All You Need In A WooCommerce Product Page To Boost Sales

When you plan to shop online, would you enjoy shopping from it if it has a complicated web store to browse? In many cases, online shops tend to lose some very potential customers for having a very complex e-store product page. Most of the time people browse around for a few minutes in an online shop for their favorite WooCommerce Product, and if they find it difficult to get to their desired product, they tend to lose interest from visiting the site for the second time. Continue reading “All You Need In A WooCommerce Product Page To Boost Sales”

Follow The WooCommerce Sales Funnel To Boost Your Business Growth

Do you think you are doing everything that you need to do to develop your business growth? If you own a WooCommerce store your headache of trying to improve your business sales is endless. Even after trying out every possible business growth hacks, if your conversion rate doesn't improve, then you are probably doing something wrong. This can all change if you can follow a proper and effective WooCommerce Sales Funnel. Something that can certainly prove to be fruitful for your business growth in the near future.

While taking care of your business progress, you might think you are doing everything right, but it's not what you think is right for your business all the time. You need to prepare & follow a precise sales funnel to turn your WooCommerce store visitor into your paying customers.

So what WooCommerce sales funnel steps should you demonstrate to drive your business growth for your WooCommerce store faster? Let's find out.

Step 1: For Brand Awareness & Perception

As a part of WooCommerce Sales Funnel, there are three roles that play a big factor in raising brand awareness & perception. Role of Business to Customer, Business to Business and the SEO.

Business 2 Customer

Dokan B2C

In terms of B2C, for a good brand awareness and perception, your initial interaction & impression with your potential customer plays an important role. For such awareness and interaction, the content should be something that can draw maximum attention towards the customer leaving quite an impression in their mind. It should at least be able to attract people to the brand's website.

Business 2 Business

Dokan B2B

For B2B, you need to present contents that are valuable resources but not a hard sell. The content for B2B should give resources of valuable content to the potential customers. Something that would not only entice them but also educate them. More like taking them on a journey of technical and leadership of thought based content.


Dokan SEO

It is not always about content when you look for brand awareness. This is where the SEO of your content plays a vital role. The better you do the SEO of your content and store the more traffic & awareness you can expect from it. It means when a potential customer need for any product or service, they are most likely to do an online search. So the job would be to set SEO of your store product and services in such a way that it would populate your products at the top of google search results.

For some more brand awareness writing educational content, long forms, creating videos and downloadables, anything that would get your potential customer to click can be a good tactic. Creating some educational videos about how and why you started your company. And short videos or visual content that showcases your product is a good idea to generate brand awareness and change people's perception towards your company.

Create tools within your online store to help educate your potential customers. It would certainly build trust over your brand easily.

Step 2: For Customer's Interest Point

The point of interest in WooCommerce sales funnel is a way for the potential customer to engage & involve further with your brand or products to see what you have to offer, still without the hard sell. But it is also important to keep in mind that just because a potential customer is aware of your company or products, it doesn't necessarily mean they have an interest in it.

So getting an idea about your potential customer's point of interest is essential for your business growth. One easy way to find out about your customer's interest with your product or company is when they subscribe to your newsletter, connects with your social media and download things from your websites.

Make Navigation Easier

Dokan Easy Navigation

To understand the interest of your potential customer, using the navigation option wisely can be handy. You need to let your visitor know where to go, how to get there, and what to do with it in the easiest way possible. A search filter to look for their desired product as a list in a page, adding a quick purchase button at the bottom of each product.

Social Media Linkage To Your Site

Dokan Social Link

Including the links of your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with your store ensures that your online store visitor has a way to connect with you. It is better to put the social media links at the site's footer so that it can be found in every page when a visitor navigate through your store site.

Attractive Offers & Proper CTA

WooCommerce Sales Funnel

In the case of a potential customer inquiring about any product, that time you can offer them some discounts to entice them tactfully. Offering discounts on their first purchase will keep those potential customers guessing about getting the product right away. Also, in exchange for emails provide the potential customers with discounts highlighting a clear call to action of the offers.

Whenever a potential customer visits your store, use a pop-up window, to let them know about the current sale or offers in your store can be another brilliant idea to convert your potential customers into a paying one.

