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    Hello i have a question regarding dokan theme and dokan plugin.

    I purchased the dokan theme at the beginning of it's release but i spend hunderds of dollars to modify the shipping functionality and the cart functionality in order to do what i wanted to do. Now that you are releasing the plugin will still be updating dokan theme? or you are dropping the support for the theme?


    Hey Chris me and you are in the same boat… It's actually a good thing that we switch to the plugin version. For starters we can choose any premium woocommerce theme we want. Custom code a child theme and never have to worry again. We get greater flexibility. With wedevs only having to worry about functionality and not “themes” it frees them up to make Dokan even better.

    Yes, its a pain in the ass and its costly but after you move your changes over, its nothing but smooth sailing from there.

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    Hello Christopher,
    We will provide support for the theme as long as you have your license. As your license expires, you will not have support for the theme.

    And thank you @Mike for your reply.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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