JENAMA LOKAL- A Wondrous Malaysian E-Commerce Success Story With Dokan

If you browse through online, you will probably find thousands of stories of online successful business & events that relate to e-commerce, business startups, their journey of becoming successful from startups and more.

Not all online marketplace business out there meet with the same fate. Some become a painful experience of loss project and some become so influential that it inspires others to take up that business.

And here is one such success story that would undoubtedly influence everyone with the thought of taking e-commerce business as startups.

How It All Started With ‘Jenama Lokal'

In every startup, you got to have an active team to grow your business over the years. Similarly, the idea of launching ‘Jenama Lokal‘ got ignited by an enthusiastic team. A team of highly ambitious & dedicated souls. Let's meet them up.

Jenama Lokal Team
The team behind the amazing success of

Initially, the idea of this team was just to present a prototype of Jenama Lokal website as a platform in front of its local investors.

The idea of building an online marketplace actually came up from the intention of promoting local products & brands.

And this is when the name Jenama Lokal came into the mind of the team which truly translates to ‘Local Products' of Malaysian language. And this is how the concept of Jenama brought to light by this team of a highly talented individual.

Choosing Dokan Over the Others

Dokan- top multi-vendor marketplace

When we originally started with Dokan, the system is unexpectedly convenient and is offering many features


As the team of ‘Jenama Lokal' was planning to get their prototype site ready for its funders, while doing so they come across Dokan. Once they tried it out they found the marketplace solution to be surprisingly user-friendly and it was something that meets their requirement of building their local marketplace site absolutely hassle-free.

The most important part is, it provides us with excellent support and service where any difficulties regarding Dokan will be cleared within 24 hours

Zakri Rozaini, IT Manager,

Also, due to Dokan's extensive feature offerings that are able to assist its user to achieve the goal that they had for their vendors with precise efficiency. Moreover, Dokan adds new features & updates it regularly that provides them with boosted performance & improved productivity.

Jenama local success story

More importantly, any issues small or big that arise with Dokan is normally solved by its ever active support team within a day which enables them to ensure smoother operation of JenamaLokal site.

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A Small Sketch of ‘Jenama Lokal' Marketplace

The beauty of a marketplace lies by how professional & interactive it looks from the outside.

Site's responsiveness, user-friendliness and the ability to present its products & brands interactively is something that attracts the visitors the most. And excels in all those departments.

Dokan success story

As we can see, has slowly but surely unraveled itself to become quite a professional looking marketplace for the local users.

eCommerce success story

The design of the marketplace is beautiful with quick & easy navigation option in every corner of the store. In the marketplace, one can easily search or look for their desired categories or product faster than ever.

Shoppers Paradise

story of online successful business

Once you enter the Shop Page, it seems like you have opened a new door full of your favorite goodies. You feel like you are lost in the kingdom of shopping bliss. Just pick the category you desire to start shopping.

Eye Catchy Design

online successful business story

The color combination & the whole setup of the website makes it look so soothing in the eyes. Though you might feel a little lost while scrolling down the marketplace due to having too many products & categories on the same page.

But all in all the design looks nothing less than any innovative international marketplace like Amazon or eBay.

Browse Through Your Favorite Categories

example of online successful business

All the categories of the products display itself really nicely at the sidebar. You can browse through one category to another more conveniently than ever.

Moreover, the visitor can quickly select available options of a particular product or get a closer view of any product by simply clicking on a quick view option on each item. While you simply hover over each item, you get options to like, compare or cart them.

Tap for Special Offers

online successful business example

There is also a separate tab named “Special Offer” in the marketplace where all the special deals & offers are listed.

Simply browse through them and get to buy them at a discounted price.

Visit Individual Brand/Vendor Page

online successful business

Not only navigating through your favorite product or categories, but any new or old customer can also visit their favorite brand stores that are registered with the marketplace. Any visitor can even follow all popular vendor store to get notified of their best deals & offers.

A Few Words of Wisdom & Future Expectation

Thanks to Dokan's user-friendly dashboard that is practical and convenient, our vendors are very satisfied with the service and features


Along with Dokan's praise for its support & services, the team of JanamaLokal also feel that over the last one year it has helped them grow & nurture their business to a great extent.

