Introducing weMail: The Most Affordable Email Marketing Tool to Boost Your Business

If you ask any big product based firm ‘What is your biggest way to market the product?' Almost all of them will tell you it's Email Marketing. Rightly so as the conversion rate and the ROI of email marketing are higher than any other marketing method.

As the average Return On Investment on email marketing is still an astonishing figure of $38 for every $1 spent.

But is sending emails to your customers is the only thing that improves the conversion rate? Not really. But successful email marketing helps really a lot. So how do you make your email marketing campaign successful? It's the Email Automation Tool that is being used in all the successful business firms nowadays.

With every email campaign, there goes a lot of effort behind making it a successful one. Companies are giving more and more emphasis on email marketing practices to boost their sales through retargeting and other marketing plans.

But as the email list grows bigger managing to run a complete and full proof email marketing campaign becomes more challenging than ever. Sending emails to each customer and retargeting them manually is a huge hassle, to say the least. This is where the Email Marketing tool comes in rescue.

Email Marketing Challenges

weMail plugin

With the growing list of emails to manage, comes a number of other issues that need to overcome for the marketing team. After running an email marketing campaign, the team needs to encounter a number of problem like:

  • Lower email delivery rate
  • Minimal open rate
  • Below average click rate
  • Higher bounce rate
  • More spam report
  • Elevated unsubscriber rate
  • Lesser activity on a clicked post
  • Decreased active ratio

Features that Sets weMail Apart

Most email marketing tools nowadays tempts its user base with a wide range of useful features for different plans. So the customer gets in quite a dilemma in realizing which one would be more suitable for their business.

And so far weMail is offering most of its premium features in the free version. Many of these features are available only in the Pro version of other popular email marketing tool.

WordPress Integration to Grow Your Email List

Say you have a WordPress website but you are not able to integrate your email marketing tool with it. Would you want to deal with this inconvenience while planning for your email marketing campaigns? Guess not.

email list building

But now with weMail, you are able to perform integration with any WordPress site. Moreover, you can collect your email lists directly from your WooCommerce store from the subscriber's lists. Not just from your subscriber's list of your e-commerce store or a multi-vendor marketplace, you will be able to build your email list from every user registration on your sit.

Also, if you have comment opt-in activated then without even redirecting your visitor, you can collect emails right from the blog comment you get on your page. Not to mention its ability to auto-import every WordPress user's roles to weMail's subscriber list automatically.

Embed & Opt-in Forms for an Email Marketing Tool

Opt-in weMail

Sometimes a user may need to place embedded and opt-in forms within the site to collect emails from the visitors. This method can get very difficult if your used marketing tool doesn't allow you to do so properly.

But with weMail, place your embed forms anywhere and it will work like magic on any posts, pages, or widgets. Create an HTML form with custom fields easily with the help of customizable embed form options.

Moreover, there are multi-purpose multiple opt-in and double opt-in forms to collect leads better. Get to place the opt-in forms in the form of inline form, floating bar, slide up and Modal.

Also, the bounce rate of the subscriber can be reduced by simply implementing the double-opt-in functionality of weMail. With this feature, you can also identify your dead email list and clean them up for good. Based on your campaign required, it has the ability to redirect double opt-in emails to any page you like.

Comprehensive Campaign Reports

Without the help of a complete report of your on-going email campaigns, you will be unable to take steps for your future campaigns. You will need to closely analyze the stats and metrics of the campaign report to know how should you approach and design your upcoming email campaigns.

report Dokan weMail

Now with weMail, analyze the performance of your campaign better than ever. Make the right decision to running a successful email marketing practice by its extensive analytics.

Even if you are too tied up to not be able to monitor the activity of the email campaign, get the statistics of the last 24 hours of your campaign. Have a close overview of the whole email marketing campaign to find out how it is performing in terms of email sent and how many are left to be sent including the stats of its sending rate.

Quickly get to know the stats related to the click rate and how many times the link inside the email was clicked without the help of any third-party trackers.

Moreover, weMail also enables you to have the option to tag the link clicks of the email via Google Analytics in order to better track and view it for a more improved reference.

