Strategies to Launch A Social Media Holiday Marketing Campaign in 2020

You might not have the reindeer to help you prepare the upcoming holidays for your business, but you have social media. During the festive season, social media holiday marketing takes on a whole new role and lets the brands create emotional connections with their consumers?

Perhaps you are the owner of F-commerce or maybe you run a small business using WooCommerce and you definitely have sales goals in your mind, but brand loyalty is something that you really need to be serious about.

And brand loyalty has always been primarily driven by emotion. That's why, during the holiday season, you won't just increase your revenue from social media, rather it's a great opportunity to create brand affinity among your consumers.

Since ours is a WordPress product company and one of our major products is a multi-vendor marketplace solution, so we see lots of small businesses are actually trying to push their business on social platforms and social media holiday marketing plans can make their marketing effort a bit easier!

Clock is Ticking! Start Planning for Your

Holiday Marketing- social media

Start with Last Year

Before you get started to work on your holiday marketing campaign, you need to visit the memory lane, walk through your previous campaign and your competitors' too! Did you launch any campaign on social media during any previous holiday season? What did your competitors do that time? What was the social reach and engagement from those?

Find out the data and learn your lesson from that.

Audience Targeting

To optimize your social media marketing, you need to set the potential target audience and which social networks they spend most of their time.

⚡️ Fix Your Goal & KPI

holiday Marketing

Using the outcomes from last year's campaign,  set a realistic goal for this year's campaign. You need to decide what you want from it, either social engagement, social reach or lead generations.

Choose most Effective Social Media Channels

Based on your target audience, you have to select the most preferable social channels for your holiday marketing campaign. For some businesses, it can be common ones like Facebook or Twitter, but for food or clothing business, Snapchat or even Pinterest campaign could work like magic.

⏰ Set a Timeline

You should set a clear timeline for your holiday marketing campaign including a start and end date. Also, you should prepare the schedule for sending the social media post/message.

Create Attractive Creative

You can easily enhance the brand awareness and go closer to your audience with a visually attractive creative. Well, you might need a little bit of innovation and holiday flavor mixing up for doing so!

Choose a Campaign Hashtag

Even if you don't like hashtags, the truth is they are actually effective in order to create engagement as well as to track the conversation from your specific campaign. You need to create a hashtag that will represent your brand, content and of course the campaign.

P.S. You don't have to include your brand name all the time.

Data-Backed Social Media

So you have collected the data from last year and took the preliminary steps before start planning for the main campaign idea? Great, now we are ready to move forward.

To be honest, creating a holiday marketing campaign for social media is not that hard. Anybody can do it with a few Google searches! Since you are reading this blog, you have already figured out that the hard part is creating a creative and strategic marketing plan!

But we are here to help you to inject creativity and launch a unique holiday marketing plan for your social media followers. Something that will ensure your brand gets noticed around the social platforms and fulfill your marketing goals for the upcoming holiday!

holiday marketing plan for social media

Check out the social media holiday plans that we have come up with and feel free to mix-up the ideas and create your own unique one.

Create Exclusive

Don't you want to make your social media audience feel special during this holiday? This is your chance, mate! Apart from social media, you definitely have other marketing plans for this holiday. No, you don't always need to align everything, not all the time. You can walk through the same path but sometimes you need to explore sideways too!

It could be exclusive rewards, discounts or giveaways only for your social media followers. To pull it off uniquely, resonate the holiday flavour in it and create the announcement post mentioning that you care and value about your social media audience!

Create Campaign Using

If your holiday campaign goal is generating engagement and get connected to the followers, then its specially for you! You can just share a few snaps of how the company is preparing for Christmas or thanksgiving and ask them to share their stories. If you can use ‘behind-the-scene' content right way, then it can genuinely create brand affinity.

For creating behind-the-scene content during this holiday season, you might need to choose the social platform wisely. For example, Instagram or Snapchat is great for showcasing your fun side but don't share a funny image on LinkedIn.

