Importance of Tracking Metrics of Your Multivendor Marketplace

How do you know your multi-vendor marketplace is doing good? How will you measure the growth of your marketplace? A quick answer will be, by analyzing data. But which data you are talking about? These are the data that keeps track of different phases and analyze the overall performance of your marketplace. You can call those marketplace metrics to track the performance of your site.

Platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Dokan, Cs-Cart for multi-vendor marketplaces use these metrics all the time to keep a check on their conversion. This is why they survive the competition. Your store may not be that huge but still, you must keep those data if you want to stir your progress. This can help you in your total evaluation of the marketplace.

How to measure marketplace metrics

Every moment is important here from the moment a visitor comes to your marketplace to when they get converted. The time they spent between this visit and conversion also something you should be scrutinizing. So collecting data only is not enough either. You have to investigate and interpret the investigated result. Usually, you interpret those according to a set of standards. Those standards are called KPIs.

There are some KPIs there that more or less every company follows. Let's see what those common KPIs are there that can be helpful for your marketplace.

  1. Customer Acquisition Cost
  2. Average Order Value
  3. Gross Merchandise value
  4. Liquidity
  5. Average Rate of Buyers
  6. Number of Sellers
  7. Conversion Rate and Net Promoter Score
  8. Bounce Rate
  9. Customer Retention Rate
  10. Return on Investment
  11. Net Promoter Score

KPI Funnel

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

CAC is also known as Client Acquisition Cost. This calculates how much one has to spend to get a new customer. This includes promotional campaign cost, advertising costs overall the marketing cost that has gone behind getting a customer. And the amount of customer you have got during a certain period with the cost is your CAC rate. You will know you have to change your business strategy when the cost goes way higher but fails to attract potential customers.

Average Order Value

The average order value is one of the most useful marketplace metrics. This counts the average payment behind every order placed. To count average order value you have to divide entire revenue by the active number of orders.

AOV, average order value reflects your marketplaces skills and throws light into your capability of influencing cross-selling. Renowned marketplaces like Amazon gives special attention to average order value as from this record you get to predict your customer's habit as well as nit order updates. It also informs about market trends. Average Order Value can be measured daily, weekly or monthly.

Gross Merchandise Value

Gross refers to the overall value of the products that have been transacted. But a common mistake is made while calculating gross merchandise value. That is, sometimes they forget to exclude those are “contracted” and not “delivered” yet from the list. This mistake can cause troubles in the calculation. To get the accurate result you should always be careful of order-cancellations and refunds your company has made.


Liquidity is best described as flexibility. That means it analyzes how quick you are to adopt the changes in the marketplace. It shows the total transaction in one hand and the sum of consumers and vendors on the other hand. This indicates the compatibility of your customers and vendors. Flexibility is measured by keeping track of sold products during the shortest timeline. The greater the transaction between shorter time period the greater flexibility it indicates.

If a marketplace lacks this flexibility it is likely to fail in the long run.

Average Rate of Buyers

The average rate of buyers is the driving force of a multivendor marketplace. This measures the density of buyers in the marketplace. In the case of one store, usually, a handful number of buyers buy a limited number of goods from total supply.  It is a little different in case of the multivendor marketplace. In a marketplace number of buyers increase so does its sales. This data shows your marketplace's acceptability and popularity.

This is measured by comparing the total number of sellers and their sale during a definite period of time.

Sellers Concentration

The average rate of buyers and number of net sellers are dependent on each other. It is obvious to be like this as vendors or sellers attract potential customers and customers enthusiasm inspires the sellers. As there are multiple vendors, an average of sellers is counted considering their market shares.

Conversion Rate and Net Promoter Score

Conversion in e-commerce business means how many of your site visitors are turning into your customers. Ultimately the goal of setting up a marketplace is to get customers. So, the conversion rate is the most important marketplace metric you should be bothered about. There is a journey of turning into the customer from a mere visitor.

This journey is sometimes presented through a conversion funnel. This funnel shows you the steps of this journey. You can bring about revolutionary changes in your strategy just by analyzing conversion funnel. 

conversion funnel

Net Promoter Score refers to those who after getting services from you refer you to others. In online marketplaces after completing a transaction a question “Would you like to recommend us to others?” is very common. Customers can give you ratings too.

Customers recommend you to others when they are really satisfied with your service and become your loyal and permanent customers. How many people are doing this and how they are rating you is an indicator of your performance. You can also track who are your detractors that is who are not happy with your service and how can you go on to improve it.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a negative marketplace metric. But this is equally important for your business. Bounce rate is the opposite of conversion rate. This refers to those visitors who came to your site left within a very short time period. High bounce rate is very harmful to your marketplace. This indicates that you are doing something wrong and you must find out what is that and take proper steps to solve those issues.

Customer Retention Rate

Retention rate can be considered as the binary of bounce rate. This informs you about how many customers are coming back to your marketplace and why. It is true that you will always try to attract new customers but you will be a successful marketplace owner when you will have a high conversion rate as well as retention rate.

Being able to hold your old customers on your site is a very tricky thing to do. Besides getting new customers you must find ways to keep your old ones. This is an index of your consistency.

Return on Investment

Return on investment shortly known as ROI is one of the most crucial KPIs for every business. This has a difference with customer retention rate. This focuses on the result of the total investment and the money that came in return through that investment. It can be positive or negative. It is measured by keeping the profit against total investment. This will, of course, help you understand how your marketplace is doing.

Why Do You need to Keep Track of Your Marketplace Metrics?

No businessmen have ever started a business with the view to shutting down it after a certain period. There is always a view of reaching a certain peak point. You can not sit motionless by just setting up a marketplace. To reach that height you will have to keep your research going. The reasons are endless why you need to keep track of your marketplace metrics. But we have pinned down causes that are unavoidable and can ring a bell in your mind on why you must keep data on your marketplace metrics. 

