Build WooCommerce Marketplace With Dokan For Used Electronics

The rapid growth of internet users and the immense development of social media diminishes all the geographical borders. Now everyone is connected with together regardless of their social status, age, profession or geography. This concept of globalization made Online Business popular over the last few years.

Moreover, it's remarkably inexpensive and easy to start an online business if you have dedicated internet service. Sometimes it needs even less than $100 (the cost of purchasing a domain name and hosting service) to establish an online business site.

Moreover, nowadays if you own a multi-vendor marketplace then even you can earn money from your own eShop without having any products of your own in it. Hence, it can be a great idea to establish an eCommerce platform where many different sellers will upload their products. And you can earn a certain percentage of commission from each sale.

Today we will show you how to build a WooCommerce marketplace for used electronics with Dokan. Most amazingly it requires no prior knowledge and less than 30 minutes.

Why Build Your Own WooCommerce Marketplace Business

WooCommerce marketplace

An online marketplace allows you to reach millions of customers around the globe. The increasing popularity of e-commerce business and online sales provoke more and more people to create a Marketplace on different niches. Moreover, customers also love to purchase on the marketplace as they get plenty of options to choose from.

WooCommerce marketplace

According to a recent study, in 2018, 1.8 billion people have spent $2.86 trillion in online shopping. There are more than 3 million online stores available at this time, but around 63% of them also sell in various marketplaces. Global e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.8 trillion by 2021.

Besides that, 501 billion USD was the retail eCommerce sales in the United States and it is forecasted that the sale will increase to 740 billion in 2023.

The survey of 6,000 consumers conducted by Salesforce and Publicis.Sapient stated that repeat customers prefer to shop from the online marketplace over the brands. It shows buyers feel safer to spend their money in a broad marketplace like Amazon. With WordPress, it's not anymore a professional's job only to create a site like Amazon.

So, you can also build an Amazon-like platform on your own. However, it must be easy to use for brands and retailers well. Also, you should focus on ensuring better customer experience so that they come back to your shop again and again.

Why Design Your WooCommerce Marketplace with Dokan?


People always love to enjoy an easy solution with maximum output and less hassle. This is the reason WordPress has grown so much in popularity and powers more than 33% of all websites globally. Moreover, you can add almost any functionality to your site, with no coding or technical knowledge.

There are tons of free plugins, that you can use without shelling out any cash, or you can opt for premium subscription.

If you have a WordPress site, then you can easily own an Online Marketplace like eBay or Amazon within a day only. With Dokan you get to turn your WooCommerce site into a full-fledged multi-vendor marketplace in less than 30 minutes.

Furthermore, you will get all the functionalities at your fingertips to run your business smoothly. With Dokan you can save hundreds of work hours while creating an online WooCommerce marketplace.

Dokan is the no. 1 open-source Multi Vendor Solution with 30000+ active installations around the world.

Dokan has unique features like:

  • Best frontend experience
  • Easiest configuration option
  • Supports 20+ modules
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Compatible with any WooCommerce themes

By following some easy steps you can start earning from your online marketplace right away.

WooCommerce marketplace

So, it clearly shows that you require only a few resources and effort to create a used electronics online store with Dokan in WordPress.

Turn your WooCommerce Site into a Multi-vendor Marketplace in Minutes

WooCommerce marketplace

A journey towards the biggest revenue starts from here!

Here, we will show you a step-by-step guide to create a multi-vendor eCommerce platform where vendors can sell second-hand electronics products. In addition, today we will introduce an exciting module of Dokan known as Dokan Single Product Multivendor.

This unique feature allows vendors to sell other vendors' products. They can add a product from another vendor's store to their own store with a single click. Furthermore, they have the flexibility to customize the product details as their liking.

At the same time, customers can go through all the same products that the vendors are selling and compare each price from the product page. This will let consumers buy a product with the best price.

Now let us describe how to configure and build a used electronics marketplace using Dokan's Single Product Multivendor Module.

Prerequisites for Launching a Used Electronics Site

Initial Configuration for Your WooCommerce Marketplace

WordPress: At first, you should buy your own domain and hosting from a trusted provider. Then, install the WordPress on your server. 

WooCommerce: After logging into the site with your personal credentials install and activate the WooCommerce plugin like any other WordPress plugin. That's it your single eCommerce store is ready for launch.

Dokan Free and Pro: Now you have to install Dokan to turn your single store into a multi-vendor marketplace. To unlock all the advanced features you can simply get the Dokan Pro with a 100% money-back guarantee & customer satisfaction.

Active Dokan Single Product Multiple Vendor Module: Now, navigate to WordPress Admin Dashboard → Dokan → Modules.

Click on the toggle button beside Single Product Multiple Vendor to activate the module as shown below.

Single Product Multiple Vendor

An Appropriate Theme for Dokan: Most amazingly, Dokan works well with almost all the popular WooCommerce themes available in the market. So, you have the flexibility to choose a theme that fits your business. You can check all the Dokan Compatible Themes.

However, the theme must be easy for both vendors and buyers to surf and conduct other transactions.

You can check the cost that you need to launch your desired WordPress site.

How to Create a Used Electronics Online Platform Using Dokan

Now, you have all the components in your hands to build your first multi-vendor marketplace for used electronics. Before proceeding, configure your Dokan plugin with all the essential settings as below:

General Setting Dokan

Here you can optimize your marketplace as per your brand requirements. It helps you to operate your business seamlessly. After that, you are free to design your own Marketplace Website using Dokan.

General Settings for Single Product Multiple Vendor

Step 1

Navigate to your WordPress Admin Dashboard → Dokan → Settings → Single Product MultiVendor.
Then, Click on the checkbox beside to Enable Single Product Multiple-Vendor.

Dokan Settings

Step 2

Now, you can change the default content of the “Sell Item Button Text” and “Available Vendor Display Area” title.

To change the ‘Sell Item Button Text', type over the given field. It has the default text “Sell This Item”. You can change it as per your preference.

Here we have set the text as “Sell This Product Now!”.

Dokan Module Settings

This is how vendors will view the button for a product from the store.

WooCommerce marketplace

Step 3

You can also change the text for Available Vendor Display Area Title as you desire. To do this, simply write your desired text over the given field. It has the default text “Other Available Vendors”. 

Here we have set the text as “Buy this product from these vendors”.

WooCommerce marketplace

So, above you can see how the button will appear in the store. Vendors can see the list of all other vendors selling the same product:

product review

Step 4

You can also choose where you want to display the available vendor's list.
For this you have to select the desired option from the drop-down menu given for Available Vendor Section Display Position:

WooCommerce marketplace

Store-end View for Vendors

All the configuration has been done from the admin. Now, when a visitor will visit any product from another vendor, s/he will see a new button “Sell This Product Now!”.

When you click on this button, a new product will be created for your store and you can edit its details as per its specifications.

edit product dokan

Store-end View for Customers

Now when a customer visits your marketplace and clicks on a product a pop-up window will appear. And then they can see the product's details along with the other vendor's names who sell the same product.

As a result, the customer will get a fair chance to compare among all the vendor's offers. It will help them to acquire the best deal at the cheapest price.

WooCommerce marketplace

Furthermore, with this advanced feature of Dokan, you can gain your customer's trust very quickly. It will uplift the customer acquisition and retention rate at a rapid pace.

With the latest update of Dokan, now the admin can assign a single product to multiple vendors very easily from his/her dashboard. Also, you can employ a set of conditions before allowing the vendors to sell other vendors' products. 

Check this documentation to get all the available features of the Dokan Single Product Multiple Vendor. However, for better visibility of your site on the search engine, you should implement proper SEO tactics. It will help you to grow your Marketplace Website faster.

Moreover, you can also create a marketplace for downloadable products using Dokan. Nevertheless, you can create an Airbnb Alternative Site with Dokan WooCommerce Booking.

Note: Admin can set up his/her own store and sell products if s/he has any products and services to sell.


Dokan Empowers Your WooCommerce Marketplace with Ease

WordPress makes it easy as pie to build an effective eCommerce Marketplace with interactive plugins. Dokan has all the components to make your journey smooth and efficient. However, you need a strong marketing strategy to reach your target audience. It will improve your brand value. Also, you will get more commission as the sales increase.

Even without being a professional, with Dokan you can develop a highly functional WooCommerce marketplace in a single day. It allows you to bring plenty of related service providers on the same platform. And earn money with a commission from each sale.

Nevertheless, WordPress page builder-Elementor makes the web development process easy than ever. Therefore, you can build a Professional Marketplace With Elementor & Dokan without any prior knowledge and coding. Thus, it makes the journey more effortless from developing a marketplace site to earning money.

Digital Coupons: What, When & How to Create them to Ensure Desired Sales?

Whether you are operating an online store or a brick and mortar store coupons will always be one of the most tempting ways to accelerate sales. If you are an owner of an online store, you can leverage your sales with the help of coupons.

In this article, I will walk you through the concept of the digital coupons its creation, benefits, usage and how to create it in the easiest way.

So, grab a cup of tea, sit tight and go ahead…

How Digital Coupons Work

In case you did not know, a digital coupon is either discounts or promotions or offer or things like that is proffered to the prospective customers or to the current customers by an online store.

Offering coupons is an enticing way to prompt your customers nudging to purchase from your store as quickly as possible.

