weDevs is the Proud Platinum Sponsor of WordCamp Dhaka 2019

Finally, It’s going to happen!

WordCamp Dhaka 2019 is scheduled to be held on September 28th. And the good news is- weDevs is participating in this magnificent event as a Platinum Sponsor. Not only that, our Founder & CTO Tareq Hasan; Co-Founder & CEO Nizam Uddin will be attending as the speakers and panelists.

They will share their thoughts-experiences about WordPress Ecosystem and its future prospects, Product Development, Digital Marketing and more.

Many of our emerging talents and qualified team-members will play a key role in the event as speakers, organizers and also volunteers. And as a participant, you will find exciting giveaways including t-shirts, backpacks, stickers, pen, keyring, up to 100% special discounts and what's not!

In this post, we have talked about various aspects of WordCamp Dhaka 2019 and beyond. Also, you will get a clear idea of WordCamps, how they work and why should you attend. So, let's get started.

Matt Mullenweg & WordPress Community: The Story behind WordCamps

WordCamps are informal, locally-organized conferences spreading everything about WordPress. The first such event was WordCamp 2006 in August that year in San Francisco. It was the brainchild of the Automattic Founder & CEO Matt Mullenweg.

On July 9, 2006, Matt shared this idea on his personal blog-

The idea is to bring WordPress users and developers so we can meet each other face to face, share stories, and try to figure out the future of our little corner of the online publishing revolution

Matt Mullenweg

With the short notice of less than one month, Matt’s dream became a reality.

The first WordCamp outside San Francisco was held in Beijing on September 2007. Since then, there have been 1,022+ WordCamps in over 75 cities in 65 different countries around the world.

WordCamp San Francisco 2014 was the last official annual conference of WordPress, taking place in San Francisco, That's now been replaced with WordCamp US.

The first regional WordCamp ran in 2013 as WordCamp Europe. The purpose behind regional WordCamps is connecting people who aren't already active in their local communities. And encourage them to get in touch with WordPress professionals in their hometowns.

This year's WordCamp Dhaka 2019 is going to be held with the same purpose in Bangladesh.

WordCamp Dhaka 2019 at a Glance

Welcome to WordCamps- WordCamp Dhaka 2019

The WordCamp Dhaka 2019 is a day-long casual community meet-up of WordPress professionals including product developers, designers, marketers, bloggers and others who are enthusiast about WordPress. Like other regional WordCamps, its also organized by the local WordPress community members.

We are very excited and hoping to do everything WordPress here at WordCamp Dhaka 2019 with a total blast so that you can learn, connect and contribute and make WordPress better for everyone.

WordCamp Dhaka Team

As it's the first country-wise Community Meet-up in Bangladesh, just imagine what could be happening there!

The program will start at 8:00 am. There will be around 15 sessions, workshops and a special panel discussion on- ‘Future Prospects in WordPress: Business & Beyond!' The attendees will get the opportunity to participate in different Quiz and win exciting giveaways. Also, there will be amazing swags waiting to be distributed among all the participants.

This day-long program will end with an awesome After Party meet-up at 8:00 pm.

Visit Our Stall and Get Swagged!

You already know that weDevs is attending this event as the Platinum Sponsor. So, there are lots more to get.

Crowd in WordCamps- weDevs WordCamp stall
Our stall in WordCamp Kathmandu

We are ready with a huge collection of swags including Stickers, Mugs, Wrist Bands, Key Ring, Pen for everyone. And it's just the beginning! Check what more is waiting for you.

1. Developer Quiz Contest

Mechanical Keyboards- WordCamp Swags
Mechanical Keyboard for Developers!

This is a special Quiz Contest designed for developers. If you're a WordPress developer attending this WordCamp, you also can participate and win an awesome gift. The gift for this contest is a Mechanical Keyboard.

2. Share & Win

WordCamp Swags- Backpack
Share your thoughts and win amazing Shoulder Bags

This is a ‘Share and Win' contest for the general audience. The attendees will get the opportunity to share their thoughts on our products on their social media profiles or timeline and win swags like a shoulder bag, Mi band 4, wireless headphone, Power bank and more. Give a check!

3. 25% Discount on Any Purchase Order!

Yes, you can get a special 25% discount for your each and every purchase up to the end of September-19. And it's open for anyone across the world! You also have the opportunity to be part of this WordCamp.

So, pick up any of your favorite plugins and claim the discount!

How Do WordCamps Work

The purpose behind WordCamps is to build perfect communication among those who are working with this great CMS platform as developers, marketers, authors or in other ways. So that they will be able to work more efficiently in the upcoming days. And the WordPress ecosystem gets more powerful through the way.

WordCamps are very helpful to maintain proper interaction and understanding

Experts get the chance to talk, share knowledge and thoughts, discuss what they are going to do, what needs to do or more. And WordCamps are the only stage where they can build the perfect understanding and interactions, which is very rewarding and effective for everyone at the end of the day.

Usually, WordCamps are one or two days of casual meet-ups. Organizers may have a workshop or contributor day

WordCamps also create a lovely relationship between locals community members, as well as those who are working globally.

Besides, product companies get the opportunity to brand and promote themselves. And there are expert people who share their thoughts and experiences to help others; do personal branding. These are the core achievements of WordCamps.

Why WordCamps are Important

Now the question is-

Is it possible to get those benefits without WordCamps?… not actually! In this digital age, we are globally connected mainly through the internet and modern devices. It’s ok and even enough for the basic working purpose. But physical meet-ups are essential for building a strong, sustainable and emotional relationship.

WordCamps bring all kinds of WordPress related people under one umbrella, give them a chance to get together.

We can say- the idea of organizing camps was one of Matt Mullenweg’s revolutionary thoughts, which has been happening since 2006, from the very early age of WordPress.

Why weDevs Attends WordCamps

weDevs is the platinum sponsor at WordCamp Dhaka-2019

Here at weDevs, we appreciate WordCamps very much. As a WordPress based product company, we believe that WordCamps give us the opportunity to perform some of our particular duties and responsibilities towards the community.

We believe that giving back to the community has the same importance

Sponsoring WordCamps is not about generating revenue or doing business. It's about making the community strong. There are many people who we work with regularly can't meet face to face. WordCamps help us to meet our friends and create a happy reunion. Also, helping the community by sponsoring gives us peace of mind that we are helping WordPress to grow more.

We have been sponsoring and participating in WordCamps every year since 2014. Have a look at some of our WordCamps stories.

Looking Forwards

Our Founder and CTO Tareq Hasan, weDevs’ Co-Founder and running CEO Nizam Uddin are ensuring their participation and contribution to various local and global WordCamps at the same time. We are not only the sponsor of this year's ‘WordCamp Dhaka 2019’ but also one of the core organizers.

The Head of our Marketing team, Mainul Kabir Aion, is also regularly participating in various WordCamps, organizing local meetups, sharing his experience and maintains contact with global community members. And that's how we want to strengthen our relationship with the WordPress community today and in the future.

