Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for Beginners

With over 2.23 billion users, Facebook is the most popular social networking site across the globe. And no other social networking platform precedes the number of Facebook users as of today. This means, as a marketer you have a huge possibility to reach your desired users utilizing the Facebook marketing strategies.

In today's post, I will be showing you some useful Facebook marketing tips and ideas that can enhance your customer engagement by getting the most out of this popular digital marketing platform.

Why Is Facebook Marketing Important?

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform on the web to date, as I already mentioned. What's more!

The popularity of Facebook is constantly on the rise. Here is how it is skyrocketing into the deep space!

Facebook user growth over the years to finalise facebook marketing strategy

The followings are the comparative advantages if you are going to use Facebook as your marketing platform:

  • You can reach the highest number of audience
  • To reach only your targeted audience
  • Generate more leads
  • To boost your website traffic
  • Lower your marketing cost
  • To get statistics of your marketing campaign easily
  • To build brand loyalty
  • Boosting SEO and brand visibility
  • To retarget your lost customers

Not only that, you have countless advantages while using Facebook.

Facebook Marketing for Small Business: Proven Tips & Tricks

Irrespective of the business you are running, you should maintain a Facebook Page and a Facebook group. If you already do have these two, try implementing the following ideas.

1. Get the Most out of Facebook through Organic Reach

Facebook organic reach is when you do not spend money for the distribution of your contents but people can see your post. The main advantage of organic reach in Facebook marketing strategy is that you don't have to pay for anything.

Organic reach of Facebook marketing strategy
Source: Neil Patel

However, it has been quite difficult in recent years to stand out in the increasing stream of posts on the Facebook news feed.

Fortunately, with newer techniques and ingenious ideas, you can reach more people. For instance, you can get your post appeared better by using Facebook groups instead of using mere Facebook page.

How to Ensure Maximum Customer Engagement

content team to implement facebook marketing strategy

Establish Your Unique Selling Proposition

USP or Unique Selling Proposition is the key to be successful in any business. If you are competing with strong competitors without the unique value then you can never outrun them. Therefore, you must offer a unique selling proposition that your competitors can not compete with.

For example, Facebook and LinkedIn are basically competing with each other. But Facebook focuses more on casual networking while the latter highlights on career and job centric networking.

This unique value proposition will keep your customers more engaged with your brand. And this is the reason why the visitors will keep visiting your Facebook page or your website repeatedly.

Create Unique Content

Increase WordPress Blog Traffic by facebook marketing strategy

Creating a treasure trove of knowledge for the industry you are involved in opens the window to build a strong reader base. Your loyal readers will create discussion thread on your posts provided that you are helping with problem-solving contents.

The same thing also goes for Facebook page and groups.

Arranging Exciting Competitions

You can arrange competitions related to your industry on Facebook pages. For example, you can ask your fans to share a piece of your content and in return, you can randomly select 10 users to give exclusive gifts.

Conducting Surveys

No matter what type of business you are operating, you must conduct surveys to understand the actual customer needs.

Conduct Survey for facebook marketing strategy

To this end, you can use Facebook page or groups to ask your audience to know what sorts of contents they want to read or what type of products they want.

Using Multimedia Contents

It's of great importance to use videos or images for the text you share on Facebook.

Video statistics of facebook marketing strategy
Source: Pinterest

Plain text will not stand apart in the flood of the news feed and so you need to draw your audience attention with impressive photos and videos that elicit their interest.

Take Care of Your Fans

You must be proactive in the case of any customer queries. Also, you must grow the feeling on their mind that you really care about them.

You can use different types of social media monitoring platform like Hootsuite, Nelio, CoSchedule to measure audience interactions.

Using AI Messenger Bot

Facebook marketing chatbot

With artificially intelligent Facebook messenger, you can instantly help your audience queries even if you are sleeping. To utilize this amazing service we suggest you go through this article to build your own Facebook messenger bot. And get the desired results of the Facebook marketing strategy.

Target Your Messages to Reach the Right Customers

To reach the right customers, you must target your audience properly. You can use Facebook Insights to understand your Facebook user behavior better. You can specify targeting options like setting the Gender, Relationship Status, Interests, Location, Age and other demographics variable before going to publish any post.

2. Unleash the Power of Facebook Paid Marketing

As more and more content is being created every second, it has become quite difficult to reach the targeted audience with an organic post.

However, this predicament can be removed with paid or a boosted post. The best part is that you can reach a person who does not follow your page.

When we are talking about paid Facebook post we are actually talking about Facebook boosting. Nowadays, Facebook marketers prefer targeting smartphone and tablets to targeting Laptop or Desktop users.

How to promote facebook page free

While making your Facebook ad, make sure that you have optimized your content for mobile device apart from desktop devices.

That's because smartphone and tablet users of Facebook are constantly on the rise.

Device usage of Facebook users
Source: Statista

Facebook Advertising Strategy Explained

The Facebook advertising or boosting process is as simple as pie. To boost a post of your Facebook page, you need to hit the Boost Now button, specify the audience type, select the duration of the ad campaign, allocate the budget for the campaign.

Interestingly, Facebook will give you the estimation of the audience size every time you specify the demographics before you pay for the campaign.

We suggest you watch the following precise video that shows how to boost a Facebook post easily.

Tips to Consider while Setting up Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Target the Leads of Your Website

Did you know that you can target your website leads with Facebook? However, the lead that you are targeting must have a Facebook id associated with that email.

Go to this link to create a custom audience with your email list and target your desired audience.

Only Promote Best Contents

While promoting your contents on Facebook, try not to boost each and every content. Rather you need to boost only the best content so that your audience gets impressed with your product.

