How Data-Driven Marketing Strategy Can Help Increase E-Commerce Marketplace Revenues

“Data Analysis! Data Analysis!” – This chant has been a pretty buzzword in everything nowadays. Just like in other areas, it is equally important in the eCommerce arena too.

When we are talking about data analysis, we are also talking about automation and artificial intelligence. If you are yet to streamline your marketing strategy with proper data analysis then you are going to lose the ground as opposed to your competitors.

So, to thrive in the competitive marketing landscape, you should start to analyze big data and take automated actions in the smartest way.

Now, let's discover how a Data-Driven Marketing strategy can lift up your business in no time.

How Data-Driven Marketing Can Give Your Business a Boost?

If you had an extra budget for marketing, where would you spend that extra money? Well, According to Smart insights,

If given an extra budget, 32% of marketers would spend more on data and analytics. That’s more than those who said they would spend on search, social and additional headcount! 

Data-driven marketing
Source: Smart insights

Really gone are the days when customers came straight to a trusted online store and purchased their desired products. These days, customers do huge research before coming to your store to make an informed decision.

Data-driven marketing
Source: V12

Below are the ways data-driven marketing can help give your business a boost:

Minimize Marketing Costs through Better Targeted Ads

The concept of targeted ads has already flourished in the digital marketing world. In this case, you can select the demographic properties like sex, age, geo-location, and many more so that you can only target the relevant people.

This greatly enables you to cut the marketing costs and thus allows you to achieve the highest possible (ROI).

Increased Up-sales & Cross-sales

When the visitors hover here and there on your eCommerce website, they also look for alternative products and the available accessories of those products.

As an online business person, you have to track and analyze these user data. But it becomes next to impossible to manually collect and analyze these data to recommend them better alternatives and accessories for those products.

Fortunately, with some advanced eCommerce tracking tool, you can track these visitors' behaviors. And based on these behaviors, you can suggest them better alternative products to upsell or the accessories to increase cross-sales.

Suggest Promo Codes & Coupons

You can also show promo codes or coupons only to the website account holders who are frequently seeing a particular product, adding to cart but not making any purchase.

By collecting the data regarding such customers, you can offer them promo codes or coupons right in their inbox or target them with relevant advertisements (or, ads).

Create Better Product through Research

66% of products fail within the first two years and 80% of new products stay on the shelves for less than two years.


This is why you have to make better products through extensive research. But, the better product does not mean that you always have to increase the functionalities or give extra services. The success of your product hinges on the need of your customers.

That means you have to design your products according to the customer requirements.

For example, if your antivirus software can detect and delete malware and viruses significantly faster than the other available antivirus software then your customers might think that your software is not actually working and thus they can switch to different solutions.

This is why you need to collect data from your customers. You can simply ask them to give feedback in different ways asking them “How can we improve our product?”.

By analyzing these data, you can shape your products exactly the way your customers want.

Better Email Marketing

None can deny the importance of E-mail marketing. Whether it is to share emails or to share offers or news email is the utmost important thing. SmartInsights reveal that the average,

  • Email open rate should be between 15-25%.
  • Click-through rate should be about 2.5%.
  • Click-to-open rate should be between 20-30%.

You can use this standard data to measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. Using advanced email marketing tools like MailPoet or weMail, or any other tool to gauge your email marketing data.

Retarget Lost Customers

In eCommerce, a lot of customers will just move hither and thither on your website. And they will eventually quit from your store without purchasing any product.

Fortunately, you can prod these users to make a purchase by showing them retargeting advertisements.

If you are using WooCommerce as the eCommerce platform then you can use the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking to track customer data like visitors who added to cart, visitors who added to the wishlist, visitors who made a purchase and so forth.

You can later use these data to retarget them by using Google, Facebook, Twitter or Microsoft Ads and so on.

Increase Conversions with A/B Testing or Split Testing

If you are talking about data-driven marketing, you can't deny the data derived from the A/B testing or split testing. The form of split testing covers a broad spectrum of your campaigns ranging from the Social Media Marketing, Sales Funnel, Email Marketing, SEO and so many more.

After conducting A/B testing, you can select the best performing test from two or more different sets of data. As a result, you can optimize your conversions the best way.

Manage Customers with Data

No matter how big or small your business is, what matters the most is your customers' satisfaction. Because they are the king and they are what make up your product!

An angry customer will spread all the bad experiences with other potential customers. And this way they will kill your marketing strategy.

Data-driven marketing
Source: Sas

To maintain a sound relationship with your customers, you will have to collect data about your customers, store them safely and restore them when needed.

Therefore, we recommend you manage your customers using advanced Customer Relationship Management tools.

Analyze Big Data for Enhanced Pricing Strategy

It is also possible to make real-time pricing just like Uber does. By using the real-time online application, you can collect data like customer orders and thus automatically calculate the optimized pricing.

Analyzing these big data allows you to gain more granular insights and makes your business more agile in the case of an abrupt change of demand and supply.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics is important to forecast what will happen in the future based on historical data. By analyzing big data, algorithms, and machine learning, a tool can predict business outcomes.

By using predictive analysis you can identify different patterns and thus you will be able to identify frauds, optimize marketing campaigns, improve operation and reduce risks.

Final Thoughts

To make a difference, you can't deny the importance of data-driven marketing. And if you are doubtful about the high cost to put the artificially intelligent data-driven tools into action, then we would say that these tools come only a fraction of the traditional marketing costs.

Finally, data is the king for any upcoming marketing strategy and if you are late to the party, then I would recommend you to join as early as possible.

How Does Happy Elementor Add-ons Help to Design Your Dream Blog

In these highly competitive days, people are changing their views towards blogging and its utilities. Because blog sites are becoming more popular and getting visitors day by day.

Yes, having a blogsite of yourself or your company can get the following benefits like:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Increase your SEO/ SERP
  • Position your brand as an industry leader
  • Develop better customer relationships

Therefore, the importance of a well-designed blog site will not only increase your potential customers but also enlarge brand reputation. So as a digital marketer, you must emphasize the design quality of your blog site.

But unfortunately, many amateur bloggers don't know well how to design a blog with a prominent designing look. Fortunately, if you're a WordPress user, then you can create any type of design with the page builder plugins available in the WordPress ecosystem.

Yes, we're talking about Elementor and Happy Addons. These two tremendous WordPress Page Builders will let you perform all types of designing activities with ease.

So, in today's article, we'll be showing how to design a blog using a page builder plugin. So, without further ado, let's get into the discussion:

Why Choose Happy Addons

how to design a blog

Generally, using Elementor page builder you may easily customize your blogsite or website. You may curious, why we should use Happy Addons? Right? Yes, ‘Happy Addons' is a collection of wonderful widgets that works flawlessly with Elementor. That means you can employ Happy Addons to strengthen Elementor.

Check the following reasons why ‘Happy Addons‘ is appropriate to use in terms of designing blog site or websites:

So these are the significant facts that you'll get after capitalizing Happy Addons. Next, we'll show how to design a blog with Elementor and Happy Addons. However, read this article on ‘Ultimate Addons to create a website

So let's get started:

How To Design a Blog with Elementor & Happy Addons

How to design a Photography website

Creating a personal blog or portfolio with Elementor and Happy Addons becomes an easy task. As a beginner, you can employ these two elegant plugins for creating any design without applying a single code.

However, here we'll show how to create or design a portfolio website in a very simple way. So follow the step by step process till the end.

Before going to the discussion, let's check out the requirements that you'll need:

Requirements to Design a Blog Site With Happy Addons and Elementor

So before employing these plugins be sure about the requirements that we recommended.

In today's post, we'll show how to design this type of Portfolio website.

create a website with Elementor

Step 1: Adding a Header

Adding a header part on the website is the easiest part. Not only the header portion but you can also add footer part using Happy Addons Feature.

So all you have to do is go to your website's Dashboard > Pages > Add New Page > Give Title of the page > And Select Elementor Canvas > Then Click on Edit With Elementor > Publish it or save it as a draft.

Check the screenshot below:

Next, you'll get a white Elementor default interface to put your all requirements. We all know that a website consists of different sections, Right? For example, the header part, hero banner part or slider part, contact part, and footer part.

In that case, you need sections. So in the white canvas, you can add as many sections as you want. In this page builder plugin, you'll get some built-in sections. Here, we selected the first one for this.

create a blog

Next, you'll see many options to design your header part in the style part. To add a background in the header portion, click on the ‘Style' option. Here you can add background and customize it.

how to design a blog
Selecting a Style option to add a background

After adding a background, edit the following options. This will help you to get a view like the following screenshot.

how to design a blog
Resizing Header

Next, you need to add a ‘Heading Text' at the top of the page. To do that, type ‘Heading' widget and drag it to the selected area.

Adding Header
Adding Heading

Then, if you want to add an icon like this. Then like before, type ‘Icon Box‘ widget and drag it. That's it. ‘Style option' for all the widgets is the same. Here you can stylize your content, for example, padding, size, spacing, margin, etc.