Contact Forms are Important for Any Email Marketing Tools

From a business point of view not having to get the option to integrate the popular contact form with your email marketing tool can prove to be quite inconvenient. And nowadays successful email campaigns without a contact form in it are not imaginable.

weForms webpage

And weMail conveniently enable you to integrate with a number of popular and user-friendly form builder like weForms, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Caldera Forms, Ninja Forms, WP Forms. With this integration, its user is able to create some stunning contact forms to help generate more engagement with the clients with the email campaigns.

Multiple API Option

API based gateways to send email reduces the amount of request/roundtrips for its users. With API, the customer gets to activate a number of microservices from third-party email sending service providers. This provides the user with better services at a cheaper cost improving the user experience.

weMail has integration with some of the popular third-party API based email sending service providers like Amazon SES, SendGrid, MailGun, SparkPost, PostMark, Elastic Email. And also if you want to send customized emails from your own server then you can even use Custom SMTP for that. These email sending API.

The most exciting thing is you can send 100000+ emails absolutely free using the email sending server of Amazon SES, SendGrid, MailGun connecting it separately via API.

Email Listing & Management

When your emails list starts to grow bigger than your expectations then it becomes quite a hassle to list and manage it. Listing, managing and segmenting emails is an imperative part of email marketing. And it is something that no business firm can ignore while running their email campaigns.

email list management

And weMail makes your email listing, segmenting, tagging contact easier than ever. Also, you don't need to open a separate campaign either when you need to send the same email to another list with its feature to send emails to multiple lists. Segment the email based on the subscriber list and send it to the most relevant person.

Use the HTML and Opt-in forms of weMail to collect leads and include them in the email list. Manage your automated emails to send them to your new subscribers. Auto clear-out all the inactive email lists and manage it accordingly using the weMail bounce handling feature.

Easy Campaign Setups

It is not possible to run successful email campaigns if you can't design your campaigns properly with your email marketing tools. So being able to set up, design, automate and manage your email campaigns is as important as sending those emails.

So with weMail, design, create and configure your email campaigns directly from your WordPress dashboard without any sort of hassle. Whether it is any standard or automated email campaign that you are planning to run create it without any hitch using the beautiful built-in templates of weMail.

What's more from an Email Marketing Tool

Along with a well responsive build-in email editor, weMail comes with a built-in autoresponder that automatically responds to your email when you are too busy to attend them. Being a cloud-powered solution, it takes away the added load from your server to keep your site fast & reactive.

Moreover, the biggest USP of weMail lies in its robust yet premium features that turn the email marketing experience productive than ever. And not to mention, all of them are loaded in its both free and premium version of the plugin.

weMail Vs Others

Email marketing tools that are available in the market already promises to deliver the best of its services. weMail is no different from this. Let's check out a brief comparison between weMail's basic features and upcoming pricing plan with some of the other contemporary email marketing automation tools.

weMail email marketing tool comparison

And in case you are wondering how cost-effective would weMail be compared to other giants. Like MailChimp & Campaign Monitor for sending via different third-party email sending API services that are integrated with weMail, below is the cost comparison for 250000 emails to be sent via weMail's third party email sending API against MailChimp & Campaign Monitor.

Here is an idea as to why weMail holds the title of being the most cost-effective email marketing tool out there right now.

weMail API email sending

Boost Your Campaigns With the Right Email Marketing Tool

If you look at the bright side then the biggest benefit of using an effective email marketing tool is that all the email campaigns can be tracked or monitored. The best part is you can generate a number of email campaign related stats and reports to analyze the effectiveness of each particular campaign individually.

Sometimes the marketing team doesn't take the careful step in the process of launching an email campaign. They take time to frame a full-proof strategy and just presume that the campaign is flawless after it is launched. But it is only after running it for a few days, the marketing team starts to realize their strategy was far from being right.


This is why the proper analytical metrics of your email marketing campaigns play an important role in apprehending whether your approach is right or not. Moreover, it allows the team to provide them with useful insights into the existing email campaigns. This makes them understand what needs to be done in the current campaigns allowing them to fix other ones while planning them for the future.