They also say, the first year of using Dokan has passed away within a blink of an eye and it has surpassed all the expectations in terms of providing great customer service & after-sales support.

Now slowly & steadily after one year of utilizing Dokan to a full effect on the site, has managed to reach more than 100 registered vendors with over 1000 products being sold through the site at the moment. And the dream is to make it only bigger & better from here on with the solid support of Dokan.

And now for the future, they expect Dokan to help them reach new heights. More of by adding more exclusive features on a regular basis maintaining the same top-notch customer & support services.

As they feel this would help new & fresh entrepreneurs in terms of helping them grow their marketplace business in the near future.

Rewrite Fortune by Launching Your Marketplace Today!

So that's about it, the success journey of a popular e-commerce marketplace ‘Jenama Lokal'. A marketplace that wants to keep promoting local brands to contribute to the growth of each other's business.

Most certainly this inspires you to get on with your very first dream marketplace, doesn't it?

If you are still unsure then you would probably want to take inspiration from this team of You can already see how easily they have established their desired marketplace with Dokan without much hassle.

So, if they can do it, so can you.

And if you are actually serious about launching your own marketplace or you own a WooCommerce site and want to turn it into a full-fledged multi-vendor marketplace then there can be no better marketplace solution than DOKAN. So what's holding you up?

Get started with Dokan and bring your most anticipated marketplace to life.

For any queries related to the marketplace, you can always reach out to its ever-ready support team any time.

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Aspiring Success Story of an Educational Institute ‘Project Management College’

Achieving the Project Management success may seem quite straightforward in eyes but in reality, it is far from it. One might think, you fix a deadline, you hire the right people, and set up a quick budget and you are all set to attain success from your project. But actually, when it comes to any project management success, it depends on a number of factors.

Assigning the wrong people to a project, providing misleading information, project managers not being on the page are some of the major factor responsible for its unsuccessfulness. But with the right tool for project management, any company or institute can overcome it. In the same way Project Management College based in Central America, Nicaragua has overcome its project management challenges using the right project management tool.

So today's post will be all about the success story of an educational institute, ‘Project Management College‘. Also, the challenges it faced and how it has overcome it picking the right project management solution for its institution.

So without waiting any longer let's dive into the journey it prevailed.

PMC's Journey, Vision, Mission & Values

PMC as a project began its journey in the year 2000 with the intention of creating the best training center in project management. It holds a common goal of helping others in their training as project managers aligned with the  Project Management Institute (PMI). The courses in it are designed in such a way that it is guaranteed to pass the certification exam in the first go.

Its vision revolved around for people being able to apply and promote good practices in project management becoming the very first school of project manages located in Nicaragua.

Its mission compiles of serving as facilitators to all professionals to help achieve their certification under a certain standards

And lastly, it values towards the Responsibility, Respect, Equity. Honesty of the institute goers and everyone involved in it.

Why PMC Opted for WP Project Manager

PMC WP Project Manager

PMC's founder Nohar Martinez was looking for a project management solution that can help in its consultancies and work with its clients in different scenarios. Also, an efficient tool that can help its students who are preparing to become project managers.

After trying out a few other tools, WP Project Manager seems to have fulfilled all the requirement they were asking for. And in addition to that since WP Project Manager Plugin is said to help it work in an orderly manner allowing them to assign WordPress users to a certain task and automatically send those updates through emails to notify the users about the progress. So, moreover, they found it to be quite efficient and useful for their cause of managing their projects better and timely.

Want to get a better idea of how the WP Project Manager works? Then check out its dummy version from the link below.

Access Free WP Project Manager Demo→

How PMC Is Using WP Project Manager for Its Project Management Success

After opting to get to WP Project Manager, PMC has seen tremendous progress in terms of completing its projects. It has used the tool to its maximum potential utilizing all its useful entities & features. Here is how WP Project Manager helps in managing its projects for PMC's designated project manager & students.

Projects Creation

PMC can create several projects and view them all at one place to quickly get access to it. It can choose the projects it wants to review by clicking on the available listed projects.

