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    This are my suggestions for the Dokan Plugin

    + High
    # normal
    – low

    + The seller should be able to add additional downloads (mp3s, pdf, demo videos etc) to downloadable products, which will display on the product page. Because the customer want to have a overview and a demonstration of a downloadable product before he buys it.

    # Ability to change fields in the registration and checkout form. Add or delete fields.

    # A option which deactivate / prohibit the access to my orders ( the download area ) for customers if they made a chargeback. This would be helpful for stores who only sell downloadable products.

    – It would be helpful to make own specific default settings in the dokan plugin for the seller dashboard. For example, that the checkbox downloadable product always on.

    – A function to give sellers a rank, for example “top seller” or “verified” or “new seller” or something like that.

    – Improve or add a better audio player. The current audio player is a little bit buggy on mobile devices. (progress bar / time bar dont move and the time is 00:00 all time, but the audio is playing without problems)


    Hello Anton,

    Thank you for your great suggestion. I will keep those suggestion in my log.

    Digital download- we will work on a feature which will turn your site to digital. That mean if you sell digital product then you can move your site to digital mode. Your other suggestion was very good and i will notify our developer about these.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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