  1. Marketplace metrics provide you with information about vendors, buyers, and buying habits.
  2. Those data help you to analyze if there is any risk coming toward you that can harm your business.
  3. This shows you where you should emphasize on.
  4. Metrics also help you targetting customers better and run more precise advertisements. 

How to Keep Track the Metrics of Your Marketplace

This is a common query now. You have to set up a system if you want to keep track of your marketplace performance. You can do that using plugins.

In fact, the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking has gained immense popularity as a marketplace metrics tracker.

First of all this plugin track and analyze your marketplace metrics so well that it suggests you what should be done. Again it has integration with platforms like facebook and twitter. Its intuitive nature connects with the visitors better. Better Interaction brings greater conversion.

Another amazing fact about this plugin is that it has an “Always Free” version. This version lets you enjoy most facilities without making you concerned about investing in it. But in case you want to use some advanced features, then you can always get its pro version.  

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Pricing Plan→

Wrapping Up!

Keeping track of metrics nowadays is like keeping yourself up to date with possibilities and trends. This is an easy process too with the available WordPress plugins. So if you are by any chance worried about your marketplaces comparative poor performance then start keeping track of metrics.

The manual process of keeping track can be complicated and tiresome. You can use the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking or any other similar plugins available in the market and you will be all set to track the conversion for your site hassle-free. And it is always important to start somewhere and success will definitely come your way.

How to Use an eCommerce Tracking Tool to Know your Audience

How do you measure what is working and what is not for an online store?

If you are the owner of a physical store you will be able to see and understand when customers come into your store, what they are looking for, what they find difficult when they are in the buying process of a product etc. and you can then act based upon that.

But what if you are running a full-featured marketplace but in an online environment. Would you be able to measure your customer's activities to know what they are up to? The answer is Yes and that is what we will be learning here today.

Why Measure Online Store Activities

Managing an online store is a tough job. Maybe one of the hardest out there. You have to always keep up to date with the latest trends and technology, maintain proper customers support, keep check of your vendors and product quality and more.

But wait! Not everything is so tough. The rise and availability of the internet and its' huge number of useful tools have made the game much easier than ever.

Click tracking tool as it is normally called have given marketplace owners the same convenience of a physical store. This nifty feature will let you observe the activities of your visitors and customers.

And based on the data provided, you will be able to take the proper action on it.

How To Observe Online Activities

Getting started is easy. Once you get a tracking tool simply add it to your site. For that, you need to have access to the backend. There, in the <head> section add the code that the tracking tool will provide you with.

This will allow the tracking tool that you chose to connect to your site and start tracking customer activities. It will send information about what a user clicks on, what his/her activities were when they came to your site and so on.

If you are using WordPress as your content management system then you are in luck. Because WordPress provides lots of plugins that make this process much easier nowadays.

All you need to do is install the plugin, set the pixel for your analytics tool, enable what events you want to track and hit save. That's it.

If you are interested in this you can check out our plugin WooCommerce Conversion Tracking, that is ideal tracking tool for beginners to all the way for experts.

Learn About WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

What should you track?

The big question that comes down to is what are the metrics you should track. In general, you should track all the information that is relevant. From product views to people who have added products to their carts are necessary pieces of information.

You will be able to fine-tune your ad showing capabilities, customers support capabilities and more with all this valuable info.

As a use case scenario if you show shoe ad to a tracking customer who has just recently purchased a Paperback book from your eCommerce store, that will be extremely irrelevant to the consumer and at the same time will leave a bad impression about you and your business.

With the help of these tools, you can know who viewed exactly what category of product and show ads that are the most relevant to them. It will increase the conversion rate and in the process increase the revenue numbers for your store too.

Some Key Metrics Among Many

Among the sea of metrics data, there are a few that really stands out. We have given a few examples of how these metrics will help you to up your game.

Tracking Tool To Measure Who Have Added A Product To Their Cart

This is a very important part of your eCommerce website. If a user has added a product to their cart, it is pretty much clear that he/she had an intention of buying that specific product.

If you could track and analyze that data, use it to show some sort of discount for that specific product alone or that group of products it will be a real advantage to have over your competitors.

Retarget Those Who Have Purchased A Product From You

Returning customers are your biggest asset. If you can tap in that already existing resource then it will do wonders for your business.

If we are to put in numbers repeat customers spend 300% more RjMetrics

With tracking tools, you can retarget them and show the products that they are most likely to buy, again.

Searched For A Product They Are Interested In

Don't forget, people who searched for a product showed interest in a specific category or product with their own consent. That's a huge business scope that you should never miss out on.

It means if you show them products which match their interest they will find your advertisement helpful rather than boring.

Added To Wishlist From Their Account

Wishlist is an integral part of an eCommerce business. If one of your customers added a product to their wishlist then it shows that they are/were interested in your products but the buying process was hampered for some reason.

And if you use that data and offer them products of the same type or category than they are more likely to buy them or even consider a second time. Your offer could even be a very lucrative discount.

It's Really Easy To Get Started

If the key metrics mentioned above got you intrigued enough then you are in luck. Because it is really easy to get started with such a tool. Most of the tools are free to sign up for.

And if you are a WordPress user, then consider yourself even luckier. Because you can even get a free plugin in the store that has even more features than the best non-WordPress solutions out there.

Yes, it's WooCommerce Conversion Tracking that we are talking about. It is completely free to download and install on your WordPress website. With its one-click configuration options, you won't get confused like the other ones out there. And there is also a paid version of it that offers even more features that would only skyrocket your business taking it to a new height.

Currently, we have a discount offer going on. We are giving away a whopping 50% off on our premium package plan. So you better hurry up as it is only a limited time offer.

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Pricing

Follow The WooCommerce Sales Funnel To Boost Your Business Growth

Do you think you are doing everything that you need to do to develop your business growth? If you own a WooCommerce store your headache of trying to improve your business sales is endless. Even after trying out every possible business growth hacks, if your conversion rate doesn't improve, then you are probably doing something wrong. This can all change if you can follow a proper and effective WooCommerce Sales Funnel. Something that can certainly prove to be fruitful for your business growth in the near future.