Generating a Task List

Based on the nature of a project, PMC is able to create a number of task list. It can also set a milestone for the project managers and the people assigned in the project.

PMC is also able to write a small description to describe the kind of task it is under every task list created.

Adding New Task Under Task List

Under the task list, PMC can add unlimited number of new task to overview, update, assign it the project managers or students.

Assigning Users to the Task

Once PMC create a specific task, it can then assign the task to anyone involved in the project.

Setting up a Deadline

PMC project managers get to set a calendar based deadline to let anyone responsible to complete the project understand the urgency of getting things done on time.

Briefing Task Description

It has the ability to write a short or detailed description of the task. This helps the PMC project managers & student easily understand what and how they need to proceed or approach the task.

Assigning Users to Subtask

CMC project managers can also add a limitless subtask to manage the overall task in more organizing manner & better.

Discussing Task Progress

Any project manager or student of PMC while completing any task can discuss the overall progress, drawbacks or comment any valuable information or message regarding the project hassle-free.

Attaching File on Comment & Notifying Users

Moreover, after completion of any task, PMC project manager or student can attach any relevant files that are associated with the task. And not to mention its useful option of notifying all other users connected with the project in it.

What PMC Feels About Using WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager is an excellent tool to carry a list to do

Nohar Martinez, Founder PMC

The collaborators & workers at PMC use WP Project Manager to communicate with each other at least 8 hours a day. So far they felt it is an excellent tool to do it daily work and project management task.

But it also has the scope of improvement that needs to be taken care of. Even though it is a great tool to manage the project, but when it comes to advance level project management, it is still not the perfect solution for them.

As it seems like in terms of budget monitoring & control, physical progress or an in-depth comparison between the real or planned picture, there are options that it feels if included in the future would further improve the user experience turning it into an inevitable project management solution for one and all serving for every project management purposes.

Improve Project Management Success With the Right Project Management Tool

Now when you are looking to get success in your project management then there are more essential factors like defining the scope, objectives & deliverables, proper project planning, better communication, tracking & reporting the project progress, handling the changes in management and more importantly risk management.

PMC is taking care of all these utilizing the right project management tool in order to get success. And WP Project Manager is exactly the kind solution that helps you manage all these criteria efficiently.

Curious to learn more about WP Project Manager? Then

An Incredible E-commerce Success Story of a Fashion House Marketplace ‘JodyShop’

E-commerce success story has its own way of inspiring people to turn their business more towards online. Current stats suggest that more than 50% of the shopping takes place online. So, with the current trend of online shopping, more people are tilting towards building their own marketplace. One such online fashion e-store decided to become a full-fledged marketplace is

Through this write-up, let’s find out some of the major insights and details about the amazing journey of turning from a single seller e-commerce store into a complete marketplace for lifestyle & fashion.

Getting Started with Jodyshop & Its Journey with Dokan

I tried almost all the available free and paid tools but no one has convinced me as much as Dokan.

-Waleed Barakat, Founder & CEO

JodyShop started its journey with very limited features and products in the September, 2016.

As an Associate of Amazon, Jodyshop earns from qualifying purchases. It is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by promoting and connecting it to

The products available in it back then were mostly from the Amazon associate program. Over time, slowly the website started to get noticed by vendors and customers mostly from the US and UK region.

And soon after, more people started to visit the website from all over the world. This is when the owner of the site realized that business needs to be expanded. So the founder of JodyShop, Waleed Barakat decided to expand the business in a way by which vendors and retailers are able to easily sell product from his site. So he started looking for multivendor marketplace plugin for his website online. He was basically looking for a powerful and permanent solution to expand his business. So he tried out almost all the free and paid marketplace solution available out there.

And finally, after trying out all the tools, he discovered Dokan and its awesomeness that fulfilled all his expectations and demands for introducing his e-commerce store as a multi-seller marketplace. And this is how Jodyshop began its journey with Dokan putting its foot towards the multi-vendor marketplace.    

Turning Jodyshop into a Full-fledged Marketplace

I have more than 30+ registered vendors from around the world and they are all happy and satisfied with Dokan solutions.

