Team Building Exercises in Your Workplace for 2020 (Pro Tips for Managers)

From coordinating group projects to helping to finish the children's homework, project management is everywhere. To complete a project you need a plan and execute it accordingly. That's the job of the project manager. Successful execution of a plan depends on the right team building exercises in workplace.

The role of a project manager is to lead a team of individuals assigned to a project.

A project manager has to manage individuals efficiently to run the project successfully. So, he needs to perform the right team-building exercises in the workplace to make the team effective and make sure they are on the right track of doing their work. And with the right Project management tool, the project manager can easily achieve the desired success.

This read-up below will give all the project managers the right idea on how to make a team efficient and what tools he/she needs to make that happen.

What Makes a Team Efficient-Suggested Team Building Exercises

Team Building exercises for project managers

A group of members working together to achieve a common goal is called a Team. It doesn't matter what kind of company or project you are running, you will always need a team to do all the work smoothly. If the team is working efficiently that means success is relevant.

But in order for the team to function properly, they need a leader. That role is played by the project manager.

A project manager needs to make sure the team is performing efficiently. Some team building exercises in workplace like,

  • Making sure the team gets a clear direction from the project manager
  • Crystal clear communication
  • A defined set of rules for all the team members to follow
  • Mutual trust between the project manager and the team
  • Exchanging ideas
  • The team must have great collaboration between them
  • Establishing mutual respect for the project manager

should be exercised.

When an efficient team starts to work, their efforts turn to productive results

However in this day and age without the right tools, a project manager can not build an efficient team. It is impossible to do it manually.

Therefore with the right management tools, the project manager can perform wonders.

How a Project Management Tool Can Help Build an Efficient Team

Completing a successful project requires planning and executing it accordingly. An efficient management tool can go a long way of making the project successful. Having said that, with a well-configured tool a project manager can,

1. Create Tasks and Assign Members

Creating tasks and assigning them to team members is the first step of any project. But if that task has to be done manually then it will take a lot of time. However, a management tool can easily solve that problem.

Creating tasks will be easy and assigning them will be much easier with the right tool.

2. Keeping Track of Time

Well, as a project manager you can not just assign a task and forget about it. You have to assign a deadline to the task and keep track. But if you go to every member and ask about their work, it will take time.

The job will become a lot easier if the project manager can automatically know if the work is being done within the deadline.

3. Get Details OF Every Update

As a project manager you need every update of the project. With a project management tool, you can easily get an update of every occurrence of the project.

4. Analyzing Team Members Performance

Though a successful project is achieved by a team, some members stand out from the other team members. Their performance is special. And, special performances should be rewarded.

To separate those team members, a project manager should have the necessary data. That data can be achieved through constant monitoring of the team member's performances. That can only be done through software or a project manager plugin.

team building exercises in the workplace

We can understand that team building is an important task for the project manager. He/she has to make sure that the team is performing efficiently.

So, it is necessary that the project manager has the right tool to perform these team building exercises in workplace.

A solution like WP Project Manager can help a project manager build an efficient team. It has all the right and necessary tools that will make the work of a project manager easy.

Managing a Team With WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager

With it's unique and high-end features WordPress Project Manager ensures you and your team members easy collaboration, a quick insight of project status and the high opportunity to meet the goal in time.

This project management tool assists in over 8000+ projects around the world.

With WP Project Manager you can,

Create Unlimited Tasks and Assign Member Within Seconds

WP Project Manager lets you create unlimited tasks for the project based on categories. You can assign members related to the project to those tasks. And unlike other project managers, it doesn’t cost you on per user basis.

Team building exercises in the workplace-Adding Task
Adding task and assigning members

Keep Track OF Tasks With A Built-in Timer

Track the time spent on a task with a built-in timer. Keep a log with start, stop, pause and custom entry.

You can easily calculate charges for hourly works as well. There are three types of task category

  1. Current Tasks
  2. Completed Tasks
  3. Outstanding Tasks

So, you can easily prioritize the task based on their status.

time tracker

Get Project Updates From The Activity Log

You will be kept informed with every bit of the update in a project from one single page. The activity log takes note of everything that is happening. So you will always be updated about what's happening on the project.

Activity Log

Review Performances Using Overview Dashboard

The performance of every team member will be one search away. Just type in the member name and you will get a clear idea of how he/she has performed.

Team building exercises in the workplace-overview

But these features are only the tip of the iceberg. There are several other features of WP Project Manager. It is not possible to discuss all the features in such a short time. But we tried to show the vital features a project manager will need to perform efficient team building exercises in workplace.

Wrapping Up on Team Building Exercises for 2020

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team

Phil Jackson

Behind every companies success, there is always an efficient team. And behind an efficient team, there is a project manager. With the right direction and leadership, the project manager can guide the team to success.

However, without the right tools, the project manager can not do that. WP Project Manager is the perfect plugin for these tasks.

Lastly, if you think there are more ways to build an efficient team do let us know.

How to Manage Files, Documents & Duplicate Projects with WP Project Manager

You can't deny the significance of managing files and documents these days. Companies from every sector, small to medium have to maintain their important files with much care. In this case, a suitable file & document management tool can be very useful for you and also for your company.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a technology company or any other business. They all make extensive use of files or documents.

In this article, we are going to show how you can manage files & documents with the WP Project Manager. And in the last part, you'll also able to know how to duplicate projects using WP Project Manager Recurring Task.

Before jumping, let's know about how easy to manage projects in the WordPress platform.

Managing Projects in the WordPress Ecosystem

File & Document Management tool
Managing Project Using Project Manager

However, managing projects is always very tough. But in the WordPress ecosystem, you'll manage them with ease no matter which industry your business is dealing with.

We all know that WordPress is growing very fast. Currently, 34% of all the websites across the world are built with it. And it also provides solutions to different problems in the form of plugins.

With that said, it also comes with a project management solution. For these reasons, people are switching their taste in this popular CMS(Content Management System) as a project management tool.

In addition, while managing projects, you may find difficulties in other sectors. In that case, WordPress with its unlimited plugins will let you do every task with the blink of an eye.

Related topic: ‘Successful Project Management Example

Why Managing Projects are Important for Business?

If you manage each and every project properly, then surely the revenue of your business will grow faster. It's simple. Isn't it? Then whats more!

Let's know how it facilitates you in business:

  • Increase activity and time concerning
  • Scheduling tasks and projects in time
  • Creating a deadline to speed up workflow
  • Easy to see all the tasks along with co-workers
  • Easy to create tasks in a short time

In the next part, we're going to show how you can manage files and documents using WP Project Manager.

How to Manage File and Document with WP Project Manager

You can manage your important files, document, images and other important files with WP Project Manager. So you can able to create and add files, documents, save links of web pages and more.


Let assume you have already installed both the WordPress and Project Manager. Now, let's get started with file, folder, document, and project management:

Step 1: Uploading Files or Doc

This is a very easy process. You just need to follow the steps. That's it.

To do that:

  • Navigate to WP Admin>Project Manager>Project
  • Select ‘Files
  • And, here you can ‘Create Folder‘, ‘Upload a File‘, ‘Link to Doc‘ and ‘Create a Doc‘.
File & Document Management tool
File Dashboard

After clicking on ‘Upload a File‘ button, you'll get a window like the following:

File & Document Management tool
Attaching a File

From here, you easily attach a file from your computer. It's that easy!

Step 2: Creating a Folder

This process is also like the earlier section.

To do that,

  • Click on ‘Create a folder‘ Button
  • A pop-up will appear. You'll be asked to put the folder name
  • You can also make this private
  • Finally, click on the ‘Create a folder‘.
Folder Management with WP Project Manager

After creating folders you'll able to see them in a sequence. Like the following screenshot:

Documentation management
All created folders

Step 3: Adding Sub-Folder

You can also add a sub-folder inside the root folder. It's the same process as we showed in the earlier section.

Adding Sub-folder

By the way, you can add ‘doc files‘ and ‘link doc‘ files, ‘Commenting on a folder or doc‘ in the same process. See the documentation to know the full process.

In the next section, we'll show how you can duplicate your projects using WP Project Manager Recurring Task.

How to Duplicate Your Project with WP Project Manager

Sometimes you need you duplicate your projects in terms of saving times. This is very helpful to manage projects for your employees and the company as well as. So, WP Project Manager lets you do this in a very smart way.

Let's get into the tutorial:

With WP Project Manager Pro 2.0.8, users can duplicate any project with ease. And the interesting part is, after duplicating a project, tasks under the project will be also duplicated.

Duplicating Projects

To do that, go to WP Project Manager>Projects and choose the project that you want to duplicate. Next, click on the top right corner dot button.

Choosing a project for duplicating
  • Click on the ‘Duplicate‘. And it will appear on the screen.
Click on the duplicate button
  • Finally, your project is ready. From here you will be able to see the tasks and sub-tasks under the project.
Project Duplications

How To Set Recurrence in Projects Using Recurring Task

Though it is an amazing file & document management tool for managing files or doc in a very sequential way. You can easily schedule tasks using the Recurring Task Module,

It'll not only save your time but also will help you automatically create tasks every day on your expected time. Moreover, this is a pro feature, so you will have to use the business version of the WP Project Manager.

Okay, without further ado, let's jump into the discussion:

Step 1: Activating The Module

To activate the module:

Navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → Project Manager → Modules → Activate the Recurring Task

How to activate recuring Module
Recuring Module

Step 2: Setting Up Recurring Task

Next, go to the duplicated project that you created earlier. And then there you'll get the task under the project. However, you can add more tasks there.