Why You Need to Create Coupons

Not only you need coupons to retain your loyal customers but you need it to gain more paying customers. Here are a few important statistics regarding digital coupons:

  • Coupons are used by 90% of consumers according to (Valassis)
  • Digital coupon redemptions are expected to be totaled at $91 billion by 2022. (Juniper Research)
  • mobile devices will account for 80% of coupon redemption by 2022. (Juniper Research)
  • By 2022, chatbot coupon volume is slated to have a spike of 1.1 billion. (Juniper Research)
  • Each month, more than 25 million Americans use coupon apps to save money. (ReadyCloud)

When You Need to Create Coupons

Now that you know the benefits of using coupons, you may want to deploy them on your website. To achieve the full benefits mentioned above, you need to use them for some special events. But when to deploy them on your store? Let's find out:

1. Attracting new customers

Using online coupons can be an exciting way to have a customer on board. You can show the coupons on your store when they are subscribing for the first time.

For example, you can welcome your customers to enjoy a certain amount of discount or give them free shipping service when they are purchasing for the first time.

Here is a real-life example from a marketplace, Aliexpress:

digital coupons

As coupons are responsible for quick conversions, make sure to employ them for your marketplace.

2. Introducing new product lines

When you are performing grand-launch of new products in your store people may be reluctant to buy them. That's because they feel suspicious about the newly rolled-out products' efficacy. In order to convince them you may have to impel them by giving discounts on presales.

A coupon code just help you do that!

digital coupons example for new product launch

Image Source: RetailMeNot

3. Getting rid of unwanted inventory

Trends are always evolving. If you can not sell out all your products during a particular trend, chances are very high that those inventories will remain unsold for a long time even for years. To avoid such a problem, using attractive coupons can be a cog in the machine.

digital coupons
Image Source: Groupon

How Can You Create Coupons?

Well! You can create coupons with different tools for your eCommerce marketplace. To create coupons for your eCommerce marketplace, effortlessly, you need the following tools:

As Dokan is a multivendor marketplace platform, you can let your vendors create coupons for their individual stores.

Supposing that you have installed WooCommerce, Dokan (free) and Dokan (Pro) on your WordPress website. Now that you have installed all the required items, your vendors can now create coupons for their individual stores.

Step 1: Go to the Vendor Dashboard

To create coupons, log in as a vendor on your Dokan and WooCommerce powered eCommerce website. After that, navigate to Vendor Dashboard->Coupons. Then click on Add New Coupon.

Step 2: Fill out the required fields

Now, you will have to fill out all the required fields like Coupon Title, Description, Discount Type, Amount, Email Restrictions, Usage Limit, Expire Date and many more options.

digital coupons

That is how you can effortlessly create coupons for your eCommerce store with Dokan and WooCommerce.

Here is how your coupon will look to the customers:

Now, if a customer visits your store he or she will be able to see the coupon code and its details:

digital coupons

For further resources, you can go through this documentation to learn about advanced terms like discount type, that is, whether the discount is fixed or having a percentage amount, and many more.

Looking forward with Digital Coupons

Creating coupons is effective both for online and physical stores. If you want to step up your sales volume there is no alternative to this amazing sales strategy.

If you are using Dokan and already creating coupons for your store then don't forget to share your hands-on experience with us in the comment section below.

Most Suitable Business Models to Follow for E-Commerce Marketplaces in 2020

It is pretty evident that the e-commerce and online marketplace business is booming and being multiplied to a big number in the last decade or so. Stats suggest that by 2020, the sales via online e-commerce stores are expected to increase by around 80%. Every day more and more people are getting interested in launching their own marketplace. But getting too excited about this rising trend of e-commerce business to start an online marketplace without having the proper idea of its business model for e-commerce to follow may just backfire greatly.

The good news is when you are planning your startup for e-commerce business, you get plenty of business models of e-commerce in front of you. And you just need to identify the best-suited model for your e-commerce business.

Quite certainly you would want to choose a business model that provides the best in your level of experience in terms of your budget, risk & time management.

E-commerce Marketplace

Now you might have a skillful team that has a solid marketing strategy for your e-commerce business but a team without the right business model to run an e-commerce site will always fall behind and every chance of failing sooner or later. This will also act as a hindering force into the future growth of your e-commerce business.

So since being able to decide which business model would be suitable for the e-commerce or online marketplace is highly essential so therefore this post will discuss the fundamentals of the e-commerce business model and the trending business model for the e-commerce marketplace of 2020.

Hopefully, by the end of this post, you will be enlightened with the right knowledge of your business model establishment for your e-commerce store. So let's start by discussing the business models classification that is commonly used nowadays in all e-commerce businesses.

Classification of Available Business Models for E-commerce

As you plan to set up your e-commerce business, there is this common question that you need to ask yourself. Who are your clients that you are selling to?

E-commerce business models

Now on the occasion of launching your e-commerce site, at that point in time, you are considered as a ‘Business' and the people you are selling to would be termed as ‘Customer'. And essentially all e-commerce sites operate as Business to Customer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B) model. So ideally this means your consumers are either general customers or other business organizations. But these are not the only business models for e-commerce that gets used nowadays. The other more commonly used e-commerce business models are:

  • Business-to-Business (B2B)
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer-to-Business (C2B)
  • Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

Moreover, there are also other well-known business classification models like Business to Government (B2G) and Customer to Government (C2G).

Now lets quickly take an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the above business models for e-commerce.

E-commerce business models

Types of products to sell

Now the best part of establishing an online store is that you can sell virtually anything you want. If you are new at this then it is better to start selling with a small range of products. But are you sure about the types of products you are looking to sell from your e-commerce site? In order to sell online effectively, you would need to know what are the types of products that you can sell from your online store or marketplace. So what kind of product you can look forward to selling online? Let's know about that a little better below.


Physical Products: Any type of goods that you can physically touch or feel such as clothing items, electronic devices, merchandises etc. that you anyone find online or in brick & mortar store is known as a physical product. Moreover, selling this type of product from your online store requires at least one shipping method to be implemented in it. In order to produce a physical product, you might require to have a warehouse, factories or hire a number of employees. Some of the common examples of the physical products include Apparels, Ornaments, Mobile Phones, Beauty Products, Video Games, Artwork etc.

Digital Products: This type of product is really easy to distribute in comparison to physical products and others. it is also significantly way more sustainable which makes it simpler to replicate or create. No material, staff or manufacturing warehouse required. Anyone with just a few devices is able to generate a digital product and get it up for selling. Some of the most popular forms of the digital product include Software & web-based application, Music & Audio, Videos, E-book, Photograph/Images, Courses, Digital Artwork, Tickets etc.

Service-Based: If you have a group of people that are specialized in providing various types of services than you can easily offer those services from your e-commerce site. So this means any type of human served services that are offered to the customer online including the option to visit the client's home to provide their services is know to be service-based sellable items. These types of services include services provided by Drivers, Carpenters, Home Cleaners, Home Appliance Repairing services etc.

Trending E-Commerce marketplace business models of 2020

Business models e-commerce


For beginners in the e-commerce business, dropshipping has become quite a developed retail fulfillment form of trade. With zero or minimal capital, this model even enables businesses to sell and market their products online with no stocking inventory. Once the orders are placed by the consumers, it then ships the products directly to consumers right after they have bought it from the suppliers.

Moreover, the benefits of dropshipping include:

  • No need to rent any space for warehouse or pay for stock management, packing & shipping products, inventory tracking or return handling.
  • Anyone can start with minimum budget and scale up later on once they are a little stable and out of financial risk.
  • In this mode of business, no need to shed your sweat thinking about the inventory or manufacturing and the management of fulfillment.
  • One can easily invest their resources into its customer service, marketing, sales tactics, site design, etc.


This form of the business model allows the e-commerce business owner to buy products in large quantities and at a discounted or wholesale rate. In the beginning, this mode of business was more suitable for B2B but thanks to the immense growth of the internet, now even C2C and B2C type of traders also practices this way of trading.

The popularity of wholesale business processes in an e-commerce store is rising faster than our expectations. Through modern sales channels like telemarketing, advertising agency, trade shows or influencer marketing for wholesale e-commerce requires enormous efforts in order to secure the business partners.

White Label

White label trading has become quite a common form of business nowadays. This type of business means one company is given the responsibility to manufacture the products and then another company gets to promote and distribute them. Nowadays many influencers do such business, where they sell-off white-labeled items through their popular social networking channels.

white label e-commerce business

The major benefits of this kind of trade are that the business person doesn't require to look after the manufacturing and the quality of the product. As these are handled by the production house. But they had to face the immense competition in the market. Moreover, the white-label traders are only responsible for the design of the package, not the specification or its quality. So it all depends on their marketing plan and distributing method that differentiates them from their competitors in terms of their USP.

But one difficulty that most white-label vendors face is the management of its inventory. As a reselling business agent, it becomes really tough for them to predict the demand for those white label products unless they are totally aware of its demand and supply stats from the manufacturing company. Also, many dealers set an order limit to achieve their overall production goal. And misjudging the inventory for the white-label business owners just leave them with large pile unsold products.

Private Labeling

There are many e-commerce or online marketplace business owner who has great innovative ideas about introducing new items to the market. But they don't have the manufacturing capacity or its relevant resources. So for those types of traders, the private labeling model works as an ideal form of business. Here they are able to make a certain amount of order to a certain manufacturing company and then they label those products privately with the label of their choice to sell it.

Private Label E-commerce Business

Mostly, the products with a privately labeled badge stay separated from their competitors and are developed, marketed or sold by the same company. It also holds the right to sell them under any private brand. Moreover, it gets to decide the specification, production quantity, design, etc. And since they are the sole seller of these unique products, therefore, these products have the potential of creating quite a demand hype among the new customers.

More precisely, they even set their own prices based on market research & demand. The operation and production cost is controlled by the brand company hence they are able to keep the cost of goods sold under check. This is the reason private label commercial products can enjoy a huge margin in profits being the only seller on the market.