Host a Social Media

Social media contest is one of the popular ways to generate community engagement. To include a giveaway with it, you can get the most out of your holiday campaign. You can make the giveaway innovative using a few tricks! Like you can ask them to share their holiday inspiration, snap, selfie, quotes with you and by uploading the content on your page, they will eligible to get the giveaway.

You can provide a giveaway with every purchase they make during the holiday season. Even you can create custom intentive which will be spiced up with that holiday theme and make people interested to participate in the content. Again, please keep in mind that a visually attractive post will always get more engagement than a blunt one!

Run a Campaign

You can show customers your thankfulness during these holidays by arranging a customer appreciation campaign. If you run an e-commerce website or any other customer service business, then you should take this chance to present the gratitude through a holiday campaign. You can do that by following ways:

  • Start A loyalty program during this holiday
  • Offer them to visit & spend with your brand
  • Spotlight customer on this special season
  • Send a gift to a most engaged customer
  • Offer them to visit & spend with your brand
  • Throw a party & invite your loyal customer on social media

Launch a Holiday

For social media, holiday is a season for frenzy. To cut through the social media noise and actually engage with your targeted audience, a holiday hashtag campaign could be the easiest and effective idea. You can easily track the engagement and generate brand awareness too.

Wrapping Up

Try out these holiday marketing ideas for your social media channel. Get best out of your marketing effort by trying to be creative about it, add elements that resonate with your brand or help your audience to connect with you!

Let us know, what are your favorite holiday Social Media campaigns and how was the outcome from it. Happy Holiday!

WooCommerce Marketing Calendar 2020

Marketing Calenders are tough! Not to mention a complete year long one that actually works.

Truth is – it's not always possible to start and stay on the successful track. The most common reason for it is that not everyone has the necessary road map they need.

This is why having a sound plan for both marketing and execution are very important for anyone who wants to start an eCommerce business.

So where are we going with all this? For our readers we tried putting together something that is bound to get you results (from our own experience).

Post Summary:


If You had any aspiratons of becoming an online marketplace owner it's never been better than now.

The future of eCommerce is taking shape right before our own eyes. From a 2016 report by eMarketer, it is projected that sales from retail e-commerce will increase to $4.058 trillion in 2020 [Source]. That's 14.6% of the total spending on retail altogether.

Those are some really big numbers! So it's best to start as early as possible.

Trust Us! You Really Do Need A Complete Plan

Bringing value to the readers is our number one priority when creating content. A marketing calendar for an eCommerce platform takes up a lot of your time. You have to try a lot of thing before figuring out the right formula.

So, it came to our minds why not share a solid plan showcasing what actually works and what doesn't.

Let's not waste any more time.

Get Your Free WooCommerce Marketing Calendar Now

  • WooCommerce Marketing Plan 2019

    Use this calendar to strategize your marketing plan and get a head start in the competitive market.

Why Would You Need A WooCommerce Marketing Plan Anyway?

In this blog, we tried to mainly put together a complete 12 months plan on how you can use Dokan & WooCommerce to get your dream eCommerce site started.

Concentrating on each month about what you should do individually.

Think of it as a WooCommerce store marketing plan for 2020.

Not theories that we just wrote in the moment rather tried and tested processes from our own experiences.

January: Focus On Building Your Base

You are just starting out. Full of energy, full of excitement for the future. This can get a little daunting we know, so stick with us.

You have to remember that your WooCommerce store is your battleground. So being prepared to analyze everything is a good strategy to have. Some simple basics you should always have covered are

  • Hiring the right people: It can be one of the key factors in your WooCommerce business success. A team that has a better understanding of each other and works towards a single goal usually beats the team with superstars in it.
  • A Proper Focus Point: This is the most important part of this conversation. You won't be able to achieve it all. You have to prioritize on what exactly where you want to see your business reach that is feasible. And plan accordingly.
  • Setting up opt-in, social profiles & their pixels and conversion trackers: To keep a record of people who interacted with your store, it is essential that you set these things up first. Opt-ins for building email subscriber list, social media business profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest social media pixels for ad targeting/retargeting, setting up email automation services like MailChimp, Aweber etc for email marketing campaigns. Some plugins that can greatly help you are –
    Contact Form builders like weForms for making forms that attract the attention of your visitor.weForms email marketing integrations can boost your mailing listSome kind of conversion tracker that keeps data of who interacted with your store and from which platform. Similar to WooCommerce Conversion Tracking (a free tool) so you can target them at a later time for marketing purposes.
    Email campaign plugins like MailPoet a great tool for beginners when starting out.

