on the basic principle of setting priorities for visitors who visited your website once, twice or thrice. Accordingly, the customer who visited thrice has more potential of making sales than the other one who visited only once.

For example, McDonald‘s retarget its customers by assigning priority based on customer interaction. Here is a look at McDonald’s advertisement:

Include emotional factor in retargeting ads

Here is a question for you!

What you seek in an advertisement?

Probably, you find an advertisement related to yourself when you would see an emotional element that is related to you. So, this is a strong strategy and component of retargeting ads to include emotional factors that attract the customers.

Nike’s advertisement presents an emotional factor to retarget its customers. Colin Kaepernick can be seen in this advertisement as an emotional factor with a quotation to motivate Nike’s customers. The motivational factor will be attached to several people who want to achieve something big in their life just like Colin.

Suggested Tools for Driving More Traffic from Social Media Sites by Retargeting Customers

There is a long list of tools that can help you to drive more traffic from social media sites. However, this article will provide you a list of three most utilized and effective tools that are used for retargeting customers on social media sites and other digital marketing platforms.

  • Google AdWords
  • Adroll
  • Facebook Retargeting with Custom Audience

These tools have different features that provide you the best retargeting techniques to engage a large number of customers.

Wrapping up on Retargeting Campaign

Retargeting has a lot of potentials to drive traffic from social media sites. A lot of users on social media sites get attracted to advertisements.

Interestingly, social media users also find advertisements because they also want to see products and service that are relevant to them. However, it is not as easy as it looks because the social media traffic needs a diversion which is provided with retargeting ads.

The retargeting ads create curiosity in customers to go back and scroll down a website for products of their choice. In this way, the businesses get the chance to retain their customers.

Accordingly, social media traffic is diverted to websites and sales are increased. Therefore, you should apply these retargeting techniques to convert your customers.

So, what is your favorite technique to drive more traffic from social media sites? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Why & How to Utilize a WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Tool

If you have a WooCommerce store, you must track every facet of your website so as to keep it optimized constantly. Unfortunately, there is not any dedicated tool that can help you do so effortlessly.

Luckily, with the WooCommerce Analytics Conversion Tracking tool, you can not only measure your website's metrics but can also use them to adjust your website's performance through techniques like retargeting your lost visitors or giving the most user-friendly experience to a certain group of visitors.

Now, let's go ahead and learn why and how you should measure WooCommerce Conversions.

So, Why Should You Utilize WooCommerce Conversions?

Here are the use-cases if you can measure the WooCommerce events:

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking
  • You can use metrics like “Add to Cart“, “Add to Wishlist” and “Initiate Checkout” to retarget those visitors.
  • Use the Metric, ‘Purchase‘ to upsell or cross-sell your products.
  • Use the “Complete Registration” event to target visitors with Google Ads and emails.
  • Use the “Search Product” and the “View Product Category” to provide the most user-friendly experience to the visitors showing the relevant products that the visitor is interested in.

What Are the Events of Your WooCommerce Website You Should Gauge?

If you want to track the conversions of your WooCommerce website, you will have to measure certain KPIs. They are:

  1. Add to Cart: Get to know how many visitors are adding to their cart in your store.
  2. Initiate Checkout: See the whole picture of the number of people who are initiating checkout.
  3. Purchase: Know how many people are making purchases on your WooCommerce store.
  4. Complete Registration: You can also get to know how many visitors are completing registrations on your site.
  5. View Product: Visitors who are viewing certain products.
  6. View Product Category: You can see product categories that are viewed for a certain number of times.
  7. Search Product: You can determine products that are searched by the visitors.
  8. Add To Wishlist: You can track products that are added to wishlist by the visitors.

With a WooCommerce eCommerce Conversion Tracking tool, you can easily gauge these events.

How to Utilize the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Tool?

Not to mention, the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking tool works as the integrated tool of WooCommerce and works in tandem.

In order to use the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking tool, you can follow this process:

Go to the WP Admin Dashboard > Plugins > Add New. Now search for the keyword, “WooCommerce Conversion Tracking“. After that install and activate just like any other WordPress plugin.

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

Navigate to WP Admin Dashboard > WooCommerce > Conversion Tracking > Integrations (Tab). After that, turn on the toggle bars for each platform you want to use.

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

In the free version, you will get 4 platforms. They are:


Turn on the toggle bar for Facebook, then insert the Facebook Pixel ID. Then you will get the following events to track for free:

  • Add to Cart
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Purchase
  • Complete Registration
WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

However, you will also find some pro features in the premium version. They are:

  • View Product (premium)
  • View Product Category (premium)
  • Search (premium)
  • Add to Wishlist (premium)

Google Adwords

After turning on the Google Adwords toggle bar, you will find the following events to track:

  • Purchase (free)
  • Complete Registration (premium)

Get the Account ID and paste it in the box. Now, if you are using the free version, you will be able to track only the ‘Purchase' event. The other option, ‘Complete Registration‘ is available in the Pro version.

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

If you are wondering how to get the Event Labels for Google Adwords then get help from this documentation.


Turn on the Twitter toggle bar and you will get these events to track:

  • Purchase (free)
  • Add to Cart (premium)
  • Complete Registration (premium)

All you have to do is to check the events and use the universal tag ID to make it work.

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

The other events, “Add to Cart” and “Complete Registration” are available in the Pro version.

Perfect Audience (Premium)

The perfect audience is a pro feature in WooCommerce Conversion Tracking. Turn on the toggle bar to use it.

With this channel, you can track the following events:

  • View Product
  • Add to Cart
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Purchase
  • Complete Registration

All you have to do is to use the Advertised ID from the Perfect Audience and paste it in the following box.

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

Bing Ads AKA Microsoft Ads (Premium)

WooCommerce Bing Ads Conversion Tracking is also a pro feature in WooCommerce Conversion Tracking tool. The only thing that you have to do is to collect the UET tag ID and paste it in the box.

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

With this platform, you can track only the ‘Purchase‘ events on your WooCommerce website.

Adding Custom Platforms

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

If you want to add any platform outside of these Facebook, Google Adwords and Twitter you can use this option. You can get help from this documentation for any custom integration.

Please note that each time you make changes, don't forget to save those changes.

Bear in Mind

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking greatly helps you track your WooCommerce website's all the necessary events. The best part is that you don't have waste time by coding manually.

If you can get to see the data altogether, you can measure the weaker areas of your website and thus adjust those problems accordingly. If a free WordPress plugin comes up with these amazing functionalities, there is no reason a WooCommerce website owner is not going to adopt it.

How To Build A Startup Sales Strategy (With Top 5 Brands’ Case Studies)

Are you thinking of a startup? Do you find it difficult to take the initiative and become an entrepreneur?

If you are planning a startup and you encounter challenges; you need an introductory guide that would help you to devise an effective startup sales strategy.