Step 3: For Decision Making

This stage of WooCommerce sales funnel involves the decision making of your potential customers. Now the customer has moved beyond their interest point to actually make the decision of buying a product. So at this point, you need to keep in mind that the decision making of potential customers mostly depends on four factors, Word Of mouth, Social proof, User-Generated Content and some relevant Case Studies.

Clear Product Description

WooCommerce Sales Funnel

Providing a clear description of your product can play a vital role in the decision of buying it. As in an online store, a customer can't feel or touch the product that they might decide to purchase. They will mostly have to rely on the description you provide to them. So putting up a precise & detailed information highly encourages the customer in buying any items of their choice. So in case of an online store, always present your product with:-

  • Clear product descriptions, including specifications like sizing charts, measurements, weight, and key materials,
  • Easy to digest format like bullet points and high-resolution visuals to display this information.

Genuine Product Reviews

WooCommerce Sales Funnel

More than anything, most customers trust online product reviews before taking any decision. So, highlight all the positive but genuine product reviews as much as possible. Not just the star system review but also some descriptive written reviews of your product. Also, if you receive any complaint reviews, try to reply to them as promptly & politely as possible, as your online reaction to criticism might also affect in the purchasing decision of the customers.

Perks Offerings

Dokan Free Shipping

Offering perks like free shipping, easy return or bulk order discounts play a big part in completing an online order. It gives a physiological trigger to the customer's decision of ordering an online product.

Step 4: For Taking The Final Action

Autofill & Other predictive fields

WooCommerce Sales Funnel

Now the final stage of the WooCommerce Sales Funnel is the final action that a potential customer takes to become a paying customer. In order to do that it is essential to provide a hassle-free purchasing experience. Getting the customer to create a one-time account providing all the valid & required information may save a lot of their valuable time. This will automatically fill in the shipping & billing address and enable them to get to the BUY NOW button faster.

Progress Bar Indicator

Checkout Progress Bar

Using the progress bar indicator allows the customer to know what portion of the checkout process they are in. Keeping the customer in full view of cost, size and other specification during the complete checkout process are necessary. This is specifically imperative if you are using a one-page-checkout system. In case of a multi-page checkout, you would want to ensure you are using progress indicators to move customers long.

Site's Security Awareness

WooCommerce Sales Funnel

Let your site visitor know that your online store is well protected from any kind of security vulnerabilities. Do this by making sure customer's credit card information and other personal details are safe & secured. This would alleviate any sort of trust issues over your site of your customer.

Acceptance Of All Payment Gateways

Dokan Payment Gateways

It can be difficult to meet the preferences of all customers in terms of making online payments. Many customers use a number of different card and payment gateways. So ensuring acceptance of every card or payment gateways is also very crucial in terms of encouraging the customers to take the final action in the form of completing the order payments.

Few Tips & Tweaks

Proper use of your WooCommerce sales funnel will lead to a better conversion rate. But for that, you need to think like your customer. And facilitate each stage of their buying journey in your WooCommerce store. Here are a few ways to ensure that.

  • Add value to your content to build awareness.
  • Use a precise CTA on your promotional content.
  • A/B test number of different contents, ads copies and CTA's to find out which one performing better with customers.
  • To drive more traffic through SEO and paid media platform always try to optimize your content offerings.
  • Easy navigation for customers to find their desired items faster.
  • Use security seals to prove the site's security to potential customers.
  • Sweetened the offer by offering free shipping or other exciting perks & discounts.
  • Try to keep the option for all payment gateways and easy checkout process.

Turn Your WC Store Visitor Into A Paying Customer

Running a WooCommerce store in your WordPress? But you can't determine your potential store visitor's interest to target them for re-marketing? Well, it can certainly hamper your business growth.

But now you can use WooCommerce Conversion Tracking, a WordPress event tracking plugin. It can connect with your WooCommerce site to track down your online store visitor's activity. It sends user-triggered events from your WooCommerce store site right to your ads platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords etc.

WooCommerce Sales Funnel WCT

So if you are looking to enhance the remarketing strategy to boost up your conversion rate, WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin is what you are looking for. It simply triggers a specific event for visitors of your WooCommerce store. Then it sends trackable data to your chosen platforms to re-target your potential customers. A very cool plugin to track down all your WooCommerce store visitor using the social ads platforms.

