Introducing weMail: The Most Affordable Email Marketing Tool to Boost Your Business

If you ask any big product based firm ‘What is your biggest way to market the product?' Almost all of them will tell you its Email Marketing. Rightly so as the conversion rate and the ROI of email marketing are higher than any other marketing method.

As the average Return On Investment on email marketing is still an astonishing figure of $38 for every $1 spent.

But is sending emails to your customers is the only thing that improves the conversion rate? Not really. But successful email marketing helps really a lot. So how do you make your email marketing campaign successful? Its the Email Automation Tool that is being used in all the successful business firms nowadays.

With every email campaign, there goes a lot of effort behind making it a successful one. Companies are giving more and more emphasis on email marketing practices to boost their sales through retargeting and other marketing plans.

But as the email list grows bigger managing to run a complete and full proof email marketing campaign becomes more challenging than ever. Sending emails to each customer and retargeting them manually is a huge hassle, to say the least. This is where the Email Marketing tool comes in rescue.

Email Marketing Challenges

weMail plugin

With the growing list of emails to manage, comes a number of other issues that need to overcome for the marketing team. After running an email marketing campaign, the team needs to encounter a number of problem like:

  • Lower email delivery rate
  • Minimal open rate
  • Below average click rate
  • Higher bounce rate
  • More spam report
  • Elevated unsubscriber rate
  • Lesser activity on a clicked post
  • Decreased active ratio

Features that Sets weMail Apart

Most email marketing tools nowadays tempts its user base with a wide range of useful features for different plans. So the customer gets in quite a dilemma in realizing which one would be more suitable for their business.

And so far weMail is offering most of its premium features in the free version. Many of these features are available only in the Pro version of other popular email marketing tool.

WordPress Integration to Grow Your Email List

Say you have a WordPress website but you are not able to integrate your email marketing tool with it. Would you want to deal with this inconvenience while planning for your email marketing campaigns? Guess not.

email list building

But now with weMail, you are able to perform integration with any WordPress site. Moreover, you can collect your email lists directly from your WooCommerce store from the subscriber's lists. Not just from your subscriber's list of your e-commerce store or a multi-vendor marketplace, you will be able to build your email list from every user registration on your sit.

Also, if you have comment opt-in activated then without even redirecting your visitor, you can collect emails right from the blog comment you get on your page. Not to mention its ability to auto-import every WordPress user's roles to weMail's subscriber list automatically.

Embed & Opt-in Forms for an Email Marketing Tool

Opt-in weMail

Sometimes a user may need to place embedded and opt-in forms within the site to collect emails from the visitors. This method can get very difficult if your used marketing tool doesn't allow you to do so properly.

But with weMail, place your embed forms anywhere and it will work like magic on any posts, pages, or widgets. Create an HTML form with custom fields easily with the help of customizable embed form options.

Moreover, there are multi-purpose multiple opt-in and double opt-in forms to collect leads better. Get to place the opt-in forms in the form of inline form, floating bar, slide up and Modal.

Also, the bounce rate of the subscriber can be reduced by simply implementing the double-opt-in functionality of weMail. With this feature, you can also identify your dead email list and clean them up for good. Based on your campaign required, it has the ability to redirect double opt-in emails to any page you like.

Comprehensive Campaign Reports

Without the help of a complete report of your on-going email campaigns, you will be unable to take steps for your future campaigns. You will need to closely analyze the stats and metrics of the campaign report to know how should you approach and design your upcoming email campaigns.

report Dokan weMail

Now with weMail, analyze the performance of your campaign better than ever. Make the right decision to running a successful email marketing practice by its extensive analytics.

Even if you are too tied up to not be able to monitor the activity of the email campaign, get the statistics of the last 24 hours of your campaign. Have a close overview of the whole email marketing campaign to find out how it is performing in terms of email sent and how many are left to be sent including the stats of its sending rate.

Quickly get to know the stats related to the click rate and how many times the link inside the email was clicked without the help of any third-party trackers.

Moreover, weMail also enables you to have the option to tag the link clicks of the email via Google Analytics in order to better track and view it for a more improved reference.

Contact Forms are Important for Any Email Marketing Tools

From a business point of view not having to get the option to integrate the popular contact form with your email marketing tool can prove to be quite inconvenient. And nowadays successful email campaigns without a contact form in it are not imaginable.

weForms webpage

And weMail conveniently enable you to integrate with a number of popular and user-friendly form builder like weForms, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Caldera Forms, Ninja Forms, WP Forms. With this integration, its user is able to create some stunning contact forms to help generate more engagement with the clients with the email campaigns.

Multiple API Option

API based gateways to send email reduces the amount of request/roundtrips for its users. With API, the customer gets to activate a number of microservices from third-party email sending service providers. This provides the user with better services at a cheaper cost improving the user experience.

weMail has integration with some of the popular third-party API based email sending service providers like Amazon SES, SendGrid, MailGun, SparkPost, PostMark, Elastic Email. And also if you want to send customized emails from your own server then you can even use Custom SMTP for that. These email sending API.

