Exhilarating Success Story of an Ecuador based Marketplace with DOKAN

What is it so special about an online marketplace that drives people into getting into this business? Is it the convenience of doing business with it or it is the ease of earning profits from it?

Whatever may the reason be, it is always a good idea to know the best marketplace solution that would fulfill your requirement of becoming a successful business venture for you and your vendors.

Trying to complement this idea, Todoamano.com.ec now has become quite a popular name in the realm of marketplace Equador.

Todo a Mano Ecuador, is a website where clients can find handmade products made by different artisans from all over the country

Christina Hernandaz- Todoamano.com.ec

So how exactly did they began their journey of Marketplace? What were their ultimate goal & objective behind launching this marketplace in Equador? Did they face any challenges in the process of doing so? And lastly, what helped them overcome those obstacles in the race of turning it into a successful marketplace?

We will be finding these answers in this inspiring eCommerce success story today. So let's dive in.

Todoamano: Background Story & Ultimate Goal

eCommerce success story with Dokan- todomano
Todoamano- eCommerce success story

When one launches its beloved marketplace, it always has a definite vision and mission to serve for the future. And Todoamano's vision is to become a leader in helping vendors sell local hand made products in the Latin America region.

And finally, the ultimate goal of the marketplace is to provide the businessperson with a practical platform that helps in promotion worldwide while facilitating their sale of the product.

Journey, Hardships & Overcoming The Challenges

Just like the countless benefits of having an established marketplace, there are endless hard work and effort behind its journey to outstanding eCommerce success that always remains unnoticed. Even Todo a Mano before deciding to bung with the idea of its marketplace had to get past a number of obstacles.

eCommerce success story of todoamano

In Equador, there is a great proportion of venturesome people who creates innovative handmade items. All these handcrafted products are mostly distributed in fairs or through social networking sites. But once the fair gets over it becomes really difficult to locate those vendors who are selling those products or to find them out all at once from social networks.

And realizing the situation of Equador having a large chunk of talented artisans without an online store, the idea of launching an exclusive but common platform for them got ignited.

So after the formation of this virtual fair, now the people who appreciate authentic handmade products can find them easily under one roof. And from the vendor's point of view, they can easily showcase their products and sell them from anywhere within the country.

More importantly, the marketplace has now become a popular hub for finding handcrafted items from various skilled artificer living all around the country.

Moreover, this was only possible as Todo a Mano owner truly believes in the great potential Equador has and the encouragement it needs to boost the expansion of the handicraft capitalization.

What Drove It To Get Dokan

Dokan success story- todoamano

Now after the idea that formed of presenting the local handcraftsman with a virtual online fair zone, Christina Hernandez the founder of Todo a Mano and her team began their journey of looking for the most suitable marketplace plugin to build their website.

It wasn't an easy job to find the right multi-vendor marketplace solution that they badly needed. Almost all the ones they tried offered the features that weren't something their company was looking for. Struggling to find the best-suited plugin for their website, they came across Dokan that met almost all its requirements and features to achieve its company goals.

After getting Dokan, it served its main purpose of wanting to exhibit handmade products, letting the local vendors use the platform of this captivating marketplace via subscription packages.

Not just that, it also enabled them to subscribe to different packages based on the size of their online-store and letting the customer communicate with the vendor undeviatingly.

How Todoamano Got Remarkable eCommerce Success

Secret of eCommerce success

Wide Range of Categorized Products

How todoamano got eCommerce success

Having the available products classified in a categorized section makes it much easier for online store visitors to find their desired items. In Todoamano.com.ec, you get all the categories of products nicely presented in a slider with the number of the product available in each category.

What's New In Offer

How todoamano got eCommerce success

Finding new products that are being added regularly on an online store can get boring sometimes. But here in Todoamano, you have all the new products at one place for the customer to easily browse and buy.

Special Deals

Secret of success by todoamano

Constantly looking for discount offers in an e-commerce store can be a hassle sometimes. But in this marketplace, there is a separate section on the homepage where you get to view all the exciting deals with reduced prices at one spot.

You can either directly cart the item or view details on the product from there. This was one of Todoamano's marketing practice that helped them ensure outstanding eCommerce success.

All Products At One Place

Products of Todoamano

In the products tab on the marketplace, you get to see the list of handmade products added by various vendors living all over the Equador. You can either look for your desired product picking from the categories on the right side or sort all products based on prices, ratings or added latest. Click on the product to know more about it or simply add it to your shopping cart from the page. The process of looking for your favorite handcrafted product to buying them is simply easier than ever at Todoamano.com.ec

Vendor Stores

Todoamano marketplace overview

You can't run a marketplace without vendors who would sell their products in it. At Todo a Mano, there is a separate tab for all vendor stores listed in one place. The visitors of this marketplace of handmade items can simply get to any individual vendor store they like. They can even send a message to a particular vendor directly, view their products and post a review/rating after buying them. Clearly the method of reaching out to the vendors has just got cooler than ever.

eCommerce Success: Outcomes & Recommendations

Story of todoamano

We recommend Dokan, since it has been useful when creating the online market where different artisans can create their virtual stores and upload their products

Christina Hernandez & Viviana – Founder of Todoamano.com.ec

Todo a Mano- The WooCommerce based marketplace is utilizing Dokan to a full effect for the last one year. And with no surprise, the kick-off with Dokan has been colossal and of great success. It has helped the marketplace in a number of productive ways such as:

  • Quick growth in business & stores
  • User-friendly design for both vendors & customers
  • Easier control over admin settings
  • A wide range of useful features for promotion, news announcements, search tools, referrals, etc.

And so Dokan has been recommended for all since it has been useful when creating the online market where different artisans can create their virtual stores and upload their products absolutely hassle-free.

Design Your Dream Marketplace The Way You Need It

The world of e-commerce is much larger than what we think it is. There is a countless opportunity that is just waiting for you to tap. Most developed countries already have ample opportunities and the countries that are having slower growth like the Equador itself are also providing immense possibilities in the e-commerce business sector. Todoamano.com.ec is just the living proof of that.

Now even with minimal effort, you can design your dream marketplace just like the all-time famous e-commerce sites eBay or Amazon absolutely without any hitch.

Grab it now at the best price!

Ensuring eCommerce Success Using Dokan

Even with a smaller investment, anyone is able to get on with their own marketplace and ensure eCommerce success through earning from each vendor sell totally hassle-free.

This is made possible by Dokan– The most popular marketplace plugin for WordPress.

Do you have any e-commerce success story to share with us? Let us know, as we would love to get inspired by it & share it with our readers.

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Questions You May Have on Your Mind about Dokan (FAQ)

Dokan makes it easy to build a Multivendor Marketplace in WordPress like Amazon or eBay. After the initial release in 2015, our team regularly update it in order to improve the stability and amplify the user experience better.

With the continuous best effort of your creative designer and marketing team, we have reached the peak of success last year.

Now, we can proudly announce Dokan as the best WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace Solution with 20,000+ active installations.

weDevs's founder and CTO Tareq Hasan's tweet

Our valuable clients are the secret of our enormous glory. We believe-

Once a client, always a client!

To get engaged with our clients we always try to attend their all queries timely. We are providing 24/7 support.

Previously, we have published some frequently asked questions regarding the installation of Dokan, renewing the license, activation of other modules and others.

Today we bring some more queries collected from several social media platforms to clarify your all confusions. Give a check!

20+ FAQ about Dokan


1. What is Dokan?

Dokan is the best frontend multi-vendor marketplace builder for WordPress powered by WooCommerce. You can build your online marketplace like Amazon, eBay or Esty with Dokan within few minutes only.

2. What is Dokan Plugin?

Dokan Plugin is a free WordPress plugin that lets the user to easily build multi-vendor marketplaces on WooCommerce. You can start your Multi-Vendor eCommerce site and earn through commissions.

3. What is a Multi-Vendor Website?

A multi-vendor website is an e-commerce platform where multiple vendors come together to sell the same or a variety of products. The website owner is the admin and he handles all the activities on the marketplace. Also, he gets a commission for each sale done by the vendors.

4. What is a Multi-Vendor Marketplace?

Multi-vendor marketplace is an eCommerce site that hosts multiple third-party vendors to sell their products or services. The owner of the site manages the website and gets a commission from every sale made by the vendors.


5. How Do I Start a Multivendor Marketplace?

If you want to start a multivendor marketplace on WordPress then you can simply install Woocommerce to build your eCommerce site and then add Dokan plugin to convert it into a multi-vendor marketplace.

6. What is a Marketplace Example?

Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy, eBay, Magento, Walmart, ThemeForest are some most uttered names of popular marketplaces. You can build your own marketplace in WordPress using Dokan.

7. What is the Biggest Marketplace Example?

Amazon is the biggest customer base Online Marketplace at the present time. Check some more top level marketplaces from here.

8. How to Use the Dokan Plugin?

Dokan plugin can be installed like any other WordPress plugin for completely free. However, you can enjoy all the advanced features by getting the subscription of Dokan Pro.

You need to install WooCommerce first to activate Dokan. Then configure your marketplace as per your requirements and welcome vendors to sell. Finally, you are ready to earn a commission from each sale. Please read the full documentation to use the Dokan plugin more effectively. I assure you it will not take more than 30 minutes to build your own marketplace.

9. How Much Does It Cost to Build a Marketplace?

It costs around 500$-860$ to get a full-fledged marketplace including the expense of domain, hosting, theme, WordPress Marketplace plugins, and primary promotional cost. If you are on a tight budget then follow these 5-easy steps to build your marketplace with the free version of Dokan.

10. How to Build the Dokan Store?

Dokan gives a unique URL and individual store page to each and every vendor. Vendors can customize their stores independently according to the admin's permission. Build Your Own Marketplace Website and optimize your store using Dokan.


11. How do I Add a Vendor in Dokan Plugin?

In order to add a vendor in Dokan plugin, you can allow a vendor registration form to your marketplace front end. Also, you can add new vendors from the admin backend. Read details about Managing Vendor’s Selling Capabilities. You can easily manage thousands of vendors with the Dokan plugin.

12. Why Should I Use Dokan Theme Demo?

Dokan theme demo is specially designed for your Marketplace. It is mostly compatible with any WooCommerce compatible theme. However, you can use interactive and high customizable Dokan Theme to get the best output.

13. Who Should Use the WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace?

WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace is suitable for anyone has an intent to build a marketplace for multiple sellers. It is completely fit for both tech-savvy and non-technical persons.

14. Which WordPress Sites are Using Dokan Multivendor Marketplace?

Dokan supports a huge number of businesses to earn commissions from the vendors. Some remarkable enterprises: JOSHi, JodyShop, Onehalal, bootstrap and many more.

15. What is the Best WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Plugin?

Dokan is the best woocommerce multi-vendor plugin in WordPress with the best frontend experience and easiest configuration options.

16. Is WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Theme Free?

Woocommerce multi-vendor theme costs around $79 to $149 per year depending on your requirements and the functionality of your WooCommerce site. Check out the top 23 responsive WooCommerce themes to use in 2019.

dokan-multi-vendor marketplace

17. What is WordPress Dokan?

WordPress Dokan is the most advanced multi-vendor marketplace builder powered by WooCommerce. It extends the capabilities of a single store WooCommerce site providing the best frontend experience combined with all the functionality that every marketplace requires.

18. What is a Vendor Website?

Vendor Website is a common platform where multiple sellers get registered to sell their products. The site owner can manage the activities of the vendors and earn a commission from each sale accordingly.

19. What is a Marketplace Vendor?

Marketplace vendor is a kind of eCommerce site where multiple third parties sell their products or services. The marketplace operator will process all the transactions and other activities of the retailers. He gets a commission for each sale on the marketplace.

20. Is Dokan is a multivendor marketplace?

Yes, of-course dokan is a multivendor marketplace builder with a rich collection of features. And it's on the top in the WordPress ecosystem.

21. Dokan vs WC vendors: Which One is the Best Marketplace Builder?

Dokan and WC vendors share almost the same core features to build a marketplace efficiently. However, Dokan is cheaper, rich regarding features, easier to install, get support and find resources. On the other hand, WC Vendors supports all gateway supported by WooCommerce.

22. How Much Does It Cost to Build a Marketplace Like Amazon/Alibaba?

It needs a budget of around 500$-860$ to start building a full running marketplace like Amazon/Alibaba.

Still, have some queries in mind? Leave your comments below and we will definitely attend you shortly.

Dokan multivendor marketplace
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How to Build an Online Marketplace With Elementor & Dokan

Successful online marketplaces are inspiring people all over the world to build their own online eCommerce stores or marketplaces. Thanks to platforms like AliExpress, Airbnb, Fiverr, Etsy or eBay, the perception of doing businesses online has changed dramatically in this new age.

This is where the hype of building an online marketplace is coming from. Even I wanted to build an online business over some point in the past year! 

Why Create Your Own Online Marketplace Business?

