Power Up Your Team with The Super Fast WordPress Project Manager (Feature Updates)

WordPress Project Manager ensures you and your team members easy collaboration, a quick insight of project status and the high opportunity to meet the goal in time. Also, it is simple to install, integrate, implement, manage, and have a grip over your business.

Though, WP Project Manager is a WordPress project management plugin it is capable to handle your several projects and all the associated members from one platform.

This project organizer assists 8000+ projects over the globe and the number is increasing drastically. User-friendly interface and web-based task management feature make it one of the best Project Management tool for WordPress users.

Furthermore, we update our system regularly to keep pace with the latest technology and managerial tactics.

In this continuity, we are introducing the latest update of WP Project Management version 2.3. It has better user interactive look, advanced report analysis, and task management system along with the high speed.

Why Do You Need an Online Project Management Solution

Online Project Management Solution can assist your project manager and team members to communicate with each other as well as the consumers, maintain a task list, divide them among the members, set time and get reports regarding projects overview. In short, it will help you to accelerate the work progress and meet the deadlines.

Through a smart project management solution, you can get an overview of all projects inside your business and how they are going at a glance.

77% of high-performing projects use project management software. 

As a result, many small to big enterprises across different industries observed remarkable business growth within a short time after arranging their projects according to project management tools.


Hence, you will get a quick interface for easy file sharing, time tracking, team collaboration, task, and budget management with Online Project Management Solution. Therefore you can monitor your business from anywhere you are in the world.

How WP Project Manager can Supervise Your Projects Effectively


WordPress becomes the most popular platform for building websites for its user-friendly interface, advanced features, wide customization options, and versatility. Furthermore, many feature-rich plugins extend its capability of customization and make it more robust for developing any type of websites including e-commerce sites, marketplace websites, personal portfolio and so on.

WP Project Management is a well-organized WordPress plugin to manage your multiple projects and complete them perfectly within the deadlines to reach the company's ultimate goal.

It's not let you get puzzled in running many tasks under different projects simultaneously. Moreover, it will help you to make your to-do lists and distribute them among the team members as well as monitor the team activities with a graphical view.

Feature-rich Solution

From organizing task lists, set deadlines, task prioritizing, team-based assignments, break the work into sub-tasks, and getting the work done with detailed progress reports – Everything is possible with WP Project Manager. You will get 6+ premium add-ons with WP Project Management Pro to get some extraordinary advantages.

Easy to Create, Assign and Manage Task Distribution

It is super easy to manage your projects by adding a new task, chop them into small parts, assign multiple team members, track the task with individual sub-task and manage the other stuff. Also, you can add unlimited projects, tasks, users, and clients as per your needs. In addition, it will give you and your team members a common platform for private messaging and discussion regarding work.

Outstanding Report Management

You will get automatic and advance reports for overdue, completed tasks, user activities, milestones, and all projects. Also, you can filter reports by project, tasks, co-workers, time, and more. Moreover, in the latest version, we add some premium features to generate more advanced Project Management Summary Report to amplify our user's experience.

A Stunning Dashboard to Take a Quick Overview

You can start your day with all the necessary information regarding the projects and what is happening inside these projects by scanning the dashboard with some easy navigation and tabs. Nevertheless, you will get work calendar, announcements, leaves – all in a single page.

Hence, this Advanced Project Management Solution facilitates you with all the advanced features to run your multiple projects successfully in a disciplined yet simple way.

WP Project Manager My Tasks (Feature Update)

In the latest version we have emphasized on 4 major issues:

  • Interactive UI design
  • Easy task management
  • Smart representation of a summary report
  • System speed

In this article, we will focus on the modified version of “WP Project Manager My Task”. This time it is more easy to track the status of your projects. Now, you can easily manage your task, divide them into small parts and assign individual team members with different deadlines and get a quick overview of all the activities whenever you want.

Moreover, this new version of the WP Project Manager is faster and stronger. Simply navigate to WP-Admin → Project Manager → My Tasks

How Does WP Project Manager My Tasks Work

Let's see in details how can you easily use this advanced task manager to get the best output for your business.

