Top Elementor Addons & Widget Library Compared

If you are interested in creating amazing web pages for your WordPress site without any coding, a drag and drop page builder could be the best option for you. And guess what, Elementor is one of the fast-growing and most popular page builders for WordPress. Also, there are lots of Elementor Addons to help you out.

The recent growth of Elementor represents its popularity. It provides useful widgets (elements) so that you can build your desired web page.

The pro version has more professional looking elements than the free one. However, it may lack some of the special elements that are needed for specific designs. This is where third-party addons of Elementor comes in. They provide you with special elements for free that are not even in the pro version of Elementor.

Besides that, the elements you get with the different Widget Libraries for Elementor do not follow a generalized set of rules. That is why you might feel confused at times seeing the names. You may even find multiple elements with the same functionality but named differently. 

Introducing Elementor

Elementor is a very powerful plugin. It currently has 80+ elements which serve a various purpose. Still, there are enough areas where Elementor can improve. Nonetheless, Elementor has already produced a very healthy ecosystem.

Elementor Addons

You can very easily fall in love with Elementor. And why shouldn't you?

Previously, building a website needed days of pre-planning and then writing never-ending pages of code. But now, with Elementor you can build Websites in minutes.

No need to code anymore. Yes. Good news for bloggers.

However, if you are planning to switch to Elementor it is a better idea to get the Paid version. The number one reason for this is, down the line you might start feeling frustrated due to the limitations. For advanced users, if you don’t get the pro version you will not get the custom CSS feature. Which can be really frustrating.

Secondly, Elementor free version doesn’t include half the actual number of templates that you will get with Elementor Pro.

Do You Have an Online Store Built with WooCommerce?

Then you definitely need the Elementor Pro. You get specific elements that are built for use with WooCommerce sites only. Furthermore, with Elementor you cannot run marketing campaigns effectively! The sole reason behind this is the absence of a Form element. However, you will get one with the Pro version.

And equally important is the feature of embedding Elementor created content anywhere. However, this feature is not available in core or free. So, you will need the paid version to get that feature.

Another fancy and useful feature of Elementor Pro is the Global Widget. You can include one section in three different places. But making changes to the original copy will automatically update the other three.

Why Third-Party Elementor Addons

To enrich the Drag and Drop Page Building experience, there are a dozen third party Addons for Elementor. There are both Single Purpose Addons and Top-notch Widget Libraries.

You don't need the Addons to just expand the functionality of the core Elementor plugin. There are many elements that come with the paid version of Elementor but comes free with its Widget Library Addons. A great way to save some money, right?

Apart from that, you will be getting many special-purpose elements with the add-ons for example – advanced pricing, team, social elements, creative elements, form styling elements, countdown, etc. 

Using Elementor Pro with a third-party add-on, you can get something that you have looking for inside a page builder. It not only extends the features and functionalities, but it also makes sure you have everything in your arsenal to make the most professional looking website for you or your business.  

Is The Size of Widget Library a Good Indicator of its Usefulness

Elements are the building blocks for your Website. You can drag them from the Elementor side panel and drop them on the builder interface. The many elements on WordPress websites are fundamentally different from each other depending on the placement of the text, graphic and layout. 

Now if you say why should you use specific elements rather than a generalized one, the answer is it saves time. Otherwise, you would have to first set up the layout, then insert the content. Furthermore, Elementor offers you specific elements with specific usage and an organized pallet of customization options for the content.

Elementor framework also enables you to treat every element inside the framework in a generalized way. 

And most importantly, every Widget Library uses the same Elementor framework and displays the same builder interface. You can see that the customization options for each element are always organized under three broad headers – Content, Style, and Advanced.

So, we can consider the diversity and the size of a Widget Library as a primary indicator of its usefulness.

This Blog will Look into Some Top Elementor Addons

This blog will compare the top 3 widget libraries for Elementor.

  1. Elementor Extra
  2. Essential Addons
  3. Addons for Elementor
  4. Happy Elementor Addons (Bonus)

You can expect to see these widget libraries being judged on their diversity and uniqueness. What good is it, if a third party widget library offers the same elements that you get with the core Elementor plugin?

This blog has compared widget libraries on 5 broad element types. Namely- Form Styler, Content, Dynamic Content, Marketing, Creative elements & Social elements.

Let's Compare The Form Styler Elements


You can insert Contact Form, Registration Form, Survey Form, Sign-up Form, Payment Form created with a Form-Builder Plugin with a single Elementor Element. Widget Library-Essential Addons-HappyAddons for Elementor offers over 5 Form-Styler Elements, which is more than any other widget-library out there.

The best thing about these elements is that you get to treat your forms just like any other website element.

Let's Compare The Content Elements of Elementor Addons

  • Testimonials​
  • Testimonials Slider
  • Team Members
  • Accordions​
  • Info Box
  • Dual-color headline
  • Icon Lists
  • Creative Buttons
  • Flip Box
  • Tabs
  • Data Table
  • Features
  • FAQ
  • Services

The primary purpose of Content Elements is to let you create content. However, you will see Widget-libraries including multiple content elements with different names which basically have the same functionality. This is due to the special terms we have given to texts according to their placement and layout on a given web-page.

For example, Addons for Elementor offer 3 content elements that apparently have different names and different functions but they can be built using the simple Heading or Text Editor element in the core Elementor library. On the other hand, you can save a lot of time by using the Addons directly as you will get the layout pre-built with the element.

Both Essential Addon and Addons for Elementor have nearly the same number of elements for content creation. Being new in the market, Happy Addons has a huge collection of content elements.

Let's Compare The Dynamic Content Elements

Elementor theme builder
  • Post block
  • Post Grid
  • WooCommerce Grid
  • Post Timeline
  • Post Carousel
  • Portfolio Grid
  • Instagram Feed

Dynamic ElementsLets offer a variety of functionality. For example the most basic Dynamic Element “Post Grid” lets you select multiple posts on your website and arrange them in an elegant grid or block framework.

With other advance Dynamic Elements like the “Instagram Feed”, you can display images uploaded on a Public Instagram Account on your WordPress Website.

Let's Look at The Creative Elements of Elementor Addons

  • Content Timeline
  • Image Comparison
  • Gallery Elements
  • Countdown
  • Unfold
  • Circle Progress
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Hotspots
  • Static Product
  • Fancy text
  • Progress bar
  • Interactive Cards
  • Interactive Promo
  • Counters Odometers
  • Lightbox and Modal
  • PieCharts
  • HTML5 Video
  • Generic Carousel
  • Flip Carousel
  • Image Carousel

The small details of your Website are the most important. The different colors on your Website must complement the content. Creative Element “Lightbox and Modal” can be set to trigger only when a certain task is performed.

This simple concept lets you add the right amount of action to your content.

Elementor Extra and Happy Addons have the richest Creative Elements. Some of their elements are the first of its kind, like HotSpot. However, they do not have a free version.

Let's See The Marketing Elements

  • Call to Action
  • Pricing Table
  • Clients

Both Essential Addon and Addons for Elementor have the same number of marketing elements. 

Let's See The Social Elements

  • Facebook Feed
  • Facebook Carousel
  • Twitter Carousel
  • Twitter Feed

No other widget library has included social elements as much as Essential Addons. 

Bonus: Happy Elementor Addons

Happy Addons for elementor

Happy Elemnetor Addons earns huge popularity and trust within a very short period of time. The reason was they bring solutions to some real-life designing problems for the Elementor community. With a magnificent collection of elegant features, Happy Addons mainly focuses on time and effort.

Yes, now you can build and color stunning web pages with less time & minimal effort. Building professional WordPress sites is really a fun game with Happy Addons.

With regular 3rd party widgets, Happy Addons introduces a group of features to enhance the functionality of Elementor core. HappyAddons already has 50+ widgets on their widget library and more will be available soon!

Some Unique Features Happy Addons

  • Cross-Domain Copy Paste: copy any element from any Elementor sites
  • 400+ premade design Presets with one click drop-down facility
  • Unlimited Section Nesting: Add plenty of sections as you need
  • Floating Effect: Animate any objects with it's bouncing feature
  • CSS Transform to Skew, rotate any elements
  • Responsive column order feature
  • Image Background Overlay
  • Managing custom column width by adding Pixels
  • 500+ line icon set

There are lots of features on the list to be available soon.