In 2018, $2.86 trillion was spent in online stores by 1.8 billion people. There are 3 million online stores available in the world, but around 63% of them also sales in various marketplaces. Besides that, 501 billion USD was the retail eCommerce sales in the United States and it is forecasted that the sale will increase to 740 billion in 2023. [Source]

Most importantly, the eCommerce sector is growing 23% every year and this could be a great opportunity for any of us.

So, why wouldn't people want to start their own online marketplace?

Why Design Your Online Marketplace with Elementor?

Create Online Marketplace using Elementor

Design is an integral part of building a website. When it comes to designing a website beautifully inside WordPress, the first solution that pops into our mind is – Elementor!

People want simplicity and want to achieve more taking less hassle. This is the reason Elementor could climb to the top position within just a year. Now, more than 3 million people are actively using Elementor Page Builder on their WordPress site and I am one of them 😉

Not to mention, Elementor has a 4.9 out 5 Start rating in WordPress.org and it has been download more than 34 million times till date!

Elementor user growth

From WordPress.org, we can look into the active installation growth of Elementor page builder. It shows a 1% growth in their active installation and for a tool with 3 million active users, this is pretty good.

Apart from that, Builtwith data shows 1.63% of the world's top 1 million sites uses Elementor to design their sites. This number is roughly 16,322! Only in the United States, there are around 900K sites using Elementor.

Elementor has a great drag and drop page builder where you can copy-paste sections and blocks. It is fully supported with WooCommerce, the best eCommerce plugin for WordPress.

Also, there are pre-built templates, animations and query management inside Elementor.

WordPress Web Development
Related Article: How Elementor Changed The Era of WordPress Web Development

If you are still looking for a way to build your own online marketplace platform, then here is good news for you! 

You can now create your marketplace within a few minutes and today's article will guide you through the step by step process.

Create Your Own Amazon-like Marketplace in Minutes

35% of the world's websites are built with WordPress, a powerful yet easy to use content management system. You can create more than just a website thanks to the plugins and themes that WordPress has to offer.

That being said, you can create an online store with a few clicks with WordPress. You will require an eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce. Just follow my steps and you will be able to create a marketplace similar to Amazon, AliExpress or eBay easily.

Step 1: Choose Domain & Hosting for Your Marketplace

The first thing that you will require to start an online marketplace is a live website. For that, a domain name and hosting is a must.

There are countless domain and hosting providers out there to choose from. Among them, GoDaddy, Bluehost, Namecheap, Kinsta, Cloudways are the best.

You can get started with just $20 per year ($10 for hosting and $10 for domain). There might be discounts available to it might be less in that case.

Managed Hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce Sites

However, keep in your mind that an online marketplace will require a strong hosting because when you start getting a huge amount of traffic, cheaper hostings won't be able to provide that much support. So, you can look for marketplace hosting plans (they might cost a bit more!).

Step 2: Install WordPress

Now, comes the big brother of all CMS – WordPress.

It's very easy to install. You can install directly from your hosting's Cpanel. You will only have to perform a few clicks to get done with this simple step.

You can go through this detailed tutorial on how to install WordPress in the right way.

Build A Free eCommerce Marketplace Using WordPress

Step 3: Add eCommerce Features

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce solution inside WordPress with more than 5 million active installations and 90% market share. It holds more than 24% market share in the entire eCommerce industry!

See more WooCommerce Stats here →

You might ask why this eCommerce plugin is so popular?

Because it is completely to free to get started with and the free version has many features that would be enough for you to start a fully functional online store.

To add eCommerce functionalities to your online store, log in to your WordPress Admin Dashboard and click on the plugins menu. From there, you can add plugins to your site.

Click on the add plugin button and search for WooCommerce in the plugin store. When you find it, simply click Install and then Activate. That's it.

how to install woocommerce

WooCommerce has an amazing setup wizard that will help you to set all the important settings after installation.

Add your desired payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc. Create products if required and start selling! Check the tutorial below for further help.

Step 4: Turn Your eCommerce Store into A Marketplace

You have launched your own online store successfully with WooCommerce, but your goal is to create a marketplace. You will need an advanced solution for this type of complex job. Luckily, the shining knight of marketplace industry, Dokan Multivendor makes thing easy for you.

With Dokan, you can create a fully functional marketplace within a few minutes. All you have to do is – install and active the Dokan plugin from the plugin page.

how to install dokan

For advanced features, you will need the premium version of Dokan, which starts from $149/year. This is comparatively 60% reasonable than other solutions in the market like Shopify, Magento, CS-Cart, etc.

After Installing Dokan, you will get a setup wizard similar to WooCommerce. It will walk you through the most important settings.

You have to enable registration on your site so that vendors and customers can come in and join easily. Dokan has built-in registration forms for both vendor and customer.

You can also set up vendor commission using Dokan. When vendors sell their products, you earn commission from them. You can then set withdraw earning management for vendors from their dashboard.

Here is a detailed guide on how to create an online marketplace using Dokan.

Multivendor marketplace with dokan

There are many themes available for Dokan. Here, I am using the famous Elector theme.

Step 5: Design Your Online Marketplace with Elementor

Now, the most important part of this blog.

You can customize your online marketplace with Elementor. To do so, you will require Dokan Elementor module, which comes with the Professional version of Dokan. You will also require the pro version of Elementor. With this combo, you will be able to edit the design and layout of the default Dokan store.

So, you need the following plugins to get started with –

  • WooCommerce
  • Dokan Lite
  • Dokan Professional
  • Elementor
  • Elementor Pro

At first, activate all the plugins. Now, navigate to – WordPress Admin Dashboard → Dokan → Modules → Enable Elementor module.

How to install elementor

Now, navigate to – WordPress Admin Dashboard → Templates → Add New

Installing elementor

You will see the Elementor Template creation modal form. Select the type of template you want to create. For designing stores, you must select the Single Store type.

Template type of Elementor

Type in a name for your template. Hit the Create Template button.

Installing Elementor template

In this step, you have to choose the type of design or layout you want to customize your online marketplace with Elementor. Your stores' design layout will be transformed into the one you select from here.

Elementor template library

Hover over your chosen template and click on the Insert button. You will now see the stores' design editable using Elementor.

You can read the detailed Dokan Elementor documentation.

You will find all the elements that you need to design your store in the Elements section including –

  • Store Banner
  • Store Name
  • Profile Picture
  • Store Info
  • Store Social Profile
  • Tab Items
  • Share Button
  • Store Support Button
  • Live Chat Button
  • Store Follow Button
  • Store Vacation Message
  • Coupons
  • Also the regular elements of Elementor
Build online marketplace with Elementor

After editing, here is the store page that I have come up with. Its really easy if you are familiar with Elementor.

Dokan tutorial

Step 6: Customize Your Marketplace with Advanced Features

Dokan has many amazing features and modules to let you create the ultimate online marketplace like Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress, eBay, Flipkart, etc.

  • Live Chat: Allows you to create a live chat system between vendor and customers.
  • Geolocation: Lets your customers search for vendors' stores by location.
  • Product Duplicator: Enable vendors to copy a product that another seller is already selling.
  • Return and Warranty Request: Lets the admin manage vendors to offer a customized return and warranty system.
  • Seller Verification: Allow vendors to verify their stores using social profiles or ID cards.
  • Wholesale: Lets you turn your marketplace have the popular feature of wholesale management.
  • Store Support: Get all the customer support features at the convenience of your frontend.
  • Subscription: Create highly customized subscription packs and charge vendors as you like.
  • and 15 more!

Now, you have successfully created your own marketplace and designed it with Elementor. You can launch your new venture this way and start earning from your vendors.

Wrapping Up

WordPress has opened a new door for general people like us to make our dreams of creating our own online businesses true. You can be the next Jack Ma with your very own version of Alibaba and AliExpress.

All you have to do is find an amazing marketplace idea and use WordPress, Dokan, and Elementor to make it a reality.

Dokan is evolving every day with amazing new features and integrations. The Elementor module is one of the integrations of this evolution. You can design your marketplace with the available themes and create your own store design using Elementor. The day is not so far when Dokan will fulfill every bit of requirement that you have regarding the design and development of online marketplaces or multi-vendor stores.

Build Your Own Marketplace Website for Beauty Care Items Using Dokan

Online business is growing at a rapid pace. It estimates that within 2021, over 2.14 billion people worldwide intend to buy goods and services online, up from 1.66 billion global digital buyers in 2016.

It clearly shows the massive opportunity of spreading your brand through a Marketplace Website.

Therefore, to make your journey smooth a ton of online store builder is available in the market.

If you are comfortable with WordPress then you can easily go with the WooCommerce to build your eCommerce business site.

In this article, we will show you how to build a marketplace website for multiple sellers to sell their beauty products on a single platform with the best Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Solution Dokan.

76% of USA Consumers Purchase Online

Yes, more and more people are starting to rely on eCommerce sites. And it's over 76% in the USA!

An eCommerce store is a great way to make money online.

Over the past few years, e-commerce business has a significant impact on traditional retailing and this will continue in the following years.

wordlwide ecommerce sale
Source: Shopify

With WooCommerce it's very easy to start your own eShop without being a technical gig.

Beauty Business Opportunities across the World

Beauty products business grows very fast worldwide. The demand for all type of beauty and skincare items is increasing dramatically everywhere over the world.

This rising demand for cosmetics broadens the scope for growth and earn more revenue from the beauty shop.

Moreover, this business covers a vast array of business areas such as anti-aging clinics, aromatherapy, beauty salon, beauty spa, cosmetic store, hair salon, and even makeup artists are part of it.

According to marketresearch.com the global cosmetic market is expected to reach $429.8 billion by 2022.


You can develop your own brand products and sell them online or build a platform where other manufacturers can sell their products.

How does an Online Marketplace Work & What Do You Need to Start with

The multi-vendor eCommerce site has gained massive popularity in recent days. And a marketplace website works as a digital platform to buy and sell products, any kind of actually!

In order to start your own marketplace website, you should go through an organized way.

Follow these steps to build your own marketplace website.

  1. Buy a domain name and get web hosting
  2. Install and set up WordPress
  3. Install and activate WooCommerce
  4. Set up Dokan multi-vendor marketplace plugin
  5. A Suitable WordPress Theme
  6. Promote your marketplace with Proven Marketing Strategies

How to Create an Online Marketplace with WordPress (6 Easy Steps)

WordPress helps you to create the foundation of your site and WooCommerce transforms it into an eCommerce shop. And Dokan lets you turn it into a multivendor marketplace.

Now, follow the details process step by step to starting your online beauty store.

Step 1- Buying a Web Hosting and Domain Name

A domain name is the identity of your site by which someone will find you on the web like www.wedevs.com.

Well, you can easily get your perfect domain name from the sites like GoDaddy or Namecheap.

Later you have to buy a hosting for the domain. Among many web host provider, some good ones are-

  • Bluehost
  • Host Gator
  • Dream Host

Find the details guide on Hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce Sites.

Step 2- Install the WordPress

WordPress becomes very popular among entrepreneurs due to its ease of customization, flexibility, rich plugins, and add-ons gallery.

Also, the CMS of WordPress is very user-friendly. WordPress opens a new door for the nontechnical persons to set up their own websites by themselves. Referencing from W3Tech, around 31.3% of total websites are using the WordPress CMS.

Most of the hosting provider has a one-click install feature for WordPress.

So, it's easy to install WordPress on your website.

Step 3- Set up and Configure WooCommerce

Converting a simple website into an eCommerce site is easy and free in WordPress.

Consequently, you have to install and activate the free WooCommerce plugin in WordPress to set up your eShop.

Now, just follow the simple navigation and convert your WordPress site into eCommerce.

  • Admin Dashboard > Plugin > Add New >

Click Search and Type ‘WooCommerce'

  • Install Now > Activate
WooCommerce Installation

If you are a beginner, check out this complete and step-by-step WooCommerce Tutorial to set up your eShop.

After installation, you have to configure your WooCommerce site as per your requirement.

Congratulation! your online store is ready to trade.

Turn Your Single Store into a Beauty Products Marketplace Website

Dokan– The top multivendor marketplace builder for WordPress

After configuring WooCommerce, you can sell your beauty products from your stock.

However, if you dream large you can easily convert your single beauty store into the multi-vendor marketplace website like cosmeticsmegastore.com or thebeautymarketplace.com.

A journey towards the biggest revenue starts from here!

Dokan fuels your further journey of transforming your single store into a broad marketplace website.

Moreover, with Dokan you will get all the freedom to customize your own multivendor beauty care products marketplace as per your brand strategy.

You can add unlimited vendors to your marketplace and give them the access to upload their product and manage the order and shipping through it.

Here comes the most amazing feature of Dokan!

Dokan gives a unique URL and individual store page to each and every vendor. Vendors can customize their stores independently according to the admin's permission.

Therefore, you can easily ensure the security of your marketplace as you need not share the access of backend WordPress dashboard to the vendors.

WooCommerce is the best eCommerce platform for WordPress. Dokan lets you turn your single WooCommerce store into a customized multi-vendor marketplace and earn with each sale!

How to Configure Dokan

You need to follow almost similar steps like WooCommerce to set up and configure the Dokan to transform your WooCommerce site.