Now, this form of business model is quite comparable to dropshipping and deals with customers who are looking for custom-made stuff. Mostly customer-designed items like t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, photo frames, phone covers, canvases etc are the main selling goods that fall in its categories. So when someone orders these products, there is this third-party printing manufacturer who nicely prints the chosen design by the customer and then packs it professionally with brand logos to directly deliver it to them.

Moreover, its benefits are quite relatable to that of dropshipping like no upfront fund is required including minimal risk in business. As orders are shipped the print-on-demand business only makes payment to the third-party vendor. Moreover, the inventory and the order are also managed and automated by this same third-party vendors. Quite a risk-free business model to say the least.

Subscription-based service

This is a business model that allows the customer to subscribe to a service for a certain period of time, more precisely through some Monthly or Annual plan. Once the subscription plan expires, the user can either renew the plan as per the company policy to continue further or cancel it completely if they find it unuseful to their business cause.

Subscription Business Model

This form of business model has a number of advantages that makes it quite alluring for the e-commerce business setups. Its benefits include reduced cart abandonment with improved customer satisfaction and loyalty rates. Moreover, the delivery and inventor planning can also be done in advance in this mode of business. This enables the business owner to have a high margin of profit lowering the risk of inventory misjudgment.

WP ERP is a good example of a subscription-based plugin seller website. The site sells a yearly subscription plan for its complete business management solution for small to medium-sized businesses.

What's Next?

Picking the right business model is highly essential when you are looking for sustainable e-commerce business growth & success. Now that you have a clear idea about all the favorable business models for e-commerce/online marketplace sites so, therefore, it becomes extremely imperative for you to find out the type of business model that would best suit your business setups basing on the kind of business you are currently doing. Hopefully, the business models discussed above would help you realize the model you are looking for to implement in your e-commerce/marketplace settings at the moment. So best of luck with that.

e-commerce platform

Moreover, nowadays many e-commerce business owners are looking to turn their single seller site into a multi-vendor marketplace. For them also, it is quite important to pick the right online marketplace business model and even more important is to be able to pick a reliable and compact multi-vendor marketplace solution to achieve their desired success in this field.

Pick the right Business Model & Marketplace Platform for Your E-Commerce Success

Choosing your best business model for your e-commerce or online marketplace can be quiet challenging sometimes. Moreover, implementing and adapting to the business model is an even bigger hurdle to overcome. Especially when you are new in the business of e-commerce, your strongest chance of being successful in this regard would always depend on how well your business model fits with your business process, target audiences, capabilities, and available resources.

Moreover, in case you have already picked the perfect business model but you are using a marketplace platform that doesn't meet most of your business demands. So will you still be able to succeed with the excellent business model that you have? Certainly not. So choosing your business model is as important as choosing the right marketplace solution for the expected growth of your e-commerce business.

Dokan Homepage

Now in case you are relatively new at e-commerce business and looking to set up an easy-to-use multi-vendor marketplace site of your own then there is this highly rated top selling multi-seller marketplace solution, Dokan Multi-vendor Marketplace plugin for your WooCommerce based e-commerce site.

Dokan Marketplace for WooCommerce enables its users to allow multiple vendors to sell their products seamlessly from the same site. As the owner of the marketplace, you can just simply manage your vendors from the backend and earn commission set by you for each product sold by your registered vendors on your marketplace site. It is as simple as that. Money making has never been so easier. Want to have a better idea of how Dokan works? Then

Now that you have a clear idea about the business model of the e-commerce marketplace so do let us know which business model you prefer for your e-commerce or your online marketplace business.

Create An Airbnb Alternative Site In WordPress With Dokan

Do you intend to build a location-based peer-to-peer marketplace? Are you planning to develop an Airbnb alternative site? Then you have arrived at the right place.

You can also own a reservation platform like Airbnb or HomeStays without owning any personal property. However, online marketplaces are quite complicated to build as it consists of many complex functionalities to execute. Such as filter searching, geolocation, online payments, shipping, communication and so forth.

But luckily, plenty of advanced tools are available now to make it easy as pie. Rather if you have a WordPress site then you can build a marketplace like Airbnb in minutes. It requires no technical skills and less than $600.

In this article, we will show you an easy and affordable way to build a rental marketplace with Dokan. All you need to follow the guide step by step and you will be ready to launch the next Airbnb.

Let dive deep to create an Airbnb alternative site instantly:

Building An Airbnb Alternative: What You Should Consider

Airbnb alternative sites

A peer-to-peer marketplace connects travelers and local property owners on a single platform. In recent days, travelers prefer to rent an apartment instead of staying in hotels. This trend makes the rental marketplace popular over the last few years.

Airbnb lets people rent or lease accommodations, apartments, hotels, resorts, etc. for a limited time period. Starting the journey from 2011, they got immense popularity within a short time period.

From a one-page website it makes it's journey to an internationally known company valued at $31 bln by 2019.

People also love this concept as it gives a home alike hospitality at a lower price. On the other hand, the local proprietors can also earn money by giving their place for rent. It's a win-win situation for both parties. And a reliable and profitable income source for marketplace owners also.

Hence, you can easily turn your WordPress site into a marketplace with any third party plugin. Dokan has already proved itself as a reliable tool for empowering the multi-vendor marketplace with ease. It helps you to build your own marketplace seamlessly. And you can start earning money from your vendors immediately.

Prerequisites For Launching An Airbnb Alternative Site

You need the following attributes to start a virtual renting marketplace on your WordPress site.

Initial Configuration for Your Airbnb Alternative Site


At first, you have to buy your own domain and hosting from your respected provider. Then, install the WordPress on your server. It is quite simple to configure your very first WordPress site. You can easily do it by yourself. For any further guidance, you can go through this guide How to install WordPress.


After that, log in to your personal WordPress Dashboard with your personal credentials. Now, its time to activate essential plugins for your sites. At first, you have to install and activate the WooCommerce plugin. It will help you to establish an online eCommerce store. Now, you are ready to sell products or services from your eShop.

Dokan Free and Pro

You have to install Dokan to turn your single store into a multi-vendor marketplace. Dokan light will satisfy you all basic needs to run your marketplace smoothly. But the subscription of Dokan Pro will let you explore all the advanced features. It will take your marketplace to the next level. Besides, all the upgraded features you will get 24/7 live support with Dokan Pro.

Note: You have to activate the Dokan light first to enable Dokan Pro.

WooCommecre Booking Plugin (Premium)

Platforms like Airbnb should have facilities like reservations, appointments or rentals. WooCommerce Booking Plugin lets you convert your products or services into a bookable resource. Therefore your customers can easily rent or reserve their desired service from your eShop.

Dokan Bookings Module (Pro)

Now you have to enable the booking features for your marketplace as well. Dokan WooCommerce Bookings allows vendors to create bookable products. Also, it helps customers to customize their booking orders appropriately.

To make this feature activate firstly navigate to your WP dashboard->Dokan->Modules. Then turn on the toggle bar of WooCommerce Booking Integration.

Airbnb alternative site

Important fact: Dokan Bookings is developed to enhance the WooCommerce Bookings for a multivendor marketplace. So, we suggest you overview the WooCommerce Bookings documentation and definitions first before starting. We have just made the features compatible with a frontend interface. Its interactive usability makes the user experience easier.

An Appropriate Theme for Dokan

Dokan is compatible with almost all the popular themes available in the market. So, you have the opportunity to pick the right theme that fits your brand. You can check over here for Dokan Compatible Themes.

As you are planning for an Airbnb alternative site, then you should prefer a simple design with easy navigation. It should allow your customers to perform their transactions smoothly. An attractive theme design will encourage people to take effective actions. It will help to build their trust in your brand as well.

Moreover, it should be easily manageable for you and your vendors also. In short, your theme should match your business requirements completely.

How to Create an Online Platform Like Airbnb Using Dokan

Now, you have all the elements in your hands to build your multi-vendor marketplace. Before starting, configure your Dokan plugin with all the essential settings as bellow:

Airbnb alternative site

This optimization will help you to run the rental marketplace smoothly. You should change the settings according to your store requirements.

Now, you are completely ready to open your marketplace for vendors. You should promote your site accordingly to reach the target sellers largely.

Moreover, you should always try to keep the procedure easy and simple to attract more vendors towards your site. Dokan is a perfect solution to help you in this manner. With Dokan it requires only a few clicks to add and edit bookable products indeed.

How Your Vendors will Upload Bookable Products

After registering on your site each vendor will get an individual store with a unique URL. They can add, edit and manage their products from their own dashboard. For vendors, they have to log in to their store with personal credentials.

Then, go to Vendor dashboard → Bookings to get available options.

Airbnb alternative site

Create a New Booking Product

Click on Add New Booking Product at the top right corner. A form will appear immediately with different options. Here, you can update all the information related to your service or product.


Title: Add your service or product name here.

Category & Tags: You can select a particular category from a drop-down menu. Admins should define the categories and tags from the backend. The vendors can only select them from the front-end dashboard. 

We prefer not to allow your vendors to create categories and tags. It may arise duplicates and other confusion.

Booking Duration: This field allows you and your vendor to define the duration of the service or product. It indicates the time period of each product your customers are eligible to buy.

Suppose you own a 5-star motel. Now you don't want to rent your best room unless someone rents it for more than three days. So you can keep three days as your block duration. For regular rooms, you can put it one day.

Calendar Display Mode: Vendors can select the calendar option displayed by default for their customers. Also, traders can make the calendar a date picker to make the user experience better.