Recurring Task

After clicking on the ‘recurrence button', a popup window will appear. Here you can see the following things:

  • Repeat: How (Weekly, Monthly and Annually) you want to get it.
  • Repeat Every: You can set it for 1 week to 3 weeks. You can deactivate the particular day by clicking on the green button.
  • Expires: Here you'll able to set expiry date, You cans set it, on a date and on occurrence.
  • Duration: Giving Duration, you can increase the recurring task scheduling time.
File & Document Management tool
Scheduling Tasks

After giving all the information, just enjoy recurring task scheduling using WP Project Manager.

File & Document Management tool
Final Scheduling by Recurring Task

Okay, this the whole process. Hope you enjoyed the full process. That's It!

Final Thought

Using a file & document management tool for a company can be very effective. Because it removes all the hurdles to manage the important files and docs. So as an owner, you must consider and think twice if you really don't want to lose any important official files.

So, we can say WP Project Manager can be the ideal file & document management tool and also for managing projects smartly. Finally, if you have anything to share, let us know in the comment section below.

Power Up Your Team with The Super Fast WordPress Project Manager (Feature Updates)

WordPress Project Manager ensures you and your team members easy collaboration, a quick insight of project status and the high opportunity to meet the goal in time. Also, it is simple to install, integrate, implement, manage, and have a grip over your business.

Though, WP Project Manager is a WordPress project management plugin it is capable to handle your several projects and all the associated members from one platform.

This project organizer assists 8000+ projects over the globe and the number is increasing drastically. User-friendly interface and web-based task management feature make it one of the best Project Management tool for WordPress users.

Furthermore, we update our system regularly to keep pace with the latest technology and managerial tactics.

In this continuity, we are introducing the latest update of WP Project Management version 2.3. It has better user interactive look, advanced report analysis, and task management system along with the high speed.

Why Do You Need an Online Project Management Solution

Online Project Management Solution can assist your project manager and team members to communicate with each other as well as the consumers, maintain a task list, divide them among the members, set time and get reports regarding projects overview. In short, it will help you to accelerate the work progress and meet the deadlines.

Through a smart project management solution, you can get an overview of all projects inside your business and how they are going at a glance.

77% of high-performing projects use project management software. 

As a result, many small to big enterprises across different industries observed remarkable business growth within a short time after arranging their projects according to project management tools.


Hence, you will get a quick interface for easy file sharing, time tracking, team collaboration, task, and budget management with Online Project Management Solution. Therefore you can monitor your business from anywhere you are in the world.

How WP Project Manager can Supervise Your Projects Effectively


WordPress becomes the most popular platform for building websites for its user-friendly interface, advanced features, wide customization options, and versatility. Furthermore, many feature-rich plugins extend its capability of customization and make it more robust for developing any type of websites including e-commerce sites, marketplace websites, personal portfolio and so on.

WP Project Management is a well-organized WordPress plugin to manage your multiple projects and complete them perfectly within the deadlines to reach the company's ultimate goal.

It's not let you get puzzled in running many tasks under different projects simultaneously. Moreover, it will help you to make your to-do lists and distribute them among the team members as well as monitor the team activities with a graphical view.

Feature-rich Solution

From organizing task lists, set deadlines, task prioritizing, team-based assignments, break the work into sub-tasks, and getting the work done with detailed progress reports – Everything is possible with WP Project Manager. You will get 6+ premium add-ons with WP Project Management Pro to get some extraordinary advantages.

Easy to Create, Assign and Manage Task Distribution

It is super easy to manage your projects by adding a new task, chop them into small parts, assign multiple team members, track the task with individual sub-task and manage the other stuff. Also, you can add unlimited projects, tasks, users, and clients as per your needs. In addition, it will give you and your team members a common platform for private messaging and discussion regarding work.

Outstanding Report Management

You will get automatic and advance reports for overdue, completed tasks, user activities, milestones, and all projects. Also, you can filter reports by project, tasks, co-workers, time, and more. Moreover, in the latest version, we add some premium features to generate more advanced Project Management Summary Report to amplify our user's experience.

A Stunning Dashboard to Take a Quick Overview

You can start your day with all the necessary information regarding the projects and what is happening inside these projects by scanning the dashboard with some easy navigation and tabs. Nevertheless, you will get work calendar, announcements, leaves – all in a single page.

Hence, this Advanced Project Management Solution facilitates you with all the advanced features to run your multiple projects successfully in a disciplined yet simple way.

WP Project Manager My Tasks (Feature Update)

In the latest version we have emphasized on 4 major issues:

  • Interactive UI design
  • Easy task management
  • Smart representation of a summary report
  • System speed

In this article, we will focus on the modified version of “WP Project Manager My Task”. This time it is more easy to track the status of your projects. Now, you can easily manage your task, divide them into small parts and assign individual team members with different deadlines and get a quick overview of all the activities whenever you want.

Moreover, this new version of the WP Project Manager is faster and stronger. Simply navigate to WP-Admin → Project Manager → My Tasks

How Does WP Project Manager My Tasks Work

Let's see in details how can you easily use this advanced task manager to get the best output for your business.

WP Project Manager My Tasks– Current Task

You will get an intuitive dashboard with all your current task list. Therefore, it will give you a quick overview of the status of your tasks along with the project details. Also, you can filter the tasks from a drop-down box to check your Outstanding and Completed tasks.


Moreover, you can search your task by selecting “Task Title” or “Project” from the drop-down box.

WP Project Manager My Tasks: Overview

Now, to get an overview of your work, navigate to

WP Admin → Project Manager → My Tasks → overview.


From the overview page, you can get all the details regarding your tasks including the current, outstanding and completed ones. It represents your activities and performance in a graphical view. Here, the pie chart gives you a quick calculation of your task history where the histogram shows an overview of your activities over a certain period.

Also, you can also view your calendar. It specifies your to-do lists and tasks according to their working dates. In addition, you can see your working hours, leaves and measure your productivity from here.


To view all your activities details according to the dates, navigate to-

WP-Admin → Project Manager → My Tasks → Activities.


Outstanding Tasks

To get all the task details that could not meet the deadlines, go to the Filter box and select “Outstanding Task” from the drop-down menu.


After clicking “Filter” you can view all your outstanding tasks


Completed Tasks

Same as the previous one just go to the Filter box and select “Completed Task” from the drop-down menu.


After hitting “Filter” you can see the tasks you have already completed.


View Activities of Other Users

Admin has the power to overview the activities of all the users. Navigate to

WP-Admin → Project Manager → My Tasks


There is a drop-down menu on the top-right side of the page. From there, you can select any user who is assigned to the projects and see the updates. You can also do it from the Activities tab.

Well! so its a piece of cake to handle your tasks with WP Project Manager My Task.

Final Thought

Its really difficult to manage multiple businesses, associate team members and their activities simultaneously. A smart solution of the Project Manager can do this very smoothly for achieving your business goal. Also, it aligns all the activities of your projects to meet the success accordingly.

But sometimes entrepreneurs get conscious about the budget and extra man force to handle the system. Here comes the best task management system WP Project Manager that is easy to manage yet highly functional.

It comes in individual packages with different add-ons and budget-friendly prices. You can pick anyone compatible with your business. We offer 24/7 customer service and a 14-days 100% refund policy for our valued clients.

Easy Way to Manage Your Sub Tasks with The Best WordPress Collaboration Plugin

The success of an organization lies in the proper coordination of all individual tasks to consistently deliver effective results.

WP Project Manager can be the glue to hold all the resources, opportunities, planning, and company objectives align in a disciplined and strategic way.

This WordPress collaboration plugin will diminish the hurdles of a project manager to control all the complex and diverse activities of a business.

Today we will discuss a premium module of WP Project Manager named “Sub Task” to split the project into small pieces and assign them among the team members.

WP Project Manager Sub Task: A Small Preview


WordPress Project Manager Sub task helps you to chop the primary task into small parts that make things more specific. It is a pro feature and comes in the form of a module.

Before jump into Sub Task features, let's take a quick glimpse of WordPress Project Manager.

Best WordPress Project Manager Plugin


WP Project Manager is a simple yet powerful open-source Project Management tool to control and improve project results. It will increase your project efficiency, reduce risk factors, cut costs, and improve the success rate gradually.

Overall, it fuels the entire workflow and let the project manager control all the projects smoothly from WordPress and help the associated members to meet the deadlines accordingly.

As an admin, you can monitor the task list, responsible persons, progress, deadlines, reports, in short, the complete overview of how all your projects are going. Also, you can create a permission hierarchy for projects and add a milestone for an individual project.

Moreover, you and your permitted team members can easily create a project, assign tasks, add discussions and to-do lists in the project manager with a few clicks.

Another amazing module comes in called Sub Task!

How Does WP Project Manager Sub Task Work


After adding a task under a project you can also break it into sub-tasks and assign a responsible person for each task. You can check the individual subtask after completion. Hence, it's a convenient way to measure you and your team member's work progress.

Moreover, associated persons can easily see their work progress, remain task list, deadlines for each subtask at a glance.

It's sometimes difficult to complete a big task individually. However, if you divide the whole task into small segments and set an individual deadline and responsible person for each task, it becomes easy to achieve the goal.

WP Project Manager Sub Task assembles this procedure simple yet effective for your project handling. It makes your task list more specific.

Furthermore, you can monitor your team members' daily working overview with the help of the WP Project Manager Subtask.

Why Sub Task Management is so Important

In WordPress collaboration plugin you can create small tasks under a parent task that is helpful to combine and track all the to-do list of a project.

You should avail the WP Project Manager Sub Task because you can:

  • break down the task into important segments
  • organize the work in a disciplined way
  • easily set priority, time duration, assignee and others
  • accelerate the work procedure to meet deadlines
  • easy to keep track of work progress
  • make things more specific
  • reduce the workload and give mental relief

Hence, it will pay off your expenses in an advantageous way and you will earn great revenue for your business.

How Do You Create Sub Tasks Under The Main Task

For a WordPress user, it is very easy to handle WP Project Manager.