The most exciting thing is you can send 100000+ emails absolutely free using the email sending server of Amazon SES, SendGrid, MailGun connecting it separately via API.

Email Listing & Management

When your emails list starts to grow bigger than your expectations then it becomes quite a hassle to list and manage it. Listing, managing and segmenting emails is an imperative part of email marketing. And it is something that no business firm can ignore while running their email campaigns.

email list management

And weMail makes your email listing, segmenting, tagging contact easier than ever. Also, you don't need to open a separate campaign either when you need to send the same email to another list with its feature to send emails to multiple lists. Segment the email based on the subscriber list and send it to the most relevant person.

Use the HTML and Opt-in forms of weMail to collect leads and include them in the email list. Manage your automated emails to send them to your new subscribers. Auto clear-out all the inactive email lists and manage it accordingly using the weMail bounce handling feature.

Easy Campaign Setups

It is not possible to run successful email campaigns if you can't design your campaigns properly with your email marketing tools. So being able to set up, design, automate and manage your email campaigns is as important as sending those emails.

So with weMail, design, create and configure your email campaigns directly from your WordPress dashboard without any sort of hassle. Whether it is any standard or automated email campaign that you are planning to run create it without any hitch using the beautiful built-in templates of weMail.

What's more from an Email Marketing Tool

Along with a well responsive build-in email editor, weMail comes with a built-in autoresponder that automatically responds to your email when you are too busy to attend them. Being a cloud-powered solution, it takes away the added load from your server to keep your site fast & reactive.

Moreover, the biggest USP of weMail lies in its robust yet premium features that turn the email marketing experience productive than ever. And not to mention, all of them are loaded in its both free and premium version of the plugin.

weMail Vs Others

Email marketing tools that are available in the market already promises to deliver the best of its services. weMail is no different from this. Let's check out a brief comparison between weMail's basic features and upcoming pricing plan with some of the other contemporary email marketing automation tools.

weMail email marketing tools

And in case you are wondering how cost-effective would weMail be compared to other giants. Like MailChimp & Campaign Monitor for sending via different third-party email sending API services that are integrated with weMail, below is the cost comparison for 250000 emails to be sent via weMail's third party email sending API against MailChimp & Campaign Monitor.

Here is an idea as to why weMail holds the title of being the most cost-effective email marketing tool out there right now.

weMail API email sending

Boost Your Campaigns With the Right Email Marketing Tool

If you look at the bright side then the biggest benefit of using an effective email marketing tool is that all the email campaigns can be tracked or monitored. The best part is you can generate a number of email campaign related stats and reports to analyze the effectiveness of each particular campaign individually.

Sometimes the marketing team doesn't take the careful step in the process of launching an email campaign. They take time to frame a full-proof strategy and just presume that the campaign is flawless after it is launched. But it is only after running it for a few days, the marketing team starts to realize their strategy was far from being right.


This is why the proper analytical metrics of your email marketing campaigns play an important role in apprehending whether your approach is right or not. Moreover, it allows the team to provide them with useful insights into the existing email campaigns. This makes them understand what needs to be done in the current campaigns allowing them to fix other ones while planning them for the future.

And when you are using a comprehensive email marketing tool like weMail you get to review an overall report of your campaigns starting as well as each individual ones so that you can stay ahead of your game understanding the way you need to approach for your future email campaigns.

So want to take advantage of this free yet feature-rich email marketing tool? Then

If you have already tried weMail then feel free to let us know your feedback. Your constructive suggestions & constant support always inspire us to improve our products and services for the future.

Ensure the Best Frontend Experience for Your Vendors with Dokan

Have you ever dreamed of creating an online multivendor marketplace? Creating such a website is probably way easier than you might think. If your website is built on WordPress, then you can use Dokan to quickly transform it into an Amazon-like marketplace within minutes. With providing all the required features, Dokan ensures the best vendor dashboard experience.

Unfortunately, that is not the end of the story! If you and your vendor both use the same dashboard interface then you might suffer from security vulnerabilities and incessant vendor requests. And most importantly, your vendors may feel boring using the default backend dashboard of WordPress. This is where a stunning customized vendor dashboard of Dokan comes in!

In this post, I will show you how the frontend dashboard of Dokan can pamper your vendors with much-needed features coupled with the aesthetic vendor dashboard User Interface.

Before that, let's take a short tour of-

What Is a Multivendor Marketplace?

A multivendor marketplace is an online shopping platform where multiple vendors can showcase, sell, and ship their products to the doorstep of their customers using individual dashboards.

Examples of multivendor marketplaces are Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Aliexpress, Newegg and many more.

