WooCommerce Google Shopping Feed: Here’s What You Should Consider (with Plugin Suggestion)

Starting an eCommerce website doesn't help you propel the products on to the market and get it popular. You need to strategize your approach to get your products online. Google Shopping is gaining momentum among retailers to be the catalyst in promoting their products online.

Hence to keep your business growing it is important to work on how to get your products online. Google Shopping, with the help of the Google Merchant Center, is lending a hand of help to promote small and big retailers and establish their online presence.

In order to get your products online, you have to first create an account with Google Merchant Center and upload your products. In the case of a WooCommerce store, you can make use of the WooCommerce Google Shopping feed generator plugin and then pave way for the products to Google Shopping.

How Does Google Shopping Help to Kickstart Your eCommerce Sales

WooCommerce google shopping feed

Google Shopping is indeed the key to marketing your products and reaching out to the right audience. Your shopping campaigns are assisted by Google Product Feeds that are uploaded to the Google Merchant Center and the Googe Ads, which helps you strategically decide upon the target audience. 

When someone is looking for your product on Google, if you want them to see your product on top then you must be aware of how it is happening. If you look out for strategies, then partly it is with the proper utilization of Google Ads and the rest depends on what information you have fed to Google Shopping, via Google Merchant Center.

Your WooCommerce store data is imported to the Google Merchant Center using methods and formats mentioned in the Google Merchant Center.

Here are some important points to remember when you upload your google product feeds:

  1. The product feed must be up-to-date.
  2. No erroneous information must be included.
  3. Images and data must be accurate and give the right idea about the product.
  4. The feed must adhere to the rules provided by the Google Merchant Center.

Hence in order to generate an error-free Google Product Feed, it is important to make use of a plugin that helps to do it. And there are lots of WooCommerce Google Shopping feed plugins out there.

If you look up, there are plenty available in the market. Let us take a look at a few of the free Google Product Feed plugins available:

ELEX WooCommerce Google Product Feed plugin

ELEX WooCommerce Google Product Feed plugin

ELEX Google Product Feed free plugin is one of the popular free Google Product feed plugins that helps to upload the basic feeds into the Google Merchant Center. The plugin helps to generate an XML file and then upload it to the Google Merchant Center.

The free version does not include product variations though. But the plugin is most suited for retailers who want to make use of the Google product feed to enter Google shopping.

The premium version of the plugin ELEX WooCommerce Google Shopping feed has many more features.

WooCommerce Product Feed Manager

WooCommerce Google Shopping feed

WooCommerce Product Feed Manager is a very basic free version of the WoCommerce Product Feed Manager Pro. The plugin helps to generate a feed for various channels like Amazon, Bing, Google Shopping, etc.

The best part about the plugin is its auto-sync feature with Google Shopping. The plugin also has effective category mapping and extensive filter options to include or exclude certain data.

Moreover, scheduled updates let you keep the data up-to-date.

WooCommerce Product Feed for Google, Bing, eBay and Many More

WooCommerce Google Shopping feed

An ideal free Google Product Feed plugin, this one from WebAppick can create feeds for multiple channels. Like eBay, Bing and much more apart from Google Shopping. You can sync the shopping feed via HTTP or FTP to different shopping engines and keep the data updated.

The free version does not permit Bundled products and composite ones though. Which is again included in the premium version of the plugin. It also supports more than one hundred merchant sites. The plugin is quite responsive and fast. It's one of the best WooCommerce Google Shopping feed plugins.

Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Google Shopping feed

Get your products on to different shopping engines in minutes with the help of this plugin. The Product Feed Pro for WooCommerce plugin helps not only to generate product feeds for Google Shopping but also contains 100 plus templates. Those support the comparison of products across search engines and marketplaces.

An unlimited number of products can be uploaded with advanced category mapping. And rule-based mapping for supporting various conditional statements for better visibility of products.

Looking forward to WooCommerce Google Shopping Feed Plugins

The above ones are the list of popular WooCommerce Google Product Feed plugins. These will help you generate error-free Google Product feeds for Google Shopping. Once you generate your Google Shopping feeds, it is uploaded to the Google Merchant Center.

With effective planning and managing of Google Adwords, the target markets are obtained. Wherein your products are displayed and marketed for bringing in higher conversion rates.

5 Negative Impacts of A Slow Website and How to Make It Faster

Be it a small local store or a large global corporation – everyone has a website these days. Platforms like WordPress and Joomla have made it easy for anyone to build a site. But while building a website is easy, running one, is not. One of the factors that site owners fail to deal with is loading speed and how to make web pages load faster.

Today there is an increasing number of smartphone users. And with the advent of high-speed internet access on a global scale, a majority of users expect a fast response from the websites they visit.

Even if it is a few seconds delay, today’s users get easily frustrated with a slow-loading website.

This ultimately impacts business factors like customer experience, SEO, web traffic, sales, and revenues.

Many businesses have reduced their website loading time and seen significant improvement in their customer engagement, traffic, and conversions. For instance, Pinterest enhanced its page speed which led to a 15% jump in organic traffic and an increase in their conversion rate.

Now that you realize the importance of website speeds, let’s delve into how slow website speed can really impact your business and how to solve that. Keep reading!

5 Ways a Slow Website Impacts Your Business

Slow website speeds tend to impact your business negatively in these 5 areas.

how to make web pages load faster

User Experience

Slow websites can quickly frustrate even the most patient of online users. Here are some statistics that drive home this point-

  • 40% of online users leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load
  • 47% of online shoppers expect an online retail web page to load in under two seconds
  • 79% of online shoppers are less likely to return if they experience a slow loading website

That’s quite an eye-opener, isn’t it? Add to it the fact that the average attention span of humans has dramatically decreased. It necessitates improving user experience by improving website speed.

The industry stats are even more alarming for smartphone users. Google reports that 53% of mobile users would leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Especially for e-commerce stores, a slow website can cause high shopping cart abandonment and lost online sales.

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Search Engine Ranking

A popular search engine like Google pays a lot of importance to website speeds when ranking business websites. A 2010 announcement by Google officially included page load time as a crucial factor in ranking websites.

Fast loading websites are given a higher ranking which contributes to more user clicks and incoming traffic.

How to make web pages load faster
Search Engine Ranking

Search engine users are more likely to click on the highlighted websites than the rest of the list.

To improve their user experience, search engines also keep track of the time spent by users on the top websites along with the number of page views. Websites with high user engagement and page views are further ranked higher by the search engine.