Adding heading
Adding Icon Box

Step 02: Adding Inner Sections

After adding the first portion, you need the rest of the part. So the ‘Inner Section' widget will let you do this. Just select the widget and drag it to the area. That's it.

How to add Inner Section
Inner Section Wiget

After adding the inner section. You can add multiple sections inside the other sections. Isn't it awesome? Like you can add title, description, social media icon, and also you'll have the option to add your service video if you want. So just type the widget that you want to add. Then drag it into the section area.

About Me portion

Step 03: Adding Gallery Images

Adding any widget into the inner section or any section is as similar as we discussed earlier. To add this, you'll get the ‘Images Gallery' widget to do this.

Here you'll get more options to add many images and also you'll able to customize them suitably.

Step 04: Adding Counter Widget

This widget has awesome features. Counter Widget will help you to showcase your projects by numbers. To do this, click on the ‘Counter Widget' and then just drag it to the section. That's it.

As mentioned already, you just need to customize them by Size, padding, margin, font, color, and text, etc.

design a blog
Adding Counter Widget

So in this way, you can add your projects with the ‘Counter Widget‘. As you can see on the left side of the screen, there are options to customize. To make it splendid, you can do more with it. For example, giving a background behind the section, stylizing text, text color, and more.

Counter Widget
Counter Widget

Step 5: Adding Contact Form

The ‘contact form' is an essential part of any website. Because it helps to get customer information thus it creates customer leads. So if you want to add a contact form. Just follow the steps.

Click on the ‘Green' button. Then you'll get unlimited in-built themes, banners, photos, header, footer and more.

Selecting Envato Element

Select any templates for the contact form. Here we have selected this one. So you just need to click on ‘Add Block to Page'. Automatically it'll appear to your page.

How to add contact form
Inserting Contact Form

After adding the ‘Contact Form‘ from Envato, you'll able edit or customize its content, style and also able to customize it with the ‘Advance' section.

how to design a blog
Editing Contact Form


So these are the steps that'll help you to design a whole blog or portfolio. For your better understanding read this article on ‘How to Create a photography website‘. This blog will also enlarge your ideas about this tutorial.

How to Design a Business Website with Elementor & Happy Addons

create a marketplace

In a simple sense, all the business websites mostly depend on their perspective landing pages. The reason is, landing pages display each and every information or service of the company shortly. Thus customers come to this page and perform their activities. For this reason, the significance of having a landing page is very important, especially if you have a WordPress site.

A landing page is a specific web page, created precisely for a marketing or advertising campaign.

For instance, you should give proper time to the landing page design of your website. You may see lots of landing page examples available on Google which are high converting.

Though there are already a lot of landing page builder plugins available in the WordPress platform, Elementor along with ‘Happy addons' has changed the era of WordPress development.

So, in this section, we'll show how you can implement Elementor and Happy Addons to build a business website yet a landing page. Without further ado, let's get started.

Requirements to Design a Business Website

  • Same as the earlier section (WordPress, Elementor, Happy Addons, A Theme, etc.)

Step 1: Adding a Page

We have already mentioned earlier how to add a page and start with Elementor. Right? In this case, we're skipping this portion. Because in the first tutorial we showed how to create a page, header, and installation process. So let assume that you have already created a web page. And able to go on the Elementor Interface.

So after finishing the requirements, you'll get into this page. Here you'll see three options. The first two options are in-built and the 3rd one is Envato elements.

Check this article on How to create Envato like marketplace.

landing page builder

Step 2: Selecting Template

You're going to create a landing page, for instance, you'll need a template. So you can get unlimited templates, photos, and blocks that are available in Elementor. But using ‘Envato Elements', you'll get the same facilities.

To select the template, click on the ‘Green Icon‘. Here you'll see lots of built-in templates.

how to design a blog

Then any of these templates from the list.

landing page design

After that, just select ‘Insert Button‘. Then it'll automatically appear on your page.

create a blog

Note: You can add individual portion to your landing page instead of adding full in-built landing page.

Step 3: Adding a Footer

For your information, in-built landing pages don't have a header or footer part. So you have to create a header or footer on your own or you can use the default header or footer.

To do that, select the ‘Red Plus' button. Or you can choose Envato if you want.

You'll see footer with different styles. So just pick one of them.

It'll just appear under the previous section. That's it.

Footer with Elementor


So by following this way you can manage to build a landing page for your business. We tried to show the simplest way so that you can employ it more smoothly. Therefore, to get more potential customers and lead, the connotation of a landing page is beyond question.

Final Verdict

Wise decision at the right moment is very crucial. And, if you're a business owner then it's the foremost thing for you. We hope you have got something useful from this step-by-step guide.

Having a website along with showcasing products to the world, you must design your website's landing page according to your product category and types.

If you don't have designed yet, this is the right time to choose a fruitful landing page builder or Website page builder. Especially if you're using the WordPress platform. However, if you have anything to share or ask, feel free to share it to the comment section.

Build an Electronics Marketplace with Dokan

Today, around 2 billion people buy products from online marketplaces. Having said that, Dokan has proven to be the ultimate WordPress multi-vendor marketplace. You can even build an electronics marketplace with Dokan.

Dokan has over 20000+ active installations around the world.

So you can understand from that how popular and reliable Dokan has become in creating online marketplaces. No wonder it has remained as one of the top multivendor marketplace builders for the last 5 years.

In this article, we are going to show you how to build an electronics marketplace with Dokan. Because of its low overhead costs, you can earn a huge profit from a limited investment. Because nowadays, online marketplaces have become quite an opportunity to earn money in a short time.

Online Store Opportunities in 2020

If you want to earn money from a limited investment, then an online marketplace is the way to go. What is an online marketplace you ask? well

An online marketplace is a type of e-commerce site where product or service information is provided by multiple third parties, whereas transactions are processed by the marketplace operator.

Online Electronics Marketplace Growth
Online Marketplace Growth

You don't need storage space and put extra effort into designing your store. All you need is,

  1. Domain & Hosting
  2. WordPress
  3. WooCommerce
  4. Dokan
  5. Dokan Pro

That is it. You don't need anything else to create an online marketplace. You might think, how is it possible. Well, let me give you an example by building you an online electronics marketplace with Dokan.

Getting Started with Your Electronics Marketplace

Electronics Marketplace_Dokan

Ok, let's get started. But first let me answer a question, why you need Dokan while you have WooCommerce? well, WooCommerce lets you create only a single store marketplace. To turn your single store into a multivendor store you need Dokan.

First, you need to install the Dokan plugin on your WordPress dashboard. Before that, you need to install WooCommerce.

We are assuming you have already got your domain hosting and WordPress installed on your device.

Installing Dokan is similar to any other WordPress plugin. First, you need to install the Lite version of Dokan which is absolutely free. You will get the basic features for building your marketplace. But to bring a premium feel to your marketplace we suggest you purchase Dokan Pro.

Check how to install Dokan.

Build an Electronic MarketPlace with Dokan

Ok, you have installed the necessary prerequisites. Now you need to follow some simple steps to build an electronics marketplace. Like,

Configure All The Important Settings for Dokan

You need to set up a few necessary General settings before start building your marketplace.

Dokan General Settings

These settings are important as these settings will define the type of marketplace you are building. You can tweak these settings according to your needs.

Do it as per your requirements or you can use its default settings. You can also change all the other settings available if required. Check out the option available above and get an idea of all the settings you need to work with for setting up your own electronics marketplace.

Choosing The Right Theme to Make Your Electronic Marketplace Unique

Well, there are many electronics marketplace available out there. So what will make your marketplace unique? a Theme. You need to use a theme that will make your marketplace look different than all the other marketplaces.

You can use Dokan Theme, which is a standard theme for Dokan multivendor marketplace. But if you want to make it look more exclusive then there are some exotic themes available that are fully compatible with Dokan.

Choose one and make your marketplace exclusive.

Your Own Store in The Electronics Marketplace

As an admin, you can have your own shop in your marketplace. So you can create your own shop or lend your marketplace to the vendors.

So if you want to create your own store, you need to follow some steps.

  • You need to create a user for yourself
  • Subscribe yourself as a vendor
  • Create your store from the Back-end or Front-end

Having said that, whenever you sign up as a vendor, a profile will be automatically created for you. You just have to add a store profile picture, name, and a store banner. You can add products also.

Adding Products to Your Electronics Marketplace

Ok now let's get onto adding products for your electronics marketplace. Simply go to WP Admin Dashboard→WooCommerce→Products→Add New.

Product Adding Dokan

As you can see from above, you can add a description for your product, set a price and add the vendor name. You can set an image of the product if you want.

If you want to edit an item, simply click on Edit below the product name and you will get all the options.

Add Shipping Tax and Other Attributes

There are more advanced options that can be edited such as the product inventory, shipping, taxes, linked up products, custom attributes and more. Simply edit these options depending on the product attribute changes & demands.

