Best Free WooCommerce Plugins for Building Your Store

Are you unhappy with the performance and ROI of your online shop? Don't get frustrated you are in the right place. In this article, we recommend you some awesome solutions to your problems. We also suggest you some best WooCommerce Plugins which are free. With our suggested tips, you can make an incredible online store. Continue reading “Best Free WooCommerce Plugins for Building Your Store”

Build a Multi Seller Photography Business Website like 500PX With Dokan

Internet becomes a place of opportunity to earn money. If you are a photographer and have an active community then it can be a great way to funnel your passion into a business. We know, you are thinking that we are joking. No, we are not making fun with you. By selling your stock photographs, you can earn handsome amount of money. Our suggestion is that, build a multi-seller photography business site. This will help you to earn money along with your photography community.

How stock photography become an opportunity to earn?

The Internet is an open space for earnings. For the photographers, stock photography business can be the key source of earnings. Stock photography means the supply of photographs which licensed for a certain purpose. Buyers mainly buy the license of the photos to serve his purpose.

Market Opportunities for the stock photography business

You may ask that how stock photographs become an opportunity to earn? The reason is that it is really very easy to buy a stock photograph for doing certain work rather than hiring a photographer. In this digital era, everyone needs pictures to share thought ideas in the digital media. Those who need stock photographs on a regular basis are listed below,

  • Marketeers
  • Web designers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Musicians
  • Bloggers
  • Many others

So, you may now see the opportunities in the stock photography business.

Should you launch your multi-seller photography business website?

Multi-seller photography business already ruled by so many big fishes like Dreamstime, iStock, Shutterstock, Bigstock, and 500PX. Furthermore, it is really easy to earn money from their site. Anyone can signup in their site and start selling the way they want. But you may ask why do we influence you to build that kind of site? Here is your answer,

Benefits of doing business through existing big marketplace

Everything has its own pros and cons. At first, let's look at the advantages of doing photography business through those sites,

  • They already have their own customer base.
  • At the beginning stage, it's not needed much more money and time.
  • The risk is very low if the plan not works there is no harm.

Demerits of doing business under those big fish's shelters

Disadvantages are as follows,

  • You have to compete with so many renowned pro photographers within the same place.
  •  It takes so many time to become popular.
  • The marketplace will not give you flexibility how will you want to showcase your stock photos.
  • They have their own pricing matrix which you must have to follow.

Finally, hopefully, you get the idea about the challenges what you face in those marketplaces.

Advantages of what you get from your own multivendor marketplace

Now let's have a look at the benefits you will get while you have your own multi-seller photography business website.

  • You have your own freedom of choices.
  • Customized showcase creation.
  • Integrating Marketing strategies.
  • You have the ownership to control everything.
  • The sense of flexibility, excitement, and independence help you to grow your business.

How can you build your multi-seller photography business website?

Building a multivendor marketplace and maintaining that site may seem quite a tough task to you. But, trust us, it's not that difficult. Here is an easy process for you to build up your multi-seller photography business place. You don't need to know the coding to maintain your site. The steps are as follows,

  1. Buy a domain name and get web hosting.
  2. Install and set up WordPress.
  3. Activate WooCommerce.
  4. Set up Dokan multivendor marketplace plugin.
  5. A Suitable WordPress Theme for Your Multi-Seller Photography Business Site.

Step-1. Buying a domain name and get web hosting

The first step is to choose a domain name for your stock photography business. Just a minute. Are you unfamiliar with this word? Ahh, maybe not. But we just give you a brief of what is domain?

The domain is an IP address or a name what your customer types in their web address bar and that appear in their search page. So it's important to pick a simple & lucrative name for your photography business site.

To find the availability of your desired domain name you can check it on several websites. Like and many more. If you want to buy a domain you can get that service from bellow sites,

Let's talk about hosting now. Getting hosting service means buying a server or storage where your photographs will be stored. It's very much important to get a secured hosting service. Otherwise, your site becomes slow, or become vulnerable. You can get secure hosting service from HostGator. Or you can try the above-mentioned service providers. They also provide secure hosting.

Step-2. Install and set up WordPress

Let's face it, no one would be interested to spend a huge amount of time and money to build a photography business site by HTML and CSS from scratch. So, therefore, we at weDevs recommend you to install WordPress by some simple clicks.