The Dokan lite is free. Also, you can get the premium version of the Dokan Plugin to expand the flexibility and customization options.

Just follow the simple navigation and convert your eCommerce into a multivendor site.

  • Admin Dashboard > Plugin > Add New > Click search >
  • Type “Dokan” > Install > Activate

Configuring Dokan is very easy by using its own Wizard. For more clear idea, you can see the Step-By-Step Guide for configuring Dokan.

Earning from Your Beauty Care Product Marketplace Website

You can set the flat commission rate for all vendors and product category.

Also, you get the flexibility with Dokan to set individual commission rate for different product sellers or special category.

Here, you can define the commission rate at the time of configuring Dokan or later whenever required.

For proper understanding about the commission system of Dokan, we recommend you to read the article How to Earn with Dokan Plugin Using Different Vendor Commissions at your expediency.

Step 4- Select A Suitable Free WooCommerce Theme for WordPress


Now your marketplace structure is ready and you have to decorate it.

We recommend our Dokan Theme for your multivendor Beauty Product Marketplace to give an elite look to the site.

Also, you can choose any Dokan compatible theme from ThemeForest specially designed for the best multi-vendor marketplace builder Dokan.

Read the detail features of 30+ Fully Compatible Themes for Dokan Multivendor at ThemeForest

Setup Admin Shop & Upload 1st Product on Your Marketplace Website

You can establish your own shop in your marketplace and sell products just like single WooCommerce store.

There are 2 ways to do this-

  • Register as a vendor
  • Enable yourself to add products

To make the admin capable to upload images from FrontEnd you have to follow the steps properly.

WordPress DashBoard>Users>All Users>Enable Adding Products


Now you can easily customize your shop by navigating:

WordPress Dashboard>Visit Site>Vendor Dashboard>Setting


To add new product in your shop, click on the Products tab and upload product image and other information.


In this way, you can add product from the Shop Frontend.

Congratulation your shop is ready to go! It will look like


Special Note: It's not mandatory to set-up the admin's shop unless you intend to sell own products.

Admin can also add products from WordPress Backend>Products>Add New

Add new product from backend

Step 5- Invite Vendors to Your Site

Amazing! You have created your own multivendor marketplace for selling beauty products.

Now the major challenge is getting vendors. Send invitations to your vendor community to register on your site and start selling immediately.

The vendor registration process is very easy to go.

How to Become a Vendor for Retail Stores to Sell Beuty Items

Just clicking on the sign-up button, anyone can register as a vendor submitting some basic information.

Vendor SignUp Tutorial
Vendor Sign Up Tutorial

Then you will get a request for the approval of joining on your marketplace as a seller.

As the marketplace owner, you have to approve the application from the backend. Until then, the vendor cannot upload any product to the marketplace.

Therefore, follow the easy navigation to permit your vendor uploading their products.

  • Admin Dashboard> Users> All users>
  • Select the newly added vendor> Edit
  • Scroll down and select ‘Enable Adding Products' from Selling tab> Update User

If you want, you can permit them to upload the product immediately, just after the registration on the marketplace.

So, it will make your market management easier. You can activate this feature from Dokan's Selling Setting Menu.

Hence, create a full-featured multi-vendor marketplace and give your site a new height with Dokan Pro using Powerful Advanced Functionality.

Step 6- How to Add Products to WooCommerce based Marketplace Website

As we mentioned before, Dokan facilitates each beauty seller with an individual eShop.

So, a vendor can arrange the shop as per his brand acquisition.

If you are the owner of Marketplace, you get the power of managing and controlling the activities of the vendors accordingly.

After the admin's approval vendors can customize his beauty shop by login to the online beauty products marketplace.

Vendor Dashboard will show the following information. A vendor can get all the information at a glance regarding Sales, Earning, Pageview, Order Details, Product Status and so on.

This is one of the most amazing features of Dokan that makes it superior comparing to other marketplace builders.


Here, vendors can set the banner, basic information and other details of their shop from the setting tab.

Product tab let the vendors upload beauty products to their eshop.

However, the Vendor Dashboard has many more features to make the shop owners activities easy.


You can make the consumer's experience better showing the seller or store list on the menu bar.

With this privilege, customers can easily pick their required products or preferred sellers easily from the list.

To add a store list in the menu bar follow the below steps.

  • At first, go to your Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Menu
  • Select Store list > Add to menu > Save Menu
Add storelist in menu bar

An admin of Beauty Product Marketplace can see all the stores of his marketplace by visiting the store-listing.


Cash Withdrawals from Multivendor Marketplace by the Vendors

After a successful purchase of beauty products, the amount will be shown on vendors dashboard.

As a vendor can withdraw the money sending a request to the admin.

However, admin can set the minimum limit of withdrawal for the vendors from the backend. You can manage all withdrawal request from the backend dashboard.

Furthermore, get all the information on Managing Withdrawal Requests regarding Marketplace Admins and Beauty Product sellers for a smooth transaction.

5 Experts Tips to Quickly Grow Your Beauty Products Marketplace Website

You should have strong marketing plan to span your business widely. Here, we enlisted 5 advanced SEO tricks suggested by the experts for your business advancement.

Utilize a Blog for Your Beauty eShop

You can add a blog to your eShop and tell stories about your products. It's a proven effective way to convert your visitors into loyal advisor.

To rank, you need backlinks and you need to match the user’s search intent. If someone is searching for the best white shoes for their wedding, product pages won’t rank for that – articles will.

Bill Widmer, Content & SEO Expert, BillWidmer.com

eCommerce Entrepreneurs should prefer Content Marketing to maximize their revenue.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the best crowd to scream your brand voice. Instagram Marketing is a proven effective way to promote eCommerce Marketplace.

Nowadays, customers want to know and interact with the brand at multiple touch points. They also want to know the brand’s story.

Shane Barker, Digital Strategist, Shane Barker Consulting

Personalize Email Marketing

There are a lot of ways to segment in ecommerce (age, interests, gender, and so on) so use that data to only send relevant messages to your audience instead of sending the same message to everyone (as most ecommerce do right now)

Emil Kristensen, CMO and co-founder, Sleeknote

Expert Email Marketing Automation Strategies can help you to boost your Marketplace revenues

Update Your Marketing Approach

We have been able to increase website conversion rates from- 1% to 4% simply by interviewing customers who bought, those that didn’t, and understanding our customers on a deep level

Eric Carlson, Co-Founder, 10xFactory

You should review your marketing strategy at least once per year to check all of your objectives, business goal, target audience, market research, and other activities still fit your business.

Add CTA Buttons to Your Marketplace Website

Add the Call-to-action button on your eCommerce marketplace to tell your visitors to take actions.

Using a CTA, you can tell people what you want from them or encourage them to go forward to meet their needs

Adding CTA is the best practice to engage your audience in your marketplace.

Final Thoughts on Marketplace Website

In short, rising demand for beauty products and online purchase span the umbrella of eCommerce business worldwide.

You can expand this opportunity developing a wide marketplace where along with you other beauty product sellers will sell products collectively.

Accordingly, both you and the consumers will be beneficial from this incredible idea. Consumers will get plenty of options to get the right products for them. It increases the quantity of selling products.

As an owner, you can sell own products and get a commission on each sale from other merchants.

Furthermore, Dokan is one of the best multi-vendor marketplace website builders powered by WooCommerce with 20,000+ active installations. And you don't need to spend a single penny to build your marketplace.

Hence it is the easiest way to set up front end Beauty Product Marketplace and earn money through commission.

JENAMA LOKAL- A Wondrous Malaysian E-Commerce Success Story With Dokan

If you browse through online, you will probably find thousands of stories of online successful business & events that relate to e-commerce, business startups, their journey of becoming successful from startups and more.

Not all online marketplace business out there meet with the same fate. Some become a painful experience of loss project and some become so influential that it inspires others to take up that business.

And here is one such success story that would undoubtedly influence everyone with the thought of taking e-commerce business as startups.

How It All Started With ‘Jenama Lokal'

In every startup, you got to have an active team to grow your business over the years. Similarly, the idea of launching ‘Jenama Lokal‘ got ignited by an enthusiastic team. A team of highly ambitious & dedicated souls. Let's meet them up.

Jenama Lokal Team
The team behind the amazing success of JenamaLokal.com

Initially, the idea of this team was just to present a prototype of Jenama Lokal website as a platform in front of its local investors.

The idea of building an online marketplace actually came up from the intention of promoting local products & brands.

And this is when the name Jenama Lokal came into the mind of the team which truly translates to ‘Local Products' of Malaysian language. And this is how the concept of Jenama Lokal.com brought to light by this team of a highly talented individual.

Choosing Dokan Over the Others

Dokan- top multi-vendor marketplace

When we originally started with Dokan, the system is unexpectedly convenient and is offering many features

Team JenamaLokal.com

As the team of ‘Jenama Lokal' was planning to get their prototype site ready for its funders, while doing so they come across Dokan. Once they tried it out they found the marketplace solution to be surprisingly user-friendly and it was something that meets their requirement of building their local marketplace site absolutely hassle-free.

The most important part is, it provides us with excellent support and service where any difficulties regarding Dokan will be cleared within 24 hours

Zakri Rozaini, IT Manager, JenamaLokal.com

Also, due to Dokan's extensive feature offerings that are able to assist its user to achieve the goal that they had for their vendors with precise efficiency. Moreover, Dokan adds new features & updates it regularly that provides them with boosted performance & improved productivity.

Jenama local success story

More importantly, any issues small or big that arise with Dokan is normally solved by its ever active support team within a day which enables them to ensure smoother operation of JenamaLokal site.

Start Today!

A Small Sketch of ‘Jenama Lokal' Marketplace

The beauty of a marketplace lies by how professional & interactive it looks from the outside.

Site's responsiveness, user-friendliness and the ability to present its products & brands interactively is something that attracts the visitors the most. And JanamaLokal.com excels in all those departments.

Dokan success story

As we can see, JenamaLokal.com has slowly but surely unraveled itself to become quite a professional looking marketplace for the local users.

eCommerce success story

The design of the marketplace is beautiful with quick & easy navigation option in every corner of the store. In the marketplace, one can easily search or look for their desired categories or product faster than ever.

Shoppers Paradise

story of online successful business

Once you enter the Shop Page, it seems like you have opened a new door full of your favorite goodies. You feel like you are lost in the kingdom of shopping bliss. Just pick the category you desire to start shopping.

Eye Catchy Design

online successful business story

The color combination & the whole setup of the website makes it look so soothing in the eyes. Though you might feel a little lost while scrolling down the marketplace due to having too many products & categories on the same page.

But all in all the design looks nothing less than any innovative international marketplace like Amazon or eBay.

Browse Through Your Favorite Categories

example of online successful business

All the categories of the products display itself really nicely at the sidebar. You can browse through one category to another more conveniently than ever.

Moreover, the visitor can quickly select available options of a particular product or get a closer view of any product by simply clicking on a quick view option on each item. While you simply hover over each item, you get options to like, compare or cart them.

Tap for Special Offers

online successful business example

There is also a separate tab named “Special Offer” in the marketplace where all the special deals & offers are listed.

Simply browse through them and get to buy them at a discounted price.

Visit Individual Brand/Vendor Page

online successful business

Not only navigating through your favorite product or categories, but any new or old customer can also visit their favorite brand stores that are registered with the marketplace. Any visitor can even follow all popular vendor store to get notified of their best deals & offers.

A Few Words of Wisdom & Future Expectation

Thanks to Dokan's user-friendly dashboard that is practical and convenient, our vendors are very satisfied with the service and features

Team JenamaLokal.com

Along with Dokan's praise for its support & services, the team of JanamaLokal also feel that over the last one year it has helped them grow & nurture their business to a great extent.

They also say, the first year of using Dokan has passed away within a blink of an eye and it has surpassed all the expectations in terms of providing great customer service & after-sales support.

Now slowly & steadily after one year of utilizing Dokan to a full effect on the site, JenamaLokal.com has managed to reach more than 100 registered vendors with over 1000 products being sold through the site at the moment. And the dream is to make it only bigger & better from here on with the solid support of Dokan.

And now for the future, they expect Dokan to help them reach new heights. More of by adding more exclusive features on a regular basis maintaining the same top-notch customer & support services.

As they feel this would help new & fresh entrepreneurs in terms of helping them grow their marketplace business in the near future.

Rewrite Fortune by Launching Your Marketplace Today!

So that's about it, the success journey of a popular e-commerce marketplace ‘Jenama Lokal'. A marketplace that wants to keep promoting local brands to contribute to the growth of each other's business.

Most certainly this inspires you to get on with your very first dream marketplace, doesn't it?

If you are still unsure then you would probably want to take inspiration from this team of JanamaLokal.com. You can already see how easily they have established their desired marketplace with Dokan without much hassle.

So, if they can do it, so can you.

And if you are actually serious about launching your own marketplace or you own a WooCommerce site and want to turn it into a full-fledged multi-vendor marketplace then there can be no better marketplace solution than DOKAN. So what's holding you up?

Get started with Dokan and bring your most anticipated marketplace to life.

For any queries related to the marketplace, you can always reach out to its ever-ready support team any time.