Shipping Method: Vendors can set the shipping rate for their stores independently. They can configure everything on their own with Zone Wise Shipping and Product Wise Shipping system.

Tax System: Dokan has a built-in support system for WooCommerce taxes. Therefore, the admin can configure taxes from the backend for the vendors.

Extra edit options

Electronic Marketplace

All said and done, now you can view your store. Now your customer can buy from the store you created on your electronics marketplace.

Electronics Marketplace_Dokan

See, how simple it is to create an electronic marketplace with Dokan-the best multi-vendor marketplace in WordPress.

Buying A Product

Buying a product from the marketplace is really simple. All you have to do is,

  • Visit a Store
  • Select single or multiple products.
  • Click on View Cart
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Fill up your name, billing address, payment method.
  • Click on Place Order.

And you are done.

Buying A Product

See, how simple it is.

Bonus Tips For An Electronics Marketplace Owners

  • Try to make the marketplace as professional as possible
  • Select a better and exclusive theme
  • Make sure the other vendors are authentic
  • Use extensions like Auctions, Live Search and Store Support to further your cause.

Wrapping Up

It may sound like building an online marketplace is a lot of work. But with Dokan multivendor marketplace that task rather becomes easy. Only in a day, you can create an online electronics marketplace and earn profits from that.

Dokan removes all the complexity to manage an online marketplace indeed. Since Dokan Light is scalable you can extend the features by getting Dokan Pro.

Ultimate Youtube Marketing Strategy for SMEs (How to Make It Worth Doing)

YouTube is the 2nd biggest platform after Google with having over 50 million content creators at a time. Therefore, as a marketer, you can assume that your YouTube Marketing Strategy should stand out if you want to create a place in your audience's heart.

So as a startup, YouTube is the perfect platform for you but you may face different challenges and obstacles.

That's why we're going to share everything you need to build a smart YouTube Marketing Strategy with expert opinions.

YouTube is the Best Video Marketing Platform: Why?

YouTube Marketing Strategy

As we mentioned earlier, YouTube is the 2nd biggest website and the first among all video sharing platforms.

YouTube currently counts 2 billion monthly active users – YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki 

YouTube becomes popular due to its easy user experience and video sharing services. Anyone can view, upload videos, add comments, and subscribe to their favorite channels with zero time and effort.

Okay, Let's check out the following reasons why it's the best video content sharing platform:-

  • You'll get a vast audience
  • You can save your money with free video hosting
  • The ease of use
  • Easy to link with your website thus increase traffic
  • Unlimited Video bandwidth and sustainability
  • Easy to get feedback from the customers and More

Not only that, you'll have lots of benefits applying YouTube Marketing plans for your business.

To enhance your YouTube Marketing knowledge let's know about the types of YouTube Marketing & how to manage your YouTube channels.

How to manage your YouTube Channel in a Professional Way

People like visualization than reading words by words. So the importance of video is quite clear. If you want to succeed in content marketing, then using videos inside the content will, of course, increase your engagement thus creates brand value. And that is the main thing.

Check out the screenshot below:-

YouTube Marketing Strategy
Using Video Content inside the article

As a business owner, you must have plans to choose YouTube as a vital video content platform. Right?

You may have the following goals that you want to achieve:-

  • Improve brand awareness and engagement
  • Showcase company's culture to the audience
  • Generate more leads and conversions
  • Want to drive more traffic to your website
  • Increase sales
  • Product marketing, launching, or provide any tutorials, etc.

So considering the importance of YouTube Marketing, check out the types of YouTube marketing.

Types of Video Marketing on YouTube

Basically, YouTube Marketing depends on your business types. That means if you're an eCommerce businessman, your should video should focus on product-related. If you're a traveler then you must focus on traveling video.

And if you're a tutor and teacher then your videos should be on educative purposes.

So after researching, we have discovered 5 types of YouTube Marketing. Let's get into the discussion:-

  • Promotion Type video marketing
  • Interview or job-related video marketing
  • Tutorial Type/Product Demo video
  • Presentation or product releasing video
  • User Interaction type video

Promotional Video Marketing

Marketing through promotion

If you want to advertise your brand on YouTube, then the first and foremost task is to create more promotional videos. The idea of promoting videos traditionally is not available nowadays. Because your users are smarter now.

However, a quality promotional video can help you to create brand value thus helps to convert more traffic to your website.

Interview or Job-related Video Marketing

Interview with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella!

Job interview or product interview can be an effective way of promoting videos. The interviewer may ask you some questions on your products so that people can know each and every detail about your products.

On the other hand, your employee can take part in the interview for a particular product. Additionally, you as an owner also can take an interview from your customers on the experience they have. By doing this, your brand will get more responses.

Tutorial Type/Product Demo Video

This is very important for any small business. If you want to advertise your product to all, then you must create a short video, demo, trial or a teaser of your product, etc.

Do you know? Customers want to learn and connect with brands through video content.

You can showcase your product by giving proper tutorial videos. In this video, you can show the following things:-

  • Installation process
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Customer review or satisfactory video
  • How to utilize your products
  • And Success stories

Presentation or Product Release Video

You can also advertise your product through a product release video. Therefore, customers will get informed. On the other hand, you can create a video by giving guidelines to your audience.

Viewers from YouTube, prefer tutorial videos than the other videos. So its high time you should take proper initiative to make quality tutorial videos.

While making this kind of video, follow the tips:-

  • Make your video informative
  • Be straightforward
  • Keep your video short
  • Use animated illustration in your video if need

User Interaction Type Video

Now, this one may be harder to apply – especially if you will be depending on your audience to make videos that advertise your product directly. It's another part of the YouTube Marketing Strategy.

The oreo team does the trick. They create a hashtag of #PlayWithOreo. And their users make the video. This is a huge video marketing strategy. This video got 600k views overall.

To sum up, use hashtags, make some entertaining YouTube videos with innovative ideas that ‘outside of the box’. If you will, and surely, you’ll get user interactions.

Strategies You Should Follow in YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing Strategy

When it's about Content Marketing, video is an up-and-comer. As we mentioned earlier in our previous section, using relevant video inside the content is very effective for content marketing.

Video marketing is cited to be the top disruptor in the marketing world – State of Inbound 2017 Report

However, many Markers don't know how to do YouTube Marketing, or what should be the YouTube Marketing Plan, etc. For instance, you can engage more people by following smart strategies.

So, in this part, we'll show the strategies you should follow during YouTube marketing. However, check out the following points that we'll cover:-

  • Do Your Research
  • Learn about your audience
  • Research your competitor
  • Create Useful And Informative Content
  • Be Consistence
  • Optimize Your Videos

Do Your Research

Do research before starting any plan

Generally, research is the first step of any content marketing strategy. You should make perfect research before starting video marketing especially if you really want to succeed YouTubing.

Importantly, you should also research your competitors like what they are doing, creating or preferring, etc.

Learn about Your Audience

Best YouTube Marketing strategies
Know your audience

It's very crucial to know customer conduct for example, what they are preferring. Furthermore, you can improve your video quality yet your service quality.

In the YouTube channel, you'll have a tab to analysis your visitor activities, for example, your view counts, average watch time, revenues generated, and interaction rate across videos.

In this analytics tab, you can get valuable data on your subscriber demographics. Monitor the total view time and demographics analytics to answer questions like:

  • Place where your videos being viewed
  • Know what are your viewers
  • Know about your subscriber's gender
  • And Which video soothes them the most

Research Your Competitor

YouTube Marketing Strategy

Continuous analysis of your customer is very essential to you especially, it will help to pull ahead of other business. Fortunately, you need to collect lots of data to compete with your competitor.

So you can do the following things to know your competitor:-

  • Count your competitor views
  • Quality they follow
  • Topics they choose
  • Watch their customer review
  • Follow them on various social media
  • And how they manage to maintain video quality

Create Useful & Interesting Content

You have to consider why people are interacting with video content more than any other content, before making any content. Because they find more relevant, interest and attracting in the video more than blog articles.

Moreover, they find more entertainment in videos than blog content.

You have different types to choose from video topics to start. For example, you can create content on how to use a product, success stories of people who’ve liked it, office cultural videos, and demo videos, etc.

So all you have to do is, represent videos in a creative, useful way so that it worth exploring.

Be Consistence

Be Consistence while following YouTube Marketing Strategy

You have to be very consistence and accurate in YouTube Marketing. Because your viewers always want something valuable and unique from you.

However, many Youtubers don't follow this term. They always provide irrelevant content after becoming famous. But you should always treat YouTube as any other content marketing strategies.

Optimize Your Videos for Better Results

Learn How to optimize YouTube videos

Your YouTube videos must be optimized for your search result if you want to get the most value out of them. But don’t worry if your first few videos fail to gain a lot of traction. You can work on them and make them perfect your YouTube SEO.