We are working to build a stronger community along with our beloved customers so that we can prepare a culture of creating harmony and the tendency of sharing and caring in the WordPress ecosystem. Thus, we want you to be a part of it as well.

Let's meet at WordCamp Dhaka or some other future WordCamps 🙂

Introducing WordPress Default Theme – Twenty Twenty

As a persistent WordPress enthusiast, you may already be familiar with the trend of rolling out a WordPress theme with every major release. And this was no exception while it was the last major release of WordPress 5.0 back in December 2018.

With that in mind, the WordPress developers are all set to launch a new default theme called “Twenty Twenty”. But this time the theme will be included in the imminent release of WordPress 5.3 even if it is not a major release.

So, what's inside the theme?

Let's get going.

Under the Hood

The idea to develop the Twenty Twenty theme is inspired by the popular Chaplin theme which was introduced by Anders Norén. Interestingly, Anders is also leading the design team of the WordPress Twenty Twenty theme in close collaboration with the WordPress core developer Carolina Nymark who also belongs to the WordPress theme review team.

The Twenty Twenty team is @anlino as design lead, @ianbelanger taking charge of development, and @poena representing the Theme Review team. Anders Norén

The WordPress community is already aware of the feat shown by Anders Norén in developing his Chaplin theme. Thus the community is taking this news by their utmost interest.

Since the new Twenty Twenty theme is based on the Chaplin theme, we can infer that the theme will basically be improved and repurposed in a different manner rather than creating from scratch. According to the, the upcoming WordPress 5.3 update is confirmed to be released on 12th November 2019.

What Can You Expect from WordPress Default Theme Twenty Twenty?

The Chaplin theme also bags 5-star rating on the Currently, it has more than 800 installations.

If you want to know what can be done with the WordPress default theme Twenty Twenty, you need to know the characteristics of the Chaplin theme beforehand.

The Chaplin theme was built to make the most out of the Gutenberg block editor. Though the Chaplin theme was primarily tailored to meet the need of business and agency theme, it can be personalized to suit other requirements.

Here are a few things you can do with Chaplin theme:

  • Editing each and every aspect of the theme with the help of Gutenberg editor
  • Creating advanced theme layouts with Chaplin theme's “Cover Template” option
  • Adding a featured image
  • Defining the page structure using the block editing options
  • Giving you full control over the fonts and colors on your site
  • Choosing one of the ten included color schemes or build one from scratch
  • Adding infinite scroll on archive pages
  • Being able to set the different type of post meta to show on single posts and archive pages
  • And many more

Twenty Twenty theme is actually the improved and diversified version of the Chaplin theme. So, you can expect pretty much all of the bells and whistles that you could get from the latter.

Core Values You Are Getting from WordPress Default Theme Twenty Twenty

Although there are a lot of similarities in their codebase, the Twenty Twenty theme looks much different when it comes to appearance.

Anders Norén said that the reason behind the similarity of the codebase is that it takes much less time to the development pace.

Here are some of the exclusive values that the Twenty Twenty theme is expected to provide to its users.

Mobile Responsiveness of Twenty Twenty Theme

The Twenty Twenty theme is completely mobile responsive. It supports all the standard viewports. Be it a smartphone or tablet or desktop computer, there will be no content amiss.

Here is a screenshot that reveals the theme's amazing mobile responsiveness:

WordPress default theme twenty twenty

Multipurposeness of WordPress Default Theme in 2019

As far as the flexibility of the theme is concerned, the Twenty Twenty theme can align the requirements of an agency or an organization. This includes agencies or organizations but not limited to them only.

This means, the theme can be aimed to creating personal blogging websites too!

This will be feasible due to the theme's endless possibilities to create dynamic layouts, with the help of the Chaplin theme's covered template option. You can also add your own taste of alignment for columns, groups, media to create dynamic layouts altogether.

Simplicity of Twenty Twenty Theme

Though the theme's default appearance looks simple, it is more intuitive than you guess.

Still doubtful? Then you can try out the following full-page mockups of Twenty Twenty theme unveiled by Anders Norén:

Readability of Theme Twenty Twenty

If you are not a fan of using the same font over and over again, then this is the theme for you! Because it is the very first default theme of WordPress that will pave you the way to use variable fonts.

In fact, the focus on clarity and legibility will be very conspicuous on the theme. The Twenty Twenty theme will include the typeface Inter, designed by Rasmus Andersson.

In case you did not know, Inter will be a great pick for you because it makes even the smallest fonts to look more legible in it.

Unlike the former default themes, the Twenty Twenty theme will be using the x-tall height that will dramatically improve the readability of all the fonts especially for the headings – making them more discernible.

Full Block Editor Support

One thing that will surely stand apart is that the theme's magnificent support for Gutenberg block editor.

As I mentioned already, the Chaplin theme is rated very high, that is, 5 out of 5. In that its widespread philosophy not only for the full-on support for the Gutenberg editor but also for the enhancement to the Gutenberg editor.

WordPress Default Theme Twenty Twenty Review in Conclusion

The Twenty Twenty WordPress theme will definitely stand out in the long line of WordPress default themes due to its full compatibility and enhancement for Gutenberg block editor.

With the release of the Twenty Twenty theme, the WordPress Gutenberg block editing experience will be more interesting and fun to use.

Still not convinced? If you want to be adventurous, then you can download the theme from the Github to play around it. As soon as the theme gets stable, it will be merged into core.

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a spin and let us know what you see while you use it in the comment section.

Bootstrap Using Dokan For Their Multivendor Theme Marketplace

Bootstrap, the most popular front-end framework used to create modern websites, is using Dokan Lite to showcase and sell their themes. And this is definitely an honor for us and you- dear Dokan lovers!

With Dokan multivendor solution, they have built their entire marketplace which has a variety of bootstrap powered themes.

Continue reading “Bootstrap Using Dokan For Their Multivendor Theme Marketplace”

weDevs Year in Review 2018: Growth, Customer Happiness & Success!

Starting off a new year brings both new experiences and a checklist of goals that we look forward to achieve.

Determination, dedication and hard work can make your dreams come true. weDevs is proof of that. We started as a startup back in 2012 with a goal to be “The WordPress Brand”. Within seven years we have made a strong position in the WordPress community. We are not “The Brand” yet. But we hope to get there shortly.

weDevs's Birthday & Our Second weFamily Day

Before we talk about our growth, success and customer happiness of 2018, let's talk about an event that is really special & close to our heart.

Just like the previous year, this year on the 18th of March, we celebrated our 6th birthday of weDevs in a grand style with all the family members of our team. This family day got our team to bond better passing a great time with each others family members.

Team weDevs on the weFamily Day 2019

Truly a momentous occasion it was, that got unfolded with exciting games, events & other fun-filled activities with each passing time of the day.


Our team introduced their family members and themselves to everyone on this grand occasion.

We passed quite an eventful day starting with a competitive Cricket match among weDevs team members.

The kids, families and the whole team of weDevs swam around & enjoyed themselves playing games at the pool.

In the afternoon, a number of interesting games were arranged for our parents, other family members, kids and the whole weDevs team. The remarkable day ended with the raffle draw results and prize giving ceremony.