Start Today!

How To Write eCommerce Product Description That Sell (Ultimate Guide)

A well-written product description can convince your target audience and convert them into loyal advisors eventually.

On the other hand, a bad Product description may hamper your user experience and you gradually lose your potential customers.

One e-commerce study found that 20% of purchase failures are potentially a result of poor presentation or unclear product description.

This article shows you how to write a good product description to generate more sales.

What a Good Product Description Should Include

good product description

A product description is the best way to educate your audience about the usage of the products and convert them into a loyal customer.

Therefore, you must arrange your product description in an appealing way to make the readers crave for the product immediately.

As a product reviewer, you should know how to write a great product review.

A well-written product review helps the readers to find out the actual usability of the product to make the users understand whether this product is the right choice to meet their needs or not.

You must have a clear picture of your audience and their demands before starting to write the product description.

Furthermore, it helps you to determine what to focus, what to ignore, and how to represent your product to get more sales for your business.

Product descriptions vary for the different products as buying requirements and criteria are individual for each product.

Therefore, you have to define the factors based on what people make their decision on whether to buy a product or not.

So, a Creative Product Description Should Be Included

  • Easy and natural tone
  • Real usefulness
  • Possible limitation
  • Uniqueness
  • High-quality image from different angles
  • Videos (If possible)

And, Should Be Avoided

  • Unnecessary information
  • Confusing or contradictory statement
  • Complex sentences

The duty of a great product reviewer is not to write down all the features of the product, his main responsibility is to bring out the uniqueness of the product and focus on that specialty product is actually made for.

You have to understand the products usage and reasons to buy it.

Like, people want to buy a frying pan usually have a query on the flexibility of cooking, cleaning process, comfort to use, cooking time, etc.

Fry Pan Review

So, while writing a product description on a Frying pan you must convey the related information to the readers that they can make the right decision regarding buy it or not.

Hence, your writing should be influential for your target customer converting them into advisor.

9 Examples of Good Product Description

Let's see some good examples of eCommerce product description writing and find out the reasons that make them great.


Amazon Product Review

A reader can easily identify the features and usability of the product from this description written by Amazon. Images of different angles give a clear view of the product.

The language is easily understandable and the product name itself gives a short overview of the product.


Vitamix product description

This website focuses on the product’s benefit in the short description, which is helpful for the readers to choose their best fit. 

The brand tone and language is unique along with the presentation. They also use high-quality image and video which is good to easily draw customers’ attention.

Anorak Online

Anorak product description

‘Bring the outside in with our super-soft, 200 thread count, 100% cotton ochre yellow bedding set. Inspired by some of Britain’s most iconic and amazing animals, Kissing Badgers sit proudly on the front, whilst the reverse features a co-ordinated check, inspired by maps of the great outdoors. So as you nod off, close your eyes and imagine all the amazing places on the map you’ll visit.' Anorak Online

Here is the product representation uses high-quality pictures from different angles, the viewer can see each ins and outs of the product easily.

Readers can easily get an overview of the product due to its long listing of features and other details

The feature with elaborated benefits is good to draw customer attention.

It also optimized for the selected keywords that show a good SEO strategy.


High-quality image representation from various angles and dimensions is a good methodology to represent the product.

Focusing on the benefits of features is good to hit the consumers attraction.

The scalability for the striking information is easy due to presenting an effective but small piece of information.

Unique presentation is a great way to build an emotional attachment with the readers.

The contents are optimized with a selected keyword or phrase to reach the targeted audience easily.

Bush Smarts

Bush Smarts product Review

Be prepared! Small and compact there is no reason you shouldn’t take this rain stopper with you everywhere as a back-up shelter. With versatility in mind, we’ve made this tarp a simple square shape with 9 reinforced anchor loops, so it can used many ways as a single person shelter as well as a rain fly for our hammock. Bush Smarts

The introductory part is providing an easy view to identifying the product features and their benefits.

The writing style and delivery speech are very magnetic.

Good quality images from various dimension make it effective to catch customer attraction.

The use of a few amplifying and influential words make the description more engaging.

Optimization for a selected keyword gives an additional advantage in search engine ranking.

Pottery Barn

Clear faceted crystals hang from smooth bronze-finished bands in our Gemma Chandelier, giving a contemporary look to a classic design. Place it over a dining table, in an entryway or bedroom for lighting that sparkles and adds drama.
1. Made of iron and clear glass
2. Features a hand stained antique bronze finish
3. Imported
4. Ideal ceiling height for chandelier is 8′ or 10′
5. Hardwire; professional installation recommended

They have their iconic style of writing and representation to give a quick overview to their consumers.

The features along with its benefits are really engaging and attractive.

The information is more focused on facts that can touch the emotions of a person.

A different angle of pictures gives a complete view of the products that are helpful for making the decision.


This presentation contains so many useful resources that show the readers not only the features and advantages of the product but also the public reaction, size, shipping and return policy in a single frame.

The benefits are more highlighted for the features, which is important to influence the buying process.

The contents also have complete keyword-based optimization that is essential for good SERPs ranking.

Sausage Maker

This creative product description is a perfect blend for both types of readers: who search for a detailed description and who love to get a quick view.

In the first part, they represent their products uniqueness and advanced usages.

In the next part, they show the features in a list that is easily readable.

Custom Biogenic

They point out the features and specification of the product individually.

At first, they give a complete overview of the product and then list down the features that are easily scannable for readers.

They have described a wide range of features and characteristics of the product that will help the reader to understand the product.

So, from these top Product Description, we get an idea of how to write a great product review.

Strategies to Create a Purchase Intent Product Description

Creating purchase intent product description

Create Your Buyer Persona

Before writing the product description you must have the knowledge for whom you are writing and what's their motive to buy it.

Establish one or more imaginary character for your products by analyzing previous sales history, competitors site, present market status, your business goal, etc.

It's very important to create a buyer persona for your product as it will educate you to understand your customer's requirements, their behavior, geographical status, demand from your products, how they react with similar products, substitute products and more.

To spread your eCommerce business globally you have to follow a concrete and powerful strategy.

It will ultimately help you to set up your marketing strategy to reach your company goals.

Focus on Product Features and Benefits

You have to understand the product features, advantages, and possible limitations to give a clear picture to your readers.

The best way to understand a product is to use it. If that is not possible, interview your real users or collect feedback from them.

A complete research will help you to establish a statistic for your selected product and bring out its uniqueness and specialty that increases the buying appeal of the product.

People do not buy the product for its unique features, they buy for the unique advantages the products will provide for them.

Therefore, the perfect way of writing the description is focusing on the product unique features and the outstanding benefits that people will get from those features.

Use Your Unique Brand Tone and Style

A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.

Lisa Gansky

Product is the identity of your brand. So, presenting your product influences the business brand.

Unique content tone and style helps you to create a brand image for your product. Lucrative presentation makes the product more engaging to the audience. It influences the buying process.

If you are able to create a unique brand tone and style, your product will get individual recognition wherever it goes.

Your language should be familiar and natural to your targeted audience. Keep it simple and easily understandable for them.

Ensure Easy Scalability of Product Description

eCommerce product description

People do not read the website thoroughly. During a reading, they pick some words through a quick scan and make an image in mind, which decide the thorough reading.

Therefore, the writer should create the description in a way that may catch the attention of the readers.

Keep the product name focused and bold, give bullet points of the features, list down the advantages and limitations help the readers to take a quick decision.

You can increase the scannability with bullet points. A list or bullet point helps the readers to get a quick overview of the product. 

Readers are always in a hurry, you may get only a few seconds to impress them with the product review. So, make the product description easy readable and understanding.

Establish Emotional Attachment 

A good reviewer always intends to establish an emotional bridge with the readers. Readers also love to read the story rather than plain text.

You must have the knowledge of how to write a product description that sells.

You can arrange the product description to give them all the information consequently. 

The best stories are not your own, but those of your customers and your fans. 

Use your product description to tell your readers the features of the products, the buyers requirements and how the product will help them.

If you can build an effective story to attach your readers emotionally to your products they will be automatically injected into the sales funnel.

Use Original & High-quality Media Files

People get bored with the text very quickly. To make the content more attractive you must add a high-quality image to visualize the view of the product.

It states that 63% of consumers believe product images are more important than a product description.

Therefore, you must add images to describe your products. It's better to give images from different angles to give a 3D view of the product.

Based on the product type you can also use videos for educating your readers from unpacking the product to using it in real life.

A product video can easily demonstrate the features and benefits of the products.

Videos now appear in 70% of the top 100 search result listings. So, it's also important to add product video for improving the visibility of your product on search engines.

Use Influential and Care Words

According to David Ogilvy, some specific influential words can increase the appeal and effectiveness of your creative product descriptions.

The 10 most influential words include the following:

  • Suddenly
  • Now
  • Announcing
  • Introducing
  • Amazing
  • Sensational
  • Revolutionary
  • Miracle
  • Magic
  • Quick

Jon Morrow has a list of power words that can increase the sale of any product.

power words to write product description

Optimize for Search Engine (SEO)

Your all effort goes in vain if it can't reach to your target audience. Along with finding the targeted audience, you must find out the target keywords you want to rank for. 

The product description should be optimized with those specific keywords to grab more consumers for the product.

With the higher ranking on SERP, the possibility of getting clients is also going up. 

As the main motive of the product description is to attract consumers and make them permanent customers, you need to appear on the first page of Google for higher ranking.

Why Product Description is Vital for Selling?

Online Marketing

Product description means representing the most vital information about any product, which can be overwhelming to the user.

Almost 55% of the web surfer spends around 15 seconds at an average for each website. At that time, around 62% of people scan the website thoroughly for the attractiveness of the design. All of them leave the site within a few seconds if the website is not attractive. Only 38% spend 15 seconds completely for each site.

The first visual part can give your website more traffic who will stay at your site. Product description and picture plays a vital role here. 

Therefore, the product description must have good scan ability, top user benefits for the available feature, high-quality image, attachment with the readers, some influential or amplifier words, and unique writing tone.

A great piece of product description has a vital role to convert a stranger to the advisor of your product.

Your product description can stick a reader on your site and then convince him to buy the product.

In this way, you can bring a visitor to your sales funnel and make him a loyal customer for your product. The description should contain the keyword following various on-page optimization guideline.

This will help to bring the product at the top of the SERPs. It will help to get more visitors.

Try to avoid unnecessary information that may confuse a customer or has no impact on customers demand. Y

Your writing length will depend on the product type. Use selective words to describe the product's usefulness that is easy to understand the product.

Final Thoughts

The rules and steps are not concrete for all the products, it may differ based on product type, price and consumers nature. Usually, it's better to keep the product description concise and to the point.

Highlight the unique features and their benefits to use it. 

Moreover, you can include influential words in your description to make it more powerful. Always focus on your potential consumer’s requirements and the way to impress them.

Last but not least be choosy to select related media files to describe your product in a visual way.

Bootstrap Using Dokan For Their Multivendor Theme Marketplace

Bootstrap, the most popular front-end framework used to create modern websites, is using Dokan Lite to showcase and sell their themes. And this is definitely an honor for us and you- dear Dokan lovers!

With Dokan multivendor solution, they have built their entire marketplace which has a variety of bootstrap powered themes.

Continue reading “Bootstrap Using Dokan For Their Multivendor Theme Marketplace”

How To Choose The Right Hosting Environment For Your eCommerce Store

Choosing the right host for your eCommerce store might seem like a no brainer. You just need somewhere to store your site, right? What you really care about is getting traffic and making money.

But choosing the right host isn’t the blowoff decision you might think.

A feature-rich, reliable host could mean the difference between a thriving marketplace and a dead zone.

Here are five things to look for when choosing the right eCommerce hosting for your small business.

What Does The Host Provide for You?

Best eCommerce hosting for small business

Proper Attention

After setting up your sites on your new hosts server, they should be there to help.

So many companies in the industry today will just onboard a client and never speak to them again.

If the client wants to talk to the host, they have to jump through a myriad of hoops just to get put on hold. That’s not the way hosting should work. And that’s definitely not the way business should work.

Your host should ensure you’re getting the most out of their platform. You don’t want to be left high and dry, just like you don’t want to be paying for features you’re not using.

Look for a team that takes an active role in your success. Certain companies, like Pressable, offer personalized onboarding for each and every client. That means they don’t just give you the tools; they show you how to use them.

Be Sure about Web Hosting Support

Support is one of the biggest deciding factors when looking for a quality hosting company. When first researching a host’s support team, check out their reviews online.

Support with the best eCommerce hosting for small business

Weigh the positive and the negative to see what their response times are–or see if they’re actually there for their customers to begin with.

Quick, responsive support is a must in an eCommerce environment, because every minute of downtime means lost revenue for your business.

While reviews are great, real-world experience is better. Try breaking something yourself and see how long it takes them to react. Many companies offer free trials or periods with a money-back guarantee.

Load up a cloned site, break something minor (or major!) and see how they react.

  • Are they organized?
  • Are they quick to act?
  • Or are they treating you like just another number on a screen?