And when you are using a comprehensive email marketing tool like weMail you get to review an overall report of your campaigns starting as well as each individual ones so that you can stay ahead of your game understanding the way you need to approach for your future email campaigns.

So want to take advantage of this free yet feature-rich email marketing tool? Then

If you have already tried weMail then feel free to let us know your feedback. Your constructive suggestions & constant support always inspire us to improve our products and services for the future.

Email Marketing Benefits For Small Medium Businesses

Even in the age of the social media phenomenon, email marketing is still holding its lead quite comfortably.

No matter what people might say, numbers are saying something different. While the total number of Facebook's 1.7 billion and Twitter's 313 million users are not small by any means. Surprisingly, they are increasing by the minute. But when compared side by side with the total number of 2.6 billion email users they fall short.[Source]

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Build A More Robust Email List By Integrating Your WordPress Signup Forms

When you create a website with the purpose of serving some target users with a product or service, you definitely need people to sign up. This can be easily done with registration forms.

If you are running a WordPress site, you are winning on all ends. Because WordPress has made it super easy to create and use custom sign up forms. Or in different words, registration forms.

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Make WordPress Even More Powerful with WP User Frontend Pro v2.8

There's hardly any WordPress admin who doesn't want to let their users register easily and have their own frontend profiles. Besides that, if there is the opportunity of allowing users to post directly from frontend, then it's a massive bonus.

WP User Frontend Pro is an all-in-one frontend plugin for WordPress that helps you to provide such facilities. Besides that, you get features like content & menu restriction, subscriptions, payment and many more. You can easily turn your site into a membership, content submission, event registration site within minutes.

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7 Email Marketing Ideas To Boost Up Your Sales

Email marketing might not sound sensational but it has already become a central part of inbound marketing. From nurturing your leads to upselling your products, email marketing can be used for multi-purposes. Most of your email data is generated from your business. That means it practically costs you nothing.  In addition to that, email helps you to foster relationships with your clients that results in greater customer lifetime value.

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Growth Techniques To Apply Before Launching Your Startup

Pre-launching is a crucial phase of any start-up. At this stage, it is natural to get confused about taking any actions. When it comes to marketing, this can not get any truer. How should you let people know about your product? What if the promotions don't work out? How will users react if my product doesn't function properly? If you are a start-up founder, we know that these thoughts kept whirling through your mind during the pre-launching period.

Despite everything that comes to your mind, it is important to get your marketing right. You must have an audience base ready before you have a final product. You will need to study your audience and ensure product-market fit for your startup. In this write-up, we talk about some pre-launch marketing strategies that will help you gain initial traction. Once that is taken care of, your startup will have a better chance of financial success in the future. Enough of setting the context, now let us move onto the bucket of wisdom.

Get In Touch With Your Existing Contacts

This is the first thing you should do for your pre-launch marketing. By now you must have a lot of contacts in phonebook, mailbox and other social networks. Your priority should be to build a formal list and start some sort of conversation about your new startups. To maintain a structured list you can take help from great online tools like Zoho, HubSpot etc. This course of actions will allow you to know how they can be relevant to your startup. You will definitely find out that some of them are willing to test your product. If it is your lucky day, you can get one or two potential investors as well. Categorize them accordingly and cultivate your lists.

Don't forget to utilize LinkedIn for your startup. Keep your connections updated about what is new with your company and share blog posts regularly with them. Joining relevant LinkedIn groups can help you get effective leads as well.

Generate Leads Through Contact Forms

We hope you are familiar with the concepts of lead generation. In plain words, this is the process of getting people attracted to your business through filling a query form. There are numerous ways you can generate leads. The best way to get started is to have a contact form on your website. Those who are interested in your product is way more likely to fill in this form than contacting you in person. Your work doesn't stop here after setting up a contact form You need to track the submission data on daily basis and make sure they receive updates periodically. You can set up automated emails for this purpose.