Why Choose Dokan for the Best Vendor Dashboard Experience

best vendor dashboard

If you are running your marketplace on Dokan, you are likely to enjoy the following privileges:

  • You will not feel stranded: Unlike the other Saas-based marketplace solutions, it runs on WordPress which is the most popular CMS out there in the market. Currently, 34% of the websites of the internet are built with WordPress.
  • Open-source platform: It is an open-source plugin for WordPress. Meaning that you have access to the core plugin and develop in your own way.
  • A heap of freemium plugins: As it runs on WordPress, you can use the other freemium (free and premium) plugins to solve your problems at any time. For example, you can use the custom registration form builder for your marketplace.
  • Highly scalable: Dokan, as a marketplace solution, it is extremely scalable. You can use different versions at different phases of your business to cut extra costs.
  • An extra layer of security: It will create an extra layer of security. That's because you are restricting your vendors from logging-in to the backend with Dokan. this will significantly enhance the security because letting the vendors use the backend can lead your website to be hacked.
  • Instant customer support: If you and your vendor fall in any trouble, you can create a support ticket and take instant help from the dedicated customer support team.

How Dokan Can Help You Ensure The Best Vendor Dashboard Experience

Assuming that you are using Dokan, your vendors will enjoy the following benefits from the eCommerce multivendor solution:

1. Dedicated Dashboard Overview

Best Frontend Experience with wordpress

If you are using Dokan, you will be able to provide an amazing dashboard to your vendors.

With the vendor dashboard, your vendors will get a bird's eye view on their individual stores. They can get insights like the total amount of sales, earning, pageviews, order status and product status with a monthly sales graph.

This is how Dokan ensures the best vendor dashboard experience.

2. Product Creation

best vendor dashboard

Your vendors can create products even if you are using the free version. However, with the pro version, your vendors can create variable products. In addition, your vendors can select categories, and add tags for the products that they create. It will be very easy for your vendors to create grouped, downloadable products and so on right from their dashboard.

By enabling the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) system, your vendors can show the number of stocks left. What's more exciting is that if there is not any stock left then the vendor can run backorder service, that is when the next batch of stocks comes in the customers who have placed the order already, will get priority.

While creating products, you can configure shipping methods. Apart from the WooCommerce Settings option, Dokan has also extra shipping methods.

3. Order Management

Best Frontend Experience with wordpress

As far as the order management system concerned, your vendors can not only see the orders but also can manage the orders with great control.

Every time a new order is placed the vendor will be notified both in the dashboard and his/her email inbox. There is a dedicated order listing page that includes:

  • Order number: Every order will contain a unique number.
  • Order total amount: The amount of order a customer places.
  • Earned amount: It indicates the exact amount of earning for an individual order.
  • Order status: There are currently three order statuses available in Dokan. One is completed, another is processing and the other is on hold.
  • General Details: It includes customer name, email, address, phone etc.
  • Order Notes: The vendor can add an order note for private customers. In this case, the customer will be notified through the email
  • Order action: The seller can complete an order from the Action.
  • Shipment Tracking: With a tracking number, your vendors and their customers will also be able to track the products they are selling.

For downloadable products, the vendors can manage the download permission.

This is how Dokan ensures the best vendor dashboard experience.

4. Creating Coupons

best vendor dashboard

Whether you are doing a tech business or managing a restaurant, adding coupons is something your vendors will want down the line.

With the Dokan Vendor Dashboard, the vendors can create as many coupons as they want for their products. The seller can also restrict the coupon from showing on the frontend.

With Dokan, your vendors can add to types of coupons. They are:

  • Product (Fixed) Coupons: You can fix the coupon for products in dollar (or any available currencies) amounts.
  • Product Percentage (%) Discount: With this option, you can set a predetermined percentage rate for products.

5. Review Service

As an admin, if you enable this module, your vendors will be able to moderate customer reviews. They can trash, approve or disapprove a review. But the vendors can not edit the review.

This is how Dokan ensures the best vendor dashboard experience.

6. Store Settings

Best Frontend Experience with wordpress

The vendors will get a full-fledged store settings option with which they can embellish their store with a customized banner image.

When setting up the profile, the vendors will go through a gamification process.

7. Store SEO to Ensure The Best Vendor Dashboard Experience

We all know that how much it is important to do SEO for a website in order to ensure a remarkable presence on the SERPs. This is exactly where the Store SEO feature comes in! Your vendors will also get options to optimize their store for social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

8. Reporting

best vendor dashboard

The dedicated reporting option can help the vendor get customized data according to:

  • Overview
  • Sales by day
  • Top selling
  • Top Earning
  • Statements

9. Withdrawal Request

After earning a certain amount, the vendor can request his/her admin to withdraw money from the vendor dashboard. However, the admin can specify the minimum withdrawal amount for his/her vendor.

Staff Manager

Your vendors can employ an unlimited number of personnel to manage their individual stores. This will enable the vendors to enjoy holidays or pastimes. This is a pro feature that is available for the business and enterprise version.

From the dashboard, vendors can also moderate permissions for each staff in different manners.

10. Support

Best Frontend Experience with wordpress

The vendors can also give support if a customer is in any trouble. This is a great way to give after-sales support. In this case, the customers can view the “Get Support” button. On clicking the button they can seek help from their vendor.