Your sales strategy must comply with the digital marketing strategy. You need a marketing plan that helps you to generate leads and convert them into sales. So, our marketing tips for startups will provide you with the necessary helping material that can be implemented to get the most our out of your marketing strategy and business plan.

So, are you ready to take a look at marketing tips for small business owners? Or do you need help with your sales strategy?

Well, it is not so difficult, and we will make it quite easy and interesting for you. These tips are simple and easy. They help you to grab new opportunities through marketing immediately.

So, sit back and take a look at these tips that we have made easy for you.

If you haven't a marketplace yet, don't worry. We have articles that would guide you on how to easily build a marketplace and how to customize it with free tools.

Provide Appropriate Details about Your Products and Services

Your customers are your business support. Take them as a business pillar. Make things easy for them. Look back and remember the last time when you were a customer?

Did not you need details about the products and services when you were a customer?

Same thing goes for your customers. They are eager to learn about the things you sell. So, provide the best details and make things easy for them.
Your customers always love to hear from your company or brand. So, devise your startup sales strategy accordingly and add minor details that can facilitate customer’s understanding.

Want to facilitate your customers more?

Do not include irrelevant details in online advertisements. Make appropriate use of digital marketing strategy. The irrelevant details lose customer focus.

Be Precise!

Do not add the products and services that are not relevant or are in the planning stage. The customer needs accurate details. So, as an entrepreneur, you need to focus on minor things and make them useful for your customers. The incorrect details may disappoint your customers. So, there are chances that the customer would not come back to your platform because he did not get appropriate details about your products and services.

Take a look at how Forever21 has made provided a simple and detailed view of products and services to the customers:

Startup sales strategy

Use a Sales Funnel

Using a sales-funnel help you to track a customer’s journey towards sales. It is an important part of marketing tips for small business owners. So, the entrepreneurs must utilize sales funnel to maximize sales and keep track of changes in marketing strategies based on customer’s reaction.

Let’s take a look at how it works?

Sales funnels are used to generate leads and converting them into customers. The sales funnel process includes:

  • Lead Generation
  • Understanding the Aspects of Lead Generation
  • Implementing Lead Scoring
  • Examining Customer’s Behavior
  • Implementing Marketing Strategies
  • Converting Leads into Sales

Lead generation in sales funnels determines the quality of a lead. The further steps ensure customer's behavior and his tendency to interact with the company or brand.

So, you will get an overview of the customer's response. And you can make a comprehensive marketing strategy to focus on your leads rather than focusing on a large number of customers.
Let’s check the advantages of sales funnel!

  • Sales funnels save marketing and financial resources by telling about the quality of leads.
  • You can always have a look on customer activities.
  • You can keep track of customers for remarketing your products and services.

Here is an example of Drift, a live chatting service utilizing the sales funnels!

Startup sales strategy

Implement a Customer Management System

Customer data is an important aspect of digital marketing strategy. A startup must focus on customer data for the implementation of marketing and sales strategy. The startup sales strategy is based on a customer's interaction with the brand or company.

So, do you want your customers’ data integrated with your sales strategy? Or you need to compile customers’ data for updating your marketing plan?
Customer management system (CMS) is your thing!

CMS is an integrated management system that keeps a record of sales, customer interactions including feedbacks and customer data. So, you must implement a CMS to make things easy for you. You can always search and check for a particular customer in the CMS.

What else Can CMS Do for You?

A CMS is connected with databases, and customer interaction at every level with your company or brand is stored in the CMS. Accordingly, you can always keep track of customer data which helps you to make them loyal.
CMS can be used for remarketing purposes!

You can take a look at recent and past interactions of customers through CMS. So, preferably, you must remarket your products and services to those customers who are somehow distanced from your brand for a while.
To get the most out of CMS, follow these steps:

  • Make CMS simple and easy to use for employees.
  • Integrate digital marketing strategy with CMS.
  • Apply effective synchronization tools.
  • Keep the data updated.
  • Keep track of loyal customers

Here is an example of wellsfargo with an integrated CMS:

Make Strategic Partners

Strategic partners are helpful for the promotion of products and services and boosting sales. Strategic partners help startups in selling their products and services through cross-selling.

So, grab the opportunity and make some effective strategic partnerships!

Now, take a look at how to make strategic partners?

You must make public relations and attract other businesses through attractive ideas that can be beneficial for them. It is more like a win-win situation. You get something for giving something.

So, watch out for companies offering complementary products relevant to you.

You can also promote your products and services together if there is a symmetry between the products and services. Take a look at some of the benefits of a strategic partnership for boosting sales:

  • Startups can take benefits from cross-selling.
  • Startups can promote their ideas, products, and services.
  • Growth in Sales.

Here is the best example of strategic partnerships of Uber and Spotify to improve sales growth:

Startup sales strategy

Create an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing has become an effective part of the sales strategy. You must make a robust social media marketing strategy for generating leads and making loyal customers.

So, utilize social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

You need to implement digital marketing strategies to maximize the number of followers on your social media accounts. Social media marketing is a key player in changing the destiny of startups.

So, do you need to boost sales through social media?

Here are the steps you need to follow to maintain a strong presence on social media platforms for boosting your startup sales strategy:

  • Know your Audience
  • Publish a mission and vision statement of your startup
  • Regularly update social media accounts with posts related to industry updates and details about your products and services
  • Publish posts to take feedback
  • Track and Analyze your customers
  • Optimize social media strategy by your sales strategy
  • Provide customer support in comments

Here is how Red Bull is effectively taking up a vigorous social media marketing strategy to boost sales

Startup sales strategy

Implement a Customer Loyalty Program

Loyal customers are a blessing for new businesses. As, an entrepreneur, you must focus on making customers loyal through customer loyalty programs.

So, do you want to spread a word about your product or service?
Your loyal customers can do it for you free of cost!

Loyal customers keep spreading good words on behalf of your brand. So, you need to invest on your loyal customers for fruitful results.
Let's take a look at how to keep the customers loyal?

  • Take feedback and resolve issues on a priority basis
  • Keep in touch
  • Give occasional offers and discounts
  • Manage loyal customers through customers loyalty programs
  • Keep a track on sales and growth prospects.

Let's take a look at Starbucks Customer Loyalty Program, Starbucks Rewards:

Startup sales strategy

Now, Take a Look at How 5 Top Online Brands make Their First Sales:


Limeroad an online brand makes use of handpicked scrapbook catalog by users. The users can make fashion catalog using scrapbook features embedded on the website.

Isn’t it interesting?

Limeroad has applied the best sales strategies to keep users interested. So, the brand makes its first sales using handpicked customer catalog.
Here is a look at how Limeroad has managed to grow the sales!

Startup sales strategy

So, are you looking for a related idea or this kind of marketing tips for startups?

Read our article at its fullest and give us feedback about the ideas we shared with you.