Check the Cancellation Button: Vendors can allow their clients to cancel their bookings before a certain time period.

Airbnb alternative site

Availability Options: Here, agents(vendors) can set their data regarding their product's availability. They can mention a fixed date from which they are ready for taking bookings. Also, they can fix the ending time for its availability.


However, you will get many options to configure your marketplace with Dokan Bookings Extensions. Now, you have to decide and design the site according to your business needs.

Furthermore, you can adjust the buffer period, costs of each room for individual personnel, resource management, and apply other conditions as per your brand policy.

After all the customization your store will look like below:

Airbnb alternative site

For better understanding, you can check the full documentation for Dokan WooCommerce Bookings.

Shipping, Tax and Other Required Things to Build an Airbnb Alternative Site

Dokan Pro supports a lot of advanced features like product inventory, customize shipping rate, built-in tax system, easy refund calculation and so on.

Tax System

Dokan has built-in support for WooCommerce taxes. Therefore, the admin can configure taxes from backend. After that, vendors can select those tax classes while creating or editing the products.

Refund Request

In Dokan you can easily calculate the refund amount excluding the shipping and tax rates. With this feature, you can process multiple refund requests for a single order. But only one refund request will be processed each time.

Coupon Management

Offering coupons is an effective way to drag your audience's attention. It can be a great way to retain old customers as well. Dokan lets the vendors manage coupons with ease.

Zone Wise Shipping

With Dokan PRO, vendors can add multiple shipping zones, shipping methods, and shipping classes straight from the Vendors Dashboard. So they can set up shipping rates for their stores independently. Also, Vendors can perform Zone Wise Shipping and Product Wise Shipping. And most amazingly, they can set up everything on their own.

Easy Withdraw System

Dokan supports several payment options and a transparent withdrawal system. Vendors can request a withdrawal based on the admin's backend setup.

Hence, with Dokan you will get thousands of advanced yet simple customization options to run your marketplace seamlessly.

How Your Customers Will Buy the Products

Now you have many vendors for your marketplace. And they have arranged their individual shop with their products. However, now its time to drive traffic for your site. More traffic will generate more sales. And you will get more chances to earn a commission from each sale.

Here, we will show you how the customers will see the products and buy them from your marketplace.

Select Products With Options

Customers will get the options which were created while updating the product. They have to choose the criteria and fill up all the related information to get a product indeed.

From here, they can select a room type, number of people and insert the date they want to book.

Place Orders

If the date is available then the Check Availability button will become active. Then they have to click on the button and it will redirect them to the order page.

Now, the customer should update the necessary information for ordering the product or service. They should click on the Request Confirmation button after filling the order form. It will create a new order.


A customer can cancel the order for any issue. They should navigate to My Accounts → Orders and click on the cancel button.

Although its a short and smooth journey to insert a complex mechanism into your WordPress site. Dokan is your one-stop easy solution to build an Airbnb alternative site with a few clicks only. Also, it lets you manage everything at your fingertips. As a site owner, you can start earning money immediately without owning any property.

However, you can also minimize your designing hassle using a professional WordPress Page Builder-Elementor.

Note: Admin can set up his/her own store and sell products if s/he has any products and services to sell.

A quick preview of the Dokan WooCommerce Booking Module:

This is how you can build a multi-vendor renting platform. Similarly, you can also create a marketplace for Clothing, Beauty Products, Software, Electronics, Music store and so on.

Final Verdict

Dokan expands the usability of WooCommerce. Now you can create a marketplace instead of a single store. And you need only a few elements to do this along with the Dokan plugin. You can resolve all the complexity easily while creating an Airbnb alternative site.

In this modern era, you can be the owner of a wide marketplace like Airbnb without owing any personal property. Also, it lets you earn money online by spending a few dimes. However, WordPress makes the site development easy for everyone. And the high functional plugins make it possible to create anything with WordPress.

Despite being a professional you can also develop your marketplace in a single day. You can create a platform to bring related service providers under the same roof. And earn money with a commission from each sale. Dokan will help you in all aspects from developing a marketplace site to earning money.

Dokan Product Addon is Live Now to Power up Your WordPress Marketplace

Good news for WooCommerce powered multi-vendor marketplace owners! Dokan version 2.9.16 got released last week. As always it has come bearing new exciting features and tweaks. However, the main attraction of this release was Dokan Product Addon.

Dokan the best multi-vendor marketplace has been the go-to plugin for WordPress users to build exclusive and attractive marketplaces.

You may know that WooCommerce is the best eCommerce platform for WordPress. And Dokan lets you turn your single WooCommerce store into a customized multi-vendor marketplace and earn with each sale!

The need of the users and vendors are growing day by day. They want new things and features. Dokan is also keeping up with adding new features in each new release.

Keeping that record intact, in this new release Dokan has brought this new feature.

Dokan Product Addon: Why A Product Addon is Essential These Days

Have you ever ordered a burger with some extra fries? Your extra fries are addons for that burger. You may have paid an extra $5 for those extra fries. That is exactly how a product addon works to manage your online orders.

The concept of Product Addon was first introduced by WooCommerce in the WordPress ecosystem. People who use WooComerce for their marketplace get this benefit. But that is only for a single vendor online store. Now Dokan has brought this feature to power up both the WordPress multi-vendor marketplace owners and users.

So why it will be a beneficial feature? suppose you are selling electronic products like refrigerator, tv, microwave oven, etc. People might need an extra set of wires after buying a fridge or an extra remote control system for their tv.

Without a Product Addon, you may have to adjust the price of the wire or remote with a refrigerator or tv. Resulting in the price of those products will rise. But with the product addon feature, customers can add a set of wire or a remote after buying the particular products and paying extra only for those products.

The customers will have the option of whether to buy those extra products or not.

See, how the product addon feature will help grow more customers for your marketplace.

You want to find out Dokan product addon works. Let's go.

How Dokan Product Addon Helps You out

Dokan Product Addon

To enable this amazing feature you will first need,

After activating all the above plugins, create a marketplace with vendors and products. You can follow this article to create an attractive marketplace.

Ok, now you have created a marketplace or you already have your own.

The next task is, go to Wp Admin Dashboard→Dokan→Modules to activate the Product Addon module. Don't forget to activate the WooCoomerce Product Addon extension plugin first.

You will find it under the plugins option from your dashboard.

Activate Product Addons Module

An addon can be created by the admin and by a vendor.

Using Dokan Product Addon as Admin

An admin can have his own marketplace. So, he can create an addon for his products.

Having said that, to create an addon, you must navigate to WP Admin Dashboard→ Products→ Addon. Click on the button Create New on top of the screen.

You will notice some fields are opening below the page. You need to add a name for your reference, priority number so that if you have multiple addons then the addon will be displayed according to those numbers.

Also, you need to mention the product category this addon will be applicable to. For example, if you choose All Products, that means the addon will apply to all of your products.

Setup Addons Field

To set the addon, click on the Add Field button located at the bottom. You will have multiple options to set up your addon.

Like the type, display, title and many more. You will have the option to set the addons for a flat fee, quantity-based or percentage-based.

Full options GIF

Click on the Publish button to finish.

Yay! you have created your addon. Now, how your customers going to use it?

It is simple when they go to buy a product they will have the options for the addons. When they select an addon, they will be charged according to the charge you have set for that addon.

For example, the addon Test1 will be charged with a flat fee of $8.70. So, when the customer buys a product worth $39.13 and adds Test1 as the addon then they will have to pay ($39.13+$8.70)=$47.83.

Same calculations go for the quantity based and percentage-based addons.

How Could Vendors Utilize Dokan Product Addon

Earlier we have mentioned that vendors can also create add ons. Let us have a look at that.

For a vendor to create an addon, you have to go to the vendor dashboard and click on Settings.

On the next page, there will be a bar named Addons. Click on it. On top of the screen, you will see a button Create New Addon. Hit that button.

You will have the same options as the admin to create your addon.

vendors Addons GIF

Just click on Publish like the admin to finish creating your addon.

You can create individual addons for individual products. To do that, select a product. If you scroll down you will see a button called Add Field. Click on it to unlock the options for addon creation.

Still, confused? ok, check out this documentation to get a clear idea.

Important Points to Remember

Exclude option of Dokan Product Addon
  • If you select the Exclude add-ons option then only the addon that was created for that product will be applicable, the global addon will not be applicable
  • Otherwise, the global addon will be applicable for that product
  • If you create an addon for the individual product but do not select the Exclude add-ons option then the Global and Individual add-on will be applicable
  • The admin will be able to view all the addons created by the vendor and him/herself. But the vendors can only view his/her own addons
  • Addons will be applicable to the products of the creator of the addon.

Wrapping up on Dokan Product Addon

About 20.000+ marketplace around the world is run by Dokan. With its advanced features, Dokan is gaining more strengths day by day.

With the new Product Addon module, earning with Dokan have become more easier

We hope you can boost your marketplace and earn a sizeable profit to your liking by deploying Dokan Product Module.

Check out this video to get to know more.

Build an Electronics Marketplace with Dokan

Today, around 2 billion people buy products from online marketplaces. Having said that, Dokan has proven to be the ultimate WordPress multi-vendor marketplace. You can even build an electronics marketplace with Dokan.

Dokan has over 20000+ active installations around the world.

So you can understand from that how popular and reliable Dokan has become in creating online marketplaces. No wonder it has remained as one of the top multivendor marketplace builders for the last 5 years.

In this article, we are going to show you how to build an electronics marketplace with Dokan. Because of its low overhead costs, you can earn a huge profit from a limited investment. Because nowadays, online marketplaces have become quite an opportunity to earn money in a short time.