Once a request is sent to the vendor, the vendor will be notified via email. Similarly, if the vendor gives any customer support in return, then the associated customers will also be notified via email.

This is how Dokan ensures the best vendor dashboard experience.

11. Follow Service

best vendor dashboard

The vendors can enable this option from their dashboard to follow their respective stores. The benefit is that the customers will be able to get updates and to be notified via the email if the vendor adds a new product.

12. Return Request

best vendor dashboard

The RMA option lets the vendor take back the sold items. To this end, the vendor can set warranty conditions like the duration of the warranty, refund reason and many more.

Providing The Best Vendor Dashboard Experience with WordPress

The Dokan vendor dashboard has been designed in a philosophy that enables the vendors to manage their stores without taking any assistance from the Admin. However, if any unsolicited situation arises then the vendor can contact the Admin to moderate those situations at any time. This is how Dokan ensures the best vendor dashboard experience.

However, we have only shown the most important use-cases here. There are a lot more benefits you can get from the solution. Finally, as an admin, if you deploy any premium feature to your marketplace, it will automatically be available on the vendor dashboard by just turning on the modules from your end. That's it!

Top 10 Voice Search SEO Techniques to Keep Your Audience Graph Higher

Voice search SEO is not a new trendy thing anymore. People do voice search all the time, In fact, It has been steadily increasing year after year, gaining mass adoption and there are statistics to prove it. Voice search enables people to search using only their voice.

People don’t have to type keywords on search engines anymore.

Voice Search SEO will change old ways of doing search engine optimization and it is now more important than ever to up your SEO game and be alert on the next big changes.

Why Voice Search Optimization is Important

voice search seo techniques and tools
  • 31% of smartphone users worldwide use voice tech at least once a week. (Source: Statista, Location World)
  • The total voice searching user base among US adults is 42.7%. (Source: Voicebot)
  • Half of all online searches will be voice-based by 2020. (Source: Comscore)
  • By 2020, 30% of web browsing sessions will be done without a screen (Source: Gartner)
  • 82% of voice assistant users worldwide use them to seek information. (Source: Statista)

Still not convinced? From 2016 to 2018, one can only expect them to get bigger and better in 2019. People in all age groups are using personal assistants – 

voice search seo techniques- stats
  • 66% of Millennials use voice-based searches in their home
  • Around 32% of Millennials have used the voice-based search on a smart speaker
  • Top activities vary by the device used
  • Millennials are more likely to shop and research products than they are to buy

10 Voice Search SEO Techniques & Tools to Power up Your WordPress Site

voice search seo techniques

Below is the list of voice search SEO techniques and tools that you can use to keep your content in line with voice search SEO.

1. Answer The Public

Answer the public will help you get questions about any specific query or topic. You can get most of the relevant questions your users can ask. It will give you questions starting with who, what, how, where, what and many more.

For example – I searched “SEO” and got questions that started with 

  • Without – SEO without backlinks, SEO without content, SEO without a plugin, SEO without keywords, SEO without WordPress
  • Near – SEO near me, SEO jobs near me, SEO services near me, SEO courses near me, SEO agency near me, SEO coaching near me
  • To – SEO to-do list, SEO to increase traffic, SEO to my website, SEO to do, SEO to WordPress, SEO to HTML website
  • With – SEO with HTML, SEO with Yoast, SEO with python, SEO with vuejs, SEO with Shopify
  • For – SEO for social media, SEO for Squarespace, SEO for Instagram, SEO for dummies 2019, SEO for Etsy, SEO for blogs, SEO for youtube, SEO for WordPress, SEO for WordPress
  • Can – can SEO youtube, can SEO help your business, how SEO can grow your business, how can SEO improve sales, how can SEO be done in the easiest way, can SEO be automated
  • Is – SEO is dead, SEO is dead in 2019, SEO is a waste of time, SEO is fun, SEO is important, SEO is free, SEO is dead and other lies, SEO is easy, SEO is overrated, SEO is not important

As you can see, you will get a detailed list of questions and these will help you get an idea of voice search on SEO topic.

You can optimize the content accordingly. Voice search typically involves asking questions and this tool is a pretty good starting point to get started. You will also get keyword + related keywords with your queries, I got 520 keywords with SEO query.

2. The Holy Grail of ‘W': Who, What, Where, When, Which, Will & Why

Most of the voice searches involve answering questions. The more your content focused and involved with answering these questions the more successful it will be.

Google featured snippets typical has an FAQ question section and your content will do well in that area as well.

3. Schema Markup

Schema markups help search engines identify your content. If you can correctly add schema markups, search engine results will show your content in all the relevant pages it can.

Because search engines will have a better understanding of the content and don’t have to do guesswork. Adding schema markup properly will do wonder for your contents. For example – properly schema markup food content will even show the calories in the search result cards.

voice search seo techniques

4. Keep Answers Short

If you think about it, we always ask short questions. For example – why SEO is important, how to do SEO, SEO agencies near me. People ask questions and expect to get the answer in short form. They don’t want to hear a long 200-word answer to their questions.