While taking care of your business progress, you might think you are doing everything right, but it's not what you think is right for your business all the time. You need to prepare & follow a precise sales funnel to turn your WooCommerce store visitor into your paying customers.

So what WooCommerce sales funnel steps should you demonstrate to drive your business growth for your WooCommerce store faster? Let's find out.

Step 1: For Brand Awareness & Perception

As a part of WooCommerce Sales Funnel, there are three roles that play a big factor in raising brand awareness & perception. Role of Business to Customer, Business to Business and the SEO.

Business 2 Customer

Dokan B2C

In terms of B2C, for a good brand awareness and perception, your initial interaction & impression with your potential customer plays an important role. For such awareness and interaction, the content should be something that can draw maximum attention towards the customer leaving quite an impression in their mind. It should at least be able to attract people to the brand's website.

Business 2 Business

Dokan B2B

For B2B, you need to present contents that are valuable resources but not a hard sell. The content for B2B should give resources of valuable content to the potential customers. Something that would not only entice them but also educate them. More like taking them on a journey of technical and leadership of thought based content.


Dokan SEO

It is not always about content when you look for brand awareness. This is where the SEO of your content plays a vital role. The better you do the SEO of your content and store the more traffic & awareness you can expect from it. It means when a potential customer need for any product or service, they are most likely to do an online search. So the job would be to set SEO of your store product and services in such a way that it would populate your products at the top of google search results.

For some more brand awareness writing educational content, long forms, creating videos and downloadables, anything that would get your potential customer to click can be a good tactic. Creating some educational videos about how and why you started your company. And short videos or visual content that showcases your product is a good idea to generate brand awareness and change people's perception towards your company.

Create tools within your online store to help educate your potential customers. It would certainly build trust over your brand easily.

Step 2: For Customer's Interest Point

The point of interest in WooCommerce sales funnel is a way for the potential customer to engage & involve further with your brand or products to see what you have to offer, still without the hard sell. But it is also important to keep in mind that just because a potential customer is aware of your company or products, it doesn't necessarily mean they have an interest in it.

So getting an idea about your potential customer's point of interest is essential for your business growth. One easy way to find out about your customer's interest with your product or company is when they subscribe to your newsletter, connects with your social media and download things from your websites.

Make Navigation Easier

Dokan Easy Navigation

To understand the interest of your potential customer, using the navigation option wisely can be handy. You need to let your visitor know where to go, how to get there, and what to do with it in the easiest way possible. A search filter to look for their desired product as a list in a page, adding a quick purchase button at the bottom of each product.

Social Media Linkage To Your Site

Dokan Social Link

Including the links of your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with your store ensures that your online store visitor has a way to connect with you. It is better to put the social media links at the site's footer so that it can be found in every page when a visitor navigate through your store site.

Attractive Offers & Proper CTA

WooCommerce Sales Funnel

In the case of a potential customer inquiring about any product, that time you can offer them some discounts to entice them tactfully. Offering discounts on their first purchase will keep those potential customers guessing about getting the product right away. Also, in exchange for emails provide the potential customers with discounts highlighting a clear call to action of the offers.

Whenever a potential customer visits your store, use a pop-up window, to let them know about the current sale or offers in your store can be another brilliant idea to convert your potential customers into a paying one.

Step 3: For Decision Making

This stage of WooCommerce sales funnel involves the decision making of your potential customers. Now the customer has moved beyond their interest point to actually make the decision of buying a product. So at this point, you need to keep in mind that the decision making of potential customers mostly depends on four factors, Word Of mouth, Social proof, User-Generated Content and some relevant Case Studies.

Clear Product Description

WooCommerce Sales Funnel

Providing a clear description of your product can play a vital role in the decision of buying it. As in an online store, a customer can't feel or touch the product that they might decide to purchase. They will mostly have to rely on the description you provide to them. So putting up a precise & detailed information highly encourages the customer in buying any items of their choice. So in case of an online store, always present your product with:-

  • Clear product descriptions, including specifications like sizing charts, measurements, weight, and key materials,
  • Easy to digest format like bullet points and high-resolution visuals to display this information.

Genuine Product Reviews

WooCommerce Sales Funnel

More than anything, most customers trust online product reviews before taking any decision. So, highlight all the positive but genuine product reviews as much as possible. Not just the star system review but also some descriptive written reviews of your product. Also, if you receive any complaint reviews, try to reply to them as promptly & politely as possible, as your online reaction to criticism might also affect in the purchasing decision of the customers.

Perks Offerings

Dokan Free Shipping

Offering perks like free shipping, easy return or bulk order discounts play a big part in completing an online order. It gives a physiological trigger to the customer's decision of ordering an online product.

Step 4: For Taking The Final Action

Autofill & Other predictive fields

WooCommerce Sales Funnel

Now the final stage of the WooCommerce Sales Funnel is the final action that a potential customer takes to become a paying customer. In order to do that it is essential to provide a hassle-free purchasing experience. Getting the customer to create a one-time account providing all the valid & required information may save a lot of their valuable time. This will automatically fill in the shipping & billing address and enable them to get to the BUY NOW button faster.

Progress Bar Indicator

Checkout Progress Bar

Using the progress bar indicator allows the customer to know what portion of the checkout process they are in. Keeping the customer in full view of cost, size and other specification during the complete checkout process are necessary. This is specifically imperative if you are using a one-page-checkout system. In case of a multi-page checkout, you would want to ensure you are using progress indicators to move customers long.

Site's Security Awareness

WooCommerce Sales Funnel

Let your site visitor know that your online store is well protected from any kind of security vulnerabilities. Do this by making sure customer's credit card information and other personal details are safe & secured. This would alleviate any sort of trust issues over your site of your customer.

Acceptance Of All Payment Gateways

Dokan Payment Gateways

It can be difficult to meet the preferences of all customers in terms of making online payments. Many customers use a number of different card and payment gateways. So ensuring acceptance of every card or payment gateways is also very crucial in terms of encouraging the customers to take the final action in the form of completing the order payments.