Managed Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

There are two basic types of hosting: managed and dedicated. With dedicated hosting, the server owner (AKA you) takes care of most of the work: weekly updates, troubleshooting, site caching, provisions, a CDN…the list goes on and on.

With managed hosting, the host takes care of the menial tasks mentioned above while you get on with what you do best: running your business.

Plus, with a managed host you can always count on a professional behind the wheel.

Instead of hiring a whole team of developers and system admins, the experts at the hosting company can work around the clock to ensure your site is working properly, which means you’re not missing out on business.

Web Server Security

Security is always important when you’re online, but doubly so for eCommerce stores.

Web server security in eCommerce hosting

Customers input personal data like debit and credit card information, and in some cases data more sensitive than that. That’s why you need a host that provides top-notch security on their platform—and yours.

One of the biggest, and easily fixed, security lapses is upgrading your site with an SSL certificate. HTTP, or hypertext transfer protocol, is no longer deemed the safest way to secure data online.

A secure sockets layer adds another layer of encrypted security to your site, meaning your users’ data is safer than ever.

All you need to do is install it onto your site. Seem a bit overwhelming? Many hosts, including Pressable, will install an SSL certificate on your site for free.

In addition to SSL certificates, a good host should update their servers and software on a regular basis. If your host isn’t updating, they could be leaving your and everyone else on the servers’ data wide open for intruders.

This includes updating to the latest versions of WordPress, keeping site plugins updated, and ensuring that any partner software is also updated.

Features You Should Look for

Quality hosts will offer specific features to help your eCommerce store thrive and prosper. These features could be as simple as daily backups to ensure your data is stored safely in case of an emergency.

On the other hand, they could offer features that are jam-packed with specific business-oriented tools to help you grow, like Jetpack Premium.


Jetpack contains great features like malware protection, expanded security and backups, and even an SEO tool to help you hone your content marketing strategy. And Jetpack Premium comes free with a hosting plan from Pressable.

Before Wrapping up about eCommerce Hosting

Every business is different. What one eCommerce marketplace needs in a host might be completely different from another. But just like a good dinner host, there are certain traits that any good web host should have: good service, high security, and pay attention to your needs.

Any host can provide your website space to operate, but a great host cares about your business and provides you with the tools you need to succeed.

So, follow the instructions above and pick up the best hosting provider for your eCommerce store. If you are planning to start your online business with WordPress, you can rely on Dokan to build a world-class marketplace like eBay or Amazon.

Easily Set Up WooCommerce Shipping On Your MultiVendor Marketplace

With Dokan multivendor plugin, you can easily set up a WooCommerce multi-vendor marketplace.

It has an intuitive interface that will help you set up your marketplace effortlessly. Your vendors will be able to manage their store and products easily too.

As you probably know, how you handle shipping can be a determining factor for the success of your marketplace.

In this article, we will discuss in detail how you can set up WooCommerce Shipping in four different scenarios using Dokan Multi-vendor Marketplace plugin.

Required plugins

We have installed the following plugins to replicate different scenarios.

The Need for Setting up Vendor-specific Shipping Rates

WooCommerce shipping with Dokan

You must be wondering how to set up vendor-specific shipping rates on your WooCommerce multi-vendor marketplace. In several scenarios, you might want to allow your vendors to specify their own shipping rates for their products. This is particularly relevant if these are drop shippers.

With Dokan multivendor plugin, each vendor can set their own shipping method and rates. We will demonstrate how in this article.

Now, if you want to display the live rates of popular shipping carriers, you can use one of the popular ELEX plugins for shipping integration. These plugins will help you display rates of popular carriers like FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, etc., automatically on your cart and checkout pages. However, all these rates will be based on the sender location that you set in the respective plugin settings.

And you may have a range of vendors from different locations. How will you be able to show real-time shipping rates based on the vendors’ locations? This is where Multi-Vendor add-on will be of great help to you. It will help you display shipping rates based on the location of each vendor. We will discuss a scenario with this add-on as well.

What is Dokan Multivendor?

Dokan multi-vendor marketplace

Before getting into different shipping scenarios, let us take a quick look at Dokan Multivendor plugin.


Here are some of the features of Dokan multi-vendor marketplace plugin that you may find useful.

  • Set up commission globally or specific to vendors or products.
  • Control sellability for each vendor.
  • Customized storefront for each vendor
  • Support for all WooCommerce product types including bookings.
  • Works fine with most popular WooCommerce themes.
  • Supports several payment gateways.
  • Convenient dashboard for vendors to manage products and inventory.
  • Vendors get access to sales data and performance insights.
  • Vendors can make use of several promotional strategies including coupons and reviews.
  • Easy withdrawal and shipping management options for vendors.

Understanding Shipping Management with Dokan

With the help of Dokan Multi-vendor plugin, you can allow different vendors to set up their products on your site.

Dokan shipping

Let’s assume each of these vendors are from different locations and they have different products. It might be really helpful if you are able to customize the shipping costs according to the location of each vendor.


Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Product: Beanie.


Location: New York, New York, United States.

Product: T-shirt with logo


Location: Los Angeles, California, United States.

Product: Hoodie with Zipper.

Here we will show four different shipping scenarios and different outcomes depending on the tools you are using on your WooCommerce store.

Scenario 1:

You are using Dokan multi-vendor plugin and WooCommerce flat rate to display shipping rates.

A customer (from Saint Claire, Alabama) adds all three products on the cart. You can see three shipping rates are applicable. Each of these rates is dependent on the flat rate that you have set under WooCommerce shipping zones.

Find more information on setting up flat rate shipping on WooCommerce.

WooCommerce shipping

Scenario 2.

Using the shipping option of Dokan plugin to set up vendor specific flat rates.

Using the Dokan Shipping option, each vendor can configure a specific flat rate as per their shipping rate calculations.

For example, in this case, we will set up a different flat rate for all three vendors across the US.
For this, the first step you need to take is to add a shipping method on the shipping zone called “Vendor Shipping”. Dokan adds this option on your shipping methods drop-down.

Select method on WooCommerce shipping

For this example, we will disable the WooCommerce flat rate option and only keep Vendor shipping.

Now, each vendor can access their respective vendor dashboard and set up a shipping rate.

Dokan shipping setting
Setting up Dokan shipping

This way, let’s assume each vendor has set up a specific flat rate shipping cost on their respective vendor dashboards. For example, let’s say Vendor1 set a shipping cost of 50, Vendor2 60, and Vendor3 40.

Now, what will be the outcome when the same customer adds the same three products to cart?

The specific shipping costs that each vendor has set up will be displayed for the respective products.

WooCommerce shipping

Scenario 3

You are using Dokan Multivendor and an ELEX Shipping plugin.

The above results are when you are setting up a flat rate as the shipping cost. Now, how will you set up real-time rates of popular carriers and manage setting up vendor-specific shipping outcomes?

Let’s find out.

You can use ELEX WooCommerce shipping plugins to integrate shipping rates and services from a range of popular shipping carriers. Here are some of the plugins you can use to display live shipping rates as well as print shipping labels and provide tracking information.

Now, let’s see how your shipping rates will be if you are using one of these plugins. For example, we will set up UPS rates using the ELEX FedEx, UPS and USPS shipping plugin. The plugin helps you display live shipping rates of FedEx, UPS, and USPS on your cart and checkout pages based on sender location, shipping destination as well as product weight and dimensions.

You can also print shipping labels and provide shipment tracking to customers using this plugin.

The plugin requires you to enter the sender location in the settings page. The live rates displayed will be based on this address that you have entered.

Zip code on WooCommerce shipping setting

Now, let’s see what happens when the same customer adds the same products to the cart. For this example, we have kept product weight and dimensions the same for all three products. The plugin will provide UPS rates based on the seder location as well as the customer’s location.

Since the weight and dimensions and customer location is the same, the rates for all three product are the same too.

Set up WooCommerce shipping

Scenario 4

You are using Dokan multivendor, an ELEX shipping plugin and the multi-vendor add-on.

So, when you have different vendors on your store, they might want to display shipping rates relevant to their location. How will you manage this?

You can use the new add-on, WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Support for ELEX Shipping Plugins, to manage this. With the help of this add-on, your customers will be able to get a split cart and specific rates based on the location of each vendor.

Here is a quick look at the features of the multi-vendor add-on

  • Split cart and display real-time rates of each vendor separately.
  • Combine cart and display the sum of all real-time rates.
  • Print shipping labels with individual vendor addresses.
  • Compatibility with popular multi-vendor plugins.

Please note, this add-on will work only with ELEX shipping plugins, and will not work independently. Also, vendors need to add their location in their respective Dokan vendor profile.

Store setting on Dokan multivendor

Now, the ELEX FedEx, UPS and USPS plugin will be fetching real-time rates based on the location of the vendor instead of the marketplace sender location we saw in the previous scenario.

As in the previous scenario, we have kept the weight and dimensions constant to show the impact on vendor location alone. And, the outcome in this scenario will be live shipping rates based on the location of each vendor.

WooCommerce shipping with Dokan

Now, in this case, the cart is split and vendor-specific rates are shown for each product in the cart. You can also configure this add-on, to sum up all the different shipping rates, and display consolidated rates.

For this, you have to go to the Multi-vendor add-on settings (WooCommerce > Settings > Multi-vendor Add-on settings)

Here you can choose to display consolidated shipping charges.

Set up WooCommerce shipping

In addition, you can also allow each vendor to add their own API key to fetch real-time rates. For this, you need to enable the ‘Allow Vendor API key’ option.

Now, each vendor can add their own API key in their profile to display real-time shipping rates.

Allowing Vendor API on WooCommerce shipping


Hope you have got an idea on a few different shipping scenarios while using Dokan multi-vendor plugin and any of the ELEX shipping plugins. Based on your shipping needs, you can replicate any of these scenarios on your store. Leave a comment if you have a query.

The Best eCommerce Plugin for WordPress (Feature Review With Actionable Tips)

Good news to you if you're looking for an ultimate e-commerce solution to build your online store. Dokan is certainly one of the best eCommerce marketplace builder plugins for WordPress.

Dokan has all the essential features and functionalities that you may need to jump start your online store. As you already know that-

WooCommerce is the best eCommerce platform for WordPress. Dokan lets you turn your single WooCommerce store into a customized multi-vendor marketplace and earn with each sale!

In this post, we would discuss why you should consider getting Dokan as a priority basis and how it's the best feed for anyone like you to build your dream eCommerce multivendor marketplace.

Why You Should Consider Dokan?

best ecommerce plugin wordpress
Dokan– The top multivendor marketplace builder for WordPress

Dokan lets you set up an e-commerce store with WooCommerce where you can start selling products. The power of Dokan lies in its two distinctive features.

Dokan lets you allow other vendors to easily register on your website and start selling products, and its full interface is on the front-end of your site.

So none of your vendors will need to see the back-end of your WordPress. This feature ensures your site's security with providing smooth user-experience to your vendors.

Basic Features of Dokan Lite

Dokan comes with all the core features that you need to get your e-commerce site up and running. Please keep in mind that Dokan also has a PRO version, which has full-fledged multi-vendor e-commerce solutions.

The one we are talking about here is the basic free version with fewer features and functionality.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace with Independent Stores

The best thing about Dokan is that it is surprisingly easy. Vendors can register on your site and start selling right away. Each and every vendor will have their own stores with a unique URL and store page.

Vendor's store pages are also customizable. It shows a custom banner image with the vendor's profile picture, all products, and their contact details.

Dokan- best eCommerce plugin for WordPress
Dokan sample store

Pro version of Dokan storefront has maps, verification, support, review, social profiles and other features that can make the vendor more trustworthy and interactive.

Front-end Dashboard

Everything that your vendor needs to do in order to do business on your Dokan powered marketplace can be done from the front-end of your site. So you will never have to let your vendors access the wp-admin or dashboard area of your WordPress site.

Dokan- best eCommerce plugin for WordPress
Dokan frontend dashboard

Each vendor has his own front-end dashboard that caters to their every need, even withdrawing their earnings. They can manage the products, add/remove items, request a withdrawal from earning all from the front-end dashboard.

Only you, as the site owner, can access the WordPress dashboard (backend) to configure Dokan and WordPress related settings.

On the Pro version, vendors get extra capabilities to manage coupons, orders and other stuff added by the extensions from the front-end dashboard.

Earn Commission as Vendors Sell Products

What do you get as the owner of the marketplace? You can set a default percentage of commission that will go to your account each time a vendor makes a sale. That means-

The more your vendors sell their products, the more commission you earn.

You can set a percentage according to how much you are charging your vendors per sale. But there is more!

With Dokan Pro version, you will also have the ability to override the default commission rate on a per-vendor basis. That way you can charge different vendors a different percentage for their sales.

You can even give special privileges to select clients to sell on your marketplace without giving you a commission, too! You can also set special commission rates on specific products and create subscription packages for exclusive kind of vendors.