Pier 1

Pier 1 is an online brand of household goods, accessories, and furniture. It has emerged from a small portfolio to a large brand with multiple products and services.

So, how does Pier 1 make the first sales?

Pier 1 has embedded the basic idea of discounts, offers, and coupons to promote its products and services. So, the results are amazing. With thousands of customers and an ever-increasing portfolio of products and services, It has become a renowned brand within no time.

So, what else can be simpler than just offering discounts and boosting sales?

The idea is simple yet effective enough to attract customers. Here is a look at how Pier 1 is offering discounts:

Startup sales strategy


Very precise information is provided by JOCO Cups on its website. The use of images and details related to products is very impressive.

JOCO Cups has attached an environmental concern with its products!
It is an effective way to boost sales and set growth targets for your business. The website with in-depth knowledge of products is what JOCO Cups is offering to its customers for sales growth.

So, isn’t it a good marketing tip for business owners?

It is indeed one of the best marketing tips for startups. The idea is simple yet effective.

Here, take a look at JOCO Cups website:

Startup sales strategy


Harry’s is an online store offering shaving products. Their website is simple and attractive. It offers unique ways to customize shaving products according to the needs of the customers.

So, how would you like it when you customize the products according to your needs with some simple clicks?

It is an attractive idea, and the brand has increased its sales through it. Here is a look at Harry’s website:


This is an online shopping store for clothing and accessories. Grayers offer 15% discount on first order. This is an attractive idea implemented by Grayers to boost sales.

Grayers also offers an interactive and user-friendly website that is highly optimized to offer the best user experience.

Here is a look at the Grayers website with a 15% discount on first order:

Bottom Line on Startup Sales Strategy

Entrepreneurship needs tumultuous efforts to climb the success ladder. However, the most important part of this success ladder in entrepreneurship is sales.

Whether you are selling products or offering services, you will need an incredible sales strategy to generate revenues.

Therefore, entrepreneurs must focus on their sales strategy to increase customer interaction and sales. In this regard, these tips will help you to manage your sales strategy effectively.

What’s your favorite tip to make sales for startups? Share it in the comments below.

CTA Best Practices With Killer Copywriting Ideas

Today, marketing is all about smartness. People now make decisions depending on their own choices. You can’t force them, can’t even hope getting expected sales by only informing them about your products or services.

Digital marketing or online strategies play a major role in today’s overall sales game. And one of the best ways of digital marketing is using CTA or call to action button.

When you are in the market with your products or services, you should follow inbound marketing and growth hacking practices. And for both of them, useful CTAs are the must.

So, what is CTA?

CTA Buttons at a Glance

CTAs are actionable ways of making decisions or setting priorities. It helps both the marketers and customers to interact with each other in a meaningful way.

Using a CTA, you can tell people what you want from them or encourage them to go forward to meet their needs

On the other hand, CTAs help the consumers to learn more about a specific product or service they want or save by adding to cart to take action next time or simply go ahead with their buying decisions directly.

CTA best practices

More precisely, a CTA is a meaningful way of connecting-making communication between what you want and your customers need.

A CTA button tells people how to accomplish their goal and let you increase your conversion, click-through-rate and finally, generate desired leads and sales!

Types of CTAs and How to Use Them

Usually, when you listen to the word CTA, you may find some ‘ colorful buttons’ in your mind and memory, various type of! Yes, CTAs are broadly used in the form of buttons. But these aren’t limited on. We will try to take a deep look into this in the last part of this post.

CTA best practices

CTAs are anything that helps you take actions or make a choice. So, CTAs aren't only text or color, hyperlink or a GIF. CTAs are a mixed form of text, color, hyperlink, etc. and broadly used as buttons.

Now, check out some common CTA buttons we are familiar to.

  • Add to cart button
  • Start the trial button
  • Download button
  • Learn more button
  • Sign up button
  • Get the demo button
  • Buy Now button
  • Please Share button
  • Watch Now button
  • Listen to the show button etc.

Any direction, request, order, helping word or phrase that let you make your next move is a CTA. So that you can understand the broad area of using these CTAs.

Why CTAs are so Important for Marketers?

You are already aware of the benefits of using actionable CTAs. Have a look at below data that would blow your eyes.

  • Over 90% of visitors who read your headlines, also read your CTA copy
  • Emails with a single CTA can increase clicks of 371% and sales 1617%
  • Preparing CTAs to look like buttons created a 45% increase in clicks for CreateDebate
  • Adding CTAs to your Facebook page can boost the click-through rate by 285%
  • HubSpot found that anchor text CTAs increased conversion rates by 121%

Between 47% and 93% of a post's leads come only from anchor text CTAs. And 83%-93% of each post's leads come from anchor text and internal link CTAs.

  • For KISSmetrics, a CTA button within a video content gets 380% more clicks than their normal sidebar CTAs.
  • By forcing visitors to watch an informational video on their services before presenting a CTA, Kimberly Snyder increased conversions by 144%!

Sources: HubSpot, Copyblogger, Unbounce, WordStream, AdRoll, QuickSprout, etc.

How to Write a Call to Action and Make It more Effective

Selecting a perfect word or phrase is very important for an effective CTA button. While going to write a CTA button text, keep its main purpose on your mind- why would you add this button to your site?

  • Get more subscribers
  • Boost sales or
  • Just take them to another piece of your content?

When you are clear about your purpose, decide about where to place it? It’s important because you need to choose a word or prepare an actionable sentence according to the place you will set it. You can select actionable call to action words from the list below prepared by CoShedule, shared on Pinterest.

call to action words
Powerful Call to Action Words

Now, consider these things to write an attention-grabbing CTA.

Be Clear, Use Strong Command Verbs

Be as clear as possible and use active words that relevant to your industry. If you want to sell, you should choose words like Buy, Shop, Get, etc. On the other hand, you should write Discover, Learn or Sign up, etc. if you want to increase your subscribers. Check out some examples.

  • Try our free trial
  • Reserve your seat
  • Download whitepaper

And don't forget to use 1st person while and where it’s possible.

ContentVerve saw a 90% increase in click-through rate by only using 1st person phrasing- ‘Start my free 30-day trial’ instead of ‘Start your free 30-day trial.’

Size and Color of Your CTA Buttons

CTA best practices

Size and color of your CTA play the most significant role. Always try to use perfect size and bright color in your CTAs. When you are designing your CTAs, consider where to place it. CTA buttons’ size depends on where would you place it. Not so big, not so small, try to keep it smart enough to easily grab people’s attention.

CTA button example
Example of smart CTA on Midium's home page

According to Yahoo small business– Red, Green, Orange, and Yellow are the most used colors in CTAs across the world. You can also use Blue as it’s also eye-catching. And the worst colors in CTA buttons are Black, White, and Brown.