Web Traffic

Slow website speeds can adversely impact the Google ranking of any websites. Which also means that there is less organic traffic being directed towards your website. Additionally, over 80% of online users who experience slow website performance never return to the website ever again.

Reduced online traffic means lower user engagement, lesser sales, and even lower returns from online ads if they’re hosted on the site. 

On the other hand, faster websites not only attract more traffic but also encourage online visitors to navigate through more web pages and spend more time on the website. This helps increase page views and chances of user conversion.

Sales and Conversions

Website speed and performance can ultimately impact business sales and conversions. studies show that 46% of unsatisfied customers develop a negative perception of the E-commerce business. And 44% share their negative shopping experiences with other potential shoppers. Each of these can have a lasting effect on sales and conversions.

Faster sites ensure desired sales and conversions

On a positive note, business enterprises who have improved their website load time have seen a significant improvement in their sales conversions and volume. For instance, Mobify recorded a 1.11% increase in its per-session conversions with a 100-millisecond decrease in loading time. That led to an increase in annual revenues of almost $380,000 for the company. Similarly, AutoAnything boosted its sales by 12 to 13% by reducing its page load time by 50%.

On a positive note, business enterprises who have improved their website load time have seen a significant improvement in their sales conversions and volume. For instance, Mobify recorded a 1.11% increase in its per-session conversions with a 100-millisecond decrease in loading time. That led to an increase in annual revenues of almost $380,000 for the company. Similarly, AutoAnything boosted its sales by 12 to 13% by reducing its page load time by 50%.

Operating Expenses and Revenues

In addition to generating more sales, businesses can also reduce their operating expenses by improving their page load time. Improved website performance is key for companies to minimize their investments in upgrading hardware and server resource usage.

This ultimately reduces their operating or business costs in the long run and can add to the generated revenues.

On the other hand, slow or unoptimized website performance can increase operating expenses and reduce revenues. A study conducted by Bing on website performance and revenues found that a 2-second delay in search results can incur a revenue loss of 4.3% for each user.

How to Make Web Pages Load Faster

How to make your web pages load faster

Business websites can be slow for a variety of reasons such as the use of a shared web host, unoptimized website images or the large volumes of video content, or even the installation of unoptimized plugins on your website.

Identify How Slow is Your Website

You can easily find how fast (or slow) your website is by testing it with speed analysis tools like Pingdom or Google PageSpeed Insights. These tools are easy to use and they show you how slow your website is.

How to make web pages load faster

Moreover, they help you identify the reasons for your slow website performance along which give you an idea of how you can improve your site speed.

Use Lighter Themes

A theme is meant to help you design your website well. If you are anything like us, you’d be tempted to using themes that offer a ton of features but such themes come at a cost. Theme can be heavy and can bog down your website.

When someone visits your website, it takes a while to load because of the heavy theme. You may want to consider changing your theme.

Move to a Better Hosting Plan

We all know how shared hosting is cheap therefore one of the most popular types of hosting. In shared hosting, many websites are hosted on the same server.

Generally, when a website is hacked it starts utilizing more server resources than it should, impacting other websites on the same server. This is why it’s advisable to move to managed or VPS hosting service if you can afford to.

Store Backup in an Independent Server

Many hosting providers or even backup plugins tend to store backups on your site server. With time the backup pile up bogging down the server. If that’s the case, you should move to a better backup service like BlogVault that stores backups on an independent server without impacting your website whatsoever.

Remove Malware (if necessary)

If you are still facing slow loading speeds even after fixing your common website performance issues, there is a strong likelihood that your website has been hacked or compromised by a malware infection.

how to make web pages load faster
Removing Malware

Malicious code left by hackers can overload your server bandwidth and available resources, thus impacting your website performance. What’s more challenging is that the latest malware infections are getting increasingly harder to identify and clean.

We highly recommend using a malware detection tool that is designed to detect malware that may otherwise slip through the cracks. For instance, the MalCare security plugin for WordPress websites can easily detect all types of malware infections.

WordPress security plugin

As it scans the website for multiple signals and parameters to detect any abnormality. Just like any other standard WordPress plugin, MalCare is easy to install and execute for any new WordPress user. 

In Conclusion

In recent years, various corporations have seen significant improvements in their customer engagement, incoming traffic, and overall sales conversions. All they did was reduce their load time by a few seconds (or even milliseconds!).

Providing a fast and consistent user experience on websites is now a key factor for ensuring business success. We would strongly recommend that you should check your website speed and performance. You should also implement measures to correct the issues causing your website to slow down.

Do you agree with the points that we have discussed, or do you any interesting insights? Let us know by leaving your comments in the section below.

Dokan- best multivendor marketplace for WordPress

This is a guest post written by Akshat Choudhary. He is the founder of BlogVault, MalCare and Migrate Guru. Akshat has transformed his side-project into a profitable venture that is scaling new heights in the Indian startup space.

An SEO Checklist For A New WordPress Website

In any industry, in any niche, there are always two ways you can try to build long-term success: the fast way, and the right way. The former might take a bit less time and offer ‘shortcuts' to online superstardom, but oftentimes it is also the way that entails using dubious techniques that could get you in trouble.

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WPOnepager- The Easiest Landing Page Builder For WordPress

If you are thinking about building your site's landing pages on your own in a faster way, then page builder plugins could be your easy choice.

Else you have to be an experienced coder or hire a web developer and of course, you have to invest a good amount of money. If you are not this person, then choose any page builder that will allow you to fulfill your needs.

Finding such a page builder is tough because none will provide you all the facilities at once. Besides, it might be a little bit harder for you to get familiar and get used to with a new plugin. Then, what's the solution?

Well, I have found such a WordPress landing page builder plugin that will let you develop any pages and websites in minutes. Give a check to this video.

You will need not to hire any developer, invest any extra money, learn any language, write any code, or go through any complexity. It’s that easy and simple with WPOnepager plugin.

I am going to review this plugin for you today. Then you will decide whether it's worth your time or not.

Features that WPOnepager Provides

Any Page Creation in The Shortest Time

WPOnepager plugin allows you to edit or create a new page within your editorial area. Write the title and enable WPOnepager to start developing your landing page.

Now you will be able to add any blocks to your page. If you look at with set structure and you’ll find a website consist of Navbar, slider, features section, testimonial, about section, and the footer.