WP Project Manager My Tasks– Current Task

You will get an intuitive dashboard with all your current task list. Therefore, it will give you a quick overview of the status of your tasks along with the project details. Also, you can filter the tasks from a drop-down box to check your Outstanding and Completed tasks.


Moreover, you can search your task by selecting “Task Title” or “Project” from the drop-down box.

WP Project Manager My Tasks: Overview

Now, to get an overview of your work, navigate to

WP Admin → Project Manager → My Tasks → overview.


From the overview page, you can get all the details regarding your tasks including the current, outstanding and completed ones. It represents your activities and performance in a graphical view. Here, the pie chart gives you a quick calculation of your task history where the histogram shows an overview of your activities over a certain period.

Also, you can also view your calendar. It specifies your to-do lists and tasks according to their working dates. In addition, you can see your working hours, leaves and measure your productivity from here.


To view all your activities details according to the dates, navigate to-

WP-Admin → Project Manager → My Tasks → Activities.


Outstanding Tasks

To get all the task details that could not meet the deadlines, go to the Filter box and select “Outstanding Task” from the drop-down menu.


After clicking “Filter” you can view all your outstanding tasks


Completed Tasks

Same as the previous one just go to the Filter box and select “Completed Task” from the drop-down menu.


After hitting “Filter” you can see the tasks you have already completed.


View Activities of Other Users

Admin has the power to overview the activities of all the users. Navigate to

WP-Admin → Project Manager → My Tasks


There is a drop-down menu on the top-right side of the page. From there, you can select any user who is assigned to the projects and see the updates. You can also do it from the Activities tab.

Well! so its a piece of cake to handle your tasks with WP Project Manager My Task.

Final Thought

Its really difficult to manage multiple businesses, associate team members and their activities simultaneously. A smart solution of the Project Manager can do this very smoothly for achieving your business goal. Also, it aligns all the activities of your projects to meet the success accordingly.

But sometimes entrepreneurs get conscious about the budget and extra man force to handle the system. Here comes the best task management system WP Project Manager that is easy to manage yet highly functional.

It comes in individual packages with different add-ons and budget-friendly prices. You can pick anyone compatible with your business. We offer 24/7 customer service and a 14-days 100% refund policy for our valued clients.

A Sneak Peak Into WordPress 5.0 – Update Plan Revealed By Matt Mullenweg

WordPress always comes with a special plan when it comes to their new version release. Since its last release of WordPress version 4.9, back in November 2017, a lot has changed. There were a number of other versions release came in after that. And now this year Matt Mullenweg has made an announcement for another major WordPress latest version release for all of us.

Yes, you guessed it right. It's the latest release of WordPress 5.0. So, curious to find out what are the things that you might find better in WordPress v5.0? Let's find out what Matt Mullenweg has to say about it.

Greater Things Are In Offer For WordPress 5.0

If you have missed out on the features and updates you had in the WordPress v4.9 then check out the post below to coup up

What’s New in WordPress 4.9→

Now coming back to the release plan for WordPress v5.0. Matt Mullenweg has just published a core contributor plan for the latest WordPress 5.0 release addressing other WordPress community core contributors. Directing the path to each contributor, he has described the responsibilities that will be attended by each of the respective qualified members.

Matt Mullenweg Plan WordPress.5.0

This release plan by Matt Mullenweg is termed more of an update of WordPress 4.9 + collaboration with Gutenberg integration. Here is what we can expect from v5.0.

Priority Issue Addressing

Some open and unresolved issues are being planned to be solved in this WordPress latest version. The contributor in this regards will constantly triage issues to determine and resolve the incomplete problems. The process is being streamlined to address the issues unsolved and soon we can expect previously faced problems alleviated from the latest version of WordPress

Improved Design

New Improved Design

It is mentioned that the largest part of the design work has already been taken care of. And WordPress v5.0 is all set to merge the present design with Gutenberg project. This might require some design addressing in the queue for the merging to be a successful and smooth process. The designated person will make sure the latest design doesn't face any conflict with the merging of the Gutenberg project.

Brand New Twenty Nineteen & Default Theme

Default Theme WordPress Dokan

Just like its other releases, WordPress v5.0 has planned to launch a brand new theme Twenty Nineteen. Now the adaptation process with the Gutenberg theme can be challenging but it has been handed over to a person who already has good expertise in handling some really nice Gutenberg themes.  Not to mention its current default themes that will see updates to make it work seamlessly with Gutenberg.