Let's check out the following facts on how you can optimize your YouTube Videos:-

  • Select perfect title
  • Give a relevant thumbnail
  • Provide a fine description
  • Add a hashtag on your video description
  • Add cards, bumper ads, and watermarks
  • Ask viewers to subscribe

So these are vital issues you should think before planning for YouTube Marketing. Whatever your business is, small or medium, you have to follow these steps to succeed in Youtubing.

Common Mistakes in YouTube Marketing

Mistakes are unusual things. When it's about YouTube Marketing, you can not commit any mistakes. Million people are watching your videos at the same time. So your videos are carrying your brand value.

There is no other way to make any mistakes especially if you're a startup.

So considering this important fact we are going to share some common mistakes that every startup business owner does.

The following mistakes that every YouTubers make:-

  • Not Uploading enough data
  • Upload short videos
  • Using bad audio
  • Not Asking for comments or subscribing
  • Not using categories
  • Using irreverent content
  • And not telling others to share

These are the most common mistakes that every YouTuber does. Check out the following video to know more details.

Mistakes that YouTubers make

YouTube Marketing Strategy: Is It Really Worth Doing

Though Creating video content can be a time-consuming and long process but very important in this visual age. No matter who is your audience, consumers of all aspheres are choosing video content than others.

So it's more competitive than ever to make sure your YouTube marketing strategy is going the right path.


Growth Hacking Strategies for Startups to Ensure Desired Leads

Growth hacking or growth marketing is an experiment-driven approach to identify the most effective way to promote your brand widely. In order to keep your business always a step ahead, you have to plan something out of the box. And growth marketing can help you with that.

Entrepreneurs always aim to reach their potential consumers and increase their revenue within a short time period. Therefore, you must emphasize your marketing strategies to get quick exposure in today's business world. To establish a unique identity of your business you must come with some creative solutions.

Growth Marketing is not only about traditional marketing or promoting products and services.

Growth Marketing is all about growing your user base by doing continuous experiments, collecting reviews, improving quality and ultimate growth of the business.

You can leverage the power of Growth Hacking to reach a huge audience and increase brand awareness.

Proprietors sometimes get confused to choose the right Growth Hacking strategies to grow fast. Today we will show you 10+ proven Growth Marketing Methodologies that will worth your expenditure.

What is Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking is a comparatively new and creative marketing technique focused on growth. It is an experiment-driven tactic to get a massive growth in a short time period on a minimum budget. The term “growth hacking” was coined in 2010 by Sean Ellis, founder, and CEO of GrowthHackers.

The main objective of Growth Hacking is finding a cost-effective way to acquire a large customer base. In this methodology, all parts of your business will work together and find an effective way to generate more sale.


You would have to mix engineering, data, design, development, marketing, and analytics in order to find the most attractive, cost-effective and quick way to grow rapidly instead of following the conventional techniques.

Who is a Growth Hacker


A growth marketer is someone creative and knowledgable of technology and analytics. He has a great understanding of buyers persona, market condition, design, coding, analytics along with traditional marketing approaches.

He must have the power to bring something new and effective from continuous testing and customer feedback. The growth hacker is capable to analyze the data and find out the best way for rapid company growth.

A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth. Everything they do is scrutinized by its potential impact on scable growth

Sean Ellis, CEO and Founder of GrowthHackers

The growth hackers usually follow the techniques of reverse engineering, A/B testing, SEO, conversion optimization, email marketing, viral marketing, and content marketing to get huge growth in the consumer base.

And the main formula that every growth hacker uses is —
Product + Growth = Impact


In short, a growth hacker is a compact package of marketer, programmer and data analyst to get maximum consumers at a lower cost within a minimal time period.

His aim is fixed on only one thing: Company Growth.

Growth Hacking Strategies vs. Digital Marketing Tactics: Get the Difference

growth-hacking vs digital marketing

There exists a fine line between Growth Marketing tactics and Digital Marketing techniques. Confusion may arise among the entrepreneurs in which one should be picked or which one is actually beneficial for them.

Actually both of them are important to boost-up your company growth.

Digital marketing often works with the already established strategy of marketing where the outcome is quite obvious and constant. On the other hand Growth Hacking involves finding something innovative by experimenting with different ideas.

The Growth marketer uses these testing data to analyze the consumer satisfaction level and come up with an improved solution to retain more consumers and make them loyal advisor. These loyal advisors will help to take the business to the next level.


Instead of focusing only on driving traffic to a website like traditional marketing, Growth Marketing focuses on the full customer journey. From arriving on site, engage with the product or service, find a WOW moment, come back and buy again and work as a referral, Growth Hacking works in every step to influence the users.

The mindset of a Growth Marketer is the same as a scientist. They continuously test and analyze the data according to their hypothesis and don't stop before getting satisfied results.

Here, the experiments that fall down are not considered as failures, preferably its a step closer to get the desired output.

Growth hacking emphasizes more on the process rather than the outcome.

12 Best Growth Hacking Strategies Every Startup Should Follow

Every business should have a strong Growth Hacking plan to break the ground and grow the business rapidly. Here we have listed 13-proven Growth Hacking Strategies to boost your user base and drive the growth line upward.


  1. Follow Your Biggest Competitors
  2. Build a Social Media Community Around Your Brand
  3. Email-marketing
  4. Leverage Adjacent Markets
  5. Offer Discounts to Beta Testers.
  6. Create a hype or follow the trend


  1. Launch on Product Hunt or Similar Platforms
  2. Leverage Q&A Sites like Quora, Reddit, etc.
  3. Leverage Referral Marketing
  4. Focus on Content Marketing 
  5. Use Clients Feedback to Improve Service
  6. Work with Influencer

Let's start the discussion.

Scann Your Competitors Strategy


You will get competitors in every industry. As a startup business owner, you should keep an eye on your competitors. To run a business successfully you have to identify your business competitors first. Then analyze their marketing plan and other strengths to make your business stand out.

Moreover, you can come out with a better approach in front of your target audience by cracking the potentiality of your competitors.

Your competitors are not only who do the same business, but also who provide the substitute or same type of products. Also with the growing usage of the internet now you may have to fight with the companies from different localities, countries, in fact, all over the world.

Though the scenario does not small anymore. You have to think deep and bring something unique to compete with the rest. In addition, you must understand the tactics and business policy of them and then offer something alluring and tempting to your consumers.

Therefore, by knowing what your rivals are up to you can develop a cost-friendly promotional strategy for your business.

Build a Social Media Community Around Your Brand

Social Media becomes a popular platform for spreading the brand voice to a huge population. Through these platforms, you can introduce your brand, interact with your audience directly, get their feedback, communicate with your industry influencer, understand your competitors and so on. As a result, it gives you an opportunity to build a community of people who holds the same views.

It's undoubtedly better to scream your voice in a crowd than space.


So before launching your product you can create groups or forums on different social media and promote your business. In order to do this, you can update interesting posts, create any buzz, arrange contests, broadcast ads, create and join similar groups and so on.

Email-marketing: Powerful Tool for Growth Hacking Strategies


Email marketing is an effective way to acquire, engage and retain users for your business. You can create a hype about your products or services even before launch by sending attractive emails to your potential audience.

At first, you have to collect an email list of your target audience with whom you want to introduce your business. Then plan something wisely based on your audience nature, age, geographical area, liking, requirements and others. In this way, you can understand your user's preference and convey your information in an appropriate way to them.

As it gives you an opportunity to communicate with people directly you should send emails at least once in a week before launch. It will create potential consumers for your business prior to your launch. Also, you can take the email marketing service of Mailchimp to make the email list and send them to users effectively.

Leverage Adjacent Markets

Often people confused the concept of adjacent marketing with white space opportunity. White space opportunity is like innovating a new market for your existing product.

Marketing Calendar 2019

The adjacent marketing, on the other hand, uses your skill and capability to create more sales in your existing channel. While you think about your business's current market, you consider the intersection of Product, Customer, and Application.

Suppose a Software COmpany produces a wide range of plug-in and add-on for WordPress. They have good community of clients. Now they can create some other relative elements like WordPress theme to serve their clients more efficiently and broaden their market. It will create potential sales growth within their skill and ability with less risk.

Giving Discounts to Beta Testers.

Offering promotional giveaways always be an outstanding marketing tactic in the business world. Also, you need to test your product's compatibility before launching it commercially.

Therefore for the beta tester, you can offer something tempting. In this way, you can convince people to use your products or services and collect real reviews from them. Later, you can utilize these reviews to improve your service quality before going widely. It will minimize the chance of customer dissatisfaction and maximize the sale.

Furthermore, it's not always easy to make people ready to use your products specially when they are already obsessed with another one. So, you have to analyze their requirements and bring out something innovative and alluring that they cant refuse.

Create a Hype or Follow The Trend

There is a high chance before you a lot of people are doing the same business and serving the people for years. So, it's not possible to drag all their clients towards you overnight.