-Waleed Barakat, Founder & CEO

The CEO and Founder of Jodyshop also mentioned that turning his store into a complete multi-vendor marketplace has been quite profitable. And that Dokan has simply given him everything that he was actually looking for. It provided his store with basic marketplace features as well as advanced & powerful ones.

At the moment JodyShop marketplace has more than 30+ registered and active vendors around the globe, who are selling various items from the marketplace. As it was also informed that, all the vendors have expressed their satisfaction with the Dokan solution and they all recommend it to others whoever looks for a complete marketplace solution.

Jodyshop at a Glance

Jody is currently one of the largest shopping marketplaces in the US & UK. The marketplace consists of a number of popular categories where all the latest collection from the world's popular brands like Nike, Puma, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas etc. are featured. Here is a quick overview of the complete marketplace below.

Discover the beauty of shopping from the comfort of your home. Get your most desired items using the most user-friendly and revolutionary lifestyle marketplace.

Cart your favorite & all the latest products with just a few clicks. The Jodyshop marketplace is known to be the most suitable and affordable marketplace for all.

Get regular update on the discounted products in the “Sale” tab and order to save a fortune on your online shopping from the convenience of your home.

New items are updated regularly so explore Jodyshop to stay updated with all the trendy & fashionable products and become a trendsetter.

Get all the best selling items in the ‘Best In” tab and enjoy shopping to your fullest potential with the highest quality of product offered in Jodyshop.

Number of unique products are compiled together in the ‘Featured' tab making your shopping enjoyable and fun filled.

Pick from the collection of all the well renowned brand of the world in the “Brands” tab and find the hot and trending products to buy online at a much affordable cost than others.

From the ‘Reviews' section, read all the customer reviews and decide to buy the hot-selling & popular products offered by at least hundreds of the top brands of the world.

Visit Jodyshop→

Recommendations & Feedback

Now everyone wants to have a pleasant experience with their marketplace. Both marketplace owner and its vendors look forward to having the best marketplace operational experience all the time. It wasn’t anything different in the case of Jodyshop marketplace either. Especially the vendors feel that Jodyshop marketplace is extremely easy for them in terms of creating a free and reliable online store that contains all the basic to advanced features to operate their store from anywhere. More importantly, they are able to quickly add, edit and customize their e-stores from any device now and surprisingly enough they get to do all this absolutely free.

But from the owner’s point of view, there might be a couple of recommendations that can improve the user-experience of Dokan even better in the future. Some more features could be added in the free version of Dokan is one of the recommendations and also the updates need to address all the bug fixes first rather than loading the new version with loads of less important features.

But overall, the experience of using Dokan has been really awesome so far and would recommend it to anyone looking to convert their WooCommerce store into a feature-rich multi-vendor marketplace in their WordPress.

Final Verdicts on Dokan

I think Dokan multi-vendor solutions is great, it's very easy to use & provides powerful tools.

-Waleed Barakat, Founder & CEO

There you have it, the words from the mouth of a successful fashion and lifestyle marketplace owner said it all. Trust and reliability is the main thing that a marketplace owner looks for in solutions like this. And with Dokan, he got everything that was expected and asked for his e-commerce business expansion. The satisfaction level that it has provided him with Dokan’s powerful tools and features further proves it.

Not to mention the option it offers for the most needed frontend and backend functionalities for its registered vendors, one can be certain that Dokan is the ultimate marketplace solution that anyone would desire for.  

With such a high standard set by Dokan, now the expectation from Waleed Barakat is touching sky high. And now he only expects that everything in his marketplace will work smoothly with the help of Dokan in the future as well.    

Now, if anyone is curious to learn more about Dokan and its awesome features, then they may

Check out Dokan Official Site→

TaxGuru’s Success Story Of Using WP User Frontend For User Registration

Is there any site owner/admin who wouldn't like for their users to register easily on the website? You will probably find none.

User registration nowadays is an imperative part of almost every WordPress website. It is the same situation for TaxGuru, a complete tax-related finance & information solution website as well. They wanted to have the facility to allow their users to registers directly from the frontend hassle-free. And so they were looking for a plugin that turns their frontend usability along with their user registrations process more automated and user-friendly than ever.  And for TaxGuru, this whole process is extremely simple now with the help of WP User Frontend.