Better Operative Control

With the integration of Gutenberg, accessibility issue may arise with the new version of WordPress. And so in the latest planning drill of WordPress, this occurrence will get proper addressing in order to improve the accessibility of the Gutenberg plugin. The good news is the latest feedback from its contributor has already shown a sign of tremendous success in overcoming this accessibility issue.

JavaScript Package Integrations

Javascript packages NPM

Integration of the packages of JavaScript published on NPM is a new approach that has seen light with Gutenberg recently. This has brought the Javascript community much closer than ever. Therefore, in the latest plan for WordPress version release, the updating of the Javascript packages present on NPM are given a lot of emphasis on. This approach has inspired other good CMSes as well including Drupal Gutenberg.

Media Compatibility

WordPress Media Compatibiity

In the previous version of WordPress, there were some issues regarding the compatibility of its media. So v5.0 has a plan to come up with much better compatibility with the media content. And in its latest plan release note, there is a clear mention of having more focus on the compatibility of media component elements. This includes the backward compatibility as well.


WordPress Gutenberg Merging

Due to the Gutenberg integration, there is an opening for some new issues to arise in terms of its mergeability. So handling this merge will be a key concern to address and take care of. But as expected, the latest plan for WordPress v5.0 also involves a proper planning to win over this presumable issue that may develop while merging the plugins.

Rest API Improvement

Improved Rest API

Managing the API in a secure and scalable environment is really important. So there is always scope for improvement in this regards. So, therefore, improvement in the Rest API is another plan that is in the list of the new release of WordPress. This time you can expect for the core contributors of Gutenberg to execute the proper improvement process of Rest API. Something that has been learned from creating it. This REST API improvement was supposed to be with the 4.9.9 release but didn't get included into the core.

Continued Upgrading Grid

No matter the kind of updates an application gets, the developing team should always think about its upgrading process. Every responsible individual should maintain this for all the core upgrading process all the time. Even in this plan for WordPress 5.0 release, finding out the experience of the user due to the core upgrade process about how it incorporates with Gutenberg and other classic editor plugins are given a lot of attention. As by the time WordPress 5.0 releases these plugins are expected to have more than millions of active sites.

Excited About What WordPress v5.0 Has In Store For You?

Now, we all know WordPress's popularity is increasing day by day. The user base is now more sophisticated than ever. All the core contributors seem to be working quite hard in making the WordPress user experience as professional and user-friendly as possible.

Check Out Matt Mullenweg's Brief Plan For WordPress v5.0

Though its true that it is never possible to satisfy all the user group at the same time. There will be features that we would think should be present in v5.0 of WordPress. But with the current update plan for WordPress, we can all expect for a much improved and stable performance in terms of functionality, operation and control wise.

Stay Tuned For The Complete WordPress 5.0 Release

Based on the feedback received during the beta version of WordPress, more adjustment you can expect to the released version. So be patient, surely bigger things are coming for all of us.

Do you feel any other things that should have to be in the planning phase of WordPress v5.0? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Dokan 2.9.0: What’s New In The Latest PRO Release?

Dokan has been always been about its customers. For those people who dream about owning the best multivendor marketplaces on the internet. We take that as an inspiration and continue working towards that vision. Not just our own, but also yours.

Today we are happy to announce that we are releasing the latest version of Dokan Pro. Dokan Pro 2.9.0 brings with it features that will make the marketplace an even better selling platform than it already is.

So let's get right into it.

Geolocation Module

With the latest update, we are adding an all-new Geolocation Module. This module will enable the customers to search for a specific product or vendor using their(customers) desired location.