CTA best practices

Nail Patel Says-

Focus instead on two things: noticeability and value. People want to know exactly how to take action. That’s the whole point of the CTA

You know that colors vary from sites to sites regarding the background and landing page design. You should care about these things from the 1st day of your online journey. Check out some stats.

  • SAP has found that orange CTAs boosted their website conversion over 32.5%
  • Performable found that red CTA buttons boosted their conversion by 21%
  • Brafton made design changes that focused on relevant and well-placed CTAs by-

-Adding CTA buttons to article templates increased their revenue by 83% in one month.
-Ecommerce conversion rate of Brafton increased by 22% quarter over quarter.

-Average order value for blog readers increased by 49% in every quarter

  • Reducing clutter around their CTA increased Open Mile's conversion rate by 232%

Sources: Neil Patel Blog, QuickSprout, etc.

Create a Scene of Urgency & Highlight the Immediate Benefit

One of the most significant ways to easily grab customers and encourage them to make decisions faster. Your perfect-touchy words or a short term discount can increase your sales quicker than ever.

Try to use the words that are able to create a scene of urgency or highlight the immediate benefits. Use phrases like-

  • Get it now!
  • 50% off today only!

FriendBuy got 34% increased signups by adding anxiety-reducing content and explaining key benefits next to their CTA.

Get Fancy with CTA Graphics

A graph or arrow in your CTA can affect your click-through rate. Check out below CTA button designed by Crazyegg.

cta button examples

Helzberg Diamonds saw a 26% increase in clicks by adding an arrow icon to their CTA buttons.

Focus on Value and Be as Specific as Possible

While writing a CTA copy, you should focus on value. If you couldn’t describe the proper value of your products or offerings, even your attention-grabbing words could fail to get the desired result.

CTA best practices
MailChimp‘s CTA practicing

It’s not so easy but try to use words that are able to describe the proper value with being attractive enough.

Invite Readers Inside and Get Personal

Another significant thing you shouldn’t avoid is inviting your audience inside and get personal as much as possible. Making personalized or smart CTA means using different copies to attract different groups of audience.

You know some variables like 1st time or referral visitors, people who browse some of your pages before or who are already using some of your products. If you can target them separately, this would help you a lot.

According to Hubspot- personalized CTAs could convert 42% more visitors into leads than untargeted CTAs.

Keep No-obligation or Try to Minimize the Risk

When you are directly selling something or encouraging to download or something like that, you should clear confusion or help them to be tension-free by adding some extra words or a sentence.

CTA best practices
Check the line below their CTA button

For example, when you are adding a Download button to your products’ landing page, just add a short sentence below the main copy of your CTA- ‘This will take only 30 seconds’.

If you are inviting to buy them one of your products, you can tell them how much discount/bonus offer they are getting or just how wonderfully they would get benefited by using this.

More Effective Tips You Should Consider while Practicing CTAs

  1. Include secondary images with your CTAs
  2. Try to create curiosity and anticipation
  3. Avoid friction words in CTAs
  4. Large and legible text is better for direct selling CTAs
  5. Your CTA copy shouldn’t so long
CTA best practices
2 buttons, several copies

6. Make your CTA button more attention-grabbing than others, if there are other buttons on the page
7. Never force readers to backtrack, because it could annoy them
8. Place CTAs according to readers natural flow and your language style (right-left)

Where to Place Your CTA Buttons

Your CTA buttons’ copywriting and design is ready. You have chosen the right color regarding your audience perspectives and landing page design. Now is the final step of placing and setting up your CTAs in the right place to grab more attention and gain the desired conversion.

Since your primary objective is grabbing their attention, you should choose the most visible place of your site, even it could be negative for some reasons.

Check out some places where you can place your CTAs.

  • At the start of the page
  • At the end of the content
  • In a sidebar
  • At the middle of the content
  • In the welcome gate
  • In Email templates

Not only a place, but you should also consider both place and time (situation) for using your CTAs.

Set up CTAs-

  1. Where you need a social share
  2. When people are about o leave
  3. Use exit-intent popups to grab more conversion

Have a look at Grow & Convert’s experience and use cases on CTAs. They measure their conversion rates for certain CTA locations-

  • Sidebar: 0.5-1.5%
  • Generic, end-of-post: 0.5 – 1.5%
  • Pop-ups: 1 – 8%
  • Sliders and bars: 1 – 5%
  • Welcome gates: 10 – 25%
  • Feature box: 3 – 9%
  • Navbar: varies

Neil Patel found that users prefer to learn about the offer before clicking a CTA – placing their CTA above the fold decreased conversions by 17%

So, How Will You Make Your CTAs Stand Out?

Let’s take a look at a few key CTA design factors. Most people agree that you should-

Use white space (blank) effectively so that your button would stand out

Ensure that your CTA button contrasts with the colors on the rest of the page.

If necessary, frame the button to create contrast

Pay attention to the size of the button- it has to be legible but not overwhelming.

Get more Real-World Examples of Useful CTA Practices

Performable got a 21% conversion lift by changing the color of its CTA button.

SiteBuilderReport increased conversions around 14% by removing a single word from their CTA.

SAP redesigned a download page and found that adding the word ‘free’ and removing difficulties made CTAs work better. The page variation with a large, orange button boosted their conversions by 32.5%.

Wrapping Up on CTA Best Practices

Whether its a blog, eCommerce marketplace or a site for any other purpose, CTA buttons are always important to engage with your audience. For marketers, there is no chance to ignore actionable CTA practices.

When you are going to use a CTA, try to write a powerful copy, select an attention-grabbing color and finally apply it in the right place. These combinations would help you get desired results.

In this post, we have tried to cover almost all the significant things that would let you ensure CTA best practices. Now it's your turn to play and win!

The Complete Beginner’s Tutorial to Creating an AI Bot on Facebook Messenger

AI or Artificial Intelligence has become a buzzword these days. And Facebook chatbots are no exception to artificially intelligent technologies. For a smooth and well-rounded marketing strategy, this is something you can't steer clear of.

Moving forward, using a chatbot has become a standard when it comes to prompt customer support and happiness. In this article, we will define you what a Facebook chatbot is and how you can set a chatbot for your facebook page's messenger. Now, let's go ahead.

What Is a Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Facebook messenger chatbot is an artificially trained bot that mimics human intelligence level and converses with your visitors or customers without even the need for any human assistance.

For this purpose, chatbots always try to hide the fact that they are artificially trained bots when they are serving or reacting to its users.

Why Do You Need a Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

As a business professional, you should streamline your marketing and customer support system with a facebook messenger chatbot to have an edge over your competitors.

The users of Facebook Messenger is almost equal to the entire number of users of Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat together.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial
Source: Statista

Thus, you should definitely take the advantages of the Facebook messenger to your good book.

