How to Choose A Perfect WordPress Marketplace Theme

A modern, responsive and stylist theme can scream your brand loudly to the globe. Nowadays it's very natural to get confused picking the right WordPress marketplace theme for your online business as you have a wide range of free and paid options in-front of you. But it's important to choose the theme carefully that can match your business scheme and satisfy other functionalities.

For an eShop, outlook matters a lot to attract their consumers and drive massive traffic to the site. It is also important to keep the site browsing smooth and simple that customers can transaction easily.

As an online business owner, you should know how to choose the best WordPress theme that will give a better user experience within 15 seconds to your visitors.

In order to transform your WordPress site into a customizable eCommerce store, WooCommerce is the best plugin option. It is easy to configure and optimize to run an online business successfully. Furthermore, you can boost up your earnings converting the single eShop into a broad marketplace.

In today's article, we will light up the things you should consider before selecting a marketplace theme and present the best 7 themes for your WordPress Marketplace.

Why It's Important to Choose The Best WordPress Marketplace Theme

WordPress marketplace theme

In recent days entrepreneurs intend to bring multiple traders under an umbrella and create opportunities to sell their products immensely. In order to do this, you need a perfect site that can convince both vendors and consumers to visit your shop and engage effectively.

Therefore, to make your eShop appealing you need the best WooCommerce theme that can spread your brand image and fits your shop style. Furthermore, it must be user-friendly, easy to use, flexible and fast in speed.

Moreover, to drag traffic you have to make your site visible on the Search Engine. So, your theme must be built with valid schema markup to rank better on Google.

In short, in order to perform better online and earn more revenue from your Marketplace, theme selection plays a vital role.

7 Things You Should Consider Before Choosing A WordPress Marketplace Theme

Not all WordPress themes support complete WooCommerce functionality and pre-styled template. Therefore, you should choose the right WooCommerce theme for your marketplace carefully.

It must be compatible with all the features for a marketplace like shopping cart, easy payment methods, smooth navigation, built-in review/rating system, eye-soothing color scheme, appealing presentation, wishlists, etc.

Let's see the factors that can be influential to pick a WooCommerce Marketplace theme.

Responsive Design

Research says 49% of consumers use mobile phones for shopping. It clearly shows your marketplace should respond great to all sized devices. Therefore, pick a responsive theme for your marketplace that supports flexible grids and smart layout to adjust itself based on screen size and resolution.

Browser Compatibility

Though the maximum number of people around the world use Google Chrome still the rest of the people prefer other browsers like Safari, Firefox, Opera and others to visit sites.

So, your WooCommerce theme must be well suited with all the browsers accordingly.

Support all Essential Plugins 

WordPress plugins allow you to add custom functions to your sites. You can extend your site's features and performance as well. Nevertheless, you can optimize your site, accelerate the speed, improve user experience, track the conversion rate and enjoy unlimited flexibility with useful WordPress add-ons.

In order to make your site works better and smooth you may add several essential plugins to your WordPress site.

Therefore, choose the theme for your marketplace that is compatible with all required WordPress plugins.

Easy Customization

Before selecting a theme you should consider your target audience, brand scheme, and product type. Based on these three criteria try to pick your theme that resonates with your theme in some way. You should take the theme that is easy to navigate and also simple to manage as well.

Loading Speed

Google has marked the webpage speed as one of the major factors to rank pages on search engines. Also, the loading speed of the WooCommerce site is important to amplify user experience. A website with longer loading speed lowers average time spent on sites and increases bounce rate. So, ensure outstanding user experience by choosing the fast loading eCommerce marketplace theme that fits your business type.

SEO Friendly

In order to get potential buyers and sellers on your marketplace, you must make your marketplace visible to the search engine. Select SEO optimized and mobile-friendly eCommerce marketplace theme so the search engine can rank your site immediately.

Security and Customer Support

As an online business owner, you must take good care of your buyer's and vendor's personal data. Your eCommerce marketplace may contain much confidential information, order details, payment data, and other important details. Therefore your marketplace theme should be secured for all kinds of transactions and data storage.

A supportive and active customer support team can supervise you in any kind of difficulty with your theme management.

7 Responsive WordPress Marketplace Theme for 2020

Choosing a suitable eCommerce marketplace theme for your online business can be a challenging job. We have already enlisted 30+ fully compatible themes for Dokan Multivendor. Now, we are going to suggest some more themes you can consider to implement.

These themes are fully responsive, depth integration with WooCommerce, translatable to any language and highly adaptable.

Marketify: Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme

Marketify Marketplace Theme is a feature-rich template to build a professional and highly functional online marketplace to sell digital products or services. Digital products include an ebook, audio or video files, plugins, theme, photos and so on. However, you can also sell physical products as well.

It features a great template design along with a functional blog, author pages, seller front-end submission, custom widgets and more. Also, you will get additional features like using social login, product ratings & reviews, points & rewards, and seller split commissions.

You will avail with Marketify:

  • Individual blog section.
  • Custom logo, background, layouts, shortcodes, color, typography, etc.
  • Audio and video support.
  • Video tutorials and documentation available.

Martfury: WooCommerce Marketplace WordPress Theme


Martfury multi-vendor marketplace theme is suitable for any kind of online marketplace including electronics, furniture, clothing, Hi-tech store, accessories, etc. The most amazing thing about this theme is that it's mobile-first.

It is a Gutenberg compatible WordPress theme that is specially designed for working smoothly with all sized screens- desktop, laptop, smartphone, iPad, etc.

You will avail with Martfury:

  • Elementor page builder-compatible.
  • Dokan multivendor marketplace multivendor compatible.
  • Full integration with the WC vendor and WC marketplace.
  • Easy product filter option by product category and product attributes.
  • Built-in live search to find and sell products quickly.
  • Customizable advanced typography.

Makery: Marketplace WordPress Theme


Makery is not just a theme, it's an advanced application to manage multiple vendors, shops and consumers. You can easily organize the marketplace activities with built-in features like adding unlimited shops, orders handling, tracking shop earnings, withdrawing them, collecting shop commissions and others.

Moreover, it offers a front-end form for the vendors to upload their information and set the shops without even seeing the WordPress backend.

You will avail with Makery:

  • Theme options panel available with slider settings, page layouts, sidebars, email notification and more.
  • Facebook Login andGoogle Analytics Integration.
  • Easy shop management with shop editor, multiple carts, commissions, sales counter, report form etc.

You can ask for free support via the support form.

Vendify: Marketplace WooCommerce Theme


Vendify is an optimized platform to set up your multivendor marketplace efficiently. You can allow vendors of different niches including digital and physical goods or services to sell on your site.

Also, you can seamlessly deal with vendors and consumers with zero technical knowledge due to its easy customization. Moreover, your vendors will get a handsome toolset to manage their shops. Therefore you can include unlimited vendors in your marketplace and increase your revenue accordingly.

You will avail with Vendify:

  • Support all WooCommerce payments and shipments.
  • Vendors can edit their products live on the site.
  • Have full control of commission rates, campaign fees, and advertising.

Using Vendify made a huge difference to our business and make launching months sooner that expected.

George Richards
CEO at EatDrinkWell

Select Vendify to supercharge your own marketplace.

MarketHub: Multivendor Marketplace Woocommerce Theme


MarketHub is specially designed for the digital marketplace. You can configure your digital multi-vendor site with maximum scalability with this highly functional WordPress theme.

You can avail with MarketHub:

  • SASS & Neat for modular CSS
  • Side navigation widget area
  • All settings defined via customization API
  • Lightweight without any unnecessary libraries

Speed up your business and profit margin with MarketHub.

Multimarket: WooCommerce Marketplace Theme

Multimarket is fully compatible with WooCommerce and Dokan multivendor to convert your single eCommerce shop into the marketplace. It offers different custom layouts for homepage, blog, products, footer, and more.

You will avail with Multimarket:

  • Supports four product types: standard, audio, video and audio link.
  • Custom footer layouts.
  • Three shop style variations.
  • Accept video and audio type review.

SecretSho: Creative Fashion WooCommerce MarketPlace Theme


SecretSho is a beautifully tailored theme for selling clothing and fashionable goods. It's best for your fashion marketplace.

You will avail with SecretSho:

  • Suitable for the professional online fashion market.
  • powerful AJAX live search,
  • product quick view lightbox and image zoom/gallery
  • featured video thumbnail for the product
  • AJAX cart/compare/wishlist

WooCommerce: Best WordPress Plugin to Build eCommerce Site


As we all know the advanced functionality of WordPress and its plugins make website designing easiest than ever before. “Only developers can build sites”- WordPress breaks this concept and make developing open for all.

Even, you can develop eCommerce sites and run your online business at a very low developing cost with WordPress. In addition, you can make this journey more comfortable with the best custom eCommerce WordPress plugin named WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin built for WordPress. It is well organized and designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress.

However, you can maximize your profit by converting your single e-commerce site into a multivendor marketplace. Dokan, along with WooCommerce can help you to build a marketplace like Amazon or eBay within 30 minutes.


Dokan is the best multi-vendor marketplace solution on WordPress, powered by WooCommerce.

Well, the increasing popularity of online shopping upgrades the demand for online business dramatically. From household chores to luxury elements or educational tutorials to health care now people love to purchase everything online.

Moreover, potential buyers prefer to visit multi-vendor sites rather than single shops. Because Marketplace allows consumers to get several types of products and services from one place. It saves their time and effort both. It also offers a wide range of choices and scopes for them to pick the best one.

Dokan: Best Marketplace Website Builder in WordPress

Advanced functionality and vast customization options of WordPress make site development a piece of cake for all. Even, anyone can set up his/her online business site with payment gateway, consumer handling, product management and many more. Moreover, many useful eCommerce plugins for WordPress are available to configure your eShop.

Nevertheless, you can extend the business arena by converting your conventional eShop into a broad marketplace to sell and buy products frequently. Dokan is the best eCommerce multi-vendor solution for WooCommerce.

It can help you to configure and optimize your multi-vendor shop. Furthermore, you can manage your site, facilitate your vendors, improve user experience, direct transaction and others at the tip of your nail.

Though Dokan works great with mostly the WooCOmmerce theme, we suggest using Dokan compatible theme for avoiding any layout issue.

Final Thought

The importance of theme selection is not limited to the external presentation of a site anymore. In order to expand your brand value and business functionality, it's mandatory to pick the right theme that suits your business.

Start your marketplace with WooCommerce and Dokan to keep developing process easy and simple. It maximizes your business revenue and saves your time. Also, select the best eCommerce marketplace theme that fits your specific needs.

Exhilarating Success Story of an Ecuador based Marketplace with DOKAN

What is it so special about an online marketplace that drives people into getting into this business? Is it the convenience of doing business with it or it is the ease of earning profits from it?

Whatever may the reason be, it is always a good idea to know the best marketplace solution that would fulfill your requirement of becoming a successful business venture for you and your vendors.

Trying to complement this idea, now has become quite a popular name in the realm of marketplace Equador.

Todo a Mano Ecuador, is a website where clients can find handmade products made by different artisans from all over the country

Christina Hernandaz-

So how exactly did they began their journey of Marketplace? What were their ultimate goal & objective behind launching this marketplace in Equador? Did they face any challenges in the process of doing so? And lastly, what helped them overcome those obstacles in the race of turning it into a successful marketplace?

We will be finding these answers in this inspiring eCommerce success story today. So let's dive in.

Todoamano: Background Story & Ultimate Goal

eCommerce success story with Dokan- todomano
Todoamano- eCommerce success story

When one launches its beloved marketplace, it always has a definite vision and mission to serve for the future. And Todoamano's vision is to become a leader in helping vendors sell local hand made products in the Latin America region.