Online Store Opportunities in 2020

If you want to earn money from a limited investment, then an online marketplace is the way to go. What is an online marketplace you ask? well

An online marketplace is a type of e-commerce site where product or service information is provided by multiple third parties, whereas transactions are processed by the marketplace operator.

Online Electronics Marketplace Growth
Online Marketplace Growth

You don't need storage space and put extra effort into designing your store. All you need is,

  1. Domain & Hosting
  2. WordPress
  3. WooCommerce
  4. Dokan
  5. Dokan Pro

That is it. You don't need anything else to create an online marketplace. You might think, how is it possible. Well, let me give you an example by building you an online electronics marketplace with Dokan.

Getting Started with Your Electronics Marketplace

Electronics Marketplace_Dokan

Ok, let's get started. But first let me answer a question, why you need Dokan while you have WooCommerce? well, WooCommerce lets you create only a single store marketplace. To turn your single store into a multivendor store you need Dokan.

First, you need to install the Dokan plugin on your WordPress dashboard. Before that, you need to install WooCommerce.

We are assuming you have already got your domain hosting and WordPress installed on your device.

Installing Dokan is similar to any other WordPress plugin. First, you need to install the Lite version of Dokan which is absolutely free. You will get the basic features for building your marketplace. But to bring a premium feel to your marketplace we suggest you purchase Dokan Pro.

Check how to install Dokan.

Build an Electronic MarketPlace with Dokan

Ok, you have installed the necessary prerequisites. Now you need to follow some simple steps to build an electronics marketplace. Like,

Configure All The Important Settings for Dokan

You need to set up a few necessary General settings before start building your marketplace.

Dokan General Settings

These settings are important as these settings will define the type of marketplace you are building. You can tweak these settings according to your needs.

Do it as per your requirements or you can use its default settings. You can also change all the other settings available if required. Check out the option available above and get an idea of all the settings you need to work with for setting up your own electronics marketplace.

Choosing The Right Theme to Make Your Electronic Marketplace Unique

Well, there are many electronics marketplace available out there. So what will make your marketplace unique? a Theme. You need to use a theme that will make your marketplace look different than all the other marketplaces.

You can use Dokan Theme, which is a standard theme for Dokan multivendor marketplace. But if you want to make it look more exclusive then there are some exotic themes available that are fully compatible with Dokan.

Choose one and make your marketplace exclusive.

Your Own Store in The Electronics Marketplace

As an admin, you can have your own shop in your marketplace. So you can create your own shop or lend your marketplace to the vendors.

So if you want to create your own store, you need to follow some steps.

  • You need to create a user for yourself
  • Subscribe yourself as a vendor
  • Create your store from the Back-end or Front-end

Having said that, whenever you sign up as a vendor, a profile will be automatically created for you. You just have to add a store profile picture, name, and a store banner. You can add products also.

Adding Products to Your Electronics Marketplace

Ok now let's get onto adding products for your electronics marketplace. Simply go to WP Admin Dashboard→WooCommerce→Products→Add New.

Product Adding Dokan

As you can see from above, you can add a description for your product, set a price and add the vendor name. You can set an image of the product if you want.

If you want to edit an item, simply click on Edit below the product name and you will get all the options.

Add Shipping Tax and Other Attributes

There are more advanced options that can be edited such as the product inventory, shipping, taxes, linked up products, custom attributes and more. Simply edit these options depending on the product attribute changes & demands.

Shipping Method: Vendors can set the shipping rate for their stores independently. They can configure everything on their own with Zone Wise Shipping and Product Wise Shipping system.

Tax System: Dokan has a built-in support system for WooCommerce taxes. Therefore, the admin can configure taxes from the backend for the vendors.

Extra edit options

Electronic Marketplace

All said and done, now you can view your store. Now your customer can buy from the store you created on your electronics marketplace.

Electronics Marketplace_Dokan

See, how simple it is to create an electronic marketplace with Dokan-the best multi-vendor marketplace in WordPress.

Buying A Product

Buying a product from the marketplace is really simple. All you have to do is,

  • Visit a Store
  • Select single or multiple products.
  • Click on View Cart
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Fill up your name, billing address, payment method.
  • Click on Place Order.

And you are done.

Buying A Product

See, how simple it is.

Bonus Tips For An Electronics Marketplace Owners

  • Try to make the marketplace as professional as possible
  • Select a better and exclusive theme
  • Make sure the other vendors are authentic
  • Use extensions like Auctions, Live Search and Store Support to further your cause.

Wrapping Up

It may sound like building an online marketplace is a lot of work. But with Dokan multivendor marketplace that task rather becomes easy. Only in a day, you can create an online electronics marketplace and earn profits from that.

Dokan removes all the complexity to manage an online marketplace indeed. Since Dokan Light is scalable you can extend the features by getting Dokan Pro.

How to Create Envato-like Software Marketplace in WordPress with Dokan

Do you want to build a new Software Marketplace like Envato in WordPress? Then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will show you how to create a Software Marketplace using WordPress in less than 30 minutes. It demands a simple procedure to follow spending only a few bucks.

An online marketplace allows multiple vendors to sell their products or services. Here, they can set up their individual stores on a single eCommerce platform. It's an open space to connect the buyers with various traders.

Indeed, the marketplace operator will manage all the background setup. S/He will streamline the whole transaction process smoothly. As an admin, you can earn money from each transaction of your marketplace.

However, you can easily build a marketplace on your WordPress site. All you need to install a suitable multi-vendor marketplace plugin. And, it will help you to make a huge profit shortly. Due to low overhead costs, it becomes a popular online income source over the last few years.

Let's dive deep to build a Software Marketplace With Dokan Multi-Vendor Plugin following few steps.

Prerequisites for Launching A Software Marketplace

A marketplace allows its visitors to select the best products for them. Here, they get a chance to compare among a wide range of available deals.

Apart from this, buyers also prefer to purchase from a marketplace instead of a single store. Since they get several types of products from different brands under one roof. Therefore, there is a high chance to draw your audience's attention easily through a well-optimized marketplace. You can also sell Digital Courses Online with Dokan & WooCommerce for Free.

However, you need the following tools to set up your online multi-vendor marketplace:

  1. Domain & Hosting (Paid)
  2. WordPress (Free)
  3. WooCommerce (Free)
  4. Dokan (Free)

Everything is free here apart from the Domain and Hosting. At first, select a suitable domain name for your Software Marketplace. Then buy the domain and hosting from a reliable source.

Let assume you have already got your domain name and hosting and configured your business WordPress site. Now, activate the WooCommerce plugin on your site. It will make your site an online store in minutes. However, it consists of all store facilities like the product listing, cart, checkout, payment, and others.

After that its time to convert your single store into a wide marketplace.

Turning Your WooCommerce Store into a Multi-vendor Software Marketplace Using Dokan

First of all, you have to install and activate the Dokan plugin on your WooCommerce site. This marketplace solution extends the functionality of your WooCommerce store. It will turn the single store into a multi-vendor marketplace.

Installing Dokan is similar to any other WordPress plugin. You need to install the lite version first which is FREE. Here, you will get all the basic features of the marketplace. In order to uncover all the advanced features and frontend capabilities, you can download and activate the Dokan Pro Version.

You can check our step-by-step guide to build a free eCommerce marketplace using WordPress.

Now according to your Software Marketplace's needs, you can configure the general setting of Dokan.

In addition, you can set the commission rate for an individual vendor. You will get a percentage of each transaction. In this way, you can Earn with Dokan Plugin Using Different Vendor Commissions.

Configure Your Shop for Admin

After configuring Dokan and WooCommerce your marketplace is ready to go. Now, its time to promote your business and invite the sellers. As an admin, you can allow your vendors to sell any software on your marketplace.

Most amazingly, you need not configure anything for adding downloadable products on Dokan. Dokan has this advanced feature built-in into its system.

Now, you have to create the following two categories in the product category of WooCommerce :

  • Downloadable
  • Affiliate

To do this, go to Products > Categories > Add New Category. Here we have created those two categories mentioned above.

software marketplace

These categories will let your vendor categorize their products easily.

Configure Your Shop for Vendor

Dokan Vendors can sell their software in two different ways. They are:

  • Uploading the software
  • Using affiliate file links

Uploading the Softwares

A vendor can set up his/her own shop with a unique URL on your marketplace. At first, s/he needs to register him/herself on the site filling a frontend registration form.

Now, vendors can add products into their shops after login to the site.

Step 1

In order to add new products into the store navigate to your Dashboard > Add New Product.

software marketplace

Step 2

Then, you will get a modal window to add your Software details. You should update the software name, price, relevant image, tags, and description there appropriately.

software marketplace

After adding all the information, you have to click the “Create product” button.

Step 3

After that, you will be redirected to the edit page of the product. Here, you get all the options to configure the other software details.

At first, you have to check the Downloadable option. It will let your users download the software instantly.

software marketplace

Step 4

After scrolling the page down you will get options to upload your downloadable software. Firstly, hit on the Add File button to get the Choose File option. Now you can click on the Choose file option to upload your software.

software marketplace

You can click on the Add File button again to upload more related files as many you want.


Furthermore, you can specify the number of times a user can download the software. Input the number in the text box of Download Limit. Also, you can set the number of days for your Software expiry with Download Expiry.

dokan downloadable option

After completing all the required modifications, click on the Save Product button.

Well Done! you have successfully added a downloadable Software on your store.

Step 5

Now, you can check your shop. You will get the added software there.


Using Affiliate File Links

However, if you don't upload your Software directly to the shop, you can share the affiliate link only.