All you will need to do is to enable the Geolocation module from the Modules section and set the Google Maps API key from the backend.

dokan geolocation module

After enabling, in the settings menu, you will find the configuration options for geolocation. There are the following settings to configure

  • Location Map Position: Choose where you want your map to show up
  • Show filters before location map: Enable or disable the filtering option for the map
  • Product location tab: Toggle the product location tab in the single product page
  • Radius Search Unit: Set the radius unit as you want. Choose from Km or Mile.
  • Radius Search – Minimum Distance: Cap the minimum search distance.
  • Radius Search – Maximum Distance: Set the limit for maximum search distance.

dokan settings geolocation

Integration With Moip

The latest Dokan Pro 2.9.0 now comes with Moip integration module. This module is a big relief for users in the Brazil region where a significant number of users conduct transactions using Moip. Vendors will be able to take payments from a vast customer base, especially from the Latin American countries who depend on Moip as their preferred payment gateway.

And the configuration is really simple.

Enable the module from the module section of Dokan.

dokan modules moip enable

After enabling, navigate to WooCommerce → Settings → Dokan Moip Connect.

There enable the Dokan Moip Connect and click on it to set up your account. You can also click on manage to go to the same configuration settings.

dokan woocommerce settings dokan moip connect

After clicking on it, you will find all the necessary options to configure Moip and start taking payment using it. In the configuration option, you will find the following settings.

  • Enable Moip: Option to either enable or disable Moip payment option.
  • Title: You will be able to set the title, the customer sees during checkout.
  • Description: Set the description for Moip payment checkout option
  • Moip Fee: Set who will pay the fee for the Moip payment. Choose from either the vendor or admin.
  • Enable Test Mode: Option to enable test mode for Moip payment gateway. If you want to test before going fully.
  • Production Credentials: In this section, you will need set your Moip payment gateway credentials. You will find the necessary information. These includes
    • Production Token, key, and Public Key
  • Test Credentials: Configuration option for a test environment. Options include Test Token, Test Key, Test Public Key.

Note: Both Admins and Vendors need to have a Moip Account. Find all details in the step by step guide in Official Documentation.

No Need To Depend On Prebuilt Tags

Tags make finding your vendors products much easier and product listing more organized. This time around we made it even easier. Previously vendors would have needed to depend on admins to create tags for them. This is not the case anymore.

Vendors can now create tags on their own from the vendor dashboard.

Admins simply need to allow this core feature with a small tweak.

Enable the Vendors Can Create Tags checkbox from Dokan → Settings → Selling Options. And now let your vendor create their tags for themselves!

vendors create tags dokan store enable

After enabling, your vendors can tag to their liking.

dokan vendor add product set new tags

Learn more about creating tags and other product settings from the Vendor Product Documentation.

Bonus: Dokan FREE 2.8.6

Dokan Lite too has recently been released with a good number of changes.

If you're using Dokan PRO, by default you're also using Dokan FREE. As a consequence, you'll be needing the latest update of the lite version to keep your marketplace functioning smoothly.

Here's what you should look forward to with 2.8.6:

  • Vendors get to manage store opening and closing hours for each day of the week directly from individual Vendor Dashboard.
  • Admins can now assign recipients for Shipping and Tax Fee separately from Admin Dashboard.
  • Export Order invoices in CSV format now show billing info and shipping address.
  • Vendors can view scheduled products from the product listing page created by admins from WooCommerce Products in the admin dashboard.

Bug Fixes And Tweaks

Apart from these features, there are also many fixes and other improvements in both the Pro and Free versions that have been squashed. Multiple tweaks have also been made to make your multivendor management process much easier and effective.

Don't Wait Up

We are extremely grateful for the support you have given us over the years. Dokan has evolved to be a true force in the multivendor eCommerce space.

All the features mentioned above will be available with the new version of Dokan release. So do keep an eye on your WordPress plugin directory.

If you are new to Dokan, you can always check out the pricing for Dokan.

Learn More About Pricing

A Sneak Peek into the All New User Interface of WP Project Manager

So, what is effective project management and how can I make it better? – You may ask.

Project management has been a trending topic among businesses wandering around for decades. People consider it one of the most vital aspects of doing and managing tasks involving projects.

All the tasks that you perform in your business can be considered as a project. That is why, managing the tasks properly is very important and if you cannot manage your project, it will surely become a false economy.

Continue reading “A Sneak Peek into the All New User Interface of WP Project Manager”

Introducing Vendor Contact Forms for your Dokan Multivendor Marketplace

Vendors are now able to contact owners of the marketplace directly from store dashboard.