February: Generate Traffic From Content Marketing

You are starting to get visitors to your website. Congrats!

Now comes the part to retain them. Generating good, valuable, helpful contents can be a great way to make your visitors loyal. Start by thinking what you can do that would be beneficial for them, both in their personal and business life.

Create a separate blog page where you not only talk about only your business but also other things related to your industry. Produce video contents for YouTube, Facebook (which is a great way for organic traffic). Some tips that can be helpful

  • Follow what your competitors are creating as content inspiration
  • Make contents as valuable as possible for the other end
  • Be aware of what the industry is scaling to be good content
  • Share content on multiple social channels for maximum reach

But its imperative that you do it on a regular basis. You never know when and what might click with your audience.

Also some other beneficiary things you can do alongside these tasks

  • Create blog post by doing proper SEO research
  • Analyze what type of content the market is in need of and deliver properly

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March: Step Up Your Social Game

There are approximately 3.4 billion active social media users worldwide with an average of 135 minutes spent on social media every day by the global internet users.[Source]

This time you need to create a strong presence in the social media communities relevant to your business. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest are great sources of traffic. They are also free. You just need to create an account to get started. Though there are some best practices you need to follow when interacting with the end user on platforms like these

  • Clear understanding of what kind of image you want your content consumers to have about your brand
  • Have the proper tools to measure Social Media ROI from the get and set them up correctly[Ex: Setting up UTM tracking codes, using built-in analytics of these channels]
  • Proper knowledge about what to measure, how and why
  • Treating these platforms not only as a distribution method rather brand/reputation building platforms.
  • Interacting with your fans across all social channels for more organic reach.
  • Giving proper budget to paid options on social media. It will take some time to see the results but you should always have a long-term plan if you are in the eCommerce business.

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April: Attract Customers Using Promos

Your business will start to see some tractions now. Now comes the time to offer lucrative promo deals like discount coupons, free products campaign with purchases etc.
But don't just offer promotional deals and sit back to see the results. You have to let people know what they are missing. Things you can do

  • Start a Google AdWords campaign to promote your deals on Google platforms. Consider a sufficient budget and wait a little while to see your expected result(you will get them eventually)
  • Retarget your fans from social media(like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc) across multiple channels
  • Use the data you got from plugins like Woocommerce Conversion Tracking to target potential customers who interacted with your website

May: Start Email Campaigns & Influencer Marketing

Email marketing will take a boom in 2020 with an estimation that 246 billion emails will be sent in total.

This by no mistake because email marketing still provides the best bang for your buck. The depth of communication you can get using personalized emails is still the best in the business. Latest reports show that email marketing shows 76%  make a purchase from an email. Here are some tips you should always follow to have the best results

  • Make your emails as mobile friendly as possible. As the usage smartphones are rising at a greater rate than ever before it just makes sense to be mobile friendly.
  • Personalize your emails as much as possible. Doing this will make your customer feel valued.
  • Differentiate your subscribers by age, location, industry, sales cycle etc so you will have a better understanding of what to send to who. This lets you avoid spam emails that you might have sent to those who are not interested.
  • Test, test, test! Don't just restrict yourself to A/B testing go as much C/D/E/F

Other than email you can also look towards influencer marketing to get a boost up for your eCommerce business. Influencer/KOL marketing is simply put – “Promoting your business through someone's channels on social media who have a large amount of attention”

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June: Review Previous Results & Optimize

You should start seeing results now!
But don't take anything for granted yet. You need to analyze what your previous results are trying to tell you. Learn from your mistakes and see what you can do better.
Use advanced analytics like Google Analytics(which is FREE) to see where most of your content consumers are coming from, their demographics, age, behavior, traits etc. Use this in-depth knowledge to see how you can optimize your main landing pages, child pages to see better growth for you WooCommerce business.