WordPress's CMS(Content Management System) is very much intuitive. It enables you to operate your site without doing any code. Based on W3Tech Statistics, 31.3% of all websites are currently using WordPress CMS.

You have your domain and hosting service, now it's time to install WordPress. If you have no idea about how to install WordPress, follow the direction below.

Get the answer to your inner queries, visit: How Much Does It Really Cost To Build A WordPress Website?

Step-3. Activate WooCommerce in your WordPress site

WordPress sites have no built-in feature of enabling e-commerce service itself. To get the facility you have to install and activate the WooCommerce plugin separately. Don't worry, WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin which provides you an e-commerce facility.

Very easy to install WooCommerce. Just follow- Admin Dashboard > Plugin > Add New > Click search > Type “WooCommerce” > Install Now > Activate.

If you find any difficulties to install WooCommerce you can visit here.

After successful installation, you have to configure your WooCommerce. Configure it as per your requirements.

Having trouble with its terms and conditions? Failed to get a clear understanding of their Setup Wizard? Then go through this documentation.

Step-4. Make your e-commerce site to multi-seller photography business site by Dokan

When you activate WooCommerce on your site you can sell your stock photographs. You have to upload stock images from the backend dashboard. But our final ambition is to make a multivendor photography business marketplace like Shutterstock or 500px.

Dokan multivendor plugin gave you the privilege to make a complete multivendor marketplace of your own. Your vendor can upload stock photographs from frontend by Dokan. To activate Dokan you have to follow a similar process just like WooCommerce. Furthermore Dokan Lite its totally freemium plugin. If you are interested to check out the premium packages of Dokan Multivendor Plugin, visit here.

Follow the lead- Admin Dashboard > Plugin > Add New > Click search > Type “Dokan” > Install > Activate.

Dokan has its own configuration wizard. You have to do it according to your need. For better understanding, you can see the video tutorial of Dokan setup process below or follow the complete documentation to activate Dokan.

Initial earnings method from your multi-seller photography business site

Dokan helps you earn by having commission from registered sellers or vendors in your site. You have the full freedom of how much you want to set your commission. You can set the commission rate in the very beginning of the Dokan setup wizard. Or you can just set it later as per your requirements.

For in-depth knowledge about commission setting process go through this article at your convenience, How to Earn with Dokan Plugin Using Different Vendor Commissions.

Step-5. Select A Suitable WordPress Theme for Your Multi-Seller Photography Business Site

You made the structure of your marketplace. Now its time to decorate your marketplace. We recommend our Dokan theme for your multi-seller photography business site. Activate that or you have full freedom to choose other Dokan Multivendor compatible themes. There are 30+ Dokan Compatible 3rd party themes available in the market.

Congratulations. You have successfully built your multi-seller photography business site. Now send an invitation to your photography community to sell their stock photographs on your photography business site. They can easily register from the front-end of your site. If you forget to give that privilege just follow vendor registration guideline to enable that feature.

Now here are some tips and tricks on how you can make your site more lucrative. As well as you will get the business growth guidelines.

How can photographers make their store?

Anyone can register as a seller in your marketplace from the homepage. They just need to click on the sign-up button and select them as a vendor. Following that, they have to fill up the necessary field and submit. But immediately they cannot upload product in their store. Their request is on the pending status.

Now the admin of the store will have to give them permission from the backend. Only, then they can upload the product to their store for sale. To activate it follow the following steps.

Admin Dashbord> Users> All users> Select the newly added vendor> Edit> Scroll down and select “Enable Adding Products” from Selling tab> Update User

Special note: You can give privilege to your sellers to upload products immediately after registration. It'll be very helpful to you. You can activate this feature from Dokan's selling settings menu. 

If you want to verify your sellers you can avail our Dokan Professional package. This plan consists of many more attractive and life-saving premium features.

Individual seller get a single store for them in your multi-seller photography business site

Our Dokan plugin gives the facility to create a single store for each seller. They can customize their store based on their choice. Though as an admin of your photography business site you can control and manage the vendor activity from the back end.

To help the customer you can show your seller list or store list in the menu bar. It will add extra value to your photography business site. By this privilege, your customer can go through any seller as per their own preference.