And finally, the ultimate goal of the marketplace is to provide the businessperson with a practical platform that helps in promotion worldwide while facilitating their sale of the product.

Journey, Hardships & Overcoming The Challenges

Just like the countless benefits of having an established marketplace, there are endless hard work and effort behind its journey to outstanding eCommerce success that always remains unnoticed. Even Todo a Mano before deciding to bung with the idea of its marketplace had to get past a number of obstacles.

eCommerce success story of todoamano

In Equador, there is a great proportion of venturesome people who creates innovative handmade items. All these handcrafted products are mostly distributed in fairs or through social networking sites. But once the fair gets over it becomes really difficult to locate those vendors who are selling those products or to find them out all at once from social networks.

And realizing the situation of Equador having a large chunk of talented artisans without an online store, the idea of launching an exclusive but common platform for them got ignited.

So after the formation of this virtual fair, now the people who appreciate authentic handmade products can find them easily under one roof. And from the vendor's point of view, they can easily showcase their products and sell them from anywhere within the country.

More importantly, the marketplace has now become a popular hub for finding handcrafted items from various skilled artificer living all around the country.

Moreover, this was only possible as Todo a Mano owner truly believes in the great potential Equador has and the encouragement it needs to boost the expansion of the handicraft capitalization.

What Drove It To Get Dokan

Dokan success story- todoamano

Now after the idea that formed of presenting the local handcraftsman with a virtual online fair zone, Christina Hernandez the founder of Todo a Mano and her team began their journey of looking for the most suitable marketplace plugin to build their website.

It wasn't an easy job to find the right multi-vendor marketplace solution that they badly needed. Almost all the ones they tried offered the features that weren't something their company was looking for. Struggling to find the best-suited plugin for their website, they came across Dokan that met almost all its requirements and features to achieve its company goals.

After getting Dokan, it served its main purpose of wanting to exhibit handmade products, letting the local vendors use the platform of this captivating marketplace via subscription packages.

Not just that, it also enabled them to subscribe to different packages based on the size of their online-store and letting the customer communicate with the vendor undeviatingly.

How Todoamano Got Remarkable eCommerce Success

Secret of eCommerce success

Wide Range of Categorized Products

How todoamano got eCommerce success

Having the available products classified in a categorized section makes it much easier for online store visitors to find their desired items. In, you get all the categories of products nicely presented in a slider with the number of the product available in each category.

What's New In Offer

How todoamano got eCommerce success

Finding new products that are being added regularly on an online store can get boring sometimes. But here in Todoamano, you have all the new products at one place for the customer to easily browse and buy.

Special Deals

Secret of success by todoamano

Constantly looking for discount offers in an e-commerce store can be a hassle sometimes. But in this marketplace, there is a separate section on the homepage where you get to view all the exciting deals with reduced prices at one spot.

You can either directly cart the item or view details on the product from there. This was one of Todoamano's marketing practice that helped them ensure outstanding eCommerce success.

All Products At One Place

Products of Todoamano

In the products tab on the marketplace, you get to see the list of handmade products added by various vendors living all over the Equador. You can either look for your desired product picking from the categories on the right side or sort all products based on prices, ratings or added latest. Click on the product to know more about it or simply add it to your shopping cart from the page. The process of looking for your favorite handcrafted product to buying them is simply easier than ever at

Vendor Stores

Todoamano marketplace overview

You can't run a marketplace without vendors who would sell their products in it. At Todo a Mano, there is a separate tab for all vendor stores listed in one place. The visitors of this marketplace of handmade items can simply get to any individual vendor store they like. They can even send a message to a particular vendor directly, view their products and post a review/rating after buying them. Clearly the method of reaching out to the vendors has just got cooler than ever.

eCommerce Success: Outcomes & Recommendations

Story of todoamano

We recommend Dokan, since it has been useful when creating the online market where different artisans can create their virtual stores and upload their products

Christina Hernandez & Viviana – Founder of

Todo a Mano- The WooCommerce based marketplace is utilizing Dokan to a full effect for the last one year. And with no surprise, the kick-off with Dokan has been colossal and of great success. It has helped the marketplace in a number of productive ways such as:

  • Quick growth in business & stores
  • User-friendly design for both vendors & customers
  • Easier control over admin settings
  • A wide range of useful features for promotion, news announcements, search tools, referrals, etc.

And so Dokan has been recommended for all since it has been useful when creating the online market where different artisans can create their virtual stores and upload their products absolutely hassle-free.

Design Your Dream Marketplace The Way You Need It

The world of e-commerce is much larger than what we think it is. There is a countless opportunity that is just waiting for you to tap. Most developed countries already have ample opportunities and the countries that are having slower growth like the Equador itself are also providing immense possibilities in the e-commerce business sector. is just the living proof of that.

Now even with minimal effort, you can design your dream marketplace just like the all-time famous e-commerce sites eBay or Amazon absolutely without any hitch.

Grab it now at the best price!

Ensuring eCommerce Success Using Dokan

Even with a smaller investment, anyone is able to get on with their own marketplace and ensure eCommerce success through earning from each vendor sell totally hassle-free.

This is made possible by Dokan– The most popular marketplace plugin for WordPress.

Do you have any e-commerce success story to share with us? Let us know, as we would love to get inspired by it & share it with our readers.

Start Today!

The Ultimate Guide to WooCommerce SEO for Beginners and Advanced Users

It does not matter which type of online business you are running, what matter is your marketing plan and the philosophy of reaching every potential individual who is likely to convert to your paying customers.

In the online business landscape, the concept of SEO or, Search Engine Optimization, is a part and parcel for the marketing plan and to reach out to your target audience.

If you do have a WooCommerce website, you must optimize your website with some useful tips. Now, let's take a deep dive into the importance of WooCommerce SEO and how you can do SEO for your WooCommerce website.

What Is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science of driving targeted website traffic to your website from search engines.

Brian Dean, SEO expert

Specifically, unlike paid media, SEO is an organic or nonpaid way of tuning up your website's web pages aimed at taking your web pages to the top of the SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages.

Here is a screenshot that depicts a difference between Google Ads result and SEO result:

What Is WooCommerce?

In case you did not know, WooCommerce is a completely free eCommerce extension for the most popular Content Management System (CMS) WordPress.

It has the highest marketplace share among the most popular eCommerce solution out there. As it is an open-source eCommerce solution, you can customize it just like the way you want.

Is WooCommerce SEO Friendly?

You will be glad to know that WooCommerce is by default SEO friendly. That's because, it inherits most of the SEO characteristics from its root, WordPress. Here is what you will get in WooCommerce as the SEO boosters:

  • Search Engine readable webpages with the help of WordPress which is a must for SEO
  • SEO friendly permalinks from WordPress settings
  • Guides you to insert an H1 tag which is very important for on-page SEO while writing on a page or post or creating products
  • Allows optimizing images with appropriate alt tags, description and many more in collaboration with WordPress
  • Available WooCommerce based SEO optimized themes in
  • Heaps of SEO plugins for WordPress website in
  • Cache plugins to speed up page loading time
  • Mobile responsiveness out of the box

Also, you can share your post or pages in social media with automated social sharing plugins in WordPress based eCommerce site.

And the Friendly WordPress community is always ready to help you if you are in any trouble while using a WordPress site.

Why Can't You Ignore SEO for Your WooCommerce Website?

SEO is very important to get visitors directly from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, etc. without investing tons of money.

While talking about SEO, we mainly focus on optimizing for Google. Because most of the search takes place within this search engine giant.

WooCommerce SEO guide

To ensure driving maximum visitors to your site, you must take your web pages on the first page of the SERPs.

75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engines.


Here is a fact that portrays how visitors interact with the first page of the SERPs.

WooCommerce SEO guide
Source: ManageWP

89% of all consumers will do online research using a search engine


Thus, you can not ignore optimizing your WooCommerce website with proper SEO tactics.

Optimize Your WooCommerce Website with These Effective SEO Tips

Here are a few ways you can improve your WooCommerce website's SEO. To optimize your WooCommerce website, you need to download and install a WordPress SEO plugin.

There are a great number of freemium WordPress plugins in the WordPress directory such as Yoast SEO, Rank Math, All in One SEO Pack, SEOPress. You can use any one of them. However, we will be using the Yoast plugin to do SEO for WooCommerce website in this article.

Related articles on SEO:

Common SEO Tactics You Should Stay Away from, to Ensure the Best Result!

An SEO Checklist For A New WordPress Website

It All Starts with Researching Proper Keywords

Keyword research is a classic SEO activity and it is the foundation of stepping your on-page SEO up. For your information, a keyword is the search term that users around the world insert in the search bar while using a search engine.

For example, if you are selling a smartphone on your Woocommerce website then the relevant keywords should be ‘smartphones', ‘smartphone', ‘buy a smartphone', ‘buy smartphone at cheapest price' etc.

But how to do keyword research? Not to worry! There is an army of free tools to conduct keyword research. Here are a few tools-

  1. Google Keyword Planner (Free): The most widely used keyword research tool.

2. Keywords everywhere (Paid): This tool is handy if you want to have keywords swiftly. It is a browser extension.

3. (Free): One of the best tools to find relevant keywords and the actual phrases, people use while using Google

4. Ahrefs (Free): Help you figure out the keyword competitions properly.

5.Moz Explorer (Free): This is an SEO tool built by SEO experts themselves.

6.Google Trends (Free): A great tool to analyze the current keywords that are flooding the search engine.

Amazon Search Suggestions

WooCommerce SEO guide

Google Search Suggestions

Product Page with Appropriate keywords

Once you are done with keyword research, you need to implement them on your WooCommerce web pages. For example, when someone searches for the keyword ‘buy washing machine‘ in the search engine. The competition to appear on the first page just begins.

If you do have a Washing machine on your WooCommerce product page, then there is no guarantee that your page is ranking on the first page of the SERPs. Because there is already a ton of pages containing the keyword “buy washing machine“.

So, how can you overpower those pages and place within the first 10 ten pages?

The answer is simple – use the focused keyword in the main content, h1 tags, h2 tags, SEO title, Url, slugs. If you use the focus keyword along with the LSI keywords, then chances are pretty high to jump to the top of the search result.

Once you have a primary keyword, you need to make sure it appears in the most important sections of your WooCommerce product page. Here’s how you need to go about it.

WooCommerce Product URL or Slug

WooCommerce SEO guide

Once you figure out the appropriate keywords, it is time to include them in the product URL. By doing so, you are actually sending a strong ranking signal to the search engine.

You should build up the practice to include the focus keyword in every slug while creating new pages.

However, you can not change the already published product pages' URL as you will lose the SEO value of those pages. This will hurt your SEO strategy horrendously.

Pro tip: Shorten the URL so that it stands in the viewable limit. This will help your visitor easily figure out what your WooCommerce page is all about.

WooCommerce Product Title or SEO Title

WooCommerce SEO guide

You have to optimize the product title with the focus keyword. If the SEO title contains the focus keyword then the page gets a booster in the race. Adding SEO title is very easy in your WooCommerce product page with the Yoast SEO plugin.

Adding Focus Keywords in the meta description

WooCommerce SEO guide

Though Google recently announced that including focus keyword does not affect SEO that much. Yet, some experts suggest to include the focus keyword in the meta description.

WooCommerce Product Description

WooCommerce SEO guide

Like any webpage, your WooCommerce product page description text must not contain less than 300 words. Try to write an appropriate and elaborate product description repeating the focus keyword or LSI keywords repeating two or three times.

Get Some Pro Tips on Product Description 

Use product categories for your product in WooCommerce so that visitors can filter products properly. This is also a very good SEO practice.

Never try to overflow the description with overuse of keywords or keyword stuffing.

Write a full description of your products including technical specifications like dimension, units, components usage instructions, shipping concerns and so on.