Retarget Using Facebook Pixel

When visitors start a session on your website. Some of the visitors exit your site right after viewing product description or keeping their preferred products in the wishlist or checking out without completing the payment process.

Interestingly, if you are running a WooCommerce website, you can retarget these visitors with Facebook Pixel and WooCommerce Conversion Tracking.

Ending Thoughts on Facebook Marketing Strategy

The facebook marketing ideas I shared in this article are one of the most effective marketing tips out there. Still, there is a myriad of untapped tricks in the world of Facebook marketing.

Yet, the best way to be an expert on Facebook marketing is to learn your user behavior and interest and do A/B tests while you are trying to reach your audience either in an organic way or in the paid method on your own.

Finally, if you know better tips for Facebook marketing, let us know in the comment section below so that we become grateful to you forever. 🙂

Happy Facebook marketing!

CTA Best Practices With Killer Copywriting Ideas

Today, marketing is all about smartness. People now make decisions depending on their own choices. You can’t force them, can’t even hope getting expected sales by only informing them about your products or services.

Digital marketing or online strategies play a major role in today’s overall sales game. And one of the best ways of digital marketing is using CTA or call to action button.

When you are in the market with your products or services, you should follow inbound marketing and growth hacking practices. And for both of them, useful CTAs are the must.

So, what is CTA?

CTA Buttons at a Glance

CTAs are actionable ways of making decisions or setting priorities. It helps both the marketers and customers to interact with each other in a meaningful way.

Using a CTA, you can tell people what you want from them or encourage them to go forward to meet their needs

On the other hand, CTAs help the consumers to learn more about a specific product or service they want or save by adding to cart to take action next time or simply go ahead with their buying decisions directly.

CTA best practices

More precisely, a CTA is a meaningful way of connecting-making communication between what you want and your customers need.

A CTA button tells people how to accomplish their goal and let you increase your conversion, click-through-rate and finally, generate desired leads and sales!

Types of CTAs and How to Use Them

Usually, when you listen to the word CTA, you may find some ‘ colorful buttons’ in your mind and memory, various type of! Yes, CTAs are broadly used in the form of buttons. But these aren’t limited on. We will try to take a deep look into this in the last part of this post.

CTA best practices

CTAs are anything that helps you take actions or make a choice. So, CTAs aren't only text or color, hyperlink or a GIF. CTAs are a mixed form of text, color, hyperlink, etc. and broadly used as buttons.

Now, check out some common CTA buttons we are familiar to.

  • Add to cart button
  • Start the trial button
  • Download button
  • Learn more button
  • Sign up button
  • Get the demo button
  • Buy Now button
  • Please Share button
  • Watch Now button
  • Listen to the show button etc.

Any direction, request, order, helping word or phrase that let you make your next move is a CTA. So that you can understand the broad area of using these CTAs.

Why CTAs are so Important for Marketers?

You are already aware of the benefits of using actionable CTAs. Have a look at below data that would blow your eyes.

  • Over 90% of visitors who read your headlines, also read your CTA copy
  • Emails with a single CTA can increase clicks of 371% and sales 1617%
  • Preparing CTAs to look like buttons created a 45% increase in clicks for CreateDebate
  • Adding CTAs to your Facebook page can boost the click-through rate by 285%
  • HubSpot found that anchor text CTAs increased conversion rates by 121%

Between 47% and 93% of a post's leads come only from anchor text CTAs. And 83%-93% of each post's leads come from anchor text and internal link CTAs.

  • For KISSmetrics, a CTA button within a video content gets 380% more clicks than their normal sidebar CTAs.
  • By forcing visitors to watch an informational video on their services before presenting a CTA, Kimberly Snyder increased conversions by 144%!

Sources: HubSpot, Copyblogger, Unbounce, WordStream, AdRoll, QuickSprout, etc.

How to Write a Call to Action and Make It more Effective

Selecting a perfect word or phrase is very important for an effective CTA button. While going to write a CTA button text, keep its main purpose on your mind- why would you add this button to your site?

  • Get more subscribers
  • Boost sales or
  • Just take them to another piece of your content?

When you are clear about your purpose, decide about where to place it? It’s important because you need to choose a word or prepare an actionable sentence according to the place you will set it. You can select actionable call to action words from the list below prepared by CoShedule, shared on Pinterest.

call to action words
Powerful Call to Action Words

Now, consider these things to write an attention-grabbing CTA.

Be Clear, Use Strong Command Verbs

Be as clear as possible and use active words that relevant to your industry. If you want to sell, you should choose words like Buy, Shop, Get, etc. On the other hand, you should write Discover, Learn or Sign up, etc. if you want to increase your subscribers. Check out some examples.

  • Try our free trial
  • Reserve your seat
  • Download whitepaper

And don't forget to use 1st person while and where it’s possible.

ContentVerve saw a 90% increase in click-through rate by only using 1st person phrasing- ‘Start my free 30-day trial’ instead of ‘Start your free 30-day trial.’

Size and Color of Your CTA Buttons

CTA best practices

Size and color of your CTA play the most significant role. Always try to use perfect size and bright color in your CTAs. When you are designing your CTAs, consider where to place it. CTA buttons’ size depends on where would you place it. Not so big, not so small, try to keep it smart enough to easily grab people’s attention.

CTA button example
Example of smart CTA on Midium's home page

According to Yahoo small business– Red, Green, Orange, and Yellow are the most used colors in CTAs across the world. You can also use Blue as it’s also eye-catching. And the worst colors in CTA buttons are Black, White, and Brown.

