How to Get The Best WordPress Conversion Tracking Tools for Your WooCommerce Store

WordPress conversion tracking can be a great way to analyze the performance and measure the growth of your WooCommerce site. It leads you to develop stronger marketing strategies, optimize your campaigns and improves your buyer's journey. As a result, you can reach your desired consumers more efficiently and boost the traffic for your eShop.

As an online shop owner, you have to identify your visitor's each and every movement on your site. Otherwise, your spends on paid adds will go to drain if you don't analyze the actions of the site visitors going through these ads.

Woocommerce Conversion Tracking lets you identify either you are investing the money in the right way or not. Otherwise, it will only cut your pocket with zero return.

Why Should You Implement WooCommerce Conversion Tracking


As an online shop owner, you may have a budget for online advertisements in order to promote your brand widely. But this marketing tactic will not bring any profit for your business unless you track the conversion rate for your website.

Therefore to measure the conversion of your WooCommerce site, you need to measure the following KPIs:

  • Add to Cart: How many visitors use the cart in your store.
  • Initiate Checkout: Identify the number of people who are initiating checkout.
  • Purchase: How many people make purchases on your WooCommerce store.
  • Complete Registration: Find out how many visitors perform registrations on your site.
  • View Product: Visitors who view certain products.
  • View Product Category: Those product categories that are viewed for several times.
  • Search Product: Identify the products that are searched by visitors.
  • Add To Wishlist: You can track products that are added to the wishlist by the visitors.

So, with an eCommerce Tracking Tool, you can understand your audience better.

Features of WooCommerce Conversion Tracking at a Glance


Every marketing campaign has a specific goal. In order to make the campaign successful for your business, you must measure its performance. However, if you are running a Woo-commerce Site you can easily do it by getting a plugin. You just have to employ the embed code into your site provided by different campaign platforms.

The Conversion Tracker inserts those codes on the WooCommerce cart page, checkout success page and after user registration. So you can track who is adding your products to cart, who is buying them and who is registering to your site.

In this way, you can measure how much your paid campaign is paying off.

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking can avail you to:

  • Measure your website's performance
  • Identify the scope of improvement
  • Optimize the campaign and site structure
  • Retarget your lost visitors
  • Increase your traffic and sale

Therefore conversion tracker gives you all the information for every action that performed on your online store. Also, you can make the best data-driven decision for your Woocommerce site.

How to Setup Woocommerce Conversion Tracking


You can easily install the Woocommerce Conversion Tracking tool on your WooCommerce site the same as other WordPress plugins. All you need to follow the steps given bellow:

Log in to your WordPress Dashboard and add the new plugin. Go to WP Admin Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.

Now search for the plugin, “WooCommerce Conversion Tracking“. After that install and activate it just like any other WordPress plugin.


Now, navigate to WP Admin Dashboard > WooCommerce > Conversion Tracking > Integrations (Tab).

After that, turn on the toggle bars for each platform you want to use.


You can get the basic features to track the conversion from Facebook, Twitter, Google Adwords, and Custom Pixel without spending a bulk with the free version. To extend the functionality and enjoy the full-fedge advantage you should get the premium subscription.

Woocommerce Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

At first, identify your potential audience and run Google Ads that can drive potential traffic to your site. It is very easy to Setup AdWords Conversion Tracking in your WooCommerce Store.

All you need to insert your Account ID, that you can get from your Google AdWords account. Then active the labels for each event, and start tracking.


By turning on the Google Adwords toggle bar you can track two events of your WooCommerce site:

  • Purchase (free)
  • Complete Registration (premium)

You need to enable these events individually to get the data of your site.

Facebook Pixel WordPress Conversion Tracking


You can track Facebook Pixel Conversion on your WooCommerce Store by inserting the Facebook Pixel ID. In order to do this, you have to enable the toggle bar for Facebook.

Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard → WooCommerce→ WooCommerce Conversion Tracking.

Now, turn on the Facebook toggle button under Integration Settings to get data for your WooCommerce store using Facebook Ads.


Now you can track the following events for free:

  • Add to Cart
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Purchase
  • Complete Registration

Furthermore, with the premium version you can extend the following functionality:

  • View Product (premium)
  • View Product Category (premium)
  • Search (premium)
  • Add to Wishlist (premium)

Woocommerce Conversion Tracking Twitter

You can use Twitter's Ad Platform to supercharge your e-commerce business and track the necessary data from your WooCommerce site.

Enable the twitter toggle to the following events of your site for free:

  • Purchase (free)
  • Add to Cart (premium)
  • Complete Registration (premium)

You have to insert “universal tag ID” to make it work.

Woocommerce Bing Conversion Tracking (Premium)

Bing Ads AKA Microsoft Ads tracking is a premium feature of the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking tool. Here, you can track only the “Purchase” event of your site with this platform.


You have to turn on the toggle bar next to Bing Ads and insert the UET Tag ID.

Perfect Audience (Premium)

Perfect Audience is a great platform to retarget your audience for your WooCommerce store. Same like others enable the toggle bar to activate.

You can track the following events with this premium tool:

  • View Product
  • Add to Cart
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Purchase
  • Complete Registration

Here, you have to insert Advertised ID provided from Perfect Audience to make it work.

Adding Custom Platform

If you want to add any platform outside of these channels mentioned above you can do it manually.


Carefully follow the steps for Custom Integration Setting and don't forget to save the changes every time.

FAQ Woocommerce Conversion Tracking

How Do I Add a Conversion Tracking Code to WordPress?

Well, in order to do this you have to run a campaign on your desired platform. You will get a conversion tracking code from the individual channel. Now you can insert the code snippets in the body-tags of your WordPress theme.

If your theme does not support this function you can install a compatible plugin on your site. However, for a WooCommerce site, you can get the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking tool and start tracking your site with some simple steps.

How Do You Install Conversion Tracking?

Conversion Tracking allows you to identify how your ads generate leads and track the visitor activities on your site such as purchase products, registration, searching, add to cart, and others. At first, you have to create a conversion action from your Google Ads Account and then Set up your conversion tracking tag. You can install the tag by yourself or use Google Tag Manager.

How Do I Link Google Analytics to WooCommerce?

Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications. You can use WooCommerce Google Analytics for free to connect your store to your Google Analytics account. It will give you basic interaction reports and figure out the site performance effectively.

Where Do I Put the Google Tag Manager Code?

Google Tage Manager lets you manage and deploy marketing tags (snippets of code or tracking pixels) on your website without modifying the code. You can simply follow 3-easy steps to install Google Tag Manager and configure the tags: Create an account, Install the container, Add and publish your tags.

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress Without a Plugin?

Before starting make sure you have the back-up of your theme as if there happens some mess you can recover it. At first, collect your Google Analytics Tracking Code from your Google Analytics account. Then, add the Tracking Code to the header.php file and save the updates.

How Do I Create and Install a Facebook Pixel?

To measure the conversion through Facebook Ads at first you have to create Facebook Pixel. You can easily create this from the pixel tab. Now, you can add the Facebook pixel to your website based on your preference to make updates in your website's code. After adding the code you have to keep eyes make sure that your pixel is working correctly.

Final Thought

You can promote your business through paid ads on different social platforms. Undoubtedly, it is a strong marketing strategy to expand your business. But it is not enough to send your brand voice to your potential consumers and improve the sale drastically.

