Make Money from Your WordPress Site with Guest Posts (How to Integrate A Payment Gateway)

If you have a WordPress website with heavy traffic then there are hundreds of ways to make money online. Link sharing, Google AdSense, Sponsored Blog Posts, Affiliate marketing are some common ways to earn money from your blogging site. Most amazingly, feature-rich WordPress plugins confine all these tasks within few clicks only.

Today we will discuss how to allow users posting anything from frontend with the WP User Frontend. Also, we will show you how to make money with guest posts directly charging your users for each post.

Let's dive deep to earn from your WordPress blogging sites effortlessly.

Why Use WP User Frontend for Your Personal Blogging Site

make money with guest posts

With WP User Frontend you can create forms and manage user post types. It follows a simple process with less implementation time. You can add this WordPress plugin on your blogging site with a few clicks only.

It will allow registered or guest users for posting on your site smoothly. Moreover, you can let the users manage everything from Frontend. Nevertheless, you can make money with guest posts by activating the Paid Membership or Subscription feature on your site.

Above all, you will get fresh content for your blogging site regularly. On the other hand, your subscribers will be able to avail themselves of good backlinks from your site. Therefore, it will be beneficial for both sides.

Nevertheless, your user will manage all their contents from the frontend dashboard. So, you can relax with the full backend authority of your site. It will ensure the complete security of your site and simultaneously facilitate all your users with advanced attributes.

Most amazingly, this WordPress plugin is available in both free and premium versions. However, you can give a special treat to your clients with WordPress Frontend Pro. WP User Frontend Pro offers advanced functionalities like content restrictions, form templates, frontend dashboards, and so on.

How to Configure WP User Frontend in Your WordPress Blog

It will take less than 10 minutes to customize a frontend submission form for your WordPress blogging site. Hence it is very easy to insert forms into pages using shortcodes and Gutenberg blocks.

Let's jump into the details process to make your WordPress Blogging site a reliable income source.

Step 1: Download and Install WP User Frontend (Free & Pro)

Assuming that your WordPress blogging site is up and running. Now login to the WP Admin Dashboard → Plugins → Add New.

make money with guest posts

Now write ‘wpuf‘ on the search bar and hit the enter button to find the plugin from the WordPress directory. After that, install and activate the plugin like any other WordPress plugin.

make money with guest posts

Next, you will get a brief setup wizard. Hit the “Let's Go” button to proceed.

make money with guest posts

Now, keep the “Enable Payments” and “Install WPUF Pages” checked and click on the ‘Continue‘ button.

make money with guest posts

You can unlock all the advanced functionality of this WordPress frontend plugin with WP User Frontend Pro. There are 3 different packages are available. You can pick the package that fits your needs perfectly.

If you have any further query then check the official documentation or comment bellow.

Step 2: Activate Stripe Payment Module to Make Money with Guest Posts

In this step, you have to activate the Stripe Payment module. It allows you to receive direct payment from your users. Aso, it will keep the further configuration process simple and smooth.

However, you can let your users buy subscription packs using Stripe. It requires only a few clicks to activate the Stripe Payment module on your site. After that, you can incorporate it along with the built-in PayPal payment gateway.

In order to avail, this extension you should navigate to WP dashboardUser FrontendModules. Then, turn on the toggle button of Stripe Payment to activate this module.


After installing and activating the Stripe add-on configure the essential settings accordingly. You should modify it in the way you want the users to pay on your sites.

Note: Stripe payment is only available in WP User Frontend Pro. Get it to make money with guest posts from your personal site.

Step 3: Create a Form for Guest Post Submission

Well, you have successfully installed and configured WPUF, now you need to create and publish a sample post form. At first, navigate to WP Admin Dashboard→ WPUF → Post Forms. Then, select the Sample Form to edit. Or, you can also hit the Add Form button to create a post form from scratch.


After selecting the Sample Form you will get a form editor. Then, you can customize the elements according to your requirements. After completing all the modifications, hit on the Save Form button.

make money with guest posts

Then, copy the shortcode of the newly created post form from the editor.

Step 4: Configure Your Guest Post Form

Visitors can post on your site without registering themselves with the powerful Guest Post feature of WP User Frontend.

Go to WP Admin Dashboard → WPUF → Post Forms → Settings → Submission Restriction. 


Now, check the Guest Post option. Enabling the Guest Post will open up 4 more options. Checked or unchecked the options based on your requirements.


Now, click on the Save Form button. Congratulation! You have done with configuring the guest post form.

Step 5: Enable Payment Option

Now, click on the Setting tab and check the Payment Option to enable payment for the form we have just designed.