You should also answer customer queries.

Optimizing Images and Videos

While you are using images and videos in your WooCommerce product pages or posts, make sure to use high-quality images and minimize them with free online tools like Tinyjpg. Also, don't forget to use alt text and to rename them properly.

The same goes for video content. For videos, you need to upload them on YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion and then embed them on your product page or post page.

Doing so will keep your webpage at the optimized size and it will render faster on the browser.

Enabling Breadcrumbs

Using breadcrumbs is a very smart way to direct your visitors where they are, where they are from and where to go.

This does not only increase user satisfaction but also carries great power to push your web pages forward in the SEO game. This is because Google considers a web page well structured if it uses breadcrumbs for its pages.

Add Reviews and Rating Option on WooCommerce Product Page

If you add reviews and rating fields on the WooCommerce Product page, then your page will be constantly updated. This will meet the criteria for updating a web page frequently and it is a must to outdo your competitors.

In addition to that, as Reviews or comments and rating options are trust factors, pages containing these factors usually rank high.

Bonus Tips on Boosting Your WooCommerce Website's SEO

If you are through with the above-mentioned tips and tricks then you can try these advanced tips.

Generate Backlinks

One of the most significant factors of ranking a website is to generate backlinks. But this is pretty difficult to generate backlinks for a new website. Because who will give back your link if you do not have a good site rank.

To generate backlinks you have to submit your website to directory listings, open affiliate marketing system for your products, guest blogging and so forth.

Update WooCommerce Pages

Adding fresh content on your WooCommerce website is imperative to stay ahead of the curve in comparison to your competitors. You can add a review section to let your customers comment on your product so that your page renews on its own.

Use AMP or Accelerated mobile pages

The use of AMP pages has burst into popularity these days. AMP allows your users' mobile devices to load your WooCommerce web pages faster.

Store SEO

In case you are Using Dokan and sharing your store page in social media, you have to make sure that facebook or Twitter crawls the Open Graph image properly.

WooCommerce SEO guide- Get Dokan

Ending Thoughts on WooCommerce SEO Guide

No matter what type of online business you are in, you have to make sure that your site is doing great in terms of SEO. You can never have the whip hand without following the guidelines of Search engines.

The more sound SEO strategies you apply to your Website, the higher the chance your potential will convert to paying customers.

Finally, do remember that SEO is nothing but a continuous process. Sometimes, you may need to do split testing to know which SEO activity works best for your WooCommerce website.

Build Your Own Marketplace Website for Beauty Care Items Using Dokan

Online business is growing at a rapid pace. It estimates that within 2021, over 2.14 billion people worldwide intend to buy goods and services online, up from 1.66 billion global digital buyers in 2016.

It clearly shows the massive opportunity of spreading your brand through a Marketplace Website.

Therefore, to make your journey smooth a ton of online store builder is available in the market.

If you are comfortable with WordPress then you can easily go with the WooCommerce to build your eCommerce business site.

In this article, we will show you how to build a marketplace website for multiple sellers to sell their beauty products on a single platform with the best Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Solution Dokan.

76% of USA Consumers Purchase Online

Yes, more and more people are starting to rely on eCommerce sites. And it's over 76% in the USA!

An eCommerce store is a great way to make money online.

Over the past few years, e-commerce business has a significant impact on traditional retailing and this will continue in the following years.

wordlwide ecommerce sale
Source: Shopify

With WooCommerce it's very easy to start your own eShop without being a technical gig.

Beauty Business Opportunities across the World

Beauty products business grows very fast worldwide. The demand for all type of beauty and skincare items is increasing dramatically everywhere over the world.

This rising demand for cosmetics broadens the scope for growth and earn more revenue from the beauty shop.

Moreover, this business covers a vast array of business areas such as anti-aging clinics, aromatherapy, beauty salon, beauty spa, cosmetic store, hair salon, and even makeup artists are part of it.

According to the global cosmetic market is expected to reach $429.8 billion by 2022.


You can develop your own brand products and sell them online or build a platform where other manufacturers can sell their products.

How does an Online Marketplace Work & What Do You Need to Start with

The multi-vendor eCommerce site has gained massive popularity in recent days. And a marketplace website works as a digital platform to buy and sell products, any kind of actually!

In order to start your own marketplace website, you should go through an organized way.

Follow these steps to build your own marketplace website.

  1. Buy a domain name and get web hosting
  2. Install and set up WordPress
  3. Install and activate WooCommerce
  4. Set up Dokan multi-vendor marketplace plugin
  5. A Suitable WordPress Theme
  6. Promote your marketplace with Proven Marketing Strategies

How to Create an Online Marketplace with WordPress (6 Easy Steps)

WordPress helps you to create the foundation of your site and WooCommerce transforms it into an eCommerce shop. And Dokan lets you turn it into a multivendor marketplace.

Now, follow the details process step by step to starting your online beauty store.

Step 1- Buying a Web Hosting and Domain Name

A domain name is the identity of your site by which someone will find you on the web like

Well, you can easily get your perfect domain name from the sites like GoDaddy or Namecheap.

Later you have to buy a hosting for the domain. Among many web host provider, some good ones are-

  • Bluehost
  • Host Gator
  • Dream Host

Find the details guide on Hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce Sites.

Step 2- Install the WordPress

WordPress becomes very popular among entrepreneurs due to its ease of customization, flexibility, rich plugins, and add-ons gallery.

Also, the CMS of WordPress is very user-friendly. WordPress opens a new door for the nontechnical persons to set up their own websites by themselves. Referencing from W3Tech, around 31.3% of total websites are using the WordPress CMS.

Most of the hosting provider has a one-click install feature for WordPress.

So, it's easy to install WordPress on your website.

Step 3- Set up and Configure WooCommerce

Converting a simple website into an eCommerce site is easy and free in WordPress.

Consequently, you have to install and activate the free WooCommerce plugin in WordPress to set up your eShop.

Now, just follow the simple navigation and convert your WordPress site into eCommerce.

  • Admin Dashboard > Plugin > Add New >

Click Search and Type ‘WooCommerce'

  • Install Now > Activate
WooCommerce Installation

If you are a beginner, check out this complete and step-by-step WooCommerce Tutorial to set up your eShop.

After installation, you have to configure your WooCommerce site as per your requirement.

Congratulation! your online store is ready to trade.

Turn Your Single Store into a Beauty Products Marketplace Website

Dokan– The top multivendor marketplace builder for WordPress

After configuring WooCommerce, you can sell your beauty products from your stock.

However, if you dream large you can easily convert your single beauty store into the multi-vendor marketplace website like or

A journey towards the biggest revenue starts from here!

Dokan fuels your further journey of transforming your single store into a broad marketplace website.

Moreover, with Dokan you will get all the freedom to customize your own multivendor beauty care products marketplace as per your brand strategy.

You can add unlimited vendors to your marketplace and give them the access to upload their product and manage the order and shipping through it.

Here comes the most amazing feature of Dokan!

Dokan gives a unique URL and individual store page to each and every vendor. Vendors can customize their stores independently according to the admin's permission.

Therefore, you can easily ensure the security of your marketplace as you need not share the access of backend WordPress dashboard to the vendors.

WooCommerce is the best eCommerce platform for WordPress. Dokan lets you turn your single WooCommerce store into a customized multi-vendor marketplace and earn with each sale!

How to Configure Dokan

You need to follow almost similar steps like WooCommerce to set up and configure the Dokan to transform your WooCommerce site.

The Dokan lite is free. Also, you can get the premium version of the Dokan Plugin to expand the flexibility and customization options.

Just follow the simple navigation and convert your eCommerce into a multivendor site.

  • Admin Dashboard > Plugin > Add New > Click search >
  • Type “Dokan” > Install > Activate

Configuring Dokan is very easy by using its own Wizard. For more clear idea, you can see the Step-By-Step Guide for configuring Dokan.

Earning from Your Beauty Care Product Marketplace Website

You can set the flat commission rate for all vendors and product category.

Also, you get the flexibility with Dokan to set individual commission rate for different product sellers or special category.

Here, you can define the commission rate at the time of configuring Dokan or later whenever required.

For proper understanding about the commission system of Dokan, we recommend you to read the article How to Earn with Dokan Plugin Using Different Vendor Commissions at your expediency.

Step 4- Select A Suitable Free WooCommerce Theme for WordPress


Now your marketplace structure is ready and you have to decorate it.

We recommend our Dokan Theme for your multivendor Beauty Product Marketplace to give an elite look to the site.

Also, you can choose any Dokan compatible theme from ThemeForest specially designed for the best multi-vendor marketplace builder Dokan.

Read the detail features of 30+ Fully Compatible Themes for Dokan Multivendor at ThemeForest

Setup Admin Shop & Upload 1st Product on Your Marketplace Website

You can establish your own shop in your marketplace and sell products just like single WooCommerce store.

There are 2 ways to do this-

  • Register as a vendor
  • Enable yourself to add products

To make the admin capable to upload images from FrontEnd you have to follow the steps properly.

WordPress DashBoard>Users>All Users>Enable Adding Products


Now you can easily customize your shop by navigating:

WordPress Dashboard>Visit Site>Vendor Dashboard>Setting


To add new product in your shop, click on the Products tab and upload product image and other information.


In this way, you can add product from the Shop Frontend.

Congratulation your shop is ready to go! It will look like


Special Note: It's not mandatory to set-up the admin's shop unless you intend to sell own products.

Admin can also add products from WordPress Backend>Products>Add New

Add new product from backend

Step 5- Invite Vendors to Your Site

Amazing! You have created your own multivendor marketplace for selling beauty products.

Now the major challenge is getting vendors. Send invitations to your vendor community to register on your site and start selling immediately.

The vendor registration process is very easy to go.

How to Become a Vendor for Retail Stores to Sell Beuty Items

Just clicking on the sign-up button, anyone can register as a vendor submitting some basic information.

Vendor SignUp Tutorial
Vendor Sign Up Tutorial

Then you will get a request for the approval of joining on your marketplace as a seller.

As the marketplace owner, you have to approve the application from the backend. Until then, the vendor cannot upload any product to the marketplace.

Therefore, follow the easy navigation to permit your vendor uploading their products.

  • Admin Dashboard> Users> All users>
  • Select the newly added vendor> Edit
  • Scroll down and select ‘Enable Adding Products' from Selling tab> Update User

If you want, you can permit them to upload the product immediately, just after the registration on the marketplace.

So, it will make your market management easier. You can activate this feature from Dokan's Selling Setting Menu.

Hence, create a full-featured multi-vendor marketplace and give your site a new height with Dokan Pro using Powerful Advanced Functionality.

Step 6- How to Add Products to WooCommerce based Marketplace Website

As we mentioned before, Dokan facilitates each beauty seller with an individual eShop.

So, a vendor can arrange the shop as per his brand acquisition.

If you are the owner of Marketplace, you get the power of managing and controlling the activities of the vendors accordingly.

After the admin's approval vendors can customize his beauty shop by login to the online beauty products marketplace.

Vendor Dashboard will show the following information. A vendor can get all the information at a glance regarding Sales, Earning, Pageview, Order Details, Product Status and so on.

This is one of the most amazing features of Dokan that makes it superior comparing to other marketplace builders.


Here, vendors can set the banner, basic information and other details of their shop from the setting tab.

Product tab let the vendors upload beauty products to their eshop.

However, the Vendor Dashboard has many more features to make the shop owners activities easy.


You can make the consumer's experience better showing the seller or store list on the menu bar.

With this privilege, customers can easily pick their required products or preferred sellers easily from the list.

To add a store list in the menu bar follow the below steps.

  • At first, go to your Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Menu
  • Select Store list > Add to menu > Save Menu
Add storelist in menu bar

An admin of Beauty Product Marketplace can see all the stores of his marketplace by visiting the store-listing.