In order to track your Woocommerce business better and increase ROI from all paid media investments, you have to install a WordPress Conversion Tracking tool on your eShop.

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking can track the activities of the visitors on your site. By analyzing the data you can optimize your campaign and modify your further marketing policy. Eventually, it will increase customer engagement with your woocommerce site.

It's always the best decision to keep eyes on your investments and their consequences. In order to get the best pay off from your paid ads platforms, you need a reliable tool like WooCommerce Conversion Tracking. It ensures the best revenue for your Woocommerce store.

Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for Beginners

With over 2.23 billion users, Facebook is the most popular social networking site across the globe. And no other social networking platform precedes the number of Facebook users as of today. This means, as a marketer you have a huge possibility to reach your desired users utilizing the Facebook marketing strategies.

In today's post, I shall be showing you some useful Facebook marketing tips and ideas that can enhance your customer engagement by getting the most out of this popular digital marketing platform.

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The Easiest Way To Analyze Your Store Data (Tools For E-commerce Analytics)

The best part of having an online site is that you can track all the essential metrics of your website. And if you have an e-commerce business then tracking to analyze those metrics becomes ever so imperative. As it helps keep your business growth growing.

Setting up E-commerce analytics for your website is one of the most important business moves & it requires a lot of time as well.

E-commerce analytics helps in planning, understanding customer behavior while improving the marketing strategy and decision making.

There are several useful analytical tools that are implemented nowadays to get complete insights into the E-commerce business.

If you are someone having those dilemmas then here is an article to enlighten you with all the answers.

So let's start with why E-Commerce analytics is so important in today's business trends.

Why You Can't Ignore E-Commerce Analytics

e-commerce analytics wedevs blog

The technology has evolved really rapidly over the past decade so did the customer's shopping behavior & thought process. Therefore e-commerce was in constant need of on-going adjustment & adaptation during this period.

Since the time e-commerce evolvement was taking place, analyzing its reliable insightful data became really essential. This was mainly due to keeping up with the growing change in trends. This made the gathering & analysis of e-commerce ever so vital for entrepreneurs.

So why exactly analytics of e-commerce site is imperative in today's time? We all want to know. So the insightful data analytics of e-business site is essential to help:

  • Email Campaign Insights & Customer Base Growth
  • Reach new Customer & Retain them
  • Gather Customer's Shopping data wherever they may shop
  • Reach out to the customers freely
  • Improve the site with valuable data insights

Before analyzing & executing the analytics and its tools one might just wonder how important is E-commerce analytics, what are the right tools to use to track the e-commerce metrics & KPI's and more importantly the things you need to track & analyze those data.

Metrics to Analyze As Your E-Commerce Store Data

Every e-store owner has a number of matrices to analyze & understand from its customer's actionable activities. One must try to yield that information to explore the progress & lackings of their e-commerce site. So the owner can use to analyze the store data of:

Number of Sales & Conversion Rate

Conversion rate analysis wedevs blogs

Suppose you are getting 1000 visitors each month on your e-commerce site. And out of which your sale conversion rate is only 0.1%. This means out of those 1000 people visiting your site, only 1 person is buying your products.

This number is really less when you look into the overall picture of your sales conversion for any e-commerce site.

Now if you do not optimize the conversion rate, then this means you are losing money every time any customers visits your site & doesn't buy anything from it.

So the matrices of conversion per sale and the rate at which the conversion taking place are the most essential data to collect for further analysis of taking future steps & retargeting.

Website Hit Rate

The more visitors you drive on to your site means more chance of making sales through it. Say if you have a conversion rate of 10% for every 1000 visitors. So you are making 100 sales from these visitors.

Now if you get to boost your website traffic and help it reach your monthly visitors to 10,000 so then even with the same 10% conversion rate, you will be making 1000 sales each month.

Analyze web traffic wedevs blog

So the importance of knowing the analytics of web traffic is evident & essential.

There will be various ways from where you will be able to improve your web traffic, like promoting your products through social channels, doing the SEO of your products in the right way and giving effort to influencer marketing.

So getting a hold of this data to analyze your website's future progress is indeed an imperative part of every e-commerce business.

Number of Orders in Average

There are mostly three ways you can make a profit for your e-commerce site. They are:

  • Increasing the number of customers
  • Increasing the average order value
  • Growing the number of repeating customer
Average Order Value (AOV) wedevs blog

Now say for example there are 2 e-stores, e-store X & e-store Y. They both get 1000 & 100 visitors each day respectively with 1% sales conversion rate. This mean e-store X gets 10 sales per day and e-store Y gets 1 sale per day.

And now if Average Order Value e-store X is $10 and e-store Y $100 then this would mean both the store will generate same revenue of $100 even though e-store Y had less traffic to their store.

One of the better ways of generating more revenues for your e-store is by influencing the visiting customer to spend more on their purchases from your site.

So in order to attract customers to spend from your e-commerce site, it becomes quite imperative to track & better the Average Order Value (AOV) from your site.

Conversion Through Email-Opt in

No doubt, Email is the most profitable marketing channel for any e-commerce business even today. In the process, you will get to collect emails from your potential customers.

Having an email list of the customer gives you the ultimate ability to sell them your product over and over again. That too without needing to sweat too much.

Email Opt-in wedevs blog

There is both a manual and automated way of tracking the Email-opt in conversion rate. As a manual way, email marketing tool like MailChimp, MailPoet, etc would enable you to check your daily email opting-in list.

In the case of the automated way, one can take the help of Google analytics by including a tracking code in the Opt-in page of Thank You. And you will be able to track your conversion rate through such various ways of attaching an Email Opt-in option in your site in order to understand the overall sale opportunities through this method.

Hence it is quite essential to track down the Email-Opt in conversion rate from your e-commerce site.

Cart Abandonment Rate

Based on a recent report, almost 70% of the orders are being abandoned before the purchasing has been completed.

Some of the major reasons for cart abandonment involves the customer being too confused, an unexpected price being shown on checkout, no trust seals or security badge on the site, no transparent refund policy, the long registration process, etc.

Cart Abandonment Metrics wedevs blog

In order to reduce the cart abandonment, there are few tips that one can follow effectively like making sure there isn't much distraction while a customer is checking out, keeping the registration & checkout process as precise as possible, sending abandoned cart emails to retarget them or try remarketing to get them back to the cart.

Tools like Google Analytics have the option to track the shopping cart abandonment rate very precisely. And to measure the amount of cart abandonment of your e-commerce site and then try out various strategies to minimize it, you will need to analyze the cart abandoned rate through these analytical tools

Customer Life Time Value

Analyse customer lifetime value

This value indicates the amount of money an average customer has spent on your site in the lifetime.

So this means the more you are able to increase the customer average order value the more customer lifetime value will improve. And from a business point of view, it is also essential to maintain a healthy long term relationship with your customers.

The loyalty of your brand towards its customers will automatically help improve the customer lifetime value, in the long run, resulting in more sale from each average customer of your e-commerce store.

Moreover, the Customer Lifetime Value allows the e-commerce site owner to estimate the promotion expenses & determine the acquisition strategy for the future business plan.

So this is why tracking the analytics of CLV is highly essential in today's e-commerce or marketplace sites.