In order to do this, follow the above steps to add a product accordingly. Now instead of uploading a downloadable file, you should use the link of a file from another website.

multivendor marketplace

At last, click on the Save Product button to publish the Software details on your shop.

How a Customer will Download the Software

Now a customer can buy the software from the frontend of the marketplace site. The buying process is the same as a regular WooCommerce site.

A buyer will get the downloadable file after completing the buying process completely. After that, they can download the file in the format you have uploaded them. For instance, the file type can be zip, pdf, mp4 and so on.

After purchasing a Software a customer should go to My Orders option from the navigation menu bar.

software marketplace

After clicking on the orders he or she will be able to see the purchased software along with the total amount and other details.

In order to download the software, the customer now has to click on the ‘View' button.

software marketplace

Now, the customer will get the download option.

software marketplace

Finally, you can get the software by clicking on the downloadable file. Now save the software on your desktop/laptop.

If you have used affiliate links on your shop then your customers will get the URL. They can visit the vendor's LMS website while viewing the software after payment.

Software Marketplace: Simplest Way to Make Money

software marketplace

Sofware business is the fastest growing business for the present time. You can spread your brand voice loudly tying up with other companies. A wide marketplace with multiple vendors will accelerate your business revenue rapidly.

However, without owing any business or products you can still build a software marketplace with Dokan. It will allow third-party software companies to sell their products or services on your marketplace. Also, you can add unlimited vendors to build their own stores and run them from the frontend dashboard. Moreover, you have all the managerial power in your hand.

As an admin, you will get a commission for each transaction on your site. Besides this, you can sell your own products by creating an individual store. Therefore, it increases the opportunity to expand your business vastly.

Most importantly, you may not handover the backend access of the WordPress dashboard. In this way, you can ensure a secure and private online experience for your users. You will get a commission for each sell on your site. It is the easiest and simple way to make your pocket rich.

Shipping, Tax and other Required Things at a Glance

Dokan Pro has all the required elements to run a wide Software Marketplace smoothly. Let discover some advanced functionalities you will get with Dokan Pro:

Shipping Method: Dokan is bringing the WooCommerce shipping system to the frontend. Now, vendors can set the shipping rate for their stores independently. They can configure everything on their own with Zone Wise Shipping and Product Wise Shipping system.

Tax System: Dokan has a built-in support system for WooCommerce taxes. Therefore, the admin can configure taxes from the backend for the vendors. After that, vendors can select those tax classes while creating or editing the products for their stores.

Payment Gateway: Dokan Light supports the standard payment systems like PayPal, bank transfer, etc [non-adaptive payment gateways]. And the Pro version supports adaptive payment solutions like Stripe Connect and MOIP.

Coupon Management: Dokan has an intuitive coupon management system for your vendors. You can let your vendors showcase their coupons on the storefront. However, registered merchants can boost their sale offering tempting discounts and coupons. With Dokan it requires only a few minutes to handle the coupons accordingly.

Thus, Dokan Pro has many more outstanding features to create a big possibility with little price.

Its Time to Think Bigger

There are thousands of opportunities float on the web. This is the time to grab the best one that fits you. However, with the trio combination of WordPress, WooCommerce, and Dokan you can set up your Software Marketplace within an hour maximum.

Dokan diminishes all the complexity to manage an online marketplace indeed. Since Dokan Light is scalable you can extend the features by getting Dokan Pro.

Are you still in any dilemma? Give Dokan a shot now and build your online software marketplace right away!

software marketplace

Ensure the Best Frontend Experience for Your Vendors with Dokan

Have you ever dreamed of creating an online multivendor marketplace? Creating such a website is probably way easier than you might think. If your website is built on WordPress, then you can use Dokan to quickly transform it into an Amazon-like marketplace within minutes. With providing all the required features, Dokan ensures the best vendor dashboard experience.

Unfortunately, that is not the end of the story! If you and your vendor both use the same dashboard interface then you might suffer from security vulnerabilities and incessant vendor requests. And most importantly, your vendors may feel boring using the default backend dashboard of WordPress. This is where a stunning customized vendor dashboard of Dokan comes in!

In this post, I will show you how the frontend dashboard of Dokan can pamper your vendors with much-needed features coupled with the aesthetic vendor dashboard User Interface.

Before that, let's take a short tour of-

What Is a Multivendor Marketplace?

A multivendor marketplace is an online shopping platform where multiple vendors can showcase, sell, and ship their products to the doorstep of their customers using individual dashboards.

Examples of multivendor marketplaces are Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Aliexpress, Newegg and many more.

Why Choose Dokan for the Best Vendor Dashboard Experience

best vendor dashboard

If you are running your marketplace on Dokan, you are likely to enjoy the following privileges:

  • You will not feel stranded: Unlike the other Saas-based marketplace solutions, it runs on WordPress which is the most popular CMS out there in the market. Currently, 34% of the websites of the internet are built with WordPress.
  • Open-source platform: It is an open-source plugin for WordPress. Meaning that you have access to the core plugin and develop in your own way.
  • A heap of freemium plugins: As it runs on WordPress, you can use the other freemium (free and premium) plugins to solve your problems at any time. For example, you can use the custom registration form builder for your marketplace.
  • Highly scalable: Dokan, as a marketplace solution, it is extremely scalable. You can use different versions at different phases of your business to cut extra costs.
  • An extra layer of security: It will create an extra layer of security. That's because you are restricting your vendors from logging-in to the backend with Dokan. this will significantly enhance the security because letting the vendors use the backend can lead your website to be hacked.
  • Instant customer support: If you and your vendor fall in any trouble, you can create a support ticket and take instant help from the dedicated customer support team.

How Dokan Can Help You Ensure The Best Vendor Dashboard Experience

Assuming that you are using Dokan, your vendors will enjoy the following benefits from the eCommerce multivendor solution:

1. Dedicated Dashboard Overview

Best Frontend Experience with wordpress

If you are using Dokan, you will be able to provide an amazing dashboard to your vendors.

With the vendor dashboard, your vendors will get a bird's eye view on their individual stores. They can get insights like the total amount of sales, earning, pageviews, order status and product status with a monthly sales graph.

This is how Dokan ensures the best vendor dashboard experience.

2. Product Creation

best vendor dashboard

Your vendors can create products even if you are using the free version. However, with the pro version, your vendors can create variable products. In addition, your vendors can select categories, and add tags for the products that they create. It will be very easy for your vendors to create grouped, downloadable products and so on right from their dashboard.

By enabling the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) system, your vendors can show the number of stocks left. What's more exciting is that if there is not any stock left then the vendor can run backorder service, that is when the next batch of stocks comes in the customers who have placed the order already, will get priority.

While creating products, you can configure shipping methods. Apart from the WooCommerce Settings option, Dokan has also extra shipping methods.

3. Order Management

Best Frontend Experience with wordpress

As far as the order management system concerned, your vendors can not only see the orders but also can manage the orders with great control.

Every time a new order is placed the vendor will be notified both in the dashboard and his/her email inbox. There is a dedicated order listing page that includes:

  • Order number: Every order will contain a unique number.
  • Order total amount: The amount of order a customer places.
  • Earned amount: It indicates the exact amount of earning for an individual order.
  • Order status: There are currently three order statuses available in Dokan. One is completed, another is processing and the other is on hold.
  • General Details: It includes customer name, email, address, phone etc.
  • Order Notes: The vendor can add an order note for private customers. In this case, the customer will be notified through the email
  • Order action: The seller can complete an order from the Action.
  • Shipment Tracking: With a tracking number, your vendors and their customers will also be able to track the products they are selling.

For downloadable products, the vendors can manage the download permission.

This is how Dokan ensures the best vendor dashboard experience.

4. Creating Coupons

best vendor dashboard

Whether you are doing a tech business or managing a restaurant, adding coupons is something your vendors will want down the line.

With the Dokan Vendor Dashboard, the vendors can create as many coupons as they want for their products. The seller can also restrict the coupon from showing on the frontend.

With Dokan, your vendors can add to types of coupons. They are:

  • Product (Fixed) Coupons: You can fix the coupon for products in dollar (or any available currencies) amounts.
  • Product Percentage (%) Discount: With this option, you can set a predetermined percentage rate for products.

5. Review Service

As an admin, if you enable this module, your vendors will be able to moderate customer reviews. They can trash, approve or disapprove a review. But the vendors can not edit the review.

This is how Dokan ensures the best vendor dashboard experience.

6. Store Settings

Best Frontend Experience with wordpress

The vendors will get a full-fledged store settings option with which they can embellish their store with a customized banner image.

When setting up the profile, the vendors will go through a gamification process.

7. Store SEO to Ensure The Best Vendor Dashboard Experience

We all know that how much it is important to do SEO for a website in order to ensure a remarkable presence on the SERPs. This is exactly where the Store SEO feature comes in! Your vendors will also get options to optimize their store for social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

8. Reporting

best vendor dashboard

The dedicated reporting option can help the vendor get customized data according to:

  • Overview
  • Sales by day
  • Top selling
  • Top Earning
  • Statements

9. Withdrawal Request

After earning a certain amount, the vendor can request his/her admin to withdraw money from the vendor dashboard. However, the admin can specify the minimum withdrawal amount for his/her vendor.

Staff Manager

Your vendors can employ an unlimited number of personnel to manage their individual stores. This will enable the vendors to enjoy holidays or pastimes. This is a pro feature that is available for the business and enterprise version.

From the dashboard, vendors can also moderate permissions for each staff in different manners.