And No, we didn't disappoint anyone as there were gifts for everyone who attended this joyful event.

We have introduced weFamily day last year with the intention of spending an ecstatic day with all our loved ones. A total number of 80 people attended the 5th anniversary of weDevs on weFamily Day 2018. This year on our 6th year anniversary, the number doubled and around 140+ people were present to celebrate the event including our 55+ team members.

Coincidently, 18th of March is also the Birthday our Founder Tareq Hasan. So it was a double celebration for all of us. And from now on, weDevs promises to commemorate this day with all of our family members with the same enthusiasm and excitement every year.

weDevs, From Scratch to Creation

To create something great you must start from scratch. weDevs is just an example of that. During University days in 2008, Tareq Hasan and Md. Nizam Uddin, who had nothing but passion in them used to run a blogging site. Now they run a company of 60+ people. If we look back, it was in 2017 when the company moved to a bigger office with 25 employees. After 2012, it was in 2017 they were able to appoint experts in each sector. 100% employee growth in two years indicates the scalability of weDevs.

We always love to share our journey, experiences we had, experiments, additions we brought in the system with the customers. This takes us closer to our audience and we feel more connected this way.

We already shared new strategies we adopted last year in different sectors like content marketing, support, development. But we didn't talk about our office environment yet.

First thing is, we work as a family in here and we always use the term “weFamily” while addressing issues in our meetings.

This probably explains why weDevs Glassdoor rating is 4.9/5.

Our in general growth is 90% at the moment. Another evidence of a company being family is we introduced “Profit Share” policy from this year. Whatever profit weDevs makes is the result of the employee's hard work. So all of them will get a share of the overall profit that we made in 2018.

Let's see how working here is fun for all of us-

  • We welcome new members among us with amazing gifts
  • Whenever we meet a certain goal, we go for an outing.
  • The annual trip is the center of attraction for all of us.
  • From this year our members will get leave for marriage.
  • Besides two festive bonus, our members will get a certain amount of bonus for marriage.
  • New mothers will get paid maternal leave as well as new fathers will get paternity leave. This leave is still not a popular practice here.
  • From now on, the facility of “provident fund” and “gratuity” will be available for them who wants to enjoy that.

The Year of Explosive Growth in Development Side

This is the place where we can not but brag ourselves all the time. And you know what? We do not believe in the peripheries. The reason is simple – We have added an astounding 200,000 lines of code. It truly broke all the former records done in a single year.

We are quite accustomed to reaching new heights. Because we have released our free and pro plugins for a whopping 148 times. That’s more than 200% growth over the last year’s (2017) total release.

That’s not the end! We knew, hiring the right kind of programmers and system analysts would be a cog in the machine for our company. Apart from the business team, content team, marketing team, and design team, our development team is also rapidly growing.

Back in 2017, we only had 7 developers in our team but in 2018 this number has increased to 20+. So, compared to 2017 the number of developers that we have hired is in around 300% growth mark in the year 2018.

Frankly, we do encourage our developers to learn new things for personal development. To this end, we have kept a margin of 30% in the KPIs in learning new stuff like frameworks, libraries and so much more on their particular programming languages. All the developers, here, constantly try to improve and push themselves to the limit.

A bigger team is supposed to contribute more. That’s exactly what happened here at weDevs in 2018. Our developers have outpaced their previous contribution with a number of new features. You can check out our products new features, tweaks, improvements and fixes that were done in 2018 from below:

Finally, 2018 was an amazing year for us and we did exactly what we dreamed of.

Contribution Towards WordPress

In 2018, many of our team members contributed in making WordPress even better. Our Developer Towhidul Islam contributed to the Core WordPress 5 times in a row! And we are really proud of this. Also, two of our former Developers Rafsun Chowdhury and MD Sultan Nasir Uddin contributed i

weDevs Customer Happiness Overview: 2018

Technical support is the most significant part of the software industry. At weDevs, we ensure real-time care about what our customers need and want. Since we are a WordPress product development and selling-company, customer support and satisfaction is our first priority.

We are proudly announcing that we are experienced a great year of our customers’ happiness in 2018. Our support team achieved a remarkable growth ensuring on-time problem-solving. We are happy because our customers are happy. This is how we are trying to take our company- weDevs to the next level.

Take a look at what our support team has done in 2018.

  • 49,365+ replies
  • 8,750+ ticket resolving
  • 35,000+ live chat
  • 15,000+ customers helped

…and many more!

Isn’t it great regarding only a year?

What Our Customers Say

We try to make our customers happy providing real-time support in all the aspects. But nothing would matter if these don’t meet our customers need. Check out what our customers say!

“Best multivendor marketplace out there. Don’t be fooled by the competition. No other marketplace offers as much. I'm not sure why people are having such issues with customer support. Any issue I've had I filled out a ticket, and every time they have responded within 24 hours and every time my problem has been solved. Not once did they ever try to upsell me on anything.”- Stuffforsale

Not only that, we got the same appreciation and love from a huge number of our beloved customers.

We got 200+ 5 star reviews only in 2018!

Growth We Achieved in 2018

We have touched the great milestone in our increasing growth in 2018. Our support team’s overall growth was almost double regarding 2017. Check out some of our states in the following screenshots.

1. Tickets marked resolved in the last two years.

2. The growth rate was over 146%! We also resolved more than 58% tickets directly on the first reply.

3. Happiness rate in ticket resolving

Not only that, but we also resolved almost 1000 WordPress Tickets last year. And got more than 210 5 star reviews for all our plugins.

Finally, we started live chat support in 2018 and we had to reply to 35,000+ live chat queries in total.

Do all these really matter?

We believe customers are the queen. So we prefer what our customers need all the time. Not only responding, but we are also working with timely support at any moment of the day or night. For the first time, we started 24/7 support in 2018. And we are happy making it possible for our beloved customers.

Customer satisfaction isn’t only important, it works as a key to success for any business. If customers aren’t happy, it’s simply impossible to go ahead in this competitive era of business. At weDevs, we treat customers like our family. So that you can easily understand our dedication towards our beloved customers.

Stay with us, we offer great products with the state of the art and ensure real-time support.

Content & Marketing Growth in 2018

After the end of 2017, we shared with you how weDevs is reshaping its content and marketing strategy. In the process of executing that strategy, we have become a bigger team of 14 members now. Where at the end of 2017, we were a team of 6. We have started sessions like knowledge sharing, growth hacking regularly. These sessions are helping us become more confident, more creative, more proactive. And most importantly, these are helping us to develop the sharing mentality which is crucial for a team to thrive.

Whenever we start talking about Online Marketing, a popular quote is bound to pop-up in mind – “Content is king”. The quote itself implies the importance of content marketing. Since weDevs works with digital products, content marketing is the soul of our marketing strategy. But we always have believed in the motto “We don't create content for sale”. We try to create value for our audience with it. This motto of ours and the love we get back from you, keep us working, motivate us to create more valuable contents for you.

