How to Earn with Dokan Plugin Using Different Vendor Commissions

Revenue and earning is the main target of any business. If you are a business owner, you may always think how can I increase my earning! Similarly, marketplace owners also have the same goal to earn money through their marketplace. There are many different ways to earn money from a marketplace.

In Dokan multivendor marketplace solution, we have added multiple ways to earn money. Dokan will allow the admin/site owner to set commission for all the orders, products, store or product category. Dokan plugin can be used to start earning without investing a lot.

The base of earning in Dokan is the commission on sales. Now, the commission can be different in types. Dokan plugin allows some commission system like below :

  • Global Commission
  • Store base commission
  • Product base commission
  • Category base commission

Global Commission

The site owner can set Global commission rate which will be applicable for all the store of his marketplace. If he sets vendor commission 10% on Dokan → Settings → Selling options area then the site owner will get 90% from each sale of his website. This global rate will be same for all the store. Like as the marketplace has 3 stores which are STORE A, STORE B, STORE C. The commission will look like –

Store Vendor Commission Admin Commission
Store A 10% 90%
Store B 10% 90%
Store C 10% 90%

From the above table, you can see that if you set global commission for the vendors as 10% then each store will get 10% commission from each sale and admin will receive 90%.

This global commission will affect for each store if any store does not have any specific commission. That means if you did not set any store base commission then the global commission will affect for the store. You will get clear description after reading the full post.

Store Base Commission

In Dokan plugin, you can set global commission as we mentioned on the first point. Now, let us think that one of your vendors is selling a very high quality product with a higher price. So, you may think about increasing the commission rate for that specific store.

Dokan plugin always thinks about the customer usability. On that purpose, we have added the option to set different commission rate for specific user/store.

The site admin can insert different commission rate from wp-admin → Users. Now, he needs to edit the user profile of the vendor for whom the commission rate needs to be changed. On the bottom of the profile edit page, you will get the option to set commission –

Now, you are thinking that how the global commission and store base commission will perform together. Please check the below calculation:

Store Global Store Base Vendor Earning Admin Earning
Store A 50% 50% 50%
Store B 50% 90% 90% 10%
Store C 10% 10% 90%

From the above table, you will get a clear idea. Store base commission is overriding the global commission rate for the user.

Product Base Commission

In Dokan plugin, we have the option to set unique commission rate for each product or any specific product. If admin thinks that a product is selling with high price and need to earn more from the product that time he can set commission only for that product.

To set product base commission, the admin will edit the product from wp-admin → Products area. On the edit product page, you have to click on the “Advanced” tab to set commission.

Now, this product base commission will override all the global and store base commission rate. That means if you set commission for a product then the system will calculate the commission from that product.

If the store has 90% predefined commission rate then only for this product vendor will get 80%.

You can read our documentation to know more about our commission functionality.

Category Base Commission

Dokan Multivendor Plugin will help you to earn money from each category. You might be thinking how it can be possible!

Yes, now you can set category base commission for the vendor. You can set different commission for each category. After inserting a different rate for the commission, all other commission rate will be overridden by the category commission.

If a product category has 90% commission then all of the product under that category will be calculated for 90% commission (Category commission rate would not be applied if a single product has commission)

Dokan Product commission works like a chained system. Our plugin searches in the product area and if it does not get any commission then it keeps searching on the product category. Like that it search till the global settings.

dokan plugin commission system

Do you have any other way to earn money rather than commission?

If you think that commission based earning is not your target then we have a good news for you.

Dokan Multivendor Plugin will help you to earn from monthly/yearly subscription package. That means, the vendor need to purchase subscription package to upload product on your website.

So, you will get money from each sale of your subscription package. You can also use commission rate while the vendor purchase a subscription package.

You can read the full documentation about Dokan Subscription extension.

The multiple commission feature is included from Dokan Starter package.

Upgrade to Dokan Pro Now

Upcoming New Features and Changes in Dokan Subscription v1.2.0

The best multi vendor marketplace plugin for WordPress, Dokan is becoming powerful and feature rich with every single update. Besides the Core and Pro version, it has excellent extensions that are helping our users for a long time. Dokan Subscription is one of them and also a popular one.

For giving you a better user experience and more functionalities, we have updated Dokan Subscription to v1.2.0. We have also released a hot fix update of Dokan v2.6.3. Please note that- you have to update your copy of Dokan to the latest version. Otherwise you won't be able to get the best out of Dokan Subscription.

Today, we will give you an insight of this update and how they are going to help your marketplace in the long run. So, let's dive in and find out more about the new features of Dokan Subscription.

What's New in Dokan Subscription v1.2.0

Configuring Different Commission Rates

Now, Dokan Admins can set different commission rates for different subscriptions. This feature allows you to set commission for individual subscription products. Your vendors will receive commissions that you will set using this new feature if they are using that specific subscription. If you do not include any commission, the global commission rate will be applied to that subscription.

Menu Order Added to Vendor Dashboard

Your Vendors will view the subscription packs on their dashboard. Previously, the subscriptions were ordered according to their product creation order. Now, you can customize the menu order in the vendor dashboard from your Dokan admin panel. You can edit menu order for each subscription and rearrange them according to your requirements.

This option  is in the Advanced tab of WooCommerce Product Creation page. You have to input the order number for each subscription to rearrange them.

New Subscription Pack Design

This update will give you a new look to the subscription packs. Your vendors will get to see interactive dynamic design of the packs in vendor dashboard. Besides that, you can always rearrange the order of subscription packs.

Your vendors can view their existing packs above the available ones with detailed information and also a button to cancel it. Please note that- your vendors have to cancel any previous subscription before buying a new one.

Category Restriction for Better Management

Wouldn't it be nice if you could create subscription packs only for specific categories? This might become really handy in some cases. The new update of Dokan Subscription gives you the ability to create subscription packs with allowing or restricting categories. This gives you a better management option. However, you can restrict categories by adding rest to the pack.

This option is under the Vendor Commission in the WooCommerce Product Creation page. You can select categories from the available list using drop down menu. While you are selecting categories, you are allowing this subscription packs for those specific categories. If you leave this field empty, all available categories will be selected.

WooCommerce 3.0+ Compatibility

We all know WooCommerce has released their major update v3.0 this year and recently updated it to v3.0.8. You will be happy to know that Dokan and all of its extensions, including Dokan Subscription is compatible with WC 3.0+. This allows you to seamlessly work with WooCommerce without facing any problem at all.

Many Tweaks and Bug Fixes

Besides all the above exciting new features of v1.2.0 update of Dokan Subscription, many bugs have been fixed and some tweaks have been added. This has greatly improved the extension and made it more user friendly.

Bonus: Tips from Pro

Did you know? – You can also view the subscription details and configure them from your vendor's WordPress profile on your website?

If you visit the default WordPress Profile of your vendor and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will find a new section titled ‘Dokan Subscription'. Here you will get to view necessary details about activated subscription and also add allowed categories for that specific vendor!

Wrapping Things Up

So, what do you think about this new update? Isn't it exciting?

Share your thoughts about this new update in the comments bellow.

Also view our detailed documentation for more information about this new update.