You must create curiosity among your target audience first. This also goes the same if you bring something totally new, nobody does before. In that case, you also create an interest among the people for your products or services.

Its a comparatively easy yet productive way to promote your business. However, you must think something outstanding to draw the attention of your audience. It should be innovative and capable to allure your target audience at the same time.

Launch on Product Hunt or Similar Platforms


Product Hunt is a trustworthy and popular site to share and discover new products. By promoting your business on Product Hunt you can manage 10,000+ web visits per week.

Big shot, Right!

Well, if you want to get introduced with huge traffic and make public exposure overnight this type of platform will be the right choice. But its not a piece of cake to get featured on Product Hunt or this type of other platforms. You have to find someone who has already submitted a similar product on Product Hunt. Then, you have to convince him/her to submit your business on the platform.

However, it may seem a little bit complicated to you but expose your business to the global audience it is the best way.

Leverage Q&A Sites like Quora, Reddit, etc.

Now, to promote your business on social media and get interacted with the audience about your products or services become so common. Undoubtedly it's an effective way to go close to the mass people. But the excessive use of social media marketing for businesses creates a hole in the consumer's mind. They often get confused and can't decide in the crowd of massive advertisements.

In this circumstance, sites like Quora and Reddit can help you out to introduce your business in an innovative way. You can search for the queries related to your business and join the conversation. Make sure that your product is capable to serve their demand. In addition, you can explain broadly how your products will meet their needs.

On the other hand, Reddit will allow you to expand your network in your desired community. It's a big chance to get connected with your audience where you can introduce your business globally.

Leverage Referral Marketing


We usually love to get reviews from our family and friends. You can adopt this mentality to elevate your promotional activities Therefore, you have to make people convinced to use your products and scream the reviews to others.

Use your clients as your referral. In order to do this, you can offer some discount coupons or anything beneficial for them. Big companies like Dropbox, Airbnb, Uber all of them use referral marketing to promote their services.

As it's like a chain reaction and also trustworthy, it can bag you huge traffic for your business dramatically.

Focus on Content Marketing 


Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach involved with creating and distributing informative, relevant, and consistent content to attract, interact and retain a specific group of people. Content can be a piece of article, image, infographic, audio or video to create profitable customer action.

The CMI says content is one of the most effective ways to promote a business. Almost half of all marketers plan to use content to reach their customers.

You can increase your brand awareness, leads, and conversion rate by designing useful and valuable contents for your clients.

At first, you have to analyze your buyer persona and then develop your content team strategy according to their preference. Always try to keep your content straight, simple, attractive and beneficial for your audience.

Use Clients Feedback to Improve Service

If you can tap into what hooks your audience you will get a flood of appreciation for your products or services. In order to improve the quality of your product, it is the best way to get reviews from real users.

You can conduct events, online contests, google forms, surveys to get the thoughts of your clients over your services. Later, it will lead you to generate next business strategies to acquire and retain more users.

Moreover, it will help you to build up a sustained relationship with your customers.

Work with Influencer

Influencer Marketing can increase brand authenticity to build trust among the users. That is the reason global brands like Adidas and Colgate-Palmolive have been using this marketing tactic for years and working with many social influencers accordingly.

According to a Linqia study, 86% of marketers have used this methodology to grow their business, and 94% of them found it effective.

You can work with influencers who have huge fan followers from your target audience. They will promote your business to those people online or offline. Marketers from all industries are working with influencers to boost their social activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social platforms.

For local exposure of your brand, you can enroll with local celebrities who will throw your brand voice broadly.

There are so many alternate ways to expand your business largely. Here, we mentioned the 12-best potent tools for your brand exposure.

Live Growth Hacking Examples That will Make You Amazed

There are a lot of well-known companies who have used the Growth Hack Marketing strategy to drive incredible growth.

DROPBOX: Dropbox offered extra storage space to customers who referred them, giving their customers an incentive to complete tasks on Dropbox, offering existing users more free space for linking their Dropbox account to Twitter and Facebook. They have now more than 500 million users.

PAYPAL: They offered 10$ for each customer sending an invitation to a new user and he/she accepted that. The new user also received the same amount as a welcome bonus. This company increased its business by 7% to 10% daily and gained 5 million users by 2000.

REDDIT: The owner created an illusion of being popular and populated by uploading huge content under fake user accounts.

FACEBOOK: They planned to encourage users to add their contacts and send emails to those contacts if they were mentioned or tagged on any Facebook post. Now, they have more than 2 billion users worldwide.

DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB: They used the video marketing strategy to promote its new service of sending people new razor blades monthly for just $1. The video got viral and become popular overnight. The video has more than 25 million views until today.

Hence, you will find so many examples like these on the web.

You can follow the proven Growth Hacking strategies cracked by well-known global companies or bring something out of the box by analyzing your user perspective.

Final Verdict

For reaching out to a huge audience and increase your brand value you would plan for strong Growth Hacking Strategies. Especially entrepreneurs should emphasize on growth marketing to introduce their products or services widely.

The Growth Hacking Strategies we have discussed above will help you to expand your business within a short time period. You can leverage the power of growth marketing to upward your profit margin and amplify user experience.

Furthermore, we live in this digital world technology makes us handful with productive tools that are helpful for any startups. Hence now it becomes easy to develop any strategy, analyze the data, getting feedback and implement them accordingly.

Psychological Pricing Strategy For Marketers With Magic Numbers

As an entrepreneur or marketer, you are well aware of pricing and its overall impact on sales.

A common mistake that happened by many of the marketers is forgetting about customers behavior towards pricing. Yes, people are more likely to make a decision depending on behavior and emotions.

If you only think about production cost and current market trends, you may fail to attract your desired group of customers. With today’s well-informed and self-oriented customers, rational pricing strategy doesn’t work so well.

You may listen to the term psychological pricing strategy. According to experts' opinion- it's better than rational or traditional pricing practices. But is it perfect or good enough for all sorts of products or services?

If yes, how would you apply it in a proper way? If not, what should be your ultimate pricing strategy?

In this post, we have tried to answer all your questions about pricing. You will also get a guide on best pricing practices.

Pricing, Psychology and Picking up The Right Strategy

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. – Warren Buffett

In the above quotation, Warren Buffett describes pricing from the customers perspective. As an entrepreneur, you know that pricing is all the exchange rate you put on your products or services. You actually receive payments providing value to your customers.

So, your pricing should be focusing on value not only estimated cost or market trends. As you know, a business exists for providing value.

Psychological pricing strategy

Coming to this point, we should have a look at psychology on pricing. What is psychological pricing?

Your pricing has a certain psychological impact. As a scientific study of our minds and behavior, psychology describes that people are more likely to make a purchase decision with a bit different pricing practices.

You can encourage more people by changing a single digit or just the font size of your pricing number. People create mental measuring before going to purchase something. And they tend to think with a round figure.

When someone comes to your shop thinking that one of your product should cost $20 and you have written it $19.99, they consider it as a discount and winning condition. This is how the psychological pricing strategy works. Isn't it interesting?

So that you should plan and practice your pricing in a way that let people think of them as a winner and someone special each time they come to purchase.

And that's the reason to consider psychological pricing strategy as a priority basis.

Basic Types of Psychological Pricing

Psychological pricing strategy has a lot of types and approaches. We have described here some of them that you can apply to boost your sales. Let's get started.

Odd-Even Pricing or Charm Pricing

Psychological pricing example

In Odd-even or Charm pricing, the price is set up slightly lower than a rounded number. It creates a measurement that the product/service is tagged at the lowest possible price.

Charm Pricing encourages using pricing that ends in ‘9' and '99'.

With charm pricing, the left digit is reduced from any round figure usually by one cent. We come across this technique each day we make purchases from a super shop but don’t pay proper attention. Psychology describes that our brain processes $5.00 and $4.99 as different values.

To your brain, $4.99 is $4.00; which is cheaper than $5.00.

This kind of pricing touch the consumer mind by creating a fairly priced image whereas round-figured price looks somewhat dishonest and manipulated.

Charm pricing practices are very common these days among marketers. You can also take the advantage!

Price lining or Product Line Pricing

Businesses with an extensive product line can use this strategy. Following this strategy, you can create a price range for a particular product line. In this type, sometimes a price is temporarily decreased to easily grab the attention of customers.

Using the product lining model, you can set each product within a certain group at distinct price points. How would it facilitate you? You will be able to sell the same product charging extra money for additional features and options.

For example, a car you have developed may come in three different styles and you can price as standard, medium and higher-ending model separately. The fact is the same for your software too. Check out the below example.

Psychological pricing strategy
Apple's price lining approach

Price lining offers your customers the flexibility of choice. Also, they can make a decision with ease being focused on one single brand. And your advantages are clear. You can earn more by offering almost the same features and with the lowest marketing cost.

Multiple Unit Pricing

In this type, items are bundled together and offered as a package, like two for $500 rather than $250 per item.