CTA best practices

Nail Patel Says-

Focus instead on two things: noticeability and value. People want to know exactly how to take action. That’s the whole point of the CTA

You know that colors vary from sites to sites regarding the background and landing page design. You should care about these things from the 1st day of your online journey. Check out some stats.

  • SAP has found that orange CTAs boosted their website conversion over 32.5%
  • Performable found that red CTA buttons boosted their conversion by 21%
  • Brafton made design changes that focused on relevant and well-placed CTAs by-

-Adding CTA buttons to article templates increased their revenue by 83% in one month.
-Ecommerce conversion rate of Brafton increased by 22% quarter over quarter.

-Average order value for blog readers increased by 49% in every quarter

  • Reducing clutter around their CTA increased Open Mile's conversion rate by 232%

Sources: Neil Patel Blog, QuickSprout, etc.

Create a Scene of Urgency & Highlight the Immediate Benefit

One of the most significant ways to easily grab customers and encourage them to make decisions faster. Your perfect-touchy words or a short term discount can increase your sales quicker than ever.

Try to use the words that are able to create a scene of urgency or highlight the immediate benefits. Use phrases like-

  • Get it now!
  • 50% off today only!

FriendBuy got 34% increased signups by adding anxiety-reducing content and explaining key benefits next to their CTA.

Get Fancy with CTA Graphics

A graph or arrow in your CTA can affect your click-through rate. Check out below CTA button designed by Crazyegg.

cta button examples

Helzberg Diamonds saw a 26% increase in clicks by adding an arrow icon to their CTA buttons.

Focus on Value and Be as Specific as Possible

While writing a CTA copy, you should focus on value. If you couldn’t describe the proper value of your products or offerings, even your attention-grabbing words could fail to get the desired result.

CTA best practices
MailChimp‘s CTA practicing

It’s not so easy but try to use words that are able to describe the proper value with being attractive enough.

Invite Readers Inside and Get Personal

Another significant thing you shouldn’t avoid is inviting your audience inside and get personal as much as possible. Making personalized or smart CTA means using different copies to attract different groups of audience.

You know some variables like 1st time or referral visitors, people who browse some of your pages before or who are already using some of your products. If you can target them separately, this would help you a lot.

According to Hubspot- personalized CTAs could convert 42% more visitors into leads than untargeted CTAs.

Keep No-obligation or Try to Minimize the Risk

When you are directly selling something or encouraging to download or something like that, you should clear confusion or help them to be tension-free by adding some extra words or a sentence.

CTA best practices
Check the line below their CTA button

For example, when you are adding a Download button to your products’ landing page, just add a short sentence below the main copy of your CTA- ‘This will take only 30 seconds’.

If you are inviting to buy them one of your products, you can tell them how much discount/bonus offer they are getting or just how wonderfully they would get benefited by using this.

More Effective Tips You Should Consider while Practicing CTAs

  1. Include secondary images with your CTAs
  2. Try to create curiosity and anticipation
  3. Avoid friction words in CTAs
  4. Large and legible text is better for direct selling CTAs
  5. Your CTA copy shouldn’t so long
CTA best practices
2 buttons, several copies

6. Make your CTA button more attention-grabbing than others, if there are other buttons on the page
7. Never force readers to backtrack, because it could annoy them
8. Place CTAs according to readers natural flow and your language style (right-left)

Where to Place Your CTA Buttons

Your CTA buttons’ copywriting and design is ready. You have chosen the right color regarding your audience perspectives and landing page design. Now is the final step of placing and setting up your CTAs in the right place to grab more attention and gain the desired conversion.

Since your primary objective is grabbing their attention, you should choose the most visible place of your site, even it could be negative for some reasons.

Check out some places where you can place your CTAs.

  • At the start of the page
  • At the end of the content
  • In a sidebar
  • At the middle of the content
  • In the welcome gate
  • In Email templates

Not only a place, but you should also consider both place and time (situation) for using your CTAs.

Set up CTAs-

  1. Where you need a social share
  2. When people are about o leave
  3. Use exit-intent popups to grab more conversion

Have a look at Grow & Convert’s experience and use cases on CTAs. They measure their conversion rates for certain CTA locations-

  • Sidebar: 0.5-1.5%
  • Generic, end-of-post: 0.5 – 1.5%
  • Pop-ups: 1 – 8%
  • Sliders and bars: 1 – 5%
  • Welcome gates: 10 – 25%
  • Feature box: 3 – 9%
  • Navbar: varies

Neil Patel found that users prefer to learn about the offer before clicking a CTA – placing their CTA above the fold decreased conversions by 17%

So, How Will You Make Your CTAs Stand Out?

Let’s take a look at a few key CTA design factors. Most people agree that you should-

Use white space (blank) effectively so that your button would stand out

Ensure that your CTA button contrasts with the colors on the rest of the page.

If necessary, frame the button to create contrast

Pay attention to the size of the button- it has to be legible but not overwhelming.

Get more Real-World Examples of Useful CTA Practices

Performable got a 21% conversion lift by changing the color of its CTA button.

SiteBuilderReport increased conversions around 14% by removing a single word from their CTA.

SAP redesigned a download page and found that adding the word ‘free’ and removing difficulties made CTAs work better. The page variation with a large, orange button boosted their conversions by 32.5%.

Wrapping Up on CTA Best Practices

Whether its a blog, eCommerce marketplace or a site for any other purpose, CTA buttons are always important to engage with your audience. For marketers, there is no chance to ignore actionable CTA practices.