Few Tips & Tweaks

Proper use of your WooCommerce sales funnel will lead to a better conversion rate. But for that, you need to think like your customer. And facilitate each stage of their buying journey in your WooCommerce store. Here are a few ways to ensure that.

  • Add value to your content to build awareness.
  • Use a precise CTA on your promotional content.
  • A/B test number of different contents, ads copies and CTA's to find out which one performing better with customers.
  • To drive more traffic through SEO and paid media platform always try to optimize your content offerings.
  • Easy navigation for customers to find their desired items faster.
  • Use security seals to prove the site's security to potential customers.
  • Sweetened the offer by offering free shipping or other exciting perks & discounts.
  • Try to keep the option for all payment gateways and easy checkout process.

Turn Your WC Store Visitor Into A Paying Customer

Running a WooCommerce store in your WordPress? But you can't determine your potential store visitor's interest to target them for re-marketing? Well, it can certainly hamper your business growth.

But now you can use WooCommerce Conversion Tracking, a WordPress event tracking plugin. It can connect with your WooCommerce site to track down your online store visitor's activity. It sends user-triggered events from your WooCommerce store site right to your ads platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords etc.

WooCommerce Sales Funnel WCT

So if you are looking to enhance the remarketing strategy to boost up your conversion rate, WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin is what you are looking for. It simply triggers a specific event for visitors of your WooCommerce store. Then it sends trackable data to your chosen platforms to re-target your potential customers. A very cool plugin to track down all your WooCommerce store visitor using the social ads platforms.

Got intrigued to try out WooCommerce Conversion Tracking already? Then free download or get your suitable plan of

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Here→

If you are an old user, then do let us know your experience of using WooCommerce Conversion Tracking so far in the comments section below.

Effective Ways To Promote WooCommerce Store Products

A store without its product promotion is like a boat without its brattice. It won't take you anywhere. It will be like roaming around in the middle of the sea without knowing where it is going. In today's business-friendly world, it comes as no surprise that promoting your store products needs proper care and look out. As it directly relates to the sales status of those products. And if you own a WooCommerce store, there are certain ways by which you can effectively promote your WooCommerce products.

With the increasing growth of technology, promoting your store via social or other electronic platforms is something you can never ignore.

So here are some pointers. It will certainly help you promote your WooCommerce store products effectively to ensure your business growth and proper return on investment.

So what can you do to Promote your WooCommerce Store Products?

Here are the answers:-

Email & Newsletter

Not just for promoting your WooCommerce products, Email and Newsletter is still the most effective ways to promote any types of products online or offline. For email & newsletter promotion, your call to action plays an important role. If your CTA is strong and you are following up with your customer in right way & time, then you can expect to have some great return from such promotions.

Email Marketing Benefits For Small Medium Businesses

But it is also important to know when is the right time pitch in your customer through emails & newsletter with your WooCommerce products. For that always make sure to send your customers only with relevant offers based on their buying habits or interest. Sending off too many blind offers may irritate your subscribers and you may see a good number of customer unsubscribing from your Email/Newsletter list. Here is a step by step WooCommerce tutorial for promoting your product via email.

Running Campaigns & Contest

Hosting a number of new promotional campaigns or interesting contest for your customers helps get brand awareness quicker. So whenever you have new or less popular products in your store, try to make your customer aware of them by running discounts campaigns. This will make the customer interested, allowing them to know about the specialty of that product.

Several engrossing contests related to your new product will also generate a tremendous amount of curiosity among your customers about that product. So finding out the most gripping contest to run in your store can prove to be really helpful in promoting your targetted WooCommerce products.

Social Media Outreach

With people spending most of their time on social networking sites, the method of promoting your products through social media is given most emphasis on these days. Hence promoting your WooCommerce products through Facebook, Twitter etc is currently one of the best ways to reach out to your target audience nowadays.

In order to promote products, it is compulsory for every WooCommerce store owner to have accounts in all social media. And it is essential that they post the same promotional content through all their social channel at the same time.

Offering Coupons

Apart from promoting your product through social media, stores offering coupons, holiday voucher, gift card etc is another effective way by which they can publicize the WooCommerce products.

Always keep a note of the special occasions or festivals like Christmas, Thanks Giving etc. Always offer coupons or gift voucher to your customers on all of those occasions. It will make your customer realize, the importance your store gives to all the special occasions of holiday seasons in the process of silently promoting store products and raising brand awareness.

User-Generated Content Campaign

Content created by users is another very popular way of promoting the online products. People getting what they see is indeed an effectual way to gain the trust of the customers. So, therefore, promoting your WooCommerce products being shown and tried out by real people at some real relevant situations will entice customers to look into the product in a more trustful manner.

The user-generated campaign enables you to form a community. And it connects buyers from all around the world keeping the store as a middleman. As it said to be a better way than most traditional advertising, so it can be easily termed as one of the best ways to promote WooCommerce products on social channels.

Promote Through Engaging Product Videos

74% of all internet traffic is video

We all enjoy watching youtube videos, don't we?  And now with the rise in video traffic each year, it is also no surprise that we are getting more reliant on visual content. And whenever we watch videos, you get to watch short ads at the start, middle or end of that video. So if you can create some appealing video for your audience then, promoting through such videos will be great to promote your WooCommerce products.

90% of customers say, product videos helps them make buying decisions

A product video is an innovative way of engaging with your clients. Now you can present product reviews, guide users with tutorials or give your customer a sneak peak of your WooCommerce store products. Such product video allows you to share your voice, creates brand awareness helping in strengthening the relationship with your customers.

Bonus Tips

Now if you are looking to retarget your customer based on their likes and interest in your WooCommerce store through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to boost up your WooCommerce store sales then you may want to try out the unique and free WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin.

woocommerce conversion tracking plugin

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin will easily retarget your store visitor and help you plan a remarketing campaign. It sends user-triggered events from your WooCommerce store to your chosen ads platform. This lets you create better-retargeting campaigns through those social channels.

