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    Hi, while trying to setup our store and we have come across a couple issues, some relating to Dokan Parent and Child Theme, others are unknown.

    Maybe we are doing something wrong and i hope it is something simple you will be able to help me with.

    1. In Seller dashboard -> Settings: we wish to remove the Profile Picture, Social Profile, Email and Map
    – We found that if we edit out the parts in dokan -> classes -> template-settings.php it does the job but when we put the edited file in dokan-child -> classes -> template-settings.php it does't do anything.

    2. In Seller dashboard -> Products: after making a product we wish to not have the options tab visible as well as removing the Stock Status and Allow Backorders from the Inventory tab and shipping class from the Shipping tab.
    – We found that if we edit out the parts in dokan -> templates -> product-edit.php it does the job but when we put the edited file in dokan-child -> templates -> product-edit.php it does't do anything.

    3. In Seller dashboard -> Withdraw: after setting the sellers percentage (in our case 90%) and having the site tied to PayPal sandbox the total balance is showing the 90% and not taking into account the paypal fees.
    – We found forum posts that it should be taking into account the Paypal fees but don't know why it doesn't

    4. In Seller dashboard -> Orders -> View: we wish to remove the customer Email, Phone and Customer IP from the General Details section

    6. In User dashboard – > Shipping/Billing Address we wish to add Phone Number Field so that it appears in the Sellers Order Shipping/Billing Address area.

    7. In the email the seller receives we wish to remove the Email and Tel from the Customers Details Section.

    8. In the emails we would like to remove the – Powered by woocommerce from the bottom.

    9. We wish to have an email sent when the Order Status changes to Cancelled.

    10. We wish to have an email sent when the Order Status changes to Refunded.

    Thank you for taking the time to read through everything and i look forward to hearing from you.


    Can i get a reply?


    Hello Christopher,
    1. These things are located at store.php which can be found at “wp-content/themes/dokan/”
    2. This is a complex edit and this requires a developer.
    3. I'm not clear about this one. Please provide some more details and Screenshots.
    4. To do this you have to edit order-details.php which can be found at “wp-content/themes/dokan/templates/orders/”.
    5. I'm not sure about what you're talikng but I guess this is about the customer checkout details and there's already a required phone number field in the checkout page.
    6 + 7. Emails are sent from WooCommerce. You'll get all the email templates in “wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/email/”.
    8 + 9. There's a hook of WooCommerce order_status_change you can assign mails using this hook.


    Hi Sekander
    I;m working on fixing the stuff based on your response but if you could please look over the below items again for clarification

    1. store.php appears to be the front facing page, im looking to remove them from the seller backed so that they dont add them for no reason.

    3. here is a screenshot of the page
    the problem is that paypal fees are not being deducted before displaying the available fees
    only the percentage we have set is in effect from the backend


    1. All codes for Seller dashboard is located there. You can read all the Documents related to using and Customizing Dokan here

    3. Please read the documentation of Paypal Adaptive add-on to check if you've missed something


    Sekander i think you dont understand what i am asking. I've read the documentation 10000000 times. I know exactly where everything is. I created a child them and i want to remove specific things but when i delete them from the child them are still visible. When i delete them from Parent theme they are removed without any problems. So what i am asking is how to remove the following FROM THE CHILD THEME. ( i think i need to add some hooks or actions but i don't know what hooks or actions so i am asking your help) :

    Everything that is in Red Square i want to remove it FROM CHILD theme. Thanks


    Hello? Are you people so busy you can't help your customers?


    HI guys, anyone reading these posts
    would really appreciate an answer to the dokan seller admin section question i asked about previously
    as the only way we found was by modifying the parent and that's not the right way to do things


    Its not something hard that i am asking. Can you help?


    Hello Christopher,

    please don't overwrite the class file from your child theme. overwrite the function only. copy the function setting_field() to your child theme function.php and edit the function. and call that function from your-childtheme/template/settings.php where $dokan_template_settings->setting_field($validate); called.

    Thank you


    that didn't help me at all. can you be a bit more specific?


    Copy the function setting_field() from the parent theme. Paste it to your child theme function.php. change function name and remove the fields you want from it. and call the function from your-childtheme/template/settings.php where $dokan_template_settings->setting_field($validate); called.

    Thank you.


    Can you help a bit more? or do i need to pay extra for this? if yes can you tell me how much? thanks.


    Hello Christopher,
    Please write details about what you are trying to do and where did you get stuck. We will try our best to help you out. Our developer team is busy till the first week of October. So we can not take any customization requests.


    If you read my posts above, i highlighted in RED boxes what i want to remove from the sellers dashboard. I am using a child theme so i need to remove them from there. Thanks

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