Cash Withdrawals from Multivendor Marketplace by the Vendors

After a successful purchase of beauty products, the amount will be shown on vendors dashboard.

As a vendor can withdraw the money sending a request to the admin.

However, admin can set the minimum limit of withdrawal for the vendors from the backend. You can manage all withdrawal request from the backend dashboard.

Furthermore, get all the information on Managing Withdrawal Requests regarding Marketplace Admins and Beauty Product sellers for a smooth transaction.

5 Experts Tips to Quickly Grow Your Beauty Products Marketplace Website

You should have strong marketing plan to span your business widely. Here, we enlisted 5 advanced SEO tricks suggested by the experts for your business advancement.

Utilize a Blog for Your Beauty eShop

You can add a blog to your eShop and tell stories about your products. It's a proven effective way to convert your visitors into loyal advisor.

To rank, you need backlinks and you need to match the user’s search intent. If someone is searching for the best white shoes for their wedding, product pages won’t rank for that – articles will.

Bill Widmer, Content & SEO Expert,

eCommerce Entrepreneurs should prefer Content Marketing to maximize their revenue.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the best crowd to scream your brand voice. Instagram Marketing is a proven effective way to promote eCommerce Marketplace.

Nowadays, customers want to know and interact with the brand at multiple touch points. They also want to know the brand’s story.

Shane Barker, Digital Strategist, Shane Barker Consulting

Personalize Email Marketing

There are a lot of ways to segment in ecommerce (age, interests, gender, and so on) so use that data to only send relevant messages to your audience instead of sending the same message to everyone (as most ecommerce do right now)

Emil Kristensen, CMO and co-founder, Sleeknote

Expert Email Marketing Automation Strategies can help you to boost your Marketplace revenues

Update Your Marketing Approach

We have been able to increase website conversion rates from- 1% to 4% simply by interviewing customers who bought, those that didn’t, and understanding our customers on a deep level

Eric Carlson, Co-Founder, 10xFactory

You should review your marketing strategy at least once per year to check all of your objectives, business goal, target audience, market research, and other activities still fit your business.

Add CTA Buttons to Your Marketplace Website

Add the Call-to-action button on your eCommerce marketplace to tell your visitors to take actions.

Using a CTA, you can tell people what you want from them or encourage them to go forward to meet their needs

Adding CTA is the best practice to engage your audience in your marketplace.

Final Thoughts on Marketplace Website

In short, rising demand for beauty products and online purchase span the umbrella of eCommerce business worldwide.

You can expand this opportunity developing a wide marketplace where along with you other beauty product sellers will sell products collectively.

Accordingly, both you and the consumers will be beneficial from this incredible idea. Consumers will get plenty of options to get the right products for them. It increases the quantity of selling products.

As an owner, you can sell own products and get a commission on each sale from other merchants.

Furthermore, Dokan is one of the best multi-vendor marketplace website builders powered by WooCommerce with 20,000+ active installations. And you don't need to spend a single penny to build your marketplace.

Hence it is the easiest way to set up front end Beauty Product Marketplace and earn money through commission.

Learn Why & How to Use a POS System with WooCommerce

If you have a small to fairly large business outlets for your brick and mortar store, you may be spending a lot of time dealing with creating invoices and billing. To relieve from this trouble, you can think about the automatic product billing and stock calculation system with an online POS or Point of Sale solution.

Considering the deployment, a POS tool could be a great idea for your business, particularly if you have multiple outlets. That's because everything you manage in your multiple outlets can be maintained and monitored by using just a smartphone or a laptop having internet.

In today's article, I will be showing the reasons why and how to perfectly utilize a POS system for your business.

But before that…

What a POS System Truly Is

In nontechnical terms, a POS is nothing but a computerized system that helps a retail merchant to calculate the due amount owed by a customer, number of stocks and make an invoice or receipt for that customer.

With a POS system, you will be able to take orders and count your inventories in the easiest manner.

Why You Should Utilize a Point of Sale Systems for Your Business?

POS features are not the only things that you should look into. You should take a look at the following benefits of a pos system:

Get a History at a Glance

Getting product history is one of the ultimate benefits of a pos system

While you are using a POS tool, you will be able to get the exact history of your business transaction at any time. Meaning that you can get to know which product is selling the most and which one is lying on the product shelf unsold for a long time.

Manage Inventories without Any Hassle

Inventories can be of different types. Some inventories can look similar but have only a slight variation when it comes to brand, color, size, flavors, etc.

It becomes pretty tough to recognize some products and identify their variations within a short period.

To save your valuable time and to remove manual errors, you can simply use a POS machine to do all these kinds of stuff on its own.

With a POS system, you can effortlessly get to know the name of a product, the supplier, supplier code, brand, Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), color, size, and all the other variations.

Get Real-time Update

If you are using a POS machine for your outlets, you will be able to access all the transaction information saved in your back-office server from anywhere using the internet.

This will let you be aware of your inventory information even if you are hanging out at a distant place of the world with your friends and family.

Save Your Valuable Time & Money

Calculating and making an invoice with a POS system is way faster than doing them with manual intervention.

A POS device will just scan the bar code of a product and can do the rest like payment with just cash or swiping a credit card and saving the payment information into the system within just a second.

POS system also reduces the need for too many personnel. Which means you will be able to cut the cost of extra salaries paid out to your cashiers.

Stay Relaxed with Sales Tax Calculation

Calculating sales tax for each invoice and saving them into your book for the future can be a nightmare for you. What's more disgusting is that you need to calculate the sales tax every time you make a sale.

Marketplace Taxes plugin

This problem can be sorted out by simply using a POS system which will calculate the sales tax on its own! And it's time to say “Goodbye” to your calculator!

Make Your Employees Used to It without Training

Almost everyone is using a smartphone these days. And operating a POS machine is never tougher than operating a smartphone.

With just a set of brief instructions, anyone will be able to operate the POS machine within a few minutes.

Whom You Should Utilize POS for

  • You: If you have multiple outlets and multiple showrooms, you can not manage all of them by being present at every outlet simultaneously. For this purpose, you need to employ the POS to be present virtually.
  • Your Sales Person or cashier: You should apply a POS machine for your salespersons to reduce the stress of manual invoicing.
  • Your Customer: When you are billing your customer manually, other customers have to wait in the queue. To reduce your customers' pain and increase their satisfaction you need to use a POS system.

How to Utilize a POS System for Your Business

wePOS- woocommerce pos system

If you already have a WordPress based WooCommerce website, it's only a few clicks away to get started with a POS system. To do so, you need to have a WordPress powered WooCommerce website.

To deploy the wePOS system, you need to have the following things:

Installing the wePOS Plugin

benefits of a pos system

We assume that you have a WordPress powered WooCommerce website. Now, to install the wePOS plugin, go through this brief documentation.

After installing the plugin, you may take help from the following documentations to go ahead:

Concluding Thoughts

Using a POS system will not only save your time and money but also makes your business management interesting. You, the customer, and cashier stay aware of the necessary info in an automated and error-free way.

If you are yet to streamline your business outlets with a futuristic and intuitive POS system, you can flat out go for the wePOS.

WooCommerce Tutorial: How To Build An Online Store Within Minutes

Are you planning to have your own marketplace and looking for a tutorial to install WooCommerce?

Welcome, you clicked the right article to get a quick start!

In this article, I’m going to show you the easiest way to install the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site. Also, getting back to the onboarding introductory wizard if you skipped after the installation.

This evolutionary eCommerce plugin is inevitable to be installed on your site when you’re aiming to start an online business or want your brick and mortar store to have an online presence.

The plugin was launched on 27th September in 2011 by Automattic. But in the short span of time, it achieved prodigious success.

Why Entrepreneurs Prefer WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce tutorial

WooCommerce Plugin is built especially considering the facts for small business who wants to have their own marketplace. And it became popular to the small business owners for its simplicity and customization option.

You can easily build your marketplace in your native language with WooCommerce Multilingual flexibility. Till now, WordPress covered 62 native languages to translate your site.

Also, you can find lots of free WooCommerce plugins and themes useful to have rich features and give your store a professional look.

You can try out WooCommerce conversion tracking to track user data, optimize metrics and retarget your audience for the paid ad.

Here are the words from Jason Liebenberg who built his retail business with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce and WordPress made sense because of the out-the-box features as well as allowing us to develop as many custom features which we would need going forward.

Easiest Way of WooCommerce Installation (3 Steps)

To have a WooCommerce store, you must know that a domain and hosting plan is required. And there are some strategies while choosing a hosting platform.

WooCommerce Installation made easy

you need to consider several issues like security, customization, etc. Good hosting providers not only provide hosting spaces but also ensures the security of your site.

In WooCommerce industry, SiteGround is one of a kind which will save your business strongly.

Requirements for WooCommerce Installation

Now before digging into the tutorial on how to install WooCommerce here are some server requirements.

  • PHP version 7 or higher version
  • HTTPS Support
  • MySQL version 5.6 or higher/MariaDB version 10.0 or higher
  • Memory limit 128 MB or more

To rescue you from the hassle, here are some best and trusted hosting providers for WordPress WooCommerce.

Installing and activating WooCommerce plugin on your site is very simple regarding other marketplace builders. The basic part is installing and activating the plugin and then the setup procedure starts.

Step 1- Start with Installing The Plugin

To install and activate WooCommerce plugin-

  • Navigate to Plugins > Add New from your WordPress backend dashboard.
  • Search for ‘WooCommerce’ in the search box.
  • And hit on Install Now
WooCommerce tutorial- How to install WooCommerce

Now, click “Activate now” as consecutive attempts.

WooCommerce tutorial- Activate WooCommerce plugin

And then Choose “Let's Go” to get started with the setup wizard.

If you want to do the setup process manually then choose the other option “Not Right Now.”

WooCommerce setup wizard
WooCommerce setup wizard

Step 2- Complete WooCommerce Setup Wizard

Here comes the main WooCommerce setup for you. The introductory onboarding setup wizard will help you to configure the necessary steps.

So, you don’t get stuck in the middle and waste time thinking about what to do next.

Now I'm going to give you a step by step guide for setting up WooCommerce Plugin.

WooCommerce store setup

The first part is the store setup. Fill up with your store location and product type.

Now, hit ‘Let's go‘ to jump right to the next settings.

WooCommerce tutorial- WooCommerce store setup
You are free to select your product type

WooCommerce Payment Setup

Here you will see the payment setup. The options for this phase depend on the location of your store and the type of product you choose to sell.

If you didn’t mark the “selling products in person” option then you’ll only see Stripe and Paypal.

woocommerce payment setup
WooCommerce payment

If you did mark the ‘Selling in-person‘ option and live in Canada, Australia, U.S., Japan, UK then you will see Square, PayPal, and Stripe.

Because these payment gateways cover all these countries.

woocommerce paypal setup

If your business operation located in Australia, New Zealand then your payment gateway is eWay. For South Africa, PayFast.

woocommerce payfast setup
woocommerce eway payment gateway setup

And for Germany, Norway, Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Finland, Denmark then you will see Klarna.

woocommerce payment setup klarna

If you want it’s also possible to configure the “Offline Payment” option. You just need to click the dropdown arrow.

And there you’ll find different types of offline payment option. Enable the toggle button according to your preference. Now, click continue to proceed to the next step.

Set up WooCommerce Shipping

This step is all about shipping. WooCommerce has two shipping zone.

  • Zone 1 – USA and Canada
  • And zone 2 – rest of the countries.

If your store is in the first zone then you’ll have the live shipping rate option. But if you want you can also set flat shipping rate and free shipment.

In terms of actual shipping rate, you have to set up the correct weight and dimension.

WooCommerce shipping setup

Before clicking continue, tick mark the print shipping labels at home to get your credentials printed.