Customer Retention & Returning Customer Rate

One might argue that the business of an e-commerce site depends mostly on how you treat & attain your new customers. But to grow your business in the real sense, it is equally essential to give importance to your returning customer as well as its customer retention strategy.

Customer Retention rate wedevs blog

For any establish e-commerce site or a marketplace, being able to retain its old customer attracting the new ones is always a big challenge. Many businesses make the mistake of forgetting their old customers trying to get new ones. This results in a substantial loss in the long run.

As the loyal customers that get retained provide an e-commerce site the maximum sale all the time. This is why understanding and keeping a track of your lost and retained customer metrics play a vital role.

As it makes quite an impact on the success of an e-commerce project.

So it is safe to say that neglecting the data of customer retention & returning customer might not be a good idea after all.

Helpful Analytics Tools for Your E-Commerce Site

The number of analytical tools available in the market is endless. But not all of them are as effective as it promises to be.

Here are some of the most compelling tools for e-commerce analytics that can come in handy for anyone.

Website analytics tool wedevs blog

Google Analytics: A very easy to use web content analytical tool that helps tracks & reports insightful data about website and its traffic.

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking: It enables its user to retarget the visitors by finding out how the conversion is taking place on its connected WooCommerce site sending user-triggered events from their chosen ads platforms.

With this solution, you can connect your WordPress business site with the best Ad Platforms and increase conversions. You will be able to send user-triggered events from your eCommerce store instantly to your chosen ads platforms.

Yes, tracking user activities and generate leads is easy with solutions like WooCommerce Conversion Tracking.

Metrilo: An effective tool that provides valuable sales and marketing insights of the E-commerce site. It helps keep getting repeating sales to boost the growing business.

HumCommerce: A simple analytical tool that reports conversion and other e-commerce related useful data to help boost the business.

KissMetrics: Enables growth teams and active marketers to improve engagement, enhance retention & boosts conversions providing complete analytical insights of e-commerce sites.

What's More?

From the above details, guess we have already established the fact that tracking your E-Commerce analytics is an indispensable thing for any online business.

With the right analytics tool, collecting those small yet detailed data is easier than ever now. And using this data collected by the effective analytical tool, you are able to get a look at the behind the scene of your business progress.

Moreover, you get to boost your customer's buying experience as well as customize the recommendations for them.

Get the Right Tool to Analyze Your E-Commerce Analytics Better

In most e-commerce or multivendor marketplace sites, there are more settings to manage in the backend of the store. But all thanks to the built-in integrations that make the store management ever so easier.

WCT for WordPress

Tracking your site visitor's shopping activities like carting products, buying it or user registration through the user's chosen social or ads platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Adwords, etc. has become quite a popular trend in today's time.

In this regard, the most effective tool to use is the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking. As I already discussed, it simply triggers events to the chosen ads platform of users from their E-commerce store in order to retarget their customers.

It is also true that most integrations of analytics tools nowadays are full of features to optimize the performance of it. Even the movement of site visitor's mouse cursor can be tracked down providing in-depth analytical information about your site & design performance.

So if you want to retarget your visiting customers or attract new ones then the essentiality of using a suitable analytical tool in your e-store or online marketplace has no point of argument.

In this case, you can choose one from the above list or pick any other that best suits your website.

How important is e-commerce analytics, metrics, KPIs & its tools for a business website? Do let us know in the comment section below.

How To Streamline Your Small Business Using Free WordPress Plugins

If you have a proper plan, it's very easy to start an online store with WordPress. But you know- meeting success is always tough.

Since you're using WordPress as your platform, you can easily manage your business and go ahead with your goal if you have useful plugins. This is a list of best free WordPress plugins for business.

There are thousands of plugins in the WordPress community to help you out. Read this article carefully and install these essential free plugins to your store today. Ensure the easiest way to streamline your business without spending a single penny.

Cost is one of the most significant facts you should reminisce in the primary phase of your business. With the list of some dedicated plugins, we will also try to cover why to prefer these plugins and how to get the best results.

If you don't have an online store yet, just check out how to create and customize your own eCommerce marketplace using WordPress within minutes.

Before that, let's have a loot at-

Why You Should Prefer WordPress for Your Business

You might already know- there are lots of reasons to choose WordPress for your business. When you are going to start your online business journey, you need some key characteristics of a website to be perfect. Check out some of the essential things you need to think before building a website.

  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Performance
  • And ease of use.

WordPress is certainly the best suit for you in all of these regards.

How WordPress Helps to Start and Skyrocket Your Business

Nowadays WordPress users are increasing rapidly. More than 19,500,000 websites today are using WordPress for their online presence. Famous brands around the world like BBC America, Sony, Forbes, Reuters, Microsoft have chosen WordPress as their web platform. The fact is- why?

best free WordPress plugins for business
  • WordPress is free. Your budget isn’t a matter to worry about.
  • WordPress is a built-in solution. You can set up your website easily even without a developer.
  • Blog or business- WordPress confirms awesome flexibility for all.
  • Go big or small- WordPress has a large online support community. Your project's size isn't a matter in WordPress.
  • WordPress is now one of the unchallenged champions for marketing and SEO.
  • WordPress is secured and always under development. It's obviously a quantum advantage for anyone in online business.
  • WordPress has a broad verity of themes and plugins for every feature you need.

If you curious enough to learn more about using WordPress for business, check out why big brands are preferring WordPress for their business?

Ways to Streamline Your Business Using Free WordPress Plugins

You have already started your eCommerce marketplace. Now is the time to streamline and skyrocket your business. Here are free WordPress plugins to help you. Let's shortly discuss some facts you should consider at this beginning stage.

If you don't have an eCommerce store yet, follow this step by step guideline to create your own online store within minutes!

5 Facts You Should Consider to Streamline Your Business

There are a number of facts to estimate for ensuring your business growth. We have selected the top 5 among them.

best free WordPress plugins for business and planning
Do perfect marketing plan for your small business

1. Manage Your Site Easily from Frontend

When you run an eCommerce shop, there are huge tasks and things you need to manage all at once. It's almost impossible for anyone to manage all this stuff perfectly. Here you need to take help from WordPress business plugins. You could do everything by adding these plugins to your site.

All you need to set up and install a frontend management plugin. Ninja Form, Gravity Form, and WordPress User Frontend are out there to make your task done. Our pick for you is WordPress User Frontend.

WPUF is one of the best free WordPress plugins for business

You could just check out why WPUS is the best suit for you! It will certainly help you to manage all of your products, posts, and customers from the frontend. Moreover, it will assure giving enough space your users or customers need to.

2. Run Projects Effectively with Automation

You could just fall behind if you choose manual management for your projects. Sometimes you may even not know you are committing poor management offenses. There are lots of project management software to help you in managing all of your projects perfectly without investing lots of time, energy or resources. 

WP project manager

Our pick for you is one of the best WordPress project management tools- WP Project Manager. Check out why it's the best option for you.

If you want to learn more- just read out how expert project managers get powerful results with automation.

3. Track & Collect The Information You Need

You have to track & collect essential information from your potential customers to secure the proper growth of your business.

One of the most effective ways to capture customers’ information is integrating forms on your WordPress business site. Gravity Forms and WP-forms are premium WordPress plugins that allow you to create and publish multiple forms on your WordPress site.