Here are some of the predicted use cases for chatbots that can be pretty useful for you:

  • Getting a quick answer in an emergency.
  • Resolving a complaint or problem.
  • Getting detailed answers or explanations.
  • Finding a human customer service assistant.
  • Making a reservation (e.g. restaurant or hotel).
  • Paying a bill.
  • Buying a basic item.
  • Getting ideas and inspiration for purchases.
  • Adding yourself to a mailing list or news service.
  • Communicating with multiple brands using one program.
Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial
Source: Convince and Convert

Here Are Some of the Basic Benefits of Facebook Page Bots:

Chatbots are a proven way to provide a far more personalized experience and ensure much more customer engagement. Here are a few benefits:

  • Mobile friendly customer service.
  • Integration to e-Commerce platforms to increase sales.
  • Automatic sending and receiving text and images.
  • Parsing information to actionable steps.
  • Providing answers with predetermined questions.
  • Being able to send bulk push notifications.
  • Offering in-depth analysis performance of the chatbots.
  • Chatbots become smarter with more usages.

How to Create a Basic & Simple Facebook Messenger Bot

We assume that you already have a Facebook page. If you have one, you can easily set a basic facebook auto reply bot from the page settings. Now, let's begin the facebook messenger chat bot tutorial:

First off, click on the dropdown button and select the page that your are going to set the chatbot for.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Click on the Settings option.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Next, click on the Messaging option:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

After that, You will get 3 settings for the chatbot:

  1. General Settings
  2. Response Assistant
  3. Appointment Messaging

Configuring General Settings

Now, turn on the “Prompt people to send messages” and “Help people start a conversation with your Page” toggle bars.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Prompt people to send messages

This will help your people with a number of ways (Such as open chat window) to send you messages while you are online.

Help people start a conversation with your Page

This option will help your audience use frequently asked questions to begin a conversation with you with ease. The coolest part is that you can edit the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) with your own taste and can add multiple questions as well.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

After finishing editing, don't forget to save the changes.

Configuring Response Assistant

This is the most effective and useful part of the Facebook messaging settings. In this section, you will get three more options. They are:

  1. Send instant replies to anyone who messages your Page.
  2. Let people know when you don't have access to your computer or phone.
  3. Show a Messenger greeting.

You will have to turn the toggle bar on in order to keep them functioning as indicated below with red marks:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Send instant replies to anyone who messages your Page

After turning the toggle bar on, your audience will get instant messages showing that you will respond to them as soon as possible. However, you can easily edit them with the Change button:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Now, you will get the message editing option with a preview of the message:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Edit the message in the way you want. You can also add personalizations in the message text using the ‘Change‘ button. Finally, hit the ‘Save‘ button.

Let people know when you don't have access to your computer or phone

With this option, you can let your visitors know that you are not in front of your device and thus can't give them support instantly.

Show a Messenger greeting

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

You should use this option if you would like to greet your visitor who is on the first time with your page's messenger. You can also edit this option, personalize and save it at your disposal.

And that's it! You have created a basic Facebook bot for your business page.

How to Create an Advanced Facebook Messenger Bot with Chatfuel

You can easily create a Facebook Messenger with Chatfuel while having fun during the process.

I'll not only show you the walkthrough of creating a messenger bot but also guide you with a strategy so that you can grow a good number of audience with it.

It will take only a few minutes to set up the bot but you will later discover a lot of great and exciting ways to maneuver it more efficiently.

Step 1: Sign up for a Chatfuel Account with Your Facbook Account

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial
Chatfuel’s homepage

First off, visit the homepage of Chatfuel and click on the “Get started for free” button.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

After that, you will be prompted to log in to your Facebook account and you will then have to confirm your Facebook account ID to proceed.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Chatfuel will receive your profile picture, email and name. However, it will not let the app publish itself on your Facebook timeline. So, rest assured!

Step 2: Link Your Facebook page

At this stage, you will have to link your Facebook page. To do so, select your Facebook page by checking it and then hit the ‘Next' button to go forward:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Next, Chatfuel will show you all the details that they will do for your pages. Keep all the toggle bars turned on. Now, hit the ‘Done‘ button to go to the next step:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Then, you will get a success message showing that you have now linked Chatfuel to Facebook. Click ‘Ok' to proceed:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

After the successful Facebook login, you will be taken to the Chatfuel account dashboard. Now, to finalize the addition of your Facebook page hit the ‘CONNECT TO PAGE‘ button.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

For now, we will be using the free version. You can later buy the PRO version down the road:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Step 3: Create a Messenger Greeting

Now, you will have to create a welcome message to greet your customers (We have already shown it though). This is very important because it guides your users on what to do next without thinking much.

  • Go back to your Facebook page > Settings > Messaging
  • Now switch the Show a Messenger Greeting toggle bar to Yes
  • Now, click Change
  • Now type the greeting message for your user, and then save the changes.

Step 4: Create a welcome message

You have to configure a welcome message for each session your users start a chat session with the bot. Fortunately, in Chatfuel, you can easily greet your customers with a welcome message using your first name. Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your Chatfuel dashboard and then click on Welcome Message
  • Add your preferred welcome text to the box. For example, “Hi {{first name}}, may I know what are you looking for?”

That's all. You don't even save the changes by hands because it is saved automatically. To check how it works, you can visit your Facebook page and use the Message button to test its efficacy.

Step 5: Create a default reply

Sometimes, your Chatbot will fail to answer too critical questions. To answer these types of questions, you will have to set default answers to help them what to do next. For example, you can set the replies to contact your support team, rephrase their question, use email or phone number to contact the helpdesk, etc.

Follow these steps:

  • Go back to your Chatfuel dashboard and select the Default Answer button.
  • Now you will find a set of placeholder texts. Change the texts to something more friendly. For example: (“Pardon me. I’m can not help you out but I am forwarding your queries to the customer care department. Please be patient.”)

Again, your changes are saved automatically.

Step 6: Unleash the Power of AI

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

You will feel the greatness of Chatbots when they can understand almost all the queries your customer ask. And this is where the concept of AI comes to the play. Since Chatfuel uses keywords to train its AI system you will have to feed some keywords to get the most of its AI system.

Follow these steps to train the AI system of the Chatbot:

  • Navigate to the Chatfuel dashboard, select Set Up AI > Add AI Rule
  • Now add a keyword that your customers are likely to use like ‘Refund policy’ in the If User Says Something Similar To box
  • In the accompanying Bot Replies with Text box, enter a useful reply like “We have no question asked policy but it is void until the product has the valid license period,” together with a link to your refund policy documentation page.
  • Now that you know the process of adding keywords, you should keep training the bots for as many keywords as possible so that the AI system gets more efficient over time.

Bonus Tips:

You can take help from your customer care department to get the most frequently asked queries from the user to train the AI system.