Get WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Now →

What's More?

With the internet at everyone's fingertips, people are well aware of buying the right products for them. Customers are already smart these days in making their own decision of buying any products and you don't need to tell them what to buy. If you think you can make a sale by telling your customer what to buy, then you are wrong. Being pushy will only drive your potential customers away.

So the best trick is to promote & present your WooCommerce products in the best way possible as mentioned above and then you let your customer decide whether to buy those products or not. Always make sure that the promotion of your WooCommerce products doesn't seem like a forceful ploy to sell them.

It is highly essential to apply out of the box strategy when it comes to promoting your WooCommerce products. Try to bring in innovative ways to present your products through email & newsletters. Make sure the content in them are presented with catchy phrases to your customer.

Run product promotional campaigns or several interesting contests to generate hype around your WooCommerce products. Create creative product videos to show off your products and its specialties. Try to make your product content as user-generated content as possible to highlight your product as more real lifelike.

And last but not the least, use the social platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc wisely to reach out to your permanent or potential customers. Get them engaged and fascinated with your WooCommerce products. Build trust and develop a healthy seller-customer relationship to get them involved with your brand. This will help generate great selling results bringing in your desired ROI.

How To Convert More Visitors Into Clients For Your WooCommerce Store

eCommerce sales are hiking at an unprecedented rate, and WooCommerce is one of the top eCommerce platforms that covers over 40%. It's simple, easy-to-understand for the average users, and ideal for small to large startups. This means it's easy for anyone and everyone to start an online business with WooCommerce if they have everything else in place. To stay ahead of the competition, it's important to know how to convert more visitors into end users and successfully get more sales.

Basic ways to increase sales on WooCommerce store

Some general guidelines on converting more users on WooCommerce Store:

Create eCommerce landing pages that your end users connect with

Built on-site search features that make it easy for your users to find what they are looking for, A/B test different versions of it to understand which products to display, add impactful popups like lightboxes, and recommend products to users based on view history, purchase history and products that are frequently purchased together.

Use navigation that's easy for users to follow and a good WooCommerce theme.

The ABC of getting more conversions says that your first step to get more sales and end users is to create an eCommerce homepage with compelling design and content.

A well-secured web store

People are now increasingly able to differentiate between secure and insecure websites. And also skeptical about making transactions online. For this reason, ensuring security to your clients is a necessity for any eCommerce business.

Also remember, your online store is a hub of confidential information, like customers credit card numbers, address, and a lot more personal stuff.

To avoid unwanted troubles, ensure that your WooCommerce store is protected against threats and hackers with SSL certificate, timely updated with the latest versions of the plugin, has solid backups, password protected and only reliable people have access to the dashboard.

Use standard & attractive product images & videos

Visual presentations grab more attention than texts. So using the right types and amounts of images in your web store is just as important. Good quality and genuine pictures send the right vibes to your visitors. When you showcase real pictures of the products you are selling instead of dummy pictures taken off the internet, you go one step ahead in compelling your visitors to trust you enough to buy.

The good thing about WooCommerce is that it supports 360-degree images which offers a very detailed visual description of the product. – Barn2 Media

Catchy product descriptions

When you add clear, precise, and detailed product descriptions that reflect the item in question along with visuals, you are doing it just right!

Your product captions and details are what clears up any remaining confusions in the visitor's mind regarding the product that's not clear from the images only. That's how you convert visitors into customers!

So make it creative enough to touch your visitors' imagination.

Good Search Engine Optimization

Research on the latest trending keywords that's relevant to your WooCommerce store and optimize your web store that way so you rank higher on pages like Google. Because when you rank higher, you get more traffic and sales too!

Augment every page by carefully using sitemaps, coding and keywords in product descriptions as well as in your copywriting.

Have a clear Refund Policy

A well-defined return and exchange policy give confidence to your customers about your products. If they are not satisfied with a purchase, they can return the item or exchange it for something that fits their needs. This guarantee alone leads to more conversions and results.

But remember to be careful and don't just fluff about it. You have to follow through and keep your promise!

Make Yourself Reachable

You may have a great site and products to sell, but if your client service is not up to the mark, chances are you will attract send back more unhappy visitors.

Your customer support is one of your key selling points. It's where a normal window shopper will convert with prompt replies to queries and the right guidance from your client representatives.

And it's also where an angry upset customer will feel heard and valued. And may even become a returning client and brand ambassador for your store.

So work on your customer support service and get a spike in sales as well as retain more existing clients.

Build an easy-to-access contact us page, create support forms, live chats, email and phone support, and see which one works best for your business.

Research & implement the popular trends

Always keep up with competitor stores updates and work, both local and global. Study the latest marketplace trends and technology that you can implement. Stay one step ahead.

Something more to get that EXTRA: Retargeting

Apart from having a rocking website for your WooCommerce Store, there's a little more that should be done to hike sales growth.

Important issues that eCommerce stores face:

  • track the visitors who abandoned their cart in the last 1 week
  • track visitors who have purchased once from your site or existing customers
  • know the users who have visited your site in the last 1 month
  • track visitors who viewed a particular page for a certain amount of time, and
  • track users who hovered over or clicked particular buttons

Getting a hand on these specific numbers and info will help you in 2 important ways:

  1. Understand visitors better, and
  2. Run effective campaigns.

One of the most effective ways to increase sales on WooCommerce Stores is to create remarketing campaigns using the data you find on paid ad platforms. It's important to know the specifics that include time, location and a lot more.

To understand users in-depth you need to pass data from yourWooCommerce store to the right channels where you can run paid ad campaigns to bring in more people to the site.

Why Retargeting is important

Retargeting is important to bring back users who have shown some interest in your site by clicking on an item for sale, viewing them, hovering over a button, or by adding an item on cart. These important data can be obtained from paid ad platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords, and Perfect Audience which can be used to bring back these lost users by running remarketing campaigns.