A Short Analysis of Elementor Addons

Firstly, the biggest drawback of Elementor Extra is that it doesn't have a free version. Although it offers the most diverse Creative Elements bundle. Whereas Addons for Elementor, Happy Addons and Essential Addons all offer Free and Pro plans.

Happy Addons have two types of bundles that no other Widget Library has. Annual and Lifetime, go give a check now!

CurveBall-Who Takes the Crown

For Professional use, we recommend Happy Addons as it has plenty of features that no other widget library has. With all the regular widgets, team Happy Addons working to power up Elementor Core. Here's a video overview from WPCrafter, have a look!

You can toggle on & off elements from the Happy Addons library as required. This means your website will not need to load the bulk of the widget library instead it will load only those elements which are turned on. This reduces the load time of your Elementor page and ensures the best page building experience.

Total Elements at a Glance

  1. Elementor Addons- 30+
  2. Essential Addons- 60+
  3. Elementor Extra- 30+
  4. Happy Addons- 50+ with 10+ features

Looking forward with 3rd Party Elementor Addons

The unique features put Addons at the top of the list combined with their rich widget library. If you have a firm comprising of multiple departments you will be most benefited using Happy Addons. It has the perfect combination of elements required for building a professional-looking Website.

On the other hand, due to the dozens of free elements, Happy Addons is best suited for every WordPress Enthusiast.

Have you been using any of the widget libraries mentioned above? Please let us know your honest feedback. We would love to hear from you!

Happy Elementor addons

HappyAddons: Ultimate Elementor Widgets Collection

Elementor Page Builder brings revolutionary changes in the world of web design. You can color your web pages within minutes just like building a blog with WordPress.

To empower Elementor there are so many third party Addons that came up with tons of Elementor Widgets. So, why we introduced a new one? We will try to answer your question throughout the article. For instance, we can say that like always, we came up with HappyAddons to make your web design journey easier than ever.

We brought some solutions Elementor community was eagerly waiting for them. You can check HappyAddons active installs, it crossed 9000k within only a few weeks!

Last week, we released HappyAddons Pro with 20+ independent addons. In this post, we are going to discuss HappyAddons Pro including some awesome Elementor widgets.

A Glimpse of Happy Elementor Addons

Happy Elementor Addons becomes popular to the Elementor Community across the countries within because of it's unique features and extensive customizable functionality. Primarily, it grabs the attention of the users because of the marvelous design demos of every Elementor Widgets.

Currently, HappyAddons free version comes with 25+ free widgets along with the 5 unique features. And the premium version of this plugin comes with 20+ premium elementor widgets and 3 unimaginable features and more are on the development phase.

Most In-Demand Unique Features of HappyAddons

The team HappyAddons brings a rich collection of useful features to power up the core of Elementor Page Builder. Here we are going to describe the top 5 features that grab the attention of the Elementor Community at the first attempt.

  1. Floating Effect (free)
  2. Happy Icons (Free)
  3. Preset (Pro)
  4. Cross-Domain Copy-Paste (Pro)
  5. Unlimited Section Nesting (Pro)

The Floating Effect of HappyAddons

It's really important to animate or have options to give a bounce effect to any specific elements of your site. You know animation gets attraction from the users easily within moments.

Floating Effect one of the top Elementor widgets
Floating Effect

Currently, the rest of the third-party elementor addons offers different animated Elementor widgets. And nowadays Elementor is providing the motion effects only for the transitional effects.

With the help of the floating effect of Happy Addons, anyone can animate any widget of their website with zero time.

Here are some inspirations of Happy Effects which will help you get an idea of what else one can do with this feature. You can check the Floating Effect demo and here is a short video tutorial on this Elementor widget.

This is how you can float any elements without doing a single coding

Ready to use this widget? It's so easy. Check the step by step documentation of how to can animate any object within the elementor page builder. Or follow this video tutorial which will help to use this feature.

You will be surprised that this amazing feature is available in the free version of Happy Elementor Addons.

Happy Icons- New Addition to Elementor Widgets

Elementor v2.6 comes with the huge icon set of Font Awesome. We can continue our work with this huge library. However, the fact is these icons are filled icon. More often we need line icons for our Webdesign to make a difference from others.

Even though in elementor, you have the privilege to add SVG icons but it's also time-consuming for many of us to find the right one.

To enhance the journey, HappyAddons is providing 500+ Happy line Icons. These icons are easily customizable and have the flexibility to use them anywhere. Moreover, you can use all of the cool icons in the free version of HappyAddons.

HappyIcons of HappyAddons
HappyIcons of HappyAddons

We have prepared a detailed user guide on Happy Icons detail documentation. Learn how to use these icons in a proper way. And here is a short overview in the video below.

Happy Icons of happyaddons
Happy Icons

Presets (400+ Ready Templates)

Creating a lucrative and meaningful design is challenging, especially for beginners. Sometimes even professional web developers are spending a lot of time to make a unique design for their clients. Elementor Page Builder makes lose the burden of ours. This tool really helps us a lot. Though it also needs time to make a perfect design.

And here comes HappyAddons to the rescue saving both of our time and efforts.

Look at the demo designs of the other third-party add-ons, they also create some creative inspirations for their plugins and you can make that kinda designs for your website but it takes a lot of time to make the same demo-like design.

Preset Feature of HappyAddons Pro
Preset Feature of HappyAddons Pro

To save the valuable time HappyAddons comes with an amazing feature: Preset.

Nowadays everyone is familiar with the various photo editing tools which provide some premade filters or presets to make images awesome. The team brings the same type of things in HappyAddons. Create any design with the help of the 400+ readymade presets. Choose any Happy Elementor Widgets and select any premade designs templates from the drop-down menu and customize the designs as per your need.

Here is full documentation on how to use the Preset feature for saving time in web designing. from this video tutorial and this video will help to get the idea of this cool feature.

How to Use Presets

This amazing time-saving feature comes with the HappyAddons pro.

Cross-Domain Copy-Paste Feature

Elementor Page Builder allows us to copy and paste any elements within the same domain. It saves time and reduces repetitive works. Yet it's in our imagination that it'll be helpful if we can copy any elements and paste it on our different websites.

HappyAddon Pro makes the dream true. This addon will allow the users to copy any elementor widgets or section and paste it to another domain.

Cross Domain Copy Paste Feature of HappyAddons Pro
Cross-Domain Copy-Paste

Isn't it so cool? This unique feature of the HappyAddons pro will definitely save your valuable time. Here is a video guideline on how you can enjoy the cool feature.

How to Use Cross-Domain Copy-Paste Feature

Unlimited Section Nesting

Currently, in the Elementor Page Builder, all the work has to be managed within a particular section. If anyone wants to add some more sections within that particular section then they can manage a little bit functionality with the help of Inner Section Elementor Widget.

Quite often you need to enhance the section to give a complete shape of your design. In that particular moment, we feel for more sections within a section. To fulfill the need HappyAddons Pro offers the Unlimited Section Nesting feature.

Unlimited Section Nesting

It's a very simple feature to use. Just right click of the mouse in a section and click on the Add Section option. Finally, the section will be added. See, so easy. This cool feature comes with the HappyAddons Pro.

Here is a guideline for that feature which will help to use the feature properly.

Best Elementor Widgets: Can You Ignore?

Elementor Page Builder helps us to create any website without doing any coding. To enhance the core of the Elementor and to supercharge web designing, team Happy Addons came up with a rich collection of Elementor widgets.

Within a few weeks, Happy Elementor Addons'd crossed 9000 active installations. And that's not done, the action is going on. People all around the world are grabbing this because it offers some extraordinary features before any other tools. So, why late?

Go give a check and book your package now!

Happy Addons: Is It the Most Unique Elementor Addon to Come out so Far?

In recent times, with the rise in popularity of website builder, Elementor simply made its presence felt by becoming the most popular web page builder for WordPress before anyone else.

And those who are a regular user of Elementor is completely aware of the number of various types of Elementor addons available out there.