To add a store list in the menu bar follow the below steps.

At first go to your Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Menu > Select Store list > Add to menu > Save Menu

Premium facility for the Sellers or Vendors

Through the Dokan multivendor plugin, every seller gets an individual dashboard. With this feature, they can easily track their records of selling, earning, etc. Which is totally unavailable in other photography business marketplaces. So this is kind of a USP(Unique Selling Point) of Dokan plugin.

To learn detail about the dashboard, follow this link.

How can photographers upload stock photos to their site

Basically, WooCommerce only gives you permission to upload products from the backend. But don't worry our Dokan multivendor plugin also allows vendors to upload the image from the frontend.

Photographers must log in with their account. Then he/she will have to go to the product tab. Click on add a new product. A popup window will come. There they will have to add a Feature Image. They should upload a very low sized photo of their real image. Then fill all the necessary fields. Here they can upload a single image by clicking ‘Create Product' button. If he/she wants to add multiple photos at the same time then they will have to select ‘Create & Add New' button again to repeat the process.

After clicking Create Product button the photographer is redirected to an additional page. There he/she had to select the downloadable option. Then scrolling down he/she will get a new menu of a downloadable option. Then select add file. Here they will have to choose the real image that they want to sale.

You may have a question, why anyone would have to do so many things? The answer is simple. All these things are for security reason. Without doing this anyone can download your real image from the site. Now the real image only appears when the buyer will pay for it. The vendor can control the download limit from their end also.

Benefits of product review before publishing

After uploading a product by the vendor, and admin can hold it in the queue for reviewing the photo. After the completion of the review, the photo gets published once it meets all its terms and condition. Also, if an admin wants then he/she can select the vendor as a trusted one. Once they do this, then this vendor can publish their product directly.

It's totally up to you what you want to do. But we suggest keeping the review option at the initial stage. Otherwise, anyone can destroy the brand image of your photography business marketplace.

All the image is published, it will be automatically get showcased on the ‘Shop' menu. It works as your photo gallery for your Photography Business site.

Buying and Selling process of your photography marketplace

In your multi-seller photography business site, anyone can sell their stock photos. But as you are an admin of your site you have the ultimate power of whatever you want to do.

Now the most important part is on board. Buyer can easily buy the stock images from your site. They just need to select the cart button and the process automatically gets complete by Dokan. Buyer has to review the cart and then click proceed to cart button. Buyer will get a new page and there they will have to fill up some necessary fields in order to purchase photos by paying through PayPal or other popular payment methods.

Cash withdrawals by the photographers

When a buyer successfully completes his payment then he can get the download link of the real stock photo. After a successful download of the product, the cash will be seen available in the seller's account for withdrawing. Then the seller can request to withdraw the earned amount from their dashboard to admin. As an admin, you can set the minimum limit of withdrawal for the vendor from your backend.

Bonus tips to customize the Dokan theme specially for making a photography business-friendly site

This part is optional to build your photography business marketplace. Here we are sharing some awesome customization tips for our Dokan theme.

Add Slider to the Homepage

To make your marketplace more lucrative you can add a slider on the homepage of your multi-seller photography business site. It makes your site more attractive. Follow this link to activate slider in your homepage.

Hide the default product category menu list

Once you install the Dokan theme you will get that menu. But if you are not interested to show this on your site you can remove it easily by adding a simple code in additional CSS field.  Just simply copy paste the below code in the CSS field and its done.

Code is:

aside.widget.dokan-category-menu {
display: none;

Follow the gif found any challenge,

Customize the menu list of the vendor dashboard

If you want your vendor dashboard to look simple yet organized then you can customize the side menu bar by activating Dokan Menu Hider Plugin by Nayem. Normally, while you are selling stock photographs then there is no need to show the ‘order' option on the dashboard. You can hide this by this awesome freeware plugin.

Add lucrative gallery in your photography marketplace

Our recommendation is to use our default shop showcase feature. But if you want to add eye-catchy gallery like other marketplaces, then you can choose 3rd gallery plugins. There are so many other awesome gallery plugins available in the market. Photo Gallery by Envira has WooCommerce compatibility but you have to get their premium package. Otherwise, you will have to the hassle of adding photos from the backend.

You can show the Envira gallery in our Dokan theme as well.