More on Pro Features

As you can see, the features that are already available with Dokan are enough to get you started with your online marketplace. But if you need more, here's some of what Dokan's full version has to offer:

  • Compatible with any WooThemes
  • Multiple product types
  • Bird's eye view of site-wide sales and earning both for admins and vendors
  • Earn from each sale
  • Set product attributes, shipping, downloadable products, set expiration to downloadable products, etc
  • Coupons feature with expiry and restrictions options
  • Increase brand value with product reviews
  • Vendors can manage orders with no time
  • Custom widgets (Best vendor, Featured vendor, etc.)
  • A custom Dokan theme for your marketplace for free with each Dokan full version. (Dokan is also compatible with every WooCommerce compatible theme)
  • Manage SEO for your store page
  • Detailed Reports and Statements

So what are you waiting for? Grab Dokan Free from WordPress plugin repository here and give your online marketplace a go, with proper customization!

Make sure to install WooCommerce plugin before activating Dokan as WooCommerce is required for Dokan to work. WooCommerce is a free plugin you can download from here.

FAQ about Dokan

There are some questions from our valued readers and customers. Have a look, you may too need these. For more, you can visit our detailed FAQ page.

Question: I am new to WordPress, I am trying to install Dokan Lite in my new WordPress multisite installation. I managed to make the plugin work but I cannot seem to find how to enable the Dokan theme. Please help

Answer: Dokan theme comes free with the paid version of Dokan. You can not use it with the free version.

You can post all your support questions to the plugins support forum in WordPress.org.

Q: Can you elaborate on payment processing? Can the customer pay all in one place and in the background it posts to the appropriate Sellers account, depending on payment type? As well as be able to split the variable commission rate (for marketplace) by Seller & Item?

A: If you use an automated system for marketplaces, like- PayPal Adaptive or Stripe Connect, then your vendors and admin will be able to receive payments instantly; no matter if the commissions differ from vendor to vendor.

Q: I am facing the following issue when installing Dokan lite: Erro de RSS: WP HTTP Error: cURL error 51: SSL: certificate subject name ‘*.sucuri.net’ does not match target host name ‘wedevs.com’

The Dashbord does not appear on my site. How can I fix it ?

A: It seems like there is a problem with the CURL version. Please contact your hosting provider to update both your SSL library and CURL. The OpenSSL version used should also be 1.0 or higher, or an equivalent other SSL library that supports SNI.

If the above solution does not solve your problem then, please feel free to use our contact form.

Looking forward with Dokan

And when you're ready to go serious, check out all the features of Dokan. Now it's your turn to select the best WordPress eCommerce plugin and get a go!

Dokan Multi Vendor vs CS-Cart: Which is the best Open Source Multi-Vendor Marketplace Solution?

In the rush for entrepreneurships and unique self-ventures young adults often seek to start online marketplaces for good. Inspired by the likes of Alibaba, Amazon and Etsy, being ambitious about e-Business as a startup and career today is not uncommon. Because, let’s be frank, nothing stands out as entertaining and creative as eCommerce. It’s not just fun but also a lucrative means of pursuing hobbies, passions and business projects in contemporary times.

You let people come to your hood to buy and sell anything they want in a single platform and earn handsomely without much effort. What can be better than that!

Sounds pretty desirable? We bet! It’s an era that values simpler lives, fast shopping, faster cash, precision, consistency, living well, innovation, and most importantly, results.

And that’s we at weDevs bring to your plate with workable products for big dreamers and high achievers. So you and your ideas are aligned with today’s world.

Table of Contents:

  1. Comparisons bring many things into perspective
  2. Dokan as a WordPress Plugin vs CS Cart as a web software
  3. Detailed differences in features & functionality
  4. History and number of stores
  5. Top marketplaces on each platform
  6. Ease of use
  7. Reviews
  8. Installation process
  9. Key feature differences
  10. Multiple languages
  11. Mobile Friendly UI
  12. Updates
  13. Technical Support
  14. Partners, community, documentation
  15. Marketplace: Modules vs Add-ons
  16. Cost & Upgrades
  17. Make a wise choice today

Comparisons bring many things into perspective. What this is all about…

It's easy to just blabber about products and features and fluff about how great they are. But what really works for users are comparisons. Comparisons bring many grey areas, facts, and elements into perspective and allow users to make a wiser choice.

So today we're here to compare two of the top open source multi vendor eCommerce platforms in the online marketplace industry. One being a licensed WordPress plugin and the other a licensed software. Both are web and open source.

Dokan is a one-stop solution based on WordPress and WooCommerce to create diverse marketplaces and bring your ideas and desires into reality. Here we compare Dokan Multi Vendor, the top nominee and the best downloadable eCommerce marketplace plugin for WordPress sites, with CS Cart, an open source eCommerce software.

1. Dokan as a WordPress Plugin vs CS Cart as a web software

As mentioned, both solutions are licensed, open source, and web-based. But there are important differences in what they are built upon and how they work.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using WordPress-based plugins.

  • Self-hosted
  • Open source
  • Customizable
  • Data remains with the user
  • Easy to get started, setup and use
  • E-commerce functionality is easily added as a plugin to your WordPress site
  • Minimal effort required in coding
  • Updates happen quicker and are accessible from the dashboard
  • New releases come default with the downloads
  • The free version offers basic functionality for running a simple web store
  • Premium licensed plugins, like Dokan Pro, provide higher security, cleaner codes, code integrity, 24/7 customer support (both technical and upgrades), and of course, constant developments


  • High number of users and data can make the site slow
  • Relatively low security

Dokan is a free multi vendor marketplace. It's a WordPress solution based on WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce single-seller store plugin. Dokan also comes in Pro versions. Because it’s based on the largest CMS, WordPress, the system is well known to many people. So installation and setup are no issues!

This gives Dokan a plus for being powered by both the most popular CMS and eCommerce solution.

Like Dokan, CS-Cart is also a licensed, self-hosted and downloadable multi seller software. However, it is:

  • Expensive to begin with
  • Not for beginners and rookies to eCommerce business
  • Only provides a lifetime license key and there’s no monthly or yearly package
  • Charges for technical support and upgrades
  • High number of features even in the basic version which adds to the complexity and will not be required for everyone
  • To the uninitiated user the software is extremely intimidating
  • Launching expenses are higher than for other multi vendor ecommerce platforms because you have to pay for a lifetime license.
  • As a rule, paid technical support service and upgrades.

2. Differences in features & functionalities

This section is divided into 3 parts: the general functionality, admin features & vendor features of each solution.

GeneralCS Cart SoftwareDokan Multi-Vendor
– Live chat
– Tickets & emails
– Contact forms
– Facebook groupX
– Documentation, videos
Multiple widgets & custom themeX
Integrated payment methods
Advanced search
Responsive themes
Separate checkout
Category commissionsX
Website content management
Automatic inventory control
Real-time shipping rate estimationX
Search engine friendly URLs
Unlimited number of storefronts
Multiple languages & currencies – multiple currencies possible with integration
Pricing bundles
Price – No free versions
– Multivendor $1450
– Multivendor Plus $3500
– Start for free
– Pro – $149-$999
Technical supportNOT included with licenseIncluded with license
UpgradesNOT included with licenseIncluded with license

Here are the Admin Panel features in Dokan Multi Vendor and CS-Cart:

Admin featuresCS-Cart Software Dokan Multivendor
Vendor Payout System
Configurable Vendor Plans
Advanced Order Management System
Comments and reviews
Multiple languages 22 pre-configured languages Unlimited – also possible to keep single foreign language in the entire marketplace
Admin dashboard overview with meaningful marketplace data & insights
Withdrawal Management
– Allow vendors to request for withdrawals by defaultX
Withdrawal threshold and minimum number of days to pass before disbursementX
– Withdraw thresholdX
– Minimum withdraw limitX
– Order status for withdrawX
Built-in Refund ManagementX
– Built-in system in frontend for vendors to request for customer order refundsX
– Built-in system in backend for admins to review refund reasons, amount, approve, reject and manage in other waysX
Admin reports
– Shows number of products created, withdrawals, net earnings, sales, signups by month, year and custom rangeX
Handy toolsX
– Automatically create pagesX
– Scan for duplicate ordersX
– Re-builds order sync tableX
Upgrade license from backendX
Admins can transfer payment gateway charge, shipping and tax charges to vendor
Vendor OnboardingX
Disable vendors from accessing admin backend by defaultX
Default email notification on product submissionX
Marketing and promotion toolsX
Membership levels and access permission rulesX
Bonus system and customer loyalty rewardsX
Multi-channel retailingX
Store policyX
Store layouts and templatesComplex – admin needs to figure out many settings4
Built-in customizable email notification templates for different premium features & extensionsX
On-site content editingX

Here are the Vendor Panel features in Dokan Multi Vendor and CS-Cart:

Vendor featuresCS Cart SoftwareDokan Multi-Vendor
Separate Vendor Panel Admin-like vendor panel Easy to use vendor panel on Storefront
Separate store for each vendor
Import and export
Comments and Reviews Reviews editing is in admin hands only With separate vendor controls
Bulk product editing 45 parameters and SEO edit 16 parameters
Vendors can add multiple categories
Vendors can create their own tags
Product enquiry form on store page
Define privacy policy for visitorsX
Zone-wise shippingX
– Vendors can add their own shipping methods
– Separate settings for admin
– Vendors can define processing times, shipping & refund policy X
Vendor-Admin Contact FormX
Vendor can define store slug
Vendor can change store slugX
Vendor overview
Store insights – total sales, earnings, no. Of orders
Store traffic & visitors’ mapX
Status-wise orders, product sales report & product stats
Announcements & reviews X
Store SEO from vendor panelX
– Built-in SEOXPremium feature
– Facebook & Twitter pagesX
Product SEO from vendor panel
– Built-in SEOPremium feature
– Product SEO for admins
Coupon management
– Built-in feature
– Vendors can grant storewide discount
– Restrict by emails and categoriesX
– Limit usage by user and number of itemsX
Vendor can contact Admin directly through his dashboardX
Upload different product types
– Simple
– Variable
– Grouped/Bundles X
Vendor reports
– Top selling and top earningX
– StatementX
– No. of items purchased, worth of coupons used & spent on shipping chargesX
Call requestsX
Multiple product page templatesX
Vendor debt payout

Here are the Advanced Features in Dokan Multivendor and CS Cart to customize & create different types of marketplaces:

Modules / Add-ons CS Cart SoftwareDokan Multivendor
Vendor dashboard Color Scheme CustomizerX
Store Support/ Message Center
– Exchange replies from frontend like conversation
– Close & reopen ticketsX
Vendor Subscriptions/ Configurable vendor plans
– Create unlimited membership packages
– Admins can define maximum products, revenue
– Add trial functionality in subscription packagesX
Vendor Bookings$99.00$49.00
Vendor Auctions$69.00$49.00
PDF InvoicesFreeFree
– Packing slips and vendor invoice
– Select template, what to show, send via email, add terms & conditions by vendors & adminsX
Vendor Vacation$39.00
– Vendors can pre-select multiple dates for vacationX
– Set notification thresholdX
Store opening & closing time$19.00
– Set hours of operation for every day of the week
– Set opening and closing noticeX
Vendor Verification
– SMS verification$49.00
– Social profilesX
– Photo ID and addressX
– Separate verification requests page in backendX
Importer & Exporter
– Upload and download products in csv format directly from frontend dashboardX
Staff Manager
Detailed privacy settings for individual staff membersX
Comprehensive range of permission controlsX
Frees admins of extra workX
Stripe & PayPal
Automatic refunds via stripe
Product Duplicator for vendorsX
Single Product Multi Vendor (SPMV)X
Ajax live search$50 with more settingsFree
Live chatStarts free – With more settings
– Real time chatting from anywhere around the marketplaceX
– Mail notifications of conversations and offline messagesX
– Store and track all live chat messages in vendor dashboardX
Follow Store$51.00
Return & Warranty Request
– Advanced RMA$49.00
– Warranty$30.00
– Add wholesale price and quantity frontendX
– Allow customers to apply as wholesale customersX
– Customers can search for products and vendors in a specific area or radiusX
Vendor reviews$41.00
– Vendors can manage reviews from frontendX
– Vendors can import WC shipping orders, manage, generate labels and manage it all without a hassle from a single placeX
– Vendors can import WC shipping orders, manage, generate labels and manage it all without a hassle from a single placeX

3. History and number of stores

When it comes to indexing a product’s viability and reliability, not only is its popularity important but also how much the product has undergone thorough development based on feedback and market research.

Dokan Multi-Vendor:

Dokan plugin was released first as a premium product in 2015 and underwent rapid developments to later cater to the free WordPress plugins market as well.

This is a product of weDevs, a specialist WordPress company passionate about open source products, that has numerous successful WordPress plugins and achievements at its disposal. The company’s reputation as a WordPress and open source developer since 10 years vouches for the credibility of their products and espouses that Dokan just won’t disappear from the market all of a sudden.

The longevity of the authors confirms there are real people behind Dokan and that you always have real people to go to and consult with when you’re facing a problem.

Dokan is a self-hosted fully functional multivendor solution from the beginning of its history. From its essence it’s the only complete solution based on WooCommerce for creating online marketplaces.