The weForms-Dokan connection is a free form integration that lets you create a customized Vendor Contact Form and deploy it in your online marketplace. Continue reading “Introducing Vendor Contact Forms for your Dokan Multivendor Marketplace”

How to Create GDPR Consent Form In WordPress

Want to create the easiest GDPR compliant forms for your WordPress site?

Don't take all the hassle consisting of the complicated processes involved.

With weForms builtin GDRP compliance settings it is much simpler to create forms that don't attract fines from the law.

Continue reading “How to Create GDPR Consent Form In WordPress”

Create A WordPress Email List With WP User Frontend’s MailPoet 3 Module

Create a registration form, connect that to an email marketing solution, and start building your list. Well if it was that easy everyone would have started using that solution. But what if, it is.

With WP User Frontend's MailPoet 3 integration it is easier than ever to start collecting emails of your customers and send them automated/non-automated emails that are going to build your brand.

WP User Frontend-MailPoet 3 Integration

WP User Frontend has always played nicely with other plugins. We are keeping that tradition by integrating WP User Frontend with the latest version of MailPoet Newsletter (formerly known as MailPoet 3)

The integrating process is really as simple as possible for the end user. It is as simple as enabling a toggle button. This integration will connect the registration form that your users will fill up and send that information to the subscriber's list in the MailPoet plugin.

Please Note: You need to have both plugins. Including MailPoet Newsletter and WP User Frontend.

How Do You Get Started

It is really easy to start. At first, you need to go to WP User Frontend modules sections and enable the MailPoet 3 module. All it will take is switching on a simple toggle button. Simply go to wp-admin→WP User Frontend→Modules. Then enable MailPoet 3.

connect wordpress forms to mailpoet 3

After enabling the MailPoet 3 module all the features for integration will be available to you from the registration from settings. To find these setting you first need to create a registration form. To do that go to wp-admin→Registration Forms→Add Form.  You can learn more about creating a registration form and how to modify each part of it from here.

connect wordpress forms to mailpoet 3

After creating a form, in the upper tabs, you will find the Settings for the MailPoet 3 integration.
connect wordpress forms to mailpoet 3

There are mainly two options that are available.

  • Enable MailPoet 3: Selecting this will enable the integration with MailPoet and the selected form.
  • Select Preferred List: All the list that you have created beforehand in MailPoet3 will be shown here. You need to choose any one of them and all the contacts from that form will be sent to that list each time someone registers.

Note: You need to have the Name field (You can separate the name using First Name & Last Name fields), Email Field to collect the information of your subscribers and send it to a Subscribers list in MailPoet 3

Creating A List In MailPoet 3

Getting started with creating a WordPress email list is relatively easy compared to other platforms.

MailPoet 3 lists support First Name, Last Name, And Email fields support. You can store these attributes about a user to your list. To get started with your email list you need to create one first.

Go to wp-admin→MailPoet→List.

There you will find an Add New button. Click on it and you will be able to create a new Subscriber list.

connect wordpress forms to mailpoet 3

Click on it to create a new list.

connect wordpress forms to mailpoet 3

You will be able to configure the:

  • Name: The name of the subscriber's list. Example: the newsletter list, a specific product customer list, etc.
  • Description: A short description that you might want to use for that list. It is solely for the purpose of the admin.

Add A User To Your List

After you have created a list it should be available in the WP User Frontend registration form settings instantly.

Select the list. After that, you need to create the registration form as a WordPress post. Copy the shortcode of your Registration Form (built with WP User Frontend) and publish it. If you are not sure on how to publish a Registration Form or any form that is built with WP User Frontend, you can always check out our official documentation.

connect wordpress forms to mailpoet 3

The frontend of the Registration form should look something similar to this.

connect wordpress forms to mailpoet 3

Once the user registers on your site their first name, last name, and email address will be sent to the Subscribers list that you set beforehand. It will show up in that list instantly. You will then be able to send emails(such as welcome email, conditional emails, monthly emails, etc) all directly from MailPoet.

See Everything In A List

Get a complete overview of all the registered subscribers. From your list in MailPoet. Go to wp-admin→MailPoet→List→Your created list. Hover over it and click on the view subscribers.

connect wordpress forms to mailpoet 3

Start Using WP User Frontend Today

Getting all your subscribers list and the registration form used to build that subscribers list is a great feature to have, especially in WordPress. You don't have to rely on outside the ecosystem to fulfill your needs.