Click on any blocks you like to insert and it will be inserted automatically. Afterward, change the images and contents.

You might be thinking of settings with WPOnepager, but no need to. The blocks of WPOnepager designed in a way that you don’t need to reposition the contents.

Now all you have to do is inserting blocks and replacing the contents of your website.

The WPOnepager doesn’t ask for column size like any other place winter plug-ins. You can pager blocks and templates are pre-customized so that you can create your website in the shortest time

Time Saver

WPOnepager comes with the time-saving templates that let you create landing pages instantly.

The dashboard you find a collection of templates of different categories just made for you. Templates let you create your own site in thing, therefore take the preview first and then click the import button.

A rich collection of templates

After the template importation is done click on the text and images to replace it. Your new page will be done in minutes not hours. If you wish to do a little customization, do it with WPOnepager.

100+ Templates & Blocks

There are more than a hundred plus templates and blocks come with WPOnepager.

Each template and blog are very elegant and entirely different from one another always find the best template for your site including – Magazine, blog, corporate, portfolio, creative, education, business, non-profit, e-commerce, apps, charity, retail, technology, waiting, real estate, miscellaneous, etc.

Robust Customization Options

More is always not good, sometimes it could even be bad.

WPOnepager comes with the minimal customization options so that you face zero complexity. Without which your site cannot be perfect.

Minimal options but zero complexity

To change the settings and options of the content, just click on it and make your desired change.

Lucrative Animations

Animations always increase the attractiveness of your site and it changes the entire look of it.

The WPOnepager comes with smooth animations that don’t have any impact on your website's performance. WPOnepager is developed in a way so that you get the best visual output of your site with uncompromising performance.

What Do Their Clients Say?

If you talk about the ratings WPOnepager comes with 4.5 ratings out of 5 in WordPress repository. All the users who have used this page builder plugin are satisfied with it.

Pricing and Support Options

The WPOnepager comes with the pro version and also a free version. If you like to get the free version you can download it from the WordPress plug-in repository.

The pro version of this plugin has 3 different pricing plans. $39 for Personal, $99 for Agency and $199 for Unlimited Sites. And you have the opportunity to use this awesome solution for free. Go and grab it now!

If you would like to experience the ultimate page developing experience in minutes, try WPOnepager.

Client Satisfaction

Using WPOnepager doesn’t require to go through a big book of a guideline. Therefore everyone who used it finds WPOnepager very easy and very useful.

Other page builders will ask you for coding knowledge or previous experience, but WPOnepager requires none. Everyone including your grandma can build a website all by herself.

There are a lot of people who have use WPOnepager but no one has complained against it. You are guaranteed to be satisfied.

So, is this really one of the easiest landing page builders?

There will be always choices, but finding the best one is tough. If you are a guy who wants his landing page in the shortest time with zero complexity than WPOnepager will be his choice for sure. Try WPOnepager and start developing yourself.

Feel free to have any queries.

Make WordPress the Best and Most Secure Platform to Power Your Websites

Owing a WordPress site is a great achievement, especially when you want to have webpages where you can enlighten, entertain and educate your readers or followers. It is a platform that you can utilize and be a part of the large community embracing great internet technologies. To make use of WordPress, you need a domain and a hosting website as the key requirements to create and publish webpages for your target audience.

Make WordPress Secure Platform to Power Your Websites
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10 WordPress SEO Mistakes to Steer Clear of

SEO is at the top of most web-designers to do list since it can so easily make or break a website’s effectiveness. Being optimized for search engines is both increasingly difficult and increasingly rewarding, with the masters of the industry achieving major success for their clients and their clients’ companies. Boosting your search engine ranking can be a crucial step for getting your head above water as a site, in this increasingly flooded internet marketplace.

That being said, with so much development in the field, some people can get left behind. It has become less clear what the right way to go about SEO is and what needs to be avoided. Sure, WordPress is a great platform to start with. But, there are a whole host of possible WordPress SEO mistakes that you can still run into. So, without further ado, here are 10 of them to avoid making.

1. Forgetting Time Zone

It’s really easy to forget about setting the time zone you want for your site. But, the damage can be really impactful. Especially if, like so many people nowadays, you are running scheduled posts. Your whole posting metric will be completely messed up without sorting this out, making it one of the most annoying WordPress SEO mistakes that you can make.

2. Not Checking Your Google Analytics Results

Image Source: neilpatel.com

So, your site is up, all developed, all SEO optimized. Sitting back and seeing what happens would be a mistake. Optimization necessarily equates to getting results: hits, traffic, sales, rentals whatever it is. Keeping track of your performance via Google Analytics and, crucially, comparing that to your real-world results, is part of successful SEO.

3. Not Submitting to Google Search Console

Image Source: sitechecker.pro

Once your website is completed, it is important that you submit your XML sitemap (a data list of every item contained on your website) to Google Search Console. This integration of your data will allow you to inform Google what sites you want indexed and will greatly improve your ranking.

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4. Keyword Overuse or Stuffing

Image Source: blog.alexa.com

It can be very tempting to make this WordPress SEO mistake. Keywords are known as a way to attract traffic. However, search engines will penalize you for this simplistic strategy. What is more, it is reported that the psychological effect of knowing that a website is pushing too much with keywords is more likely to repel traffic than bring it in.

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5. Failing to Backend

Usage of links on your page can be really important to ensure that you up your traffic. Good SEO will always use internal and external links throughout a site. Links are statistically proven to drive traffic to your website, so spread them around.”

6. Failing to Update Content

Image Source: searchengineland.com

Letting your content go stale or be unprofessional is a terrible SEO mistake, that can impact your click-through rate. Constant updates are needed, as well as quality control. To help with that, try these tools:

Academy Advisor and StudyDemic – Some helpful guides for content copywriting.

BigAssignments – An online editing tool, for ensuring content is polished.

MyWritingWay – An excellent tool for running your usage of grammar through.

Academized and AustralianHelp – Two nifty content formatting tools for your WordPress site.

ViaWriting – For help inserting and generating keywords, tags, titles, and subheadings.

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7. Not Removing Broken Links

Image Source: sitechecker.com

Having broken links is a proven motivator for click-aways, making this one of the biggest WordPress SEO mistakes you could possibly make. This doesn’t only mean having broken links to pages within your own site, it includes not regularly checking the links you include on your page to other websites.