According to a study done by Google prefers short, concise answers to voice search queries –

The typical voice search result is only 29 words in length.

5. Website Page Load Speed

Voice searches usually pull information from webpages and average voice search page loads in around 4 to 5 seconds.

So, it’s better to optimize your web page so that it loads fast.

You can use tools like Gtmatrix or Pingdom to optimize your website for loading speed.

6. Google Business Listing:

voice search seo techniques

Usually when users perform a voice search, sometimes properly optimized business listing also claims the top spot. Google sees this as a good opportunity to show business to satisfy user queries.

Listing your business in the right category with professional pictures, reviews, and phone numbers can get you the top spot on voice search.

7. Keep Q & A Content

You should have Q & A section inside your content to get listed in voice search. Your content can be small snippets of questions that are typically asked in voice search and you answer them accordingly.

Chances content from the Q&A section can get listed in Google’s “People Also Ask” section.

voice search seo techniques
FAQ Content

8. Easy to Read Contents

The average Google voice search result is written at a 9th-grade level.

You can use content readability tools like Hemingwayapp to assess your content readability level and keep it simple enough for users, avoid using fancy and uncommon words. Hemmingway app can help with all these points. 

9. Create Long-Form Content

In general, an average voice page result is over 2,000 words. You may ask – why Google is showing long-form content in voice search?

It’s because long-form contents have more words in them. Long content = more words to match voice search queries. 

10. FAQ Page

voice search seo techniques
Source: Backlinko

As you can see from the above image, FAQ pages do carry over a certain of voice search page results. So, it’s now more important to have an FAQ page or section on your website for voice SEO.

Final Words on Voice Search SEO Techniques

Voice search is getting more popular and growing every year at a rapid pace. If you write content combining these techniques and your content will be much more optimized for voice SEO.

I have tried to list down the most important techniques, I hope these techniques and tools will help you prepare for the future. Did I miss any important technique or are you using any tools that need a mention? Feel free to comment and let us know.


WPOnepager- The Easiest Landing Page Builder For WordPress

If you are thinking about building your site's landing pages on your own in a faster way, then page builder plugins could be your easy choice.

Else you have to be an experienced coder or hire a web developer and of course, you have to invest a good amount of money. If you are not this person, then choose any page builder that will allow you to fulfill your needs.

Finding such a page builder is tough because none will provide you all the facilities at once. Besides, it might be a little bit harder for you to get familiar and get used to with a new plugin. Then, what's the solution?

Well, I have found such a WordPress landing page builder plugin that will let you develop any pages and websites in minutes. Give a check to this video.

You will need not to hire any developer, invest any extra money, learn any language, write any code, or go through any complexity. It’s that easy and simple with WPOnepager plugin.

I am going to review this plugin for you today. Then you will decide whether it's worth your time or not.

Features that WPOnepager Provides

Any Page Creation in The Shortest Time

WPOnepager plugin allows you to edit or create a new page within your editorial area. Write the title and enable WPOnepager to start developing your landing page.

Now you will be able to add any blocks to your page. If you look at with set structure and you’ll find a website consist of Navbar, slider, features section, testimonial, about section, and the footer.

Click on any blocks you like to insert and it will be inserted automatically. Afterward, change the images and contents.

You might be thinking of settings with WPOnepager, but no need to. The blocks of WPOnepager designed in a way that you don’t need to reposition the contents.

Now all you have to do is inserting blocks and replacing the contents of your website.

The WPOnepager doesn’t ask for column size like any other place winter plug-ins. You can pager blocks and templates are pre-customized so that you can create your website in the shortest time

Time Saver

WPOnepager comes with the time-saving templates that let you create landing pages instantly.

The dashboard you find a collection of templates of different categories just made for you. Templates let you create your own site in thing, therefore take the preview first and then click the import button.

A rich collection of templates

After the template importation is done click on the text and images to replace it. Your new page will be done in minutes not hours. If you wish to do a little customization, do it with WPOnepager.

100+ Templates & Blocks

There are more than a hundred plus templates and blocks come with WPOnepager.

Each template and blog are very elegant and entirely different from one another always find the best template for your site including – Magazine, blog, corporate, portfolio, creative, education, business, non-profit, e-commerce, apps, charity, retail, technology, waiting, real estate, miscellaneous, etc.

Robust Customization Options

More is always not good, sometimes it could even be bad.

WPOnepager comes with the minimal customization options so that you face zero complexity. Without which your site cannot be perfect.

Minimal options but zero complexity

To change the settings and options of the content, just click on it and make your desired change.

Lucrative Animations

Animations always increase the attractiveness of your site and it changes the entire look of it.

The WPOnepager comes with smooth animations that don’t have any impact on your website's performance. WPOnepager is developed in a way so that you get the best visual output of your site with uncompromising performance.