Most of the times, coding or some other sort of sophisticated knowledge is required in order to be able to obtain and understand such complex data. But not always!

All these might seem like an expensive investment, but it can also be done with the help of an easy-to-use and free solution, like the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking.

With this FREE plugin for WordPress, you can track several different actions that your visitors create in your WooCommerce web store. By tracking these you can then pass the data to different channels like Facebook and Twitter. Use these data to create customized marketing campaigns to target the right users for your web store who are using these channels.


When a visitor carries out a particular set of actions in the WooCommerce store, he triggers some events the data for which are sent to Facebook. You can target these people using Facebook Ads and WooCommerce Data.

The FREE version of the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin tracks the following events for Facebook:

  1. Add To Cart A huge percentage of visitors abandon carts due to indecisiveness and lack of the feeling of urgency. These are potential customers that store owners can bring back to their site using the Add To Cart event. Owners can reduce abandon rate by marketing these users with lucrative offers, discounts, and coupons.
  2. Initiate Checkout People who initiated checkout means they went beyond add to cart to purchase your products. This event category lets you target them on a later occasion.
  3. Purchase – Using this event, track those who successfully purchased a product from your store. Now get to make them your recurring customers using the plugin.
  4. Complete Registration – Those who take time to create a profile on your store are very close to becoming your customers. For this reason, users who have subscribed to your site are great leads and potential customers. Targeting them effectively can increase sales, user activity, downloads, and referrals.


You can also track events for Twitter, like:

Purchase – Simply input Universal Tag ID in the plugin to pass purchase data to Twitter. Keep records and re-target people who once purchased from the store to make them recurring customers. According to researchers, 80% of profits will come from 20% of your existing customers.

Google AdWords

Simply by linking Google AdWords Account ID to the plugin, send data to Google AdWords server.

Purchase – The free version will track those client data who have made purchases. So you can retarget them to more relevant pages through Google searches of your site using AdWords campaigns.

To know more on events for Google AdWords, read on AdWords Tracking on WooCommerce Store.

Perfect Audience

The PRO version of the plugin helps you to track events for Perfect Audience like View Product, Add To Cart, Initiate Checkout, Purchase, and Complete Registration.

To know more, read on Perfect Audience for WooCommerce Store.

You can also add other platforms of your choice to your WooCommerce store using the Custom Channel Integration.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to achieve a blooming eCommerce business, and what may work for one endeavour may not work for another. The above tips and tricks are only a few that work well to increase sales and customer loyalty on WooCommerce stores.

WooCommerce is one of the best platforms for online marketplaces that's perfect for beginners on WordPress & eCommerce, entrepreneurs who are just starting off, and even for large enterprises. What will differ from business to business is how you differentiate the value you present with your eCommerce from your competition.

Do you have more hacks and tactics to increase sales and end-user base on WooCommerce? Feel free to share with us in comments!

WooCommerce Conversion Optimization Strategies To Boost Sales

If you own a WooCommerce store, optimizing conversion rates with retargeting platforms is the thing you should be looking for. Why?

Because it can help you boost your sales volume and build up credibility with your customers alike. Here is an interesting data about retargeting given by CMO,

Retargeting can boost ad response up to 400 percent.

Continue reading “WooCommerce Conversion Optimization Strategies To Boost Sales”

How to Setup AdWords Conversion Tracking In WooCommerce Store

Mediocre conversion data will just not be enough when you want to grow your business to greater heights.

Businesses that advertise their campaign in the search giant Google claims that for every $1.60 they spend, they get back $3 for your investments [source]. That's an ROI of 180%.  For any e-commerce business, those are huge numbers if they want to reach their customers on a larger scale.

But the catch is you need to target the right customers. For that, you need conversion data that holds the most value for your business.

A Short Description of Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an advertising platform by Google that enables its customers to show ads that will show up in its search queries. It can be in the form of promoted Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads in their video sharing platform Youtube or application Ads that show up in the android apps.

Customers need to bid for a search term that they are interested in. The more popular the term is the pricier it gets.

You will be able to learn more about Google AdWords and how to get started with it from here.

Features Of WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking is a WordPress plugin that makes the process of tracking conversion data as easy as possible. With its simple user interface, it is as easy as just copying your pixel ID from the platform and start tracking your conversions.

If you want a hands-on experience, it is absolutely FREE. You get to track conversion data of

  • Products that were added to cart
  • People who have initiated checkout
  • Those who have purchased from you
  • Users who successfully completed registration in your marketplace
  • Viewed a specific product*
  • Viewed a certain product category*
  • Searched for an item to but in your store*
  • And more

Note: Marked events are only available only in the PRO version only

It supports five popular ad platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords, and the popular retargeting platform Perfect Audience.

Google AdWords Support

Adding your Google AdWords to your WooCommerce store is super easy. Simply copy paste your “Account Id” that you can get from your Google AdWords account and you are good to go.

There are two events that you can track. Those who have successfully completed a registration on your store and create a profile. And purchased a product from your site. You need to enable these events separately and include the “Purchase label” alongside them.

You can learn more about how to set up Google AdWords from the official documentation.

An Example Of Tracking Conversion

An example might make it more clear on how you can track conversion data that really matters. First, you need the Account ID for Google AdWords. You can find that in your Google AdWords conversion settings.

There create a conversion with the settings that you want. Then click done and you will find the Account Id in the “Add the tag to your website code”.

Simply copy the Account ID to WooCommerce Conversion Tracking and set the “Purchase label” you will get, to the Purchase Label field. You can learn more about this from here.

You will start receiving the conversion data for people who have purchased a product from your store in your Google AdWords account. An event will be triggered for successful registration and purchase. It will send that conversion data to Google AdWords.

You will be able to use the event conversion data any way you like. You can use it for retargeting that specific buyer with related products or use it in Google Analytics.

Interested To Learn More

Just targeting those people who have stumbled upon your store website while looking for something is not a great remarketing strategy. When it comes to buying your product they are not the most suitable.