When you are going to use a CTA, try to write a powerful copy, select an attention-grabbing color and finally apply it in the right place. These combinations would help you get desired results.

In this post, we have tried to cover almost all the significant things that would let you ensure CTA best practices. Now it's your turn to play and win!

The Complete Beginner’s Tutorial to Creating an AI Bot on Facebook Messenger

AI or Artificial Intelligence has become a buzzword these days. And Facebook chatbots are no exception to artificially intelligent technologies. For a smooth and well-rounded marketing strategy, this is something you can't steer clear of.

Moving forward, using a chatbot has become a standard when it comes to prompt customer support and happiness. In this article, we will define you what a Facebook chatbot is and how you can set a chatbot for your facebook page's messenger. Now, let's go ahead.

What Is a Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Facebook messenger chatbot is an artificially trained bot that mimics human intelligence level and converses with your visitors or customers without even the need for any human assistance.

For this purpose, chatbots always try to hide the fact that they are artificially trained bots when they are serving or reacting to its users.

Why Do You Need a Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

As a business professional, you should streamline your marketing and customer support system with a facebook messenger chatbot to have an edge over your competitors.

The users of Facebook Messenger is almost equal to the entire number of users of Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat together.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial
Source: Statista

Thus, you should definitely take the advantages of the Facebook messenger to your good book.

Here are some of the predicted use cases for chatbots that can be pretty useful for you:

  • Getting a quick answer in an emergency.
  • Resolving a complaint or problem.
  • Getting detailed answers or explanations.
  • Finding a human customer service assistant.
  • Making a reservation (e.g. restaurant or hotel).
  • Paying a bill.
  • Buying a basic item.
  • Getting ideas and inspiration for purchases.
  • Adding yourself to a mailing list or news service.
  • Communicating with multiple brands using one program.
Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial
Source: Convince and Convert

Here Are Some of the Basic Benefits of Facebook Page Bots:

Chatbots are a proven way to provide a far more personalized experience and ensure much more customer engagement. Here are a few benefits:

  • Mobile friendly customer service.
  • Integration to e-Commerce platforms to increase sales.
  • Automatic sending and receiving text and images.
  • Parsing information to actionable steps.
  • Providing answers with predetermined questions.
  • Being able to send bulk push notifications.
  • Offering in-depth analysis performance of the chatbots.
  • Chatbots become smarter with more usages.

How to Create a Basic & Simple Facebook Messenger Bot

We assume that you already have a Facebook page. If you have one, you can easily set a basic facebook auto reply bot from the page settings. Now, let's begin the facebook messenger chat bot tutorial:

First off, click on the dropdown button and select the page that your are going to set the chatbot for.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Click on the Settings option.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Next, click on the Messaging option:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

After that, You will get 3 settings for the chatbot:

  1. General Settings
  2. Response Assistant
  3. Appointment Messaging

Configuring General Settings

Now, turn on the “Prompt people to send messages” and “Help people start a conversation with your Page” toggle bars.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Prompt people to send messages

This will help your people with a number of ways (Such as open chat window) to send you messages while you are online.

Help people start a conversation with your Page

This option will help your audience use frequently asked questions to begin a conversation with you with ease. The coolest part is that you can edit the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) with your own taste and can add multiple questions as well.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

After finishing editing, don't forget to save the changes.

Configuring Response Assistant

This is the most effective and useful part of the Facebook messaging settings. In this section, you will get three more options. They are:

  1. Send instant replies to anyone who messages your Page.
  2. Let people know when you don't have access to your computer or phone.
  3. Show a Messenger greeting.

You will have to turn the toggle bar on in order to keep them functioning as indicated below with red marks:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Send instant replies to anyone who messages your Page

After turning the toggle bar on, your audience will get instant messages showing that you will respond to them as soon as possible. However, you can easily edit them with the Change button:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Now, you will get the message editing option with a preview of the message:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Edit the message in the way you want. You can also add personalizations in the message text using the ‘Change‘ button. Finally, hit the ‘Save‘ button.

Let people know when you don't have access to your computer or phone

With this option, you can let your visitors know that you are not in front of your device and thus can't give them support instantly.

Show a Messenger greeting

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

You should use this option if you would like to greet your visitor who is on the first time with your page's messenger. You can also edit this option, personalize and save it at your disposal.

And that's it! You have created a basic Facebook bot for your business page.

How to Create an Advanced Facebook Messenger Bot with Chatfuel

You can easily create a Facebook Messenger with Chatfuel while having fun during the process.

I'll not only show you the walkthrough of creating a messenger bot but also guide you with a strategy so that you can grow a good number of audience with it.

It will take only a few minutes to set up the bot but you will later discover a lot of great and exciting ways to maneuver it more efficiently.

Step 1: Sign up for a Chatfuel Account with Your Facbook Account

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial
Chatfuel’s homepage

First off, visit the homepage of Chatfuel and click on the “Get started for free” button.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

After that, you will be prompted to log in to your Facebook account and you will then have to confirm your Facebook account ID to proceed.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Chatfuel will receive your profile picture, email and name. However, it will not let the app publish itself on your Facebook timeline. So, rest assured!

Step 2: Link Your Facebook page

At this stage, you will have to link your Facebook page. To do so, select your Facebook page by checking it and then hit the ‘Next' button to go forward:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Next, Chatfuel will show you all the details that they will do for your pages. Keep all the toggle bars turned on. Now, hit the ‘Done‘ button to go to the next step:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Then, you will get a success message showing that you have now linked Chatfuel to Facebook. Click ‘Ok' to proceed:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

After the successful Facebook login, you will be taken to the Chatfuel account dashboard. Now, to finalize the addition of your Facebook page hit the ‘CONNECT TO PAGE‘ button.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

For now, we will be using the free version. You can later buy the PRO version down the road:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Step 3: Create a Messenger Greeting

Now, you will have to create a welcome message to greet your customers (We have already shown it though). This is very important because it guides your users on what to do next without thinking much.