10. Support

Best Frontend Experience with wordpress

The vendors can also give support if a customer is in any trouble. This is a great way to give after-sales support. In this case, the customers can view the “Get Support” button. On clicking the button they can seek help from their vendor.

Once a request is sent to the vendor, the vendor will be notified via email. Similarly, if the vendor gives any customer support in return, then the associated customers will also be notified via email.

This is how Dokan ensures the best vendor dashboard experience.

11. Follow Service

best vendor dashboard

The vendors can enable this option from their dashboard to follow their respective stores. The benefit is that the customers will be able to get updates and to be notified via the email if the vendor adds a new product.

12. Return Request

best vendor dashboard

The RMA option lets the vendor take back the sold items. To this end, the vendor can set warranty conditions like the duration of the warranty, refund reason and many more.

Providing The Best Vendor Dashboard Experience with WordPress

The Dokan vendor dashboard has been designed in a philosophy that enables the vendors to manage their stores without taking any assistance from the Admin. However, if any unsolicited situation arises then the vendor can contact the Admin to moderate those situations at any time. This is how Dokan ensures the best vendor dashboard experience.

However, we have only shown the most important use-cases here. There are a lot more benefits you can get from the solution. Finally, as an admin, if you deploy any premium feature to your marketplace, it will automatically be available on the vendor dashboard by just turning on the modules from your end. That's it!

10+ Effective Ways to Minimize Shopping Cart Abandonment & Retarget Your Lost Customers

When anyone plans to invest in their e-commerce business, they always want to get the maximum Return On Investment (ROI) at a quick time. But what is the single most common barrier that hinders your sales & in the process of achieving their desired ROI? Its cart abandonment.

Nowadays the rate of cart abandonment has risen up quite high. And it has become a common phenomenon of every online marketplace or e-commerce site. Most companies consider the incident of cart abandonment as a lost customer.

Continue reading “10+ Effective Ways to Minimize Shopping Cart Abandonment & Retarget Your Lost Customers”

Introducing Combine Commission Rate on DOKAN- The Top Marketplace Builder Plugin on WordPress

Since 2015, Dokan, the top multi-vendor marketplace in WordPress, has been successfully providing services to its customers.

Now, Dokan is gradually becoming stronger with every new update. The latest update brings you a new feature in Dokan Commission.

In the latest version 2.9.14, Dokan commission got a new type called ‘Combine Commission‘.

The write-up below will give you an insight into the new commission type and how this new commission type will help you to get the best out of Dokan.

Importance & Usability of Commission in a Marketplace

Dokan Commission

All business-persons want to earn money from their respective businesses. Therefore, a commission sharing system can be a great way to earn revenue and profit from any kind of business. Almost every multivendor site is using the commission to earn their profits and revenue.

With a limited investment, reasonable profit can be earned because of commission.

With a smart commission rate planning, more sellers will be attracted to your marketplace. When your marketplace gets the desired boost, then the commission rate can be increased. Dokan provides these solutions with smart commission rates.

Types of DOKAN Commissions both for Admins & Vendors

There are 3 types of commission rates on Dokan. You can use any of the commission rates to earn your revenue.

Earn with dokan plugin

1. Percentage Commission

With the percentage rate, you can add a commission percentage globally, vendor wise, product-wise, and category wise. If you add a percentage globally, that means you will get that percentage on all your vendors.

If you set it based on vendor, product or category, you will get that percentage specifically for that product, vendor or that category.

Suppose you have set a 10% commission rate, then you will get a $10 commission on every $100 sale.

2. Flat Commission

Flat rate means you will earn your commission in currency form. You can also add a flat rate to all the four commission systems (global, vendor, product, category).

So, if you set a $10 flat rate, you will earn $10 for any amount of sale.

Like, if the sale is $100 or $1000, you will get $10 flat from that sale.

3. Combined Commission (New Feature)

In the new version 2.9.14 of Dokan, we have introduced this new type in commission rates.

With the combined rate commission, you can add both percentage and flat rate commission at the same time.

After selecting the combined type, you have set the percentage rate at 10%, and flat commission at $15. So if the sale is $250, you will get a commission of ($25+$15)=$40.

Combine Commission rate on Dokan

You can also use this commission rate in every commission system.

How to Set up Dokan Commission

We have added multiple ways to earn money from Dokan. An admin or site owner can set commission for all the orders, products, store or product categories.

Go to Dokan→Settings→Selling Options. There you will find all three commission types. Select any one of the commission types, then set the rate and you are good to go.

There are 3 types of Commission.

  1. Percentage type
  2. Flat type
  3. Combine type
Commission types on Dokan

Read the documentation to know how to set up the Dokan Commission.

You can set up different commission rates for different commission systems like Global Commission, Store Base Commission, Product base commission, Category base commission.

Give your knowledge a boost about the commission system with this article.

What Would You Get Using Combined Commission Rate on DOKAN

We have introduced this new commission type in order to keep a balance between the earnings and profit of both the admin and the vendors. With only the percentage and the flat rate type, neither admin nor the vendors were getting the desired profit.

It is certain that the admin and the vendors will both be benefitted from this new commission type.

The new Combined tax rate solves the hassle for admin to decide whether to add a percentage tax rate or a flat rate.

Now, if a product of a vendor is selling beyond expectations, the admin can add a combined tax rate and earn a little extra profit from that product. Not all the vendors will be doing great business.

So, it only makes sense that the vendors who are doing great business should pay more than the vendors who are not doing well. That way the admin will cover up the lost revenue from those vendors. That is where the Combined Commission rate comes in.

Also, the admin has to pay the payment gateway charges, and he pays that from his earned commission. So, it shrinks his desired profit.

With the combined tax rate, the admin can easily make up for it. Suppose, the payment gateway charge is $2. The percentage rate is 10%. So, if there is a sale of $150, the admin will get $15. And with payment gateway charge, he will have ($15-$2)=$13 at the end of the day.

But if he puts a flat rate of $2 with that percentage rate of 10%, which is the Combined commission rate, then he will earn a total commission of ($15+$2)=$17.

With the payment gateway charge, he will have ($17-$2) =$15, which is the desired profit of the admin.

FAQ on DOKAN Commission

Is there any other way to earn from Dokan than Commission?

Yes. With the Dokan Subscription package.

Can the commission rates be changed at any time?

Yes. as an admin, you can change the commission rate any time you want.

What is the minimum selling price for a flat commission rate of $10?

The minimum selling price has to be greater than $10(>$10). Otherwise, the system will not let you set a selling price less than the flat commission rate.

Wrapping up on Dokan Commission

About 20.000+ marketplace around the world is run by Dokan. With its advanced features, Dokan is gaining more strength day by day.

With the new Combined type in Dokan Commission, earning has become easier.

We hope if you employ this smart planning and intelligent feature, you can boost your marketplace and earn the desired profit exactly the way you want.

So, what do you think of the new Combined commission type? Do tell us.

Exhilarating Success Story of an Ecuador based Marketplace with DOKAN

What is it so special about an online marketplace that drives people into getting into this business? Is it the convenience of doing business with it or it is the ease of earning profits from it?

Whatever may the reason be, it is always a good idea to know the best marketplace solution that would fulfill your requirement of becoming a successful business venture for you and your vendors.

Trying to complement this idea, now has become quite a popular name in the realm of marketplace Equador.

Todo a Mano Ecuador, is a website where clients can find handmade products made by different artisans from all over the country

Christina Hernandaz-

So how exactly did they began their journey of Marketplace? What were their ultimate goal & objective behind launching this marketplace in Equador? Did they face any challenges in the process of doing so? And lastly, what helped them overcome those obstacles in the race of turning it into a successful marketplace?

We will be finding these answers in this inspiring eCommerce success story today. So let's dive in.

Todoamano: Background Story & Ultimate Goal

eCommerce success story with Dokan- todomano
Todoamano- eCommerce success story

When one launches its beloved marketplace, it always has a definite vision and mission to serve for the future. And Todoamano's vision is to become a leader in helping vendors sell local hand made products in the Latin America region.

And finally, the ultimate goal of the marketplace is to provide the businessperson with a practical platform that helps in promotion worldwide while facilitating their sale of the product.

Journey, Hardships & Overcoming The Challenges

Just like the countless benefits of having an established marketplace, there are endless hard work and effort behind its journey to outstanding eCommerce success that always remains unnoticed. Even Todo a Mano before deciding to bung with the idea of its marketplace had to get past a number of obstacles.

eCommerce success story of todoamano

In Equador, there is a great proportion of venturesome people who creates innovative handmade items. All these handcrafted products are mostly distributed in fairs or through social networking sites. But once the fair gets over it becomes really difficult to locate those vendors who are selling those products or to find them out all at once from social networks.

And realizing the situation of Equador having a large chunk of talented artisans without an online store, the idea of launching an exclusive but common platform for them got ignited.

So after the formation of this virtual fair, now the people who appreciate authentic handmade products can find them easily under one roof. And from the vendor's point of view, they can easily showcase their products and sell them from anywhere within the country.

More importantly, the marketplace has now become a popular hub for finding handcrafted items from various skilled artificer living all around the country.

Moreover, this was only possible as Todo a Mano owner truly believes in the great potential Equador has and the encouragement it needs to boost the expansion of the handicraft capitalization.

What Drove It To Get Dokan

Dokan success story- todoamano

Now after the idea that formed of presenting the local handcraftsman with a virtual online fair zone, Christina Hernandez the founder of Todo a Mano and her team began their journey of looking for the most suitable marketplace plugin to build their website.