But those who have registered are the key. They have successfully purchased a product and are a great untapped are that you should take advantage of. Showing them products relevant to the one they purchased can be really beneficial for your business.

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking's built-in event tracking feature for Google AdWords will enable you to target those specific people.

You can learn more about what other great events and platforms this plugin supports from the official site.

Visit The Official Site

How To Enable Retargeting Conversion Tracking For WooCommerce

Retargeting in eCommerce is a common phenomenon today. And in WooCommerce businesses as well.

If your business goal is to deliver your products and services to more people who matter to you, simply invest in analytics and tools that produce useful data. You can use valuable data to create more opportunities for yourself and to revamp your venture.

One perfect way to do it inside WordPress is through 2 powerful platforms: Perfect Audience and WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin for WordPress.

Why Retargeting is Important

No matter how demanded your business and products are, most visitors to your site are going to exit without subscribing, buying, calling, downloading, or interacting in any other way with your offerings that you want them to. It's already hard to grab attention.

Harder to retain enough to compel an action.

Marketers are big on retargeting and remarketing because it reaches people who have already shown a prior interest in your offering or product. When that happens, ads are more likely to get clicked and website visits increase substantially.

Retargeting gives you remarkable opportunities to repeatedly bring back visitors a second, third or fourth time so you can convert. It thus helps to push your brand to the forefront so it's more memorable to your audience.

Your retargeting campaigns should align with your business goals and the audiences you want to reach. Whether you want to increase store visits, generate more leads and sign ups, or increase sales and conversions, remarketing activities should reflect that.

What is Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience is a web, mobile and Facebook retargeting application and ad platform. It lets marketers bring back your site's visitors through different types of advertisements including Facebook and banners. You can perform revenue and conversion tracking, manage multiple sites, get detailed data on click counts, conversions, CTR, CPA, CPC, page views and other actions, retarget freshest visitors who care and much more.

Perfect Audience Conversion Tracking for WooCommerce?

For WooCommerce Stores, Perfect Audience is a great medium to measure your store's day to day and even long-term performance. However, it can be laborious and demanding to implement the tracking code in each and every page.

In such situations, WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin for WordPress comes extremely handy and useful. The PRO plugin seamlessly passes your store data from all pages to Perfect Audience ad account.

You simply need to enter your Advertiser ID into the plugin once!

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking PRO

The WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin for WordPress passes user-triggered events from your WooCommerce store to Perfect Audience with the help of the Advertiser ID. You don't have to enter the tracking code in each and every single page. This lets you create ad campaigns, optimize and build audiences much faster.

This means you can send data concerning the actions taken by a user in your store site directly to Perfect Audience.

Now you can craft better retargeting campaigns. Get to show your ad campaigns on mobile apps, on thousands of websites beyond Google that Perfect Audience collaborates with, on Facebook's news feed and beyond, and even create personalized product ads.

You can also:

  • Show ads to only those who viewed your products
  • Target people who picked your products to purchase
  • Make your current customers recurring
  • Remind users who purchased something and forgot
  • Remarket to registered users to make them your customers

This helps you to learn more about customer segments who are interested in your products and services. So you can create more relevant content and understand the purchase behavior of your users.

This data allows you to compare the characteristics of your target audience to find out what’s unique about them.

Use Perfect Audience with WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

With the Perfect Audience channel in WooCommerce Conversion Tracking PRO track multiple trigger-based events and send that data to your Perfect Audience account. If you have already configured all the platforms where you will conduct your retargeting campaigns through Perfect Audience, then all you need to insert in the plugin is the Advertiser ID!

Configure everything you want to track from a simple, intuitive, one-page dashboard:

WordPress Retargeting Plugin

The events you can track with this WordPress Retargeting Plugin are:

  • View Product: Anyone who viewed any product in your store
  • Add To Cart: Added a product to their personal cart
  • Initiate Checkout: People who initiated checkout can be now tracked
  • Purchase: Track who purchased a product from your store and show them ads to make recurring buyers
  • Complete Registration: A user who created a profile in your store surely want to buy something. Track who they are.

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Perfect Audience

Why You Need WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

Using Perfect Audience alone, you will be able to answer questions, such as:

  • created impressions on your WooCommerce store
  • clicked your store site
  • converted
  • and the cost your incurred

WordPress Retargeting Plugin

But with the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking integration with Perfect Audience, you will be able to create reports. In addition, you will be able to understand on a certain date and month:

  • If the ads reached the intended audience
  • Did your ads drive business outcomes or contribute to ROI
  • If the ads resulted in sales, leads, downloads, or installs

This is purposeful. When you can answer these questions, you can design better retargeting campaigns through Perfect Audience which:

  • reach the intended audience
  • prove to be memorable
  • generate brand awareness
  • change the perception of your brand in favorable ways

Get Started with WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

There's more to this WordPress Retargeting Plugin:

  • connect with your Facebook account to conduct Facebook remarketing campaigns.
  • integrate your Twitter ad account and track your different conversion data.
  • connect with Google AdWords to send your Purchase and Registration data.
  • or, simply use JavaScript Tags to get started using the channels of your choice.

Now you can avail the premium versions at an exclusive 50% off discount!

This is a limited time offer.

Wait no more!

Get WooCommerce Conversion Tracking PRO Now!

How to Track & Use Your WooCommerce Conversion Data

Conversion tracking, especially for your WooCommerce store can give you the competitive edge you need over your competitors.

In a given scenario, suppose you are a large WooCommerce store owner and having difficulty expanding your business in the way you like it to be. Everything is being done by the book. Still, the business is being held back and is not growing anymore.

You are using various pixels on the site as well as advanced analytics to get an overview of all the customer and for all remarketing and reporting needs. But it isn't enough. People who just accidentally stumbled upon your website without the intention of buying anything are not the potential customers you need, do you?

Enters Conversion Tracking for WooCommerce stores. What it will do is very effective. It will further segment the data into much more tangible variables. Pieces of information you can really use. Previously you were only retargeting and generating reports of those who have visited the store from any source. But with WooCommerce Conversion Tracking you are getting the best out of reports with advanced data sets and paid media investment.