  • Go back to your Facebook page > Settings > Messaging
  • Now switch the Show a Messenger Greeting toggle bar to Yes
  • Now, click Change
  • Now type the greeting message for your user, and then save the changes.

Step 4: Create a welcome message

You have to configure a welcome message for each session your users start a chat session with the bot. Fortunately, in Chatfuel, you can easily greet your customers with a welcome message using your first name. Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your Chatfuel dashboard and then click on Welcome Message
  • Add your preferred welcome text to the box. For example, “Hi {{first name}}, may I know what are you looking for?”

That's all. You don't even save the changes by hands because it is saved automatically. To check how it works, you can visit your Facebook page and use the Message button to test its efficacy.

Step 5: Create a default reply

Sometimes, your Chatbot will fail to answer too critical questions. To answer these types of questions, you will have to set default answers to help them what to do next. For example, you can set the replies to contact your support team, rephrase their question, use email or phone number to contact the helpdesk, etc.

Follow these steps:

  • Go back to your Chatfuel dashboard and select the Default Answer button.
  • Now you will find a set of placeholder texts. Change the texts to something more friendly. For example: (“Pardon me. I’m can not help you out but I am forwarding your queries to the customer care department. Please be patient.”)

Again, your changes are saved automatically.

Step 6: Unleash the Power of AI

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

You will feel the greatness of Chatbots when they can understand almost all the queries your customer ask. And this is where the concept of AI comes to the play. Since Chatfuel uses keywords to train its AI system you will have to feed some keywords to get the most of its AI system.

Follow these steps to train the AI system of the Chatbot:

  • Navigate to the Chatfuel dashboard, select Set Up AI > Add AI Rule
  • Now add a keyword that your customers are likely to use like ‘Refund policy’ in the If User Says Something Similar To box
  • In the accompanying Bot Replies with Text box, enter a useful reply like “We have no question asked policy but it is void until the product has the valid license period,” together with a link to your refund policy documentation page.
  • Now that you know the process of adding keywords, you should keep training the bots for as many keywords as possible so that the AI system gets more efficient over time.

Bonus Tips:

You can take help from your customer care department to get the most frequently asked queries from the user to train the AI system.

Step: 7 Add a Message button to your Facebook page

The Message button does not appear automatically and so you have to set it up manually in order to make it work. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Facebook account > Select your page > Add a Button.
Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial
  • You will get a popup window, select Contact You and Send Message option from therein:
Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial
  • Select Messenger and hit the Finish button.
Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Now, the Send Message button will be discoverable publicly and your users can start chatting with the bot.

Bonus Tips:

The best part of Chatfuel is that you can embed it on your website to conduct messenger-based marketing.

To this end, you can follow their tutorial and documentation so that you can use Chatfuel on your website.

Ending Thoughts

We hope that this guide will help you set the Facebook messenger bot well on your website. Besides, the user interface of Chatfuel is also friendly enough and you will find everything under your belt quickly.

Finally, I would like to say that building the AI Facebook messenger bot will not cost you arms and legs and it is actually worth the investment. That's because you don't have to spend too much on hiring new customer support employees.

Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips & Tools You Should Definitely Try Out

Nowadays, when you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing appears in your mind?

‘Have I missed something? What changes, updates or innovations came out last night?'… Like you, most of the people say this or something just like that.

In this age of information, we are always busy to level up and create balance with the on-going technological advancement. You will find the same unavoidable reality in all other aspects of life including your business and marketing.

Continue reading “Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips & Tools You Should Definitely Try Out”

Benefits of Maintaining Facebook Groups for Your Small Business

We all know that Facebook is an online social networking platform that brings people together in terms of sharing and communicating individual tastes and thoughts as well. With such power of Facebook, entrepreneurs can also uphold their brand with this system.

However, having a personal Facebook account is a pre-requisite to create Facebook groups. In addition to Facebook groups, you should have a Facebook page with which you can promote your brand to your preferred audience's news feed as much as you can.

Unfortunately, Facebook users these days consider every business page as an advertisement and so they often avoid these pages. This is exactly where the Facebook groups come to the rescue! Today based on our own Facebook group (Dokan Community) experience, we will walk you through the benefits of maintaining Facebook Groups for your business and the ways to create a group.

Benefits of Facebook Groups for Your Small Business

Facebook users are increasing like never before. Here is a graph on the growing users:

benefits of maintaining a facebook group for you business
Data Source: Statista

Even Mark Zuckerberg himself said on 31st December, 2019:

We're going to onboard millions of more businesses that people can interact with.

This statement shows that Facebook will be an inevitable weapon for business expansion.

It is a foregone conclusion that the popularity of Facebook will never be on the wane in the upcoming days. It means that investing time and money on Facebook for the marketing and sales strategy will be an amazingly wise idea.

Here are a few Facebook benefits that you can get from:

1. Utilizing Call to Action in the Announcement AKA Pinned Post

We are the members of a number of Facebook groups and we have seen a lot of group timelines showing a pinned post(announcement) containing a CTA. Facebook groups have a lot powerful algorithm that fuels its each and every post to stick around the timeline of its members.

benefits of maintaining a facebook group for you business

But a pinned post or an announcement can really thrive the click-through rate of your preferred CTA due to its prolonged visibility on the top of the group timeline. This is also a great practice to prevent spammy contents and focus on the most crucial ones.