It wasn't an easy job to find the right multi-vendor marketplace solution that they badly needed. Almost all the ones they tried offered the features that weren't something their company was looking for. Struggling to find the best-suited plugin for their website, they came across Dokan that met almost all its requirements and features to achieve its company goals.

After getting Dokan, it served its main purpose of wanting to exhibit handmade products, letting the local vendors use the platform of this captivating marketplace via subscription packages.

Not just that, it also enabled them to subscribe to different packages based on the size of their online-store and letting the customer communicate with the vendor undeviatingly.

How Todoamano Got Remarkable eCommerce Success

Secret of eCommerce success

Wide Range of Categorized Products

How todoamano got eCommerce success

Having the available products classified in a categorized section makes it much easier for online store visitors to find their desired items. In, you get all the categories of products nicely presented in a slider with the number of the product available in each category.

What's New In Offer

How todoamano got eCommerce success

Finding new products that are being added regularly on an online store can get boring sometimes. But here in Todoamano, you have all the new products at one place for the customer to easily browse and buy.

Special Deals

Secret of success by todoamano

Constantly looking for discount offers in an e-commerce store can be a hassle sometimes. But in this marketplace, there is a separate section on the homepage where you get to view all the exciting deals with reduced prices at one spot.

You can either directly cart the item or view details on the product from there. This was one of Todoamano's marketing practice that helped them ensure outstanding eCommerce success.

All Products At One Place

Products of Todoamano

In the products tab on the marketplace, you get to see the list of handmade products added by various vendors living all over the Equador. You can either look for your desired product picking from the categories on the right side or sort all products based on prices, ratings or added latest. Click on the product to know more about it or simply add it to your shopping cart from the page. The process of looking for your favorite handcrafted product to buying them is simply easier than ever at

Vendor Stores

Todoamano marketplace overview

You can't run a marketplace without vendors who would sell their products in it. At Todo a Mano, there is a separate tab for all vendor stores listed in one place. The visitors of this marketplace of handmade items can simply get to any individual vendor store they like. They can even send a message to a particular vendor directly, view their products and post a review/rating after buying them. Clearly the method of reaching out to the vendors has just got cooler than ever.

eCommerce Success: Outcomes & Recommendations

Story of todoamano

We recommend Dokan, since it has been useful when creating the online market where different artisans can create their virtual stores and upload their products

Christina Hernandez & Viviana – Founder of

Todo a Mano- The WooCommerce based marketplace is utilizing Dokan to a full effect for the last one year. And with no surprise, the kick-off with Dokan has been colossal and of great success. It has helped the marketplace in a number of productive ways such as:

  • Quick growth in business & stores
  • User-friendly design for both vendors & customers
  • Easier control over admin settings
  • A wide range of useful features for promotion, news announcements, search tools, referrals, etc.

And so Dokan has been recommended for all since it has been useful when creating the online market where different artisans can create their virtual stores and upload their products absolutely hassle-free.

Design Your Dream Marketplace The Way You Need It

The world of e-commerce is much larger than what we think it is. There is a countless opportunity that is just waiting for you to tap. Most developed countries already have ample opportunities and the countries that are having slower growth like the Equador itself are also providing immense possibilities in the e-commerce business sector. is just the living proof of that.

Now even with minimal effort, you can design your dream marketplace just like the all-time famous e-commerce sites eBay or Amazon absolutely without any hitch.

Grab it now at the best price!

Ensuring eCommerce Success Using Dokan

Even with a smaller investment, anyone is able to get on with their own marketplace and ensure eCommerce success through earning from each vendor sell totally hassle-free.

This is made possible by Dokan– The most popular marketplace plugin for WordPress.

Do you have any e-commerce success story to share with us? Let us know, as we would love to get inspired by it & share it with our readers.

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Questions You May Have on Your Mind about Dokan (FAQ)

Dokan makes it easy to build a Multivendor Marketplace in WordPress like Amazon or eBay. After the initial release in 2015, our team regularly update it in order to improve the stability and amplify the user experience better.

With the continuous best effort of your creative designer and marketing team, we have reached the peak of success last year.

Now, we can proudly announce Dokan as the best WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace Solution with 20,000+ active installations.

weDevs's founder and CTO Tareq Hasan's tweet

Our valuable clients are the secret of our enormous glory. We believe-

Once a client, always a client!

To get engaged with our clients we always try to attend their all queries timely. We are providing 24/7 support.

Previously, we have published some frequently asked questions regarding the installation of Dokan, renewing the license, activation of other modules and others.

Today we bring some more queries collected from several social media platforms to clarify your all confusions. Give a check!

20+ FAQ about Dokan


1. What is Dokan?

Dokan is the best frontend multi-vendor marketplace builder for WordPress powered by WooCommerce. You can build your online marketplace like Amazon, eBay or Esty with Dokan within few minutes only.

2. What is Dokan Plugin?

Dokan Plugin is a free WordPress plugin that lets the user to easily build multi-vendor marketplaces on WooCommerce. You can start your Multi-Vendor eCommerce site and earn through commissions.

3. What is a Multi-Vendor Website?

A multi-vendor website is an e-commerce platform where multiple vendors come together to sell the same or a variety of products. The website owner is the admin and he handles all the activities on the marketplace. Also, he gets a commission for each sale done by the vendors.

4. What is a Multi-Vendor Marketplace?

Multi-vendor marketplace is an eCommerce site that hosts multiple third-party vendors to sell their products or services. The owner of the site manages the website and gets a commission from every sale made by the vendors.


5. How Do I Start a Multivendor Marketplace?

If you want to start a multivendor marketplace on WordPress then you can simply install Woocommerce to build your eCommerce site and then add Dokan plugin to convert it into a multi-vendor marketplace.

6. What is a Marketplace Example?

Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy, eBay, Magento, Walmart, ThemeForest are some most uttered names of popular marketplaces. You can build your own marketplace in WordPress using Dokan.

7. What is the Biggest Marketplace Example?

Amazon is the biggest customer base Online Marketplace at the present time. Check some more top level marketplaces from here.

8. How to Use the Dokan Plugin?

Dokan plugin can be installed like any other WordPress plugin for completely free. However, you can enjoy all the advanced features by getting the subscription of Dokan Pro.

You need to install WooCommerce first to activate Dokan. Then configure your marketplace as per your requirements and welcome vendors to sell. Finally, you are ready to earn a commission from each sale. Please read the full documentation to use the Dokan plugin more effectively. I assure you it will not take more than 30 minutes to build your own marketplace.

9. How Much Does It Cost to Build a Marketplace?

It costs around 500$-860$ to get a full-fledged marketplace including the expense of domain, hosting, theme, WordPress Marketplace plugins, and primary promotional cost. If you are on a tight budget then follow these 5-easy steps to build your marketplace with the free version of Dokan.

10. How to Build the Dokan Store?

Dokan gives a unique URL and individual store page to each and every vendor. Vendors can customize their stores independently according to the admin's permission. Build Your Own Marketplace Website and optimize your store using Dokan.


11. How do I Add a Vendor in Dokan Plugin?

In order to add a vendor in Dokan plugin, you can allow a vendor registration form to your marketplace front end. Also, you can add new vendors from the admin backend. Read details about Managing Vendor’s Selling Capabilities. You can easily manage thousands of vendors with the Dokan plugin.

12. Why Should I Use Dokan Theme Demo?

Dokan theme demo is specially designed for your Marketplace. It is mostly compatible with any WooCommerce compatible theme. However, you can use interactive and high customizable Dokan Theme to get the best output.

13. Who Should Use the WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace?

WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace is suitable for anyone has an intent to build a marketplace for multiple sellers. It is completely fit for both tech-savvy and non-technical persons.

14. Which WordPress Sites are Using Dokan Multivendor Marketplace?

Dokan supports a huge number of businesses to earn commissions from the vendors. Some remarkable enterprises: JOSHi, JodyShop, Onehalal, bootstrap and many more.

15. What is the Best WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Plugin?

Dokan is the best woocommerce multi-vendor plugin in WordPress with the best frontend experience and easiest configuration options.

16. Is WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Theme Free?

Woocommerce multi-vendor theme costs around $79 to $149 per year depending on your requirements and the functionality of your WooCommerce site. Check out the top 23 responsive WooCommerce themes to use in 2019.

dokan-multi-vendor marketplace

17. What is WordPress Dokan?

WordPress Dokan is the most advanced multi-vendor marketplace builder powered by WooCommerce. It extends the capabilities of a single store WooCommerce site providing the best frontend experience combined with all the functionality that every marketplace requires.

18. What is a Vendor Website?

Vendor Website is a common platform where multiple sellers get registered to sell their products. The site owner can manage the activities of the vendors and earn a commission from each sale accordingly.

19. What is a Marketplace Vendor?

Marketplace vendor is a kind of eCommerce site where multiple third parties sell their products or services. The marketplace operator will process all the transactions and other activities of the retailers. He gets a commission for each sale on the marketplace.

20. Is Dokan is a multivendor marketplace?

Yes, of-course dokan is a multivendor marketplace builder with a rich collection of features. And it's on the top in the WordPress ecosystem.

21. Dokan vs WC vendors: Which One is the Best Marketplace Builder?

Dokan and WC vendors share almost the same core features to build a marketplace efficiently. However, Dokan is cheaper, rich regarding features, easier to install, get support and find resources. On the other hand, WC Vendors supports all gateway supported by WooCommerce.

22. How Much Does It Cost to Build a Marketplace Like Amazon/Alibaba?

It needs a budget of around 500$-860$ to start building a full running marketplace like Amazon/Alibaba.

Still, have some queries in mind? Leave your comments below and we will definitely attend you shortly.

Dokan multivendor marketplace
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