Got intrigued to try out WooCommerce Conversion Tracking already? Then free download or get your suitable plan of

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Here→

If you are an old user, then do let us know your experience of using WooCommerce Conversion Tracking so far in the comments section below.

Intelligent Methods & Plugin Solutions To Increase WooCommerce Sales

This article builds upon one of our recent write-ups on broad fundamental methods to boost WooCommerce marketplace growth.

Here we target more focused and advanced ways to build site traffic, visibility of your products and services, bring higher engagement, and get more conversions for your WooCommerce site.

Increase the appeal & visibility of your Coupons

Promoting your coupons/discounts to attract more eyeballs is as important as getting more people to come to your WooCommerce store and buy your products/service. So how do you do that?

There are a number of plugins that does the job for you. You can add a new section in your site promoting the coupon in a way that elaborates the context and also stands out from the rest of the content, such as, “Special Birthday Offer: Enjoy 30% off on all our products! – Use Coupon Code Birthday30“. Not to forget, it should be clickable and take the user to the correct link for the sale.

increase WooCommerce Sales

OptinMonster is one fine solution that leverages attractive features, like drag & drop forms, animated and audio-powered messages, mobile-friendly popups, floating bars, and a lot more to increase your leads. The solution optimizes your site to increase engagement and convert more visitors into subscribers. The best part is you can pick and choose the kind of visual and features you need for your campaigns and customize according to your needs.

Also take time to advantage of reporting tools so you can track people who matter and attract the right people at the right time. Consider conducting your own A/B Testing to increase conversions, personalize your campaigns, and take advantage of analytics to improve your strategy.

Consider having an Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are one of the best ways to get the word out there about your products and services. It is well-established that referrals and word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful method to grab people's attention and increase sales. Research has even shown that affiliate marketing can draw 84% of new users. Think about the huge number of unique visitors you can bring to your WooCommerce store! Influencer marketing drives product discovery, brand awareness, and higher conversions.

increase WooCommerce Sales

Not all are effective affiliates. Go for affiliates that have established authority, transparency, and influence on a community who trust and follow them consistently for a long time. Those who cleverly market through their writing. And also those who are good with SEO. These are the ones who can generate a lot of traffic for you.

Typically, 10% of affiliates are responsible for 90% of activity, and this is especially true for an eCommerce. It is crucial though that you maintain an ongoing good-will relationship with your affiliates so you can leverage on these connections when the right times come. It's also a good idea to develop knowledge-based resources like FAQs, help guides, page links for your affiliates. You can also go out of your way to develop incentives for your affiliates like giving free access to your premium licenses.

To easily get started, you can checkout the AffiliateWP plugin for WordPress, which provides a complete dashboard for your affiliates and interactive features that will integrate with your WooCommerce store and let you manage everything at your fingertips. Track your referrals, affiliate-referred visits, earnings and registrations. Set up rates, connect coupon codes to affiliate accounts, see real-time reports of performance, and moderate accounts.

At weDevs also we have our own Affiliate Program wherein we offer 20% for each sale. Registered affiliates get their own affiliate dashboard. Recently the entire program has been revamped to allow 200% more income. The greater the sales, the better!

Retarget your audience in Social Media

Retargeting is important to bring back users who have shown some interest in your site by clicking on an item for sale, viewing them, hovering over a button, or by adding an item on cart. These important data can be obtained from paid ad platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords, and Perfect Audience which can be used to bring back these lost users by running remarketing campaigns.

increase WooCommerce Sales

Most of the times, coding or some other sort of sophisticated knowledge is required in order to be able to obtain and understand such complex data. But not always!

While it may seem like an expensive investment, it can also be done with the help of an easy-to-use and free solution, like the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking.

With this free plugin for WordPress, you can track several different actions that your visitors create in your WooCommerce web store. By tracking these you can then pass the data to different channels like Facebook and Twitter. Use these data to create customized marketing campaigns to target the right users for your web store who are using these channels.

Notify your audience with Push Notifications

Push notifications are a good way to introduce and notify your audience when you have published new blogs or other content, like tutorials, and even new products on your WooCommerce store. This is useful especially when you have a new offer or sale going leading to better conversions.