In the crowd of many popular Elementor add-ons already available in, Happy Addons vow itself to be unique & different among the Elementor user base.

And even though it is quite early in its journey of introducing itself as Elementor Addons, the path of it seems challenging yet encouraging than ever.

While most other popular Elementor extensions bundle up all the more popular widgets in their pro version of the addons, Happy Addons, on the other hand, believes in giving its user most of it for free. If you look at its list of free widgets, this will instantly make you a fan of it.

So let's shed some light and learn a little more about Happy Addons exclusive free Elementor widgets that are totally ready for use.

Happy Elementor Addons: Offering the Best In-Hand User-Experience

Happy Elementor Addons, widgets & features


This widget is helpful when a user is required to display some object of their webpage in a card form.

You can easily add a card-shaped widget and customize them with any image icon changing its color, size, font & more. Moreover, you get to change the icon with border outline including various background color for each separate widget.

One can even display its icon in a drop shadow form & dark mode with a white circular background. Indeed a handy widget to have to enhance your webpage outlook.

Info Box

This box widget is useful to display icon along with its related information within a box for your webpage.

Drag & drop this widget to make full use of highlighting a product or feature description. Present any kind of information with this box widget and make them look sleek and elegant by changing its color, font, size as well as with several built-in positioning options.

Icon Box

Purpose of this widget is to enable a user to display its webpage icon in a more captivating way than ever.

This widget possesses a number of exciting icon setting functionalities for your webpage. Its unique feature includes enabling different content colors in a borderless background. Get to design the icon with the top-quality customization option of multi-color badge. Enjoy the uniqueness of the icon with a gradient in the background-color.

Use an image in the background or make it look transparent with the background color. Separate any icon or title in the widget box with horizontal lines. Use all these awesome icon box widgets option to turn your webpage more attractive than ever.

Skill Bars

Essentially useful for displaying the level of progress and skill of user through percentage or other informative bars inside webpages.

A webpage building blocks by which anyone can highlight the progressive information using a number of its customization tools. Get to change the size of each progress bar with its shape changer to slim it down or gain it up effortlessly.

Showing the heading inside each bar, use its color changing option to present the progress bar with single or multi-color. Quite an interactive widget to have in your website building armory.

Review: One of the Top Elementor Addons

This widget is used to highlight any review, recommendations or feedback from customer or visitors of your products or services on your webpage.

If you are running a business and want to display your client's review, feedbacks or ratings then this widget will come in really handy. Effortlessly customize to showcase any type of product or service related review with numeric ratings in multiple background color. Not to mention the ability to add the image of the reviewer easily on every review.

Get to display the thumbnail image in a different position like in a horizontal or vertical capsule-shaped review box. Change its shape and size the way you want it with complete freedom. It certainly gives a cool way to present all your positive reviewer on your webpage.

Image Compare

The widget is ideally useful when you are trying to compare images with its before & after version.

In an event of needing to showcase your artwork with images, here is a widget that will do it with ultimate perfection. Get the comparing image to be displayed with a horizontal or vertical sliding option.

Simply swipe its customizable handler up/down or right/left to view the before & after version of the image. Quite an exciting widget to have if you are into photo work or editing business.

Gradient Heading

Used for the customization to add a combination of several colors into your webpage heading to give it a nice, colorful & eye-catchy look.

The widget allows its user to create beautiful headlines for their websites providing them the option to apply various color gradient settings. Easily change the color combination, spacing, styles, positions & opacity applied on the heading.

Moreover get to customize the webpage title with horizontal, vertical and radial gradient effect. With this widget, you can certainly discover a great way to represent your site's taglines or titles.

Team Member

This widget helps in the presentation of introducing the employees or team members of a company or organization on the website in the most professional & formal way possible.

Drag & drop the widget to add a box for displaying your team member in a structured way on your webpage. Add the employee image, change, present it by writing their designation or a short description to introduce them in the box using several amazing adjustable styles, background & colors.

Also, add any social links or their email ID under its dedicated icon. This is the perfect widget for companies wanting to introduce their team member in a more dignified manner on their website.

Dual Button

This widget enables the user to add two customizable different styled buttons in the same section. Ideally used for adding two separate clickable buttons on a webpage.

If you need to give your website visitor the choices between two option within two different buttons, then this is the widget you are looking for. You can present these two buttons together with side by side or separate them with multi-colors.

Just like its other widgets, there are multiple options available in it to change the style, design, color, and position of these buttons to help showcase the webpage the way you want it.

Number Widget

Create embellishing number blocks with this widget to be added on your webpage. Mainly useful for demonstrating certain steps or numeric value with numbers inside a box on websites.

Displaying certain information or showing a few steps with numbers on websites is quite a common presentation that we all see nowadays. So here is a number widget to enhance this demonstration of adding numbers on webpages. Quickly get to add various customizable colored boxes with numbers inside.

Display the number in those boxes in several trendy shapes such as lemon, water droplets, circular, square and more. You can even add different images in circular shape with the numbers inside. When applied on live websites, these effects bring quite a life to the whole presentation to each of the number boxes altogether.

Justified Grid

The widget basically enables the user to show images in a number of different grid patterns on your webpages.

Easily make the best use of showcasing the images in a grid mode on your website. Get to add multi-category image gallery groups with a filter or no filter option of your choice and make changes in its image size settings.

Display the images with full or minimal width in the webpage and with or without any gutter in between the photos. Simply a grid that totally justifies your image griding need by every means.


Similar to team member & review widget, this one right here ensures you get to make the best use of the testimony of your satisfied customers, partners, well-wishers on your webpage by highlighting them in the most acknowledgeable manner as possible.

You can design your testimonial section for your website with a number of excellent customizable options. For a simple testimonial display, the user can use a thumbnail image & intro with a shadow around the box. You can even compose the portion with colors at one side with white background, images, and testimony inside it.

Moreover, the user can also display its selected testimonial in a capsule-shaped section with an arrow indicating toward the thumbnail image. Indeed you get quite an innovative way to showcase what others are saying about you in your webpage with this widget.

Logo Grid

A widget that enables the user to showcase any company or product's logo displaying those items in a trendy pattern on webpages.

Highlight the product or company logo in a multiple or single line with colorful animation of images inside the box. View the thumbnail in a number of beautiful customizable sizes.

Also, get to separate them with horizontal & vertical borderline like the game tic tac toe. Indeed an amazing way to personalize your product or company logo on the website.


Purposeful for adding multiple image slides with arrows on both ends to be displayed on your webpage.

With the widget, the user gets to add a slider with a fullwidth image. Change from one slide to another through a circular arrow slider on both sides with a title and subtitle inside it.

The navigation panel can be shown in a dotted form and slider can be moved both horizontally or vertically. This is very much useful when it comes to highlighting the various promotional events or product sale on your homepage.

Image Carousel

Much like the slider, the widget helps in creating a number of the carousel of text or images to be added with the sliding option on your webpage.

Add several items to be displayed as a carousel in a sliding form with customizable image size and animation speed. If you are looking to put the sliding images in the autoplay mode, then you can do it too along with its changeable sliding speed. Even you can make the carousel to loop for infinity times.

In case of wanting to make the navigating process from one carousel to another easy, the user can add arrow & dots or both navigation in the same sliding carousel. Moreover, you can easily set the sliding images in center or vertical mode with various titles & subtitles inside each image as per user requirement. A great method of presenting the events, products, logo, images etc on webpages.

Flip Box

A useful widget to create & display an object with messages at the same time in a number of exciting flipping effect on the website.

While you hover your cursor over the box, the object will automatically flip over to showcase the input message or options right away. You can use the flipping effect to highlight an object with a description or even introduce team members with their bio in it.

Be able to customize anything that you add starting from border, background & icon type, box-shadow, image size, padding to image color and sizes. In order to customize all that above or the title & description, get to choose its colors & sizes and a number of other options. The effects while it flips certainly give the webpage an animating look that anyone would enjoy while visiting your website.

Step Flow

This widget is essentially helpful while a user wants to show step by step instructions using relevant images inside their webpage.

Use several combinations of beautiful icons, colors, text to show visual step diagram on your website. Design those steps in an outlining or with a color filled-in box including number step badge along with it.