Follow this: Admin Dashboard > Plugin > Add New > Click search > Type “Envira” > Install > Active > Create Envira Gallery from their menu > Copy shortcode > Publish as a new page

Wrapping up

Finally, you are done with your own multi-seller photography business marketplace. You can't imagine how much happy we are, that we help you to start your own business. Thanks a lot for staying with us. If you find this article any way helpful for you or your business then feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Note: All the beautiful stock images used in this tutorial are free to use. Special thanks to Unsplash.

Start Your Multi-Seller Photography Business Site's Journey With Dokan

7 Game Changing Practices for your WordPress Contact Forms

What do we usually consider when creating a website? The contents, images, gifs, animations, writing, hosting and domains, copywriting, adwords, and so much. However, a colourful webpage with all the right elements, features, architecture and copywriting would still fall apart without a well-structured and designed contact us page. That's right. Most websites underestimate the value of contact forms.

Whether you have a business website or a personal blog, it is incomplete without contact forms. Because it helps your users reach out to you at any time while visiting your site.

Why you need contact forms:

  • it enriches your website look,
  • saves your inbox from spam mails,
  • ensures your users that you are reachable and will receive their query even during off hours,
  • you get to prevent your potential clients from drifting away to competitors,
  • your users don’t have to resort to email,
  • understand your users better, and therefore, serve them efficiently.

Thus contact forms can be a great source for generating leads, provided they are created well and optimized for conversions.

The contact forms market in WordPress is already a saturated one. But they are essential. Contact forms enhance your website, and as a consequence, your business too. You can use them in multipurpose ways.

Below we have come up with some tips for best practices to maximize the use of your contact forms:-

1. Ensure your contact forms are your audience-specific

No matter how good another website's contact form may look, it may not be ideal for you if it's not applicable for the consumers, users, and products or services you are working with. Since you know your products, services, and customers' needs and preferences better than others, you would be better able to know what elements are required for your contact form.

wordpress contact forms

Source: HelpScout

You can start off by thinking of ways to:

  1. guide your users to the appropriate channels
  2. ensure that support is efficient and up to the mark across all channels at all times
  3. gain customer confidence even before they have reached out for support

Therefore, design and add questions that are relevant to your business and to the users your serve.

2. Add appropriate structure so the queries are re-directed to the right team

Categorizing problems department-wise and issue-wise will save you a lot of time.

wordpress contact forms

Adding drop downs with predefined statements and/or categories would help customers and users select their precise problems. This would send the right queries to the appropriate place – sales team for prospects, recruitment or HR team for job-related queries, and customer service team for product or service-related queries.

wordpress contact forms

Apart from issue type, you can also add product and product areas to the predefined categories. Doing this ensures that the queries you receive are more organized, easy to sort out for you, and specific. It also lets you create more precise reports.

3. Allow uploading files and images

wordpress contact forms

Make sure you add a field for uploading attachments. Consider if your user is facing a technical problem with the website or with your product. Let them attach a screenshot to illustrate the problem.

wordpress contact forms

This will also help to shorten a conversation, and save time on both sides.

4. Cross-linking all contact options

If you are getting a separate landing page for a contact form, you can also consider linking with attractive buttons your other communication channels, such as, social media (facebook, twitter, google+). In this way you are ensuring that whatever kind of help customers need they are able to find out immediately. Whether it be giving a feedback, for a technical, general, presales query, or to give suggestions, they will be accessible to your users.

wordpress contact forms

Examples of other support platforms or features include, your FAQ page, email, and link to Documentation. Adding these to the contact us page will help users looking for any product/service related query that have already been answered by your support team in detail. It will all be in one page, so users can navigate easily.

You can also add buttons for your forums, tutorials, and training videos.

If not everyone, at least alert users will be able to find their way to a solution.

5. Give your users an idea about waiting time

Add a timeframe to your contact page. Don't make customers guess how long they have to wait for your response. This reflects that you care about customers' good will and satisfaction with your service.
wordpress contact forms
Add office hours to your contact us page, and the duration in which users can expect a reply, e.g. “Expect a reply between 8am GMT – 6:30pm GMT Monday through Friday.”
Ensure that the wait time is reasonable and acceptable to your users.