Today Dokan has 20,000+ active online marketplaces or e-Malls with users all around the world.

Dokan was released in March 2014 both as a WordPress WooCommerce marketplace plugin and as a WooCommerce theme. Though it doesn’t run without WooCommerce, it only adds to its advantage. WooCommerce is super easy to use and it’s seamless to create an eCommerce shop with WooCommerce. So when you build a multi vendor on the same platform, it only keep things familiar, quick, and easily understandable.

The sheer number of online marketplaces based on Dokan can be easily seen with WordPress.org. Out of 20,000, roughly 50% are Dokan’s paid customers as affirmed with builtwith.com.    

Dokan has 4 ready translations: English, Catalan, Chinese (Taiwan), and Dutch. But with the free WPML plugin Dokan can be used in any language. The plugin is fully multilingual ready.

Cherry on top: the plugin uses PHP programming language which is what most websites today are built on.

CS Cart:

CS Cart, however, initially started its journey as a single seller web store or what it calls the ‘’shopping cart software’’. Only recently it has started marketing itself as a multivendor solution and has about 1300 uses overall. And it also runs on PHP.

While CS-Cart Single Seller Software was released in 2005, their Multi vendor software was only released in November 2010 as a downloadable standalone solution for creating online marketplaces.

And while their shopping cart solution has over 35000 uses worldwide, the multi vendor version has about 1300 uses.

4. Top marketplaces on each platform

Dokan Multi-Vendor:

Here are examples of online multi seller marketplaces created with Dokan Multi-Vendor:

The Bootstrap marketplace of hundreds and thousands of responsive, mobile-first web themes built and reviewed by the said company is a well-known example of Dokan's success. Bootstrap is a web framework that focuses on simplifying the development of informative web pages. Thousands of contributors and theme authors worldwide submit new frontend design templates which are reviewed and uploaded on the marketplace. Such a large and well-reputed company's faith on Dokan Multi-Vendor to run their marketplace on free and open source CSS framework themes attests to Dokan's security and reliability as a multi seller marketplace solution.

The fact that Dokan is perfect for beginners shouldn’t take away from the fact that the platform is extremely scalable to carry out ambitious projects. The solution is well suited for to hold thousands of products and SKUs and unlimited sellers.

Some examples that attest to Dokan's scalability and reliability are as follows:-

MyMuslimMall is an online marketplace of Muslim products.


Playthemove.com shows good results in the number of products – about 100.000 SKUs which attest to Dokan Multi-vendor’s scalability.


Oodlique – is an online marketplace of handmade gifts for different occasions.


JOSHi is an Austrian healthcare online mall that has been built in the German language for its local users. The marketplace is also translatable to English.


One more example – https://www.mygypsystore.com/.

CS-Cart Software:

Here are some examples of marketplaces created with CS-Cart:

Shopclues is an online shopping marketplace based in India.

Keep America is a virtual mall of exclusively US made goods and products.

Yumbles is an online food market based in UK

Others are www.mode.co.nz, www.countryculture.com.au, forktofork.org.au and many others.

5. Ease of use

Dokan Multi-Vendor:

Dokan Multivendor Marketplace has an intuitive and user-friendly admin panel and for WordPress users who are already familiar with the backend dashboard, would have no issue whatsoever navigating around the interface.

The Dokan admin dashboard keeps it clean, tidy and snappy with just the right amount of details for the user to view and manage his/her marketplace. Admin gets enough information to be informed of the status of his marketplace when he logs in and take the right course of actions at the right time.

Let’s take a look here:

free multi vendor marketplace

Initial setup also doesn’t require the admin to have coding skills so he can instantly get started.

CS-Cart Software:

CS-Cart’s home page or admin panel, though very detailed, is way too crowded for the beginner and uninitiated users. In one word, it’s a little too distracting and intimidating. Feels like there’s a lot going on!

There’s a lot of menus and statistics.

6. Reviews

Dokan Multi-vendor:

Quality UX, good features and great customer support – My top choice for multi vendor marketplace plugin

As a high end web designer I expect to have a good user experience and user flow. I prefer to work with software that has a clean design that I can build on and customize. In this case Dokan exceeds. Dokan front end and Dashboard design is clean UX and not difficult to work with…
Between hooking into functions and overriding templates I am able to make some moderately complex customizations….
I was impressed that Dokan pro builds on top of Dokan-lite rather than having two standalone plugins. This is a smart engineering decision and I imagine it helps them to have smooth updates and deployments.
…… I consider most of the modules are above and beyond what a multivendor marketplace should offer…
…….I have come to realize that weDevs is very active in updating and improving their software and this is a huge plus to me… Dokan's code is not stale and clunky…….I see that their UX is clean and easy to use.

Great product with fantastic support

Dokan is easy to use and I would highly recommend for e-commerce websites.

The support team are amazing! I am able to make changes to the coding, even though I have no coding experience. The support team has guided me through all of the changes I needed to make.

Highly recommend for anyway, with or without any coding experience.

It surpassed my expectations!

Dokan Pro is the best plugin ever! It surpassed my expectations!
It has a lot of features that are super easy to configure (Im cero tech savvy); its super user friendly, for your Vendors that have even less geek knowledge it is very easy to use!!
The support from the staff is outstanding! They go above and beyond to help if there is any issue.
I truly recommend this plugin for anyone who is looking to build a Marketplace!!

More Dokan Multi-Vendor reviews can be found at TrustPilot, Capterra, and WordPress.org.

CS-Cart Software:

Most needed features are included in base software
Code quality code, bugs are rare
Good well documented knowledge base
Good community of users who help out
Add-on marketplace and many developers available should you need customization

Vendor admin panel needs UI overhaul and updates, needs major redesign

Shipping module needs major updates very confusing for an average person to figure things out

Fields don't have default example values pre-populated so one has to research what it means (many times its not obvious)

New and better features are in pro version which is relatively expensive

All the features can accommodate from small-medium online marketplace to enterprise , available so many interesting plugins in the market as well certified developers. Have great stability and security, periodically get updates and patches along the year.

It will be amazing if the vendor can have their own domain store instead of only vendor page in the portal.

It's very convenient and easy to use. Plus it's and all in one package with all the addons and the package that comes with it is problem free. They think and spend time and release their upgrades only when they are sure about it so it can be problem free.

At first it looks very expensive plus there are very less third party themes. So one has to spend some time in designing.

More CS-Cart reviews can be found at Capterra.

Thus, both of multi vendor software solutions are reviewed by customers to be easy to use with great design and features. However, more CS-Cart users report the solution to be expensive especially when it comes to getting paid support and technical upgrades, and some necessary features like shipping, to be complicated and built unsuitably.      

7. Installation process

Dokan Multi-Vendor:

As both solutions are self-hosted they require a hosting of your choice to run the eCommerce website.

The installation of Dokan is seamless. You download and install WordPress on the hosting of your choice. Mind you, some hosting providers maintain one-click installation of WordPress from their dashboard. If you use this kind of hosting, the WordPress installation will take less than 5 minutes. You need to choose the option on your hosting dashboard for it.

Then can proceed to the admin panel and install WooCommerce and Dokan free straight from inside the dashboard. For the PRO version, simply go to your account after purchasing and download the zip file from there.

There are detailed documentation and video tutorials from weDevs as well as videos from various WordPress lovers who have used Dokan Multivendor to help users install the plugin.

Dokan has a short video as well showing how easy it is to install:

CS Cart Software:

Similar to WordPress plugins, to install CS-Cart Multi-Vendor first you need to download the package. You can install the software on hosting or your local computer for testing. There are video tutorials and documentation to help you.

Briefly, you need to upload the package to the server, unpack it to a necessary folder, proceed to your domain and click “Install”. After that, there will be some settings to be marked.

We couldn't find a video showing the installation process of CS Cart, so here's the documentation.

8. Key feature differences

If you look carefully, the key and core features of Dokan and CS Cart are very similar. Some of the ones stated below are add-ons. Most importantly, note that the essential components are present in both.

The key differences are in the details and in the way they operate. CS-Cart is far more complicated to configure than Dokan Multivendor.

Key features of Dokan and CS Cart:

Multi-Vendor FeaturesDokan Multi-VendorCS-Cart Software
Catalog Management
Category Management
Commission Management
Order Management
Payment Processing
Promotions Management
Returns Management
SEO Management
Shopping Cart
Vendor Portal
Data Synchronisation
Email MarketingX
Inventory Management
Mobile CommerceUpcoming
Social Commerce
Contact Management
Customer Database
Supplier Master DataX
Transaction History
Vendor Maintained Profiles
Vendor Managed Inventory
Vendor Performance Rating
Multi-Store Management
Reviews Management

10. Multiple languages

Multi lingual marketplaces help to attract buyers from other countries. It helps both admins who can run their online malls in the language of their choice, and vendors who are trying to appeal to foreign buyers. A translated marketplace also helps businesses appeal to locals and neighbourhood buyers.

Dokan Multi-Vendor:

Dokan can be translated in any language a user needs. The administrator can choose to translate the complete marketplace in one language or allow customers access to multiple languages using the WPML integration.

Dokan also has a number of ready translations for each of its plans. These are all community-driven translations made by native and veteran speakers of the language and generous WordPress contributors.

CS-Cart Software:

CS-Cart has 22 ready translations accessible within the admin panel. Users requiring translation beyond these 22 pre-defined languages will have to manage it themselves with paid custom development. Moreover, the trial site tells that changing the language of the admin panel doesn’t do the same for the vendor panel, and vice versa.

11. Mobile-friendly

With half of the smartphone owners saying they use mobile for shopping you can't ignore them. By the way, Google search rewards and boosts mobile-friendly pages. Your store must look good on any device, not only desktop.   

Both CS-Cart and Dokan marketplaces are mobile-friendly. CS-Cart complex in-built design builder doesn’t take away the mobile-optimization fact. And that’s good.

Depending on the use of theme, Dokan virtual malls load as great as another AMP pages with speed and visuals.

Dokan’s mobile app is also in development and shall be released soon.

With the СS-Cart marketplace website builder you don't need a special template for page mobile view. It gives you full scalable design out of the box which provides great appearance on any screen.

11. Updates

Dokan Multi Vendor:

Dokan Free has undergone 5 changes in the last 4 months and Dokan Pro had 4 major releases. New functionalities, fixes and security improvement are constantly being added to ensure the best experience. Updating the solution is no big deal since the user only has to use a single click from the backend admin panel to transform his web marketplace solution to the latest version.

CS-Cart Software:

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor usually has 4-6 updates annually. However, CS-Cart’s upgrade packages are costly:

  • $245 / year (Multi-Vendor) / $985 / year (Multi-Vendor Plus) – within 1 month upon termination.
  • $385 / year (Multi-Vendor) / $1285 / year (Multi-Vendor Plus) – after 1 month upon termination.

13. Technical support

Dokan Multi-Vendor:

Dokan’s technical support assistance comes along with its yearly license just like its upgrades. You don’t have to separately pay for client support and for upgrades. Both are included within the license and there’s no additional costs!

The plugin's support is also top-notch and highly rated by users:

Dokan Multivendor Support Review

Whether it’s a big fix or a highly complex programming issue, the representatives are easily accessible through live chat, email, contact forms, WordPress support, and even Facebook and Twitter.

More reviews for Dokan Mutivendor support are available at Trustpilot and Dokan WordPress official page

Most importantly, since you’re not required to pay a cent for support, it’s instantly available the moment you encounter a trouble in your web marketplace.

The technical support and upgrade subscription packages of CS-Cart are different and priced differently so they should not be confused as being the same.

CS-Cart Software:

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor provides just 3 months of free technical support after purchasing the license. The software states that 90 days of assistance are sufficient to launch the marketplace and get started using it.

After this period you’re left on your own to figure things out or pay for technical support if you need it.

You might need just small tweaks once in a while but you are expected to purchase support credits to qualify for technical support, as follows:

25 credits – $45
50 credits – $85
100 credits – $165
200 credits – $29

These credits are accredited based on a scale starting from explanation of products to fixing issues relating to upgrades and code modifications.

Here you will know more about it.

14. Partners, community, documentation

Dokan Multi-Vendor:

weDevs has 100+ partners but the company doesn't perform modifications for its products through partners or outsourced developers. The authors of the plugin themselves, as a rule of thumb, perform customizations on the solution.

Dokan Multivendor used to have a community forums, but it found personally assisting users and over the WordPress official website to be more helpful.

Dokan has user documentation with 100+ articles and they are enough to guide a user through the use of WordPress and Dokan simultaneously.

Besides, there are YouTube Channel with 40+ video lessons, Facebook and Twitter accounts of Dokan Multivendor. Also, weDevs blogs are easily an extremely helpful resource that act both as guides and explain the essence of features and how they can come of help.

All of them are informative and useful for creating, opening and managing your online multi vendor marketplace.

CS-Cart Software:

CS-Cart boasts to have 300+ partners, developers, and resellers worldwide who can do any modifications and provide “qualified technical support” to users of the software.