For dark theme lovers, users can put these steps in the dark mode behind its icon background & serial badge. Not to mention its ability to showcase the step flow in a normal circular, dotted circular or rectangular box. The user can customize each step flowing box with several shapes, colors, size etc. options. Definitely the architecture of these steps flow seems really glistening when one gets to view it on the website.


This is an integration feature that is significantly effective when one requires scheduling a meeting or setting up a reminder for it on the website.

Calendly application integration with Happy Addons enables the user to easily set up any meeting without back and forth emails through it. Drag & drop the widget and then simply copy-paste the username collected from the Calendly account and your personal meeting scheduling calendar will get loaded to your web builder right away.

Once the calendar loads, the user gets to select the time slot for the meeting to confirm. The user can even choose to hide or view the details of the added events. Now when the calendar is live, anyone can set up a meeting picking up a suitable time right from the frontend. Really a handy integration that makes life a lot easier for creating meeting quicker.

Pricing Table

Most useful for showing the price of digital products using some of the beautifully crafted pricing tables for your websites.

Create some of the stylish looking pricing tables for your webpage with this widget. You would probably want to highlight the recommended or most popular pricing deal on your pricing table on your website. You can gracefully do it with a coloring badge for the price you recommend.

Pricing table widget happy addons

Not just in white background, the user can fill background of the pricing tables with a wide range of colors as well as in a colorful gradient. You can also present the tables in a muli color borderline & different box height to make it easily distinguishable from the others.

To set the mood and make it look eye-catchy, you can also highlight the pricing table in dark mode or transparent dark background. Hands down the innovation brought into the presentation for the pricing table with this widget will clearly bring the glamorous side of your website.

Image Grid

Just like the justified grid, this widget enables the user to view images with a number of exciting animated row and design.

Add multiple images or multi-color icons in one or in a number of rows of image grid. Get to highlight those images or icons in an even form or in a masonry grid.

Show the rows of images and icons in complete full screen with border outline. Initiate some nice animation when you take the cursor over each image grid. Indeed an awesome concept to represent your images on your webpages making it look all eye-catchy & delightful.

Elementor Widgets: For 3rd Party Plugins

Pre-defined widgets of some of the 3rd party contact form builders with customization options have already been integrated into the free version of Happy Addons. This enables the user to get customizable form building widgets to be displayed on all the Elementor formatted webpages. For the moment you will be able to access pre-defined form widget to doll up your web contact form pages with the following form builder plugins.


A quick reminder: You get all these amazing widgets totally free of cost in the Happy Addons free version.

Happy Effects: Boosting Elementor and Site Design

Floating Animation

Animation plays a big role in making any webpage look interesting & eye-catchy. And the floating animation feature of Happy Addons is definitely going to give a unique touch to your webpage.

Designed with amazing floating effects of Happy Addons

This is just one of the animating effect that can be done with Happy Addons. Apart from adding floating particles, its user can have different colored content with a borderless background. You can also decorate any web object with the floating feature with a high level of customization ability.

The user can even rotate its objects axis wise to bring novelty in the design. This animation effect is claimed to be the most exclusive feature of Happy Addons and guess what, you can add this kind of floating effects on your webpage absolutely free.

Various CSS Transformation

You might need to rotate an object or scale it up/down based on your web site design. And it can get quite tricky if you aren't able to do so with the CSS transforming option available page builder widgets.

But this is not the case with Happy Addons. Here the CSS transform works perfectly with every widget smoother than ever. Simply enable CSS transform feature and you will be able to translate, rotate, scale and skew the web content without any glitch.

Note: Again, all this is totally free to use in the current version of Happy Addons.

Upcoming Endeavor: Exclusive Pro Features & Widgets On Its Way

Hold on, that's not all you can get with Happy Elementor Addons. If you are already fascinated by all the above widgets & features included in its free version, then hold your breath for its premium features that will totally change your experience of website-building with Elementor. The Pro variant of Happy Addons is expected to be launched in October '19. And going by its official leaks, here are some of the exclusive features to be expected in the premium release & installation of Happy Addons.

  • Cross-Domain Copy Paste: Easily copy-paste any widget from one domain webpage to another. This is the most unique feature that no other alternative to Elementor add-ons were able to come up with yet.
  • Section Nesting: This premium feature would enable any user to add an unlimited number of widgets under a single section/column.
  • Site Sync: Enable live site syncing from a staging site within a few clicks.
  • Preset: Get to add from a number of preset options like size, color more in the individual widget.

And also includes some exceptional widgets like Advanced Google Map, Advanced Tab, Advanced Accordion, Timeline, etc.

Verdict: Most Promising Elementor Addons for the Future

Elementor Addons- happy addons

So far the team of Happy Addons seems quite determined to ensure the best user-experience providing the usorer complete freedom while building their web page with Elementor. Even though it is pretty much in its early days of developing its premium widgets & features yet they promise its potential user base to provide best in class customer support & regular feature/widget updates each week.

But at the same time let's not forget that the road to success for Happy Addons won't be easy especially with tough competitions from already well-established 3rd party addons like Envato Elements, Essential Addons and more. But with the kind of features & functionalities it possesses, it surely has the potential to make its competitors run for their money in the near future.

In all honesty, it is too early to make any kind of speculation at the moment, but if the team of Happy Addons can continue the kind of commitment & devotion that it has begun its journey with then one can only expect better things to happen for it in the future. And by the look of it and the recent responses that it is receiving with its current lot of widgets & features the future of it definitely seems bright. In short, it is certainly a promising Addons for Elementor that is here to stay for a long time keeping its user satisfied & more importantly as its name suggests Happy. 😊

The Best eCommerce Plugin for WordPress (Feature Review With Actionable Tips)

Good news to you if you're looking for an ultimate e-commerce solution to build your online store. Dokan is certainly one of the best eCommerce marketplace builder plugins for WordPress.

Dokan has all the essential features and functionalities that you may need to jump start your online store. As you already know that-

WooCommerce is the best eCommerce platform for WordPress. Dokan lets you turn your single WooCommerce store into a customized multi-vendor marketplace and earn with each sale!

In this post, we would discuss why you should consider getting Dokan as a priority basis and how it's the best feed for anyone like you to build your dream eCommerce multivendor marketplace.

Why You Should Consider Dokan?

best ecommerce plugin wordpress
Dokan– The top multivendor marketplace builder for WordPress

Dokan lets you set up an e-commerce store with WooCommerce where you can start selling products. The power of Dokan lies in its two distinctive features.

Dokan lets you allow other vendors to easily register on your website and start selling products, and its full interface is on the front-end of your site.

So none of your vendors will need to see the back-end of your WordPress. This feature ensures your site's security with providing smooth user-experience to your vendors.

Basic Features of Dokan Lite

Dokan comes with all the core features that you need to get your e-commerce site up and running. Please keep in mind that Dokan also has a PRO version, which has full-fledged multi-vendor e-commerce solutions.

The one we are talking about here is the basic free version with fewer features and functionality.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace with Independent Stores

The best thing about Dokan is that it is surprisingly easy. Vendors can register on your site and start selling right away. Each and every vendor will have their own stores with a unique URL and store page.

Vendor's store pages are also customizable. It shows a custom banner image with the vendor's profile picture, all products, and their contact details.

Dokan- best eCommerce plugin for WordPress
Dokan sample store

Pro version of Dokan storefront has maps, verification, support, review, social profiles and other features that can make the vendor more trustworthy and interactive.

Front-end Dashboard

Everything that your vendor needs to do in order to do business on your Dokan powered marketplace can be done from the front-end of your site. So you will never have to let your vendors access the wp-admin or dashboard area of your WordPress site.

Dokan- best eCommerce plugin for WordPress
Dokan frontend dashboard

Each vendor has his own front-end dashboard that caters to their every need, even withdrawing their earnings. They can manage the products, add/remove items, request a withdrawal from earning all from the front-end dashboard.

Only you, as the site owner, can access the WordPress dashboard (backend) to configure Dokan and WordPress related settings.

On the Pro version, vendors get extra capabilities to manage coupons, orders and other stuff added by the extensions from the front-end dashboard.