Start a Blog For Content Marketing

Content is the difference maker for any startup during the pre-launch. As you probably know, the buyer journey consists of Awareness, consideration and decision stages. You need to make your contents speak for you to influence the purchasing decision. This is why you need to start a dedicated blog for your startup. Here you need to keep in mind that excessive self-promotions will lead to a loss of trust among your audience. The idea is to keep on creating values for your potential target market through informative contents.

In the process of blogging and content creation, you start making your site search engine optimized. This is really important in order to get a higher ranking in the search results. According to research findings, 91% of online searchers do not go beyond the first page of search results. Besides, online reputation management (ORM) is another aspect that allows you to be discovered through a range of keywords and tags.

Keep Active On Social Networking Sites

Facebook and Twitter profiles are must-have from the pre-launching stage. If you are thinking you will create a page for your products only when it becomes a hit, you are not thinking it right. Rather you should use social media for a holistic marketing approach. Make sure you share all your contents on your FB and Twitter profiles to increase engagement. Invite all your friends to virtually support your endeavor and ask them to share the words. This might sound very simplistic but many start-up founders simply lag behind just because they don't take social network seriously.

You can take a look at this infographic about the major social networking sites to have a better understanding:

Approach Influencers As Early As Possible

Engaging your influencers should be on your priority list from the very beginning of the startup. You should be on the lookout for influencers who suits your company's visions and strategies. However, influencers are already reputed in the market so you need to be really tactful while dealing with them. Make them feel that they have a stake in your startup by offering various co-promotional opportunities.

User-generated content from the influencers is a remarkable way to grow a brand. Audiences are more likely to respond to an influencer they follow than companies that pursue sales techniques. So, when you are getting an influencer involved with your product, you are essentially delivering a personalized touch to the customers.

Keep Track Of Everything and Replicate the Best Practice

Now the most important part, you have set a process to track your data and interpret them. For web traffic, Google Analytics is the universally preferred tool to track and monitor data in real time. It will help you to understand where your audience mostly comes from, which age range they belong to, what draws them to your site and many other traffic stats. This data will help you to prepare your content strategy and design products that will decide the fate of your startup.

Besides, all the social networking sites have its own analytics dashboard to show the major metrics. Engagement rates on these channels will give you info about the things that drive clicks, shares, and likes on your posts. All you need to do is embrace these data and take actions based on them.

What's More?

We believe email marketing deserves an honorary mention in this article. After you have a decent contact list, you should start running email campaigns. Apart from giving them automated updates or welcome messages, you can give early access or coupon rewards through email campaigns.

Another option can be partnership marketing. This is done by creating mutual values between two companies. For example, if your product has any third party feature integration, you must convince them to promote your product. There is a huge scope for innovation while it comes to co-branding. The execution is undeniably tough, but it is worth the shot for a startup because the outcome can be remarkable.

There is a common misconception that marketing should start only after a startup is launched. Don't fall into this trap. Marketing should start very early and dictate the growth of the startup. How your product will be adopted by the customers depend largely on your communication approach and promotional strategy.

Boost Your Contact Lists with These Powerful Email Integration

Have you ever built a frontend post submission form for your websites? It can be any type of form which you use to accept write-ups from your contributors. Or it can be a profile form for registering members on your website. If the answer is yes, I am pretty confident that you have used or definitely heard of WP User Frontend.

All the vital data and credentials are stored in the backend of a website. Naturally, website owners are protective about it. That is where WP User Frontend comes into play. Website owners treat this plugin as a one-stop frontend solution for their business. From accepting posts, building profiles to making payments and creating own dashboard- WP User Frontend covers it all from the frontend. If you want to know more, read this customer story. It will guide you through some interesting use cases of the plugin.

Email Marketing Integrations with WPUF

It is already a proven fact that email marketing can effectively grow your business. There is an interesting findings of HubSpot, a pioneer authority on Inbound Marketing.

Email Marketing still has an Return on Investment of 3600%

So, it is really important that you gather and nurture your email lists properly. You can use these data to maintain relationships with your contact and promote your offerings. You can save yourself a lot of hassle if you automate the process. For that, you need to integrate your email marketing service with other services.