Continue reading “TaxGuru's Success Story Of Using WP User Frontend For User Registration”

Michael Delaney’s Story Of Becoming A Successful Marketplace Owner

Are you finally planning to launch your very own marketplace this year? Or you already have one and you want to double your revenue?

If you are still hesitant due to the limitations that you feel you are in then taking motivation from success stories of the established marketplace would certainly help you ease down the stress and serve your cause. So taking inspiration from the way a marketplace develop itself can indeed be a fascinating thing for anyone.

So today's post will have one such interesting and captivating success story of Mr. Delaney's marketplace Gruinn previously known as

So, let's jump right into it.

Hardship While Getting Started With ‘'

Gruinn Homepage wedevs blog

Getting started with a new business was never easy for Michael Delaney. With his marketplace, he was kind of stuck in a chicken & egg situation. He didn't have too many vendors, so not too many customers were visiting his site. Since there were not too many customers so not too many vendors were interested to sign up in his site. So, all in all, it was not so easy for him after he finally decided to commence with his marketplace

It is only recently he has collaborated with a small business company to become his vendor that sells furniture and garden furniture. And right away he has started to see new visitors visiting his site every day and also enquiring about the selling products in the sites. Though it was tough in the first stage, now after the initial struggle he is quite hopeful that this will help pick things up and move in the right direction for his marketplace.

Vision & Goal Revolving Gruinn

Shopping Page Gruinn wedevs blog

I am using Dokan to Create an online Marketplace much like eBay, dedicated to helping small businesses grow

As a reasonable thinker, Mr. Delaney always wanted to build a marketplace for small businesses that can grow into becoming a much bigger brand in the future. More and more small businesses are looking for exposure to get their business to grow. Nowadays many customers also look to promote their locations,  web address and other contact details. As a broad-minded marketplace site Guinn never really discourages to do this. As they firmly believe in the growth of small businesses. And they don't want to hinder this process in any way and the pricing plan set by Gruinn reflects that.

Gruinn's ultimate goal is to help business owners grow. As they are looking for publicity and several ways to get the word out about them but just relying on them won't help as it is also important for the vendors to understand that they also need to be capable enough to sell their products and manage their inventory. 

Flexible Advertising Packs

Gruinn Pricing wedevs blog

At Gruinn vendors/sellers can sign up with a Small Business Package for advertising their product for as low as just £20. Every new seller is allowed to upload unlimited products with 10 paid advertising with a commission fee per sale of just 5%. Not just that, they even do some free social media marketing for the vendors to further help them bring in new customers. 

It is also possible for the vendors to reduce their commission fee with a package upgrade. With just a mere £60 for the Business Pack, any vendors are allowed to have paid advertising of 30 products from its uploaded unlimited products with just to pay a 2.5% commission fee per sale. 

There is also a Premium Pack that enables vendors to upload unlimited product and have paid to advertise for 100 products for a monthly charge of just £120. But more importantly, you are no longer required to pay the % commission per sale fee with this Premium pack.

It also has a free trial pack of £0 as well whose commission per sale % is set to 5% with vendors getting to upload unlimited products and get free advertising with zero monthly fees.

Note: With all these packs, every vendor gets to upload auction products, add their contact and address details as well. And all the mentioned prices of the packages are sold on a monthly basis.

What Drove Mr. Delaney To Chose Dokan?

Currently, my vendors are having a great time using Dokan they tell me it is so easy and practical to use

From Mr. Delaney's statement, it is quite clear that Dokan is really user-friendly and suitable for any type of users starting from amateurs to professional marketplace buffs. As he mentioned, he wants to build an eBay type marketplace to help small businesses to get a platform to sell their products hassle-free. And he quickly discovered that Dokan is what it serves its clients with the best of features for an eBay like e-commerce marketplace. After closely looking at all the Dokan features Mr. Delaney was convinced that it was the best marketplace solution that he can ask for. And his below statement just further validates that.