Earn Commission as Vendors Sell Products

What do you get as the owner of the marketplace? You can set a default percentage of commission that will go to your account each time a vendor makes a sale. That means-

The more your vendors sell their products, the more commission you earn.

You can set a percentage according to how much you are charging your vendors per sale. But there is more!

With Dokan Pro version, you will also have the ability to override the default commission rate on a per-vendor basis. That way you can charge different vendors a different percentage for their sales.

You can even give special privileges to select clients to sell on your marketplace without giving you a commission, too! You can also set special commission rates on specific products and create subscription packages for exclusive kind of vendors.

More on Pro Features

As you can see, the features that are already available with Dokan are enough to get you started with your online marketplace. But if you need more, here's some of what Dokan's full version has to offer:

  • Compatible with any WooThemes
  • Multiple product types
  • Bird's eye view of site-wide sales and earning both for admins and vendors
  • Earn from each sale
  • Set product attributes, shipping, downloadable products, set expiration to downloadable products, etc
  • Coupons feature with expiry and restrictions options
  • Increase brand value with product reviews
  • Vendors can manage orders with no time
  • Custom widgets (Best vendor, Featured vendor, etc.)
  • A custom Dokan theme for your marketplace for free with each Dokan full version. (Dokan is also compatible with every WooCommerce compatible theme)
  • Manage SEO for your store page
  • Detailed Reports and Statements

So what are you waiting for? Grab Dokan Free from WordPress plugin repository here and give your online marketplace a go, with proper customization!

Make sure to install WooCommerce plugin before activating Dokan as WooCommerce is required for Dokan to work. WooCommerce is a free plugin you can download from here.

FAQ about Dokan

There are some questions from our valued readers and customers. Have a look, you may too need these. For more, you can visit our detailed FAQ page.

Question: I am new to WordPress, I am trying to install Dokan Lite in my new WordPress multisite installation. I managed to make the plugin work but I cannot seem to find how to enable the Dokan theme. Please help

Answer: Dokan theme comes free with the paid version of Dokan. You can not use it with the free version.

You can post all your support questions to the plugins support forum in

Q: Can you elaborate on payment processing? Can the customer pay all in one place and in the background it posts to the appropriate Sellers account, depending on payment type? As well as be able to split the variable commission rate (for marketplace) by Seller & Item?

A: If you use an automated system for marketplaces, like- PayPal Adaptive or Stripe Connect, then your vendors and admin will be able to receive payments instantly; no matter if the commissions differ from vendor to vendor.

Q: I am facing the following issue when installing Dokan lite: Erro de RSS: WP HTTP Error: cURL error 51: SSL: certificate subject name ‘*’ does not match target host name ‘’

The Dashbord does not appear on my site. How can I fix it ?

A: It seems like there is a problem with the CURL version. Please contact your hosting provider to update both your SSL library and CURL. The OpenSSL version used should also be 1.0 or higher, or an equivalent other SSL library that supports SNI.

If the above solution does not solve your problem then, please feel free to use our contact form.

Looking forward with Dokan

And when you're ready to go serious, check out all the features of Dokan. Now it's your turn to select the best WordPress eCommerce plugin and get a go!

Customize Your WordPress Multivendor Marketplace with Dokan’s Free Extensions

WordPress multivendor marketplace getting immense popularity over the last few years. Even it’s a trend now. You can turn your single selling store into a multivendor marketplace just adding a plugin. When you have a huge collection of products, there are possibilities to grab more customers.

And you know that customer is the king today. More vendors mean more products, more sales, and revenue.

If you are selling something online, it’s better for you to turn your store into a multivendor marketplace.

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How WordPress Firewall & Security Plugins Can Protect Your Website

In today's era, WordPress is madly popular. It is used worldwide by small to huge size organizations as well as bloggers alike. WordPress websites perform all in one task and thus enhances the web experience than any other platform. This is the reason which makes WordPress so attractive to all its users. But with such features also comes a fear of security attack on your site.

You always know that precaution is better than cure. It is safe to proactively secure your WordPress site than to wait for an after an attack. The security breach is more serious and expensive too and one should not ignore the same.

That is the reason why you should develop a well-rounded security move that takes all the thoughts of the hacker. We always take this automated security strategies and tools for granted without even giving a second thought about the cyber protection it provides to our website.

Let us dig into the WordPress firewall in more detail. We need to pay attention to what firewall is and how does it work for your website?

How Does WordPress Firewall Work?

Importance of WordPress Firewall plugins

In the present world, a firewall is one that is built for the purpose to provide you with a valuable network security measure. Something that has some set of rules on incoming and outgoing traffic in order to protect networks, servers, and websites etc.

These rules are meant to place a wall between a trusted server where your WordPress website is hosted on and an untrusted source which is the internet. It allows only the entry only for the trusted data. Many methods are implemented to make this happen which are as below

Filtration: Packets of data coming in contact with your firewall analyzes against a set of filters.

– Inspection: To avoid analyzing all the data coming at your website, only the key elements are compared and identified to the trusted information of a database. If the data is matched then it is allowed to pass through.

Proxy: An intermediate path is established between your website and the internet. This path acts as a proxy or middlemen which allows passing the good traffic while terminating the rest before it enters your website.

Why Do You Need a Firewall for Your Website?

There is no website currently which is perfectly secured. But when it comes to its security portion there is nothing better than WordPress Firewall. You probably want to secure and strengthen your website against the inevitable cyber-attack by taking a different security step. One of those steps is Firewall.

Today, many WordPress plugins and features are available which offers an extensive array of tools that cover the full security options which are available to the WordPress users. This reduces the work of managing each plugin or service for more good reasons and allows to operate very smoothly. Even with the available tools, you are using only the few security measures which are provided. This leaves a doubt on the personal reasons based on the specific needs for your website. But there are better reasons you want to make a firewall one use.

Best Firewall Tools to Use

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for which you can use a firewall to protect your WordPress website. In terms of tools, you can consider some of the best WordPress firewall plugins to start with.

The plugins sit much closer to your site even than an online software, in general, they are made by high-quality security developers.  Have a look at the few tools which you can use to increase your website’s security.

#1 WordPress Simple Security Firewall

Simple Security Firewall

It is popularly the most famous and growing plugin in the world of WordPress security. It promises to keep your website as safe as possible without damaging it with the unnecessary altering of your files.

Moreover, it is packed with loads of feature like easy to use wizard guide for a pro scan, limited login attempts, core file scanners, automatic IP blacklists, two-factor authentication including Google Authenticator and Email, block automated comments, reCAPTCHA and trail audit.

#2 All In One WP Security & Firewall

All in one security plugin

It has definitely grown in the past years as it provides an array of features that are all designed to help strengthen your website security. This plugin is designed to reduce the risks by checking the vulnerabilities and uses an unprecedented security pints grading system to let the user know how well they are protecting their site based on the activated security features.

The security and firewall rules are categorized into basic, intermediate, and advanced by the plugin and do not slow down your site; also it is 100% free.

#3 NinjaFirewall

Ninja Firewall

It is a web application firewall which is designed to control between the web and WordPress installation. It rejects or blocks any request from the PHP before sending it to any of your plugins. File Guard is a unique feature by Ninja firewall for real-time threat detection.

File Check for monitoring file integrity and Live Log to watch your website traffic in real-time. It can even alert by email on some noticed triggers on your website.

To Conclude…

Using WordPress firewall is one of the many ways of securing your website. But there is no complete assurance that it does protect the website perfectly without errors. Moreover, you cannot take the WordPress security lightly. Therefore firewalls are a great way to add an extra layer of strength to your web security.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of tools and services to help the average website user enact an effective firewall in terms of broad security and actions.

This is a guest post submitted by Herman Morgan. He is working as a Business Analyst at, a Custom Software and SharePoint development company in Melbourne. He is having 3 years of experience as a Business Analyst in a Technological domain. Follow him on Twitter.

Top 5 WordPress Testimonial Plugins To Boost Your Online Business

Getting traffic to your site might be tough, but what's more difficult is gaining enough trust from your visitors to complete a sale.