6. Consider the length of your form

Avoid excessive and unnecessary fields by adding radio fields and conditional logics. These features are one of the best your contact form can have. Your clients and users can choose the kind of support they need. The form will change according to the support the user needs.

Also try to include only as much fields as is required to get the information from the client and understand his/her query.

7. Make it colourful and engaging

Add team photos and pictures of your office. But most importantly, add photos of the customer service team. This would add the human element to your contact form and make your clients and users feel that they are communicating with a real person, and not a robot!

wordpress contact forms

By using the available themes on WordPress, you can be colourful and design your form in creative ways.

wordpress contact forms

A Promising Addition to WordPress Contact Forms

Contact forms provide another communication source for customers to reach you out. Like social media, but it's more accessible and convenient for your users as they don't have to sign in to another platform to contact you. Contact forms keep it private, are easy to use, and accessible. But only if you make it the way it should be. A well crafted contact form page directs people to get the help they need. It helps them ask their questions more effectively and significantly improves their experience on your site.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and fast contact form plugin, we recommend weForms. weForms has recently been introduced to the WordPress contact forms market. It's also customizable and extensible, just like most WordPress plugins. The pre-built form templates allow users to get started with weForms easily. It even provides form submission management for free, which cannot be seen in many popular contact form plugins.

The basic package of weForms is not only more reasonably priced than other popular solutions, it’s free version is also more feature-rich than other forms.

User feedback, client’s query, event registration, customer support, initiating an order or proposal, engaging in corporate communication & much more can be done from the back with weForms seamlessly.

Learn more about weForms

Is Customer Trust Really the Determining Factor for your eCommerce?

Why is it that so much emphasis is placed on developing customer trust and good consumer relationships for eCommerce business?

Research finds that: 67% of consumers trust a purchase on a familiar online marketplace even if the retailer selling the product is unfamiliar to them. If customers had a satisfactory experience, 54% will return to buy from the same marketplace again. The reason being they trust the marketplace.

With the continually emerging and evolving online marketplaces, one of the known ways to stay sustainable in the eCommerce ecosystem is to develop long lasting and reliable relationships with customers. There are other factors too that influence customers to buy from you, for example, the quality of your product and a well-functioning website. But what makes Trust stand out?

Trust is the overriding factor that determines whether a visitor will purchase from you or not.

Trust is the magnet that brings together your other strengths and competencies.

Without consumer trust, no individual quality of your business is usually enough for visitors to buy your service or product. If all your distinctness and strengths don't come together to create trust for your visitors, they will simply leave for other options.

Obtained from “Study: Why B2B Marketers Waste 19% of Their Budgets”

So what are some of the proven ways you can influence and grow trustworthy relationships with your clients?

Solidify the Relationship

Online fraud of financial and personal information is one of the major reasons people are reluctant to buy online. Offline shopping precludes giving out personal and financial information in many cases. Since eCommerce precludes live and verbal social communication, your customers may never get to interact with you personally. Therefore, the need to establish trust is higher in eCommerce.

So how can you reinforce that you are genuine and trustworthy?

One way to do it is through communicating testimonials and reviews. Post reviews from your previous happy clients on your website, social media, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and also send them on newsletters to your subscribers. Online feedback and testimonials play a huge role in shaping your users' decision to buy or not. Word of mouth remains to be the single most effective sales factor and marketing technique that does its job without you having to spend your finance on it. But it obviously doesn't come without effort. Therefore, it's important to have a good website technology, quality products, and of course, a good customer support service for your clients to speak something good about.

Research again shows:

88% of online consumers look for ratings and reviews, with 47% of online consumers seeking them only if [they] are not familiar with the retailer and 41% only purchasing if ratings and reviews are present. – Bizrate Insights

Obtain reviews by seeking them personally from your consumers either through email, phone calls or social media. It can also be in the form of ratings like on Facebook, but even better are descriptions and videos of your clients talking about how your product or service benefits them. And don't be afraid to ask, because customers do love communicating their experiences. Also, keep up with reviews of your services and products given on other websites and forums, such as Yelp, Amazon, and Yahoo. Show that you are responding to customer's feedback, solving their problems, and also appreciating their good ratings.

