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    Hello, i am bothering you again. This time for a different matter.

    In the seller list page i would like:
    – 1. for all the info of the seller to not be visible, except the Store Name and Logo. Also the white placeholder around it to be same size for all sellers in order to look nice instead of messy.
    -2. Remove the right sidebar, couldnt change it from “Customize Theme”.

    In the seller Shop page i would like to :

    3- Remove the contact seller form so customers won't be able to contact the seller directly.
    4- Remove the info of the seller to not be visible, except the Banner and the Name. Everything else not to be visible.

    See images below to understand better.

    Thanks for helping.


    1. If you don't want to show anything except the shop name and image, you'll have to edit sellers.php which can be found at wp-content/themes/dokan/templates/. You'll have to comment out line no 54 to 65. To get the nicer look and equal size boxes, you must provide the store name and image.

    2. If you want to hide the right sidebar, comment out line no 113 in sellers.php.

    3. If you want to hide the contact form, you need to edit sidebar-store.php which can be found at wp-content/themes/dokan. comment out line no 57 to 79.

    4. To remove the seller info except the Name and Logo, you need to edit store.php which can be found at wp-content/themes/dokan. comment out line no 48 to 67.


    Hello, i m in step 2. This happened after commending out the line 113 in sellers.php


    I guess you didn't comment it on a right way.
    The actual code of line 113 looks like <?php get_sidebar(); ?>
    and when you comment that out, it will look like <?php //get_sidebar(); ?>


    Okay that did it. One more question. To get the nice look and everything in the seller list for all the placeholders to be the same size u said i need to provide the images. The images will be provided by the sellers. Is there a way to force them when uploading a store logo to be a specific size? Thanks


    Ah also i have uploaded a store banner of 825×300 for the first seller (bigplanet). It shows in the seller shop but not on seller list .

    See image below :

    Also how to remove the grey area on top of logo?


    As we made all the elements responsive, so you don't need to be tensed about the image size. We will force the sellers to upload banner and logo from next update. We will keep this on our first priority list.

    The seller list will not show the banner. It will only show the logo and Name (as you modified the code). Upload a logo and see what happens.

    The grey area is to display the seller details. and below that, is not a logo its the “Banner”.


    I logged in as the seller and uploaded a logo but it still doesn't show. Some other things that don't show are the thumbnails in the “create product” when i upload an image it doesn't show in the create a product section but it is shown in the categories area.. Do you need access to fix those errors?

    The grey area i know what is for. I want to remove it though.



    So can you help with these 2 matters?


    helloo? Sekander Badsha my friend ? ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hello Christopher,
    Can you please provide some screenshot about what you want to do and what problems are you having ?


    1 – I want to remove the grey area. I know it's the text area for sellers to display their settings but i only want them to be able to diplay their banner. Screen shot :

    2- I uploaded the logo as you said in order to display in sellers list but it still doesn't. See images :

    3- In the product list of seller dashboard the thumbnails next to product doesn't show but they show in frontend. Inside the product the featured image doesn't show but it shows on frontend. I can see the “X” to delete when i have it uploaded but i cant see the image. Screenshots :


    An Update is coming within tomorrow. Please wait and update your theme. And then come back again with your issues ๐Ÿ˜€


    If i update the theme will that re-do all the changes i did so far? :O


    Yup. You'll have to re-edit the theme. Note in which files you edited which lines; Taking a backup would be great as well. And we're here always to help you.
    So don't worry.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 38 total)
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