Configure Recommended Plugins and Themes

Select the below options to get tax calculation and email service in your store automatically. Jetpack and other required plugins will be automatically installed.

WooCommerce recommended plugin jetpack

Click “Continue with Jetpack”.

Install WooCommerce with jetpack

Now you are on the last page of the wizard.

From this page, you can create, import product, visit dashboard or review the entire settings.

WooCommerce tutorial last step

When you’re done with all the steps you can add any product anytime and from the frontend.

STEP 3- Add First Product on WooCommerce

The interface may look different depending on the theme you’re using. In this instance, I’ve used Dokan theme since it works perfectly with WooCommerce.

Here’s a list of best WooCommerce themes you can choose from.

WooCommerce tutorial

Turn Your Single Store into Multivendor and Earn More Money

All the aforementioned steps will help you building a WooCommecer single-store while you can double your earning by turning the store into multivendor.

No worries, it’s just matter of clicks now.
Get a WordPress multi-vendor plugin and activate it to get going with your multivendor. The rest steps are as easy as was clicking the “activate” button.

You can also follow this step by step guideline to build and customize your multivendor marketplace.

Skipped WooCommerce Setup Wizard?

If somehow you skipped the popup WooCommerce setup wizard, there's nothing to worry. You can access it anytime. Just going to Product > Help > Setup Wizard

Return WooCommerce setup wizard

WooCommerce for eCommerce

WooCommerce multivendor opens up more opportunity than a single store. The first and foremost advantage is you can add a wide range of product line and serve your targeted customer very well.

And it’s easy to satisfy your customers giving them more room to choose the best product.

Install WooCommerce and setup multivendor marketplace

There are a significant number of multivendor plugins for WooCommerce to start with. But Dokan is most renowned WooCommerce extension to power up your multivendor.
Get the scrupulous comparison of other WooCommerce Multivendor plugins from this article.

Returning to you

Haven't you already realized how easy it is to start your own online store with WooCommerce?
You can have the inspiration for your journey from the real-life entrepreneur's story who have already faced the battle and got successful.
Finally, here’s the last tricks for you. When you are done and ready to sell, make sure to promote your product.

Why & How to Utilize a WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Tool

If you have a WooCommerce store, you must track every facet of your website so as to keep it optimized constantly. Unfortunately, there is not any dedicated tool that can help you do so effortlessly.

Luckily, with the WooCommerce Analytics Conversion Tracking tool, you can not only measure your website's metrics but can also use them to adjust your website's performance through techniques like retargeting your lost visitors or giving the most user-friendly experience to a certain group of visitors.

Now, let's go ahead and learn why and how you should measure WooCommerce Conversions.

So, Why Should You Utilize WooCommerce Conversions?

Here are the use-cases if you can measure the WooCommerce events:

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking
  • You can use metrics like “Add to Cart“, “Add to Wishlist” and “Initiate Checkout” to retarget those visitors.
  • Use the Metric, ‘Purchase‘ to upsell or cross-sell your products.
  • Use the “Complete Registration” event to target visitors with Google Ads and emails.
  • Use the “Search Product” and the “View Product Category” to provide the most user-friendly experience to the visitors showing the relevant products that the visitor is interested in.

What Are the Events of Your WooCommerce Website You Should Gauge?

If you want to track the conversions of your WooCommerce website, you will have to measure certain KPIs. They are:

  1. Add to Cart: Get to know how many visitors are adding to their cart in your store.
  2. Initiate Checkout: See the whole picture of the number of people who are initiating checkout.
  3. Purchase: Know how many people are making purchases on your WooCommerce store.
  4. Complete Registration: You can also get to know how many visitors are completing registrations on your site.
  5. View Product: Visitors who are viewing certain products.
  6. View Product Category: You can see product categories that are viewed for a certain number of times.
  7. Search Product: You can determine products that are searched by the visitors.
  8. Add To Wishlist: You can track products that are added to wishlist by the visitors.

With a WooCommerce eCommerce Conversion Tracking tool, you can easily gauge these events.

How to Utilize the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Tool?

Not to mention, the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking tool works as the integrated tool of WooCommerce and works in tandem.

In order to use the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking tool, you can follow this process:

Go to the WP Admin Dashboard > Plugins > Add New. Now search for the keyword, “WooCommerce Conversion Tracking“. After that install and activate just like any other WordPress plugin.

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

Navigate to WP Admin Dashboard > WooCommerce > Conversion Tracking > Integrations (Tab). After that, turn on the toggle bars for each platform you want to use.

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

In the free version, you will get 4 platforms. They are:


Turn on the toggle bar for Facebook, then insert the Facebook Pixel ID. Then you will get the following events to track for free:

  • Add to Cart
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Purchase
  • Complete Registration
WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

However, you will also find some pro features in the premium version. They are:

  • View Product (premium)
  • View Product Category (premium)
  • Search (premium)
  • Add to Wishlist (premium)

Google Adwords

After turning on the Google Adwords toggle bar, you will find the following events to track:

  • Purchase (free)
  • Complete Registration (premium)

Get the Account ID and paste it in the box. Now, if you are using the free version, you will be able to track only the ‘Purchase' event. The other option, ‘Complete Registration‘ is available in the Pro version.

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

If you are wondering how to get the Event Labels for Google Adwords then get help from this documentation.


Turn on the Twitter toggle bar and you will get these events to track:

  • Purchase (free)
  • Add to Cart (premium)
  • Complete Registration (premium)

All you have to do is to check the events and use the universal tag ID to make it work.

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

The other events, “Add to Cart” and “Complete Registration” are available in the Pro version.

Perfect Audience (Premium)

The perfect audience is a pro feature in WooCommerce Conversion Tracking. Turn on the toggle bar to use it.

With this channel, you can track the following events:

  • View Product
  • Add to Cart
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Purchase
  • Complete Registration

All you have to do is to use the Advertised ID from the Perfect Audience and paste it in the following box.

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

Bing Ads AKA Microsoft Ads (Premium)

WooCommerce Bing Ads Conversion Tracking is also a pro feature in WooCommerce Conversion Tracking tool. The only thing that you have to do is to collect the UET tag ID and paste it in the box.

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

With this platform, you can track only the ‘Purchase‘ events on your WooCommerce website.

Adding Custom Platforms

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

If you want to add any platform outside of these Facebook, Google Adwords and Twitter you can use this option. You can get help from this documentation for any custom integration.

Please note that each time you make changes, don't forget to save those changes.

Bear in Mind

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking greatly helps you track your WooCommerce website's all the necessary events. The best part is that you don't have waste time by coding manually.

If you can get to see the data altogether, you can measure the weaker areas of your website and thus adjust those problems accordingly. If a free WordPress plugin comes up with these amazing functionalities, there is no reason a WooCommerce website owner is not going to adopt it.

Grow Your WooCommerce Store Using Smart Content Marketing Strategy

Marketing is one of the most important bedrock of every modern-day business. Marketing allows us to reach a wide range of audiences.

Content marketing plan, on the other hand, provides an avenue to reach a wide range of audiences through content marketing strategies which will go a long way in helping organizations reach their full potentials.

Having a WooCommerce Store is one thing and knowing how to do content marketing for your e-commerce is another. If you currently have a WooCommerce site or planning to build one, you need to start thinking of creative ways to take your online business to the next level.

Continue reading “Grow Your WooCommerce Store Using Smart Content Marketing Strategy”

Dokan vs WC Marketplace: The Ultimate Comparison

This article compares Dokan Multivendor and WC Marketplace plugins. Both are multi seller ecommerce marketplace solutions on WordPress and based on WooCommerce. If you’re considering starting and managing an online business, check this out to see which solution is more suitable for you and meets your demands.

The greatest of differences are in the little details!

Full Feature Comparison

Find out the Best WordPress MultiVendor Plugin that lets you create different marketplaces of extraordinary kinds.

The greatest differences are always in the precious nitty gritty details!

Breakdown of featuresWCMpDokan
General Important Elements
1. Demo
    → single site demo for all features & extensionsX
2. Detailed Documentation
3. Support
    → Live chatX
    → Ticket & emailsX
    → Contact forms
    → ForumsX
    → Facebook groupX
Points 4/76/7
4. Built-in Multilingual supportX
5. Multiple widgets & custom themeX
6. Pricing bundlesX
    → Price$320$499
    → Sites35
    → Extensions924
Total Points Earned in this category6/1211/12
Admin Dashboard Elements
7. Admin dashboard overview with meaningful marketplace data & insightsX
8. Withdrawals
    → Allow vendors to request for withdrawals by defaultX
    → Automatic disbursement of commissions with scheduleX
    → Free withdrawals and let vendors pay withdrawal chargeX
    → Withdrawal threshold and minimum number of days to pass before disbursement
    → Withdraw threshold
    → Minimum withdraw limit
    → Order status for withdrawX
9. Restrict vendors from accessing admin backendPaidFree
10. Built-in Refund ManagementX
    → Built-in system in frontend for vendors to request for customer order refundsX
    → Built-in system in backend for admins to review refund reasons, amount, approve, reject and manage in other waysX
11. Admin reports
    → Displays logs of all ordersX
    → Graphical display of store stats by vendorX
    → Shows number of products created, withdrawals, net earnings, sales, signups by month, year and custom rangeX
12. Extensions
    → Modules system with easy toggle on and off and lower pricesX
13. Handy toolsX
    → Automatically create pagesX
    → Scan for duplicate ordersX
    → Re-builds order sync tableX
14. Upgrade license from backendX
15. Built-in customizable vendor registration formX
    → Email verification during registrationX
16. Commissions
    → More than 2 types of commissionX
    → Vendors can select payment methods from frontendX
    → Admins can share coupon discount with vendorsX
    → Admins can transfer payment gateway charge, shipping and tax charges to vendor
17. Welcome Wizard for New VendorsX
18. Disable vendors from accessing admin backend by defaultX
19. Enable terms & conditions field in registration forms & vendor storesX
20. Default email notification on product submissionX
21. Define the store banner width & heightX
22. Store policyX
    → Show privacy policy in separate page
    → Enable privacy policy in contact forms
23. Search items using product GTINX
24. Store layouts and templates34
25. Built-in customizable email notification templates for different premium features & extensionsX
Total Points Earned for the Best Admin Dashboard Elements in a WooCommerce Multistore Plugin17/4033/40
Vendor Dashboard Elements
26. Product Categories
    → Vendors can add multiple categoriesX
    → Vendors can create categories from backendX
27. Product Tags
    → Vendors can create their own tags from frontendX
28. Product enquiry form on store page
    → Define privacy policy for visitorsX
29. Low stock and out of stock alerts for vendorsX
30. Zone-wise shipping
    → Vendors can add their own shipping methods
    → Separate backend settings for admin
    → Vendors can define processing times, shipping & refund policy from frontendX
31. Vendor-Admin Contact FormX
32. Vendor can define store slug
    → Vendor can change store slugX
33. Vendor overview
    → Store insights: total sales, earnings, no. Of orders
    → Store traffic & visitors’ map
    → Product sales report & product stats
    → Announcements, reviews and status-wise ordersX
34. Store SEO
    → Built-in SEOAdd-onPremium feature
    → Facebook & Twitter pagesX
    → Frontend capabilityX
35. Product SEO from frontend
    → Built-in SEOAdd-onPremium feature
    → Backend product SEO for adminsX
36. Coupon management
    → Built-in featureX
    → Vendors can grant storewide discountX
    → Restrict by emails and categories
    → Limit usage by user and number of itemsX
37. Upload different product types
    → Simple
    → Variable
    → Grouped/Bundles
    → ExternalX
    → AffiliateX
    → AccommodationX
    → Simple & Variable SubscriptionX
38. Vendor reports
    → Top selling and top earningX
    → StatementX
    → No. of items purchased, worth of coupons used & spent on shipping chargesX
Total Points Earned for the Best WooCommerce Vendor Dashboard Elements in a WordPress Multivendor Marketplace28/4032/40
Advanced Features to customize & create different types of marketplaces
39. Vendor dashboard Color Scheme CustomizerX
40. Store Support
    → Manage user queries from frontend in ticket systemX
    → Admins can view and reply to queriesX
    → Exchange replies from frontend like versation
    → Close & reopen ticketsX
    → Vendors can choose email templates, exclude products from enquiry, modify buttonsX
    → Smooth & easily understandable dashboard to store & keep track of customer queriesX
41. Vendor Subscriptions
    → Create unlimited membership packages using custom attributes
    → Configure various types of emailsX
    → Admins can select the methods of payment to allow for vendors to purchaseX
    → Admins can define access privileges, billing, message, capabilities, limitations, upgradeX
    → Add trial functionality in subscription packagesX
42. Vendor Bookings
    → Create bookings and send notificationsX
43. Vendor Auctions
    → Admin controlsX
44. PDF Invoices
    → Packing slips and vendor invoice
    → Select template, what to show, send via email, add terms & conditions by vendors & adminsX
45. Vendor Vacation
    → Vendors can pre-select multiple dates for vacationX
    → Set notification thresholdX
46. Store opening & closing time
    → Set hours of operation for every day of the week
    → Set opening and closing noticeX
47. Vendor Verifications
    → SMS verificationX
    → Social profiles
    → Photo ID and address
    → Separate verification requests page in backendX
48. Importer & Exporter
    → Upload and download products in csv format directly from frontend dashboardX
49. Staff Manager
    → Detailed privacy settings for individual staff membersX
    → Comprehensive range of permission controlsX
    → Frees admins of extra workX
50. Stripe & Paypal
    → Paypal masspay gateway & paypal payoutX
    → Automatic refunds via stripeX
    → Automatic paymentsX
    → Direct checkout using credit card and bank transferX
52. Product Duplicator for vendorsX
53. Single Product Multi Vendor (SPMV)
    → Admins can set the layout and text of the buttonsX
    → Admins can set the criteria for displaying spmv productsX
54. Ajax live searchX
    → Instant results while typingX
55. Live chatX
    → Real time chatting from anywhere around the marketplaceX
    → Mail notifications of conversations and offline messagesX
    → Store and track all live chat messages in vendor dashboardX
56. Follow StoreX
    → Stay updated about favourite stores via emailX
57. Return & Warranty RequestX
    → Return, exchange, get partial or full refunds and refund as store creditX
    → Add warranty for global and specific productsX
    → Vendors add return policy and reasons for returnX
58. WholesaleX
    → Add wholesale price and quantity frontendX
    → Allow customers to apply as wholesale customersX
59. GeolocationX
    → Customers can search for products and vendors in a specific area or radiusX
60. Vendor reviews
    → Vendors can manage reviews from frontendX
    → Shows aggregate number of reviews and rank on storefrontX
61. ShipStationX
    → Vendors can import WC shipping orders, manage, generate labels and manage it all without a hassle from a single placeX
Total Points Earned for WooCommerce Multi Vendor Advanced Features 31/7059/70