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8. Forgetting to Permalink Your Posts

Image Source: hostinger.com

Every new element or post to your website needs to have its unique link, the permalink. It affects your SEO ranking and can allow your pages to go stale. Go into WordPress settings and put it down in stone.

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9. Forgetting to Include Image Titles and Meta Data

Image Source: yoast.com

Search engines are powerful but they’re not omniscient. They can handle text, but one common SEO mistake is to forget to enter the alt text for all of your images to use them to improve your SEO ranking. Otherwise, your images go by the wayside.

Related Article: How to Add Metadata in a Proper Way

10. Neglecting Your Meta Description

Image Source: semrush.com

This is a proven area in which you can maximize your click rates. You have a couple of sentences to show your worth to all SEO users. Do it! This WordPress SEO mistake is unforgivable and will kill your ranking. We suggest you read this article on what not to do when writing a Meta Description.


It’s easy to make WordPress SEO mistakes, but with some careful forethought and, hopefully, with the help of this list of which to look out for, you will be able to avoid making any too costly blunders. Focus on the details and you’ll be fine!

Author Bio: Freddie Tubbs is a digital marketing strategist at UKWritings. He regularly attends marketing and tech events and contributes posts to Boomessays and Essayroo blogs.

Important Features You May Not Know Woocommerce Offers

When it comes to using WooCommerce, you know you are getting access to one of the most sophisticated WordPress add-ons around. It’s essential to those looking to build a strong eCommerce platform or adding greater functionality to the web store. However, as you might expect, there is a lot more to WooCommerce than you might have first expected.

WooCommerce is a very powerful platform, but some of its features might remain hidden to you unless you purposely hunt them down. If you want to get the most out of your WooCommerce system, there are quite a lot of things to consider.

So, what are some of the features that you might not have used so far when looking through WooCommerce? If you are unsure of what to expect, then this might help you to get the most out of a very powerful system. Let's explore some awesome WooCommerce features.

Manage Your Facebook Stores

If you happen to use Facebook, then you could most likely use WooCommerce to really help change things up. It can be used to help quickly set up your Facebook store, allowing you to use this social media giant to really build up more sales in a short space of time.

WooCommerce Features

It also allows you to re-target visitors directly through Facebook, helping to convince a previous visitor to become a customer. It’s easy to use, and it allows you to easily import all of your products to the Facebook page directly from WooCommerce, making sales much simpler.

Offer WooCommerce Subscriptions

Not many people use WooCommerce for running a subscription service, but you could easily do so if you so choose. Subscriptions are great for bringing in regular income to your business and will be essential to building a long-term service worth using.

However, normally, running a subscription service would be quite a challenge. With the help of WooCommerce, you can easily make sure that you can solve this issue. You could even use it for managing the whole process: if someone chooses to unsubscribe, it will get canceled in the store making the whole process much more automated.

Provide WooCommerce Simple Auctions

WooCommerce might also be useful if you wish to run auctions. Whilst most of us keep our online auctions to sites like eBay, with this system you can easily make sure that you have simple access to setting up an auction channel of your own.

WooCommerce features

It’s easy for you to control and work with, and you can easily set it all up to be managed directly from within WooCommerce. If you want to make sure that you have more to your store than just straight-up purchase, this is going to be extremely useful in helping you do just that.

Get Rid of Needless, Unwanted Features

Sometimes, though, the sheer scale and size of WooCommerce can feel overwhelming. Well, you’ll be happy to know that you can do just as much work with WooCommerce as you want – including getting rid of features that you have no need for.

If you are sick of having too much to work with instead of too little, then you can easily cloak things you do not need. From hiding reviews on certain products to getting rid of the actual ability to buy in the first place (great for those running catalogs), you have many options for how you wish to use WooCommerce to your advantage.

WooCommerce for Dropshippers

If you are one of the many people running an online drop shipping service, then you will find that WooCommerce is equally useful for this. You can make sure that you can easily work with drop shipping companies, sending them auto notifications of an order so that they can get things moving on their end and delivering for you.

WooCommerce Features

It will also make sure that you can easily provide status updates to the buyer, ensuring that they can get even more information from you. While competitors might not provide the best customer service, WooCommerce makes customer-friendly dropshipping so much easier than before.

Avoid Unnecessary Complexity when Checking out

One thing which is sure to scare away a lot of users without being needed is having a needlessly long checkout process. You can easily add and remove fields as you go, making sure that checkout is as simple or as complex as it needs to be.

You simply need to use the Add or Remove Field options to pull in or out the kind of information that you need to verify a purchase. That’s useful and can make it much easier for a customer to make a purchase if they feel like you’ve given them what they need.

Provide a Point of Sale

As one of the most useful features within WooCommerce, you can set up a Point of Sale in no time at all. this allows for you to sell stock online and offline, with an automated register letting you know when sales are made in either way.

WooCommerce Features

This helps you to make sure that you are going to vastly reduce mistakes and also help to know, in real-time, how much stock you have. Now, you can avoid the embarrassing situation of selling something to someone that you don’t actually have any of, ensuring that you can easily receive secure, safe payments with real-time updates on data.

Conclusion on WooCommerce Features

As you can see, then, there are many reasons why you might wish to use WooCommerce. This is more than a simple eCommerce add-on for your WordPress website. It could easily be combined with just about any part of your business and can enable selling at a scale you simply could not manage without WooCommerce.

If you are intent on taking your business to a whole new level, then, don’t be afraid to turn to WooCommerce. With so many features and such exceptional potential, it would be foolish not to make the most of it!

This post is written by Bill Brown. He is the community manager at MobileSignalBoosters and has a lot of interests in web design for mobile uses and user experiences. When not working, Bill enjoys swimming, rugby and gym workouts.

9 Profit Secrets to Build Your Brand with Website Development

To acquire a stronghold of your brand on the market, the digital development of it is of utmost importance. By Creating Your Brand Strategy focusing on the website development of the company is the secret to grow your company at a rapid pace. From attracting clients, delivering results, inspiring and training new recruits to constantly keeping up with an ever-changing marketing field, these elements add up to make the job stressful but with the help of Web Design and Development Company, growing your business has gotten easier.

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WordPress Security in The Age of Gutenberg

WordPress dropped a massive update back in December with WordPress 5, codenamed Gutenberg. Gutenberg brought a radically different text editor for the masses. But did it necessarily improve the overall WordPress Security?

Every day around 70000 websites gets hacked, reports internetlivestats.

website hack- WordPress security

Although the new editor faced some criticism when it was released, slowly people are getting used to the new editing experience. WordPress 5 Gutenberg was release on December 6, 2018, named for jazz musician Bebo.