Then, you can check the option “Force subscription pack” or “Enable Pay Per Post” based on your payment criteria.

Also, you can set the amount that you want to charge for each post on your site. It's now easier to make money with guest posts and other ways.

Step 6: Publish Your Guest Post Form

Now, create a new page and paste the shortcode on it from the Sample Form you have designed above.


After that, hit the “Publish” button to make it live.

Step 7: Check The Frontend View of Your Guest Post Form & Payment Gateway

If any guest user comes on the posting page, he or she will find a post form like below as we have created above.


When the user will hit the Submit button they will get an option to make the payment using their cards.

make money with guest posts

Guest users must register first and then make the payment here to publish their blogs on your site. When they will insert their credit card information and hit the proceed button Stripe will complete the payment. They will get a confirmation message on the screen.

make money with guest posts

The transaction does not need any approval from the admin.

You can check the total income and all the transaction by navigating WP-Admin → User Frontend → Transaction

make money with guest posts

Finally, check the ultimate outcome and promote your site accordingly. Furthermore, it will encourage your target audience to contribute to your site.

In addition, WP User Frontend will notify both the admin and the guest users by sending individual notifications through messages or emails.

Effective Ways to Make Money with Guest Posts & Subscription Pack

However, it will make you able to earn money from your users in two ways. Either you can charge for per post submission or you can create a subscription package that will allow the guests to pay in advance.

So your options are-

  • Charge per post
  • Charge for subscription in bulk

How to Configure for Pay Per Post Submission

You can charge your guest authors for every single post they want to publish. To do so, you should navigate to User Frontend -> Settings.

Click on the Payment Tab to configure all the attributes.


Click on the Save button at the bottom of the page. Check the details process of Pay Per Post Submissions and start to make money with guest posts!

How to Configure for Subscription Packs

With WP User Frontend you can create customized subscription packs. It allows you to limit post numbers, post expiry times and also charge in bulk. All you need to make a submission platform for your guest authors.

Here, you can even limit fields, custom CSS and make the pack recurring.
Therefore, go to WP User Frontend→Subscriptions and start building a pack with Add New. At last, edit the form as per your requirements.

make money with guest posts

For further and detailed guidance about WP User Frontend's features, modules, usages, and implementation, go through the documentation site or YouTube channel.

You can also contact our support team.

Now, you have all the essential elements to make money with guest posts from your personal WordPress site through direct payments.

Time to Make Money with Guest Posts

You can easily make money with guest posts from your WordPress Blogging site. All you need to allow guest users to publish their content on your site. Then you can easily charge them for their contents consequently.

WP User Frontend makes you able to create frontend forms for your users. Guest authors can submit their posts through a frontend dashboard on your site. However, they have to pay a fixed amount according to your site's rules and regulations.

This is the most reliable and easiest way to earn from your WordPress Blogging site. Also, it does not require the backend access to your site. So, you can ensure the highest security for your WordPress site.

Nevertheless, you can satisfy Google's ranking factor by publishing unique content regularly. It will improve your position on search engine drastically.

20+ Essential Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

Blogging is quite easy today and all its credit goes to WordPress. Matt Mullenweg and his team enable us to build and run a blog or business site without any coding knowledge. You’ll find it fascinating how some WordPress plugins for blogs can make your blogging experience thriving with no time. But do you know what are the best plugins for a WordPress blog?

In this writeup, I’m going to describe the key features and effectiveness of some of the best free WordPress plugins that will reduce your blogging challenges.

Blogging Made Easy With WordPress

No matter if you’re a pro blogger or a newbie who wants to strive, this article will help you to have a better experience and growing audience engagement.

Now let’s get into the plugin list details!

Why WordPress is Best for Blogging?

Today, over 64 million websites rely on, other 37.5 million on and the percentage is over 34% of all the web!

Numbers say it all that why most of the bloggers prefer using WordPress. And undoubtedly it’s the easiest CMS and publishing platform for any kind of websites. Starting a blogging website with WordPress is just a matter of some clicks now.

why wordpress is best for blogging

It's also SEO friendly and easy to customize your site with the demand and flow of time. But the funny thing is- this customization process can be done without any coding knowledge.

Among all these, WordPress ensures proper security, easy engagement and provides you the analytics that you will be needed.

Here we have listed the best plugins for WordPress blog which will mitigate all your blogging needs.

Best Plugins for WordPress Blog in 2019

Here, we covered almost all sorts of plugins that you will need as a blogger from the first day. Let's start with some essential plugins recommended by WordPress.

