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  • in reply to: Error Saving Product Variations #70405

    I think I'm encountering the same issue.

    When I change any product to a ‘Variable product' and try to save, I get an error message.

    Any idea of how to resolve?


    in reply to: Dokan Subscription Packs Add-on capabilities? #28391

    Hey Tareq, thanks for those answers.

    RE: #1 – I understand that only one pack can be purchased at a time (e.g. one checkout session at a time), but can a seller purchase one pack (with recurring billing), then purchase another pack (with separate recurring billing) in a different checkout session?

    We want to allow sellers to start selling their products for free, but then purchase one or two premium subscriptions. We then display their names in a different part of the site (giving them more exposure) based on the premium subscriptions they have purchased.

    As always, thanks for your awesome WordPress work! You guys are the best I know!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)