Now, we will show you how to configure and use Sub Task module for your project manager.


To get the best experience of WP Project Manager Sub Task, we suggest the following:

  • PHP 5.6 or later
  • MySQL 5.6 or later
  • WordPress 4.9.0 or later
  • WP Project Manager Pro 2.0+

Here, let assume you have already installed WordPress and WP Project Manager Pro. If not check the latest pricing list of the best WordPress collaboration plugin at 70% less cost compared to others.


You need to create projects and task list first in the WP Project Manager. Therefore, you can easily create Task Lists with a few clicks on your Project Manager.

Now, to activate the Sub Task Module log in to your WP Admin Dashboard. Then, simply navigate Project Manager → Modules → Activate the Sub Task module.

Activate the Sub Task module

Add Sub Tasks

You can add Sub Tasks in two ways:

  • Selecting a task
  • Using the Kanban Board

Selecting a task

Go to WP Admin Dashboard and Click on the Project Manager. After that Select any project you wish to view → click on Task Lists tab.

After clicking on the Task Lists tab, you will get the following view:

Task Lists View

Now select a task by clicking on a task. For example, let's select the task, “Video tutorial” from here.

Select A Task

Now, a modal window will pop up and from this window, you can add subtask.

Add the Subtasks

You can also add estimate time, assign a co-worker, and set a deadline for each subtask.

Add estimated time, member, and deadline

Now, click the ‘Enter' button of the keyboard to save this subtask. On hitting the ‘Enter' button, you will see the subtask has been created. You can also edit and delete the subtask from here.


After completing a subtask you can check it to tell that the subtask is done.

Check the subtask after completion

That's how you can create unlimited subtasks under a parent task and track them individually from your WP Project manager.

Using the Kanban Board

However, you can also add subtasks from the Kanban Board. In order to do so at first, you have to activate the Kanban Board Module from WP Project Manager.

Activate Kanban Board Module

Now, to add subtasks in the Kanban Project Manager, navigate to board first. After that, click on any task you want to add subtask beneath. See the example below:

Select Task On Kanban Board

In this example, by clicking the “Keyword Research” task we get the window for adding subtasks same as selecting a task of the method 1:

Add Subtask on Kanban Board

Now, you can add subtask and other details just like we have mentioned above in Method 1.

Final Thoughts

WP Project Manager Sub Task can be an efficient way to control your to-dos with more details and break them into small tasks.

No matter which type of business you have and how big it is, WP Project manager is fit for all types of organization small, medium or big enterprises. While entrepreneurs feel a dilemma for big investment, giant organizations put their best effort to manage their time and resources efficiently.

This WordPress collaboration plugin is helpful for both types of companies to keep all the projects on track, control costs and monitor project progress. In addition, you can add unlimited users to your project manager and control a data warehouse regarding your company project with a few clicks.

Furthermore, Sub Task module will help you to track every tiny detail of your project easily.

Track Your Project Progress with WP Project Manager’s Summary Report (New Feature)

Every project management professional gets constraints regarding projects planning, executing, controlling and syncing with team members.

WP Project manager comes with a complete solution to meet your goals easily with zero time.

WP Project Manager cuts huge popularity and gets 7000+ loyal customers within a short period due to its user-friendly interface and advanced task management process.

We always keep our client's requirements above all. We believe-

Once a Client Always a Client

To keep our client's satisfaction graph line upward and solve their issues, we bring updates from time to time.

Today we will introduce two new features of ‘Summary Report' in WP Project Manager Pro that is recently launched to get a snapshot of your projects every aspect in a graphical view.

WP Project Manager: One Stop Solution to Manage Projects & Teams


The responsibility of a Project Manager is massive.

It's really difficult to create, organize and distribute all the tasks among the team members as well as maintaining the activities, deadlines, milestones, progress reports and other stuff simultaneously.

However, It is important to keep tracking the progress of ongoing projects, future plans, team productivity and so on.

WP Project Manager is a simple but expert automation tool for managing your team collaboration and delivering the task timely.

Advanced features of this task manager let you create, organize, assign and measure projects, tasks, to-dos, performance faster than ever within minutes.

Moreover, with the help of the time tracking tool and build-in reports, you can identify the productivity of your co-workers with less effort.

Most amazingly, users can customize the attributes of the project report as per their preference.

Project Management Summary Report (Feature Update)

Project Management Summary Report extends the user experience better adding new attributes to the board.

User will get a quick and detail comparative graphical overview to identify the overall progress of the project with some easy navigation.

Now, you can get two new reports using WP Project Manager Pro.

‘User vs Project' Graph

This section gives you a review of how much time one responsible member spends on his/her assigned project in a graphical view.

When you hover your mouse pointer on the graph you will get a tooltip describing the details.

User VS Project Summary Report

Benefits You Will Avail:

  • Find out easily the number of responsible members in a single project and how much time they bind to that project
  • Measure the productivity of your employees or co-workers at a glance.

‘Project vs User' Graph

This section gives you a graphical overview of how many members spend how much time on individual projects.

The same as project vs user, if you hover your mouse pointer on the graph then you will get a tooltip describing the details.

Project VS User Summary Report

Benefits You Will Avail:

  • Let you know the project progress against time.
  • Easy understanding of how much time one user has spent on different projects.

“Summary Report” helps you to get a comparative report on productivity and time frame.

Furthermore, it will assist you to generate next project strategy.

**Note: “Summary Report” will be available only if ‘Time Tracker' is used to track the working hours.

How does the Project Management Summary Work

Follow these easy steps to generate Summary Report of your project through WP Project Manager Pro.

Log into your WP Project Manager and click the “View Full Report” button.

project-report-summary dashboard

Then, click on the “Filter” button to set the filter of the report.

filter-summary in just one click

Next, you will get a pop up to set filter option. By default, it is set to ‘Summary'. However, you can also select the ‘User' radio button.

according-user in project management summary

To generate Summary Report you must select the ‘Summary' radio button from the ‘Choose report type' option.

By default, it is set to the ‘All Project' option. But you can click on the dropdown menu and select from the other options according to your need.

Here, you will find two new report filters now with the new release of version v2.3.3.

You can select Project Vs User or User Vs Project to generate reports with a graphical representation.

Project Vs User


User Vs Project

user-vs-project-selection t

Start Date and End Date: Set a date range to get report during that period.

You will get a graphical report immediately based on your selected option as we have shown above.

Do you need further help? Find the full documentation here.

Final Words on Project Management Summary Report

We always prioritize our client's requirements and value their reviews.

That is the reason behind our high customer satisfaction and 7000+ active installation over the globe.

Therefore, to lessen the hassle of our valuable clients we regularly update our system and add new features.

In this continuity, we release two new features to generate comparative report graph in WP Project Management Summary Report.

If you are finding a reliable solution to manage your project and align your team members properly you must go for a try!

Productivity Hacks & Tools For Startups in 2019

Every day at the end of working hours do you think what are some of the things you could have done more efficiently?

Especially for all the startups, there is no other option than to work hard with the limited amount of time and resource you get. But still, it's not enough. Luckily for you, it has never been easier to implement productivity hacks to be more efficient than now.

As technology is progressing at a faster rate than ever, productivity statistics are reaching an all-time high.

People are getting more work done with faster processing speed, faster communication, faster task management process, etc.

Riding this wave is one of the best decisions you can make for your work in terms of productivity.

Introducing Productivity Hacks

Hack (or life-hacking) refers to any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life.

So it is clear that hacks are something that is not bound to a specific area.

As a startup founder or even as an employee you can implement some productive hacks that will leave you -feeling like you have actually accomplished something each day!

Productivity hacks for startups

Use A Tool To Map Out All Your Tasks

Tools are something that makes everything better.

Did it ever occur to you- ‘How do all the biggest companies in the world keep everything in check?.‘ They use tools that organize everything in a more manageable way for the higher-ups.

Popular project management tools examples include-

We suggest XMind as it is completely free to get started on and is an open-source solution.

XMind for productivity hacks

Remove The Chances of Interruption

This one is really important. Distraction can break the flow of productivity that you get started really quickly. A useful hack you can do is to turn off notification from all your devices.

So that you will be able to do focused work.

Another great technique you can try out is the Pomodoro technique.

Promodoro Technique is a time management technique to help individual focus more on a single task for a certain amount of time. 

Francesco Cirillo, a widely popular time management expert is the founding father of this. You can learn more about the Pomodoro technique from here.

Adopt A Project Management Tool

Trello is a popular tool that can help any company's current on-going projects, things that need to be discussed, strategy plans and so on.

And it has never been so much organized. Though there are also other project management tools out there based on the Kanban process very few offer the simplicity that Trello offers.

The best part is that it is completely free to use. Some other tools you should consider using

  • 10,000 ft – a great tool for visual collaboration between your team members
  • Podio – extremely useful for all the complex project management in your startup

Don't forget to try out something you like from here. If you are a WordPress lover, we can guarantee you will love WP Project Manager.

With over 194,734 downloads, it's one of the leading team and project management tools in the WordPress industry. You can get all your project-related solutions at unbelievably 70% less cost. Have a quick look to WP Project Manager's features.

Basic features of WP Project Manager

Automate The Things You Repeatedly Do

Automation! The blessing of the internet era. That too for FREE.

On the other hand, inefficiency really is the black plague for your organization. It increases the cost of your organization, wastes your valuable time, reduces the quality of your product, and the most important of all damages the morale of your team members.

Inefiiciency can cost your organization as much as 20 to 30 percent of the annual revenue.

Start using popular internet automation tools like-

Productivity hacks by Zapier

etc to avoid those disasters. You can automate simple tasks using these platforms that you do repeatedly regularly.

So that they don't take you away from the time you could have been productive.

Use automated social media publishing platforms like-

to schedule all your social media content for the upcoming days.