If you’re looking for a free solution with the absolute output, then weForms is the best option for you.

weForms is the best free WordPress plugins for business too

Check out why and how weForms is better than others.

4. Launch & Execute Email Marketing Campaigns

Although there are lots of ways to market your business online, email marketing is still the most efficient approach to communicate with people directly.

There is built-in functionality in your WordPress site to send out emails, but you should go for a professional solution, like MailChimp or Aweber. The default mail function of WordPress doesn't work sometimes.

MailChimp- best free WordPress plugins for business

If you have less than 2000 subscribers in your site, you may opt to use MailPoet. It's a free solution to send emails inside WordPress.

You should consider using WordPress User Frontend to track your conversion and secure lead generation. It's too free for you!

5. Manage Your Customer’s Queries

Customers have a lot of queries in common, especially in this initial stage of your business. Answering each one of them separately could take a huge amount of your valuable time and efforts. You should automate your customer service and support. You can do that by only adding a plugin.

  • Use bbPress to set up a basic discussion forum
  • Use DW Question & Answer to add a Quora-like question and answer section to your site.

Moreover, you could use some essential modules of WordPress User Frontend from pro version to manage your customer queries and ensure better communication.

Best Free WordPress Plugins for Business with Use Cases

Plugins are important to easily manage your store, products, and customers. There are countless free plugins for you in the WordPress community. We have selected the best five plugins these are most essential for your store at this beginning stage.

best free WordPress plugins for business

These will help you to create a unique e-commerce website using WordPress.

Why Need to Use Plugins?

  • Perceiving perfect project management
  • Implement the sales process
  • Improve customer service and support
  • Collect necessary information tracking the conversion
  • Launch email marketing campaigns
  • Manage customers, vendors, partners, and affiliates
  • Organize users using custom attributes and find them using filters
  • And many more…

Just check out the list below, try to perfectly use them for meeting your goal.

WPERPSkyrocket Your Business with Automation

WPERP- best free WordPress plugins for business


  • All in one business management solution including HRM, CRM & Accounting
  • It has 20+ extensions and project management modules
  • 8000+ businesses are keeping their faith in this solution for years
  • WPERP has users all around the world from (over 160 countries and 20+ languages)
  • It's a built-in solution for your business
  • And finally, it's free with 24/7 official support

Mail Chimp– E-mail Management Tools with Automation

mail chimp- free woocommerce plugins


  • To develop your e-commerce marketing strategy with automation
  • Easily manage all of your campaigns
  • Follow up with your customer activities from one place

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking- best free WordPress plugins for business


  • Obtaining advanced user behavioral data
  • Tracking your WooCommerce business better
  • Getting detailed conversion data for analytics
  • Creating better ad campaigns
  • Securing better customer retargeting for future marketing efforts and many more

weForms– Amazing Form Builder Plugin

weForms- best free WordPress plugins for business


  • Create any type of forms you need within a minute
  • Save time using this form builder to focus on your marketing and strategy
  • It has more than 18 premium modules to make it more powerful and effective.

Want to Start A Multivendor Marketplace like Amazon?

You have a built-in WordPress eCommerce store. And now you know how to streamline your business with free woocommerce plugins. But today's trend is to build a multi-vendor marketplace. You could turn your store into a multi-vendor marketplace by just adding a plugin.

There are lots of multi-vendor marketplace builder plugins in the WordPress industry. Dokan Multivendor Marketplace, WC Marketplace, and WCFM Marketplace are some of the great examples of these plugins. Our pick for you is Dokan, a trusted plugin by 20,000+ organizations around the world.

Dokan- best WordPress multivendor marketplace

Dokan can be certainly the best choice for your startup multivendor marketplace project, You will wonder knowing that it's free!

Check out how to create an eBay like multivendor marketplace using this free plugin within a few minutes!

Time to Get Free WordPress Plugins for Your Business

Today is the time for automation. You can't meet the desired success ignoring automation in your projects. As a proud member of the WordPress community, you have this awesome opportunity to streamline your business using free WordPress business or Woocommerce plugins.

Get and Install these essential free woocommerce plugins to your store and skyrocket your business without spending your precious time, money and efforts.

Why & How to Utilize a WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Tool

If you have a WooCommerce store, you must track every facet of your website so as to keep it optimized constantly. Unfortunately, there is not any dedicated tool that can help you do so effortlessly.

Luckily, with the WooCommerce Analytics Conversion Tracking tool, you can not only measure your website's metrics but can also use them to adjust your website's performance through techniques like retargeting your lost visitors or giving the most user-friendly experience to a certain group of visitors.

Now, let's go ahead and learn why and how you should measure WooCommerce Conversions.

So, Why Should You Utilize WooCommerce Conversions?

Here are the use-cases if you can measure the WooCommerce events:

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking
  • You can use metrics like “Add to Cart“, “Add to Wishlist” and “Initiate Checkout” to retarget those visitors.
  • Use the Metric, ‘Purchase‘ to upsell or cross-sell your products.
  • Use the “Complete Registration” event to target visitors with Google Ads and emails.
  • Use the “Search Product” and the “View Product Category” to provide the most user-friendly experience to the visitors showing the relevant products that the visitor is interested in.

What Are the Events of Your WooCommerce Website You Should Gauge?

If you want to track the conversions of your WooCommerce website, you will have to measure certain KPIs. They are:

  1. Add to Cart: Get to know how many visitors are adding to their cart in your store.
  2. Initiate Checkout: See the whole picture of the number of people who are initiating checkout.
  3. Purchase: Know how many people are making purchases on your WooCommerce store.
  4. Complete Registration: You can also get to know how many visitors are completing registrations on your site.
  5. View Product: Visitors who are viewing certain products.
  6. View Product Category: You can see product categories that are viewed for a certain number of times.
  7. Search Product: You can determine products that are searched by the visitors.
  8. Add To Wishlist: You can track products that are added to wishlist by the visitors.

With a WooCommerce eCommerce Conversion Tracking tool, you can easily gauge these events.

How to Utilize the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Tool?

Not to mention, the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking tool works as the integrated tool of WooCommerce and works in tandem.

In order to use the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking tool, you can follow this process:

Go to the WP Admin Dashboard > Plugins > Add New. Now search for the keyword, “WooCommerce Conversion Tracking“. After that install and activate just like any other WordPress plugin.

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

Navigate to WP Admin Dashboard > WooCommerce > Conversion Tracking > Integrations (Tab). After that, turn on the toggle bars for each platform you want to use.

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

In the free version, you will get 4 platforms. They are:


Turn on the toggle bar for Facebook, then insert the Facebook Pixel ID. Then you will get the following events to track for free:

  • Add to Cart
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Purchase
  • Complete Registration
WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

However, you will also find some pro features in the premium version. They are:

  • View Product (premium)
  • View Product Category (premium)
  • Search (premium)
  • Add to Wishlist (premium)

Google Adwords

After turning on the Google Adwords toggle bar, you will find the following events to track:

  • Purchase (free)
  • Complete Registration (premium)

Get the Account ID and paste it in the box. Now, if you are using the free version, you will be able to track only the ‘Purchase' event. The other option, ‘Complete Registration‘ is available in the Pro version.