Here, we covered almost all sorts of plugins that you will need as a blogger from the first day. Let's start with some essential plugins recommended by WordPress.

1) Akismet

Stop Spamming from the first day of your journey

Akismet is a pre-installed plugin that comes with your WordPress installation. But you have to activate it to get benefited. It's a spam comment filtering plugin to remove useless comments on your site and only show you legit comments.

must have wordpress plugin

Tutorial | Trusted by +5 million people | Review 4.5


Undoubtedly it's the best comment spamming plugin for any WordPress site with many more features.

2) Jetpack

Ensure your site's Security & Backup

best wordpress security plugin

Jetpack is a multi-purposed plugin for WordPress because it works as a
security firewall as well as has other tools to improve writing, SEO,
social sharing and more.

Key Features

  • Prevents malicious attacks on your site
  • Checks spelling and grammar
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Helps pages to load faster
  • Keeps real-time backup and ensures security

Tutorial | Trusted by +5 million people | Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐


This is a fast, easy to use and standalone backup and security plugin with all those highly useful features. You can surely rely on it.

3) Elementor Page builder

Without elementor page builder your website could be incomplete and unorganized. Elementor page builder plugin gives your site a unique look that your website deserves. It's the easiest and most popular page builder plugin within WordPress ecosystem with a rich collection of add-ons.

Although, you can rely only on your selected theme like WordPress default theme to keep your blog site simple.

Elementor- best wordpress page builder plugin

Tutorial | Trusted by +2 million people | Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


To polish up your site and gives it a smart look, elementor page builder is enough in the battle. This plugin is super easy to use even for beginners.

Plugins that Helps to Improve SEO and Keywords

For starting a blog, SEO know-how is mandatory. If you want to make your site alive, you must have to keep focusing on SEO. And all these begin with Keyword analysis for your blog content. Here are some plugins to help you out.

4) Yoast SEO

This is the #1 SEO plugin recommended by WordPress that every blogger must need to develop an SEO friendly blog. No matter how knowledgeable you are about SEO, this is a must to have plugin you can rely on.

best wordpress SEO plugins for blogs

Tutorial | Trusted by +5 million people | Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Yoast SEO is the ultimate solution for WordPress website, any kind of. Its free version is enough for small-medium level blogging sites.

Plugins to Ensure Proper Engagement

You can increase your audience engagement by letting them share their opinion. It's better to use a form builder plugin to create and smartly manage your audience database. Also, customized images help attract and engage your audience. Check a form builder plugin and another for image optimization.

5) weForms

Help audience engage in a smart and organized way

best wordpress plugins for blog engagement

weForms is one of the best responsive form builder plugins to build any kind of forms in zero time. It has a drag-and-drop feature with over hundreds build in fields. You can easily publish the form anywhere on your site with its shortcode.

Key Features

  • Drag and Drop form builder
  • Multi-step forms options
  • 25+ pre-built template
  • Built-in anti-spam protection with reCaptcha
  • Registration forms with 33+ custom field support
  • Restrict certain user on certain condition
  • Google map support on your form
  • Set expiry date of forms and more

Tutorial | Trusted by +10,000 people | Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Forms are your essential needs today. Unlike other plugins, it’s faster, easy to use and you will get most of its features in the free version.

6) Smush Image Compression

To speed up your page loading process, this WordPress plugin helps well. In each blog, we at least use 3 to 4 images.

So, if your images are high sized then it may take time to be loaded. and also kill your spaces. This plugin helps to compress the image size without changing the quality.

best wordpress plugin for blog

Tutorial | Trusted by +1 million people | Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


It's really helpful. This plugin can assist your site to rank high on all the search engines minimizing the page loading time.

Lead Generation Plugins for WordPress

When you’re done with writing, what should you do in the next step?

Yes, getting new visitors, spreading out the contents, generating target leads are the next challenges you would face. Don't worry, there are a bunch of plugins you will see which helps to solve your problem.

Plugins that are mentioned below are some of the best plugins for blogs to distribute your content, get new visitors and nurture them.

7) Optin Monster

This is the leading conversion optimization plugin assures your site bounce rate to be decreased.

Wondering how?

An exit popup intent powers up your site with this to stop your visitors leaving your site. Its active installation quiet assures that how bloggers find it useful to snatch the audience. Besides, you can create audience engagement campaign by starting contests.

best wordpress popup plugin

Key Features

  • Drag and Drop popup builder
  • Either use templates or create your custom design in its canvas
  • Detects the user interaction to show exit intent
  • Customize popup based on location and parameters
  • Inactivity sensor – this feature targets the inactive visitors of your site

Tutorial | Trusted by +900000 people | Review 4.5


With this plugin, there are more effective features to increase your visitors, email list and conversion. Do A/B test the campaigns and measure performance analytics with ease. So, start opt-in campaigns with opt-in monster soon!