2. Creating Polls Quicker and Take Feedback Immediately

No matter what type of business you are operating, if you can create a group focusing on your niche from all along then it can act as an asset later on.

You can create polls on the group to take valuable feedback or opinion from your fanbase. On top of that, you can create a conversation thread centering around any topic related to your business.

You can get all but honest customer suggestion and experience during the development phase so that you can roll out the customer-centric products only. Be it consumer brands or B2B business, this high quality and raw feedback is the most valuable thing for a business owner's point of view.

3. Announcing Offers with More Visibility

If you possess a group that aims at your potential customers, you will be able to confer them with various offers. However, this might also be possible using the traditional email marketing approach but offering in the group cuts cost and ensures an added amount of reach to your fanbase.

4. A Great Way to Interact within the Community

We created our e-commerce focused group so that the entrepreneurs who build their business can share their ideas, ask and answer their queries to each other within the group. What’s more interesting when people interact with each other by bouncing ideas back and forth?

5. Being Trustworthy to the Community

As you can have the opportunity to answer the questions of your customers by commenting in the group, you can build a sense of trust in your customer’s mindset. Without creating mutual trust you can not expect a sound relationship.

What’s More Important of the Two – Facebook Page vs Group

Realistically, Facebook has been one of the biggest marketplaces across the world. The following data will bewilder you:

benefits of maintaining a facebook group for you business

See? All you need to do is to feel this buying and selling data over Facebook.

If you are on the thought that you have a group and so you do not need a page then you are most likely to be wrong. Why? That’s because they are completely different.

Why You Need Facebook Pages

First of all, Facebook pages are aligned to run your business ad campaigns, get reviews of your business and generate a huge number of user-generated contents, share blog posts and videos of your website on a large scale audience exposure where there is practically no limit.

Secondly, Facebook pages also allow your audience to send you messages directly.

Thirdly, Facebook pages also appear in search engines, gives the viewer with valuable information like map and other contact information.

Why You Need Facebook Groups

Whereas, Facebook groups are intended to communicate among a comparatively lower number of audience who are on the same horizon with more personalized reach. For example, you can send a message to each and every one of the group with just a couple of clicks.

Unlike Facebook pages, when a user posts something, it does not get tucked away in the community tab of a Facebook group which enhances more exposure of user-generated posts.

This Is Why

You should create and maintain both the Facebook page and the Facebook group to get the most of them for your business.

Facebook Group Types

When creating Facebook groups, you will find three types of groups. They are:

benefits of maintaining a facebook group for you business
  • Closed Groups: Everyone can search, find and request to join the group but needs to wait for the approval from the group admins. The posts are not shown privately in this group. Meaning that only members can see the post.
  • Public Groups: Anyone can search and find this group but in order to get a notification the user has to request to join. One can see the posts of this group even though he or she is not a member. In public groups, anyone can accept the join requests.
  • Secret Groups: Only the group members can search and see this group. Thus, no one can send join request to the admin of this type of group. This is really useful if you don't want to show your group existence to others. Only the admins can accept the join requests to this group.

For a business perspective, the closed groups are more suitable for their optimized moderation and visibility control.

How to Create a Facebook Group?

To create a Facebook group you need to login to your Facebook profile. Then click on the drop-down icon to get to the group option:

benefits of maintaining a facebook group for you business

After that, click on the New Groups option.

benefits of maintaining a facebook group for you business

Next, click on the “Create Group” button.

benefits of maintaining a facebook group for you business

In this step, you need to give a Group name, add some friends to it and select the group type (Closed or Public or Secret). You can also write an optional note to the people you add to.

Finally, click on the Create button and you are done with creating your first Facebook group.

benefits of maintaining a facebook group for you business

On hitting the ‘Create’ button, you will get your first group created:

benefits of maintaining a facebook group for you business

Now, you can personalize this group according to your wish like adding a photo or illustration for this group.

What Are the Important Aspects of a Facebook Group?

Now that you have set up your first Facebook group, you need to know some specifically designed options to utilize it.

To use these options, click on the three vertically aligned dots(…) with the ‘More’ label.

benefits of maintaining a facebook group for you business

Options in More(1)

If you click on this button you will get the following options:

benefits of maintaining a facebook group for you business
  • Add Members
  • Moderate Group
  • Edit group settings
  • Archive group
  • Pin to shortcuts
  • Link Existing group
  • Create new linked group
  • Create New Group:

Options in More(2)

If you hover on this button you will get the following options:

benefits of maintaining a facebook group for you business
  • Add File
  • Sell Something
  • Create Photo Album
  • Create Doc
  • Create Event

And here are your posting options:

benefits of maintaining a facebook group for you business
  • Photo/Video
  • Tag Friends
  • Check in
  • Poll
  • Tag Event
  • Watch Party
  • Feeling/Activity
  • Get together
  • GIF
  • Ask for recommendation

Is There Any Limit in Adding Members?

No there is no limit. You can add as many group members as you want. But after reaching 5000 members you will lose to controls immediately. They are:

  1. As an admin, you will no longer be able to invite for an event organized with the help of Facebook.
  2. You will not be able to send a single message to all the members at a time.

What Is the Best Time to Post on Facebook Group

This is a frequently asked question that which is the best time to post on Facebook. Here is a roundup data, given by Sproutsocial:

benefits of maintaining a facebook group for you business
Data Source: Sproutsocial
  • The best times to post on Facebook are Wednesday at noon and 2 p.m. and Thursday at 1 and 2 p.m.
  • Thursday is the best day to post on Facebook in the week.
  • The safest times to post include weekdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Saturday has the least amount of engagement for Facebook in the week.
  • Evenings and early mornings have the least amount of engagement in the day.