July: Strategize For More Traffic

The holidays are in sight now. It's time to gear up for how much you are going to bring value to your customers. Offering different discount can be really beneficial in bringing more traffic and brand awareness. The most important holiday you can look for in this period – is the 4th of July. People in this time will be looking offers that will be lucrative for them.

Some strategies you can follow

  • Offer discount coupons/price for your products
  • Start a FREE with every purchase promotion on all/multiple products
  • Track your previous offer results to optimize how you can get the best out of investment this time

August: Start Planning For Major Holidays

You got the results in hand and they are looking promising. But it's not time yet to stop. The holiday seasons are only just beginning. Use the CALENDER that we gave you to map out which major holidays are most relevant to your business and how you can use those occasions. Sales go through the roof during the holiday seasons. You have to maximize your efforts to get the most out of your efforts. Look out for prominent holidays you need to concentrate the most like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving etc.

It is never too late to plan early

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September: Look For Affiliate Partnerships

People are becoming really interested in your products. Now to grow your WooCommerce business even further you can start affiliate partnership. Look for people who are interested in earning some money from your products. You can even offer some really good compensation if they successfully do it.

  • Rather than looking for affiliate partnership, create a section of your main landing page for affiliates.
  • Review who you are doing affiliate with. It is directly related to your brand reputation.
  • Offer lucrative percentage so more affiliate marketers will be interested to be in a partnership with you.

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October: Focus On Better CPC

Time for you to spread the word that you have a WooCommerce store and it is giving the best value for money out there. To do that you need to find sources that can generate more traffic than you are getting right now. Analyze the previous results that you got from Google AdWords, Perfect Audience etc and focus on what can be improved.

  • Analyze, reanalyze your previous data to see what areas need improvement from your side
  • Update old Ad copies that are performing worst & take hints from the ones that are doing good.

November: Brainstorm For Growth Hacks & Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates

Your team is starting to work together to a single goal. As previously mentioned

A team that better understand each others weakness and strengths tends to always beat the team that has superstars in it but no team work

Create a brainstorming session with your team who knows the ins & out of business because they have experienced it first hand from the start. Some little growth hacking ideas might come out of this session that won't seem so little later on. And also you have to start preparing your landing page for the holiday season. Your website is your second home. Treat your visitors the same way you would treat a guest in your house. A neat trick you can use is using plugins that will add a simple holiday touch to your site like snowfall effect, Christmas lights, Santa Claus banner etc.

WordPress Christmas plugin

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December: Lead With Viral Contests

It seems viral content is what the rage is all about in today's content marketing world.

Though it seems obvious, it is given that viral marketing of content is one of the greatest way to attain the attention of your customers.

Everybody loves free stuff. Start a giveaway and start to see your traffic spike through the roof. Or be creative and think of something unique like interactive quiz marketing with prizes, a contest for premium products, share to win and so on.

Bonus Tips

There are some things that should always be followed throughout your WooCommerce journey.

  • Always analyze reanalyze the data from your investments
  • Look at what your competitors are doing and what they are lacking
  • Planning is the most important and crucial part. So, you need to spend more time on planning than execution
  • Never stop learning
  • Don't be frustrated by lack of results. Remember that it takes time & hard work to build something sustainable


This a simple yet effective road map to guide you in your WooCommerce journey.

You can rest assured that these are effective strategies, not just theories

Though many unforeseen obstacles will come that you have to deal with on the fly. If it doesn't produce the results that wanted move on to the next milestone.

Remember to stay patient and trust your journey. You will get there eventually!

P.S . Don't forget to download your Free copy of the marketing plan for 2020 and start today.

Get Your Free WooCommerce Marketing Calendar Now

  • WooCommerce Marketing Plan 2019

    Use this calendar to strategize your marketing plan and get a head start in the competitive market.