8) Hello Bar

A tremendous plugin to generate leads to nurture. Just imagine all your efforts to write the article are drowning into the drain. In that instance, Hello Bar can provide you the facilities with some more extra features like increasing social channel followers. Make different types of popup like slider, page takeover, alert bell.

wordpress lead generation plugin

Here are what you will get using Hello Bar.

Key Features

  • Includes GDPR opt-in automatically to collect email
  • Customize the popup parameters (with over 200 parameters)
  • Zapier and Email integration

Tutorial | Trusted by +10000 people | Review 3.5


It’s easy to transfer previous popups and headlines if you’re changing from other tools to Hello Bar. It helps grow when you start using your blog in business purpose.

9) Pixel Cat

By the end of 2019, the paid ads in social media will reach $31 Billion. So it’s sure that your money will be worth spending to such plugin like Pixel Cat. Each social channel has its different format of promotion and among all Facebook has a large number of users.

When you’re sharing your content on Facebook and other social channels, you can also track the website visitors generated from social channels with this plugin.

wordpress lead generation plugins for blog

Tutorial | Trusted by +50000 people | Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐


To track your social media data, this one could be a good solution.

Email Marketing Automation

Nowadays email marketing is one of the most favorite ways for everyone as well as bloggers to reach out the perfect audiences. And this way you can personalize the content to the readers. Here is a plugin that helps to automate your email marketing.

10) MailPoet

For email marketing, MailPoet is a great plugin by any meanings. You can easily send your popular blog post as a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

email marketing plugin for wordpress blog

Key Features

  • Create a newsletter from scratch or use template
  • Grow subscribers with a newsletter subscription form
  • Schedule email or send it immediately
  • Send automated blog post notification for newly published blog

Tutorial | Trusted by +100000 people | Review 4.5


This plugin also comes with a subscriber list of 1000 emails and you can see email analytics of your sent emails.

WordPress Security Plugin

Website security is now the top concern of every website owners. You need to make your site secured with saving it from malware. Here are some helpful plugin suggestions for WordPress bloggers to save the site.

11) iThemes Security Plugin

There are ways to stop breachers and safeguard your site hackers and malware. iThemes is such a plugin to ensure all your content and site safety.

best wordpress security plugin

Key features

  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for login
  • Automated malware scanning and direct notification into the email
  • Update WordPress keys and salts easily with the plugin
  • Security Dashboard – with 11 security cards and stats
  • Detects 404 pages for you to improve your SEO experience

Tutorial | Trusted by +900000 people | Review 4.5


Security plugin takes care of your site ensuring the extra protection. iTheme security works well but you can try out some other similar plugins like Wordfence Security considering your need.

Content Distribution, Scheduling & Social Sharing

The more an article has been shared the greater the outreach of that article will be. Adding some social share button provokes the reader to share it with the community if they like it. So adding a social share button increases the possibility like this is called real currency of social media.

12) Add to Any

To get more traffic for an article is easier when you use a social share button on your site. At the end of the article, it entices the readers to share it on their social channels.

best social share blogging plugins

Key features

  • Shows live how many people have shared your content so far
  • Interactive vertical and horizontal floating share bar
  • Follow button – embeds your social channel links and increase the social followers
  • Image share – when a visitor hovers over an image, they get some social sharing icon to share the image

Tutorial | Trusted by +500000 people | Review 4.5


Another interesting feature is it tracks if someone shares your content with a Bitly or other custom URL shortener. There’s another great plugin to try. AddThis also have some more features like related post suggestion.

Now I’m going to suggest you some must-have WordPress plugins for blogs that help in content distribution.

13) Revive Old Post

Even your well-written articles are sometimes useless if readers don’t know about the article. This is where content distribution matters. But sometimes it’s harder to remember sharing all the content and ensuring that it’s shared in every channel.

The name of the plugin ‘Revive Old Post' says it all, right?

Usually, we forget to share old posts. It’s important to re-share the old content to get more traffic from all your social channels. This automated request system plugin just requires a two-step set to get going with the plugin.

Here's Revive old post as your rescuer.

wordpress content distribution plugin for blog

Key Features

  • Share both old and new posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc
  • Integration with URL shortener and Google analytics
  • Schedule the time and interval among sharing times
  • Share as many times as you want and select the preferred time

Tutorial | Trusted by +50000 people | Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Don’t let your content get vanished from the reader's mind. Give them another essence before it fades out from their mind. Also, track the interaction of shared content.