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

If you are wondering how to get the Event Labels for Google Adwords then get help from this documentation.


Turn on the Twitter toggle bar and you will get these events to track:

  • Purchase (free)
  • Add to Cart (premium)
  • Complete Registration (premium)

All you have to do is to check the events and use the universal tag ID to make it work.

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

The other events, “Add to Cart” and “Complete Registration” are available in the Pro version.

Perfect Audience (Premium)

The perfect audience is a pro feature in WooCommerce Conversion Tracking. Turn on the toggle bar to use it.

With this channel, you can track the following events:

  • View Product
  • Add to Cart
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Purchase
  • Complete Registration

All you have to do is to use the Advertised ID from the Perfect Audience and paste it in the following box.

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

Bing Ads AKA Microsoft Ads (Premium)

WooCommerce Bing Ads Conversion Tracking is also a pro feature in WooCommerce Conversion Tracking tool. The only thing that you have to do is to collect the UET tag ID and paste it in the box.

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

With this platform, you can track only the ‘Purchase‘ events on your WooCommerce website.

Adding Custom Platforms

WooCommerce analytics conversion tracking

If you want to add any platform outside of these Facebook, Google Adwords and Twitter you can use this option. You can get help from this documentation for any custom integration.

Please note that each time you make changes, don't forget to save those changes.

Bear in Mind

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking greatly helps you track your WooCommerce website's all the necessary events. The best part is that you don't have waste time by coding manually.

If you can get to see the data altogether, you can measure the weaker areas of your website and thus adjust those problems accordingly. If a free WordPress plugin comes up with these amazing functionalities, there is no reason a WooCommerce website owner is not going to adopt it.

Importance of Tracking Metrics of Your Multivendor Marketplace

How do you know your multi-vendor marketplace is doing good? How will you measure the growth of your marketplace? A quick answer will be, by analyzing data. But which data you are talking about? These are the data that keeps track of different phases and analyze the overall performance of your marketplace. You can call those marketplace metrics to track the performance of your site.

Platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Dokan, Cs-Cart for multi-vendor marketplaces use these metrics all the time to keep a check on their conversion. This is why they survive the competition. Your store may not be that huge but still, you must keep those data if you want to stir your progress. This can help you in your total evaluation of the marketplace.

How to measure marketplace metrics

Every moment is important here from the moment a visitor comes to your marketplace to when they get converted. The time they spent between this visit and conversion also something you should be scrutinizing. So collecting data only is not enough either. You have to investigate and interpret the investigated result. Usually, you interpret those according to a set of standards. Those standards are called KPIs.

There are some KPIs there that more or less every company follows. Let's see what those common KPIs are there that can be helpful for your marketplace.

  1. Customer Acquisition Cost
  2. Average Order Value
  3. Gross Merchandise value
  4. Liquidity
  5. Average Rate of Buyers
  6. Number of Sellers
  7. Conversion Rate and Net Promoter Score
  8. Bounce Rate
  9. Customer Retention Rate
  10. Return on Investment
  11. Net Promoter Score

KPI Funnel

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

CAC is also known as Client Acquisition Cost. This calculates how much one has to spend to get a new customer. This includes promotional campaign cost, advertising costs overall the marketing cost that has gone behind getting a customer. And the amount of customer you have got during a certain period with the cost is your CAC rate. You will know you have to change your business strategy when the cost goes way higher but fails to attract potential customers.

Average Order Value

The average order value is one of the most useful marketplace metrics. This counts the average payment behind every order placed. To count average order value you have to divide entire revenue by the active number of orders.

AOV, average order value reflects your marketplaces skills and throws light into your capability of influencing cross-selling. Renowned marketplaces like Amazon gives special attention to average order value as from this record you get to predict your customer's habit as well as nit order updates. It also informs about market trends. Average Order Value can be measured daily, weekly or monthly.

Gross Merchandise Value

Gross refers to the overall value of the products that have been transacted. But a common mistake is made while calculating gross merchandise value. That is, sometimes they forget to exclude those are “contracted” and not “delivered” yet from the list. This mistake can cause troubles in the calculation. To get the accurate result you should always be careful of order-cancellations and refunds your company has made.


Liquidity is best described as flexibility. That means it analyzes how quick you are to adopt the changes in the marketplace. It shows the total transaction in one hand and the sum of consumers and vendors on the other hand. This indicates the compatibility of your customers and vendors. Flexibility is measured by keeping track of sold products during the shortest timeline. The greater the transaction between shorter time period the greater flexibility it indicates.

If a marketplace lacks this flexibility it is likely to fail in the long run.

Average Rate of Buyers

The average rate of buyers is the driving force of a multivendor marketplace. This measures the density of buyers in the marketplace. In the case of one store, usually, a handful number of buyers buy a limited number of goods from total supply.  It is a little different in case of the multivendor marketplace. In a marketplace number of buyers increase so does its sales. This data shows your marketplace's acceptability and popularity.

This is measured by comparing the total number of sellers and their sale during a definite period of time.

Sellers Concentration

The average rate of buyers and number of net sellers are dependent on each other. It is obvious to be like this as vendors or sellers attract potential customers and customers enthusiasm inspires the sellers. As there are multiple vendors, an average of sellers is counted considering their market shares.

Conversion Rate and Net Promoter Score

Conversion in e-commerce business means how many of your site visitors are turning into your customers. Ultimately the goal of setting up a marketplace is to get customers. So, the conversion rate is the most important marketplace metric you should be bothered about. There is a journey of turning into the customer from a mere visitor.

This journey is sometimes presented through a conversion funnel. This funnel shows you the steps of this journey. You can bring about revolutionary changes in your strategy just by analyzing conversion funnel. 

conversion funnel

Net Promoter Score refers to those who after getting services from you refer you to others. In online marketplaces after completing a transaction a question “Would you like to recommend us to others?” is very common. Customers can give you ratings too.

Customers recommend you to others when they are really satisfied with your service and become your loyal and permanent customers. How many people are doing this and how they are rating you is an indicator of your performance. You can also track who are your detractors that is who are not happy with your service and how can you go on to improve it.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a negative marketplace metric. But this is equally important for your business. Bounce rate is the opposite of conversion rate. This refers to those visitors who came to your site left within a very short time period. High bounce rate is very harmful to your marketplace. This indicates that you are doing something wrong and you must find out what is that and take proper steps to solve those issues.

Customer Retention Rate

Retention rate can be considered as the binary of bounce rate. This informs you about how many customers are coming back to your marketplace and why. It is true that you will always try to attract new customers but you will be a successful marketplace owner when you will have a high conversion rate as well as retention rate.

Being able to hold your old customers on your site is a very tricky thing to do. Besides getting new customers you must find ways to keep your old ones. This is an index of your consistency.

Return on Investment

Return on investment shortly known as ROI is one of the most crucial KPIs for every business. This has a difference with customer retention rate. This focuses on the result of the total investment and the money that came in return through that investment. It can be positive or negative. It is measured by keeping the profit against total investment. This will, of course, help you understand how your marketplace is doing.

Why Do You need to Keep Track of Your Marketplace Metrics?

