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    Hello Towhid

    AT LAST !!!! both issues seem to be fixed now !!! ; ))
    Thank you for your complete and relevant post !
    In fact, some settings were not well done and your example gave me the solution which fixed both issues at the same time !!
    Now a PAYPAL transaction appears well in “Payments Received” list (in transaction menu) and the profile edit page is working well too.
    SO THANK YOU !! why shouldn't you have done this in the first post !! ; )

    Besides, concerning your example of pending orders, I don't understand quite well what you mean when you say : “The red square mark in the transaction indicates that I have just made a payment for posting and its showing in the transaction list. Though I did not click reject or accept because it is not our main focus.”
    Could you explain it more precisely ?

    1/ Did this “pending orders” area work only in case of Credit Card and Check payments or did it work only when charge per post is enabled (I mean one fee by each post) ?
    because my paypal orders don't appear in this list. They appear only in “Payments Received” list

    2/ what is the interest of rejecting or accepting this ??
    Could you explain it more precisely because I want to be sure that this feature is not interesting for me (as I don't use credit card payment)

    TIA for advising



    Hello Roger,

    It means that I have bought a pack while registration and payment were made by bank payment. So that the order in the transaction list.

    After registration, the site owner will get a notification from the bank that you have a payment and its disbursement to your account. After then you can withdraw the amount and accept the transaction then the user will be added to the site. Or if there are no payment then you can reject it.

    You will see a pending order when an order made by bank payment. You will not get any pending orders notification in the transaction list if the post submits by Pay Per rules.

    When a payment made trough bank then site admin get notified that a payment was made. After collecting the money, he will click the Accept Button. If there is no payment he will click the Reject Button. Because bank creates payment manually.

    Hope you understand.

    If there's anything else needed please let me know. I'm here to help you.

    Best Regards,


Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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