Continuous assessment and development have always been the focus of our weDevs team. To thrive consistently, there’s no alternative to that. We know and believe that. Now, like the other years, we’re feeling compelled to share our data-driven assessment with you. And when it’s data-driven, let the numbers do the talking.

First of all, the number of articles can be mentioned. Throughout the year 2018, we have successfully created and published 163 well-researched articles for the weDevs blog and 101 for the WP ERP. Kudos to the content developers!

We all know that content isn’t only about articles, it also includes designing, idea generating, sharing, implementing, and so on. Let’s have a look at the contributions of our designing team. Shall we? 67+ landing page design, 660+ banner design, and 916+ animations, email templates, illustrations, presentation designs – all have been possible thanks to their hard work.

Now it’s about you. Yes, YOU! We’re really glad that you paid a visit to us. You’re also doing it right now, thanks for that 🙂

With you and with the increased number of unique visitors as well, over the year 2018, we saw a 40.06% increase in the traffic on our site. That means we met 140% more visitors than that of the previous year’s! Isn’t that amazing?

Now, you may be wondering about the number of users of our site. Well, the growth rate, in this case, is even better! Compared to the user count of 2017, we have got 150.70% growth in 2018.

With all these traffic and the constant effort of every member of our team, no doubt our website is improving daily. The Alexa ranking clocked on the last day of the last year was 47,775. Which means 63.30% leap in the ranking.

Growth was not only achieved in the downloads, but also in the active installation count. If we take the active installation number of 2017 into account, we’ll have to say with 178% active installations, 2018 was a huge year for us. As anticipated, all these achievements resulted in more revenue. In 2018, weDevs earned 90% more revenue.

Looking Forward to a Rocking 2019

The year 2018 has been the most fruitful year for weDevs in terms of business growth, customer satisfaction and conversion rate.

To our greatest joy, the number of downloads surpassed the milestone of million this year. Our products achieved 1.2 million downloads in 2018. This was possible not just due to the energy of any particular team or person. We achieved such a milestone due to the collective effort of our whole weDevs team. So we dedicate this success to each one of our hardworking representatives be it our awesome, support, developing, marketing or the content team.

Why weDevs year in review being published in March?

As weDevs was formed in March and we celebrate the anniversary, the ‘weFamily Day' in this month, we think this is a good time for us to spread what we have done so far to the world. That's one of the main reasons of publishing the weDevs year in review now.

With all these mentioned, we know we have a long way ahead of us. Here is hoping for the year 2019 to be even better and productive than 2018. And we know that your love and support will guide us through the way just like always.

Wishing all of you an awesome year ahead from weDevs teams !!

Most Marvelous 100+ WordPress Stats & Facts (2019)

People might ask you, why would you want to switch to WordPress CMS platform? With the current position and progress of WordPress, the answer to it shouldn’t be too difficult. Because since 2003, today after 15 years of its successful journey and establishment all the awesome WordPress stats would automatically answer all the questions people might have in their curious mind about WordPress.

Some people might still have the temerity to speak against WordPress and its number of flaws it posses. But the current stats and facts of WordPress will always speak above all for itself.

So what makes WordPress so special? Let’s find out through some tantalizing stats and facts of WordPress in this post below.    

Interesting WordPress Stats & Facts of 2019

WordPress Launch

The very first version of WordPress was launched on 27th May 2003, making it even an older web platform than Facebook, Youtube & Twitter. It was released by its founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little back then.

Info: WordPress

Powering up Websites Worldwide

According to the stats conducted by W3Techs, WordPress is currently powering through over 33.1% of the world’s web platforms. A truly remarkable achievement by this popular CMS that is currently used for blogging sites as well as for large business websites.

Info: W3Techs

WordPress Enjoying Substantial Market Share

Almost 47% of world’s websites do not use a CMS. But among the CMS platform user, WordPress enjoys a whooping 61.1% of market share making it by far the largest shares in the market worldwide.

Info: W3techs

WordPress Leading in Search Engine

Based on the data conducted by a reliable keyword analysis tool, last year WordPress has been searched on an average 2,74,0000 times in a month by the people all around the world. Just imagine the search volume it had when you count the relevant long-tail keywords.

Info: KWFinder

Record Installation for Popular Plugins

On average, popular WordPress plugins or themes can get more than a million installations each week. For example, as of January 2019, at the time of writings this, the most popular e-commerce store plugin, WooCommerce has been installed 774,273 times in a week. Just imagine how much business you can make once you have a popular application for WordPress.

Info: WordPress

World’s Most Popular Business Sites Runs on WordPress

Many business sites are already using WordPress. This number is almost, 35% of 10,000 popular business sites that are actively using it. The list includes some popular sites like The New Yorker,, Reuters, TED, TechCrunch etc.

Even for personal sites as well many globally recognized personalities also uses WordPress including celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Kobe Bryant, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and many more.  

Info: WinningWP

WordPress Available in More Languages than You Can Imagine

At a full 100% rate, WordPress is now being actively used in 68 languages out of 162. The day is not far when WordPress will be effectively used in all the existing local languages out there.

Info: WordPress

Most Widely Used WordPress Ecommerce Plugin

WordPress was always known for it being the most popular blogging tool. But over the last decade or so it has evolved and made its entry into the e-commerce business arena as well. WooCommerce as the most popular and widely operated e-commerce plugin is being used in over 13% WordPress websites currently. The numbers are even more astonishing when you consider it's more than 3 millions installations in websites and over 60 million all time downloads.

Info: W3Techs

More Monthly Visitors than Twitter & Amazon

As per recent stats, it is claimed that both Amazon and Twitter had lower unique monthly visits than WordPress with over 148 million monthly visitor.

Info: WordPress

Record Number of Download for WordPress v4.9

Now when it comes to the most downloaded software in the world, WordPress is right there at the top. By the time this post is being published, the real time download counter of WordPress v4.9 would have at least cross pass 160 million.   

Info: WordPress

Registered a Record Number of Posts and Comments

As a blogging site platform, WordPress has set some pretty impressive record over the years. WordPress platform used for blogging continues to encourage people to submit new post and comments worldwide. The CMS platform has registered about 70.5 million new posts and 52.1 million new comments each month. Meaning bloggers from all over the world creates at least 6 new posts each seconds in WordPress sites.  

Info: WordPress

Number of Available WordPress Plugins

At the time of this post being written, there are currently 54,624 plugins available at with over 1.5 billion total downloads of all these plugins. So you can be rest assured that, there is a plugin for any kind of solution you need in WordPress.

Info: WordPress

Held an Impressive Number of Wordcamp Worldwide

WordPress making its mark in the global arena has organized handsome number of WordCamps for the WordPress users and welcoming new community members to it every year. The very first WordPress was arranged in the year 2006 in San Francisco by Matt Mullenweg. And since then 950+ WordCamp has been held in over 65 countries, with more than 2400 speakers and 1100 sponsors involved in it.

Info: WordCamp

Millions Being Earned over a Single WordPress Theme

ThemeForest is the most popular premium theme and plugins marketplace out there. Based on a report, Avada is the most popular & sold theme for WordPress and as of now, this 59$ priced theme has been bought over 200,000 times, generating over $1.3 millions in sales and counting.