No businessmen have ever started a business with the view to shutting down it after a certain period. There is always a view of reaching a certain peak point. You can not sit motionless by just setting up a marketplace. To reach that height you will have to keep your research going. The reasons are endless why you need to keep track of your marketplace metrics. But we have pinned down causes that are unavoidable and can ring a bell in your mind on why you must keep data on your marketplace metrics. 

  1. Marketplace metrics provide you with information about vendors, buyers, and buying habits.
  2. Those data help you to analyze if there is any risk coming toward you that can harm your business.
  3. This shows you where you should emphasize on.
  4. Metrics also help you targetting customers better and run more precise advertisements. 

How to Keep Track the Metrics of Your Marketplace

This is a common query now. You have to set up a system if you want to keep track of your marketplace performance. You can do that using plugins.

In fact, the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking has gained immense popularity as a marketplace metrics tracker.

First of all this plugin track and analyze your marketplace metrics so well that it suggests you what should be done. Again it has integration with platforms like facebook and twitter. Its intuitive nature connects with the visitors better. Better Interaction brings greater conversion.

Another amazing fact about this plugin is that it has an “Always Free” version. This version lets you enjoy most facilities without making you concerned about investing in it. But in case you want to use some advanced features, then you can always get its pro version.  

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Pricing Plan→

Wrapping Up!

Keeping track of metrics nowadays is like keeping yourself up to date with possibilities and trends. This is an easy process too with the available WordPress plugins. So if you are by any chance worried about your marketplaces comparative poor performance then start keeping track of metrics.

The manual process of keeping track can be complicated and tiresome. You can use the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking or any other similar plugins available in the market and you will be all set to track the conversion for your site hassle-free. And it is always important to start somewhere and success will definitely come your way.

How to Use an eCommerce Tracking Tool to Know your Audience

How do you measure what is working and what is not for an online store?

If you are the owner of a physical store you will be able to see and understand when customers come into your store, what they are looking for, what they find difficult when they are in the buying process of a product etc. and you can then act based upon that.

But what if you are running a full-featured marketplace but in an online environment. Would you be able to measure your customer's activities to know what they are up to? The answer is Yes and that is what we will be learning here today.

Why Measure Online Store Activities

Managing an online store is a tough job. Maybe one of the hardest out there. You have to always keep up to date with the latest trends and technology, maintain proper customers support, keep check of your vendors and product quality and more.

But wait! Not everything is so tough. The rise and availability of the internet and its' huge number of useful tools have made the game much easier than ever.

Click tracking tool as it is normally called have given marketplace owners the same convenience of a physical store. This nifty feature will let you observe the activities of your visitors and customers.

And based on the data provided, you will be able to take the proper action on it.

How To Observe Online Activities

Getting started is easy. Once you get a tracking tool simply add it to your site. For that, you need to have access to the backend. There, in the <head> section add the code that the tracking tool will provide you with.

This will allow the tracking tool that you chose to connect to your site and start tracking customer activities. It will send information about what a user clicks on, what his/her activities were when they came to your site and so on.

If you are using WordPress as your content management system then you are in luck. Because WordPress provides lots of plugins that make this process much easier nowadays.

All you need to do is install the plugin, set the pixel for your analytics tool, enable what events you want to track and hit save. That's it.

If you are interested in this you can check out our plugin WooCommerce Conversion Tracking, that is ideal tracking tool for beginners to all the way for experts.

Learn About WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

What should you track?

The big question that comes down to is what are the metrics you should track. In general, you should track all the information that is relevant. From product views to people who have added products to their carts are necessary pieces of information.

You will be able to fine-tune your ad showing capabilities, customers support capabilities and more with all this valuable info.

As a use case scenario if you show shoe ad to a tracking customer who has just recently purchased a Paperback book from your eCommerce store, that will be extremely irrelevant to the consumer and at the same time will leave a bad impression about you and your business.

With the help of these tools, you can know who viewed exactly what category of product and show ads that are the most relevant to them. It will increase the conversion rate and in the process increase the revenue numbers for your store too.

Some Key Metrics Among Many

Among the sea of metrics data, there are a few that really stands out. We have given a few examples of how these metrics will help you to up your game.

Tracking Tool To Measure Who Have Added A Product To Their Cart

This is a very important part of your eCommerce website. If a user has added a product to their cart, it is pretty much clear that he/she had an intention of buying that specific product.

If you could track and analyze that data, use it to show some sort of discount for that specific product alone or that group of products it will be a real advantage to have over your competitors.

Retarget Those Who Have Purchased A Product From You

Returning customers are your biggest asset. If you can tap in that already existing resource then it will do wonders for your business.

If we are to put in numbers repeat customers spend 300% more RjMetrics

With tracking tools, you can retarget them and show the products that they are most likely to buy, again.

Searched For A Product They Are Interested In

Don't forget, people who searched for a product showed interest in a specific category or product with their own consent. That's a huge business scope that you should never miss out on.

It means if you show them products which match their interest they will find your advertisement helpful rather than boring.

Added To Wishlist From Their Account

Wishlist is an integral part of an eCommerce business. If one of your customers added a product to their wishlist then it shows that they are/were interested in your products but the buying process was hampered for some reason.

And if you use that data and offer them products of the same type or category than they are more likely to buy them or even consider a second time. Your offer could even be a very lucrative discount.

It's Really Easy To Get Started

If the key metrics mentioned above got you intrigued enough then you are in luck. Because it is really easy to get started with such a tool. Most of the tools are free to sign up for.

And if you are a WordPress user, then consider yourself even luckier. Because you can even get a free plugin in the store that has even more features than the best non-WordPress solutions out there.

Yes, it's WooCommerce Conversion Tracking that we are talking about. It is completely free to download and install on your WordPress website. With its one-click configuration options, you won't get confused like the other ones out there. And there is also a paid version of it that offers even more features that would only skyrocket your business taking it to a new height.

Currently, we have a discount offer going on. We are giving away a whopping 50% off on our premium package plan. So you better hurry up as it is only a limited time offer.

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Pricing

Top 10 WooCommerce Metrics and KPIs to Drive Growth for Your Business

Performance driven metrics help a WooCommerce business measure its different facets and adjust your actions thereby. On the other hand, KPIs are really useful to gauge the actions and performance relative to a specified number of business objectives or goals. Continue reading “Top 10 WooCommerce Metrics and KPIs to Drive Growth for Your Business”

Intelligent Methods & Plugin Solutions To Increase WooCommerce Sales

This article builds upon one of our recent write-ups on broad fundamental methods to boost WooCommerce marketplace growth.

Here we target more focused and advanced ways to build site traffic, visibility of your products and services, bring higher engagement, and get more conversions for your WooCommerce site.

Increase the appeal & visibility of your Coupons

Promoting your coupons/discounts to attract more eyeballs is as important as getting more people to come to your WooCommerce store and buy your products/service. So how do you do that?

There are a number of plugins that does the job for you. You can add a new section in your site promoting the coupon in a way that elaborates the context and also stands out from the rest of the content, such as, “Special Birthday Offer: Enjoy 30% off on all our products! – Use Coupon Code Birthday30“. Not to forget, it should be clickable and take the user to the correct link for the sale.

increase WooCommerce Sales

OptinMonster is one fine solution that leverages attractive features, like drag & drop forms, animated and audio-powered messages, mobile-friendly popups, floating bars, and a lot more to increase your leads. The solution optimizes your site to increase engagement and convert more visitors into subscribers. The best part is you can pick and choose the kind of visual and features you need for your campaigns and customize according to your needs.