Psychological pricing strategy

It creates a sense of value and thus encourages the purchase of multiple items and boost your sales volume with ease.

As a marketer, you should always keep your customer in a winning position. Multiple pricing or multiple unit pricing enables you to make the job done and keep your customer happy.

Prestige Pricing to Spread out Brand Loyalty

It's also known as premium pricing. A variation of psychological pricing is also when businesses sell products or offer services at a high price and consider it as a premium product.

Prestige pricing is the complete opposite of the odd-even or charm pricing. Prestige pricing includes making all numerical values or odd numbers into rounded figures. For example, $199.99 is converted to $200 in this pricing approach.

Psychological pricing model

You may be wondering why. According to Kuangjie Zhang and Monica Wadhwa in a 2015 study, rounded numbers ($200) are more fluently processed and encourage reliance on consumers' emotions, compared to non-rounded numbers ($199.99), which are less fluently processed, and encourage reliance on cognition.

This means that rounded figures look right because the purchase is being driven by feelings and the price is processed quickly.

You can ask that odd-even and prestige both are from psychological pricing practices and according to your description both of them are proven for getting results. So, with this clear difference how would I apply it in a proper way?

Psychological pricing strategy
Brand like Lamborghini applies prestige pricing

The answer is simple, prestige pricing is only applicable for luxury products and odd-even for consumer items. You can't apply prestige pricing for oil or onion. On the other hand, $14,999 (instead of 15,000) isn't a smart figure for any branded item.

Get Smart with Buy One Get One Free Offer

BOGOF is a strategy in which customers pay the full price for one product or service to get another for free.

The psychology that honestly works here is greed

Once a customer comes across the offer, logic gets thrown to the wind and the main focus is making a purchase to get an extra item.

Psychological pricing strategy

Being generally utilized and since most people no longer take the attraction, you should mix things up a bit by offering a deal like below.

  • Buy one and get 50% off in your next purchase.
  • Buy one, get three without no extra charge.
  • Purchase one and get four bonuses priced at $60, etc.

To completely utilize this strategy, get creative with your discount offers and don’t rely on rational practices.

Check this video out to get more pros and examples to get smart with your pricing. Nick Kolenda is the speaker here.

There are lots of psychological pricing strategies to check and utilize, we have just described some of them in this post.

Psychological Pricing Strategy: Looking to The Future

No doubt that psychological pricing will dominate the market of our pricing in upcoming days. If you want to easily grab your customers' attention and encourage them to buy your products or services, psychological pricing is the option for you.

We have described 5 easiest but effective pricing approaches that would help you get a go.

The Complete Beginner’s Tutorial to Creating an AI Bot on Facebook Messenger

AI or Artificial Intelligence has become a buzzword these days. And Facebook chatbots are no exception to artificially intelligent technologies. For a smooth and well-rounded marketing strategy, this is something you can't steer clear of.

Moving forward, using a chatbot has become a standard when it comes to prompt customer support and happiness. In this article, we will define you what a Facebook chatbot is and how you can set a chatbot for your facebook page's messenger. Now, let's go ahead.

What Is a Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Facebook messenger chatbot is an artificially trained bot that mimics human intelligence level and converses with your visitors or customers without even the need for any human assistance.

For this purpose, chatbots always try to hide the fact that they are artificially trained bots when they are serving or reacting to its users.

Why Do You Need a Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

As a business professional, you should streamline your marketing and customer support system with a facebook messenger chatbot to have an edge over your competitors.

The users of Facebook Messenger is almost equal to the entire number of users of Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat together.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial
Source: Statista

Thus, you should definitely take the advantages of the Facebook messenger to your good book.

Here are some of the predicted use cases for chatbots that can be pretty useful for you:

  • Getting a quick answer in an emergency.
  • Resolving a complaint or problem.
  • Getting detailed answers or explanations.
  • Finding a human customer service assistant.
  • Making a reservation (e.g. restaurant or hotel).
  • Paying a bill.
  • Buying a basic item.
  • Getting ideas and inspiration for purchases.
  • Adding yourself to a mailing list or news service.
  • Communicating with multiple brands using one program.
Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial
Source: Convince and Convert

Here Are Some of the Basic Benefits of Facebook Page Bots:

Chatbots are a proven way to provide a far more personalized experience and ensure much more customer engagement. Here are a few benefits:

  • Mobile friendly customer service.
  • Integration to e-Commerce platforms to increase sales.
  • Automatic sending and receiving text and images.
  • Parsing information to actionable steps.
  • Providing answers with predetermined questions.
  • Being able to send bulk push notifications.
  • Offering in-depth analysis performance of the chatbots.
  • Chatbots become smarter with more usages.

How to Create a Basic & Simple Facebook Messenger Bot

We assume that you already have a Facebook page. If you have one, you can easily set a basic facebook auto reply bot from the page settings. Now, let's begin the facebook messenger chat bot tutorial:

First off, click on the dropdown button and select the page that your are going to set the chatbot for.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Click on the Settings option.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Next, click on the Messaging option:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

After that, You will get 3 settings for the chatbot:

  1. General Settings
  2. Response Assistant
  3. Appointment Messaging

Configuring General Settings

Now, turn on the “Prompt people to send messages” and “Help people start a conversation with your Page” toggle bars.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Prompt people to send messages

This will help your people with a number of ways (Such as open chat window) to send you messages while you are online.

Help people start a conversation with your Page

This option will help your audience use frequently asked questions to begin a conversation with you with ease. The coolest part is that you can edit the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) with your own taste and can add multiple questions as well.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

After finishing editing, don't forget to save the changes.

Configuring Response Assistant

This is the most effective and useful part of the Facebook messaging settings. In this section, you will get three more options. They are:

  1. Send instant replies to anyone who messages your Page.
  2. Let people know when you don't have access to your computer or phone.
  3. Show a Messenger greeting.

You will have to turn the toggle bar on in order to keep them functioning as indicated below with red marks:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Send instant replies to anyone who messages your Page

After turning the toggle bar on, your audience will get instant messages showing that you will respond to them as soon as possible. However, you can easily edit them with the Change button:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Now, you will get the message editing option with a preview of the message:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Edit the message in the way you want. You can also add personalizations in the message text using the ‘Change‘ button. Finally, hit the ‘Save‘ button.

Let people know when you don't have access to your computer or phone

With this option, you can let your visitors know that you are not in front of your device and thus can't give them support instantly.

Show a Messenger greeting

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

You should use this option if you would like to greet your visitor who is on the first time with your page's messenger. You can also edit this option, personalize and save it at your disposal.

And that's it! You have created a basic Facebook bot for your business page.

How to Create an Advanced Facebook Messenger Bot with Chatfuel

You can easily create a Facebook Messenger with Chatfuel while having fun during the process.

I'll not only show you the walkthrough of creating a messenger bot but also guide you with a strategy so that you can grow a good number of audience with it.

It will take only a few minutes to set up the bot but you will later discover a lot of great and exciting ways to maneuver it more efficiently.

Step 1: Sign up for a Chatfuel Account with Your Facbook Account

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial
Chatfuel’s homepage

First off, visit the homepage of Chatfuel and click on the “Get started for free” button.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

After that, you will be prompted to log in to your Facebook account and you will then have to confirm your Facebook account ID to proceed.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Chatfuel will receive your profile picture, email and name. However, it will not let the app publish itself on your Facebook timeline. So, rest assured!

Step 2: Link Your Facebook page

At this stage, you will have to link your Facebook page. To do so, select your Facebook page by checking it and then hit the ‘Next' button to go forward:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Next, Chatfuel will show you all the details that they will do for your pages. Keep all the toggle bars turned on. Now, hit the ‘Done‘ button to go to the next step:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Then, you will get a success message showing that you have now linked Chatfuel to Facebook. Click ‘Ok' to proceed:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

After the successful Facebook login, you will be taken to the Chatfuel account dashboard. Now, to finalize the addition of your Facebook page hit the ‘CONNECT TO PAGE‘ button.

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

For now, we will be using the free version. You can later buy the PRO version down the road:

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Step 3: Create a Messenger Greeting

Now, you will have to create a welcome message to greet your customers (We have already shown it though). This is very important because it guides your users on what to do next without thinking much.

  • Go back to your Facebook page > Settings > Messaging
  • Now switch the Show a Messenger Greeting toggle bar to Yes
  • Now, click Change
  • Now type the greeting message for your user, and then save the changes.

Step 4: Create a welcome message

You have to configure a welcome message for each session your users start a chat session with the bot. Fortunately, in Chatfuel, you can easily greet your customers with a welcome message using your first name. Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your Chatfuel dashboard and then click on Welcome Message
  • Add your preferred welcome text to the box. For example, “Hi {{first name}}, may I know what are you looking for?”

That's all. You don't even save the changes by hands because it is saved automatically. To check how it works, you can visit your Facebook page and use the Message button to test its efficacy.