What Do Their Clients Say?

If you talk about the ratings WPOnepager comes with 4.5 ratings out of 5 in WordPress repository. All the users who have used this page builder plugin are satisfied with it.

Pricing and Support Options

The WPOnepager comes with the pro version and also a free version. If you like to get the free version you can download it from the WordPress plug-in repository.

The pro version of this plugin has 3 different pricing plans. $39 for Personal, $99 for Agency and $199 for Unlimited Sites. And you have the opportunity to use this awesome solution for free. Go and grab it now!

If you would like to experience the ultimate page developing experience in minutes, try WPOnepager.

Client Satisfaction

Using WPOnepager doesn’t require to go through a big book of a guideline. Therefore everyone who used it finds WPOnepager very easy and very useful.

Other page builders will ask you for coding knowledge or previous experience, but WPOnepager requires none. Everyone including your grandma can build a website all by herself.

There are a lot of people who have use WPOnepager but no one has complained against it. You are guaranteed to be satisfied.

So, is this really one of the easiest landing page builders?

There will be always choices, but finding the best one is tough. If you are a guy who wants his landing page in the shortest time with zero complexity than WPOnepager will be his choice for sure. Try WPOnepager and start developing yourself.

Feel free to have any queries.

How To Manage Your Documentation In WordPress

If you have recently developed a plugin or extension, started an online marketplace, or created a WordPress theme, chances are you are looking for plausible ways to create a guide for your users. You may also need documentation to digitalize manuals for your drugstore products, assembling furniture, or use of car parts you sell at your mechanic store. It's something we need all the time. In regular language, we call it documentation. A simple WordPress documentation plugin is sometimes all it takes to do this seamlessly.

Continue reading “How To Manage Your Documentation In WordPress”

weForms – The Fastest Free Contact Form Plugin for WordPress is Here!

WordPress is evolving and also bringing major technological changes in its ecosystem. Vue.js is a progressive and incrementally adoptable JavaScript framework. You can easily make any application extremely fast with this framework. Most importantly, it can be effectively used within WordPress. We thought – why not test it?

So, we introduce the fastest contact form plugin built with vue.js and it has made the interface unbelievably fast. Now, you can create different types of forms for your WordPress site with a single click and within a single page. It's really exciting that how vue.js makes the interface of a WP plugin in the WordPress backend very fast and responsive.

If you are facing problems with your current contact form plugin, you can try weForms as a better option as it has faster and better functionalities. You can also watch the video to see how fast and feature rich weForms is!

weDevs is the maker of WP User Frontend Pro and it is one of the most popular frontend posting plugin's out there. We have conducted thorough research on this matter and have been working actively to make form building faster within WordPress. Now, we are here to announce you something special that you all have been waiting for!

weForms- A New Game Changer Contact Form Plugin

How you use your WordPress powered site is going to change thanks to the fastest and easiest contact form plugin, weForms. A contact form is essential for any kind of website. With this new free Contact Form plugin from weDevs, you are getting a package of the industry standard features implemented with a focus to use contact forms as a powerful tool on your website, and most of it is totally free!

weForms Launching Cake And It Was Tasty!

WordPress is evolving, why not we?

WordPress powers more than 28% of the world's internet. So, naturally, there is a big demand for contact forms just in this direction. An efficient, easy and powerful form plugin at no cost means people will start to use their website with more focus on customer communication, feedback, marketing and even provide support for it.

Many of the current users already want to do the same. The free ones on the market are helpful, but they do not provide advanced features. Thus, users who want these features need to get a premium plugin. However, cost sometimes become a barrier for them. It's true you cannot get good stuff for free, not always. But there are people who love to help others and Takayuki Miyoshi is one of them. He released the famous Contact Form 7 in 2006 and it helped a lot of people. You can see the download amount and active install of this plugin as proof.

Contact Form 7 was the first ever comprehensible contact form plugin which people could use effectively for free – and so now it stands with over 60 million downloads and 3 million+ active installs.

Well, it's 2017 now and we want to help WordPress users too and that is why we are bringing weForms, the fastest and easiest form plugin for WordPress.

Breaking the Barrier – Good Stuff Sometimes Comes for Free

weForms is FREE to install on your WordPress site. But that's not new, a lot of other form builder plugins which support contact forms are free too. So, what we have to offer?

weForms is faster and very easy to use. Besides that, we laid out all the features that are essential for powerfully managing contact forms for free. Our conscious feature packaging ensures that you get all the required basic features for free and also the advanced features at a minimum price.

With the FREE version of weForms, you will get everything you need to get started with a fully functional contact form plugin for WordPress. weForms gives you –

  • an easy to use drag and drop form builder with live preview
  • one click form templates for fast workflow
  • 20+ custom fields for advanced forms
  • shortcode based forms to publish in the frontend
  • form submission notifications for both admin and user
  • customizable email templates with shortcodes
  • submission management
  • export/ import forms and entries
  • FREE slack integration
  • form entry restriction, form scheduling and many more

Faster than any other Contact Form Plugin

weForms is fast, really fast! You may say how?