The Best Multi Vendor WordPress Plugin →
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Choose the Best WooCommerce Multistore Plugin to build your WordPress Marketplace

WC Marketplace has a well-built free version and some add-ons have been built very rich. But this multi seller solution falls behind in innovating. WC Marketplace doesn't yet provide marketplace vendors ways to transform their eCommerce shop into whatever they dream about.

Dokan Multivendor is a flexible Multi Vendor Marketplace WordPress plugin that has more to offer, and is a Complete Multi Seller eCommerce solution that balances the control of power between the admins and vendors. While it rightly allows admins crucial exclusive control over certain important elements of multivendor ecommerce to prevent violations, it also empowers vendors sufficiently to configure, setup and run their own stores independently and relaxedly.

Dokan is also extremely feature-rich and brings new features faster than anybody else. Users commonly praise the uniqueness of elements in this multi seller marketplace platform. You’re sure to come across exclusive features that you won’t find anywhere else.

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A Guide To Multi Vendor Shipping With Dokan

In today's world, shipping has taken center stage among all other activities performed by an e-commerce store. While starting, the store owner has to decide on which shipping carriers to tie up with. Then he should conceptualize on how much to charge his customers at checkout. As he starts getting more orders, scale becomes an important question for him. He understands the need for real-time shipping rates and begins to scout for solutions.

At the same time, he can no longer copy paste information in the carrier website to generate labels. This compels him to think of an automated solution. Finally, he also needs a way to track shipments in real time.

Besides, providing customers proactive delivery is always on his mind.

Multi-vendor marketplace shipping

This article talks about the complete lifecycle of shipping performed by a store owner. How his shipping choices evolve and how StorePep could help to resolve shipping issues.

Why Accurate Shipping Rate Calculation is an Absolute Necessity

The chief reason for cart abandonment for many businesses worldwide is shipping. Customers generally opt out of websites on encountering high shipping rate at checkout. This is a frustrating experience for you. Hence, it is important to provide alternative strategies like-

  • Free Shipping
  • Real-time shipping rates at checkout, etc.

Available Shipping Methods with WooCommerce

WooCommerce has a set of shipping methods to configure Shipping for your store. Here is a list of shipping methods that you can make use of.

The Evergreen Free Shipping Strategy

With this strategy, customers can pay for the cost of products without any extra fee. This approach minimizes cart abandonment. It is the most-used strategy worldwide triggered in the following ways.

Woocommerce free shipping

Seasonal Free Shipping Coupons

You can provide coupons to select clients and establish a long-term relationship with them. We've seen store owners who provide free shipping during festive seasons like, Christmas, New Year and Eid. Besides, you can provide coupons to affiliates as bait for enticing customers.

Shipping with WordPress

Cheaper Shipping beyond an Order Value

Encouraging your customers to spend more, is a technique for optimal revenue generation. Providing ‘Free Shipping’ at a specified order amount is a useful tool. For example, you can provide ‘Free Shipping’ to customers who buy $100 worth of products or more.

Easy Configurable Flat Rate Options

To keep your pockets intact, you need to carefully curate and make use of free shipping on your store. After all, we intend to make profits! As a result, one should use a milder form of shipping strategy in the form of Flat rates. It is a fixed charge that you can levy on your customers based on Shipping Zones and Shipping class. The Flat rates are useful because they allow many conditions on which you can set up Shipping rates.

Flat Rate Set for a Zone: United States

Flat rate shipping

Set Flat Rate for Shipping Class ‘ball’

Flat rate shipping settings

In the above image, you can see the Shipping rate increased by a factor of 10 (for shipping class ‘ball’). So this does provide some flexibility. Yet, you might want to charge your customers based on the weight of the shipment or total price of the order. In such cases, there is no way you can use it.

Local Pickup: An Alternative Approach to Shipping

You can provide an option for customers to pick up items from your store and charge a fee if required. The limitation here is that only customers in your vicinity can come over and take the delivery.

Woocommerce shipping method

How Dokan Enhances Flat Rate and Free Shipping Strategies for Multi-vendors?

Dokan provides a way to enhance default WooCommerce options so that your vendors can :

  • Set up flat rates by themselves
  • Provide Free Shipping as well

This provides relief as it is impossible to perform vendor-specific shipping otherwise. The process involves enabling Dokan Shipping in WooCommerce. This allows vendors to make use of default Dokan Shipping functionalities.

Enable ‘Vendor Shipping’ under WooCommerce Shipping tab as shown below.

Regular Woocommerce shipping

Once done, your vendors get options to define shipping by themselves.

Shipping with Dokan

As you can see, the vendor has the choice of setting a default shipping price for his shipments. He can also define a standard price per product and define a constant for each quantity of the item placed in a cart. Moreover, a vendor can even define the estimated delivery for his shipments.

So your customers get to know the average time they have to wait to receive the product. This is adequate for businesses shipping nearby or having a small inventory.

Why Real-Time Shipping Strategy is The most Acceptable Solution?

The above solution may not be enough for firms selling many products with many vendors. Moreover, you may not know whether you are overcharging or undercharging your customers. Hence, it is important to opt for real-time shipping rates from courier companies.

Accurate shipping rates are a major confidence booster. They vary on a host of factors. We will discuss some of the factors here.

Reach- Distance between ‘Ship From’ and ‘Ship To’ Location

Rates vary on a shipment’s reach. A shipment from Atlanta to Los Angeles costs $14.45 with UPS, whereas it costs around $13.92 with FedEx as shown below.

Shipping calculator Woocommerce

We encourage you to compare the rates by yourself. See if you can confirm the services and their rates and choose the best ones for your shipping scenario. To try this, hop onto StorePep Shipping Calculator.

You are Missing the Train if You Do not Provide ‘Discounted Shipping’

All carriers provide negotiated rates to clients with some form of discounts. One can negotiate with carrier companies by one of the following ways :

a) You have a very high shipping volume and hence are eligible to get a lucrative discount from the carrier

b) You are a long term customer of the carrier and they provide you a discount because of the association.

c) You hire a consultant who can negotiate and get a good discount on behalf of you.

The Weight of Your Shipment

This is quite simple to understand. More the weight, more the shipping charge levied by the carrier. By comparing with the calculator again, we see that the rates are quite different when I put in 1 lbs vs 10 lbs shipment.

Multivendor shipping

The Complete Shipping Solution for AMulti-Vendor Marketplace with StorePep

StorePep is one such solution that encapsulates all features mentioned until now. Besides, it provides accurate real-time Shipping rates at checkout.

We put two products (from different vendors) in an order. The results reflected rates from many carriers. We verified the rates to be completely accurate. Our team did this using Shipping calculator as shown in one of the previous sections.

Woocommerce shipping cart

Cumulative Shipping Rates Calculated based on Multi-vendor Warehouses at Checkout

The above screenshot also shows a very important feature. Customers can see combined shipping rates of all vendors at cart/checkout. ‘Toy Car’ and ‘Drone X’ are two products from different vendors. StorePep calculates Shipping rates based on the location of ‘Vendor 1’ and ‘Vendor 2’. And then shows the combined shipping rate at checkout.

Can StorePep Generate Official Shipping Label for Many Vendors in The Same Order?

With StorePep, vendors can generate labels for their shipments within the same order. For example, here are two sets of labels generated by different vendors for the same order :

Label generated by Vendor 1.

Shipping label

Labels generated by Vendor 2.

Dokan shipping label

Will My Customer Get Tracking Details for Each Shipment Fulfilled by Different Vendors

StorePep sends complete tracking information to WooCommerce. From here, WooCommerce triggers emails to customers showing the tracking statuses. The screenshot shows how StorePep updates order with tracking from the vendors :

Woocommerce vendor shipping

Vendor emails with tracking details :

Shipping process for vendors

Watch All Your Shipments Under One Roof

Shipping with many vendors can be a little overwhelming. Especially monitoring shipments on a daily basis is a necessary task. StorePep provides a central location to check daily statuses of all orders. Besides, there is a dedicated view for failed or delayed orders. Here is a screenshot of the feature mentioned :

Storepep Shipping

Generate 100’s of Labels in a Click by Automating lots of Manual Operations

Do you generate labels by copy-pasting order information one by one in the courier website? With StorePep, your vendors can generate 100s of labels in a single click. Besides, other one click actions involve-

  • Scheduling pickups.
  • Generating Manifests.
  • Tracking shipments.

Moreover, it allows store owners to perform further automation like-

  • Selecting a particular Carrier and service,
  • Setting a different warehouse location,
  • Setting package dimensions,
  • Adding insurance for the package and many more.