The software has a forum for users where they can enter queries and look for previously solved issues of other customers before going for technical assistance. The users can vote for functionalities they want and this allows community demands to be easily identified. And this is quite useful.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor has user guide with many articles explaining features of the software. Also, Core API documentation and Developer guide are available.

And there are video tutorials. 60 lessons concerning to CS-Cart marketplace software and 10 extra for CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.

15. Marketplace: Modules vs Add-ons

Dokan Multi-Vendor:

Dokan used to have separate extensions but now they are packaged as modules. The reason for this transformation was it allows marketplace owners to easily segment and identify what features they require for their marketplace based on the stage of development their online mall is undergoing.

So, for instance, a marketplace that is in its nesting stages would require features like vendor reviews, store support, vendor plans, vendor verification, more payment gateways, which a beginner marketplace may not. The user obviously realizes this and saves more money when he can buy these extensions packaged in a bundle that's specifically created to fit his stage of growth.

Dokan Marketplace Modules

Moreover, modules are easier to manage and use on WordPress than add-ons. They are easy to turn on and off from a single page, load faster, and are also cheaper when bought in a package than separate add-ons They also give a unique appeal to the admin dashboard. The user wins in every way. It would not be an exaggeration for this reason to say that our customers have been loving the bundled modules version much more than the separate extensions system which cost them a lot more and was difficult to manage

Dokan’s Modules are diverse enough to let you create diverse and powerful marketplaces, such as, service malls, like Etsy, auction-able store, like eBay, sell wholesale, ship anywhere in the world, live chat with your customers, manage unlimited staffs for vendor stores. And a lot more.

CS-Cart Software:

CS-Cart has an add-ons system. Users who want to obtain more features for their marketplace than there already is in the software can pay for individual extensions.

Good thing is their add-ons range from a variety of functionalities like customer experience, site management, marketing, integrations and themes. And the prices vary from free of cost to highly expensive like $2500.

features of multiple shop
CS Cart Add-Ons

16. Cost & Upgrades

Dokan Multi-Vendor:

The plugin has a free or lite version available to download from the official WordPress plugins page.

Dokan's standard package, Business, is $499, while CS Cart’s starting price is $1450 which is 3 times higher than Dokan Multi-vendor. Moreover, the highest package, Multivendor Plus, of CS-Cart is $3500 which makes CS-Cart 7 times higher in price than Dokan Multivendor Marketplace.

Dokan is priced as a yearly package for user convenience and satisfaction. This means if you buy the best value package of Dokan, which is Business, it will still take you 7 years to catch up to CS-Cart’s price. And when you get CS-Cart you have to pay this heavy price all at once.

Dokan gives you an unlimited full version free demo to try out the multi-vendor before purchasing, while CS-Cart gives a 15 day free trial.

Dokan Multivendor Pricing

CS-Cart Software:

We figured that a 15-day trial may be too little of a time for someone who is in the beginning stages of his project and isn’t yet sure how exactly he wants his marketplace to turn out. And while you might have a goal, with so many features, 15 days of CS-Cart trial feels like handcuffs, and is too short a time to discover and decide over one’s goals.

CS Cart does not have a free version. CS-Cart’s Multi-Vendor plan costs $1450 and their Multi-vendor Plus plan costs $3500.

The biggest catch is that CS-Cart software upgrades and technical support are not included in the lifetime license fee, they are priced separately!

The Multivendor plan provides 90 day free technical support and a year of free updates after license purchase. After that you’re left on your own.

The upgrade subscriptions are as follows:

  • $245 / year (Multi-Vendor) / $985 / year (Multi-Vendor Plus) – within 1 month upon termination.
  • $385 / year (Multi-Vendor) / $1285 / year (Multi-Vendor Plus) – after 1 month upon termination.

Check here for more details.

Dokan Multi-Vendor updates, new releases, bug fixes, and technical support comes along with the yearly package. If your license expires you can continue running your web marketplace but new features and customer support won’t be available readily.

Dokan Multivendor plugin now has a 30-day money back guarantee and No Questions Asked refund policy since 2019. So you can have a money back at any time within 30 days after the purchase. No patch and no strings attached!

17. Make a wise choice today!

From the above analysis, it’s easy to figure that Dokan Multivendor Marketplace keeps you stress-free and checks all the right boxes if you want to go easy on yourself with your project, upscale step-by-step, customize easily as your business grows, and get it all done at a very reasonable price!

And who doesn't want all that?!

Best part is that Dokan allows you to start for free so you have time to work on your ideas and understand how you want your marketplace to be eventually, and then gradually work on it. So with Dokan you get enough space to test ideas and experiment how you want things to turn out.

Dokan Multi-Vendor is not a small marketplace builder. But it’s definitely built for all types of  users, beginners and experts alike, and for every type of business

Unlike commonly retold phrases like ‘’speed and scalability on WordPress is not that simple thing’’, we as WordPress developers and representatives for 10+ years have found no issue regarding this. If security and scalability was an issue, large companies like Bootstrap and PlayTheMove wouldn't have chosen Dokan as their marketplace companion.

Learn more about how easy it is to keep your eCommerce marketplace updated on WordPress →

There are plenty of skilled people in the weDevs team to provide timely service and modifications at the best price so you can create your dream online marketplace. Dokan support is widely praised by its users and highly effective in delivering assistance promptly

Get the most needed functionalities ready at your fingertips to jumpstart your online mall. And then extend to create more unique, powerful, and diverse marketplaces with a range of add-ons.

CS Cart is expensive to begin with, too many features that you may not even need, and if you need something not built-in you’ve to pay high to get service of their certified CS Cart developers.

CS-Cart’s starting price for Multivendor is $1450 and their Multivendor Plus version is a whopping $3500 which is much higher than the cost of Dokan

CS-Cart for the most is way too feature packed with advanced functions, which is great but for many users it could just be unnecessary. It’s much more welcoming when you have just the features you need in your admin and vendor panels and invest just enough to get the right add-ons you require.

Dokan ensures your ideas progress, grants you consistency, and a simple & clean layout for your virtual marketplace – everything that we value today.

So if you are planning a long-lasting and durable project with less cost and reasonable prices, no problem! Dokan is your solution.

Talks are cheap. Sign up for an unlimited free Dokan demo and experience it by yourself.

An Untold Success Story of a Healthcare Marketplace ‘JOSHi’

Health is indeed our wealth. But sometimes most of us tend to forget that. In this world of available lucrative junk food joint in every corner of the streets, it is indeed difficult for us to stay healthy. But nowadays, a lot of healthcare marketplace trying its best to encourage people to stay fit and healthy in life.

One such health, nutrition and sports based marketplace is JOSHi.at which has made quite a mark in the area of promoting quality health and nutritious items to the clients. But do we know some interesting insights and the success story of such a noble marketplace running their business in action? Well, if not then let's find out

Introducing Team JOSHi & The Journey It Prevailed

The Team Behind JOSHi”s Emerging Success

Team JOSHi believes

Nutrition, health and sports are the themes of the game because they affect each and every one of us personally and have a huge impact on our lives

Like in every successful business, it requires a hardworking and dedicated team to help it progress. JOSHi Marketplace for health, nutrition & sports has an enthusiastic team in the form of Bernd Payer, Elisabeth Katzensteiner & David Autumn, who are currently managing the marketplace to take it to its success.

Basically – I personally think that marketplaces are the future in the online-selling-market

Bernd Payer

The idea of setting a healthcare marketplace formed in July of 2017. It started to set up its development team in October 2017 and by May of next year, Joshi.at was all set to be launched online.

JOSHi marketplace is currently based in Austria and it is providing the web-services, the payment-process and the marketing for all vendors on the platform (social media, SEO, newspaper, online marketing, etc.) so that the vendors can concentrate on their products and services. It does interviews and blog posts for all its vendors as well. It also tests all products with the JOSHI-team before they actually decide to launch the vendor's shop online.

What Drove ‘JOSHi' Into Getting Dokan

Joshi Marketplace Dokan

I tested a few ones but Dokan was the only one which fits our requirements

Bernd Payer- JOSHi Founder

JOSHi Founder Bernd Payer was looking for a few weeks to find a fair-priced vendor-software for WooCommerce which gives him the highest flexibility and best interface for vendors and admins.

After testing several marketplaces he found only Dokan to be an easy to use solution and since he was not a developer, so he needed a solution which helps him to concentrate on his business rather than getting him tangled upon complex codes. This is when he realized Dokan is the perfect solution for them to build their WooCommerce based healthcare marketplace.

Marketplaces nowadays are growing faster than ever and Dokan works pretty well with 3rd-party-plugins and other themes that give Team JOSHi huge flexibility.

Dokan is a solution for us to provide a fully automized shop-in-shop-system with a very helpful commission-calculation and reports to do all financial details with the vendors

Bernd Payer, Founder JOSHi

So now JOSHi is using Dokan for its idea to provide a multi-vendor-platform in nutrition, health and sports. With Dokan now his vendors can offer goods or bookings. Every vendor has different shipping conditions and is doing the shipping themselves. All the vendor gets a separate profile-page where they can present themselves and their services with text, pictures videos and as well as interviews.

Certainly, all these reasons were enough for the founder of JOSHi.at to turn to DOKAN– The WooCommerce based marketplace solution that he was badly looking for.

‘JOSHi' Marketplace at a Glance


This is the page you get into once your enter JOHSi.at on your browser. The homepage instantly gives you the vibe of a marketplace that is promoting health, nutrition and sport related products.


Getting to this menu of the marketplace will provide you products categorized in several section for your convenience. You can select various product categories from the left side column, search for your desired products or even filter your search options.


The Shop menu right here enables the visitor to cart any available products in the page. There is a Select Execution option for products with a range of prices. Any potential clients can sort the products on this page. And it can be done based on popularity, average ratings, newest, price low to high and high to low.

JOSHi's Provider

This tab displays all the enlisted suppliers of JOSHi. Any customer can click on individual images to get a complete overview and profile of each respective providers.

Blog & WE

The marketplace also hosts blogs from its reliable suppliers as well post from other users in this tab. The blogs are categorized into several relevant sections at the top of the page. All the latest posts published on the site is listed on the left side of this page.

The WE tab shares the ideology, concept, vision and goal of Team JOSHi. It also highlights some useful facts and figures regarding the Austrian population.

FAQ & Support

This is where a visitor of the marketplace gets all their queries answered. Anyone can visit this page and get an answer to all the frequently asked questions. If FAQ's aren't enough, people can easily reach Team JOSHi from this page for any kind of queries or information they might need.

Visit JOSHi→

Future Goal, Vision & Expectations of Team JOSHi

JOSHi right now has 3500 new visitors on their platform since the time it launched and it has around 20 vendors in the meantime. The idea with their topic was very new so it will take a while for them to grow. JOSHi want to give niche markets a chance to sell online fully automized without building an own shop and needing to spending a lot of money on marketing.

A healthy life does not have to be complicated and exhausting!

Team JOSHi

Team JOSHi feels that in this vast and thick jungle of the Internet, it is often difficult to find those high standard local providers of nutritional concepts and sound exercise.

The effort & ideas of vendors and producers often remain ineffective if they do not spend enough time and money on marketing or advertising. This is where JOSHi believes that they can come in handy making the products of all those Austrian producers of healthy products visible and wanting to introduce all those top-notch providers in the sector of health and sport out of the curtain.

We want to make healthy, regional and sustainable food easily accessible

Team JOSHi

With the rise in consumption of sugary, preservatives filled fast foods, health diseases are at its peak. So, with JOSHi's network of quality suppliers and growers, it looks into encouraging as many people as they can into leading a healthy life and that too without the need of investing too much time in research and purchasing.

Moreover, in the future, JOSHi wants to make access to sports, health and nutrition as simple, uncomplicated and modern as possible.

A Few Words of Recommendations

Lastly, leading its way to success with Dokan, Team JOSHi's expectations with it has also reached sky high. Along with the many praises for Dokan, Team JOSHi also shared its expectations & future recommendation for it.

Being a Europe based marketplace, JOSHi has to deal with a complicated shipping & tax system. And, since it is not possible to cart different products from different vendors with different taxes, therefore the check-out needs to be done vendor per vendor at the moment. In some cases, this can play as a vital drawback for more such marketplace in Europe that is recommended to be solved soon.

Moreover, along suggesting some recommendations for Dokan, Team JOSHi also praised for its friendly and helpful support team. And expected more innovative features to be added in the armory of Dokan in the future updates keeping the standard and quality intact.

Build Your Dream Healthcare Marketplace Today !!

We live in a world where fast foods are up for grab everywhere. Junk foods, sugary items, preservatives are present in most of our food menu these days. So now people need to think more consciously about their health no matter what. With the rise in health hazard due to having unbalanced diet & consumption of unhealthy foods, more people are tilting towards building eCommerce sites that promote health, nutrition, sports-friendly items and more just like JOSHi.

And not just the healthcare marketplace that we are talking about, now anyone with a single store WooCommerce site can create their dream marketplace with Dokan starting from Fashion house to Travel site marketplace or from Electronic store to Art house marketplace. With Dokan, just name it and become a proud owner of your favorite marketplace in a jiffy.

So want to give Dokan a try? Then why don't you