Also take time to advantage of reporting tools so you can track people who matter and attract the right people at the right time. Consider conducting your own A/B Testing to increase conversions, personalize your campaigns, and take advantage of analytics to improve your strategy.

Consider having an Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are one of the best ways to get the word out there about your products and services. It is well-established that referrals and word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful method to grab people's attention and increase sales. Research has even shown that affiliate marketing can draw 84% of new users. Think about the huge number of unique visitors you can bring to your WooCommerce store! Influencer marketing drives product discovery, brand awareness, and higher conversions.

increase WooCommerce Sales

Not all are effective affiliates. Go for affiliates that have established authority, transparency, and influence on a community who trust and follow them consistently for a long time. Those who cleverly market through their writing. And also those who are good with SEO. These are the ones who can generate a lot of traffic for you.

Typically, 10% of affiliates are responsible for 90% of activity, and this is especially true for an eCommerce. It is crucial though that you maintain an ongoing good-will relationship with your affiliates so you can leverage on these connections when the right times come. It's also a good idea to develop knowledge-based resources like FAQs, help guides, page links for your affiliates. You can also go out of your way to develop incentives for your affiliates like giving free access to your premium licenses.

To easily get started, you can checkout the AffiliateWP plugin for WordPress, which provides a complete dashboard for your affiliates and interactive features that will integrate with your WooCommerce store and let you manage everything at your fingertips. Track your referrals, affiliate-referred visits, earnings and registrations. Set up rates, connect coupon codes to affiliate accounts, see real-time reports of performance, and moderate accounts.

At weDevs also we have our own Affiliate Program wherein we offer 20% for each sale. Registered affiliates get their own affiliate dashboard. Recently the entire program has been revamped to allow 200% more income. The greater the sales, the better!

Retarget your audience in Social Media

Retargeting is important to bring back users who have shown some interest in your site by clicking on an item for sale, viewing them, hovering over a button, or by adding an item on cart. These important data can be obtained from paid ad platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords, and Perfect Audience which can be used to bring back these lost users by running remarketing campaigns.

increase WooCommerce Sales

Most of the times, coding or some other sort of sophisticated knowledge is required in order to be able to obtain and understand such complex data. But not always!

While it may seem like an expensive investment, it can also be done with the help of an easy-to-use and free solution, like the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking.

With this free plugin for WordPress, you can track several different actions that your visitors create in your WooCommerce web store. By tracking these you can then pass the data to different channels like Facebook and Twitter. Use these data to create customized marketing campaigns to target the right users for your web store who are using these channels.

Notify your audience with Push Notifications

Push notifications are a good way to introduce and notify your audience when you have published new blogs or other content, like tutorials, and even new products on your WooCommerce store. This is useful especially when you have a new offer or sale going leading to better conversions.

OneSignal is an effective software for push notifications that works with WordPress too, and is used by even the biggest content marketing platforms.

Careful though not to send out too many too often!

Ensure easy Checkout process

It has been observed that 23% of users will abandon their shopping cart if they have to create a new user account. It's important, therefore, to make the checkout process seamless and smooth for your WooCommerce shoppers.

increase WooCommerce Sales

Registering while checking out can be a huge turnoff and causes people to abandon their carts. Presenting shoppers with registration requirement tends to take away their enthusiasm and excitement from the purchase they were going to make. So what can be done about so your users complete the sale without feeling restrained and also become subscribers?

Aside from having a well-designed website, ensure that you have enabled guest checkout for new customers. This can easily be done with WooCommerce from its settings. This feature allows your shoppers to add products to their cart, complete the purchase, and exit the site, and still get registered automatically. The feature will generate an auto dummy password, which the user can later change.

You can also utilize the flexibility of social logins. This precludes shoppers from registering again to your site, and all the data is taken from their social profile. It ensures both speed and reliability! WooCommerce has it own Social Login extension for this feature.

A third way is to use security certificates/logos of anti-virus and anti-spammers in your checkout page to build credibility and reliability of e-transactions. Also, add SSL encrypted links that ensure your users about the safety of your site and transactions.

A final way is not to introduce shipping charges unexpectedly. Display shipping charges beforehand, for example, in product pages or add them with product prices but make it clear.

Utilize Live Chat to connect with users in real time

eCommerce businesses are difficult to run without a robust and smooth customer support service. Whether you are selling digital or tangible products, users will have queries as well as complaints. And these need attention. Not always will it be feasible for shoppers to fill out a contact form and users don't always want to wait for an answer. Live chats are a customer convenience and provide a faster problem resolution method.

increase WooCommerce Sales

Live chats are an effective way to discover customers' pain points, needs and wants. And to solve their urgencies by back and forth communication, pushing help document links, screen-sharing, and more. It provides instant access to your support staff and customer representatives which forums and support forms don't. In doing so, you improve customer service and loyalty. Your staff also gets more opportunities to turn these visitors into paying client. Live chats are, thus, essential to generate leads and create happier customers.

It's also a good feature to reduce expenses than phone calls and get more output with a small manpower.

live chat can increase conversions by at least 20 percent and that the typical ROI rate from paid live chat software for sales teams is about 300%. The same report states that customers that use live chat are three times more likely to make purchases versus those who don’t. – Comm100

Intercom is an easy-to-use customer messaging platform to get started with live chats for WooCommerce store.

Opt for User Generated Content

User Generated Content are another way to bring in more traffic and grow leads. These are publicly available and displays blogs, tweets, audio, visuals, testimonials, and videos and any other contributions made by fans and unpaid contributors of your site. User Generated Content are, thus, a penny-less way to promote your store.

86% of millennials say that UGC is a good indicator of the quality of a brand, and that 68% of social media users between the ages of 18 and 24 take into account information shared on social media when they make a purchasing decision.- TINT

User Generated Content puts customers at the forefront and shows how customer-oriented you are. It's a good way to stay in touch, catch up with trends and changing audience preferences. It also creates a community of happy users and unites them over topics and trends that relate to your business. You also get to stay current with your visitors and customers and know their experiences, what they like, don't like, and are looking forward to with your store.

increase WooCommerce Sales

With the WP User Frontend plugin for WordPress, you can create custom post types, registration forms, guest posts, control privacy in advanced ways and bring editing ability to the frontend for your users. Bring this element to your WooCommerce store to allow your visitors and users to engage more with your business. And that too without getting into your dashboard! In this way, you get to build brand transparency and recognition without paying a dime.

Wrapping Up

The above mentioned are just some advanced ways to build brand awareness and increase sales for your WooCommerce store. But they are definitely not the only ones. Something that may work for one business may not for another, even if they are in the same industry. What works for you depends on your business goals, strategy, and operations. It remains on the company to discover their strengths and weaknesses, and how they can leverage their capabilities and available software out there to create something of value for their target customers.

Have you tried any of these methods and/or software solutions for your site? Or would like to suggest some that's not mentioned here? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

How To Convert More Visitors Into Clients For Your WooCommerce Store

eCommerce sales are hiking at an unprecedented rate, and WooCommerce is one of the top eCommerce platforms that covers over 40%. It's simple, easy-to-understand for the average users, and ideal for small to large startups. This means it's easy for anyone and everyone to start an online business with WooCommerce if they have everything else in place. To stay ahead of the competition, it's important to know how to convert more visitors into end users and successfully get more sales.