All these automations can be set based on the following conditions :

1. Weight of shipment

The following screenshot shows an automation rule to :
Select DHL Express 12:00 service when weight of the shipment is greater than 4 lbs.

Storepep shipping settings

2. Total Cost of Order

Automation rule to select Shipper address as ‘India’ for shipments with price less than Rs 100/-

Zone based shipping

3. Quantity of

Automation rule to define package dimensions for shipment having 1-4 items in quantity.

Item quantity in shipping

4. Shipping Zones

Automation rule to define insurance for USA specific Shipments :

Woocommerce shipping zones

5. Shipping Classes

Automation rule to set DHL shipping Service based on Shipping classes :

Multi-vendor shipping

More Features :

Vendors can define their own shipping carriers with their own shipping rules.

Multi-vendor shipping

With a single click, StorePep generates labels for vendors who can raise a pickup request.

Label batch for shipping

Vendors can print their own manifests or their packing slips.

Print your shipping orders

A Sample Manifest for Many Orders

To understand more about the solution, you can refer their Multi-vendor shipping page.

Here is a video that gives a third eye view on order fulfillment by a customer using StorePep + Dokan.

Final Words on Multi-vendor Shipping with Dokan

Shipping has evolved from simple flat rates to complex multi-vendor scenarios. We saw how StorePep with Dokan contributes towards a multi-vendor marketplace. We have all the tools necessary to make a business successful. Only if the entrepreneur uses his will!

Check out the article to start your online business with Dokan. If there any question or confusion, let us know by commenting below. You can drop your shipping related queries to StorePep support team.

The Ultimate Guide To Build An Effective eCommerce Marketplace

Are you thinking to start your own eCommerce marketplace? Or are you scared to face the challenges of building a marketplace from scratch?

If you are thinking but scared and distressed at the same time; you need a plan. You need a guide that would help you, assist you to face all the challenges with the courage, hard work and determination. Moreover, you need a plan that would back up your strength and help you create a bang in the online market.

Are you looking for that support?

This ultimate guide will help you surpass every challenge, every obstacle you encounter during your journey to build an effective marketplace.

So don’t worry, if you want to turn your idea into reality this guide will help you.

Table of Contents

  • eCommerce Marketplace
  • Types of marketplace you can build
  • Is building an eCommerce marketplace so difficult?
  • Why have many marketplaces failed?
  • What should you need for running a marketplace?
  • What is the best solution for E-commerce?
  • Tips for your marketing
  • Final thoughts

eCommerce Marketplace and The Way it Serves

An eCommerce marketplace is a website that offers an e-commerce solution. It is due to the online market place that you enhance your shopping experience. But, remember, the marketplace operator, the caretaker of the site may not own the goods and services available, but they only present other peoples inventory to carry out a transaction.

Sites like eBay and Amazon are the best examples of popular online marketplaces.

Whereas, on the other hand online stores focuses on simple e-commerce solution where the owner of the website primarily focuses on its own products or services. Therefore, to become a successful online store owner he would try harder to sell the products and services, since it’s his own offerings. Therefore, he would make all efforts to create and customize home page, category page, product page, description, image, price and add to cart options.

An eCommerce Marketplace offers a wide range of products and services from which a customer can choose. Some online marketplaces offer general shopping experiences while other caters to a specific niche, like electronics, clothing, furniture or any other. Some of the best sites providing prestigious online marketplace experience is becoming the fastest growing sites in the world. They are providing excellent customer experience, a wide range of products and services, which is saving their time, cost, effort, and hassle.

Did you ever come across an online marketplace? We have! We are sure you would have encountered the shopping experience too.

Types of Marketplace You Can Build for Your Business

Now, let's see the three different types of marketplaces.

Vertical Marketplace

Vertical marketplace offers a kind of product but from various sources. They focus on a specific niche and thus provide great depth of the products and services to create a great experience. TrueFacet is one such example; they sell jewelry and related products by attaching a VIN to every single jewelry item.

Thereby, adding value and authenticity to the product. is another vertical marketplace example for the education industry. It covers all the education courses from kindergarten to adult schooling.

Horizontal Marketplace

Horizontal marketplace sells products of various types, but they share a single characteristic. One set example could be Poshmark; they sell a wide variety of clothes from different brands but only women dresses.

So women, who don’t want to or don’t have the time to download individual retailers, they opt for Poshmark; Multiple retailers at one stop.

Global Marketplace

Global marketplace sells everything; a wide variety of products from a different niche in different industries. On best example is eBay. You can look for anything, of any type at one place. It offers you a wide variety of choice and extended inventory. A global marketplace is an efficient marketplace is the best platform for buyers and sellers; since they are spread across long distances.

So, if you are planning to expand your business by creating an eCommerce marketplace for your company for a single brand of a single type; then you need a vertical marketplace. However, if you are planning to build a marketplace like eBay, or amazon that focuses on a wide range of products from different industries then you need a global marketplace.

Free Multivendor Marketplace Plugin for WordPress

Is Building an eCommerce Marketplace so Difficult?

Building a marketplace startup, Strategizing a marketplace and turning that idea into a reality is definitely a crucial task. Are you a newbie and you don’t know what to do, where to start and how to get things working? Then, building a marketplace from scratch seems a hassle for you. Being an entrepreneur, you have to look into so many factors; you need to strategize, the right strategy for your business.

If you want your business to succeed in the online world. You need a perfect platform; which works like magic. You want to earn high rewards in the form of sales, revenues, profits. But achieving all this is a piece of cake or like moving a mountain?

Let’s see some

Reasons Why Marketplace Seems Difficult For Many:

  • Building a marketplace startup
  • Attracting that first customer
  • Generating traffic
  • free multivendor marketplace
  • Create an effective online selling environment
  • Managing the inner workings to create an effective, efficient and individual marketplace
  • Establishing trust
  • Maintaining reliable and authentic logistics
  • Saas marketplace platform
  • Marketplace requirements for success; Adapting to those massive financial costs, maintenance costs and other expenses.
  • Providing effecting and effective service delivery
  • Providing personalized services

Most importantly, marketplace functionality is about customer expectations. So, satisfying those millions of customers is not just the essence. Instead, delighting them is what you should focus on; do something that is beyond their expectations. Overcoming the needs and demands of the customer by providing them their products and services is done by all. Think out if the box, and do something that will surprise them.

Now, do you think it is challenging to build an individual marketplace? We don't think so! Follow the guideline to easily create your own multi-vendor marketplace and how to customize it for your users.

Why have Many Marketplaces Failed?

Running a marketplace is earning a reputation as ‘the fastest and greatest winning platform, but the question arises; have all been successful in obtaining millions of dollars? No! not at all. If eBay, Airbnb, Etsy, or Fiverr are successfully operating, many have failed drastically too.

Want to know the reasons of their failure? Have a look.

  • They failed to Choose the right brand name
  • They did not keep a track on their customer's demand
  • Fail to comply with risk management
  • Unsuccessful to generate a competitive edge
  • Not capturing brand equity
  • Over-regulating their customers
  • Focusing on quantity over quality
  • Not choosing a competitive pricing strategy

These are some of the best mistakes newbie entrepreneurs made while building an e-commerce business. Learn from their mistakes and avoid making these mistakes.

What Should You Need for Running A Marketplace?

Since now you are all equipped with all the knowledge, Let’s look into some the things you need before you start building a marketplace from scratch

Let’s start from the scratch…

You need four basic things you need before you step into building a marketplace startup. They are marketplace requirements for success.

Business Model

Every business stands on certain fundamentals that are base of your business success. So, before you carry out your workings, make sure you know what you are doing. Determine your business model with care. This world is bombarded with online businesses; millions of e-commerce entrepreneurs are offering a wide variety of services.

But only some earn. So get with a unique idea that would click. Keep your customers in mind. A unique concept, a valid business model that would add value to your success, is your essential requirement.

Customer Base

You must have heard “Customers Come First.” “Give Preference To The Needs And Wants Of Your Customers.” “Your Customers Are The Goal Of Success.”
For me, this is absolutely right, prefer your customers. Thus, carry out vigorous research to determine your customers. Build a customer base; determine their likes, dislikes, their preferences. Once you have entailed all the details about your customer, you can easily reach your customer. Most importantly, you will convert your visitors into your loyal customers. Your customers will become your brand ambassadors by creating a good word of mouth.

Effective E-commerce Platform

There are varieties of e-commerce platforms available, choosing the right one is crucial yet important. So, before you decided any, consider the following things in mind:

  • A popular e-commerce platform that offers Reliable, authentic Content management system
  • Offers growth through upgrades
  • Variety of third-party tools
  • Easy usability
  • Customization services
  • Unlimited supply of extensions
  • Web tools that will help you empower your store

Have you chosen an e-commerce platform? Does your e-commerce platform entail these characteristics? Be Vigilant in selecting the right one.

Web Development

You just don’t need an attractive website, but you need a useful site with good loading speed. Remember! If a site takes more than 3 sec to load you have lost a customer.

Do you want to keep losing customers? Retain them; maintain your sites’ performance level.

If you don’t have the expertise to develop a website that sells then hire some. Once you have catered to all these details, bring it on and rock the online market with your amazing high-end eCommerce marketplace functionality.

It’s time to rock & roll!

What is The Best Solution for E-commerce Business?

If your business requires an e-commerce platform then you must be choosing the best e-commerce content management system too. You must be fully aware that CMS is a vital element for all businesses. They are not only helping businesses design and manage their website but also help them in making it more engaging. Whereas, selecting the best CMS platform is a crucial and complex task.

So, let me wind up this tail in three simple things; if you are looking for an e-commerce business solution, you need the best CMS platform. Moreover, if you are looking for an effective CMS platform the following three are the best options available:


WordPress for business

WordPress is one of the best solutions for e-commerce business since it offers the best content management system. It is ruling the market due to its innovations, effective strategy and market share. It is not only popular among the online world but is the most excellent e-commerce solutions.
Build a marketplace with WordPress with some of the known reasons:

  • It is not providing e-commerce solutions but allows you to have overall control over your site.
  • You are your own boss; create your own unique content, set an original portfolio and enjoy unlimited benefits.
  • Avail its plugins, tools, themes, integration and wide variety of services
  • The most compatible interface in the online market

WordPress is free, but you may avail their competitive and cheap premium services. With easy to use set up and friendly interface, WordPress sounds the best option, but remember there are various others as well.

So, before you look into it, let’s check my other two options…

WooCommerce- Best Solution for WordPress eCommerce

If you are talking about WordPress, you must be fully aware of WooComerce too. WordPress is gaining popularity due to WooCommerce services; it is a free toolkit for your WordPress site.

Woocommerce- eCommerce marketplace

In short, WooCommerce and WordPress come side by side. Let’s look into some reasons why WooComerce is the best platform for E-commerce and the best toolkit of WordPress:

Highly flexible: Since it is capable of selling downloads, physical products, virtual products, subscriptions and much much more.

Easy categorization of services

You can easily categorize your products and services and attach a sale price to its Customized services: It offers you a wide range of customization options for your storefront. Its storefront offers a variety of free and paid options. So, if you are looking for some awesome, awe-inspiring designs, templates, themes or extensions; WooCommerce is your right choice.

E-commerce Services

Its e-commerce services are just rocking! Let’s see in detail:

  • Uses a wide variety of payment gateways, such as; cheque payments, cash on delivery, direct bank transfer, credit card payment and simple payment.
  • Offers it’s customers a wide range of preset currencies and built0in geo-location support
  • Not only controls the checkout process but secures it with security certificates.
  • Offers drag and drop payment process
  • Uses AJAX; to minimize the reloading time when a customer edits its cart by adding or removing a product.