This major release added more than 20 new features including the all new shiny block editor, table of contents block, new blockquote block, table block, cover image block, cover text and more.

However, every new feature means new opportunities for vulnerabilities, security loopholes and more. WordPress 5.0 had five significant security vulnerabilities including sensitive data exposure, PHP object injection, Privilege escalation /XSS, and unauthorized file deletion.

Hence, WordPress 5.0.1 was released immediately within a week and was labeled as an “immediate Update” from the security specialist guys over at WordFence.

Sucuri’s 2017 Hacked Website Report finds out more than 39.3% WordPress websites were running out-of-date WordPress software at the time of the hacking.

WordPress Security Guide- WordPress security

The WPScan Vulnerability Database discovered that more than 70% of attacks happen due to out-of-date software. The most vulnerable versions of WordPress are WordPress version 3.x

wordpress security check- WordPress security

WordPress 5.0.2 was released as a maintenance release in the following week as people were having issues with the new block systems. There were bug fixes and new feature improvements in WordPress 5.0.2 release.

Security Issues with WordPress

WordPress is always adding new features to improve the user experience. New features mean there will be risks of new vulnerabilities. WordPress 5 added many new features as we discussed before, but did it do anything really groundbreaking in terms of security?

The answer is- NO!

Because it's human nature, we do not worry about managing potential security risks until it's too late. How about one day you find that all the stuff in your house is gone because you didn't lock your front door? Or how about leaving your car unlocked for just a few minutes and finding out it's gone forever.

Once someone robs your house, steals your car, or hacks into your WordPress website, you would find yourself stupid not do something beforehand.

The problem is, humans react to all these scenarios when it’s too late. By the time you should have done something, you will find out that you are trying to minimize your damage. Hence, pre-planning, prevention, being proactive, taking appropriate security measure beforehand – ensure that your chance of data breach gets reduced significantly.

However, this article isn’t about your car or your house; it’s about securing your WordPress website in the age of Gutenberg. If you follow this article to the end, you will have a well-organized security checklist to minimize the security risk of your site.

Security Begins when You Are Ready to ACT

If you are too lazy about doing something to secure your WordPress website, you will not be able to minimize the security risks.

You have to be proactive because it’s not every day you notice your website is hacked, right? But when this happens and if you are unprepared at that time, then only God might save you!

It's crucial to secure your website before havoc wrecks upon. It's entirely possible that any private or sensitive information gets breached. You remember the infamous iCloud hack right?

A security breach could potentially be destructive to your customers and you. Once you lose your customer's trust, you cannot regain their trust soon. Hence, we will be offering some of the best and industry proved WordPress security tips to secure your website.

WordPress Security Checklist [2019]

We already mentioned some of the best WordPress security tips in our article WordPress Security Guide. Chances are, you already came across to the article. How can you improve your WordPress Security in the age of Gutenberg? We will list some of the best security measures that you should take to secure your WordPress website in the age of Gutenberg.

Before jumping to the checklist, check out the following infographic on top 5 WordPress security issues.

WordPress security issue- WordPress security

Double Check Your Username and Password

You have heard it before, but we are emphasizing it anyway. More than 80% of security vulnerabilities are related to weak and obvious passwords.

This is the single WordPress security tips that you will find it across the web in every security related article.

It’s okay to use a memorable password. However, you should always choose a strong password that combines special characters, lower case, upper case combination.

You should NEVER use a password like “123456”. 123456 is the most common password, declared by Fortune. You can check the list of the most common passwords here, and you should avoid them at any cost.

You can use services like KeypassX, Bitwarden (an open source password manager), LastPass, 1Password to generate strong passwords.

It is wise not to use the default WordPress username “admin” too.

Double Check Your Database User Permission

This WordPress security tips will help you to secure your WordPress website from the backend. If you alter the permission of your database user, then even if your site gets hacked, a hacker will not be able to delete (or in this case drop) your data (in this case the database table).

While creating your database user, you should not allow your database user to drop database tables. (Read more on database user security)

WordPress Database User Security - WordPress Security Guide 2018

On a side note, you should know that WPERP utilizes all WordPress security standard.

Prevent Bruteforce Attacks Using A Captcha Plugin

Bruteforce attacks are one of the most common forms of attack. Brute force attack tries all possible combinations of password unless it matches to one. Hackers use scripts to automate the whole process.

You can install the plugin No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA from WordPress Repository.

[2018] WordPress Security Guide 101

This plugin integrates Google's spam blocking service reCAPTCHA to your WordPress website.

Resources- WordPress security

This plugin will lower the extra CPU usage you might have due to continuous brute-force attacks.

Make Use of the Best WordPress Security Plugins

There are many WordPress security plugins out there including the most famous ones such as Sucuri, WordFence, Ninjafirewall and more. Each one has its own functionalities.

Wordfence is the most popular one among these security plugins. Various websites have also featured Wordfence as the most useful security plugin in their best WordPress plugins list. Wordfence has more than 2 million active installs along with a rating of 4.8 stars of average rating. For a plugin, the stats are certainly impressive.

Wordfence includes all the essential security features including login security, IP blacklist, security scanning, and firewall for your WordPress site.

[Companion reading: Best WordPress Security Plugins Overview]

Perform a WordPress Security Check

Professional security checking websites often require payments to perform a comprehensive security check. Security scans are helpful for finding security vulnerabilities. Here's a list of websites where you can schedule a free security scan.

Use SSL With Cloudflare

There's no reason not to use Cloudflare. Cloudflare provides free CDN and SSL. You can take advantage of both if you use Cloudflare. Cloudflare also provides security features including DDoS protection, IP blacklisting, load balancing and more.

We recommend using a security and site acceleration service like Cloudflare or Incapsula.

Wrap Up on WordPress Security

Security is one of the most important aspects of a website. You should always take your website's security seriously. WordPress is evolving daily, so you have to keep yourself updated against the latest security vulnerabilities, malware, and threats. We listed some of the best WordPress security tips here, but no system can be 100% secured.

If you have some more WordPress security tips to share, feel free to let us know via comments. However, if emergencies occur and you find your website is already hacked, showing symptoms like redirection, popups – you can try replacing your WordPress core files.