Another great trick you can implement is automating your mundane email tasks. Use Gmail extensions like

  • Mixmax – Allows you to schedule your emails so it will send at a later date
  • – Really useful for keeping track of email follow-ups

Prioritize The Most Important Tasks

Not all tasks are created equal. Some tasks deserve the most attention from you, others not so much.

A simple routine you can follow as a part of productivity hacks is-

  • Take a pen & paper or any digital note-taking application whichever you prefer to write down all your tasks
  • Prioritize according to the urgency
  • Ask around to see if the metric you set is correct
  • Prioritize accordingly

You have to always be flexible & adaptable when sequencing the tasks according to what needs to be done now & what later.

On That Point, Use A Digital Note-Taking App

Yes, we know! People still like the idea of writing down things.

But that doesn't take away the fact that with pen & paper you won't be able to get all the modern facilities you get with a digital note-taking app.

It is much faster to write on plus you don't have to worry about grammar and other things (with autocorrect).

And the best thing about it is cross-platform and all your notes will be saved in the cloud so you won't have to ever worry about losing them.

Popular note-taking applications out there include Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, Google Keep, Apple Notes, Dropbox paper, etc.

Get started with anyone of this and test it. Don't settle until you find the right one that suits your needs.

P.S If you don't like the idea digital notes and feel comfortable with the traditional paper then that's the best choice for you.

Communicate Faster, More Effectively Among Teammates

Another communication platform that people all around the globe use is Slack. It is free to use, cross-platform supported (macOS, iOS, Android), comes with support for 10 integrations.

All our company communication is handled using Slack and it doesn't get any more effective than this.

Though there are other solutions like Google HangoutsFleep, Microsoft Teams, etc very few solutions are as resourceful as Slack.

But that doesn't mean it will work for you the same it does for us. Try other ones and see if they fit your need better than Slack.

Slack for productivity hacks

Use Cloud-Based Softwares To Store Everything And Access It Anytime

Even to this the startup founders and their employees are not taking the full advantage of a cloud storage option that can be had for free.

It eliminates the need to carry your files everywhere you go. You will be to access them no matter what device you are using. As it syncs with your storage account, not your device.

If you are not ready to invest in having a cloud storage solution there are many options out there that lets you get started for free with very reasonable storage space.

Popular free cloud storage providers like-

  • Mega: offers 50gb for free when you sign up
  • Dropbox: Starts at 2gb but you can increase that by inviting people to start using DropBox
  • Box: Tailored to business users. In the beginning, you get 10gb space for free
  • Google Drive: Best all-rounder cloud storage option. It is the one we use.
  • One Drive: Microsoft's offering in the cloud storage business. Integrates really well with Windows.
Cloud storage providers

Start Your Day With Quick Hacks

The morning shows a glimpse of how your whole day will look like.

Some of the most prolific entrepreneurs & CEOs have a morning ritual that they stick with every day. Whether it's checking and decluttering emails or just meditating you have to find out what works best for you.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, starts his day at 7 a.m. by addressing all the critical emails in his inbox*.

Having a proper morning routine that works for you will make sure that you are focused & productive for the rest of your working day. It eases up the tension you might have later that day by having the thought that you achieved something even in the first hour.

Monitor Everything, Tweak What's Needed

On the greatest blessing of tech in the 21st century is the ability to track certain data sets that were not simply possible before.

Using tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, etc marketers are now even able to track even what type of card customers use when purchasing a product.

So you can see all the details of your revenue and concentrate on the things that need more attention than others.

Not just in marketing but also in your workplace you can use tools like Time Doctor, Rescue Time and so on to get a report on, what tasks take how much time and how you can better manage them.

Check out our WP Project Manager Time Tracker extension, which lets you track how much time it takes to complete your project including time spent on each task.

Delegate Certain Tasks

WP Project Manager for productivity hacks
WP Project Manager

You can't do everything on the limited amount of time that you get in a day. Productivity hacks are all about managing tasks and distributing them accordingly.

The reason you have a team is so you can delegate certain tasks to those who hold expertise in that area, which is gonna save time in the long run. For this, you need to have a good understanding of what your team members are good at and what they lack.

Delegate tasks that relate to accounting to people who are good with numbers so it doesn't take up your time.

This will help you to concentrate on the things that really need your attention.

Read Books, More Importantly, Productivity Books

Get in the habit of reading books. It is a source of unlimited inspirations that you can use in your own life.

Also, it declutters your thought process to make it more in-line with the road which leads to achieving your goals in the long term. One great source of book list is Amazon's best-seller section.

You will be able to find the best books on productivity and self-help rated by the users themselves. Configure your time so you can read even some portion of a book each day.

It has also been proven that reading books can help you to

reduce stress, improve memory, have a stronger analytical capability, improve focus & concentration

Tell Us What You Think

We tried to cover the things that we think is gonna bring the most value to you.

The list goes on when you start finding all the productivity hacks you can and implement in your day to day entrepreneurial life.

If you think we missed something feel free to let us know. We would love to add them to this list and in our organizational lives.

Powerful Project Management Tools for WordPress Users (5+ Free Plugins)

Since Project management is an integral part of any business endeavor it is, therefore, a must for every organization to get it done right.

As WordPress now powers more than thirty-three percent of all the websites in the world and continues to grow by the day. It is only natural for business, brands and development company to leverage on this to build sophisticated WordPress Project management tools and website applications.

It doesn't matter whether you are a website designer, engineer, programmer, oil and gas expert you can easily integrate a WordPress Project Management tools as your project management software to help manage, monitor, track and evaluate your project life cycle.

We all need to successfully streamline our process, have it defined from start to finish and, moreover, have a reliable tool to help us track it. So, whether you are an accountant, have an online shop, a project manager, a business owner or doing freelance projects, WordPress offers many project management tools to make your project run effectively and efficiently.

Project management tools

Project management involves a lot of planning, organization, and hard work to follow procedures and ensure tasks meet their deadlines and stay within budget. Just as you chose WordPress as a core platform to build your business on, you can easily integrate the right project management tools on your WordPress Site.

Factors to Lookout for When Choosing A Project Management Tools

Project management is all about planning, organizing and prioritizing, therefore you need to watch out for some basic features when choosing a project management tools.


A good project management software should have a communication channel for easy communication between parties.

Collaboration at WorkPlace

Since project management requires lots of communication between clients, staff, and members of the department, it is, therefore, advisable to have a centralized communication channel where each member of the team can have access to all information at any given time.

The right communication network is essential for the success of a project.

Goals Setting

A good project management software should allow you to set SMART goals and also be able to track them. The project objective should be precisely defined, clear and consistent, realistic, achievable, measurable and time-bound.

Setting clear goals makes it easy to track achievements, success or failure of a project

Therefore make sure any project management tool you are using has an easy to use goal setting template.


Planning is an essential part of project management. in order for your project to work. It is the very basis of any successful project management, and it requires extensive, detailed preparation.

Project scope, time planning, budget, risk, human resources, communication – all that and more needs to come in consideration even before you start your project.

Multitasking? Yes, all this requires you juggle with so many different things, but then again, who said project management would be easy.


After successfully setting out goals and creating strategic plans for your project, your project management tool should be able to collect data and provide a chance for you to analyze them based on certain parameters.

Monitoring and tracking a project is not just enough but also able to analyze and use the information provided.

Once your project is in progress, you need to monitor and track it and compare the results.

So you can measure the outcome, adjust the plan if required. Also, knowing how to collect and translate all the various data and transform it into a usable format is an important part of project management.

Best WordPress Project Management Software

Now, in order to select the best project management tools, firstly, we need to define what you measure. What would be the KPI’s – Key Performance Indicators, both quantitive and qualitative metrics?

We have gathered a list of the top six WordPress project management tools to help you manage and improve the efficiency of your projects.

WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager is a sophisticated all in one WordPress project management tools, it was developed by weDevs and have been in existence since 2008.

WP project manager to easily communicate

It is not just another WordPress project management software but it is a game changer in the Project Management tools industry. it is a task manager and a team collaboration software that can readily integrate with your existing website as opposed to having to create an external site for your project management projects.

Here are some of the features of WP Project Manager:

  • It allows you to easily add projects using the WordPress interface
  • Collaborate with team members based on their user level
  • It provides an overview of all your project list with a calendar functionality
  • You control user roles, assigning managers, co-workers, and clients
  • Assign creators and limit project visibility
  • See current project status
  • Archive completed projects
  • See all files associated with a single project in one place
WP project manager dashboard

The WP Project Manager is an all in one Project management system that allows you to efficiently manage all your WordPress project management life cycle from start to finish.

SP Project Manager

The SP Project & Document Manager is another WordPress Project management solution that can store unlimited project files, documents and folders all in one place. SP Project & Document Manager is a free tool that helps you track and store multiple files categorized by the number of your clients or tasks.

SP project & document manager

It offers unlimited storage the only limitation to the amount of storage is the size of your server. You can also create access for your clients which also give them the ability to upload their documents, files and manage them with your supervision.

With SP Project & Document manager you can share, upload, manage, sync and secure your files

Some of the features include:

  • Zip files in an archive
  • No limit to file upload
  • Add links to a file
  • Each user gets their own file repository
  • WordPress user roles integration
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Amazon s3 integration as an addon
  • Custom file list templates, and more!

Kanban Boards for WordPress

Kanban boards for WordPress

Kanban boards for WordPress is one of the most popular projects management tools, it is also known as a great Customer Relationship manager. You can use it to track sales, editorial calendars, and more. It can easily integrate with popular most WordPress development plugins such as weForms, Gravity Forms, and Ninja Forms.

Some of Kanban’s features include:

  • It offers Multi-site support and easy installations
  • Tasks can be assigned to team members
  • Ability to group tasks by projects
  • Optimized for mobile
  • User permission management
  • Multi-language support
  • ‘Edit in place', just like TrelloCustom views for bookmarking

They also have premium add-ons available which allow you to extend its functionality by enabling multiple boards, advanced user management, task comments, task colors, task attachments, and even notifications.