Due to that reason, reviews and testimonials are a damn good method to gain the trust of your leads and potential customers. So, it's a crucial need for your site and something all website owners need to consider. Thankfully WordPress and its community of developers have made executing this action plan easy for WordPress site owners with a number of great plugins.

You just need to fetch the right one for your site!

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Some Useful WooCommerce SaaS for Better Store Management

WooCommerce Saas-related solutions didn't go hand in hand with the WordPress till 2016. But now in just 2 years, there are a number of SaaS-related services for WooCommerce that have become quite popular and are making name for themselves.

In this era, some of the most popular WordPress brands are still plugins like WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, Gravity Forms and many more. And since the time WooCommerce has started their journey in 2011, it has seen rapid growth ever since. It's not a surprise that in today's time business can create a great ecosystem revolving around such plugins.

In 2016 SaaS for WordPress plugins got introduced and instantly started to see results. There was a massive growth in the number and quality of SaaS integration with CMS platforms. So, this post will be all about some of those useful & popular WooCommerce SaaS that has helped change the experience of modern-day site users.

Software As A Service(SaaS) & Its Advantages

In today's era of the digital world, Saas gets away from a traditional way of accessing software which has an alternative method of software access. It is usually a subscription-based model hosted in the cloud & needs to be accessed via the internet.

SaaS includes some of the very popular examples such as Google Apps, Salesforce, Cisco, WebEx & Netflix and many more. SaaS presents a number of benefits to its users whether it is used for private or commercial use in your business. In business & companies where SaaS can be used for Sales Tracking, Invoicing & Accounting, Company Planning, Monitoring Performances, Internal Communications like messaging & webmail etc.

Some of the common advantages of using SaaS are:-

  • It will totally change the user experience of your IT departments.
  • Improves access to data at the same time from any network worldwide.
  • Provides greater ease of task management & responsibilities.
  • Customizable according to your business needs.
  • A wide range of device compatibility & accessed via any internet enabled device.
  • Lastly, it's really easy to maintain & saves you big bucks in the long run.

Useful WooCommerce SaaS Solutions

As it is already mentioned above that there are now a number of useful SaaS for WooCommerce currently available in the market. Some of the best ones are compiled in the list below. Have a look and choose the right one for your WooCommerce Store.


WooCommerce Saas

With this uniquely designed WooCommerce SaaS plugin making some useful reports and KPI is easier than ever. Metorik helps make your store powerful with its interactive real-time dashboard. With its inclusion, its users can understand customer more efficiently to provide much better customer support.

It also supercharges your email engagements with customers with its email automation tool. Most importantly, you can super unify your WooCommerce store's products, customers, orders and subscriptions to understand things better with Metorik for WooCommerce.

Key Features 

  • Generate interactive customer & sales reports.
  • Much improved & advanced segmenting & filtering.
  • A range of useful integration such as Google Analytics.
  • Better customer support with integrations like Zendesk, Help Scout, Freshdesk etc.
  • Email  & Slack digests to get insightful reports sent to your team every day.


WooCommerce Saas

Metrilo gets you a solid WooCommerce analytics tool. It is a tool that helps you grow your WooCommerce customer by engaging and understanding them. It has a powerful CRM and Email marketing tool that can totally change the user experience of your WooCommerce store.

Easily know all about the customers and their purchase history as it automatically keeps track of what they are doing in your WooCommerce store. After all, it takes a few minutes to get started with Metrilo.

Key Features

  • Get Your WooCommerce store analytics.
  • Manage all your customer data at one place.
  • Customer segmentation for custom targeted email campaigns.
  • WooCommerce store customer analytics for retargeting campaigns.
  • Personalized email marketing tool to boost up conversion rate.


WooCommerce Saas

This is an all-in-one marketing tool for your WooCommerce store. Conversio provides you with a single most comprehensive dashboard to manage all your marketing tool right from the dashboard.

It allows you to send several types of emails for marketing use. Also, has some cool on-site widgets to get product reviews, recommendations, customer feedback & search bar. And all this you can view & manage from the ease of your dashboard.

Key Features 

  • Easy & customizable newsletter to entice your customer.
  • Quick recovery from your abandoned cart.
  • A fast & simple search bar to find your favorite WooCommerce product.
  • Real-time feedback from your store customers.
  • Automatic product recommendation for your WooCommerce store.


WooCommerce Saas

Recart is probably one of the best cart abandonment recovery tool for WooCommerce. It can effectively turn the WooCommerce store abandoned cart into big sales. Easily let your users know about the latest offerings and deals building a bigger & a much engaging email list.

To boost the sales of your WooCommerce store, you get to use its, smart stop email, an auto subscription option and much more. Besides that, its user-friendly interface and its impressive instant notification feature that has effectively improved the user experience of all current WooCommerce users.

Key Features

  • Complete cart abandonment analytics to recover it later.
  • Inbuilt automated cart messenger to help turn your cart abandonment into sales.
  • Real-time messenger facility to provide better support to customer queries.
  • Push Notification feature to notify your customer of latest news, updates & offers.
  • Store & collect email address, newsletter signups, login pages of your store visitors.


WooCommerce Saas

It is also another fantastic tool to recover lost sales of WooCommerce store's abandoned cart. Like most other SaaS solution mentioned here, this also helps improve the sell of your e-store business. Connecting Jilt with WooCommerce makes your store even more powerful with a solid framework of recovering lost revenues. With its automated lifecycle email function, your WooCommerce store can totally generate additional revenue by improving sales of at least 15-20%. The solution is already claiming to recover more than $25,000,000 for the e-commerce merchants worldwide.

SaaS solution with WooCommerce can certainly help you recover lost revenue due to cart abandonment. It tracks when carts were abandoned. It can automatically send recovery emails to encourage the customers who abandoned these carts to complete their purchase.

Key Features

  • Track all your WooCommerce store abandoned cart to recover lost sales.
  • Get fully personalized and responsive emails.
  • Email schedule customizations.
  • Get complete seamless integration for your WooCommerce store.
  • Analyze the cart abandonment along with its recovery data of your WooCommerce store.

Make The Most Of Your SaaS Solution With WooCommerce

So with the enormous growth of WooCommerce SaaS, does it really hinder the sales of open source user of WordPress? Sure it does take a little bit of market share. But it doesn't necessarily mean it totally affects each other. It can empower one another in many cases as well.

If you are an open source WooCommerce in WordPress user, then it can definitely optimize your workflow. So it is worth looking for such SaaS related solution to your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce SaaS provides ample opportunities to neutralize the risks and to turn your IT department into a fast and result transpiring element for your company. In terms of your IT services, adding SaaS to the collection of your system will certainly allow you the flexibility and implications of risk management in managing WooCommerce. So using the above useful SaaS related to WooCommerce, you can always make the most of it without any doubt.

WooCommerce Shipping Plugins For Dokan Multivendor Marketplace

Shipping is one of the essential factors of completing an order from a WooCoomerce e-store. It is the free shipping that attracts the customer the most. In many cases, the price attached to the shipping deal affects the decision of customer buying that product. If the cost of shipping is higher then it normally discourages a customer to get that product from that particular site.

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WP Security Audit Log: A Plugin For All Your WordPress Activity Trail

At any point in time, any website may break down. In many cases, weak security measure and lack of proper site activity monitoring is the reason for that. On top of it, numerous hacked website becomes the target of malicious actions every day. So overcoming this challenge of protecting the site's security is indeed a major concern for most website owners.

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BlogVault Review: All-in-One WordPress Site Backup & Security

WordPress is a blessing to people who want to create their own website or wants to open a small business. With its open source nature, it enables a variety of new opportunities and opens new doors. Besides that, you can unleash your creativity while using WordPress.

So, you have developed the site of your dreams using WordPress. Imagine, one day you woke up from the bed, unlocked your smartphone and typed the domain name of your website. The browser returned either a 404 error or internal server error message. Or, your site may face security related issues like hacking, malicious attacks, etc. What will you do?

It would be a nightmare, right? Well, the scenario could even be worse. Suppose, your site was becoming popular or one of your customers were about to buy something and the site just literally crashed!