Basic ways to increase sales on WooCommerce store

Some general guidelines on converting more users on WooCommerce Store:

Create eCommerce landing pages that your end users connect with

Built on-site search features that make it easy for your users to find what they are looking for, A/B test different versions of it to understand which products to display, add impactful popups like lightboxes, and recommend products to users based on view history, purchase history and products that are frequently purchased together.

Use navigation that's easy for users to follow and a good WooCommerce theme.

The ABC of getting more conversions says that your first step to get more sales and end users is to create an eCommerce homepage with compelling design and content.

A well-secured web store

People are now increasingly able to differentiate between secure and insecure websites. And also skeptical about making transactions online. For this reason, ensuring security to your clients is a necessity for any eCommerce business.

Also remember, your online store is a hub of confidential information, like customers credit card numbers, address, and a lot more personal stuff.

To avoid unwanted troubles, ensure that your WooCommerce store is protected against threats and hackers with SSL certificate, timely updated with the latest versions of the plugin, has solid backups, password protected and only reliable people have access to the dashboard.

Use standard & attractive product images & videos

Visual presentations grab more attention than texts. So using the right types and amounts of images in your web store is just as important. Good quality and genuine pictures send the right vibes to your visitors. When you showcase real pictures of the products you are selling instead of dummy pictures taken off the internet, you go one step ahead in compelling your visitors to trust you enough to buy.

The good thing about WooCommerce is that it supports 360-degree images which offers a very detailed visual description of the product. – Barn2 Media

Catchy product descriptions

When you add clear, precise, and detailed product descriptions that reflect the item in question along with visuals, you are doing it just right!

Your product captions and details are what clears up any remaining confusions in the visitor's mind regarding the product that's not clear from the images only. That's how you convert visitors into customers!

So make it creative enough to touch your visitors' imagination.

Good Search Engine Optimization

Research on the latest trending keywords that's relevant to your WooCommerce store and optimize your web store that way so you rank higher on pages like Google. Because when you rank higher, you get more traffic and sales too!

Augment every page by carefully using sitemaps, coding and keywords in product descriptions as well as in your copywriting.

Have a clear Refund Policy

A well-defined return and exchange policy give confidence to your customers about your products. If they are not satisfied with a purchase, they can return the item or exchange it for something that fits their needs. This guarantee alone leads to more conversions and results.

But remember to be careful and don't just fluff about it. You have to follow through and keep your promise!

Make Yourself Reachable

You may have a great site and products to sell, but if your client service is not up to the mark, chances are you will attract send back more unhappy visitors.

Your customer support is one of your key selling points. It's where a normal window shopper will convert with prompt replies to queries and the right guidance from your client representatives.

And it's also where an angry upset customer will feel heard and valued. And may even become a returning client and brand ambassador for your store.

So work on your customer support service and get a spike in sales as well as retain more existing clients.

Build an easy-to-access contact us page, create support forms, live chats, email and phone support, and see which one works best for your business.

Research & implement the popular trends

Always keep up with competitor stores updates and work, both local and global. Study the latest marketplace trends and technology that you can implement. Stay one step ahead.

Something more to get that EXTRA: Retargeting

Apart from having a rocking website for your WooCommerce Store, there's a little more that should be done to hike sales growth.

Important issues that eCommerce stores face:

  • track the visitors who abandoned their cart in the last 1 week
  • track visitors who have purchased once from your site or existing customers
  • know the users who have visited your site in the last 1 month
  • track visitors who viewed a particular page for a certain amount of time, and
  • track users who hovered over or clicked particular buttons

Getting a hand on these specific numbers and info will help you in 2 important ways:

  1. Understand visitors better, and
  2. Run effective campaigns.

One of the most effective ways to increase sales on WooCommerce Stores is to create remarketing campaigns using the data you find on paid ad platforms. It's important to know the specifics that include time, location and a lot more.

To understand users in-depth you need to pass data from yourWooCommerce store to the right channels where you can run paid ad campaigns to bring in more people to the site.

Why Retargeting is important

Retargeting is important to bring back users who have shown some interest in your site by clicking on an item for sale, viewing them, hovering over a button, or by adding an item on cart. These important data can be obtained from paid ad platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords, and Perfect Audience which can be used to bring back these lost users by running remarketing campaigns.

Most of the times, coding or some other sort of sophisticated knowledge is required in order to be able to obtain and understand such complex data. But not always!

All these might seem like an expensive investment, but it can also be done with the help of an easy-to-use and free solution, like the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking.

With this FREE plugin for WordPress, you can track several different actions that your visitors create in your WooCommerce web store. By tracking these you can then pass the data to different channels like Facebook and Twitter. Use these data to create customized marketing campaigns to target the right users for your web store who are using these channels.


When a visitor carries out a particular set of actions in the WooCommerce store, he triggers some events the data for which are sent to Facebook. You can target these people using Facebook Ads and WooCommerce Data.

The FREE version of the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin tracks the following events for Facebook:

  1. Add To Cart A huge percentage of visitors abandon carts due to indecisiveness and lack of the feeling of urgency. These are potential customers that store owners can bring back to their site using the Add To Cart event. Owners can reduce abandon rate by marketing these users with lucrative offers, discounts, and coupons.
  2. Initiate Checkout People who initiated checkout means they went beyond add to cart to purchase your products. This event category lets you target them on a later occasion.
  3. Purchase – Using this event, track those who successfully purchased a product from your store. Now get to make them your recurring customers using the plugin.
  4. Complete Registration – Those who take time to create a profile on your store are very close to becoming your customers. For this reason, users who have subscribed to your site are great leads and potential customers. Targeting them effectively can increase sales, user activity, downloads, and referrals.


You can also track events for Twitter, like:

Purchase – Simply input Universal Tag ID in the plugin to pass purchase data to Twitter. Keep records and re-target people who once purchased from the store to make them recurring customers. According to researchers, 80% of profits will come from 20% of your existing customers.

Google AdWords

Simply by linking Google AdWords Account ID to the plugin, send data to Google AdWords server.

Purchase – The free version will track those client data who have made purchases. So you can retarget them to more relevant pages through Google searches of your site using AdWords campaigns.

To know more on events for Google AdWords, read on AdWords Tracking on WooCommerce Store.

Perfect Audience

The PRO version of the plugin helps you to track events for Perfect Audience like View Product, Add To Cart, Initiate Checkout, Purchase, and Complete Registration.

To know more, read on Perfect Audience for WooCommerce Store.

You can also add other platforms of your choice to your WooCommerce store using the Custom Channel Integration.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to achieve a blooming eCommerce business, and what may work for one endeavour may not work for another. The above tips and tricks are only a few that work well to increase sales and customer loyalty on WooCommerce stores.

WooCommerce is one of the best platforms for online marketplaces that's perfect for beginners on WordPress & eCommerce, entrepreneurs who are just starting off, and even for large enterprises. What will differ from business to business is how you differentiate the value you present with your eCommerce from your competition.

Do you have more hacks and tactics to increase sales and end-user base on WooCommerce? Feel free to share with us in comments!

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