Invest in Trust Seals

However, reviews and testimonials are not 100% guaranteed to build trust between you and your customer. Once a potential buyer has read and heard all word-of-mouth and first-hand reviews, there may still be a gap in his/her mind before they choose to buy from your store. A significant percentage of online shoppers (70%) refuse to continue with their online transaction because they did not trust the transaction. 53% also say that if there was a seal present, they wouldn’t have canceled the transaction.

This is important. It pushes your customers to trust you and have faith in your business. Computer users and eCommerce consumers now increasingly recognize the significance of Trust Signals. One of the most widely recognized methods is the SSL/TSL certification, which is a networking protocol that serves browser authentication, encrypts and secures client and server communication, and makes the server authenticated.

eConsumers increasingly look for the padlock and know the difference between http:// and https://. When they see the green bar on a website, they instantly know that it's a place they can trust enough to enter their information. They know it's a genuine business and safe. Without this, they are left to trust the vendor alone which is something most users are not comfortable with.

Though this license can be expensive depending on the level of security you integrate, but worth it if you are serious about building customer loyalty and selling more.

A padlock and green bar in a browser’s URL window are an indication that the website has obtained Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL). Even that little “s” in a URL is a sign that the site is a trustworthy e-commerce site…It ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private. – Jeremy Said

After Sales and Ongoing Support

What's next after you have ensured your website is secured, authenticated, and users are able to verify that you are a genuine seller?

Ensure that your customers are now able to reach you anytime. Your contact page and details should be up to date. And the contact information should be present in every page, usually in the footer. Adding your address in addition to your phone number eases your customer's worries even more. Ensure that you respond to all customer queries. Having representatives to manage live chats is the most beneficial support you can provide to your users. It works as a substitute for face-to-face interaction and brings satisfaction that you care about your clients and there is someone to listen to their issues.

Stay in touch with your customers through email marketing. Send newsletters for updates, new products, and offers. Reward your loyal customers with discounts, coupons, and gifts, and they will reward you.

Wrapping up

Trust influences a consumer's decision to visit your site, buy your product, return to the site, and even promote your brand. Sometimes customers themselves become brand ambassadors of products because of the benefits they have received and the faith they have gained in the business. Without trust, visitors will simply drift away to competitors and choose other options. It doesn't take much long for the visitor to lose attention, but a lot for the vendor to gain and retain it. So ensure that you are investing wisely in building trustworthy relationships.

So, is TRUST really the determining factor for the success of your eCommerce? The answer is overwhelmingly, yes. But it is not something that can be built in a short time. Moreover, with each customer, building a long lasting relationship will vary because the perception of each client will vary and so will their interaction with you.

No one method guarantees success.

What is known is that customer trust develops in stages, not instantly. The more you solve customer's concern points to remove their hesitations, the more you increase your chances to gain trust from your visitors.

Do you know of other methods to build trust with your clients? Have they worked for you and your business?

Share your experience with us in the comments below!

Why You Should Choose Open Source Plugins For Your Business

Open Source is one of the buzz words in the tech world today and almost synonymously used with big projects like Wikipedia, Drupal, AND WordPress.

It is now common knowledge that WordPress powers about 27% of world's websites which roughly amounts to 74.6 million. But do we know that the number one feature that sets WordPress apart from other Content Management Systems (CMS) is – its 44000 plugins?! These plugins have been downloaded 286,000,000+ times and the number is continuously growing. So what makes WordPress plugins so powerful?

Being open source makes WordPress and its plugins powerful because it just means that users of the software are free to do whatever they want with its source code, even redistribute it after altering it as a different product.

But it sounds scary right?! That anyone can use your hard work, modify, and even resell it? So what's the benefit that a software developer gets out of creating it? And what advantage do you as a business owner get from using open source WordPress plugins?

Let's look at how open source plugins benefits both businesses and developers:

Versatility & Superior Quality

If you are running a business, open source software and plugins provide for you exactly what you need for your business. It is FLEXIBLE and ensures QUALITY. You can tailor and modify the application as your company goals demand, as needed by your customers, and as required by changes in your external business environment. There is no restriction for using software or plugin as it comes. You can change to add features that you need and omit features that you don't. Users and developers contribute to the solution to make it to something that they would like to use. This makes open source solutions technically superior.