WP User Frontend offers MailChimp and MailPoet Subscription addons. As you already know, MailChimp and MailPoet are two very popular email marketing solutions. They two alone occupy almost 50% of the total email service user market share. While MailChimp is the premium brand across all platforms, MailPoet is particularly popular among WordPress users. Till date, the plugin has seen more than 400 thousand active installs and 6.5 million download counts. Take some time to think about the application eco-system these two are contributing to!

Anyway here I will discuss about how you can use these two addons with WP User Frontend Pro to automate your subscription process.


Step-1: Install the addon

You can download the MailChimp addon from here. Then install it like any other WordPress plugin from your website backend.

Step-2: Get MailChimp API Key & Connect to Server

Log into MailChimp, click on the Account Name at the left top side. Then go to Profile and click on Extras. A drop down will appear, you need to select Extras from menu. A table will appear with all the API keys you have used. Copy an existing one and enter it to the addon settings.

After successful connection, you will get to see the list of subscribers from your MailChimp account.

Step-3: Configure Settings to Automatically Add Subscribers

Now you can automate the list building process. For that, you need to configure some settings in your desired form.

You will find a new MailChimp menu while creating submission / profile forms with WPUF. Tick on the checkbox where it says “Enable MailChimp” and select your preferred list. You will find a double optin option in the menu. If you select it, new form submitter will receive a confirmation email. This is a great way to make sure you have their consent on adding them as subscribers.

You have successfully connected MailChimp integration with your form. Now anyone who fills it will be added to your list. You do not have to manually add it or miss any valuable data. Just plan how you wish to use these data to take your business to the next level.


Step-1: Install MailPoet Integration addon

Download the addon from here. Install and activate it in your website.

Step-2: Download the Wysija Newsletter plugin

Our MailPoet integration is based on MailPoet 2 ( Wysija ) plugin. Download it for FREE and install in your WordPress website likewise.

Step-3: Activate MailPoet on WPUF and Configure Settings 

Go back to the forms you were working on. You will now find a new tab for MailPoet. Select “Enable MailPoet” option to complete the integration. Just select the MailPoet list from the drop down menu where you want to add the subscribers.

There is no option for double opt-in. That means anyone providing you email address with the form will be directly added to your defined list.

Wrapping Up

Profile and submission forms are crucial for collecting user generated contents in an organized way. Giving backend access for these purposes can be really unsafe and hazardous. So, consider using a frontend solution with which you can also restrict contents, collect payment and most importantly grow your email list. As one of the most important assets of your business, email database can help you to maximize revenue and visibility.

So ask yourself, are you giving proper attention to your growing and nurturing email lists? If the answer is no, you should really be serious about it and start digging some valuable resources.

And if you want, you can also check out what you are missing in your frontend solution.

How We are Using WordPress ERP Here at weDevs – Part 2

An automated business solution is a must for any successful company. weDevs is no different. If you have gone through our previous post, How We are Using WordPress ERP Here at weDevs, you already know that we are using WP ERP as the business solution of our company.

We have created WP ERP to provide something unique to the WordPress ecosystem. We believe this will help our users to manage their small and medium-sized businesses. That's why the WordPress ERP Suit, WP ERP is initially FREE and it offers three powerful modules which are essential for any kind of small business.

In the 1st part, we have discussed how we are managing our HR with WP ERP. In this post, we shall demonstrate how we solve our problems related to Accounting, Customer Management, and Projects. Let's dive in.

We Manage Our Company Documents with Our Own Document Manager

Remember those days when companies had piles of files stored in their offices? Those days are over, thanks to automated document management solutions. weDevs is based on WordPress and our ERP solution has its own Document Manager. We store all our files inside WP ERP and can retrieve them when needed.

It works like Google drive! We can also create folders and sub folders. We can Copy, Move and Delete documents. The most important thing is, we can store our documents within our own hosting and there's no limit to it. We can transfer files anytime we want and it remains secure from external threats.

Accounting & Finances? Not a Big Deal at All!