10 Best WordPress Plugins to Boost Conversion

If you’ve spent at least ten minutes on a WordPress website, trying to configure it, you’d know how arduous it is to discover a relevant and effective plugin, isn’t it? In the parallel universe, you may install every plugin and try out how beneficial it can be.

However, in the real world, this activity can create some serious problems. To begin with, an abundance of active plugins can decrease the speed of your website. And then, the security of the site can also come under threat.

So, how do you find the correct plugin that can help you establish a significant balance between requirements and website performance amidst several other aspects? The answer to this question can be covered in one simple word – Conversions.

What’s the point of having a website if it isn’t working in your favor? Navigating through hundreds of plugins just to find one effective golden nugget is simply the wastage of time. To help you prevent committing any mistakes, here is the list of top 10 WordPress plugins that can help you boost conversions like never before.

1.Survey Funnel:

Only after you have understood what your target audience is looking for you can take effective steps to convert them into loyal customers. In this situation, Survey Funnel is the plugin that can help you capture leads, engage the audience, obtain customer data, and build sales funnel.

The effectiveness of this plugin can be easily assessed from the fact that top marketers, including Neil Patel, have appreciated it. Its wide range of features would be enough to increase your conversion rate tremendously.

Out of all the features, its Conditional Logic can help create next questions based upon the last response that your users registered. With this, keeping visitors hooked would be easier. And then, with its Super Analysis, you can get an idea of how your visitors are responding to the designed surveys; hence, making conversion a plain-sailing.

2. Custom Sidebars:

When talking about elements that can enhance the appearance of your site along with increasing the conversion rate, sidebars can be put on top of the list. Custom Sidebars is a plugin that lets you create unlimited sidebars and customize them through the widget page. Widgets perfrom way more then just what people claim, widgets can also improve your pageviews.

With these custom sidebars, you can easily display relevant content, adequate menus, and attractive call to action buttons on different posts and pages of your site. When it comes to integration, this plugin doesn’t pose many hassles.

Furthermore, to keep a backup or share sidebars individually, you can also import and export them with this plugin. Also, you can even choose to display a specific sidebar for each of your authors; therefore, maintaining their identity.

3. Facebook Comments:

The internet is filled with tips and techniques through which you can gain better conversion rates. Even if you’re a rookie, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to understand what marketing gurus want to recommend or suggest you.

While you may concentrate more on conversion or branding techniques, you shouldn’t miss upon those activities that can help establish your brand’s credibility, specifically if you’re a new gamer in the domain.

Gaining comments can be effective in this context. However, most of the times, users avoid commenting just because they don’t want to type in their details to leave a comment. Hence, this particular plugin lets people share their views just with the click of a button.

4. Monster Insights:

This is one of the most considerable and widely-used plugins that helps you have a glance over the performance of the website. With Monster Insights, comprehending complicated analytics doesn’t seem to be a difficult job.

Right from audience behavior to traffic sources, you can seamlessly find out what’s working for you and on which metric you’re wasting your time. Having this data in your hand, you can develop a data-driven strategy to increase your conversion rate.

Even if you have a WooCommerce store, MonsterInsights provides tracking functions that can help you obtain the required data. Its setup is also quick and easy. So, even if you’re an inexperienced person, operating this plugin would be a matter of a few minutes.

5. weForms:

weForms landing Page

These days, forms have become an integral part of almost every kind of website. And, to fulfill that desire, weForms come with an effective drag and drop builder that makes the creation of beautiful forms easy and instant.

Furthermore, this plugin has been integrated with advanced features, such as smart conditional logic, to offer an excellent user experience. With this plugin, you can receive prompt email notifications whenever somebody fills up your form.

And then, there is a variety of modules available for this plugin. You can also connect weForms with other tools, like MailChimp, AWeber, PayPal, and many more of them. Not just a single-pager, this plugin can also be used to create multi-page forms.


This plugin is a very useful customer relationship management software, designed specifically by keeping eCommerce in mind. WP ERP lets you learn and understand more about your visitors as well as subscribers.

And then, you can utilize that data to tweak and edit your customer acquisition strategy accordingly. Using custom fields, events, and tags, you can track the data of your customers. The Purchase Intent marketing feature of this plugin can help you identify your top customers.

One of the best things about this plugin is that it doesn’t take a lot of time to set up and you can get started within a few minutes. It comes with pre-built life stages for your customers and you can segment them that can be used effortlessly. WP ERP CRM is one of a kind plugins that lets you concentrate mainly upon customer relationship and enhance it to increase conversion.

7. Referral Candy:

Building a website, establishing social media platforms, and displaying relevant information isn’t enough to expand the business and bring high conversion rates. Instead, keeping visitors engaged is one aspect that should be considered quite essential.

ReferralCandy is a plugin that helps you amazingly when it comes to keeping visitors and customers hooked for a long time. With this tool, you can create astonishing referral programs to reward your customers with store credit, cash, free products, or discounts.

This plugin comes with inbuilt widgets that can be used just with a click of a button. Whether you require a post-purchase popup, click-to-open popup, or an embedded sharing page, ReferralCandy can fulfill all your requirements with ease.

8. Backup Breeze:

Being associated with the world of the internet always keeps the stakes higher. An alarming increase in data breaches makes it essential for you to take extra precautionary steps as far as the security of your website is concerned.

Hence, BackupBreeze is a plugin you can rely upon. Keeping the website protected is a considerable way of assuring visitors that their information and data is safeguarded by you. This, in turn, increases the probability of them trusting you and making a purchase from your site.

Competent enough to work with any theme and WordPress version, BackupBreeze can keep your website backed up and secure. If you wish to save space, you can use its inbuilt logic feature to select the files that don’t require a backup manually.

9. OptimizePress:

Designed to create stunning and mobile friendly sales pages, webinar registration pages, landing pages, product launch funnels, and more; OptimizePress has become a widely-acclaimed tool among online business owners and marketers.

If you’d like to build customized pages on your existing website, this plugin is built to fulfill your requirements effortlessly. Moreover, the latest version of this plugin is also integrated with a live editor type of page builder. It lets you either choose a blank page to build your site pages or use any of the prebuilt templates.

With the help of an equipped editor, you can easily add content to your pages. Not just that, but the editor also displays how your finished page is going to look like, even when you’re mid-way through the editing process.

10. WordPress Calls to Action:

Coming to call to actions, the importance cannot be denied, specifically if you’re trying hard to increase your conversion rates. This is one such element that needs to be engaging and on-point. Thus, WordPress Calls to Action plugin lets you create enthralling CTAs.