Info: Avada

Made Record in Terms of Registered Domains in Every 6 Months

A recent survey of CMS usage suggested that there is at least 1.2 million domains registration for WordPress in every 6 months. And the number is only increasing each year.

Info: Built With

WordPress Free Themes in Theme Directory

Currently in the theme directory of WordPress, there are almost 6000 free themes for the WordPress users to choose from. This number is a massive selling point of WordPress for the users who loves to decorate their WordPress site frequently. Divi and Genesis being the most popular free theme of all time is used in 10% out of 20% of total WordPress sites.

Info: WP Beginner & Small Biz Trends

WordPress Revenue Touches the Magic Figure of Billion

WordPress, being a Non-Profit organization, the company behind it, Automattic, has made a revenue of $1.3 billion ahead of other gigantic WordPress companies like Envato at $95 million and WP Engine at $74 million.

Info: Websitebuilder

Akismet Created Record in Blocking Spam Comments

One of the more popular spam blocker plugin Akismet blocks over 7.5 million spam comments every hour. It has already crossed the milestone of 100 billion a long time back. Imagine the number of fake ads it has blocked to save the users to deal with.

Info: Akismet

Top WordPress Plugins

Popular plugins are the one that enhances the overall performances of your site. In a recent stat, it is concluded that WooCommerce , Akismet and Yoast SEO made in to the top 3 plugins based on its overall performance and capabilities in its respective fields.

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Contribution in WordPress

The WordPress v4.9 is already known to be the most popular WordPress release of all time. But very few people know that the main success behind this version was due to the contribution of 443 talented people out of which 185 of them were totally freshers who were taking part in WordPress development for the very first time.

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WordPress 5.0 Is Getting a Great Response

Till mid February ‘19 from the time of its release, the latest version of WordPress v5.0 is getting tremendous response. This new release of WordPress has been downloaded more than 35,000,000 times though only 30% of WordPress websites are running it as of now.

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Cost of Maintaining a WordPress Hosting and Domain

Hosting a WordPress site won't cost you a fortune. It only takes around $50-60 to host a professional WordPress site. Whereas a .com domain name will typically cost you upto $10 a year. Meaning you can enjoy a top quality WordPress hosting including a domain of your choice at just 70$ a year.

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Getting Started with WordPress Is Still Fun & Easy

Using WordPress is fun because it is the most user-friendly platform of all and it’s easy because it only takes 5 minutes to get started with WordPress from downloading the plugin to configuring it up in just a few simple clicks.

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The Popularity of WordPress Against Joomla & Drupal

Like all CMS platforms, even WordPress has competitors in the form of Joomla & Drupal. But when it come to popularity WordPress is almost 10 times popular than Joomla and 8.9 more popular than Drupal.

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Page View Creates Records Each Month

In WordPress, a staggering 21.1 billion pages are viewed each month by more than 410 million people Worldwide. And when it comes to the record of files uploaded by the users globally then, the stats say that just in the month of December 2018, an astonishing 70,399,151 files were uploaded through WordPress sites.

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75+ More Amazing Stats of WordPress

Interesting WordPress Stats
Statistical WordPress Infographic collected from

Some WordPress Fun Facts

After all these serious WordPress stats, one might feel WordPress is a boring place to be in. But in reality, it is a fun place to experience the originality of CMS platform. And the fun facts below further proves that.

Do You Know?

  • Automattic, the company behind WordPress had a beautiful office at San Francisco, but it was shut down when its employees stopped showing up at work.
  • The core developers of WordPress are huge fans of Jazz music. Influenced by that each of the major releases of WordPress was labeled after a renowned Jazz musician
  • The active Japanese community members originally created the official mascot of WordPress, Wappu.
  • Every WordCamp events get a unique Wappu including a number of specially customized variation of the mascot in it.
  • Controlling a missile guidance system was done using WordPress.
  • WordPress has around only 800 employees Worldwide, which is 500 times lesser employees than Amazon.

WordPress in the Years to Come

No matter how much anyone would want to deny, but WordPress is indeed the future of CMS platform. Not to mention its growing popularity as the best blogging platform as well. And the stats & facts discussed in this post already proves that.

Most statistics now already suggests that its immense popularity in the past decade or so mainly drives by the fact of it being a budget-friendly one. Not just the platform, also its offerings of a wide range of marketplace plugins, themes, security, SEO friendliness & available language packs are also a major reason for its fondness of people.

Looking at its progress and development over the years, it is safe to say WordPress will only take over many other popular alternative CMS in the coming years. This is definitely a positive sign for all the WordPress enthusiast out there and something that they can proudly boast about.

Did you feel we have missed out on some significant WordPress stats? Do you have any fun or informative WordPress stats or facts to share with us? Then we would love to hear it from you.

Do share with us, your views and thoughts on WordPress and its future in the coming years in the comments section below.

WordPress Partnering with Google to Develop a News Publishing Hub ‘Newspack’

Automattic, the developer of the world's one of the most popular Content Management System,, has announced a new project, Newspack. According to the founder of Automattic, Matt Mullenweg, this is going to bring about a revolutionary change for the news publishers.

And guess what, is now partnering with Google accompanied by the other news industry leaders to raise the fund to develop this new news publising platform. So far, the team has secured $2.4 million in first-year funding from the Google News Initiative, Lenfest Journalism Institute, Civil funder ConsenSys, and the Knight Foundation, among others.

Newspack in a Few Words

It is a news publishing, all in one, open source Content Management Solution aimed at the small and midsized news organizations for publishing and monetizing their contents.

To tell you about the standard of the CMS, the founder of Automattic, Matt Mullenweg says,

As you have come to expect from Automattic, everything will be open source and developed to the same standards WordPress itself is. has already confirmed that this platform will contain the same standard as WordPress when it comes to quality.

So, Who Will Be Benefited with NewsPack?

With this project, the small and mid-sized news publishers will be benefited more than the large news publishers.

Despite doing all the stuff to manage your contents smartly, WordPress does not natively help the publishers to monetize their content using subscriptions, metered paywalls, and user accounts.

This is the reason, why Automattic is specifically designing this solution for the native and smaller news media companies so that they can easily get these things done with a minimalistic effort and investment.

How Will It Benefit Its Associated Community?

The smaller news startups often struggle with a number of obstacles like the right technology selection, development of the news platform, maintenance, security and last but not the least money making.

Unfortunately, there is no better platform in the class and above all an open source and cost-effective tool to tackle these complexities.

And this is exactly where this Newspack project by the comes to address these issues. Its goal is to incorporate all the best possible editorial and business practices from across the industry for the small and mid-sized news publishers. By mid-2019, the partners will also launch up to a dozen news sites that would piggyback up to 60 sites by the early 2020.

Kinsey from the Nieman Lab says,

It’s not simply a CMS for a newsroom, but a full business system that enables publishing and monetization at the same time.

To work with Automattic on this new platform, media organizations can apply now. The good news is that as a publisher you can avail the service free of cost during the development phase. And after that, you will have to pay $1000 to $2000 per month.