Panorama project manager

Panorama is another innovative WordPress project management/client dashboard tool that helps you streamline and effectively manage your project processes. With Panorama you can delegate and automate both simple and complex task.

Project Panorama is a visual-based customizable project management tool that makes your project tasks and workload easily trackable.

Some of the main features are-

  • Assign start and finish dates
  • Embed projects into your WordPress theme
  • You can add milestones to all of your projects
  • Discuss your projects with pertinent parties
  • Progress bar option
  • It has an embed option that includes project into the WordPress theme
  • Cloning tool (if you have multiple projects)
  • Multiple-site use
  • Email support etc.

Project Manager by UpStream

UpStream is another effective WordPress Project Management tool that offers a robust and dynamic platform to manage any type of project, from your WordPress website dashboard. Project Manager by UpStream makes project management so easy and also helps you track the progress of the project.

Upstream project manager

Some UpStream’s features include:

  • Provides tracking for Milestones and tasks
  • Easy Upload of files and documents
  • Bug tracking
  • Automated progress tracking
  • Built-in roles for managers and users
  • Customizable front-end templates
  • User-friendly

Projectopia WP Project Management Formerly CQPIM

Projectopia WP Project Management is a premium full-featured project management tool for WordPress. It was originally designed for an in-house web agency to fulfill their client’s needs before they eventually decided to make it public and launch it as a full-time WordPress project management tools. It was formerly known as CQPIM.

Digital PM with WordPress

This tool was designed for everyone from small freelancers to big agencies, to help organize their work and tasks without having to leave WordPress.
It has an extensive and advanced feature that allows you to create, organize, assign, set and assign projects. Projectopia WP Project Management comes built in with some powerful features which include:

  • Powerful settings, control panel, and workflow control
  • It has a separate dashboard for clients which allows them to create their team members
  • Projectopia comes with a Dashboard notification alerts for quotes, timelines, projects, milestones, invoices, support tickets, etc.
  • It comes with a simple Project templates with task management feature and task progress bars

This tool offers a comprehensive and robust WordPress Project management tool, It comes pre-installed with lots of functionalities and It has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating.

Ultimate Project Manager Pro

Ultimate Project Manager CRM Pro is a two in one WordPress project management plugin which offers project management customer and human resource management.

It allows you to create, assign, manage leads and opportunities, billing, proposal, and invoice system.

It also allows you to easily generate report and ticketing systems.

Project Management in WordPress: Points You Should Remember

There are other project management tools available in the market. However, based on some criteria, functionality, popularity, user experience and effectiveness, these are our top pick for the best WordPress project management tools.

Feel free to test any of these plugins for your next project. Whether you choose to start with the free or paid version, these plugins will help you achieve your business goals.

For SMEs, WP Project Manager could be the best suit.

How To Streamline Your Small Business Using Free WordPress Plugins

If you have a proper plan, it's very easy to start an online store with WordPress. But you know- meeting success is always tough.

Since you're using WordPress as your platform, you can easily manage your business and go ahead with your goal if you have useful plugins. This is a list of best free WordPress plugins for business.

There are thousands of plugins in the WordPress community to help you out. Read this article carefully and install these essential free plugins to your store today. Ensure the easiest way to streamline your business without spending a single penny.

Cost is one of the most significant facts you should reminisce in the primary phase of your business. With the list of some dedicated plugins, we will also try to cover why to prefer these plugins and how to get the best results.

If you don't have an online store yet, just check out how to create and customize your own eCommerce marketplace using WordPress within minutes.

Before that, let's have a loot at-

Why You Should Prefer WordPress for Your Business

You might already know- there are lots of reasons to choose WordPress for your business. When you are going to start your online business journey, you need some key characteristics of a website to be perfect. Check out some of the essential things you need to think before building a website.

  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Performance
  • And ease of use.

WordPress is certainly the best suit for you in all of these regards.

How WordPress Helps to Start and Skyrocket Your Business

Nowadays WordPress users are increasing rapidly. More than 19,500,000 websites today are using WordPress for their online presence. Famous brands around the world like BBC America, Sony, Forbes, Reuters, Microsoft have chosen WordPress as their web platform. The fact is- why?

best free WordPress plugins for business
  • WordPress is free. Your budget isn’t a matter to worry about.
  • WordPress is a built-in solution. You can set up your website easily even without a developer.
  • Blog or business- WordPress confirms awesome flexibility for all.
  • Go big or small- WordPress has a large online support community. Your project's size isn't a matter in WordPress.
  • WordPress is now one of the unchallenged champions for marketing and SEO.
  • WordPress is secured and always under development. It's obviously a quantum advantage for anyone in online business.
  • WordPress has a broad verity of themes and plugins for every feature you need.

If you curious enough to learn more about using WordPress for business, check out why big brands are preferring WordPress for their business?

Ways to Streamline Your Business Using Free WordPress Plugins

You have already started your eCommerce marketplace. Now is the time to streamline and skyrocket your business. Here are free WordPress plugins to help you. Let's shortly discuss some facts you should consider at this beginning stage.

If you don't have an eCommerce store yet, follow this step by step guideline to create your own online store within minutes!

5 Facts You Should Consider to Streamline Your Business

There are a number of facts to estimate for ensuring your business growth. We have selected the top 5 among them.

best free WordPress plugins for business and planning
Do perfect marketing plan for your small business

1. Manage Your Site Easily from Frontend

When you run an eCommerce shop, there are huge tasks and things you need to manage all at once. It's almost impossible for anyone to manage all this stuff perfectly. Here you need to take help from WordPress business plugins. You could do everything by adding these plugins to your site.

All you need to set up and install a frontend management plugin. Ninja Form, Gravity Form, and WordPress User Frontend are out there to make your task done. Our pick for you is WordPress User Frontend.

WPUF is one of the best free WordPress plugins for business

You could just check out why WPUS is the best suit for you! It will certainly help you to manage all of your products, posts, and customers from the frontend. Moreover, it will assure giving enough space your users or customers need to.

2. Run Projects Effectively with Automation

You could just fall behind if you choose manual management for your projects. Sometimes you may even not know you are committing poor management offenses. There are lots of project management software to help you in managing all of your projects perfectly without investing lots of time, energy or resources. 

WP project manager

Our pick for you is one of the best WordPress project management tools- WP Project Manager. Check out why it's the best option for you.

If you want to learn more- just read out how expert project managers get powerful results with automation.

3. Track & Collect The Information You Need

You have to track & collect essential information from your potential customers to secure the proper growth of your business.

One of the most effective ways to capture customers’ information is integrating forms on your WordPress business site. Gravity Forms and WP-forms are premium WordPress plugins that allow you to create and publish multiple forms on your WordPress site.

If you’re looking for a free solution with the absolute output, then weForms is the best option for you.

weForms is the best free WordPress plugins for business too

Check out why and how weForms is better than others.

4. Launch & Execute Email Marketing Campaigns

Although there are lots of ways to market your business online, email marketing is still the most efficient approach to communicate with people directly.

There is built-in functionality in your WordPress site to send out emails, but you should go for a professional solution, like MailChimp or Aweber. The default mail function of WordPress doesn't work sometimes.

MailChimp- best free WordPress plugins for business

If you have less than 2000 subscribers in your site, you may opt to use MailPoet. It's a free solution to send emails inside WordPress.

You should consider using WordPress User Frontend to track your conversion and secure lead generation. It's too free for you!

5. Manage Your Customer’s Queries

Customers have a lot of queries in common, especially in this initial stage of your business. Answering each one of them separately could take a huge amount of your valuable time and efforts. You should automate your customer service and support. You can do that by only adding a plugin.

  • Use bbPress to set up a basic discussion forum
  • Use DW Question & Answer to add a Quora-like question and answer section to your site.

Moreover, you could use some essential modules of WordPress User Frontend from pro version to manage your customer queries and ensure better communication.

Best Free WordPress Plugins for Business with Use Cases

Plugins are important to easily manage your store, products, and customers. There are countless free plugins for you in the WordPress community. We have selected the best five plugins these are most essential for your store at this beginning stage.

best free WordPress plugins for business

These will help you to create a unique e-commerce website using WordPress.

Why Need to Use Plugins?

  • Perceiving perfect project management
  • Implement the sales process
  • Improve customer service and support
  • Collect necessary information tracking the conversion
  • Launch email marketing campaigns
  • Manage customers, vendors, partners, and affiliates
  • Organize users using custom attributes and find them using filters
  • And many more…

Just check out the list below, try to perfectly use them for meeting your goal.

WPERPSkyrocket Your Business with Automation

WPERP- best free WordPress plugins for business


  • All in one business management solution including HRM, CRM & Accounting
  • It has 20+ extensions and project management modules
  • 8000+ businesses are keeping their faith in this solution for years
  • WPERP has users all around the world from (over 160 countries and 20+ languages)
  • It's a built-in solution for your business
  • And finally, it's free with 24/7 official support

Mail Chimp– E-mail Management Tools with Automation

mail chimp- free woocommerce plugins


  • To develop your e-commerce marketing strategy with automation
  • Easily manage all of your campaigns
  • Follow up with your customer activities from one place

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking- best free WordPress plugins for business


  • Obtaining advanced user behavioral data
  • Tracking your WooCommerce business better
  • Getting detailed conversion data for analytics
  • Creating better ad campaigns
  • Securing better customer retargeting for future marketing efforts and many more

weForms– Amazing Form Builder Plugin

weForms- best free WordPress plugins for business


  • Create any type of forms you need within a minute
  • Save time using this form builder to focus on your marketing and strategy
  • It has more than 18 premium modules to make it more powerful and effective.