Step: 7 Add a Message button to your Facebook page

The Message button does not appear automatically and so you have to set it up manually in order to make it work. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Facebook account > Select your page > Add a Button.
Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial
  • You will get a popup window, select Contact You and Send Message option from therein:
Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial
  • Select Messenger and hit the Finish button.
Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Now, the Send Message button will be discoverable publicly and your users can start chatting with the bot.

Bonus Tips:

The best part of Chatfuel is that you can embed it on your website to conduct messenger-based marketing.

To this end, you can follow their tutorial and documentation so that you can use Chatfuel on your website.

Ending Thoughts

We hope that this guide will help you set the Facebook messenger bot well on your website. Besides, the user interface of Chatfuel is also friendly enough and you will find everything under your belt quickly.

Finally, I would like to say that building the AI Facebook messenger bot will not cost you arms and legs and it is actually worth the investment. That's because you don't have to spend too much on hiring new customer support employees.

Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips & Tools You Should Definitely Try Out

Nowadays, when you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing appears in your mind?

‘Have I missed something? What changes, updates or innovations came out last night?'… Like you, most of the people say this or something just like that.

In this age of information, we are always busy to level up and create balance with the on-going technological advancement. You will find the same unavoidable reality in all other aspects of life including your business and marketing.

Continue reading “Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips & Tools You Should Definitely Try Out”

What Is Meta Description & Why Is It So Important?

The search engines are constantly developing their algorithms to ensure more user-friendliness with prioritizing the searchers intent. With proper optimization of your website or webpage in line with the changing guidelines of the Search Engines, you can definitely take your webpage all the way up to the SERPs.

As search engines are changing their algorithms to optimize a webpage, it is pretty common that they are bringing forth new required factors while making some prevalent factors null and void.

Though Meta Description is an old-school theory for SEO or Search Engine Optimization, it still works great to thrust your web page to the top. In this article, we will learn what a meta description is and why it is important for your web pages.

What Is a Meta Description?

meta description

In non-technical terms, the meta description is nothing but the short snippet of texts that tell the search engines and the searchers what your web page is all about.

As Google possesses 67% of total search engine shares of the market, we should optimize for Google rather than optimizing for the other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Ask, AOL etc.

Technically, a meta description is an HTML attribute in between the meta tags describing your webpage.

How This Text Works

The meta description may appear under the URL of your webpage. This snippet of texts is pulled from the meta description attribute. However, if the meta description is not specified then Search Engines can fetch these texts from the main body of the webpage.

Here is an example of meta description after searching for the keyword, “weDevs”.

How to See a Web Page's Meta Description?

It's pretty easy! Go to the page of a web page then, right-click your mouse after that select the View Page Source option from the box.

Moving forward, you will probably be able to see the meta description within a bunch of codes. Here is an example of meta description on the “View Page Source”:

Here is the above Meta description in texts:

<meta name="description" content="The third edition of “International Space Station Benefits for Humanity” is available Friday, April 5, 2019 for download." />

Why Meta Description Is Important?

If you take a look at the following data, you will see how Meta Tags play an important role to rank your webpage.

Source: Semrush

The above data shows the most important ranking factors for a website. Though meta tag is at the bottom of them, it still strongly pushes your web pages to the top provided that you have done the SEO by adding a suitable meta description.

If you are not convinced yet, here is another fact taken from the Moz.

Putting it all together, we're up to almost 55% of cases where Google is using all or part of the original meta description tag. 


Benefits of Using Meta Description

  • Increases the click-through rate due to the concise explanation of a web page on the SERPs.
  • Helps your web page get ranked faster due to the increased click-through rate over time.
  • Makes the users happy due to the user-friendliness of the appearance of a webpage on the SERPs.
  • Though Google seldom follows a meta description to rank a webpage, a study by Moz shows that a meta description containing relevant keywords can boost the ranking.
  • Helps the users to quickly choose the most appropriate web page from the search results.
  • Boosts up the number of leads on your website due to the increased visitors.

So, it is quite obvious how significant the meta description is for your web pages.

What Is the Optimum Length of Meta Description?

There is no hard and fast rule for the optimum length of a Meta Description. It depends on the situation and your taste. However, as Google truncates the characters of a meta description longer than 300, we recommend keeping the number of your meta description characters under 300.

The Moz suggests writing a meta description containing characters between 50 to 300.

How to Write Better Meta Descriptions?

Before writing an engaging meta description consider these in your checklists.

  • Keep your focus keyword in your meta description.
  • Never use a meta description that has been already used in other web pages.
  • Use a keyword in the meta description that is hyper-relevant for a web page.
  • Make sure that the texts are highly engaging by telling the benefits or showing the value, eliciting emotion and urgency.

To get more help with SEO, CTA, and CTR, you can check out these additional resources:

Here Are a Few Useful Meta Description Templates

To save your time, here are a meta description templates that may help you craft amazing meta description for your web pages.

For Tutorial Blogs:

Doing "Focus Keyword" is very important. Ever wondered how to do it? Here is our comprehensive and effective guide to do it which can give you a boost.

For Landing Pages:

Do you find it difficult to do "Keyword"? Then you can try "Your solution" that can lessen your pain and make you more efficient like never before. 

For Pricing Pages:

Compare "Your product" with other solution providers with an amazing chart and make your decision to buy the "product" wisely exactly the way others did.

For Documentation Pages:

This documentation explains the "Keyword" feature of "Your product". If you want to learn how it works you can go through this documentation.

Adding Meta Description with Tools

If you are using a WordPress to manage your website you can set meta description without coding a single line. You can use WordPress tools like Yoast, Rank Math, etc. to write a meta description with optimized length.

In Conclusion

Adding meta description is definitely no less than an artwork. With a good meta description, you can convince your visitors and thus increase the traffic and click-through rates. These factors are part and parcel for the better site ranking for any website.

Finally, with sufficient proofs and evidence from above, we can conclude that as an integral part of SEO, you must apply the meta description to each and every web pages of your website.

10 WordPress SEO Mistakes to Steer Clear of

SEO is at the top of most web-designers to do list since it can so easily make or break a website’s effectiveness. Being optimized for search engines is both increasingly difficult and increasingly rewarding, with the masters of the industry achieving major success for their clients and their clients’ companies. Boosting your search engine ranking can be a crucial step for getting your head above water as a site, in this increasingly flooded internet marketplace.

That being said, with so much development in the field, some people can get left behind. It has become less clear what the right way to go about SEO is and what needs to be avoided. Sure, WordPress is a great platform to start with. But, there are a whole host of possible WordPress SEO mistakes that you can still run into. So, without further ado, here are 10 of them to avoid making.

1. Forgetting Time Zone

It’s really easy to forget about setting the time zone you want for your site. But, the damage can be really impactful. Especially if, like so many people nowadays, you are running scheduled posts. Your whole posting metric will be completely messed up without sorting this out, making it one of the most annoying WordPress SEO mistakes that you can make.