How the Project Is Financed?

For this huge project, the trio, Automattic, Spirited Media and News Revenue Hub already raised $2.4 million. Through the Google News Initiative, Google itself is funding $1.2 million. Other contributors include The Lenfest Institute for Journalism which is funding $400,000; ConsenSys, a blockchain software technology company which is contributing $350,000 and finally The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, an American non-profit foundation which has funded $250,000 for the project.

However, that's not the end! From a fifth source an additional contribution of $200,000 is expected to be funded later this month toward the project.

Final Words

Definitely, it's an amazing initiative from the maker of WordPress, Automattic and it goes without saying that this project is a bit inspired by the Medium's move to monetizing online content.

Finally, we can conclude that the dominant news publishers won't necessarily move to Newspack. But it's a foregone conclusion that the small and mid-sized websites who are covering a particular or small area can be notably benefited from this project.

Dokan Nails Prestigious FinancesOnline Award 2018

Dokan Bags 2 Prestigious eCommerce Software Recognitions from a Leading Directory for Business Software – “Great user experience” and “Rising star”. FinancesOnline has honored Dokan with this prestige. These are significant recognition as users satisfaction has always been Dokan’s first concern. Dokan was also ranked as one of the top ecommerce platforms in the market.

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weFamily Day: A Day with Our Parents & Family

An office is not about work only. There's more it and to prove that – weDevs celebrated weFamily Day on March 18, 2018.

We celebrated this day on the occasion of our 5th Birthday. And from now on, we will be celebrating this day every year on this very day (March 18) with our parents, spouses and family members.

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What’s New in WordPress 4.9 Tipton: Improved Code Editor, Customizer & Widgets

WordPress 4.9, Tipton is almost knocking at the door. We are hoping that it will be released in the third week of November 2017. Having Gutenberg Editor in the queue, WordPress is getting bigger with every release. The 4.9 release does not have anything significant like Gutenberg. However, it has many new features, improvements, and tweaks.

So, you may be wondering what WordPress 4.9 has to offer. We are going to show you our experience with the latest release while we tested the RC3 (Release Candidate 3).

Welcome to WordPress 4.9

While upgrading to WordPress 4.9, we got this exciting welcome page. It has details on the whole update and what it brings.

This update contains major customizer improvements, better code editing inside WordPress dashboard, improved widgets and lot other fixes. Without further ado, let's dive in!

Improved Customizer: Save, Schedule & Share

With the release of WordPress 4.9, the theme customizer menu has seen three new options added.

  • Save: The newly save button lets you save your tweaks without publishing it first. This gives you time to finalize your design without going live.
  • Schedule: There is also an added schedule option which lets you schedule your customized theme to go live. You will be able to select a specific time and date.
  • Share: The newly added share button will let you share a final version of your website to anyone who you give the link to. This is really convenient for those who work in a group for the design.

Improved Theme Management

Theme management for WordPress is going to see some change with 4.9 release. You can directly add themes to your WordPress site from the customizer page. You can view either Installed themes or themes from here. This saves a few clicks while also keeping the process simple.

Create Menus More Easily

With 4.9, the menu creation process has been broken into parts and made a lot simpler. In the previous version, you could only see a box area for creating a menu. Now separate boxes have been added to menu name, menu location, top menu and social links menu.

Brand New Gallery Widget

WordPress 4.9 allows you to have a new Gallery widget to manage it your way. Previously, you could get this from JetPack. Now, it will be available in the core version whether you are using Jetpack or not.

With the introduction of image widget in WordPress 4.8, this new gallery widget in the 4.9 release will only add value to its essence.

The functionality of gallery widget is as simple as it can get, just simply add images from your WordPress image library by using the Add Images button.

You can also use this widget as a temporary way of making people intrigued on your social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest by viewing thumbnails to create a collage of a single snapshot.

So this new gallery widget feature in WordPress 4.9 will definitely create a lot of interest to more of your posts now.

Improved Text Widget

With the continuing process of Text Widget improvements throughout its previous version, it didn’t fail to improve in the WordPress 4.9.

It was a real pain to create shortcodes on your own and to add images in the text widget till WordPress 4.8.

But not anymore as now with WordPress 4.9, there is an additional Add Media button into the text widget. Which will give you the ultimate freedom of adding media files hassle-free.

So all thanks to the newly added Add Media button, which now ensures you to create a gallery using text widget making the functionality of text widget utmost user-friendly.

Added New Saved Button

There wasn’t any clear way to understand whether you were actually successful in saving the changes you made in the widget to the previous version.

But with WordPress 4.9, the button will now display Saved every time you make any changes to indicate that you are successful with your action.

Code Editor Improved

Guess what, now you can easily custom your codes directly from WordPress Dashboard. Although the code editor has been there for a long time, it was very basic. With WordPress 4.9, you will get a better editor containing many interesting features. When someone tries to edit any code (Plugins or Themes), they will receive a pop-up warning stating the significance of code editing and why it is not recommended. Unless you click on the ‘I Understand' button, you won't be able to proceed.

The new code editor highlights syntax! You also get error or warning signs if you something out of the context.

It even suggests related functions and attributes when you are typing a piece of code!

Other Improvements & Fixes

There are also some improvements to the core of WordPress in the 4.9. Here are the Developer Happiness features that have been included in this release.


The bookmarklet that practically no one used, has been removed from the tools section. Now, it is a separate plugin that you can install anytime from

SWFUpload Library

The library will be removed from the core. It was used for flash media services. As the industry is moving away from flash this was inevitable.


Some Jetpack functionalities like The Gallery Widget and Syntax Highlighting features have been removed. They will now be supported in the Core.

User Role

Tweaks have been made to the User Roles for a site. Now a permission has been added to who can activate/deactivate a plugin as well as who can change the language and translation file.

Email Change Confirmation

Last but not the least the admin has now an option to send a confirmation email to a user who has changed his/her email address. This new email will be sent to the new one not the old.

This is really helpful for e-commerce websites or any other site with direct subscribers.

We Have Also Update All Our Plugins!

As WordPress 4.9 is a major update, we have updated all our plugins including Dokan, weForms, WP Project Manager, WP User Frontend and WP ERP. They are all WP 4.9 compatible and you can use them without facing any problems at all. But we recommend you create a backup before upgrading.

Wrapping Up

You might not know it but WordPress right now is powering a staggering 28% of the total number of websites in the world, including 14.7% of the top 100 websites. That is a lot of users, to begin with!

Taking them out of their comfort zone and introducing a system that is completely new to them might be a very bright idea neither is the worst. The competition is advancing at a rate that was never seen before. WordPress needs to keep up too if it hopes to keep the lead it has now. All the talks about Gutenberg and other features are only speculation at best for this moment.

We will just have to wait and see what the WordPress industry has in store for us. 🙂

Bengali At 100%: weDevs Organized WordPress Translation Day 3 At Dhaka

On the grand occasion of WP Translation Day #3, we wanted to translate WordPress to our native language, Bengali. Being Bangladeshi WordPress enthusiasts, our aim was to make WordPress ready for Bangladeshi people. Thus, we wanted to organize an event where people of the community can attend and contribute.