You can also use another similar marketing calendar WordPress plugin coschedule to schedule and share your content again and again. Though this plugin will come with much more features too.

Content Performance & Analytics

Stat Matters, Right?

To take a data-driven decision for your content up-gradation and content strategy, you will need actionable analytics.

14) Google Analytics by Monsterinsight

Analytics is all you need to betterment your site and content in the long run. You must need to check the performance of your content once in a day. But how?

Just have a plugin like Google Analytics for WordPress to bring all the data you need right in your dashboard. Get Monsterinsight for making it easy for you with a few clicks.

wordpress analytics plugins for blog

Key Features

  • Content report – Track popular post, post type and more
  • Measure the performance by real-time stats on your dashboard
  • Universal tracking
  • Affiliate link tracking
  • Track all the downloaded files
  • Track custom button and link clicks
  • Content published time tracking

Tutorial | Trusted by +2 million people | Review 4.5


Overall, it’s a great plugin to keep track on and make data-driven decisions for your blog. Wp statistics is another tool for you to consider.

Audience Management in WordPress

When you can manage your audience, you can be sure that you are on the right track with your content and doing justice to it. This mentioned plugin is the most successful plugin in the audience management category.

15) WP User Frontend

This is a game-changing plugin for your blogging site. You can earn from guest posting or content by adding subscription and pay them with the built-in gateway.

Earn money from your blog

Also to earn money from your reader, you can set up a content locking system on your site easily. In that case, users have to pay to read your premium content.

best wordpress blogging plugin for audience management

And using WP User frontend is also helpful for managing a multi-author blog. Change the role of the authors according to the subscription or contribution.

Let your users manage everything from Frontend

When there are multiple authors and users, you might face that managing published content is tough. But with this plugin, you get a notification when someone adds a new post or edit any published post. You also can manage Guest Posting with zero effort.

You also can build a Membership site to earn money with WP User Frontend.

Amazed by the functionality of this plugin. It offers all in one solution for accepting, managing and payments for user generated content. I made a dashboard page, a comments editing page and Add New Post Page. This gives all the basic functionalities a new author is looking at a site. This impacted a lot on the site and we received a lot of posts everyday.

Jazib Zaman
Founder, WP Arena

Tutorial | Trusted by +20000 people | Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐


This is one of the best plugins for frontend management. It’ll help you to develop your entire content marketing strategy and your every penny will be worth spending to get back in multiple numbers.

Bonus Plugins You Can Consider

Up to now, almost all the must-have blogging plugins have been covered, here we're going to suggest some best plugins for WordPress blog to organize and present your content effectively.

16) Yet Another Related Post Plugin

This plugin brings related articles on the current page of the readers. And easily keeps your readers on your site with more relevant content s/he might like and improves your site performance.

Tutorial | Trusted by +200,000 people | Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐

17) Smart Slider

With this high-end slider builder easily create responsive sliders for your site. Also add CTA button, text, logo on the image, or even make a video slider.

Tutorial | Trusted by +400,000 people | Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

18) WordPress Popular Post

A popular post has a fair chance to be liked by other audiences. So suggest visitors your most popular articles with this plugin and increase the average spent the time of your site.

Tutorial | Trusted by +300000 people | Review 4.5

19) Schema

Ensure that the search result is catchy with the rich snippet of this schema markup plugin. It will include your site or article ratings including other selected details.

Tutorial | Trusted by +100,000 people | Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐

20) WP Polls

If you want to create a responsive pool then this might be the best plugin. It’s easy to edit the poll and measure the performance from a different type of voting results.

This is also possible if you want multiple pools in a single page. You can easily use WP Polls to create online polls in your WordPress pages and after participating in the survey, it will show the real-time results.

Tutorial | Trusted by +100000 people | Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Also, there are some alternative plugins which have a satisfactory review and use case. These are YASR – for rating, Wp Tab Widget – for creating multiple tabs, Image Widget – for adding a slideshow, Editorial Calendar – for keeping track on post publish date, WP RSS aggregator – for importing RSS feed.

Wrapping up on The Best Plugins for WordPress Blog

With WordPress, you can build and customize your site just as you wish without having any coding knowledge. But you have to rely on plugins to make your job done. And here we have listed almost all the essential-best plugins for WordPress blog that you would need.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead with your first site-building!

Before we wrap up, one last tip for you. You will get success if you can really care everything within your site and let users engage. Develop and publish well-informative content and keep continue. And of course, don't forget to share your experience with us in the comment section.

Happy Blogging!