Well, it is developed using vue.js and all of the actions are performed within a single page. This has reduced the loading time and you can get a smooth faster experience while creating contact forms.

Extremely Easy to Use

What most people struggle with is creating the desired form and making it work exactly where and how he/she wants to. Sometimes they even need to take techy help to make it through. But weForms is too easy to be true. Users will be able to design and implement even the most complex kind of forms without anyone's help. With templates designed for common tasks that can let you start instantly! Also, the builder lets you see that changes you make to your form in real time. You can drag the elements into the form from a sidebar and also customize it from therein.

Expand to Email Marketing

We have integrated the very popular MailChimp and, MailPoet for weForms in the Personal Package. So, with each submission, you will be able to grow your contact list on your email marketing platforms and reach more people. weForms already have more than 10 integrations beyond the mailing list and we have plans to add more very soon for our advanced packages.

Dive into the Awesome Features of weForms!

Compared to the other free contact form plugins, weForms has a huge advantage of having more resourceful features rather than just asking you to pay for it.

weForms is loaded with tons of important features in for both FREE and Pro. We have looked deep into the problems of the people who use other contact form solutions and designed this plugin to be a solution of solutions! Here are highlights.

Form Templates for Quicker Action

Just one click and your entire form is ready to be deployed! Create industry standard forms quickly with our predefined customizable templates to choose from.

Live Preview with Drag and Drop Form Builder

Design forms faster with our user-friendly builder that lets you drag and drop form elements from the sidebar. What else can make form building easier?

Get an instant preview of how your form will look as you build or edit. The form builder responds and updates automatically to all changes you make so that you exactly know what your form will look like.

Manage Submission

View, manage and export all the submission data stored through your form. We believe that you should own it all- like literally!

Customizable Email Notifications

Stay alert with submissions. Create multiple custom notification settings on each form with advanced email forwarding and quickly create templates with hooks.

Form Submission Notification

Receive email notification every time your form is submitted. You can now configure the notification settings just as you like it.

Submission Data Export / Import

Convert all your data into .csv format and export it to wherever required. Your data is your asset, you should be able to reuse it.

Export / Import Forms

Export your weForms to our supported services using our API. Backing up data from your forms made easier than ever.

Whats Next?

weForms is new in the industry and it has a long way to go. We have considered all the problems that users face with contact forms and want to solve these problems with an easy to use solution. Our main objective is to provide you all the necessary features for FREE, but if you want advanced features, we have the premium packages with handy features and lots integration with popular email marketing plus automation solutions.

You can check our detailed documentation for more information and for learning how to use weForms.

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You Can Work Faster with the Updated Project Manager

We are on a dive to make you reach your goals faster and while doing so, we also want to keep your housekeeping time as short as possible. Which is why, your favorite project management solution for WordPress, the WP Project Manager is going through an overhaul to become even faster and more reliable for teams.

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Dokan Free and Pro are Getting Separated

Before hitting the update button on your Dokan PRO powered site, read this post.

We are going to make some changes to Dokan (actually in the file structure) that will require an update but make things easier for all our present and future users. Don't be alarmed, you will only need to update your plugin once and everything else would remain unaffected.

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WPML Multilingual Support on Dokan Now Available!

Finally, you can have a marketplace where customers can browse in their own language! Dokan is now announced compatible by the WPML team!

NOTE: We are sorry to announce that the development of Dokan WPML is currently off due to compatibility issues. Please contact for further details.

Why Multilingual Marketplaces are on high demand?

When your marketplace is global, it is kind of imperative that you can offer them the site and the features of your marketplace in their native language. This kind of localization creates a sense of trust and familiarity. With this in mind, say if your marketplace is in English, it is still not read or spoken by many people from many different countries. So, the chances are, if a customer like that lands on your marketplace, he or she might bounce right away if the marketplace is not in a language he or she understands.

Which is why WPML compatibility has been on high demand since we launched Dokan back in 2012.

How much can it translate?

The multilingual support will fully cover:

  • Product Categories
  • Vendor Products
  • Product Attributes
  • Product Variations
  • Dokan Vendor Dashboard
  • Store Listing page
  • Store pages (Storefronts)

We are working on more improvements

Although, this support will come at the cost of installing several dependent plugins that will make it work. The process isn't still quite user-friendly yet, but we are working on it. Also, we hope to update the support so that in the future vendors can translate their products from the frontend.

Some of the markets are already using it

Technical details

You can learn “How you can activate WPML on Dokan with this documentation” article. Please contact our support team with a ticket at if you stumble upon any trouble.

Upcoming New Features From Dokan Hack Month

After successfully completing the Hack Month, a new version of Dokan is knocking at the door. It will bring a lot of new fixes and tweaks. In this article, we will talk about the new features that will make  Dokan Multivendor Marketplace more awesome.