Marketing and SEO Services

WooComerce is known as the best platforms for SEO practices. It will help you drive traffic to your site, help you with a product review, coupons and much much more. Moreover, it is also offering a wide range of marketing and SEO service plugins: social media integration, follow up emails, wish lists, live sales feed, smart coupons, cart notices, etc.

The WooCommerce platform will not only help you develop and enhance your online store, but it will help you achieve a large customer base. Apart from the mentioned above features, it is also offering web hosting and storage management solutions. So, what are you waiting for?

Let's look into my third option

Dokan- One of the Best Multivendor Marketplace Builders

Dokan- online marketplace

So if you are relying on WordPress and then WooCommerce, then you must avail Dokan e-commerce solution. They are offering a complete multivendor e-commerce solution for WordPress. So, if you are a newbie, rely on WordPress and WooCommerce, you have stopped at the right place. Dokan designs and interface are made for newbies like you. It's automatic, it’s magical.

Let’s see some of the reasons Dokan is just right for you:

  • Super intuitive designs and simple interface
  • Compatible with Woo themes
  • Best storefront
  • Most trending marketplace designs
  • Everything is managed by vendors
  • Offers flexible commission rates and automatic revenue split for sellers.
  • Reliable, authentic and skilled customer support
  • Attract visitors and drive massive traffic to your site

Dokan is a free multi-vendor marketplace that offers free themes option. So, if you want to start straight away, you have got all. Create something like eBay, win your customers and become successful. Live your dreams and become a famous owner of your own multivendor marketplace in the niche of time.

Tips for Your Marketing

Following the above steps will help you create a BANG in the online market. You have made it! You must be now worrying about fierce competition!
Yes! You need to worry about them.

They are your rivals; you need an effective marketing strategy that will help you drive them out of the market. Let me help you out of this dungeon too.

  • Focus on content marketing strategy
  • Create an automatic email generated campaign
  • Social media marketing is a must
  • Don’t forget contextual marketing
  • Focus on social networks
  • Reach out to your customers
  • Offer bonus, rewards, discounts, and promotions
  • Create a responsive interface for tablets and smartphones.
  • Adding a live chat option
  • Use opt-in pop-up offers

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide will help you build an active eCommerce marketplace as you desire for. This guide was made while keeping in mind those entrepreneurs and founders who face challenges of the online world. If you are planning to build a marketplace like eBay, Shopify or any other, don’t think. You are equipped with the right knowledge, just head off to the direction and turn your idea into a dream.

This post is written by Khurram Shahzad. He is an experienced WordPress blogger. And a pro contributor at Quora and EzineArticles.

Top Responsive WooCommerce Themes to Use in 2019

WooCommerce and WordPress is the most effective pair when you are planning to run your e-commerce business smoothly. According to the most recent stats of barn2 media, 5.3% of top million websites are on WooCommerce.

Considering its immense popularity, today we decided to heap up the best responsive WooCommerce themes in 2019 before you.

Best Responsive WooCommerce Themes in 2019

How long my visitors will stay on my site is something that depends largely on themes. So be it a clothing store or online magazine, themes play a crucial roll in here. As a user you have to choose the theme really carefully.

You have to consider its responsiveness, flexibility, pricing, and compatibility with other features. Keeping all these in mind we are presenting themes before you that can be taken as Best WooCommerce Themes 2019.


First of all, StoreFront is easy to set up as WooCommerce developers themselves have built this theme up. Consequently, StoreFront works along with other WooCommerce integration and extensions.

There is this facility that it can work as a parent theme to other smaller themes. And it has multiple layouts and customizing systems that you can use.

woocommerce themes responsive


Neto is popular for its transforming power of turning a website into a superstore. Its responsive design makes it more acceptable to users.

Customizing options are endless and you can edit each and every corner of your store. Its drag and drop facility make these customizations easy.

woocommerce themes responsive


If you want to make your WooCommerce site lucrative with a Banner Image or with a Banner Video then you should try this Leto WooCommerce Theme. It comes with so many useful widgets that help you to decorate your Home Page.

Moreover, you can choose your favorite fonts from the Google Fonts integration with Leto Theme. It has a full localization facility which means you can translate your site in your native language. It has both free & pro features along with live customer support.


Are you in trouble with your eCommerce site speed? Then you can try the Shoptimizer theme. It’s the fastest eCommerce theme out there. In GTmetrix, it’s scored 96% Speed Grade. You will be benefited by its SEO optimization facility.

Your Users will enjoy Distraction-free Checkout. Although Shoptimizer’s demo data utilizes Elementor, it also works with other major page builders! But they have no free version. You can try the demo from here.


Tonda is a flawlessly designed, sophisticated WooCommerce theme, perfect for selling precious items and crafts. With a great selection of elegant, clean layouts and beautifully designed inner pages, Tonda is sure to make your products shine in all their glory.

WooCommerce themes responsive

But this eCommerce theme is more than just a gorgeous piece of design: it also packs some truly powerful and unique features to help users set up a functional shop and provide a smooth, streamlined shopping experience.


Tyche is a popular free WooCommerce theme created by team Colorib. More than 4,000 e-commerce sites running their business with it. They are updating the theme on a regular basis and also provide support for any issue.

If you have any doubts about their work you can then check their 5-star reviews on the WordPress Theme Directory. They earned 4.5 rating which definitely proves how they are popular in the community. You will get the detail documentation and demo for this theme from here.


woocommerce themes responsive

Hestia is a free WordPress theme with premium features in it. This WooCommerce compatible theme help users ornate their online shop with multiple layout. This theme has unlimited colors and one important feature of modern time, “social media icon” is also in this theme.


WooCommerce has many free themes for users. eStore is one of the most famous among the free themes. And it can work in collaboration with WooCommerce extensions.

Building an online store using eStore theme is really easy as it has enriched features and customizable widgets to design your store.


Shop Isle is most attractive for its parallax effect. This is a free WooCommerce compatible WordPress theme.

woocommerce themes responsive

Its large product image pattern attracts visitors in the first place.


ShopKeeper is a theme for the professionals. So, it is the right choice for you if you are to set a shop of your own. Its functionality is varied. WooCommerce integration, responsiveness, organized blogging layout are its specialty.


Hugo is a WordPress based WooCommerce theme. Its especially lies in three optional page builder facility. As a user you can use any one of them to design your layout and format.

woocommerce themes responsive

This theme targets the bigger high profile business. This includes separate widgets for social media and contact info.

Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon is a high quality, simple and clean template which is built with Warp Framework. It is also built with a number of CSS3 effects which is supported on all the modern browsers. It's also possible to use one template for different websites.

This theme also provides a good number of customizability features for the admin so as to make the design unique. This template is a good fit for the message and therapy website and spa salon.


Woovina is an amazing responsive WooCommerce theme aimed at to build a WooCommerce store. This theme can not only be easily customized but is also search engine optimized.

The theme creator provides great customer support and they have also detailed documentation.


If you are looking for a flexible and fast-loading WooCommerce theme then YourStore is the right choice for you. You can easily create your eCommerce store effortlessly with its pixel-perfect design and user-friendly functionalities.

This theme is neatly coded and is scalable. So, you can extend its functionalities at ease.


Arcade is a WooCommerce theme dedicated to gamers and geeks out there. People who want to set up an online store of electronics, gaming accessories can use this theme.

woocommerce themes responsive


Different sites should have different looks based on their purpose. Online dress shops and shoe stores won't have the same look. Again traveling sites and food blogs won't have the same layouts. CupCake is a famous theme for a dessert shop.

woocommerce themes responsive

This theme is intuitive and organizes products according to demand automatically.


StyleShop has an inbuilt drag and drops feature. This makes its layout design is exclusively flexible to edit. You can create pages within a short time.

woocommerce themes responsive

It is for professionals and the best option for fashion enthusiasts. As it is for professionals it starts at $111.

WooCommerce Themes (Dokan Compatible)

If you are unaware, WooCommerce does not let you build an eCommerce store with multivendor functionality. That's exactly where the Dokan multivendor solution shines in!

But to get the best user experience of the Dokan and WooCommerce solutions, you need to install Dokan supported themes. Here are a few Dokan compatible themes you can give a shot to.


woocommerce themes responsive

Electro is a Dokan compatible theme and it is a full-fledged theme for creating an online store for electronic products. Not only it is a great theme for showcasing electronic products but also it is a perfect fit for building affiliate sites and multivendor stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, Aliexpress etc.

You can also add additional functionalities via child themes or custom plugins with the lean and extensible code structure of this plugin. It has very strong integration with the WooCommerce core. Besides, it does also provide integration with the other WooCommerce extensions.

Get Dokan Theme Now!


woocommerce themes responsive

If you are to build a WooCommerce store with Multivendor functionalities then this theme will give you a boost.

The Rehub theme is awarded “Grade A” for its enormous scalability. It uses a lower footprint for SQL queries and memory usage which will be a perfect fit for building a WooCommerce store that will be squeaky clean and fast at the same time.

Get This Dokan Theme Now!


woocommerce themes responsive

Though this theme can be used for multipurpose uses it adds a special test while building eCommerce websites. It comes with some of its included layouts like home page, product page etc. which can help you customize in the easiest way. Some of its features includes:

  • Responsive Layout
  • Mega Menu
  • Page Builder
  • Awesome Slider Revolution
  • Product Quick View

Above all, you don't have to have any coding knowhow to create a WooCommerce store with this theme.

Get This Dokan Theme Now!


woocommerce themes responsive

This theme is specifically designed for creating multivendor sites. With this theme, not only will you be able to assign a product to your specified vendors but the vendors can also add, edit or delete their own products.

Using this theme the vendors will get their own dedicated vendor page on their site which will also appear on your store page. As a vendor, one can list one's products to the vendor page very easily.

Get This Dokan Theme Now!


Revo is a great theme for WooCommerce and it is also greatly compatible with Dokan. This theme fits any kind of the online marketplace including stores like fashion shop, furniture store, cosmetics store, book shop, medical store, watch store and so on.

What's more, it is customizable with its 25+ unique homepage design layouts and as a bonus, you can use 5+ mobile-specific layouts. Furthermore, the theme also supports One Click Demo Import so that you can exactly get the contents on your website.

Get This Theme Now!


Yozi is a greatly responsive theme for building a WooCommerce site having multivendor marketplace functionalities. Meaning that Yozi is carefully developed to be used with WooCommerce and Dokan in tandem.

Get This Theme Now!

Reign Storemate Dokan Theme

If you are looking for a WooCommerce theme which is fully compatible with Dokan and offers some out of the box features, Reign Storemate Dokan is the perfect choice for you. This WooCommerce theme has been designed keeping in mind the important aspects of a marketplace such as store listings, vendor listings, unique single product page customizations, automated mega menu support, incredible user experience, and supports marketing sales enhancement. You can also check a variety of interactive demos and play with their live sandbox as well. Some other features of this theme:

  • Complete Vendor Management
  • Extra Shop Layout
  • Digital Marketplace
  • Grid and List Layout
  • Incredible Dokan Page Designs
  • Automated Mega Menu Support
  • Additional Dokan Widgets and much more.

Get This Dokan Theme Now!

Like to See More Dokan theme? You can visit this page to see the other themes, compatible with both WooCommerce and Dokan.

Over to You

Apart from the themes mentioned here, there are more responsive WooCommerce themes out there which you can give a shot.

Before choosing a theme make sure that it perfectly blends with the product type of your dream WooCommerce store. However, if you are already using a theme for your WooCommerce marketplace there's nothing to worry.

That's because the theme installation process is very easy in WordPress and you can install any of these themes on your website without losing any data or spending much time on the process.

Finally, mind that your eCommerce site can lose tens of thousands of traffic just because of an unattractive and distracting theme. So stay safe with the appropriate theme.