Get a hands-on MailPoet 3 Integration of WP User Frontend Pro.

Try Out The Official Demo

WP User Frontend's MailPoet 3 module comes in the Pro package of the plugin.

View Pricing For WP User Frontend Pro

Create Quiz Forms easily for your WordPress Site using weForms

Making something more interactive always brings in more attention. No matter how simple it might be. One great way to do this is to create a fun quiz for your users.

Truth be told not all online quiz makers are made equal. Creating a quiz form, customizing them, managing entries –  all these functionalities don't perform equally well in all solutions. But if you are using WordPress look no further than the weForms Quiz plugin.

weForms Now Comes With Quiz Module

Whereas other quiz form solutions are exclusively used for that purpose, weForms is an all type form builder plugin. No matter what you are looking for in a WordPress Quiz plugin we are sure you are bound to find it in weForms.

Quizzes Make Everything Interesting

Before when you would have tried to create a quiz form with weForms, you would have needed to manually build it. Now with the recent addition of weForms Quiz module, you will get lots of features within its form editor and interface that makes your job much easier.

All you would need to do is enable the Quiz module from the backend of your site. Go to wp-admin→weForms→Modules→Quiz. Enable it at you are good to go.

WordPress quiz

After successfully enabling the module, all the options you will need to make quiz form will be enabled automatically. Just head over to the form builder, create a form, go to the settings. There will be now a quiz with all the available options to customize your forms.

Note: Please see our official documentation to learn more about Quiz.

Available Settings

Making a quiz does not have to be tough. That's why the weForms Quiz settings layout has been built with the most user-friendly interface. Everything has been put under the form of building settings.

  • Make this a Quiz Form: This setting enables everything. If you want to start making a quiz form you need to first enable it. As this sets up your form to be a quiz form.
  • Shuffle question orders: The questions order will be different each time the quiz taker reloads the page
  • The respondent can see: If you want to let your quiz taker have some visual representation of their scores this option enables that. There are three options including:
    • Correct Answer: The quiz taker will be able to see the correct answer after answering.
    • Point Values: Enables to show the point value of each question. They will also be able to see the total points for their quiz.
    • Feedback: This option gives the admin to set a message after successful form submission. Generally, this includes if their answer is correct or not.
  • Release grade: Select if you want to show the results immediately or after you have reviews the answers manually.
    • Immediately after each submission
    • Later, after manual review

WordPress quiz

How Do You Start Creating A Quiz Form?

Getting started is relatively easy. At first, you would need to create a form. To start making a quiz form you need to have at least one of the fields that are prerequisites for creating a form. The prerequisite fields include:

  • Drop-down field
  • Radio button field
  • Checkbox field
  • Multi-Select field

WordPress quiz

After adding your required fields, now comes the part to configure your quiz settings. All the quiz features will be there after enabling the Quiz module. Once you have set up the questions for your quiz and created the form, you will need to set which answers are the correct ones.

To do this go to the Field Options and click on the Quiz options to configure that question. Options include:

  • Correct Answer: Choose which one is the correct answer. For multiple options select multiple answers
  • Feedback for correct answer: The text that will be shown after the correct answer
  • Feedback for incorrect answer: Text shown after the wrong answer
  • Check box to show points with fields: Enables the option to show points for each question for the user to see

WordPress quiz

Want To Set Email Notification?

There is a built-in email notification feature for weForms that you can use to receive a notification. Go to the notification menu and select the notification platform. Then configure the email to your liking. You can learn more from here.

WordPress quiz

Frontend View Of Your Quiz Forms

After you have successfully created your quiz form, now you need to publish it for the users to see. It is the default process of publishing a WordPress post(For your WordPress quiz post you created using weForms). When your user has submitted all the answers they are going to see the result according to the settings beforehand.

WordPress quiz

Respondents will see their total achieved points, feedback that you have set for correct/incorrect answers.

