HappyAddons: Ultimate Elementor Widgets Collection

Elementor Page Builder brings revolutionary changes in the world of web design. You can color your web pages within minutes just like building a blog with WordPress.

To empower Elementor there are so many third party Addons that came up with tons of Elementor Widgets. So, why we introduced a new one? We will try to answer your question throughout the article. For instance, we can say that like always, we came up with HappyAddons to make your web design journey easier than ever.

We brought some solutions Elementor community was eagerly waiting for them. You can check HappyAddons active installs, it crossed 9000k within only a few weeks!

Last week, we released HappyAddons Pro with 20+ independent addons. In this post, we are going to discuss HappyAddons Pro including some awesome Elementor widgets.

A Glimpse of Happy Elementor Addons

Happy Elementor Addons becomes popular to the Elementor Community across the countries within because of it's unique features and extensive customizable functionality. Primarily, it grabs the attention of the users because of the marvelous design demos of every Elementor Widgets.

Currently, HappyAddons free version comes with 25+ free widgets along with the 5 unique features. And the premium version of this plugin comes with 20+ premium elementor widgets and 3 unimaginable features and more are on the development phase.

Most In-Demand Unique Features of HappyAddons

The team HappyAddons brings a rich collection of useful features to power up the core of Elementor Page Builder. Here we are going to describe the top 5 features that grab the attention of the Elementor Community at the first attempt.

  1. Floating Effect (free)
  2. Happy Icons (Free)
  3. Preset (Pro)
  4. Cross-Domain Copy-Paste (Pro)
  5. Unlimited Section Nesting (Pro)

The Floating Effect of HappyAddons

It's really important to animate or have options to give a bounce effect to any specific elements of your site. You know animation gets attraction from the users easily within moments.

Floating Effect one of the top Elementor widgets
Floating Effect

Currently, the rest of the third-party elementor addons offers different animated Elementor widgets. And nowadays Elementor is providing the motion effects only for the transitional effects.

With the help of the floating effect of Happy Addons, anyone can animate any widget of their website with zero time.

Here are some inspirations of Happy Effects which will help you get an idea of what else one can do with this feature. You can check the Floating Effect demo and here is a short video tutorial on this Elementor widget.

This is how you can float any elements without doing a single coding

Ready to use this widget? It's so easy. Check the step by step documentation of how to can animate any object within the elementor page builder. Or follow this video tutorial which will help to use this feature.

You will be surprised that this amazing feature is available in the free version of Happy Elementor Addons.

Happy Icons- New Addition to Elementor Widgets

Elementor v2.6 comes with the huge icon set of Font Awesome. We can continue our work with this huge library. However, the fact is these icons are filled icon. More often we need line icons for our Webdesign to make a difference from others.

Even though in elementor, you have the privilege to add SVG icons but it's also time-consuming for many of us to find the right one.

To enhance the journey, HappyAddons is providing 500+ Happy line Icons. These icons are easily customizable and have the flexibility to use them anywhere. Moreover, you can use all of the cool icons in the free version of HappyAddons.

HappyIcons of HappyAddons
HappyIcons of HappyAddons

We have prepared a detailed user guide on Happy Icons detail documentation. Learn how to use these icons in a proper way. And here is a short overview in the video below.

Happy Icons of happyaddons
Happy Icons

Presets (400+ Ready Templates)

Creating a lucrative and meaningful design is challenging, especially for beginners. Sometimes even professional web developers are spending a lot of time to make a unique design for their clients. Elementor Page Builder makes lose the burden of ours. This tool really helps us a lot. Though it also needs time to make a perfect design.

And here comes HappyAddons to the rescue saving both of our time and efforts.

Look at the demo designs of the other third-party add-ons, they also create some creative inspirations for their plugins and you can make that kinda designs for your website but it takes a lot of time to make the same demo-like design.

Preset Feature of HappyAddons Pro
Preset Feature of HappyAddons Pro

To save the valuable time HappyAddons comes with an amazing feature: Preset.

Nowadays everyone is familiar with the various photo editing tools which provide some premade filters or presets to make images awesome. The team brings the same type of things in HappyAddons. Create any design with the help of the 400+ readymade presets. Choose any Happy Elementor Widgets and select any premade designs templates from the drop-down menu and customize the designs as per your need.

Here is full documentation on how to use the Preset feature for saving time in web designing. from this video tutorial and this video will help to get the idea of this cool feature.

How to Use Presets

This amazing time-saving feature comes with the HappyAddons pro.

Cross-Domain Copy-Paste Feature

Elementor Page Builder allows us to copy and paste any elements within the same domain. It saves time and reduces repetitive works. Yet it's in our imagination that it'll be helpful if we can copy any elements and paste it on our different websites.

HappyAddon Pro makes the dream true. This addon will allow the users to copy any elementor widgets or section and paste it to another domain.