The most difficult part of a business is to manage their finances. Business owners get nightmares when they hear about accounting issues. That's why it is very important to take care of things related to accounting and finances with proper care and supervision. It's true that not only large companies, even small ones require qualified accountants to make sure everything is going flawlessly. But you should consider some factors like time consumption, human error, lack of motivation and many more.

It is possible to overcome these problems using accounting solutions. You will hardly find a company that doesn't use any software to manage their accounting and finances. Being the same, we, at weDevs, use WP ERP's Accounting module to take care of our finances. We have our account details stored in the system. Besides that, all our sales and expenses are listed here so that we can maintain the overall accounting without facing any problem at all.

We Take Decisions Using Handy Reports from Accounting Module

Without accurate and meaningful reports, it's very difficult to take proper decisions and actions. As WP ERP Accounting helps us to manage all financial aspects, it also creates handy reports for us. We can create reports related to Assets, Liabilities, Expenses, Income and also balances.

Apart from the general reports, there are reports for trial balance, balance sheet, sales tax, product purchase, income statement, product sales, inventory report etc.

WP ERP Payroll Makes Sure Employees Receive their Compensations Regularly

Here at weDevs, we are a team of almost 30 people. The company needs to pay their compensations monthly. This is a lengthy and complex process, but we have our own Payroll Management system to save valuable time and money.

All our employees have their own HR profiles and with specified salaries. Using the payroll solution, we have created pay calendars and they are automatically triggered every month. This greatly helps to automate the process and keep the finances solid with WP ERP.

Our Customers are Handled with Care Using CRM Module

WP ERP CRM module is one of the best Customer relationship management solution out there for WordPress. We use our own product to manage our employees. When a user subscribes to our blog, newsletter or social media, they are automatically added to our CRM system. Besides that, when someone purchase from us their details are added to the CRM as well.

Our Business and Support team takes care of our customers, leads and also subscribers using this solution. They can find any information they need from CRM contact profiles. There are different sections including basic info, purchase info, order amount info, activity timeline etc. Most importantly, our CRM agents and support team can take notes, trigger emails, log activity, schedule and create tasks if required directly from the CRM.

We Track Our Sales Using CRM and WooCommerce Integration

Just like other companies we also give importance to our customers. Thus, we need to track our sales properly. Our CRM has all the information of customers and we use WooCommerce for sales. The ERP WooCommerce Integration helps to connect it with CRM. This gives us the capability of advanced filtering and searching which is very handy for tracking sales.

We Use Our Own Email Campaign for Sending Emails & Newsletters

Marketing is one of the most important business processes out there. For WordPress and tech company like weDevs, email marketing is very important. Thus, we need to make sure, we are sending exceptional emails to our subscribers.

For sending regular emails, we need a solution capable of handing large quantity of newsletters. Our Email Campaign is very powerful. It can create attractive campaigns easily and also send the emails simultaneously.

Using email campaign extension, we can create beautiful emails with its drag and drop interface. It can create emails with different design elements including images, image caption, social follow, buttons, posts, contents, videos and also footers.

Email campaign can also track emails and provide valuable insights. This becomes very handy to understand the outcomes of the email and how to improve it later.

Our Own Project Manager is Helping Us with Team Collaboration

We manage our projects and tasks using our own WP Project Manager. It has excellent project management features including Kanban Board, drag and drop interface for tasks, easily create projects. Differentiate between open, ongoing, done and due tasks. It also shows assigned team member and the task status.

WP Project Manager has Gantt chart feature. It shows the timeline of a project and its tasks. We can also plan and schedule new projects using this handy tool.

Using WP Project Manager, all our employees get their own project management dashboard. From there, they can get a view of their task status. They can collaborate with other members as well.

Wrapping Up

WP ERP is a powerful solution that can help any business to automate their business operations. It saves a lot of time and also money. Here at weDevs, we are using it because it provides us many useful tools and makes things very easier. However, WP ERP is still maturing and we are improving it every day. We address our own problems and try to get a solution using our own product. This makes sure we are doing what it takes to help our users. We also have open support for our users at and if you have any issues or want us to add more features to our WP ERP suit, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can also comment below and share us your thoughts.