2. Not Checking Your Google Analytics Results

Image Source:

So, your site is up, all developed, all SEO optimized. Sitting back and seeing what happens would be a mistake. Optimization necessarily equates to getting results: hits, traffic, sales, rentals whatever it is. Keeping track of your performance via Google Analytics and, crucially, comparing that to your real-world results, is part of successful SEO.

3. Not Submitting to Google Search Console

Image Source:

Once your website is completed, it is important that you submit your XML sitemap (a data list of every item contained on your website) to Google Search Console. This integration of your data will allow you to inform Google what sites you want indexed and will greatly improve your ranking.

Related Article: The Beginner's Guide to Google Search Console

4. Keyword Overuse or Stuffing

Image Source:

It can be very tempting to make this WordPress SEO mistake. Keywords are known as a way to attract traffic. However, search engines will penalize you for this simplistic strategy. What is more, it is reported that the psychological effect of knowing that a website is pushing too much with keywords is more likely to repel traffic than bring it in.

Related Article: Don’t Let Keyword Stuffing Kill Your SEO. Here’s How to Avoid It.

5. Failing to Backend

Usage of links on your page can be really important to ensure that you up your traffic. Good SEO will always use internal and external links throughout a site. Links are statistically proven to drive traffic to your website, so spread them around.”

6. Failing to Update Content

Image Source:

Letting your content go stale or be unprofessional is a terrible SEO mistake, that can impact your click-through rate. Constant updates are needed, as well as quality control. To help with that, try these tools:

Academy Advisor and StudyDemic – Some helpful guides for content copywriting.

BigAssignments – An online editing tool, for ensuring content is polished.

MyWritingWay – An excellent tool for running your usage of grammar through.

Academized and AustralianHelp – Two nifty content formatting tools for your WordPress site.

ViaWriting – For help inserting and generating keywords, tags, titles, and subheadings.

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7. Not Removing Broken Links

Image Source:

Having broken links is a proven motivator for click-aways, making this one of the biggest WordPress SEO mistakes you could possibly make. This doesn’t only mean having broken links to pages within your own site, it includes not regularly checking the links you include on your page to other websites.

Related Article: Explore What Broken Links Are and How to Fix Them Properly

8. Forgetting to Permalink Your Posts

Image Source:

Every new element or post to your website needs to have its unique link, the permalink. It affects your SEO ranking and can allow your pages to go stale. Go into WordPress settings and put it down in stone.

Related Article: How to Fix Broken Permalinks in WordPress

9. Forgetting to Include Image Titles and Meta Data

Image Source:

Search engines are powerful but they’re not omniscient. They can handle text, but one common SEO mistake is to forget to enter the alt text for all of your images to use them to improve your SEO ranking. Otherwise, your images go by the wayside.

Related Article: How to Add Metadata in a Proper Way

10. Neglecting Your Meta Description

Image Source:

This is a proven area in which you can maximize your click rates. You have a couple of sentences to show your worth to all SEO users. Do it! This WordPress SEO mistake is unforgivable and will kill your ranking. We suggest you read this article on what not to do when writing a Meta Description.


It’s easy to make WordPress SEO mistakes, but with some careful forethought and, hopefully, with the help of this list of which to look out for, you will be able to avoid making any too costly blunders. Focus on the details and you’ll be fine!

Author Bio: Freddie Tubbs is a digital marketing strategist at UKWritings. He regularly attends marketing and tech events and contributes posts to Boomessays and Essayroo blogs.

Seth Godin’s Ideas to Save Your Business and Do Real Marketing

In this busy age of marketing, when a person like Seth Godin stands up with the statement This is Marketing, you should definitely stop moving for a while and make a final review on your on-going strategy- are you on the right track?

Today, everything is changing faster than ever, as well as marketing practices. If you rely on the common-old day's strategy, you will just fall behind. There are high chances of failing in your projects and slowing down the growth.

In this post, we have described some of Seth Godin's ideas that would certainly help you save your business and do real marketing.

Seth Godin and Some of His Remarkable Works

Seth Godin's Bio
Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a prominent writer, entrepreneur, and blogger. He thinks and works on marketing ideas, teaches and helps people to get their desired success. He was recognized as the ultimate entrepreneur for this information age by the BusinessWeek back over a decade!

Seth introduces himself as a teacher and project creator. He is well known for his outstanding ideas on leveling up people both in their careers and business projects.

Hi. I’m Seth Godin. I’m a teacher, and I do projects. For more than thirty years, I’ve been trying to turn on lights, inspire people and teach them how to level up –Seth Godin

Seth is the author of 19 bestselling books, the last one was ‘This is Marketing' and it's too a bestseller!

Seth is running a blog for over 10 years and it's one of the most popular blogs around the world even this day. You will just wonder discovering that how is it possible to maintain the same popularity over the years providing these short and simple posts!

Startup School is a specialized podcast show designed and hosted by Seth Godin and was on the top list for a long period of time. In this podcast, Seth actually guides entrepreneurs on how to start, grow and shine in their dream business. Now he is hosting a new cultural podcast ‘Akimbo‘ from last year.

Seth's journey is to spreading new thoughts and actionable ideas for this advanced-changing era of science and technology. Over times, Seth is becoming more and more obvious and inevitable for digital marketers and business owners.

11 of Seth Godin's Ideas to Save Your Business

Through his books, blogs, lectures, podcast shows and more; Seth is actually working to spread out his ideas to teach and encourage people to do something remarkable in their lives and level up their skills. Check out 11 of his ideas to ensure a quantum leap over your competitors and get a go.

Marketing Is about The Stories You Tell

Since the main purpose behind marketing is to connect and communicate with your audience, you should focus on telling stories. Seth believes, story-telling is the best way to create an emotional attachment with the customers.

Seth Godin's Quotes

Traditional marketing campaigns help you get a lot of attention but that wouldn't help you much to create a great base of loyal customers and lifelong brand value.

On the other hand, a story can help you both grabbing attention and making sales through a more intimate relationship. That is why Seth says-

‘Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but the stories you tell'.

Do Permission Marketing

One of the amazing thoughts of Seth Godin on which he is working and trying to spread out for years. The journey began in 1999 and it's now a popular theory that is broadly applied across the world.

The basic concept of this strategy is turning strangers into friends and friends into customers.

Permission Marketing recognizes the new power of the best consumers to ignore marketing. It realizes that treating people with respect is the best way to earn their attention.

It's like dating your customers. In traditional marketing, marketers try to intrude new thoughts and ideas on their customers.

But what you should do is earning the right first. When you earn their trust and get right-permission to tell your stories, you should move forward. This is the best way to grab people's attention and make your job done with ease.

Seth godin's blog

You can take social media platforms' activities as examples of permission marketing- sending requests, being friends and partners and then starting to tell and listen to the stories and updates.