The vast majority of WordPress plugins are AFFORDABLE and priced in such a way that anyone can buy. Open source software and plugins are also seems to be free most of the times. This reason alone should be enough for businesses to adopt the open source plugins of WordPress. Not only do you save on your financial expenditures but you are also getting the same benefits as professional and proprietary licensed software, such as Microsoft Windows and Office.

Highly Secured & Reliable

Open source plugins and software are also SECURED. They are free from the vendor's vision, dictates, requirements, and timetables. And they are constantly under the supervision of many other developers who help each other out. When this happens, a problem is likely to get noticed and fixed quickly. Enhancements get implemented speedily. The more users and developers are using and testing an open source solution, the more evident it is that the plugin is updated and any problems present can be resolved relatively fast. Not only are more bugs discovered in open source plugins but they are also resolved before they can cause serious harm.

On the other hand, licensed software can only be modified by authorized personnel. People outside the company are most likely to not even be aware of the bugs and problems present. Closed source alternatives also run the risk of a new bug discovery after a major release. They can take a long time for the fix to be applied since outside developers make no contribution.

A Helpful Community That's Always Active

Open source plugins are built by an  ACTIVE COMMUNITY of qualified, knowledgeable and passionate people, both teams and individuals. These people believe in the philosophy of software innovation and growth of software through openly flowing creative ideas. Consequently the help they provide in developing the software is always free and out of free will. End User satisfaction is their focus, instead of profits.

This does not mean that open source plugins don't cost anything. Many of them do. But what it means is that since the source code is open for all to modify, users learn to value the product enough to willing to pay for it, however much it costs.

Developers who create open source plugins, care about the importance of freedom in innovation and want their software to be usable and approachable by all. You will find support, documentation, videos, webinars, email lists, forums, wikis, newsgroups, and even live chats for every popular open source project. When others in the WordPress community contribute together, the passion, knowledge, ideas and speed it brings in building the plugin is unmatchable.

Developers Earn Recognition

From the point of view of developers, the WordPress repository grants an immense opportunity and platform to GAIN EXPOSURE AND APPROVAL for their plugins. The user base in the WordPress repository is about 1000 times larger than anywhere else. Thus, developers can put their plugin there and make it downloadable for free and the code should be available for the end user to modify. Customer value should be created in such a way that users feel the need to come back and purchase the pro/paid versions.


It also feels good to give away something as large and sophisticated as a plugin away to anyone and everyone to customize. Developers and software engineers FEEL ENTITLED and a sense of pride in contributing to the community of open source software. Developers can also choose to make their product strong with attractive presentation, marketing and reliable support to make it long lasting.

As a business owner you also feel good that you are utilizing something in the best way possible because you can customize and fit it to how you like.

Have you had any experience using WordPress plugins or any Open Source solutions? Share with us your experiences, good or bad, in the comments below!


[Winners Announced!] 4 Years of weDevs: Big Discount & Giveaway

It has been 4 years since we launched as a company and we are humbled to see where weDevs has come. On 18th March 2017, we are celebrating our anniversary with a bigger plan to give back as a display of respect for our well wishers.

We have designed a giveaway for our clients and a disco

unt for anyone who wants to get any solution from us. But on that soon, I am getting a little emotional here and so I will talk shortly about the journey.

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Dokan 2.3 What’s New?

Dokan 2.3 is here!

And it comes with some new features, some tweaks and minus the boring issues. To make the Dokan platform more awesome and better for you, we have worked hard while you were already smooth sailing with the powerful Dokan 2.1. Now, it is more feature-istic, balanced and offers even more control. Let’s go through the details, shall we?

SEO now in stores

The SEO panel inside the seller dashboard

Good news! Our stores now have integrated SEO for our sellers. Previously, only the store had SEO. So, now our sellers are no more dependent only on the store's SEO capacity. Now sellers can easily set up their store SEO and get more hits than ever before. It also nicely integrates with WordPress SEO and All In One SEO plugin when active.

An Updated Flat Product Upload/Edit page

The giant fully featured product flat edit page.
The giant fully featured product flat edit page.

Do you find running between tabs and taking it step by step too slow for your needs? Well, we have created a flat style product upload/edit page where you can have all the features all at once. So, this means if you are a regular uploader and have already become an expert on the features; you can take the entire load at once. This might speed up the upload process for some power sellers. But you can revert back to the old tabbed style anytime you want.