Want to Start A Multivendor Marketplace like Amazon?

You have a built-in WordPress eCommerce store. And now you know how to streamline your business with free woocommerce plugins. But today's trend is to build a multi-vendor marketplace. You could turn your store into a multi-vendor marketplace by just adding a plugin.

There are lots of multi-vendor marketplace builder plugins in the WordPress industry. Dokan Multivendor Marketplace, WC Marketplace, and WCFM Marketplace are some of the great examples of these plugins. Our pick for you is Dokan, a trusted plugin by 20,000+ organizations around the world.

Dokan- best WordPress multivendor marketplace

Dokan can be certainly the best choice for your startup multivendor marketplace project, You will wonder knowing that it's free!

Check out how to create an eBay like multivendor marketplace using this free plugin within a few minutes!

Time to Get Free WordPress Plugins for Your Business

Today is the time for automation. You can't meet the desired success ignoring automation in your projects. As a proud member of the WordPress community, you have this awesome opportunity to streamline your business using free WordPress business or Woocommerce plugins.

Get and Install these essential free woocommerce plugins to your store and skyrocket your business without spending your precious time, money and efforts.

Aspiring Success Story of an Educational Institute ‘Project Management College’

Achieving the Project Management success may seem quite straightforward in eyes but in reality, it is far from it. One might think, you fix a deadline, you hire the right people, and set up a quick budget and you are all set to attain success from your project. But actually, when it comes to any project management success, it depends on a number of factors.

Assigning the wrong people to a project, providing misleading information, project managers not being on the page are some of the major factor responsible for its unsuccessfulness. But with the right tool for project management, any company or institute can overcome it. In the same way Project Management College based in Central America, Nicaragua has overcome its project management challenges using the right project management tool.

So today's post will be all about the success story of an educational institute, ‘Project Management College‘. Also, the challenges it faced and how it has overcome it picking the right project management solution for its institution.

So without waiting any longer let's dive into the journey it prevailed.

PMC's Journey, Vision, Mission & Values

PMC as a project began its journey in the year 2000 with the intention of creating the best training center in project management. It holds a common goal of helping others in their training as project managers aligned with the  Project Management Institute (PMI). The courses in it are designed in such a way that it is guaranteed to pass the certification exam in the first go.

Its vision revolved around for people being able to apply and promote good practices in project management becoming the very first school of project manages located in Nicaragua.

Its mission compiles of serving as facilitators to all professionals to help achieve their certification under a certain standards

And lastly, it values towards the Responsibility, Respect, Equity. Honesty of the institute goers and everyone involved in it.

Why PMC Opted for WP Project Manager

PMC WP Project Manager

PMC's founder Nohar Martinez was looking for a project management solution that can help in its consultancies and work with its clients in different scenarios. Also, an efficient tool that can help its students who are preparing to become project managers.

After trying out a few other tools, WP Project Manager seems to have fulfilled all the requirement they were asking for. And in addition to that since WP Project Manager Plugin is said to help it work in an orderly manner allowing them to assign WordPress users to a certain task and automatically send those updates through emails to notify the users about the progress. So, moreover, they found it to be quite efficient and useful for their cause of managing their projects better and timely.

Want to get a better idea of how the WP Project Manager works? Then check out its dummy version from the link below.

Access Free WP Project Manager Demo→

How PMC Is Using WP Project Manager for Its Project Management Success

After opting to get to WP Project Manager, PMC has seen tremendous progress in terms of completing its projects. It has used the tool to its maximum potential utilizing all its useful entities & features. Here is how WP Project Manager helps in managing its projects for PMC's designated project manager & students.

Projects Creation

PMC can create several projects and view them all at one place to quickly get access to it. It can choose the projects it wants to review by clicking on the available listed projects.

Generating a Task List

Based on the nature of a project, PMC is able to create a number of task list. It can also set a milestone for the project managers and the people assigned in the project.

PMC is also able to write a small description to describe the kind of task it is under every task list created.

Adding New Task Under Task List

Under the task list, PMC can add unlimited number of new task to overview, update, assign it the project managers or students.

Assigning Users to the Task

Once PMC create a specific task, it can then assign the task to anyone involved in the project.

Setting up a Deadline

PMC project managers get to set a calendar based deadline to let anyone responsible to complete the project understand the urgency of getting things done on time.

Briefing Task Description

It has the ability to write a short or detailed description of the task. This helps the PMC project managers & student easily understand what and how they need to proceed or approach the task.

Assigning Users to Subtask

CMC project managers can also add a limitless subtask to manage the overall task in more organizing manner & better.

Discussing Task Progress

Any project manager or student of PMC while completing any task can discuss the overall progress, drawbacks or comment any valuable information or message regarding the project hassle-free.

Attaching File on Comment & Notifying Users

Moreover, after completion of any task, PMC project manager or student can attach any relevant files that are associated with the task. And not to mention its useful option of notifying all other users connected with the project in it.

What PMC Feels About Using WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager is an excellent tool to carry a list to do

Nohar Martinez, Founder PMC

The collaborators & workers at PMC use WP Project Manager to communicate with each other at least 8 hours a day. So far they felt it is an excellent tool to do it daily work and project management task.

But it also has the scope of improvement that needs to be taken care of. Even though it is a great tool to manage the project, but when it comes to advance level project management, it is still not the perfect solution for them.

As it seems like in terms of budget monitoring & control, physical progress or an in-depth comparison between the real or planned picture, there are options that it feels if included in the future would further improve the user experience turning it into an inevitable project management solution for one and all serving for every project management purposes.

Improve Project Management Success With the Right Project Management Tool

Now when you are looking to get success in your project management then there are more essential factors like defining the scope, objectives & deliverables, proper project planning, better communication, tracking & reporting the project progress, handling the changes in management and more importantly risk management.

PMC is taking care of all these utilizing the right project management tool in order to get success. And WP Project Manager is exactly the kind solution that helps you manage all these criteria efficiently.

Curious to learn more about WP Project Manager? Then

RNR Creative Enterprises Story of Success and Growth With WP Project Manager

There was a time when we used to think that big projects mean large places and a lot of workforces. The picture is totally different now. In this era of technology and information, we know almost all the big stuff can be done even in a small room. And how easy these are to manage.

Automation has not only facilitated our work, but it has also reduced a huge amount of costs and places.

Today, we are going to share one such incredible story of success and growth of a creative firm with WordPress Project Manager.

These days, designing a proper plan and strategizing the execution process are more important than your idea. The bigger your project, the smarter and extensive your plan. And utilizing perfect technology is a must. RNR Creative Enterprises did the same thing and they met success with a very short period.

Let’s jump to the actual story.

RNR Creative Enterprises and The Team behind It

WP Project Manager success story

RNR Creative Enterprises is one of the prominent design firms based in Denver, Colorado. They work on building brands. What a business organization may need from its planning to execution, RNR has the ability to handle everything very well.

Our purpose is to help you illuminate, elevate and execute your idea(s)

Team RNR

RichardNRhodes is the brain behind RNR Creative Enterprises. He started his career as a design and branding practitioner around two decades earlier. Going ahead with a certain goal, he built a fully customized branding and consultancy firm named RNR Creative Enterprises.

Richard- RNR creative enterprises

With a great in-house team of professionals, Richard is now moving forward to achieve his next bigger goal through quality branding and strategic supports.

RNR Creative Enterprises covers a broad service area including-

Branding, Advertising, Web Development, Strategic Solutions, Brand Storytelling, Video, Strategic Communications, Graphic Design, Creative Management Services and consultancy, SEO/SEM and more…

They have a team of business and communications strategists, writers, designers, developers, and programmers to produce content across the whole media spectrum from traditional broadcast, print, collateral and direct mail to new media including the web, email, social media, apps, and mobile products, etc.

And with all the above, the company is riding high day by day.

RNR's Struggle and Meeting the Solution

WP Project Manager success story

Through offering quality services to thousands of organizations over the years, RNR has become one of the great reliable creative service providers in Denver. But at a point, when they were growing and both of their projects and team members were increasing, RNR greatly felt that they need an automated solution to easily manage their growing team and projects.

Projects and situations RNR needed to handle at that time were-

  • Creating various projects
  • Adding unlimited tasks to each project
  • Assigning people to a specific task
  • Opportunity to discuss, file sharing
  • Creating milestone and tracking the progress
  • Making reviews and shortly overview all the project through a stunning dashboard or frontend calendar
  • More facilities like getting timely reports, opportunity to use advanced tools like Time tracker, Kanban board, Task labeling, etc.
  • Third-party app integration to customize the entire task management process

With all these situations and needs, RNR started to find and select a solution that really able to provide meaningful support.

How Did WP Project Manager Come to the Rescue

WP Project Manager

Having lots of projects under the parent company, RNR Creative Enterprises also have two independent organizations.

So that you can easily understand their actual project counts and the necessity of ensuring real-time support to service-holders.

Since RNR Creative Enterprises uses WordPress as their web platform, there were lots of project management solutions out there. And they found WP Project Manager Pro as the most responsive solution they were looking for. Check out what Richard says-

I use the WP Project Manager as a complete intranet for all of my large-scale projects where I need to manage massive complex collaboration, managing digital assets, and track the progress of the entire process.

Richard, CEO, RNR Creative Enterprises

We said earlier that- with all their sister concerns, RNR has to manage a vast number of projects. And all are very serious to schedule, manage, monitor and execute on time. They really had not any consideration to compromise with the quality of the solution.

RNR Creative Enterprises believes that ‘Ideas are Crucial. Strategy is Important. Execution is Everything.’ And they relied on WordPress Project Manager Pro to smartly manage and execute all of their projects.