Things to Keep in Your Mind While Posting in the Group

  • Posting Strong Photos
  • Write a Good Description
  • Being Honest
  • Keeping Prices Reasonable
  • Setting Rules for the Group

Final Thoughts

If you are a business owner then you can not do away with the Facebook group due to its lucrativeness. As the data mentioned in this article demonstrates that soon there is no chance that the engagement of your potential customers on Facebook will decline, you still have the chance to skyrocket the promotion of your brand.

If you don't have any Facebook group, then it's high time that you created a group and boosted your brand awareness in there with your community.

Growth Techniques To Apply Before Launching Your Startup

Pre-launching is a crucial phase of any start-up. At this stage, it is natural to get confused about taking any actions. When it comes to marketing, this can not get any truer. How should you let people know about your product? What if the promotions don't work out? How will users react if my product doesn't function properly? If you are a start-up founder, we know that these thoughts kept whirling through your mind during the pre-launching period.

Despite everything that comes to your mind, it is important to get your marketing right. You must have an audience base ready before you have a final product. You will need to study your audience and ensure product-market fit for your startup. In this write-up, we talk about some pre-launch marketing strategies that will help you gain initial traction. Once that is taken care of, your startup will have a better chance of financial success in the future. Enough of setting the context, now let us move onto the bucket of wisdom.

Get In Touch With Your Existing Contacts

This is the first thing you should do for your pre-launch marketing. By now you must have a lot of contacts in phonebook, mailbox and other social networks. Your priority should be to build a formal list and start some sort of conversation about your new startups. To maintain a structured list you can take help from great online tools like Zoho, HubSpot etc. This course of actions will allow you to know how they can be relevant to your startup. You will definitely find out that some of them are willing to test your product. If it is your lucky day, you can get one or two potential investors as well. Categorize them accordingly and cultivate your lists.

Don't forget to utilize LinkedIn for your startup. Keep your connections updated about what is new with your company and share blog posts regularly with them. Joining relevant LinkedIn groups can help you get effective leads as well.

Generate Leads Through Contact Forms

We hope you are familiar with the concepts of lead generation. In plain words, this is the process of getting people attracted to your business through filling a query form. There are numerous ways you can generate leads. The best way to get started is to have a contact form on your website. Those who are interested in your product is way more likely to fill in this form than contacting you in person. Your work doesn't stop here after setting up a contact form You need to track the submission data on daily basis and make sure they receive updates periodically. You can set up automated emails for this purpose.

Start a Blog For Content Marketing

Content is the difference maker for any startup during the pre-launch. As you probably know, the buyer journey consists of Awareness, consideration and decision stages. You need to make your contents speak for you to influence the purchasing decision. This is why you need to start a dedicated blog for your startup. Here you need to keep in mind that excessive self-promotions will lead to a loss of trust among your audience. The idea is to keep on creating values for your potential target market through informative contents.

In the process of blogging and content creation, you start making your site search engine optimized. This is really important in order to get a higher ranking in the search results. According to research findings, 91% of online searchers do not go beyond the first page of search results. Besides, online reputation management (ORM) is another aspect that allows you to be discovered through a range of keywords and tags.

Keep Active On Social Networking Sites

Facebook and Twitter profiles are must-have from the pre-launching stage. If you are thinking you will create a page for your products only when it becomes a hit, you are not thinking it right. Rather you should use social media for a holistic marketing approach. Make sure you share all your contents on your FB and Twitter profiles to increase engagement. Invite all your friends to virtually support your endeavor and ask them to share the words. This might sound very simplistic but many start-up founders simply lag behind just because they don't take social network seriously.

You can take a look at this infographic about the major social networking sites to have a better understanding:

Approach Influencers As Early As Possible

Engaging your influencers should be on your priority list from the very beginning of the startup. You should be on the lookout for influencers who suits your company's visions and strategies. However, influencers are already reputed in the market so you need to be really tactful while dealing with them. Make them feel that they have a stake in your startup by offering various co-promotional opportunities.

User-generated content from the influencers is a remarkable way to grow a brand. Audiences are more likely to respond to an influencer they follow than companies that pursue sales techniques. So, when you are getting an influencer involved with your product, you are essentially delivering a personalized touch to the customers.

Keep Track Of Everything and Replicate the Best Practice

Now the most important part, you have set a process to track your data and interpret them. For web traffic, Google Analytics is the universally preferred tool to track and monitor data in real time. It will help you to understand where your audience mostly comes from, which age range they belong to, what draws them to your site and many other traffic stats. This data will help you to prepare your content strategy and design products that will decide the fate of your startup.

Besides, all the social networking sites have its own analytics dashboard to show the major metrics. Engagement rates on these channels will give you info about the things that drive clicks, shares, and likes on your posts. All you need to do is embrace these data and take actions based on them.

What's More?

We believe email marketing deserves an honorary mention in this article. After you have a decent contact list, you should start running email campaigns. Apart from giving them automated updates or welcome messages, you can give early access or coupon rewards through email campaigns.

Another option can be partnership marketing. This is done by creating mutual values between two companies. For example, if your product has any third party feature integration, you must convince them to promote your product. There is a huge scope for innovation while it comes to co-branding. The execution is undeniably tough, but it is worth the shot for a startup because the outcome can be remarkable.