Our Digital Strategist, Afshana Diya submitted a proposal to the authority of the company. They were very happy with the proposal and allowed us to continue with the event. They also provided all resources so that we could host the translation event on 30th September 2017.

The event was a local meetup and aired live on the net. It dedicates to the translation of the WordPress ecosystem (core, themes, plugins). It was a great opportunity for the WordPress lovers in our local communities to learn more about the platform and also get involved in translating WordPress in Bengali.

Not only that, our very own Rounak Ahmed worked with the WordPress Marketing team and wrote a detailed blog post. In the post, she talked about the importance of translating WordPress and why should you get involved by contributing.

Read the post: Why Translate WordPress?

Our Contribution to WP Translation Day #3

We organized the local meetup just for contributing to WordPress translation and invited people through Facebook Events. We aimed to complete the Bengali translation of WordPress 4.8.x. It was a 4-hour long event where almost 25+ people sat together and translated the CMS they love.

There were almost 300+ strings remaining that needed to be translated into Bengali. Surprisingly, most of them were very long and difficult to translate. However, we all did our best and with the help of the three locale managers of WP Translation project, Mayeenul Islam, Tareq Hasan, and Sekandar Badsha. We also had our CEO, M Asif Rahman & COO, Nizam Uddin present in this event.

Our contributors were the heart of the event as they were the ones who translated the strings. The locale managers reviewed each translation carefully and also improved them. With our dedication and hard work, we were able to reach 100% milestone.

Apart from that, the locale managers took some helpful sessions including how to translate WordPress, how to contribute and also many tips while translating. Not to mention, there were snacks and unlimited coffee to boost the speed of their contributions.

Here we have Live video from the event, where Translation Editor Mayeenul Islam spoke about what to do and not to do in translation. And another one by Translation Editor, Sekandar Badsha, who spoke about how new comers could start in Translation.

Some impressive facts of WP Translation Day #3 from all over the globe!

Statistics from

  • Number of Local Events: 71
  • Countries: 29
  • Total new strings added: 93179
  • Total users busy during the 24h event: 649
  • Average users per hour: 77
  • New translators: 217
  • Total language packs created: 346

Why Translate WordPress Core?

WordPress is currently the No. 1 Content Management System (CMS). Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular Open Source platforms. Contribution and collaboration have always been the heart of WordPress.

WordPress is growing rapidly over the past 13 years. It now powers 27% of all websites worldwide. One of the main reasons it became a global success is because it speaks more than 100 languages. Though its default language is English as it was founded and developed in the USA, for a CMS to grow globally, English is not enough.

Recently, non-English downloads of WordPress 4.0 was greater than English downloads. But not all locales are fully translated – only 56%. The other 34% are not fully translated which includes themes and plugins. But,

“We need to translate all the things to make the internet accessible for everyone all over the world!” – Sonja

WordPress is run by its contributors who think, invent, develop, and promote as well. And they are also the ones who translate it. It's not just about developing and releasing your product on WordPress. Ensuring maximum utilization entails that your solution is translatable. It’s vital to translate both the WordPress core and the themes, plugins, and extensions that make it a whole.

Significance of Getting Involved

The team involved in translating WordPress and everything related to it is known as the Polyglots. When you engage with the Polyglots community you realize something unique. Translating the software along with a thousand others from different countries increases your knowledge about cultural borders, sensitivities, and boundaries. Not only you learn to understand these limits but also how to overcome them through language.

What’s more! As you interact in person with other members of the WP community through the local Polyglot meetups, it will make you go one step ahead and learn to respect these limits with body language also. You get to form meaningful connections that take WordPress goes beyond borders.

There are important groups within the community like the Global Translation Editors (GTEs) and Project Translation Editors (PTEs) who ensure quality assurance. They check if your translation is really understandable and maintain all the required standards. They also approve and validate your translated work.

WordPress Locales and What They Do

In the language of WordPress, locales refer to a particular language spoken in a specific place. It can refer to a variation of the same language, for example, Syrian Arabic. But it also entails culture sensitive content, weights, measurements, geographical references. It also specifies things like symbols, images, icons, colours, sizes, and shapes. A locale also includes social codes like humor and etiquettes. It comprises date and time formats and phone numbers.

So it's not just about translating WordPress in the local language you know but also translating the plugins and themes that you develop. When you get involved in a locale you are not just translating the software but also applying all the cultural differences that are location dependent. This makes the WordPress software rich and viable for non-English speakers to use without barriers.

So, How Many Languages Does WordPress Currently Speak?

With the help of the Polyglots team, WordPress now speaks more than 100 languages and is growing. It has 162 locales but only 56 locales are fully translated, including dashboard, plugins, and themes.

The languages that WordPress is most consumed in are English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, and Portuguese. This list is according to the downloads and how many people use these language packs in their active installs.

In 2014 international downloads surpassed English downloads for the first time. That means more people downloaded WordPress in other languages. WordPress 4.0 has made it easier for people around the globe to use this open source CMS.

Your Next Step

Currently, there are more than 44000 plugins and 4000 themes in the WordPress repository, and all are free and customizable. Themes and plugins are crucial to the growth of WordPress because they extend the software by adding more features and capabilities to it. It is because of plugins, themes, and extensions that many people could grow successful blogs, websites, and businesses on WordPress.

If you have a theme, plugin or extension on WordPress now is the time to think about growing it beyond the English-speaking community and make it more accessible to everyone around the world.

Firstly, make your product translatable right when it's in the developing stage.

Secondly, join the Polyglots community. Start with the most important locales, for example, the most used languages on WordPress (like Spanish, German, Portuguese, etc). Engage your loyal customers and other native-speaking users of the WordPress community by inviting them.

Sustain a long term contact with users who translate your product so that they can continue translating your products.

WP Translation Day is over. But weDevs' Invites You.

Translating WordPress not just takes the software beyond borders, but also helps overcome language barriers for all those who contribute. The people who participate in translating WordPress come from all walks of life. This is because the greater goal is to learn, connect, overcome difficulties, go beyond WordPress, and share something meaningful with each other.

Following this legacy, weDevs invites you to translate its plugins and extensions. Give us a chance to know and connect with you better. We have our own GlotPress project. You can register easily and start translating.

How to translate weDevs products →

Best 4th of July Deals on WordPress – 20% off on weDevs!

4th July is only two days away and we would like to wish all out American friends, users, readers and subscribers a Happy Independence Day!

Many companies are already holding special discounts and offers to make this day more special. Just like Cyber Monday, Black Friday and holiday deals, we have prepared this blog post to make sure you don't miss the amazing offers of Independence Sale for WordPress 2017.

WordPress Discount Offers

If you are not an American, it doesn't mean you can't take the advantage of this happy occasion. This could be a great opportunity for you as well to get some discounts if you are planning to buy any WordPress Products. Let's see the list, shall we?