Considerations to Choose WP Project Manager Pro

WP Project Manager is a project management solution for WordPress users with a rich collection of features including unlimited project and task management, assigning people, creating milestone, tracking the progress, team discussion, to-do list, email notifications, etc. and all are free for anyone within the community.

WP Project Manager pro version includes features like Subtask, Time Tracker, Kanban Board, Recurring Task management and more.

WP Project Manager dashboard

As RNR Creative Enterprise was rapidly growing and they badly were in a need to manage all their project easily on time and budget, WP Project manager came to the light with a lot of functionality and great support. If you compare its easy-smooth user experience with other available solutions in the industry, you will definitely refer to WP Project Manager.

Our company is growing and thriving, and all of our projects are on time, under budget and practical solutions in the marketplace. All thanks to the WP Project Manager

Richard, CEO- RNR Creative Enterprises

Are They Happy with The Solution?

Up to now, you have listened to the beginning part of this story. RNR as an enterprise, their struggle of handling the growing team and projects and picking up the WP Project Manager Pro. Now the question is- are they happy with the solution to ensure real-time service and make their customers satisfied too?

Have a look at what their customers say to get the real picture.

WP Project Manager testimonial
WP Project Manager example

Check out RNR's portfolio page to get a bunch of case studies about what the company has done throughout the years.

Coming to this point, it's now clear to you that what will be team RNR's feeling about WP Project Manager. Yes, since they are going forward with making and keeping their customers satisfied, RNR too happy with WP Project manager. See what does Richard say!

To date, all of my clients love this solution.

Richard, CEO- RNR Creative Enterprises

WP Project Manager’s Scalability for Small to Large Enterprises

WP Project Manager is one of the top useful project management solutions in the WordPress industry. You can manage your any type, sort or size of teams and projects with this easy-to-use plugin. Creating unlimited projects, task lists and assigning-removing people would enable you efficiently handle all your on-going or upcoming task from a single place.

With a free version, WP Project Manager also has a rich collection of modules. You can customize the solution just as you need. Have a look at some pro features of WP Project Manager.

As you already know that with a huge number of projects, RNR Creative Enterprises is managing their day-to-day activities and providing all sorts of supports for years. And they are very happy with WP Project Manager. Richard and his team have recommended the solution for any business, especially for SMEs.

The WP Project Manager plugin is an invaluable tool for any business, but especially for small companies that tend not to have large, robust in-house tech departments.

WP Project Manager is not only let you manage your projects, but you can also track all sorts of web-based tasks with a to-do list, milestones, time-tracker, and advanced task management tools.

This awesome solution enables you to ensure and increase team-collaboration through discussion, adding comments, private messaging and more.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to get reports and overview the completed and on-going tasks.

Confused to Choose the Right Solution?

If you are struggling to find the best project management solution for your small-medium-large enterprise, WP project manager would be your wise choice. RNR Creative Enterprise' story of success and growth could help you go ahead with your decision.

The ability to get updates about all your on-going projects by just one click will let you plan and execute your any sort of task on time and get the best output from your team.

Returning to You

RNR Creative Enterprises is one of the great real-world examples which met success through offering quality service on time. In this busy world, your success depends mainly on your team and time management. And a smart project management solution is a must these days to manage, monitor and ensure real-time service and support, as well as to increase team collaboration.

Over 7000 businesses now rely on WP Project Manager from around the world.

Are you using WP Project Manager? Share your story with us. Let the world know your struggle and the tremendous story of success and growth.

Recurring Task Scheduling in Your WordPress Site- The Easiest Way

We perform different types of duties and responsibilities in our everyday life. Some of them are instant, some others are repeating on a regular basis. With lots of instant or uncertain tasks, we manage our repeating activities by maintaining a diary or setting up alarms etc. The situation is the same in our business projects too. There are lots of recurring tasks in each & every project.

So, how would you manage them?

If you follow the manual (pen & paper) process till now, that's just waste of your time. Automating the projects by implementing software isn't something new or unfamiliar today. But if you have a Project Management Software, you know that creating new tasks and assigning the members also requires some times and that could be huge regarding your project's size. That's exactly where comes the Recurring Task Scheduler to the rescue.

Recurring task scheduling

This post is basically for WordPress users. If you're using WordPress as your web platform, you have easy options to set recurring task schedulers and save both your times and efforts. WordPress Project Manager let you automate your projects and track all the internal activities and overall progress. Let's start.

Requirements to Use Recurring Task Management Module

To schedule your tasks using Recurring Task Module, you need to have these solutions.

  1. Your WordPress Business/Blogging site
  2. WordPress Project Manager (Part of WordPress ERP)
  3. Recurring Task Module (It's premium)

Why Do You Need a Recurring Task Manager?

The Recurring Task Module lets you schedule your repeating tasks on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis in your WordPress site. If you don't have this module, you have to create each of your tasks separately and assign the team members every time. Isn't it boring? Not only that, it will kill your valuable times.

So it's clear that if you use this module, you will be able to-

  • easily schedule all your tasks
  • track and monitor the progress
  • create timely and perfect plans
  • give employees check their assigning tasks
  • stay alert about the milestones and more

A Short Overview on WordPress Project Manager

To use this recurring task module, you need to have the WordPress Project Manager Pro. So, what this software actually let you do? This solution makes it easy for you to manage all the projects and tasks with lots of handy features, like creating unlimited tasks, calendar, milestone, private messaging, time-tracking, work scheduling, discussion features and other things that you need for your project.

WordPress Project manager-

It has a huge collection of essential modules that let you design and customize your process in a more productive way.

How to Add and Activate Recurring Task Management Module

The process is easy. Simply go to your WordPress site's dashboard. Install and activate the WordPress Project Manager plugin.

Recurring task module

This is a free-primary version. After activating the plugin, you need to upgrade to its pro version. Getting the pro version you need to activate all the advanced features including Recurring Task Module.

Now create a list of projects that you have and assign your team members to these projects. In each and every project, you will get an independent dashboard including the fields like- Overview, Activities, Discussions, Task Lists, Milestones, Files, Gantt Chart, Invoice, and Settings etc.

PM dashboard- recurring events examples
WP Project Manager Dashboard

These options would enable you to monitor the overall progress and add or edit new tasks and other things.

How to Schedule a Recurrence

When you have added a task that you need to perform on a regular basis, you can schedule them using Recurring task module. So, how would you schedule them? Let's check. You can also check our step by step documentation to learn the basic.

Step 1- Go to Your Projects Dashboard

Click on any of your created project. You will be redirected on your dashboard. Now select Task Lists option.

Task list- recurring task management

Step 2- Set a Recurrence by Weekly/Monthly/Annually

Setting a recurrence in WordPress
Setting a Recurrence
  • Name your task
  • Click on the recurrence loop from the right side
  • Select a (weekly/monthly/annually) recurrence
  • Finally, (after completing other options) click on the check button
  • You would see a green loop on the right side of your created task

Step 3- Setting a Recurrence by Date

recurring settings- recurring task
  1. Select a recurrence (weekly/monthly/annually)
  2. Select the number of repeating (1/2/3)
  3. Choose expiration on Date
  4. Mention the time duration for each task
  5. And finally click on the Done button

Step 4- Setting a Recurrence by Occurrence

recurring task management
  1. Select a recurrence (for example- monthly)
  2. Select the date of the month (1st to 31st of the month)
  3. Choose expiration After Occurrence
  4. Finalize the number of occurrences for each task (0 to infinite)
  5. Mention the time duration for each task
  6. And finally, click on the Done button

This is how you can set a recurring task in your To-do list.

Checking the Output of WordPress Task Scheduler

The options you have chosen for your recurring task, you would be able to see the same new task on your task list at the date you have selected, with all the sub-tasks, assigned people and time duration etc.

And the task would be created as child under your parent task.

output- recurring task

Options with 3 Different Repeating Criteria

Now, check all the options you would get with this module to smoothly schedule your repeating tasks.

options- recurring task

Questions Answered

Question: Is it possible to edit my recurring task once after scheduling?

Answer: Of course, just go to your dashboard, select Task list and then click on recurring loop. You can easily edit the scheduling.

FAQ- recurring task

Q: How can I cancel a recurring task after scheduling?

A: First select the task, click on recurring loop and then select “No” on Repeat option. Your recurring task will be canceled.

recurring task list- recurring task

Q: I don't understand the difference between expiration on date and after occurrence.

A: When you select a recurrence by a week, the module lets you set an exact date on which you want to see your task would be re-created. You also have an option to set the expiration by the Occurrence. Check the image below.

Weekly recurring- recurring task

But when you select monthly or annual recurring option, the module will let you choose only “After Occurrence” expiration. You can't choose on date option directly. Here occurrence means how much time you want to recreate the task.

So, when you choose monthly or an annual time duration, it's clear that the task would require several occurrences.

That is why this module lets you choose only the occurrence option to make it easier regarding your needs. But of course, if you have only one occurrence, you can set that by select the number.

recurring task moduler

Q: When I will choose occurrence and duration date, will that time duration applicable for each occurrence separately or only for 1st occurrence?

A: Separately for each occurrence. Suppose you have created an annual recurring and set 5 occurrences with a 2-day duration, you will get 2 day for completing each of your occurrences.

what is recurring task management

So, you can see that setting up the recurrence and scheduling all of your repeating tasks with the Recurring Task module is so easy. It doesn't only help you to automate your projects but also make you able to track all the repeating task and see the progress.

Get the WP Project Manager now and start using the Recurring task module to skyrocket your business.

Final Words on WordPress Recurring Events Management

With around 10 independent modules, you have lots of options to automate and manage your business. Recurring task module is one of the premium features of the WP project manager that lets you get a go!

If you have any confusion or want to learn something specific, let us know in the comment option. We're always here to help you.