Cross Domain Copy Paste Feature of HappyAddons Pro
Cross-Domain Copy-Paste

Isn't it so cool? This unique feature of the HappyAddons pro will definitely save your valuable time. Here is a video guideline on how you can enjoy the cool feature.

How to Use Cross-Domain Copy-Paste Feature

Unlimited Section Nesting

Currently, in the Elementor Page Builder, all the work has to be managed within a particular section. If anyone wants to add some more sections within that particular section then they can manage a little bit functionality with the help of Inner Section Elementor Widget.

Quite often you need to enhance the section to give a complete shape of your design. In that particular moment, we feel for more sections within a section. To fulfill the need HappyAddons Pro offers the Unlimited Section Nesting feature.

Unlimited Section Nesting

It's a very simple feature to use. Just right click of the mouse in a section and click on the Add Section option. Finally, the section will be added. See, so easy. This cool feature comes with the HappyAddons Pro.

Here is a guideline for that feature which will help to use the feature properly.

Best Elementor Widgets: Can You Ignore?

Elementor Page Builder helps us to create any website without doing any coding. To enhance the core of the Elementor and to supercharge web designing, team Happy Addons came up with a rich collection of Elementor widgets.

Within a few weeks, Happy Elementor Addons'd crossed 9000 active installations. And that's not done, the action is going on. People all around the world are grabbing this because it offers some extraordinary features before any other tools. So, why late?

Go give a check and book your package now!

Upcoming New Features and Changes in Dokan Subscription v1.2.0

The best multi vendor marketplace plugin for WordPress, Dokan is becoming powerful and feature rich with every single update. Besides the Core and Pro version, it has excellent extensions that are helping our users for a long time. Dokan Subscription is one of them and also a popular one.

For giving you a better user experience and more functionalities, we have updated Dokan Subscription to v1.2.0. We have also released a hot fix update of Dokan v2.6.3. Please note that- you have to update your copy of Dokan to the latest version. Otherwise you won't be able to get the best out of Dokan Subscription.

Today, we will give you an insight of this update and how they are going to help your marketplace in the long run. So, let's dive in and find out more about the new features of Dokan Subscription.

What's New in Dokan Subscription v1.2.0

Configuring Different Commission Rates

Now, Dokan Admins can set different commission rates for different subscriptions. This feature allows you to set commission for individual subscription products. Your vendors will receive commissions that you will set using this new feature if they are using that specific subscription. If you do not include any commission, the global commission rate will be applied to that subscription.

Menu Order Added to Vendor Dashboard

Your Vendors will view the subscription packs on their dashboard. Previously, the subscriptions were ordered according to their product creation order. Now, you can customize the menu order in the vendor dashboard from your Dokan admin panel. You can edit menu order for each subscription and rearrange them according to your requirements.

This option  is in the Advanced tab of WooCommerce Product Creation page. You have to input the order number for each subscription to rearrange them.

New Subscription Pack Design

This update will give you a new look to the subscription packs. Your vendors will get to see interactive dynamic design of the packs in vendor dashboard. Besides that, you can always rearrange the order of subscription packs.

Your vendors can view their existing packs above the available ones with detailed information and also a button to cancel it. Please note that- your vendors have to cancel any previous subscription before buying a new one.

Category Restriction for Better Management

Wouldn't it be nice if you could create subscription packs only for specific categories? This might become really handy in some cases. The new update of Dokan Subscription gives you the ability to create subscription packs with allowing or restricting categories. This gives you a better management option. However, you can restrict categories by adding rest to the pack.

This option is under the Vendor Commission in the WooCommerce Product Creation page. You can select categories from the available list using drop down menu. While you are selecting categories, you are allowing this subscription packs for those specific categories. If you leave this field empty, all available categories will be selected.

WooCommerce 3.0+ Compatibility

We all know WooCommerce has released their major update v3.0 this year and recently updated it to v3.0.8. You will be happy to know that Dokan and all of its extensions, including Dokan Subscription is compatible with WC 3.0+. This allows you to seamlessly work with WooCommerce without facing any problem at all.

Many Tweaks and Bug Fixes

Besides all the above exciting new features of v1.2.0 update of Dokan Subscription, many bugs have been fixed and some tweaks have been added. This has greatly improved the extension and made it more user friendly.

Bonus: Tips from Pro

Did you know? – You can also view the subscription details and configure them from your vendor's WordPress profile on your website?

If you visit the default WordPress Profile of your vendor and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will find a new section titled ‘Dokan Subscription'. Here you will get to view necessary details about activated subscription and also add allowed categories for that specific vendor!

Wrapping Things Up

So, what do you think about this new update? Isn't it exciting?

Share your thoughts about this new update in the comments bellow.

Also view our detailed documentation for more information about this new update.