Being a website owner, you can gain the power to track and monitor conversion rates and run multivariate or a/b split tests on your call to action buttons with an objective to increase the flow of leads.

This plugin was mainly designed by keeping the best practices of inbound marketing in mind. The primary aim that it carries is to help you obtain and convert more leads to your website. There is an abundance of features that you can find in it, like visual editor, popups for CTA, cloning option, etc.

Wrapping Up

With all these plugins available at your fingertips, experiencing a drastic failure in future CRO strategies would be nothing less than the worst decision of your life. Now that you know the kind of plugins that can help you gain better returns on your investments, it’s time to make an effective move.

If you haven’t used any conversion optimization plugin yet, try one of these options and relish amazing benefits.

This is a guest post by Sanjeev Pandey. He loves everything about WordPress. Always in constant search for new tools and Plugins keeps him hungry all the time. He spends his day brainstorming new ideas about new plugins and themes on WPeka and CyberChimps.  You can follow him on his personal blog appsreviewhub.

5 Things That Work For WordPress Security (+ Things That DON’T)

When trying to keep your WordPress site secure, there are many things to keep in mind. The security landscape is changing all the time, and it can be difficult to keep up with the newest ways hackers or malicious actors are using to gain access to sites.

Everyone hopefully has a particular way or set of practices they use to run their WordPress site.

However, some of the practices you may be used to could be putting your site in jeopardy. In this article, we will go over five things that work, and five things that don’t work when it comes to keeping your WordPress site secure.

5 Ways To Secure Your WordPress Site

1. Add A Firewall To WordPress

By using a firewall on your WordPress installation, you ensure some very common exploits are no longer possible. These issues include things like Brute Force attacks or denial of service attacks.

What’s more, firewalls can block IP addresses of people who are continuously trying to breach your site. This not only keeps your site secure but increases its performance as well. And most WordPress firewalls come pre-loaded with the IP addresses of known hackers that become automatically blocked when the firewall is installed.

2. Keep WordPress Up To Date

Usually, when WordPress updates, it’s because some security issues are being corrected or patched. And even though some WordPress sites are set up to update automatically, this sometimes doesn't happen as soon as the update has been released.

So you need to keep an eye on the backend of your WordPress installation for updates to the core software that’s being used to run the site.

3. Keep Your Plugins Updated

Just as we mentioned with keeping WordPress up to date, you also need to keep your plugins up to date. Just as with the core WordPress installation, when a plugin is often updated times it’s because a security issue has been fixed or patched.

A common way hackers or malicious actors gain access to sites is by searching for exploits that are found in old software or plugins. And some plugins do not automatically update, especially paid plugins or what are sometimes referred to as “premium plugins.”

4. Use A Full WordPress Backup Solution

Not having a backup solution in place is a recipe for disaster when it comes to WordPress security. A common thing that happens when a site is hacked is snippets will be inserted into the site in a way that makes them difficult for them to be found. S

Having a way to restore your site to a stable and uncompromised state quickly is essential to running a secure website. This can also be a huge advantage if you are testing new elements and plugins on your site in the case that it breaks. The topic of WordPress security doesn’t just stop at dealing with hackers, sometimes you need to protect your site from yourself.

5. Choose A Secure Web Host

Not all web hosts are created equally. This can largely depend on the cost of your hosting solution. So if you are using a cheap or discount host, it’s almost guaranteed that their safety practices aren't the best.

So if you truly care about keeping your WordPress installation secure, perhaps the most important first step is to choose aweb host which prioritizes security. You can often find this information listed on the host's site. But, if the information is not readily shown, we would advise reaching out to your host to see what their security standards are so you know what needs to be fixed.

For example, Cloudways is a good and secure web hosting solution.

5 Things That Don’t Work To Keep Your WordPress Site Secure

Expecting Your Web Host To Handle Security

While your host does perform some basic security steps, they may not be doing everything. This largely depends on the quality and cost of your hosting platform.

You shouldn't make the mistake of expecting your host to perform everything that is required to keep your WordPress site safe and secure.

Doing Backups Manually & Keeping Them Locally

While having a back-up is great, relying on yourself to manually do it can be a huge pitfall. Even if you are diligent in the beginning, sooner or later you will forget or miss a backup.

What’s more, if you store the backups on the same server your WordPress site is hosted on, in the event that your site is hacked your backups can be compromised or destroyed also.

Keeping Your Passwords Written Down Both Physically & Digitally

Not keeping your password secure can be a great way to have your website hacked. And a common way that your password will be leaked is having it written down either in person or in a document online or on your computer.

Often times when hackers or malicious actors are breaking into computers or online accounts, passwords and logins are what they are looking for.

Using An Easy To Guess Password

The easier the password, the easier it will be for hackers or malicious actors to use software programs to guess it. A brute force attack is the most common way a site will be hacked or compromised.

What is a brute force attack? It’s when someone uses a software program to try hundreds or thousands of passwords that are the most commonly used around the world. So that means if your password is something simple like “banana,” the software program will be able to guess it very easily.

Installing Themes and Plugins from Untrustworthy Sources

When you install a theme or plugin from an untrusted source, you have no way of knowing if there is a backdoor pre-installed or if the plugin or theme is secure. So a great way to avoid this is ensuring that whatever themes or plugins you are using are from a trusted source like the default WordPress plugin and theme directory.

When plugins or themes are added to the WordPress directory, they undergo mandatory checks to ensure they are secure. So if you rely on the WordPress directory, you can almost guarantee the plugin will have at least go through some basic security checks

This is a guest post by Samuel Bocetta. He is a retired cybersecurity analyst, currently reporting on trends in cryptography and cybercrime.

Marketing Channels That Are Triggering Your Business Sales

Marketing channels are an effective way of ensuring that products reach their intended customers. Marketing channels are usually integrated in order to ensure increased profits. They are important and allow a business to accomplish its original goal. Any business should consider maximizing its marketing channel to ensure that customers receive their products. According to Statista, better use of marketing channels can help to increase early engagement.

However, to be effective, a marketing channel needs to be carefully thought through in order to be successful. In short, they are the primary link between manufacturers and customers. Moreover, many large businesses make use of marketing channels and you should try to be as accessible to them as possible. They tend to find it an easier way of delivering products to customers.

Marketing Channel & Sales

Their primary goal is to facilitate how goods travel from you to consumers. Distribution chains are very important for both online stores and traditional sellers. What’s more, it helps you to boost sales. Online marketing channels work the same way.