Step 5: Create a default reply

Sometimes, your Chatbot will fail to answer too critical questions. To answer these types of questions, you will have to set default answers to help them what to do next. For example, you can set the replies to contact your support team, rephrase their question, use email or phone number to contact the helpdesk, etc.

Follow these steps:

  • Go back to your Chatfuel dashboard and select the Default Answer button.
  • Now you will find a set of placeholder texts. Change the texts to something more friendly. For example: (“Pardon me. I’m can not help you out but I am forwarding your queries to the customer care department. Please be patient.”)

Again, your changes are saved automatically.

Step 6: Unleash the Power of AI

Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

You will feel the greatness of Chatbots when they can understand almost all the queries your customer ask. And this is where the concept of AI comes to the play. Since Chatfuel uses keywords to train its AI system you will have to feed some keywords to get the most of its AI system.

Follow these steps to train the AI system of the Chatbot:

  • Navigate to the Chatfuel dashboard, select Set Up AI > Add AI Rule
  • Now add a keyword that your customers are likely to use like ‘Refund policy’ in the If User Says Something Similar To box
  • In the accompanying Bot Replies with Text box, enter a useful reply like “We have no question asked policy but it is void until the product has the valid license period,” together with a link to your refund policy documentation page.
  • Now that you know the process of adding keywords, you should keep training the bots for as many keywords as possible so that the AI system gets more efficient over time.

Bonus Tips:

You can take help from your customer care department to get the most frequently asked queries from the user to train the AI system.

Step: 7 Add a Message button to your Facebook page

The Message button does not appear automatically and so you have to set it up manually in order to make it work. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Facebook account > Select your page > Add a Button.
Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial
  • You will get a popup window, select Contact You and Send Message option from therein:
Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial
  • Select Messenger and hit the Finish button.
Facebook Messenger Bot Tutorial

Now, the Send Message button will be discoverable publicly and your users can start chatting with the bot.

Bonus Tips:

The best part of Chatfuel is that you can embed it on your website to conduct messenger-based marketing.

To this end, you can follow their tutorial and documentation so that you can use Chatfuel on your website.

Ending Thoughts

We hope that this guide will help you set the Facebook messenger bot well on your website. Besides, the user interface of Chatfuel is also friendly enough and you will find everything under your belt quickly.

Finally, I would like to say that building the AI Facebook messenger bot will not cost you arms and legs and it is actually worth the investment. That's because you don't have to spend too much on hiring new customer support employees.

A Beginners Guide to Google Data Studio for Marketers

Data is a blessing for any marketer when it is meaningful and understandable. However, turning web data into meaningful insights can be a complex process. Fortunately, Google Data Studio, data visualization from Google can save you a lot of time and effort.

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Proven Strategies to Increase Sales in 2020

Do you have a great product but facing problems to reach the right customers? Or are you not sure how to address your customers online? We are here with the proven strategies to increase sales of your store or marketplace in 2020.

Building something could be easy, but selling is always challenging. Finding or encouraging people to buy your product is an important part of the entire sales process. If you can't sell your product or service, none of it matters at all. Because you know- sales are everything to your business. To meet success, you have to find what really works for generating sales.

You may find lot's of strategies in a minute. But you need to understand what strategies are fit for your project and how to effectively implement them. All strategies are not good or equally applicable all the time. That is why we are here to help you.

Prepare Yourself and Your Team First

To go ahead with your marketing strategies, you need to prepare yourself and your team first.

Are you really aware of your products' ins and outs?

Do you dare enough to face all your customers' queries?

Take preparation and make your team ready before applying new ideas and strategies.

Some people try to do anything in order to prevent loss. It's a harmful practice that could cause a huge loss. Unethical attempts are always dangerous for your business, especially when you're running an e-commerce store or multi-vendor marketplace.

So, don't forget to take enough preparation. Be responsible, keep promises and try to maintain honesty all the time.

Sit tight and go ahead with the strategies to increase sales in the year- 2020.

Proven Strategies to Increase Sales of Your Online Store

Strategies are the same most of the time. You need to implement them in a smart way. Try to read your customer's minds, be aware of industrial changes, treat technology as a gift and keep A/B testing all the time.

Now, let's check out the following strategies to grab your desired sales in 2020!

Try to Understand Your Target Audience

To define and understand your target customers, consider the following questions.

  • Who will buy your products or services?
  • What value are you going to add & offer? (problem-solving)
  • Who are your competitors in the market?
  • How would you differentiate with their offering?
  • How often consumers would buy your products?
  • What the amount they are ready to spend on your products?
  • What is the best way to reach your audience?
  • How long would this product meet customers' need and expectations?

These questions will help you define your target group of customers. A clear knowledge about your customers is the first thing you need to be sure about.

Find out more about Your Customers

This is always tough to find and get new customers. It's also time-consuming and requires enough investment. So, it's preferable to market to your past and existing customers. There are more possibilities to get desired sales from your loyal existing clients. But do not forget to search for new customers at any level of your business.

Strategies to increase sales- customer information

To run promotional works or campaigns among old or existing consumers, you need to find out their information. Take time to gather their personal information through online surveys, chatting, e-mailing, direct communication or other useful ways.

Collect information about their age, gender, education, income, and marital status etc. But be ethical in collecting their data. One single mistake could destroy the faith over your brand.

Define the Market for Your Products

You can't afford to target everyone. That's why you need to define your market to ensure where you are spending your money and resources. Small businesses can effectively compete with big companies by targeting a niche market. It's important to get the best ROI or output.

How to Define the Market?

Consider the following facts to perfectly define your market.

  • Look at your current customer base.

Who are your current customers, and why do they buy from you? Pinpoint the personality of your running customers and find similarities.

  • Check out your competition

Who are your competitors in the market with similar products? Who are their customers? If possible, try to avoid the market they have already chosen.

  • Analyze your product

Write out a list of each feature of your product. List the benefits it provides.

  • Determine specific demographics to target

Think about the following factors of your customers like Age, Location, Occupation, Ethnic background etc.

  • Consider the psychographics of your target

Psychographics are more like the personal characteristics of a person, such as personality, attitudes, values, interests, hobbies, lifestyles and behavior etc.

Prefer Relationship Selling

In this competitive era, you may ignore the relationship selling. But this is a great way to create a loyal base of your customers. Try to develop a personal relationship with new customers. Be their friend and they will work as your brand's story-teller at completely free of cost.

Is it so tough to build and maintain a personal relationship with your customers? We think no! Just try to engage with them according to their personal data you already have. You don't need to focus on each and everyone, that's even not possible.

Consider the area and number you can easily cover. And you will surprise seeing the result at the end of the day.

Employ the Power of the Web

Since you are running an online store, there is almost no option for your customers to make a physical visit. Take help of the modern technology to ensure an easy and smart communication with them. Although relationship selling is better. But for online stores or marketplaces, today it's simply impossible to maintain a personal relationship with this huge number of customers around the world.

So, give full attention in properly utilizing the power of the web.

Create a user-friendly website, ensure proper speed and flexibility, show clear contact information and keep providing awesome customer service.

This is the actual way to ensure the growth for your online business. Employ and utilize the power of the web. Consider perfect development while starting and check whether all the functions are working well or not.

Publish quality content and don't compromise

For today's online market, content is the king. People love to make their decisions depending on the information of your contents. Content is the best way to educate people about your products, inspire them in the most trustworthy way.

People actually buy benefits, not your products. So, try to focus on the benefits and problem-solving while writing contents.

Today's customers love to be and feel independent. Rich and well-researched content is the only way to help them in this regard. Prepare and publish your contents as rich as possible with appropriate data and clear image of your product. Don't forget to tell people the actual benefits of your products and show perfect comparison.

Create a Sense of Urgency

People buy to solve a problem or to meet a desire. While you are running campaigns, try to create a sense of urgency. When your customers feel they badly need your product or they would lose a great opportunity, they will certainly consider buying your product.

Consider Up-selling and Cross-selling

Up-selling and cross-selling are another two important strategies to increase sales. These are actually the ways of your product presentation. Show relevant products while your customers come to a single page. On the other hand, you may offer a discount on buying as a bundle. Coupons and discounts also play a major role in increasing sales.

Invest in quality Images

Images or media collection work as your sales-force. You have no person to present or describe your products on your online store or multi-vendor marketplace. So how will you tell your story, how can you create an emotional attachment?

This is where comes the importance of the visual presentation; images, videos and other ways you have chosen to present your products. So, don't forget to invest enough to add quality images, relevant videos of your products. Check how the better images increase your sales.

Improve Your page's SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is something you can't ignore at all. This is the way to increase your Google ranking. Better Google ranking means more possibilities to increase sales. In online stores, most of the people get to an online store doing a Google search. If you can't ensure a better Google ranking, then you will most certainly lose a huge number of customers.