See All The Entries In One Area

Letting your users take a quiz is one thing, but managing those results is another. It can get really confusing managing all the results that you might get. That's why we have added an Entries section. After a user has submitted the answers you will be able to see their detailed submission information from the Entries.

WordPress quiz

You can check the results, the user's information, total points that the user got. There is even an option to download all the entries as CSV format file. This really helps if you want to share the results with someone or want to manage it using other platforms.

WordPress quiz

Pro Tip: Check out the premium extension for weForms called PDF Form Submission. After enabling it you will be able to download your entries as PDF. Learn more from here.

Now It's Your Turn

The process is as simple as it gets. Enable a module, create the form, configure the settings and start managing the entries. Get to attract and engage your visitors in creative ways. And generate more leads.

If you want to get a hands-on experience we also create an official demo just for you.

View Demo

WP Project Manager v2.0: A Blazing Fast Experience & Changes in Packages

What do you think you need to succeed in your business? Is it only the money that you invest in it? It is actually being able to manage your projects efficiently after you invest the money in your company is essential to get success in that business. This is why you need an effective project management tool. And if you are a WordPress user then you must already know about WordPress Project Manager.

And now your very own WP Project Manager has released its brand new version. This post will be all about the changes you will see in the new v2.0 release of WP Project Manager and the things that will change the user experience of using it.

Please Welcome WP Project Manager v2.0

With the 1 year hardship of Team WP Project Manager, we have finally released the fully functional v2.0. And you will be amazed to know that the updates are made for the benefits of both developers as well as for the general users. So curious to find out what's new with v2.0? Here is what you were looking for.

WP Project Manager v2.0

So What Really Changed?

Well for this updated version of WP Project Manager, we can divide the updates & changes into three categories – code structure, modules and new pricing plans.

Updates & Changes in the Codebase & Structure

The first change that you will notice is the complete rewriting & restructuring of the WP Project Manager code. Before the code of both frontend and backend operation was in the same place. But now in the latest version, codes of both ends are made independent. It has been programmed with the progressive Javascript framework Vue.js and created using REST API.

In the previous version, all projects were as relatively slower Custom Post Type but now in this version, we have migrated into Custom Table for a better performance and way faster user experience of your WP Project Manager. As before, the system used to slow down after a while It now loads the page instantly saving your time giving you the ultimate project management experience.

Our sole intention was to rewrite and re-modify the complete code structure was to ensure efficient performance from WP Project Manager. And with this latest update, we believe we have succeeded to do so.

Recapping The Changes

  • Completely rewritten the code using Vue.js
  • Created with a totally REST API
  • Single Page Application
  • Migration of Projects from Custom Post Type to custom database tables

Extensions Are Modules Now!

From now on, all the extensions of WP Project Manager will come with the premium packages as modules. You won't have to purchase, download, install and activate the extensions separately. Relief from extra work, right?

Well, this good news comes with a blast!

You will get the modules packed with the premium packages as the new pricing packages are coming in. There is a new menu under WP Project Manager Pro called Modules. You will have to head there and simply toggle on the button to activate the module that you need.

Extremely Easy Migration Process

Now that you have read about the technical changes, here's a good news for you. All these new changes won't affect your website at all. Besides that, the migration process is very easy.

Please note that – when you update to the newest version, sometimes your WP Project Manager plugin might become deactivated. So, you will have to activate it manually.

After installing the latest version, you will have to simply click a button and wait for the process to finish. However, we are recommending to keep a backup of your database before starting the migration. We have tested the migration a thousand time by ourselves, but just playing safe. You wouldn't want to risk to go something wrong.

The process will show you the status of the migration and if it fails for some technical reason, you can restore your database and start the process again.

Please read this detailed documentation before starting

Changes in Pricing & Packages

Now comes that most significant part of the new release. We have decided to change the pricing of WP Project Manager Pro. As you will be getting the new modules with premium packages, we had to bring some changes. Besides that, your favorite project management tool is now super fast and saves a lot of your time. We also have plans to bring new features, modules, integrations with the upcoming releases. So, you will love the new version as we are doing now!

You might ask – how we have changed the pricing. Here is a glimpse of the new packages.

In short, we have combined the WP Project Manager Pro and it's extensions in the new pricing plans.

You can see, we have increased the price of the Personal package from $59 to $79. You might ask why we are charging more.