OneSignal is an effective software for push notifications that works with WordPress too, and is used by even the biggest content marketing platforms.

Careful though not to send out too many too often!

Ensure easy Checkout process

It has been observed that 23% of users will abandon their shopping cart if they have to create a new user account. It's important, therefore, to make the checkout process seamless and smooth for your WooCommerce shoppers.

increase WooCommerce Sales

Registering while checking out can be a huge turnoff and causes people to abandon their carts. Presenting shoppers with registration requirement tends to take away their enthusiasm and excitement from the purchase they were going to make. So what can be done about so your users complete the sale without feeling restrained and also become subscribers?

Aside from having a well-designed website, ensure that you have enabled guest checkout for new customers. This can easily be done with WooCommerce from its settings. This feature allows your shoppers to add products to their cart, complete the purchase, and exit the site, and still get registered automatically. The feature will generate an auto dummy password, which the user can later change.

You can also utilize the flexibility of social logins. This precludes shoppers from registering again to your site, and all the data is taken from their social profile. It ensures both speed and reliability! WooCommerce has it own Social Login extension for this feature.

A third way is to use security certificates/logos of anti-virus and anti-spammers in your checkout page to build credibility and reliability of e-transactions. Also, add SSL encrypted links that ensure your users about the safety of your site and transactions.

A final way is not to introduce shipping charges unexpectedly. Display shipping charges beforehand, for example, in product pages or add them with product prices but make it clear.

Utilize Live Chat to connect with users in real time

eCommerce businesses are difficult to run without a robust and smooth customer support service. Whether you are selling digital or tangible products, users will have queries as well as complaints. And these need attention. Not always will it be feasible for shoppers to fill out a contact form and users don't always want to wait for an answer. Live chats are a customer convenience and provide a faster problem resolution method.

increase WooCommerce Sales

Live chats are an effective way to discover customers' pain points, needs and wants. And to solve their urgencies by back and forth communication, pushing help document links, screen-sharing, and more. It provides instant access to your support staff and customer representatives which forums and support forms don't. In doing so, you improve customer service and loyalty. Your staff also gets more opportunities to turn these visitors into paying client. Live chats are, thus, essential to generate leads and create happier customers.

It's also a good feature to reduce expenses than phone calls and get more output with a small manpower.

live chat can increase conversions by at least 20 percent and that the typical ROI rate from paid live chat software for sales teams is about 300%. The same report states that customers that use live chat are three times more likely to make purchases versus those who don’t. – Comm100

Intercom is an easy-to-use customer messaging platform to get started with live chats for WooCommerce store.

Opt for User Generated Content

User Generated Content are another way to bring in more traffic and grow leads. These are publicly available and displays blogs, tweets, audio, visuals, testimonials, and videos and any other contributions made by fans and unpaid contributors of your site. User Generated Content are, thus, a penny-less way to promote your store.

86% of millennials say that UGC is a good indicator of the quality of a brand, and that 68% of social media users between the ages of 18 and 24 take into account information shared on social media when they make a purchasing decision.- TINT

User Generated Content puts customers at the forefront and shows how customer-oriented you are. It's a good way to stay in touch, catch up with trends and changing audience preferences. It also creates a community of happy users and unites them over topics and trends that relate to your business. You also get to stay current with your visitors and customers and know their experiences, what they like, don't like, and are looking forward to with your store.

increase WooCommerce Sales

With the WP User Frontend plugin for WordPress, you can create custom post types, registration forms, guest posts, control privacy in advanced ways and bring editing ability to the frontend for your users. Bring this element to your WooCommerce store to allow your visitors and users to engage more with your business. And that too without getting into your dashboard! In this way, you get to build brand transparency and recognition without paying a dime.

Wrapping Up

The above mentioned are just some advanced ways to build brand awareness and increase sales for your WooCommerce store. But they are definitely not the only ones. Something that may work for one business may not for another, even if they are in the same industry. What works for you depends on your business goals, strategy, and operations. It remains on the company to discover their strengths and weaknesses, and how they can leverage their capabilities and available software out there to create something of value for their target customers.

Have you tried any of these methods and/or software solutions for your site? Or would like to suggest some that's not mentioned here? Feel free to let us know in the comments!