When a site crashes, it takes away all your hard work with it – all your posts, pages, products, even the database sometimes. 🙁

How/Why WordPress Sites Needs to be Secured

There could be many reasons that can crash your WordPress site. For example, new plugins or themes can create problems at the time of installation. This can certainly cause your site to crash. Besides that, malicious, cheap and nulled plugins can establish similar problems. Thus, your site becomes unstable and it stops functioning.

Hackers could be responsible for making your site vulnerable. They can break your database and it will surely create issues and hampers the natural flow of your website.

Just the other day, one of our friends were talking about how their site got hacked. Fortunately, it was just a simple blog. Can you imagine, your business site being hacked in front of your eyes?

So, how do you solve it or avoid crashes and hacking? The answer is simple – you will need a powerful migration, backup and security service for your website.

Today, we will talk about a popular, handy and all-in-one WordPress site backup and security plugin, BlogVault that can save from any kind of unwanted events.

BlogVault – WordPress Backup & Security Solution

BlogVault can be your one-stop solution to prevent any type of crash and security vulnerabilities. It provides amazing features yet it's really easy to use. However, you should note that- it's not really a WordPress plugin, its a cloud service that manages (backup, migration, security) your WordPress site for you.

Why Would You Consider BlogVault

Although BlogVault has an average UI and its features are really noteworthy. Most importantly, the pricing and plans do not depend on the size of your website. You get almost unlimited access. The backup process is also very fast than any other backup plugin on the market.

BlogVault provides powerful security features to keep your site safe from hacking and any other malicious incidents.

Besides that, it's very easy to use. You don't have to be technical in order to use it, and you don't have to set up anything at all. The setup is done automatically when you install the plugin. If you think about other solutions like BackWPUp, Updrift etc., they are complex for nontechnical people.

Here are some amazing features that you get with BlogVault –

  • Unlimited number of backups and also unlimited space
  • Save backups directly to Dropbox
  • Test restored sites anytime
  • Easy migration to another site
  • One click staging site
  • WordPress management directly from BlogVault Dashboard
  • Install, Update & Remove WordPress Core, Plugins and Theme
  • Generate Reports

If you think about the price, you need to pay $9 per month for using BlogVault. It allows you to manage a single site. There are other solutions, for example – VaultPress. It is a product from Automattic. It provides you features including automatic backup, 30-day backup archive, brute force attack protection, spam protection, site migration and one-click restores. And it costs only $3.5 per month.

However, VaultPress does not have advanced features. BlogVault has unlimited storage for backups, but VaultPress removes backups older than 30 days. VaultPress cannot create staging sites. It also does not provide site management functionalities. If we think about security issues, BlogVault has more security features like –

  • Block PHP execution in untrusted folders
  • Limit the number of failed logins
  • Secure files/folders
  • Blocks plugin/themes installation
  • Reset all passwords
  • Change Security Keys

All of the above features are absent from VaultPress. So, this greatly justifies the pricing of $9 per month for BlogVault.

Getting Started with BlogVault

You can get 7 days free trial with BlogVault so it's plenty enough time to test and make up your mind. You can add BlogVault to your site in two different ways.

Firstly, you can install their plugin from Simply, go to the Plugins menu from your WordPress dashboard and click on the Add New button. Now, search ‘BlogVault', click install now and activate.

After Installation, you will get a new menu for BlogVault. However, it only lets to visit the actual cloud based service of BlogVault. You will need to click on the ‘Click Here' link. It will redirect you to the dashboard.

Secondly, You can directly visit BlogVault's website and register for a free trial. You will need to add your valid email address, set the password and site URL.

After signing up, you will have to provide credentials of your WordPress site. It will install the plugin automatically.

Manage Everything From BlogVault Dashboard

BlogVault has a simple yet super dashboard. It allows you to view all your sites. You can click on your site to get the overview.

On, the overview page, you will find four features at the top – Backup, Management, Staging and Security.

You also get a resourceful sidebar showing important details of your WordPress installation.

BlogVault Default Functionalities

You can view the history of your website including information like – WordPress Version, Theme, Posts, Pages, Comments and also database breakdowns. From here, you can rollback to a previous backup, auto restore, download backup as zip, upload directly to your Dropbox and add notes.

Backup & Sync Your Site Anytime You Want

BlogVault backs up your site automatically once every day. You can also backup anytime using the Backup Now button. You can restore any of your back-ups, even test the restored version if you want! The interesting part is – you don't have to visit your website or enter the Admin panel to do all these things. So, even if your site is down, crashed or hacked, you can still manage it from BlogVault Dashboard.

Manage Your Site using BlogVault

Using BlogVault, you can manage your whole WordPress installation. You also get an overview of your latest management stats including –

  • Active, disabled, updatable plugins & themes
  • WordPress Version
  • Total users

You can even update the Core version. It allows you to install, activate, uninstall your themes and plugins. This means managing your site becomes very easier.

Not only that, you can even manage your users from here! Changing roles, password and also delete any user is possible from this dashboard thanks to BlogVault.

Create Staging Sites on the Fly

BlogVault has an interesting feature that can save a lot of extra pain and time. You can create staging sites with any backup you want, anytime you want.

Security Features of BlogVault

You can secure your website in many ways using BlogVault. It provides three types of security features – Essentials, Advanced & Paranoid. They can solve security related issues, threats and prevent hacking.

BlogVault Reports

Reports can become very handy if you are working on a team. You can generate backup and security reports for a certain time frame and present it to your team. It shows all the major activities related to backup and security. Also, you can get a glimpse of the updates, plugins, and themes.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that security and backup are very important for any website. A minor breach of your site can break down everything you have been doing for a good amount of time. So, this serious issue should not be overlooked. If you agree, then you must consider having a strong security system and also a good backup process for your WordPress site. BlogVault can become your shield when you are facing security issues and also when you need backup features. You can store any previous backup whenever you want. You can even create staging sites before making any backup live. According to our observation, BlogVault deserves a good 4.7 ratings out of 5. We can also break down the pointing like this –

  • Usability: 5 Stars
  • Backup Features: 5 Stars
  • Security Features: 5 Stars
  • UI: 4 Stars
  • Quality: 5 Stars
  • Support: 5 Stars
  • Price: 4 Stars

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a feature-rich and powerful backup plugin for WordPress that also provides essential security options, then BlogVault is the best option to consider.

Give BlogVault A Try →

Useful WordPress Google Plugins to Integrate with Your Website

Who doesn't know about Google, the search engine giant that helps us find any information we want!

It provides amazing features besides searching over the internet. You may know about its other services – Google Drive, Google Analytics, Sitemap indexing, Google Fonts, Adsense, Google Reviews and much more.

What if you could use those services directly from your WordPress site? It's not impossible!

Integration between WordPress and Google service plugins can play a very vital role in enhancing your WordPress website. There are many plugins that offer Google's services for WordPress site. These WordPress Google plugins provide a wide array of tools for your business or individual websites.

These WordPress Google plugin service can make your website look more updated and easily findable in the web. Starting from Analytics, Calendar, Interactive maps, Review system, Advertising and much more, the WordPress Google plugin service simply gives an unparalleled lift to your overall website usability experience. So in this column, I will be referring to some of the very best and useful WordPress Google service plugin for your WordPress powered website.


Almost in all cases, analytics of a company is too complex to handle. And relying on guesswork to analyze your site’s overall statistical information can be dangerous as you require a precisely detailed analytics about your site to take certain decisions to make any changes required. So to get an accurate and detailed analytics,  Analytify could be your ultimate solution to fulfill your site’s overall statistical analysis needs.

Statistical representation of your site holds a very key role in knowing the overall progress of your website. So Analytify demonstrates the statistics related to your website in a very simple & organized way. This can be very useful for your overall understanding of your site’s growth. This popular WordPress analytics Google Plugin is the ideal solution for any bloggers, E-store owners, Entrepreneurs, Site Managers etc.

Analytify generates complete statistical analysis details of your website to help grow sales & conversion rates. Building your audiences with valuable insights and improving your site’s rank is just too exciting & simple with Analytify. Even with some good competition in the form of Google Analytics by MonsterInsights and Google Analytics WD in the market, this cutting-edge WordPress Google plugin stands out tall in keeping you well informed, satisfying every analytical specific related to your WordPress website.