There are different types of marketing channels available for you to utilize. You can determine which one to use based on the size of your company. Today, you can use a wide variety of digital marketing channels for your e-commerce business. They function in the same way as traditional marketing channels.

Types of marketing channels include:

  • Direct selling – manufacturers sell directly to customers; this is mostly used by online stores.
  • Selling through intermediaries – making products available for customers through wholesalers and retailers.
  • Dual distribution – more than one marketing channel is used to deliver products to consumers.
  •  Reverse channels – it is the opposite of the others; it flows from the consumer to an intermediary and then to the beneficiary.

Advantages of Using Marketing Channels

They are so important that without them, customers may not receive products at all. Marketing channels are equally beneficial for manufacturers. Manufacturers rely on them for making sure that their products are effectively sold.

Most products require use of marketing channels for effective distribution to consumers. So, why should every company have a marketing channel? A marketing channel has many advantages. These include:

1. Help to save more money

When you use a distribution channel, you end up spending less than you would if you did the task yourself. If you deal with every step needed to deliver products to customers yourself, it may cause you to spend more money. Members of a marketing channel know what to do and what measures to take to reduce expenses.

2. Save time

Marketing channels can also help you to save more time. You do not have to waste time trying to distribute your products. The extra time you have can be used to increase the productivity of your company. When you decide to sell directly to consumers, you can expect to have more expenses. Expenses include:

  • Renting a warehouse
  • Hiring labor
  • Shipment

All these can cost you more than if you use a marketing channel. You won’t be able to just focus on manufacturing. This means that you have to divert attention to other parts of your business. Distributing channels help you focus on producing what customers need.

3. Convenience

Using a distribution channel is more convenient for customers. Customers do not have to visit various companies to buy different products. Distribution channels ensure that customers get various products from the same retailer. So, they can purchase various products from different manufacturers without wasting time.

4. Reduced costs

Because intermediaries become accustomed to dealing with transactions, they become cheaper over time. You don't have to worry about bargaining with customers over the price of products. Intermediaries have a link with customers and help to conduct transactions.

5. More customers

As a manufacturer, it is your goal to make sure that customers purchase your products. It may cost you more to try to increase the number of customers who purchase your products. However, when you use intermediaries, it can be a way of reaching out to more customers. They help you to sell more. Intermediaries also help customers to find products. Customers can find products when they shop at a retail shop.

This is better than going to the manufacturer. Manufacturers can also focus on producing goods that customers need. They place their products in various retail shops so that customers can have more access. Thus, distribution channels provide a link–be it indirect–between manufacturers and consumers.

6. Rapid distribution of products

Distribution channels may be responsible for delays in customers receiving products. However, they can be rapid at times, as well. Customers don’t want to have to wait for long periods before receiving products. This is very crucial for online businesses.

You want to make sure that once they order from you, you are able to deliver products as soon as possible. If you are unable to do this, it makes customers consider shopping from other local retailers. Using a distribution channel decreases the time it takes to deliver products.

7. Increased effectiveness

Each level of a marketing channel has its own specialization. It helps to increase the accuracy of the chain of supply. The manufacturer doesn’t have to worry about how goods will be delivered to customers. All efforts can then be directed towards producing products useful for customers.

Distributors are skilled in receiving, managing and distributing products. Retailers are experts at making products available for customers. By using direct distribution, your costs may be significantly higher than if you use marketing channels instead.

8. Access to customers

Since retailers provide a link between customers and manufacturers, they can offer insight into what customers actually need. This crucial information can be used to produce products that are trending. Knowing the latest trends provides a more accurate description of the goods to make.

However, all these benefits are only possible when you use supply chain management. Let’s also check out some disadvantages that you may face.

Disadvantages of Marketing Channels

Distribution channels also have some potential negative repercussions. These disadvantages can lead to decreased sales and losses. The disadvantages of marketing channels include:

1. Decreased revenue

When you use a distribution channel, you sell your products at a cheaper price. This is lower than the price that retailers sell to customers. For retailers to make a profit, they have to sell at a higher price. They cannot distribute your products without any benefit.

If you sell directly to customers, you take in greater profit margins–simple as that. Distributing products to customers leads to complete control over the profit. Other losses that you can encounter come from paying the retailer–directly or paying for shipment. All these expenses may lead to loses.

2. No direct link with customers

When a retailer gets products from your company, he or she may make some changes in an attempt to increase sales. This is harmful to your business. Customers may fail to recognize your products over time. You then lose the link between customers and your company. Customers will no longer turn to your brand. They may purchase from competitors instead. Moreover, you are responsible for what products you produce.

However, retailers have more control over what message is conveyed to customers. The worst thing that can happen is if a retailer lies about the benefits of products. Once customers realize that, they will value your products less.

3. Loss of the value of products

The problem with using a distribution channel is that you have no control over products. This means that you may not control the image that customers have of your brand. Sometimes there might be delays in transportation. Because of this, your products can lose their value before they reach customers. If this persists, it will lead to losses.

4. Complexity

Some distribution channels require several participants. In such cases, it can be difficult for you to understand. Adding more members to a marketing channel creates more delays in delivery. This will also reduce how much customers value your products.

5. Too many participants

If you have too many intermediaries in a marketing channel, it can increase expenses. Paying every intermediary will cost you a lot. This extra revenue, which can be used for expanding your business. If you don’t pay your intermediaries directly they can increase the price as a way of making profits. This affects customers, as they have to pay a very high price for your products.

6. Confusion

Sometimes, channel members may have conflicts of interest. This happens whenever roles and responsibilities overlap. Once conflicts arise, it can lead to great loses which can affect your business.

Conflicts usually arise when there are several distributors. Management becomes a problem. Problems with supply chain management are responsible for causing conflicts. These conflicts, if not resolved, can lead to serious losses.


Always evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using a distribution channel. This all comes down to what your ultimate goal is. The type of business that you have can also be a determinant factor.

If you decide to use a marketing channel, analyze what problems you may encounter. This will help you to manage your distribution channel. In addition, this way you can minimize any losses that may occur.

This is a guest post by Emily Watts. She is a writer for https://ukessay.com/. She enjoys writing and is passionate about helping other people. She has also worked as an editor for her local newspaper. In her free time, Emily enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and taking walks. Her love for writing started in elementary school and she enjoys her work every day.