WordPress Deals and Discounts for 4th of July, 2017


This happy Independence Day 2017 brings you a dashing 20% discount on all of our products including-

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If you are looking for an open source ERP system within your WordPress powered website, then you must give WP ERP a try. It has three powerful, productive and feature rich modules including CRM, HRM and Accounting. Most importantly, you will get these for absolutely free! There is a wide range of add-ons, which can help you to supercharge your business effectively.

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Enjoy 15% discount on all plan of CloudWays this 4th of July. To get this offer, simply sign up using the following coupon code and enjoy.

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All US citizens will get 70% OFF on all shared hosting plans of SiteGround. They are offering this discount for 1 year subscriptions only. If you are a US citizen, you should grab this offer right away.

Discount: Flat 70% Discount for US citizens

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Bluehost is a renowned and most popular web hosting solutions out there. They provide different types of hosting solutions and domains. They are giving away web hosting starting from $3.95 per month which is more than 60% off from the actual price. Besides that, they are offering a free domain with their hosting solutions.

Discount$3.95/month plus a free domain and site builder

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CSS Igniter

You can avail 20% discount on all CSS ingiter themes and plugins. Just use the following coupon code and get the offer while purchasing.

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CSS Hero

CSS Hero is offering 50% discount on all of their plans. You can easily customize the look of your website using their plugin and make cool click interface and intuitive point.

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Amazon Affiliate for WordPress

Get a flat discount of 30% OFF on all licenses of Amazon Affiliate for WordPress. This will give you a great opportunity of enhancing your WordPress site and advertise Amazon products along with earning commissions.

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WPExplorer is offering a massive discount! You can buy any theme with only $29. They are also offering 50% discount on their top selling Total WordPress Theme.

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WarFare Plugins

WarFare Plugins is offering 30% discount on their new licenses purchased within 4th of July. You have to use the following coupon code to take advantage of this offer.

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You can compress high resolution images to improve the loading time of your website using ShortPixel image optimizer plugin. They are offering one-time 10,000 images just for $4.99 which is almost 50% of the regular price ($9.99). You can also avail 30k images with just $9.00 (regular price $19.99).

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Elegant Themes

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WP Engine

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WPeka Club

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CyberChimps is offering 20% discount on all of their WordPress themes and plugins. You have enter the promo code (coupon) while checking out.

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Page Builder Sandwich

They are offering 20% discount on all their products. You have to use the following coupon code at checkout.

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Top Websites Using WooCommerce for eCommerce

Imagine world's one-third of eCommerce websites are powered by a single technology and surprisingly its FREE. Yes, I am talking about one of the largest eCommerce solution providers, WooCommerce.

Did you know? – WooCommerce has over 75 Million Downloads and 5 Million+ active installs.

It makes sense why people are using this technology so rapidly for their business. You may ask why?

Open Source Platform

Well, the fact is WooCommerce is FREE and provides a wide range of functionalities that many other platforms charge thousands of dollars for!

WooCommerce is powering about 33% of the world's online stores.

The following statistics show around 24% of worlds top million sites are using WooCommerce. This is really amazing how it has reached the top position among other popular eCommerce solution providers such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce etc.

Usage of WooCommerce in Top Million Sites Around the World (Source:

User-Friendly & Easily Adaptable

Getting started with WooCommerce is very simple and no problem for most of the users. Even non-tech people can follow through its instructions and create their online store within 10 minutes. However, there are still some complaints that designers (both beginner or advanced) face problem while placing products, constructing layouts and designing checkout. Despite these complaints users till seem to use WC because of its easily adaptable and open source nature.

WooCommerce Ecosystem

Well, WooCommerce runs on WordPress platform and it is the most popular CMS around the world. This boosts the usage of WooCommerce drastically. Let's see some statistics related to WooCommerce within WordPress.

Usage of WooCommerce within WordPress (Source:

Within WordPress, WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce plugin with the largest user base and community. Although, WooCommerce is free, it has more than 325 paid extensions. They can help any online store to fulfill different set of purposes and stand out in the crowd.

WooCommerce also supports thousands of themes. You can find many themes developed by WooCommerce and also third party companies. Thus, thinking about making your storefront look appealing and professional is not a big deal at all!

All-in-One eCommerece Solution

Most importantly, WC contains most basic features of an eCommerce store. This helped it to reach on of the top positions of world's eCommerce solutions. You can create your very own online store within minutes and get the advantage of all basic and some intermediate features. This makes WooCommerce the leading all-in-one eCommerce solution for WordPress.

Learning by Example

A total number of 1,413,628 live websites are using WooCommerce!

Today, we are here to present you some world class top websites that are using WooCommerce for their eCommerce business. Basically, we want you to learn from examples and show how world's top businesses are using this amazing piece of technology. Let's dig in.


Who doesn't know about Clickbank? They are a global internet retailer providing different types of products. They also allow other people specially manufacturers to sell their own products and marketing people to promote them.

Clickbank ranks 4493 in Alexa and one of the world's top ranking eCommerce sites. You would be amazed to know that they are using WooCommerce as their eCommerce solution and handling a large number of customers every day with ease.

Awesome Inventions

If you are looking for amazing daily gift ideas and cool stories around the world, then you can entertain yourself with Awesome Inventions. They are ranked 4642 on the web and also provides cool gadgets. You can buy your dream gadgets, toys, wearables, outdoor items and bevarages from here and don't be surprised to know that they are also using WooCommerce. Awesome, right?

The Spectator Magazine Shop

The oldest magazine in the English language that is being published continuously is The Spectator Shop. Although they are one of the largest online magazine stores around the world, they are using WooCommerce to power up their online shop. Their website is ranked 14,628 and also has a strong customer base.


Another online resource provider is WorthPoint. They also use WooCommerce to manage more than 300 million items! You can explore their collection from different auction houses and online marketplaces all around the world.


One of the largest online bookstores, BookRiot is powering their eCommerce business using WordPress and WooCommerce. Just like WorthPoint, they are managing thousands of digital products and successfully running their business.

Blue Star Coffee

When it comes to attractive WooCommerce powered online stores, Blue Star Coffee Roasters pops up first. It is one of the most famous online coffee shops on the web. They are using WooCommerce home page. Their homepage has an impressive and high-quality design. This proves many users complaints are wrong and you can customize your store for a brand even you are using WooCommerce.


Wakami is a Guatemala based online fashion company for women. You can find handmade accessories and responsible fashion items. They are also using WooCommerce to manage their online shop.

Forage & Graze

Finally, we have New Zealand based Forage & Graze using WooCommerce. We will conclude our list with this awesome online store. Their homepage is really attractive and has high-quality large imagery.

What's Next?

There is no denying the ever increasing and also overwhelming popularity of WooCommerce as an eCommerce solution. As it runs on WordPress, an open source CRM, the popularity is increasing due to a wide range of opportunity every day. Both WordPress and WooCommerce is highly customizable. WordPress along with WooCommerce can easily power any venture in no time.

So, if you are willing to start your own online store or marketplace, you can start with WordPress and WooCommerce. We can guarantee that you will be able to successfully launch your business without wasting extra time and also money.