Stats & Figures

Total Downloads: 110,995

Active Installs: 10,000+

Average ratings: 4.8/5 stars

Key Benefits

  • Significant growth in sales & conversions
  • Easy to integrate with WordPress and to use.
  • Simple and organized real-time statistical representation of your website.
  • Improvement in On-page ranking.
  • Universal tracking feature for managing marketing campaigns.
  • Social media statistical reports right from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Enhancement of your Ecommerce tracking.
  • Viewing posts details from front end without logging into your dashboard.


  • The detailed feature list is overkill if all you want to do is set up basic Google Analytics tracking.

Google XML Sitemap

Search engine index for blogs was always a major concern till Google XML Sitemaps plugins came on board. For any website getting ranked by the popular search engines such as Google, Bing etc was always a top priority area to look into and it is made better and easier with the help of Google XML Sitemaps plugins.

This fast, interactive and popular, Google XML Sitemaps plugins primarily creates sitemaps of your website making it easy for the search engine to better index your site. The plugin is supported on all types of WordPress generated and Custom URLs. More importantly, after you create any post about any content, it instantly apprises it to all the leading search engines about it to index that content.

Stats & Figures

Total Downloads: 21,130,159

Active Installs: 2+ million

Average ratings: 4.9/5 stars

Key benefits

  • Stress-free indexing of your site.
  • Listing of your site pages to make it easy for search engine to find.
  • Automatic detection of new content on your site.
  • Easy adding of your posts, categories, products and other custom post types into the sitemaps.
  • Fast and better display on the result page of your site index.


  • It might not work very well with Nginx servers.

Easy Google Fonts

Attractive and easily readable fonts hold a very important part of branding your e-commerce or business websites. The integration of Easy Google font plugin adds fonts to your WordPress theme to make it very eye catchy to the site visitors.

With over 600 google fonts to choose from & compatible with all WordPress themes, Easy Google Fonts plugin simply complements each other to give your website a very professional look to it. It enables you to have total control over the typography and you don’t lose any customization of your website when you decide to change or update your theme.

Stats & Figures

Total Downloads: 1,634,244

Active Installs: 300,000+

Average ratings: 4.7/5 stars

Key benefits

  • Showing google fonts in real time right in the WordPress Dashboard
  • More than 600+ GOOGLE FONTS to choose from including some default system fonts.
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme
  • Automatic updates of the google fonts list with the latest fonts.
  • MO and PO files are built-in for translation purposes
  • Control over Custom WordPress Customizer.


  • The open source might have some quality issues.
  • The library is quite limited and you might need to substitute fonts between print and online projects.
  • If you don't know what you are looking for, then finding typefaces can be very clunky.

WidgetPack Google Reviews

Having a compact review system integrated to your business or e-commerce website can prove to be quite fruitful for your future business developments. Nowadays most people just want to know or judge the standard of any products or services by user experience and this is where the WidgetPack Google Reviews plugin could corroborate to be pretty handy.

Gaining the trust of customers is always one of the most important objectives of e-commerce business. And so WidgetPack Google Review service just makes the reviewing process quite a lot easier boosting the overall traffic and faith of the customers. The plugin is also very mobile friendly making it easy to read & post reviews on your mobile or portable devices.

Stats & Figures

Total Downloads: 1,146

Active Installs: 100+

Average ratings: 4.2/5 stars

Key benefits

  • Option of Social and guest login
  • Get idea of Pros and Cons
  • Very responsive overall design
  • Review replies of users
  • Add any star colors
  • Sorting capacity for most recent, most helpful, highest score and lowest score.
  • Voting facility for reviews
  • Email Notifications of reviews from customers or users.
  • Option for YouTube and Vimeo embedding, uploading images
  • Full time real-time and powerful admin panel
  • Protection of spam via Google reCAPTCHA 2.0
  • Setting up specific moderator roles
  • The option of User ban, IP ban etc.


  • Less powerful shortcode builder support
  • No minimum rating filtering.
  • Priority service unavailable.

Adsense Plugin WP Quads

If you have the goal of being professional & earn bucks through your blogs then having Adsense Plugin WP for your blog site is the right choice to add it to your posts or pages. You can simply insert it into your posts, pages or sidebars and earn money.

In your site’s content, any website owner can display ads using this Google Adsense Plugin WP. So that you can make money each time any site visitor clicks on the ads that are added to your site’s page. This Adsense plugin from Google is made with a very solid code. Thus, it regularly updates it to keep it compatible with any future version of WordPress.

Stats & Figures

Total Downloads: 606,757

Active Installs: 70,000+

Average ratings: 4.9/5 stars

Key benefits

  • Limitless amount of ads can be added to your website.
  • The feature of adding ads on your AMP page.
  • Separate AdSense sizes for Desktop, Phone and Tablet devices.
  • Select & control the visibility of AdSense on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
  • Automatic Detection of optimal ads sizes for all devices.
  • Well-developed plugin to maintain a high performance and speed of your site.


  • Free version has unresponsive ads unlike before.
  • 503 security error may arise.
  • Even after saving data, widget says no code

Google Drive WP Media

This plugin from Google enables the site admin to upload media files directly to their google drive giving them direct access to the google drive from their WordPress dashboard. Hence, this is really handy when you are required to remotely manage your files on your WordPress sites.

With this Google drive WP plugin, uploading and sharing your files from your WordPress to Google drive and vice versa just requires a few simple clicks from your WordPress website dashboard. So you can also add files from your google drive to your posts or pages. With the facility to also create folders to store your files, this new age plugin from google is indispensable to increase the available storage of your WordPress site.

Stats & Figures

Total Downloads: 49,751

Active Installs: 3,000+

Average ratings: 4.2/5 stars

Key benefits

  • Button for the shortcode, shortcode insertion to embed Google Drive file straight from your post editor.
  • The option of auto Google Drive files insertion into your WordPress Media Library.
  • The feature of attaching your Google Drive files to your posts.
  • The option of uploading files from your WordPress Administration to Google Drive.
  • Folder creation option to store your data or files.
  • Enable/disable attachment of any files to posts.


  • Backup storage issues.
  • Vulnerability in the security of your accounts.

Google Maps WD

Being the best WordPress Google plugin in the maps category isn't enough, it needs to be user-friendly too. So this Google Maps WD plugin satisfies both and is currently one of the best and most user-friendly Google maps solutions out there that integrate with your WordPress website. With an intuitive and cutting-edge interface design, the Google Maps WD plugin is simply the most responsive and simple to use the plugin that is available on the market.

So this plugin user doesn’t require much prior knowledge of coding or complex functionality to maintain it. Showcasing any location & coverage areas, displaying related or categorized locations made simple with this easy to use WordPress Google plugin service.  Moreover adding the option of a contact page map or any sort of custom google maps is done absolutely hassle free.

For its user, it also resolves the trouble of adding different plugins for individual Google maps related features such as store locator plugin, marker maps plugins, WP location highlighting map plugins.  All of these comes with the same package of this Google Maps WD plugin.

Stats & Figures

Total Downloads: 262,887

Active Installs: 20,000+

Average ratings: 4.7/5 stars

Key benefits

  • Fully responsive design compatible with all portable devices.
  • Localization and language support for Google maps
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Instant live previews of the changes made on the back end of Google Maps WD.
  • Limitless maps for posts & pages
  • Road, traffic, satellite, terrain and hybrid support for different Google Maps styles.
  • Maps with an unlimited number of markers (Map point or Placemarks).
  • Custom animation support by drag and drop feature for markers.


  • Sometimes it freezes on getting locations.
  • Does not read speed limit anymore.
  • It does not have an offline version.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, Google offers many convenient and remarkable services to its users. So summing up only a few WordPress Google Plugin that lets you use Google's capabilities within a small list like this is never going to be easy. As a result, the list of WordPress Google plugin that we have addressed here is only some of the best available on the market. So, it is very likely that we may have missed out some good WordPress Google plugins. But, using these plugins to your advantage will only make your WordPress website easier to use. If you think there is any other plugin that should be enlisted here, please share your opinion in the comments section.