This is why we are proud to be using Dokan as with it we are able to give you all the tools to help manage and run a successful business. – Michael Delaney

His belief in Dokan rose even higher when he actually tried Dokan Demo to personally analyze its ability to manage a fully featured multi-vendor marketplace. The plugin is based on one of the most popular WordPress and CMS, with WooCommerce the most famous e-commerce platform being its driver. With such a compelling trio powering up Dokan and its user-friendliness to install & operate, it was an easy decision for Mr. Delaney to go for Dokan without much hesitation.  The search engine presence of Dokan on the web was quite easy to come across.

Dokan now provided Mr. Delaney with a platform to connect with thousands of vendors and customers across the globe. Truly an awesome way to earn money working as a proud and passionate marketplace owner.

Recommendation For Dokan

I believe Dokan is the best multivendor plugin on the market- Mr. Delaney

Mr. Delaney believes Dokan is the best multivendor plugin on the market and he could have never come this far without it. He may have only just started to bring in customers and visitors but he honestly believes the only place to go from here is up.

Yet to make it even better he has proposed a few suggestions that could help improve Dokan even further. 

  • To upload products via flat rate option (charge a flat rate to vendors to upload a product not via a commission)
  •  A page builder module for vendors to slightly alter their store pages.

Bonus: Growth Hacking Tips For Marketplace

To continue the growth of your growing marketplace, you must

  • Focus on building a loyal community and customer base. Be active and informative at different relevant communal channels.
  • Always think about creating something unique and valuable for your customers like innovative quiz contest or surveys.
  • Try to increase word-of-mouth buzz around your e-store. Make your product truly remarkable and give people a reason to share it with their friends or families.
  • Try to get some press mentions. Learn to reach out to your business-relevant influencers and journalists for your products and services to create maximum awareness for your brand.
  • Try to expand your customer base. If required go across the states or go totally global. Make your marketplace easily reachable to the people worldwide.

Why Not Turn Your Story Into A Successful One This Year

Even after so many difficulties, has finally started to see some positive results. So if Michael Delaney can do it even with so many hurdles to overcome, so can you. Out of all the available options, creating a full-throttle multi-vendor marketplace will test your nerve the most.

Once you are done with your market research and the collection of your fund, this is when you need to prepare yourself larger things that would show results- starting from social media/online marketing to list management.

So is it challenging to get started with such a business? Definitely, and it is certainly not easy to pull off either. But once you cross the initial hurdles is it rewarding? You betcha !!

Inspired by the progress that Gruinn started to see finally? Want to turn your disappointing journey of owning your own multi-vendor marketplace into a successful one? Now even you can also have a success story to share with others by next year time. It's not hard, get Dokan and witness the tremendous growth of your multi- marketplace by your own eyes.

Get Dokan Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin→

For any queries related to Dokan Marketplace plugin, you can let us know by commenting under this post or contact our support team.

Also, if you have any exciting success story to share with us then do let us know.

Secrets to Boost the Popularity of Your Online Marketplace

Online marketplaces are growing fast and turning out to be a potential platform for business owners. Although there are thousands of marketplaces on the web, not all of them becomes successful. One of the most important factors that should be considered in case of having a competitive marketplace, is the ‘Popularity'.

Yes, your marketplace needs to be popular for standing out in the crowd. It might sound harsh, but it's the truth! So, if you are planning to open a marketplace or already own one, you should think about making it big, popular, and competitive.

Before I tell you the secrets, let's find out why online marketplaces are becoming popular among customers.

Why Open an Online Marketplace?

You noticed and realized a problem yourself –

  • perhaps your local neighborhood never had organic food;
  • maybe you know a good number of people who are searching for rare tribal or ethnic clothing and jewellery nearby;
  • or you want to lessen the trouble of a friend in finding things that relate to his or her particular community – e.g. halal food;
  • maybe you want to help housewives and small sellers reach out more people by giving them a platform where they can easily sell;
  • or perhaps you want to come together with people in your state or city who share the same interests and passions as you and give them a platform to sell products embodying these interests.

Now imagine if you could mobilize people for any of the above reasons to join an online marketplace created by you through which these people can create their own eCommerce store as well as buy from other vendors selling such unique products?

Think about the numerous consumers who will benefit from your online marketplace.

Think of the amount of coverage, ease, convenience and customers you would be bringing to these enthusiasts, local sellers, and others through your online marketplace.