Crop store images

Now, you can crop your store banner image, profile picture, and gravatar to fit as you want. In the previous version, there was no option for cropping these images. Thus, the photos uploaded didn't fit the screen. With this new feature, your banner and profile images will be best fitted to the screen. You will get this option on,

Seller Dashboard →settings→store settings.

dokan update - crop store images

Option for selecting extra shipping cost recipient

In the admin area, a new option has been created for extra shipping fee. Now, you can choose who will get this additional fee  for shipping and tax. There are two recipients- admin and seller, in the list. You can select one from them.
This option is available on WP Dashboard → Dokan → Settings → General

dokan extra shipping cost recepient

Dokan shortcode manager

Shortcodes are very handy when publishing a content within Dokan. But they are very difficult to remember. With the new version of Dokan, you don't have to memorize the shortcodes. You can easily get them from post pages. You will see the Dokan logo on the toolbar. After clicking it, you will see all the shortcodes and use them when required.

dokan short code on post

Dokan multi-step settings wizard (For Admin)

When you install Dokan plugin for the first time, you will get a step-by-step walkthrough settings just like WooCommerce. This will help you set up Dokan plugin and useful settings more easily.

dokan multi-step wizard for admin

Dokan multi-step settings wizard (For Seller)

Dokan sellers will get a similar walkthrough settings after registering as a seller. This will ease up the overall process for them and they will be able to set important options quite easily.

dokan multi-step wizard for seller


Advanced AJAX searching store list

Previously we had manual search for store listing. Now, the searching option has been enhanced with AJAX filtering. With this feature, you can search the store list by store name and username in real-time.

dokan store list ajax search

Storewide discount

Using Dokan Plugin, you will get the ability to set storewide discount for your customers. You can set minimum order amount upon which customers will get the specific discount. Your customers must buy a minimum number of products within a single order to get this discount.

To set this up navigate to Seller Dashboard → Settings → Store Settings

dokan store wide discount

More products tab on single product page

You can set a new tab on your single product page stating more products. With it, customers will be able to view more products from your store. To set this up navigate to Seller Dashboard → Settings → Store Settings

dokan update - more product tab


Responsive front-end listing table

The front-end listing tables such as Order, Coupon and Product are responsive now. You will get the best user experience from these pages.

New report type for sellers

Using the new version of Dokan, sellers can generate new statements from the reports page. This is a transaction statement for seller showing relevant description for all the transactions made for a specific amount of time.

To view this statement, navigate to Seller Dashboard → Reports → Statements

dokan new report type

New tracking and shipment status

With this feature, sellers will be able to add shipment tracking from the order page. Tracking number button at the bottom of the page will open a new window from where sellers can add three information- shipping provider, tracking number and shipping date.

Customers will be able to view this information from their order board. They will also be able to track their products from there. You will find these option at Seller Dashboard → Order → Tracking Number

dokan shipment tracking system

Dokan multivendor marketplace is becoming bigger and better with every update. Check out your dashboard and read our newsletters to get more exciting news about Dokan.

Upcoming New Features of Dokan Multi-vendor Marketplace

This new update will give your Dokan Multivendor Market a big boost with much awaited tweaks on commission, storefront and coupons.

Keep an eye on your dashboard or our newsletter for a notification about the update release.

Dokan has been successfully providing WooCommerce based multi-vendor marketplace to its customers since 2012. The previous version has fixed many issues and added new features. But the upcoming release will deal with some small yet effective improvements.

Flexible vendor commission on each product

This feature will greatly benefit the admins. The upcoming version of Dokan will introduce product based commission on vendors. With this, the admin will be able to set commission specific to products.

This will also widen your vendor's inventory with a range of products with different types of profit rates.

To change the per product commission go to wp-admin → products → click on the product → change the commission.
(Check out the full doc on variable commission)

product based commission

Dokan already has a global commission system which is common for every vendor. You can also set different commissions for some vendors.

To set the commission rates, simply navigate to wp-admin → Dokan → Settings → General  and modify the rate from there.

Coupon visibility on storefront

Putting coupons directly on your storefront can effectively boost the sales. Customers landing on the site will absorb the information easily and will have an urge to buy from the vendor.

To take of this customer psychology, we have now introduced coupons directly on the storefront. The vendor can turn this on off from the vendor dashboard of course.

You can currently display up to 3 coupons per store at a time.

new features of dokan

You can set coupons types based on percentage or fixed amount. Please note that vendors have to set the expiry date for coupons, otherwise it won't be visible on the storefront.

Check out the documentation on coupon or discount management

Store location improved with Google Maps API key

Using Google Maps API key to set store locations makes it even easier. Just copy and paste your Google Maps API key on wp-admin → Dokan → General. This will allow you to built customized apps using Google API. You will be able to display styled maps, store directions and also 3D buildings.

google api for better location

google maps with api integration

As you can see, Dokan is getting better everyday. So, stay with us and update and if you have not tried Dokan yet, don't hesitate to try it now.

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