Shipping Calculator

Shipping Cost in each product page
All the necessary fields you need for pre-shipping calculation in one place.

Yes! Now sellers can see what the shipping will cost before even checking out. We have integrated the shipping calculator in the product page. So, now your customers can get the shipping rates and total cost of the item before even going to the checkout page.

Terms and Conditions Page

input_terms and conditions
Terms and Conditions form; appears at your sellers store page.

Your sellers can now have their own terms and conditions page. We know that stores vary and so do the products and the business policy of individual sellers may be different. Through this page, any seller can declare their terms and conditions publicly so that any customers browsing their store are aware beforehand of the seller's policy and claims. It appears at the store site. This will prevent misunderstanding between your sellers and customers and increase their trust.

Apart from these additions, we have fixed several issues and tweaked some forms and page styling for a smoother experience.

Get the Dokan 2.3 today!

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Stay with us and stay updated! We are always working towards a better and improved Dokan. If you have any suggestions or feature request, please contact your support forum and our team of dedicated experts will see it through.

weDevs is the Bronze Sponsor of WordCamp Sydney 2014

wordcamp sydney 2014Today we have an exciting news to share with you. Anyone who has been with WordPress long enough is aware of its worldwide WordCamp conferences. These conferences take place all over the world where WordPress developers and users get together and talk about all things WordPress.

So what's the good news? We at weDevs are passionate about WordPress and love it so much that we do everything to contribute towards the growth of WordPress. As part of that, weDevs is the Bronze Sponsor at upcoming WordCamp Sydney taking place from September 27-28 in Sydney, Australia.

What's more, you will be able to hear Tareq Hasan, Founder and Lead Developer of weDevs, speak at WordCamp Sydney! At the conference, he will take you through some examples of how Grunt can make your development life easier and also throw in some WP-CLI stuff too.

To know more about WordCamp Sydney, check out the official website now and if you're around, do not miss the opportunity to attend one of the biggest WordCamp Conferences in Sydney.

weDevs is proud to be able to sponsor such an amazing conference of worldwide WordPress developers gathering in Sydney later this month.

WordPress Contributor Day Held at weDevs in Dhaka

wedevs contributors day

Translation is an important part of WordPress. It lets you build your website targeting a local audience by creating your site in their local language. WordPress has supported localization since a long time. But starting WordPress 4.0, the language option will be brought to the forefront of WordPress installation. Continue reading “WordPress Contributor Day Held at weDevs in Dhaka”

How to Translate weDevs Theme and Plugin to Your Own Language

Good news to all the weDevs themes and plugin users from around the world. You can now participate in weDevs translation project and localize our themes and plugins in your language! Nothing is better for your audience than greeting with their own language when they visit your site! Continue reading “How to Translate weDevs Theme and Plugin to Your Own Language”

Project Manager Plugin Release Notes

Freelancer Project Manager is our Upcoming powerful, yet simple, project and client management Plugin for WordPress. It’s a perfect solution for freelance designers and developers.

It also works great for consultants, project managers, and service professionals.

Some of the features include:

<h1>Client Management</h1>

Client Management

You can easily add, edit, and manipulate client profile information as well as track all related projects, invoices, and workflow approval queues

<h1>Project Management</h1>

Project Management

You can manage all aspects of the project, from progress, cost, parameters, completion timeline, project manager, etc.

<h1>Workflow Approval System</h1>

Workflow Approval System

When a staff member or project manager has completed a task or revision for a client, the “submission” is sent to the client for review.

<h1>Invoicing Feature</h1>

Invoicing Feature

Payment Gateway Integration (Paypal, Offline) . Allow Project manager to create additional invoices as well.

<h1>Support Ticket System</h1>

Support Ticket System

The system features full priority management, ticket assignments, and results tracking including Message between Client and Project manager.

<h1>Smart Event Calendar</h1>

Smart Event Calendar

Event calendar that shows outstanding invoices, projects and tasks based on current/selected month/year


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  • Database Backup/Restore
  • Powerful Reports
  • Visual Form Builder
  • Customization & Tight WordPress Integration
  • File Upload Tool
  • Task (To-Do) Feature
  • And much more… Check out Screen-shots [/toggle]
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