There is a common misconception that marketing should start only after a startup is launched. Don't fall into this trap. Marketing should start very early and dictate the growth of the startup. How your product will be adopted by the customers depend largely on your communication approach and promotional strategy.

Strategies To Launch Social Media Holiday Marketing Campaign In 2017

You might not have the reindeers to help you prepare the upcoming holidays for your business, but you have social media. During the festive season, social media holiday marketing takes on a whole new role and let the brands create emotional connections with their consumers. ?

Perhaps you are owner of F-commerce or may be you run a small business using WooCommerce and you definitely have sales goal in your mind, but brand loyalty is something that you really need to be serious about. And brand loyalty has always been primarily driven by emotion. That's why, during holiday season, you won't just increase your revenue from social media, rather it's a great opportunity to create brand affinity among your consumers.

Since ours is a WordPress product company and one of our major products is a multi vendor marketplace solution, so we see lots of small businesses are actually trying to push their business on social platforms and social media holiday marketing plans can make their marketing effort a bit easier!

social media

Clock is Ticking! Start Planning For Your

Start With Last Year: Before you get started to work on your holiday marketing campaign, you need to visit the memory lane, walk through your previous campaign and your competitors' too! Did you launch any campaign on social media during any previous holiday season? What did your competitors do that time? What was the social reach and engagement from those? Find out the data and learn your lesson from that.

Audience Targeting: To optimize your social media marketing, you need to set the potential target audience and which social networks they spend most of their times.

⚡️ Fix Your Goal & KPI: Using the outcomes from last year's campaign,  set a realistic goal for your this year's campaign. You need to decide what you want from it, either social engagement, social reach or lead generations.

holiday Marketing

Choose Most Effective Social Media Channel: Based on your target audience, you have to select the most preferable social channels for your holiday marketing campaign. For some businesses, it can be common ones like Facebook or Twitter, but for food or clothing business, Snapchat or even Pinterest campaign could work like magic.

⏰ Set a Timeline: You should set a clear timeline for your holiday marketing campaign including a start and end date. Also you should prepare the schedule  for sending the social media post/message.

?️ Create Attractive Creative: You can easily enhance the brand awareness and go closer to your audience with a visually attractive creative. Well, you might need little bit of innovation and holiday flavor mixing up for doing so!

#⃣ Choose a Campaign Hashtag: Even if you don't like hashtags, the truth is they are actually effective in order to create engagement as well as to track the conversation from your specific campaign. You need to create a hashtag that will represent your brand, content and off course the campaign. P.S. You don't have to include your brand name all the time.

Data-Backed Social Media

So you have collected the data from last year and took the preliminary steps before start planning for the main campaign idea? Great, now we are ready to move forward.

To be honest, creating a holiday marketing campaign for social media is not that hard. Anyboday can do it with few Google search! Since you are reading this blog, you have already figured out that the hard part is creating a creative and strategic marketing plan!

But we are here to help you to inject creativity and launch an unique holiday marketing plan for your social media followers. Something that will ensure your brand gets noticed around the social platforms and fullfill your marketing goals for upcoming holiday!

Check out the social media holiday plans that we have come up with and feel free to mix-up the ideas and create your own unique one.

holiday marketing plan for social media

Create Exclusive

Don't you want to make your social media audience feel special during this holiday? This is your chance, mate! Apart from the social media, you definitely have other marketing plan for this holiday. No, you don't always need to allign everything, not all the time. You can walk through the same path but sometimes you need to explore sideways too!

It could be exclusive rewards, discounts or giveaways only for your social media followers. To pull it off uniquely, resonate the holiday flavour in it and create the announcement post mentioning that you care and value about your social media audience!

Create Campaign Using

If your holiday campaign goal is generating engagement and get connected to the followers, then its specially for you! You can just share few snap of how the company is preparing for Christmas or thanksgiving and ask them to share their stories. If you can use ‘behind-the-scene' content right way, then it can genuienly create brand affinity.

People want to connect with other people, the real ones; not brands.

For creating behind-the-scene content during this holiday season, you might need to choose the social platform wisely. For example, Instagram or Snapchat is great for showcasing your fun side but don't share funny image on LinkedIn.

Host a Social Media

Social media contest is one of the popular way to generate community engagement. To include giveaway with it, you can get the most out of your holiday campaign. You can make the giveaway innovative using few tricks! Like you can ask them to share their holiday inspiration, snap, selfie, quotes with you and by uploading the content on your page, they will eligible to get the giveaway.

You can provide giveaway with every purchase they make during holiday season. Even you can create custom intentive which will be spiced up with that holiday theme and make people interested to participate in the content. Again, please keep in your mind that a visually attractive post will always get more engagement than a blunt one!

Run a
Campaign ?

You can show customers your thankfulness during this holidays by arranging a customer appreciation campaign. If you run e-Commerce website or any other customer service business, then you should take this chance to present the gratitute through a holiday campaign. You can do that by following ways:

  • Start A loyalty program during this holiday
  • Offer them to visit & spend with your brand
  • Spotlight customer on this special season
  • Send a gift to most engaged customer
  • Offer them to visit & spend with your brand
  • Throw a party & invite your loyal customer on social media

Launch a Holiday

For social media, holiday is a season for frenzy. To cut through the social media noise and actually engage with your targeted audience, a holiday hashtag campaign could be easiest and effective idea. You can easily track the engagement and generate brand awareness too.

Wrapping Up

Try out these holiday marketing ideas for your social media channel. Get best out of your marketing effort by trying to be creative about it, add elements that resonates with your brand or help your audience to connect with you!

Let us know, what are your favorite holiday Social Media campaigns and how was the outcome from it. Happy Holiday!