Social media, SEO, e-mails etc. are the channels of doing permission marketing.

Invent, Implement and Sell the Ideas

If you look around, there are lots of examples that marketers try to follow others and duplicate ideas instead of invent and implement a new one.

A unique idea can give you a quantum leap over your competitors in a way you can just imagine. It's true that you can't invent a new idea all the time but you can surely differentiate and customize that as your needs.

Seth Godin's quotes

Another big thing is to keep trying to sell ideas. People just love to get familiar with new ideas and thoughts. A new idea doesn't require to develop a new theory all the time, a slogan, a good line of your add copy, a smart design of your campaign can easily reflect and represent a new thought and perspective.

Sell What People Want, Not What They Need

Common marketing strategy is to deliver what people need but according to Seth's idea, you should focus on what people want.

Set Godin's Ideas

People's wants are more specific than their needs. We have unlimited needs in our lives but do we want to fulfill all of them? Or what we want to get, are these always the things that we need?

The answer is a big ‘No'.

You can take Singapore as a great example of this idea. Having the highest-density population, Singapore isn't ready to allow more cars. So, they charge too much tax on new cars. But Singapore is still in the top list of countries who buy expensive brands like Ferrari. Why?

They buy the expensive cars because they want to buy them.

So, when you design your marketing plan and prepare your strategy, try to focus on what people want. You will definitely get success and be able to attract the right customers.

Keep Your Customers Happy

It's always challenging to make and keep your customers happy. Seth suggests business owners and marketers a few things to do.

The first thing you should do is to define your customers. Who are your customers? People could have different choices being their needs the same. So, you should be well informed about your targeted customers and their preferences.

Seth Godin's Books
Finding Customers

The second thing you should consider is to treat different customers in a different way. It's a worse mistake that marketers make that treating all the customers in the same way. Like market segmentation, it's also important to divide your customers into different groups to ensure better user experience.

And the third important thing is to set a prioritized customer group. Why and how?…Check out some examples.

Nike– famous shoe manufacturer around the world, focuses only on athletes and doesn't care very much at all the other people who buy their shoes.

Columbia Records has no idea who buys their products and even never has! Many manufacturers considered retailers as their customers– if Wall-mart is happy, they're happy!

So, you should also define and set a prioritized customer groups.

The core benefit of this segmenting is to easily keep focusing on them and treat them in a way they just love. And others would follow them, it's a surprising fact for marketers and business owners.

Deliver Basic Human Wants

When you're going to enter the market with a new product or service, try to offer and deliver something that people really want. Discover and find out their priorities and provide a smart solution at a cost that they can easily effort.

Basic human needs- Seth Godin's ideas

Things are changing, similar to the people's priority. Today, there is a huge list of things that people consider them as their basic needs. And it's increasing day by day.

So, as a business owner, you should keep your eyes open and try to pick an idea from the top of the people's basic needs.

Don't Only Rely on Mass Media Marketing

Advertisements on Radio and Television these days are recognized as the ‘Interrupted Marketing' which interrupt people when they are doing something of their preference and love. Seth wants to inform the business owners and marketers who rely only on mass media marketing to be aware and make a reconsideration.

Interrupted marketing- Seth Godin's ideas

As we mentioned earlier that your main purpose is to touch people's thoughts and hearts, not only reach to them and of course not interrupt and disturb them. So, try to find and use channels that can help you to reach them in a way they just love. See the world through the large window of digital marketing.

Send ME-mail, Not E-mail

Another big-deep idea of Seth Godin that you should send ‘ME-mail' instead of Emails while doing e-mail marketing.

The concept is- people prefer what they want. They don't usually want or like what you want. So, when you write a copy of your marketing e-mail or design a template, you should focus on what they want.

People don’t want Email; people want ME-mail

ME-mail refers to a more personalized mail, providing something extra and special for your customers. According to Seth's idea- you should offer a purple cow, not a common one. Because people have lots of options and they usually do ignoring stuff these days. So, when you send a mail, you should make it specialized for them that they just love it.

If you don't have something to send and share with people, just wait. Irrelevant emails harm businesses in many ways. You can lose many of your potential customers forever. It's too another example of ‘interrupted marketing‘.

Another significant fact is the opening and click-through rates of e-mail marketing is decreasing day by day. So, if you send same irrelevant and unnecessary mails again and again, you could lose even your potential customers.

That's why Seth says- ‘People don’t want email; people want ME-mail.'

Google Never Forgets

The era we are living in, it's true that we are always under a ‘Candid' camera. All are being recorded what we're doing day or night, in the house or outside.

Google never forgets- Seth Godin's ideas

With some issues, it's actually a great opportunity, especially for marketers. You need to just ensure right entries in the right way and avoid wrong SEO tactics.

Once you make an entry, It's now Google responsibility to spread it out. So, don't forget Google. Because Google never forgets; anything, anyone.

Believe Yourself First, Out Loud Publicly

To make people believing you, you need to believe yourself first. If there is any confusion-hesitation or weakness in your talks, advertisements or blog posts, that would decrease the appeal and people would lose their attention.

You are more powerful than you think – Seth Godin

And another significant fact is to loud out publicly. Seth always encourages and say that when it's a matter of marketing, you should surely raise your voice among people and marketers.

To get success and lead a team, you need to be a leader. And two of the essential qualities of leadership is believing yourself and out loud publicly. You can do that because according to Seth- ‘ You are more powerful than you think!

Your Goal Is Creating Trust Not a Crowd

When you do marketing, you should focus on creating trust, not a crowd. The actual purpose of marketing is to increase sales and profits, not only awareness. So, give preferences to create a relationship of trust rather than grabbing only the attention.

marketing strategies- Seth Godin's ideas

If your customers believe you, if they have faith in you; they wouldn't let you down anyway.

Don't Play Promise Games

It's a dangerous act that many marketers do practice even these days. If you want to survive and get a lifelong success, you shouldn't even think of playing promise games.

Sometimes it happens that you can't keep your words even after your best efforts, but the result is always the same. Seth says-

Some organizations work very hard to weasel in the promises they make. They imply great customer service or amazing results or spectacular quality, but don’t deliver. No, they didn’t actually lie, but they came awfully close. The result: angry customers and negative word of mouth.

So, try to avoid promise games to keep your customers happy and ensure better output all the time.

Final Words on Seth Godin's Ideas

It's surprising that you wouldn't find the same reason behind the success of two similar types of businesses. You couldn't also get the same result by applying the theory that your competitor is already applying. You should find your own feeds and differentiate the way or change the model to give your customers a perfect nudge!

That's the way of getting success and touch the milestone with ease.

Seth Godin is one of the most experienced persons who can help you to apply the same idea in a different way. To level up in your life, to get a unique way of thinking and finally to meet the goals, you should follow Seth Godin and get familiar with his ideas.

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