How to Manage Your WordPress Blog More Efficiently With WP Project Manager

WordPress makes blogging all the more easier

WordPress incorporates a seamless system to let you create, manage, and edit content for your website. Being the number 1 CMS as of today, it ensures your site remains vibrant and dynamic, and your content captures the eyes of the audience you want.

WordPress provides a host of other opportunities like SEO, a customized site, a hell lot of templates, scalability, and a full-scale content management platform that you just can't compromise with. With WordPress, you at least have an ownership of things, like, your own website! You can control how your site looks, feels and functions. And you can monetize your site and create content without restrictions.

As a content development platform WordPress lets you ‘be' something. Because you can manage everything independently, without expert assistance, and its super easy to update your site.

The process of creating, publishing, and sharing content on WordPress is ever so much easy because of the presence of a host of plugins that you can put in place.

Here we talk about how WP Project Manager lets you make the most out of your WordPress blogging platform.

WordPress Blog Management

How to manage blogs using WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager is a WordPress plugin that exempts users from doing things the usual way. It understands that teams today are digital that cross borders and span countless miles far. And since no one is confined physically, we now require new solutions that address these unique social circumstances. WP Project Manager helps in this regard to keep work going smoothly for any type of user through online and web task management. Beginner-friendly yet feature-rich for even advanced users to work efficiently.

With WP Project Manager you can add any number of users and projects and tasks and even monitor the access you grant to each and every member. In this way you make updating content easy and you also bridge geographical and timezone gaps so everyone can contribute equally.

You are getting an overview dashboard where you can create an unlimited number of projects department-wise, category-wise or any other way that suits you. Here you get to see a summary of all active and completed projects and you can search within projects for any task, task list, or milestones using the global search feature.

You can also view your projects in a grid or list view or favourite a project that you want to keep at your instant view. To get started creating a schedule for your blogs click on a project you've created.

WordPress Blog Management

Here are the benefits you get:

  1. set a publishing schedule
  2. preparing assets such as images and video
  3. divide your task into smaller branches
  4. limit yourself from overspending with time tracker
  5. carry out discussions with team members
  6. managing subscriptions

So let's see how you can manage a blog site in WordPress with WP Project Manager.

Setting a Publishing Schedule

Once you're ready with your ideas for blogs, you need to invest some time on creating a schedule. Successful blog sites publish content based on a set agenda and plan. This timetable is often a well-defined routine and roster that clearly states the topic of the blog, the assignee, due dates, and categories.

Your publishing schedule will be the one that works for you and that's unique to your site. It will depend on your work plans, other members who work with you, your audience, and also what you're going to write about. Make it practical for yourself and for your team so you can keep up with it. And be prepared to adapt and modify when required.

But before doing this, you need to figure out:

  • How often you need to publish posts are published – weekly, daily, on certain days of the week or at certain times of day. For example, the weDevs blog publishes new content on each weekday at the same time to reach audience most effectively.
  • It's not just the regular posts. You'll also need to figure out a schedule for specific types posts that you need to run on certain days, such as, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Independence Day, and a lot more. This is specially important if you run your blog as a business. So you want to make sure you're not falling back with those holiday tutorials, tips and tricks for your audience, or your thoughts for these days.
  • You've may dependence with other teams for videos, images, designs, and templates for your posts. In such a scenario, you'll also need to adjust your schedule with the schedule of other teams, as they may well have a different working plan.

When you're ready with your ideas and how it you want to create your daily agenda, it's time to implement and create tasks!

The task list is where you're likely to spend most of your time. Because here you get to create an unlimited number of task lists and tasks. Here can also view your deadlines, and what other members in your team are working on.

WordPress Blog Management

Sometimes you may need to create tasks for blogs that come in parts or serially like step-by-step tutorials. To handle these a very convenient feature, known as the recurrent task feature is ready to help you automatically repeat a task weekly, monthly and annually. Whichever floats your boat!

WordPress Blog Management

Set how many times you want the task to repeat, when you want it to expire and the duration of the task. WordPress Blog Management

With an interactive online calendar you can easily see how your blogs and deadlines fall against each other so that you can place them correctly when you plan your schedules. Digital calendars make life easier as you can stay more efficient without using pen and paper and noting everything down manually. The calendar will also show you the progress of every task in each project monthly, weekly, and daily.

It gets much easier to stay on track and not get caught off guard with deadlines.

WordPress Blog Management

Save images & videos as files

A blog is empty without interactive content like images, gifs, and videos. But before you can implement them in your blog, you need to plan, structure, and design them beforehand.

WP Project Manager has handy tools like the File Manager where you can simultaneously upload an unlimited number of documents. These include photos and files of any format.

WordPress Blog Management

To manage your blogs better you can sort out your files in Folders. Create a separate folder for each blog. Here you can keep your images, videos, or anything else you need for your blog. Within folders you can create subfolders as well for further categorization.

WordPress Blog Management

You can always rename your folders and name them on your blogs for easier management.

To create attachments in specific tasks you can always do it under comments in the single task window.

Divide tasks into smaller branches

The single task page is your go-to-resource when you've to create a task and add details. From this modal window you can do many things like set a start date and deadlines, add members, add a description, make comments, attach files, view activity, change status and view who created the task and when.

WordPress Blog Management

But writing a blog is a process. Blogs are lengthy ordeals, no matter how much enjoy it. They include multiple steps and one needs to progress in stages.

WP Project Manager has a handy tool to let you walk through your blogs in phases. This feature is known as Sub Tasks. With sub tasks you're able to divide your blogs into multiple branches that makes your task more achievable.

From research and planning for an article to drafting, adding media, doing SEO, having it reviewed, creating UTM links, to having it published and shared on social channels – you can cover all phases with ease.

The best thing about the Sub Task feature is that it makes a higher, and perhaps, more complicated goal, a more attainable one. In doing so, it makes a difficult job easier to complete. These smaller tasks add up to each other and let you progress serially to reach the end higher goal.

WordPress Blog Management

The Best Web Task Manager & Time Tracker for your WordPress blog site!

Create unlimited projects, task lists, task and sub-tasks with this open source project manager. Use time tracker to stay ahead. View progress via Gantt Chart, Kanban Board, Daily Digest, and Activity log. Redefine the way you manage your team, content, goals, and deadlines.

Get it now!

Keep track with time tracker

For more in-depth tracking of your blogging process, you'll require something to keep track of your efficiency. And what's a better way to do this than keep track of your time. This is one of the best tools if you're also working along with different members. Log the times you've spent on a specific task and that's it!

WordPress Blog Management

As a team leader you can demand from your co-workers to create logs every time they are working on a task. You can also use it for yourself when you're writing a blog. Using this feature honestly and consistently will help you get an insight on how much you and your co-workers are working efficiently. Of course difficult blogs that are based on research will take longer than simple tips and tricks write-ups.

Simply use the start button to get started. Stop when you pause and the module will instantly log your time. Repeat this process each time you start working on your blog. In this way you'll have a list of all the logs and a net total showing the sum up of time you spent on this task.

WordPress Blog Management

The time tracking feature is also useful for reporting. It gives you a glimpse of how fast someone is working, so that you can reward a team member who consistently works ahead of deadlines. You can also use it to improve your own timing should you notice yourself slacking off.

WordPress Blog Management

Discuss with writers & team members

When you're working in a team, you obviously need to communicate with other co-workers more or less all the time. This is more the case when you're a team lead and you need to manage everybody's tasks.

So what do you when you notice something isn't done on time or done incorrectly? And how do you keep things in perspective at all times? Through discussions!

With WP Project Manager communication becomes seamless. Instead of using phone calls, SMS, and physical meetings, you can simply talk to each other online. In this digital age, discussions have become quite easy. Because you can have everything in one place instead of using several different solutions or apps.

WordPress Blog Management

All your conversations will remain saved so you can come back and read them again. Best thing is you can add unlimited files, images, presentations and other documents in every thread and these remain in your database.

So you're never lost in a sea of tasks and deadlines. Making communication seamless between everyone involved is a proven key to success that should not be taken lightly.

WordPress Blog Management

Bonus: to notify a team member of an update or for small discussions, you can always use the comments section in single task page.

Managing Subscribers

You may be running a business blog or a blog for hobby. Either way you've to engage people through your site if you want to keep on bringing constant traffic and grow your blog. So if you're running a blogging site that's open for other users as well, you can use a simple plugin like WP User Frontend.

With WP User Frontend Pro you can easily set up recurring payment subscriptions, so that you can allow user-generated content at a multi-level memberships. This plugin lets you create membership and subscription plans where you can put limits on how many posts your users can make for each package as well as decide the price for each yourself.

You can offer users to write some content for free and more benefits to paid subscribers. This will allow your audience to engage with your site within the convenience of bundles that come with a lot of savings.

WordPress Blog Management

With WP User Frontend, you can also customize and make the process of signing up and logging in to your site as easy as breeze. This will also help subscribers to make comments whenever they want.

WordPress Blog Management

What's more! Should you want to allow users to post from the frontend of your WordPress site without giving them access to your backend, this plugin would be your best friend.

WP User Frontend Pro comes with a lot more useful and accessible tools, that would be of great use to you as you keep building your blogging site. Some of these include:


Developing  a dedicated blog site is definitely hard work. And to sustain it is even harder. You need to constantly generate new ideas for content, publish and share interactive and knowledgeable posts with the right audience through the right medium, and ensure that you're engaging people enough through comments, subscriptions, or purchases.

A successful blog site helps you make income out of it or if you're doing it out of leisure, you'll have the satisfaction to interact with an audience who may share similar thoughts and interests as you and grow your own community of followers. And when you're consistent at creating good content and engaging your audience, your readers will share and recommend your content to friends, acquaintances, and colleagues more, thus making you go viral.

What’s your experience of writing blogs in WordPress? Do you have a site where you create & share engaging content everyday? Share your valuable anecdotes and ideas about creating & managing a blogging site in WordPress.