How cool is that?

So why not open one today?!

Benefits of an Online Marketplace

Serving Both Local and Remote Customers

As an owner thinks about the lives you will be touching with your marketplace. Not only vendors but you will be benefiting hard to reach and even far away customers who may have been looking for the things that you are offering to sell through your marketplace.

Create a Brand Identity

With an online marketplace, you can also create a brand and brand identity. You can create your story that will touch the lives of your customers.

Earn a Good Amount of Revenue

Not only will you earn a commission from the hundreds of vendors who will be using your site to create their own stores, but you will also earn your own name and recognition when you hit the right strings. You also get to save a lot than you would if you opened a brick and mortar store.

MyMuslimMall- A Successful Multivendor Marketplace

MyMuslimMall is one of the several successful online marketplaces created by using DOKAN, a popular Multivendor eCommerce solution that allows users to add an unlimited number of vendors who can create their individual stores in one marketplace.

Generally, MyMuslimMall follows a particular theme – it sells variety but it sells Islamic and Halal products and is a very well known eBusiness. Though based in the UK, their marketplace brings together sellers and buyers worldwide. The decision to develop such a marketplace grew out of high demand and necessity. Their mission is to make it easy to follow an Islamic lifestyle through bringing together entrepreneurs, designers, boutiques, artists and various other sellers worldwide that specialize in such products. It's not just connecting Muslims with halal products but also giving a platform to Muslim sellers and businesses to grow their business sustainably.

How MyMuslimMall Increased the Popularity of Their Marketplace

1. Pick up a theme or story line

Like MyMuslimMall, pick up a theme that you are passionate about and specialize your marketplace around that theme. Also, influence your vendors to publish products and their stories in their store home page that go along with the theme.You can also choose this way to target your marketplace to a niche market, for example, to sports and gym enthusiasts. This will set apart your marketplace and differentiate you in the market of online shopping places.

2. Product picturization is a must

Photography in and of itself is an essential component for online stores and having clear pictures of your products (along with descriptions) is important to catch customer's attention.

Therefore, choose a background theme template to go with all product pictures that your subscribed vendors can have access to by default. You can also add a watermarked template with the name of your marketplace that vendors would have default access to.

For example, you can develop a tool for vendors to upload their pictures with a transparent background. Then vendors can replace that picture with a certain background template given by you that communicates your uniqueness and aesthetics. This would ensure consistency among all products and increase brand and marketplace value.

3. Create a community with a strong culture

To create a strong culture that harmonizes your marketplace, welcome new customers with something extra that communicates the message of your business. Send welcome newsletters to new customers, let your vendors give discounts and coupons to their customers, offer benefits to your long term vendors. This would help to humanize your marketplace.

To reinforce the culture, send occasional cards and gifts that are not only tokens of good will for customers but also communicate your brand value.

4. Engage in enough outreach

Let your vendors reach their customers better by using the DOKAN's store SEO feature. Vendors can manage SEO for their store page. They can write custom SEO meta, store permalink and description from their frontend dashboard.

Give tutorials and webinars so your vendors know how to complete their profiles and use the different features of DOKAN. The better they use all the valuable features available in the DOKAN plugin, the better they are able to grow their business. Moreover, complete profiles on a marketplace allow customers to trust the vendors even more.

Vendors can also integrate their social profiles and Facebook store into their DOKAN store to help them make cross sales.

5. Give importance to reviews

Encourage your vendors to get the DOKAN Vendor Review extension so that Products and Vendors can be reviewed and rated by customers. Good reviews help other customers to gain trust and increase brand value. Consequently, it increases more users and sales.

Why Choose DOKAN for your eCommerce venture

The DOKAN Multivendor eCommerce plugin runs on today's best eCommerce solution, that is WooCommerce. In addition, it is powered by WordPress, the most popular CMS platform which runs about 27% of websites worldwide.

DOKAN has 34,000+ Downloads, 2000+ Active Installs, and 2500+ Paid Users.

What people say about Dokan Multivendor Marketplace

With its unique frontend dashboard and ability to let vendors self-manage their stores easily, DOKAN is the ideal eCommerce solution for both individuals and business owners.

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