SEO Checklist

An online store grows and shines depending on the sales it makes online. So, you can understand the importance of the SEO of your page. With WordPress, there are options to easily ensure a higher Google ranking at the lowest cost. Whatever the platforms you select, try to improve your page's SEO from the first day of your marketing.

Increase Social Media Engagement

Social media is a proven way to increase your traffics. People love to share what they buy on their social media accounts for several reasons. Their friends and family members follow their activities by clicking on the link to buy that product, show supports, or simply to encourage others.

Whatever the reasons are, you could get a lot of traffic increasing your social media engagement. The number of social media user in 2018 was over 3.196 billion, up by 13 percent from previous year. So we guess, you can easily imagine the opportunity from this platform.

Don't Forget to Add Useful CTA

CTA or call to action button plays an important role on an online store. Keep A/B testing on adding and replacing useful CTA to your websites. If you could add a CTA perfectly, your sales would be double without giving much effort. Check out more on what you need to increase sales in WordPress e-commerce.

Some Deadly Sales Sins

You can boost your online sales implementing smart and useful strategies. But you need to be careful while applying these strategies. Sometimes what you think may not fit for your products. That's why satisfaction with an idea isn't a good sign in online marketing.

Moreover, there are some approaches that may be considered as deadly sins. Be aware and keep away from these activities. Check out following facts these are recognized as sins in marketing, especially in e-commerce.

  1. Selling without knowing your customer
  2. Avoiding dissatisfied customer
  3. Ignoring small orders
  4. Using the same old strategies again and again
  5. Not taking enough sales training

Final Words

Strategies are something that help you to easily attract and encourage people to make a decision. Since sales are everything to your business, you need to find out and implement only proven strategies to increase sales of your business.

We hope, now you know what strategies would most fit to your project and how to implement them. Go ahead with your strategies and let us know what else you're applying to boost your sales in 2020.

If you still don't have a WordPress e-commerce store yet but interested to own one, get to learn how to start your first online business with Dokan at free of cost.

Marketing Channels That Are Triggering Your Business Sales

Marketing channels are an effective way of ensuring that products reach their intended customers. Marketing channels are usually integrated in order to ensure increased profits. They are important and allow a business to accomplish its original goal. Any business should consider maximizing its marketing channel to ensure that customers receive their products. According to Statista, better use of marketing channels can help to increase early engagement.

However, to be effective, a marketing channel needs to be carefully thought through in order to be successful. In short, they are the primary link between manufacturers and customers. Moreover, many large businesses make use of marketing channels and you should try to be as accessible to them as possible. They tend to find it an easier way of delivering products to customers.

Marketing Channel & Sales

Their primary goal is to facilitate how goods travel from you to consumers. Distribution chains are very important for both online stores and traditional sellers. What’s more, it helps you to boost sales. Online marketing channels work the same way.

There are different types of marketing channels available for you to utilize. You can determine which one to use based on the size of your company. Today, you can use a wide variety of digital marketing channels for your e-commerce business. They function in the same way as traditional marketing channels.

Types of marketing channels include:

  • Direct selling – manufacturers sell directly to customers; this is mostly used by online stores.
  • Selling through intermediaries – making products available for customers through wholesalers and retailers.
  • Dual distribution – more than one marketing channel is used to deliver products to consumers.
  •  Reverse channels – it is the opposite of the others; it flows from the consumer to an intermediary and then to the beneficiary.

Advantages of Using Marketing Channels

They are so important that without them, customers may not receive products at all. Marketing channels are equally beneficial for manufacturers. Manufacturers rely on them for making sure that their products are effectively sold.

Most products require use of marketing channels for effective distribution to consumers. So, why should every company have a marketing channel? A marketing channel has many advantages. These include:

1. Help to save more money

When you use a distribution channel, you end up spending less than you would if you did the task yourself. If you deal with every step needed to deliver products to customers yourself, it may cause you to spend more money. Members of a marketing channel know what to do and what measures to take to reduce expenses.

2. Save time

Marketing channels can also help you to save more time. You do not have to waste time trying to distribute your products. The extra time you have can be used to increase the productivity of your company. When you decide to sell directly to consumers, you can expect to have more expenses. Expenses include:

  • Renting a warehouse
  • Hiring labor
  • Shipment

All these can cost you more than if you use a marketing channel. You won’t be able to just focus on manufacturing. This means that you have to divert attention to other parts of your business. Distributing channels help you focus on producing what customers need.

3. Convenience

Using a distribution channel is more convenient for customers. Customers do not have to visit various companies to buy different products. Distribution channels ensure that customers get various products from the same retailer. So, they can purchase various products from different manufacturers without wasting time.

4. Reduced costs

Because intermediaries become accustomed to dealing with transactions, they become cheaper over time. You don't have to worry about bargaining with customers over the price of products. Intermediaries have a link with customers and help to conduct transactions.

5. More customers

As a manufacturer, it is your goal to make sure that customers purchase your products. It may cost you more to try to increase the number of customers who purchase your products. However, when you use intermediaries, it can be a way of reaching out to more customers. They help you to sell more. Intermediaries also help customers to find products. Customers can find products when they shop at a retail shop.

This is better than going to the manufacturer. Manufacturers can also focus on producing goods that customers need. They place their products in various retail shops so that customers can have more access. Thus, distribution channels provide a link–be it indirect–between manufacturers and consumers.

6. Rapid distribution of products

Distribution channels may be responsible for delays in customers receiving products. However, they can be rapid at times, as well. Customers don’t want to have to wait for long periods before receiving products. This is very crucial for online businesses.

You want to make sure that once they order from you, you are able to deliver products as soon as possible. If you are unable to do this, it makes customers consider shopping from other local retailers. Using a distribution channel decreases the time it takes to deliver products.

7. Increased effectiveness

Each level of a marketing channel has its own specialization. It helps to increase the accuracy of the chain of supply. The manufacturer doesn’t have to worry about how goods will be delivered to customers. All efforts can then be directed towards producing products useful for customers.

Distributors are skilled in receiving, managing and distributing products. Retailers are experts at making products available for customers. By using direct distribution, your costs may be significantly higher than if you use marketing channels instead.

8. Access to customers

Since retailers provide a link between customers and manufacturers, they can offer insight into what customers actually need. This crucial information can be used to produce products that are trending. Knowing the latest trends provides a more accurate description of the goods to make.

However, all these benefits are only possible when you use supply chain management. Let’s also check out some disadvantages that you may face.

Disadvantages of Marketing Channels

Distribution channels also have some potential negative repercussions. These disadvantages can lead to decreased sales and losses. The disadvantages of marketing channels include:

1. Decreased revenue

When you use a distribution channel, you sell your products at a cheaper price. This is lower than the price that retailers sell to customers. For retailers to make a profit, they have to sell at a higher price. They cannot distribute your products without any benefit.

If you sell directly to customers, you take in greater profit margins–simple as that. Distributing products to customers leads to complete control over the profit. Other losses that you can encounter come from paying the retailer–directly or paying for shipment. All these expenses may lead to loses.

2. No direct link with customers

When a retailer gets products from your company, he or she may make some changes in an attempt to increase sales. This is harmful to your business. Customers may fail to recognize your products over time. You then lose the link between customers and your company. Customers will no longer turn to your brand. They may purchase from competitors instead. Moreover, you are responsible for what products you produce.

However, retailers have more control over what message is conveyed to customers. The worst thing that can happen is if a retailer lies about the benefits of products. Once customers realize that, they will value your products less.

3. Loss of the value of products

The problem with using a distribution channel is that you have no control over products. This means that you may not control the image that customers have of your brand. Sometimes there might be delays in transportation. Because of this, your products can lose their value before they reach customers. If this persists, it will lead to losses.

4. Complexity

Some distribution channels require several participants. In such cases, it can be difficult for you to understand. Adding more members to a marketing channel creates more delays in delivery. This will also reduce how much customers value your products.

5. Too many participants

If you have too many intermediaries in a marketing channel, it can increase expenses. Paying every intermediary will cost you a lot. This extra revenue, which can be used for expanding your business. If you don’t pay your intermediaries directly they can increase the price as a way of making profits. This affects customers, as they have to pay a very high price for your products.

6. Confusion

Sometimes, channel members may have conflicts of interest. This happens whenever roles and responsibilities overlap. Once conflicts arise, it can lead to great loses which can affect your business.

Conflicts usually arise when there are several distributors. Management becomes a problem. Problems with supply chain management are responsible for causing conflicts. These conflicts, if not resolved, can lead to serious losses.


Always evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using a distribution channel. This all comes down to what your ultimate goal is. The type of business that you have can also be a determinant factor.

If you decide to use a marketing channel, analyze what problems you may encounter. This will help you to manage your distribution channel. In addition, this way you can minimize any losses that may occur.

This is a guest post by Emily Watts. She is a writer for She enjoys writing and is passionate about helping other people. She has also worked as an editor for her local newspaper. In her free time, Emily enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and taking walks. Her love for writing started in elementary school and she enjoys her work every day.