The answer is simple, we have made WP Project Manager Pro more efficient and reliable just for you. Our 1 year of hard work and dedication paid off with this new release. Now, you can enjoy creating project easily and also in a faster way than before. Using the Vue.js, the project management tool is now more powerful and solve your problems without any difficulties.

View the Updated Pricing of WP Project Manager →

What Happens to the Existing Extension Users

Now, an issue may arise with the users who have bought some of the extensions of WP Project Manager. If you are one of them, you can contact the support team and they will help you to sort out the issue. You will either get the closed package for FREE or get a discount code so that you can upgrade to that package.

Contact the Support

What Can You Expect From This Update & For Future?

Everyone looks for a Project Manager that is easy to use & understand. So keeping the project manager user-friendly is something that will always be looked into in the future as well. Having to make the planning & scheduling easy is also something that the developer of WP Project Manager will certainly work on.

Much quicker access to all your data in one place is also something everyone wants in a project management tool. So it is very likely that in near future WP Project Manager will allow you to access all your data much quicker at one place.

Hopefully, soon enough, you will get to see much better reporting system that will collect your previously inserted project data and enable creating customizable reports.

Loading time of a page is termed as a set back by many. So, therefore page loading time of your WP Project Manager has already been alleviated with its same page action and it can be expected to be improved further for better usability.

Task management features need to be able to help complete the task at a quick rate, this is also something that can be more improved in the WP Project Manager for a much better project management experience.

What's More?

Using WP Project Manager as a mobile or desktop application is another future plan of ours. So with the current changes made, users can expect in getting to use WP Project Manager as a mobile application in the near future for sure.

Everyone expects their project manager to be robust and powerful. It helps them to manage their sensitive projects efficiently. And it is the extensions that boost up the performance & functionality of WP Project Manager by letting you handle projects better. So including some more useful extensions of WP Project Manager can be another futuristic idea that can surely add more value to its operations.

With all the latest version the developer of WP Project Manager has always come up with updates that would enhance the usability of the plugin. This hasn't changed in this version of WordPress Project Manager as well.

It is not unknown that a comprehensive project manager must be able to create project plans, distribute work, track task time, estimate project budget etc. efficiently. But you can't think about getting success with just all that. Along with those you would also need to have well-trained up & skilful workforce that can execute the plan to manage the projects properly.

Our sole intention of this version release notes was to let you all know about the usefulness of it. So let's hope through this new v2.0 release post of WP Project Manager, now you will be able to manage your projects much better than you could have done before.

Get The Best Project Management Experience

If you are still using the old version, we suggest you update to the latest WordPress Project Manager v2.0 right away to enjoy its unparalleled benefits that would boost up your company's growth and development in a much more progressive and professional manner as it would steadily but certainly enhance the productivity and proficiency of your company.

Or if you are a user who is looking to get a powerful project management tool that can manage teamwork and deliver projects on time from your WordPress powered website then

Try WP Project Manager Pro Demo →

and decide for yourself if would like to get it or not.

Let us know your thoughts about this new version of WP Project Manager in the comment section below. Also, suggest us with features that you would like to see in the future updates of WP Project Manager.

WordPress Frontend Style Customizer For WP User Frontend

WP User Frontend was launched, with the mindset of giving the WordPress community an all in one frontend solution plugin. Which they will be able to use for any kind of frontend needs.

Though most of the features were available in the frontend, there were a few that were not. One such was the ability to customize subscriptions packs design, billing address for that the users interacted with or all the notices that they get each time. We are proud to say that we have that added these feature to the latest version of WP User Frontend using Style Customizer. All these features are available from the frontend from the customization option.

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Dokan Pro v2.8.1 is Here: Find Out What’s New

Finally, Dokan Pro v2.8.1 is out with new features, bug fixes, and tweaks so that you get a complete multivendor solution for WordPress.

This update will provide you with the most wanted feature, zone-based shipping and also the introduction of REST API. Besides that, you will be getting an improved UI and Dokan Dashboard.

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New Zone Based Vendor Shipping for Dokan Multivendor

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You will be happy to know that we have revamped the whole shipping system for both Admin & Vendor in Dokan.

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