Because you are targeting the right people!

Why Typical Solutions Are Not Enough

Most of the conversion tracking solutions for WordPress out there only show you data that are not the ROI positive in terms of remarketing for your business. You won't be able to sell any product to the person who mistakenly visited your site from a simple Google search result. Retargeting them using ad platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and so on will only waste your precious money.

But what if you could segment them to detailed information about

  • people who added your products to their cart
  • viewed a particular product page
  • searched for something on your store
  • those who went as far as the checkout page but didn't complete the process
  • and more

Wouldn't this kind of data bring the most value to your business?

That's exactly what WooCommerce Conversion Tracking does. Simply put

The WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin for WordPress sends user-triggered events from your WooCommerce store to your chosen ads platform. This lets you create better retargeting campaigns through those channels.

Some of the competition of WooCommerce Conversion Tracking do come very close in term of functionality but it becomes a really big mess when setting them up for your store.

It is a single plugin that incorporates all your pixels and events under one roof. Whereas others do this by implementing pixels for each page(what if you update a page later on!)

At the same time, other solutions do not offer the simple UI & UX that WooCommerce Conversion Tracking offers.

It can even help you to generate enhanced WooCommerce conversion data reports Made. What can it not do?

You really need to generate a report for your business if you want to expand it further than. This plugin can help you to enable advanced datasets you will need to get a more in-depth overview how everything is going on for your site.

You can learn more about WooCommerce Conversion Tracking & how it solves all your conversion tracking problems from our previous blog.

Click Here to Learn More

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Premium Released

What is better than the already capable FREE version of WooCommerce Conversion Tracking. The premium version that offers more components for better-remarketing results than you are already getting.

The free version comes with offerings that are already great.

But if you want to achieve the best product remarketing possible for your WooCoomerce store nothing comes close to the detailed data that the premium version will give you.

List of extra that you get with the premium

  • More Facebook events tracking than ever before
  • Ability to add multiple pixels(for when working with an agency)
  • Facebook Product Catalog support(For all those Dynamic Product ads)
  • Google AdWords results made better with more targeted options
  • Advanced Twitter ad retargeting with much more curated data
  • Support for Perfect Audience (The all-in-one solution for retargeting needs)

These pieces of information will provide you the opportunity to target the right people for the most ROI of your business.

If you are interested you can learn more about the pricing and features comparison different packages from here.

Ad Platforms Capabilities Extended With Advanced Data

This is the age of the information and whoever has the most data about their customers are the clear winner. Because they are gonna have the upper hand over their competitors when connecting to them later on.

If you are a WooCommerce store owner wanting to better the remarketing results that you are getting WooCommerce Conversion Tracking premium is the one for you. It offers greater extended information than the free version. Plus with more added benefits.

More Facebook Events And Features

In the premium version, Facebook events have been multiplied by 2 times and more features for the end user has been added. You can send information about the following events apart from what you get in the free one.

  • View Product: Track those who have viewed your product
  • View Product Category: Even those who viewed the product category
  • Search: If someone comes to your site and searches for something you can keep track of them
  • Add to wishlist: If someone added a product to their wishlist and you want to track them this one is for you
  • Multiple Pixel Support: Add multiple pixels to your site. Especially useful when working with a marketing agency.
  • Add Product Catalog: Show Facebook Dynamic Ads/Collection Ad formats using this feature

Google AdWords Events Added

  • Complete Registration: With the premium version you can now track people who completed registration on your website so you can target them later on with Google ads relevant to them

More Conversion Data For Twitter

For your Twitter remarketing to have the most value, we have added more events than what you get in the free plugin.

  • Add To Cart: Now you can retarget people who added a product to their cart and market to them using ads on Twitter
  • Registration: Registered customer holds the most potential. Track who they are and retarget them using Twitter ads.

Support For Perfect Audience

“Perfect Audience” the all-in-one solution for retargeting needs is now supported in the pro version. You will be able to track multiple trigger-based events and send that data to Perfect Audience's remarketing platforms. All the data will be shown in the powerful dashboard of Perfect Audience. Events include

  • View Product: Anyone who viewed any product in your store
  • Add To Cart: Added a product to their personal cart
  • Initiate Checkout: People who initiated checkout can be now tracked
  • Purchase: Track who purchased a product from your store and show them ads to make recurring buyers
  • Complete Registration: A user who created a profile in your store surely want to buy something. Track who they are.

User Permissions

You don't want other people to mess up your pixels settings for conversion, do you?

For that, we have added a user permission role in the settings menu which is as easy the WordPress permission settings that you get. Simply check mark the name of who you want to share the privacy of the plugin with and you are good to go.

Interested To Learn More?

If you are still around and want to try out WooCommerce Conversion Tracking you can from here.

Or if you are convinced that it is the right plugin for your WooCommerce store's remarketing needs, you can consider the premium version for better retargeting and results.

Limited Time Offer: 50% Discount on WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Pro

As more than 10,000 people are actively using the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking FREE plugin, we are celebrating this milestone by releasing the Premium version. Also, a promotional offer is going on for a limited time.

Enjoy 50% OFF on all Premium Packages →

Free WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Plugin For Your Store

For a WooCommerce store owner, it's highly unlikely to progress without having data on his web traffic and conversions. Conversion data are the determining factor in making a site progress.

So here's a dilemma:

A small business aspirant has just opened up a WooCommerce Store for a highly-demanded novel segment, athletic footwear users. He is getting scores of visitors signing up from his local-hood, the site is multilingual, and the products offered are superb. Everything's fine and dandy at the start.

After running his site for a couple of months, he realizes from web analytics services, such as, Google Analytics, that his most crucial pages are not attracting visitors as they should, sales have stalled, and he is not effectively targeting the right customer segments. He also wants to target potential customers through his existing Facebook and Twitter pages from where he derives most of his customers. But he has no medium to do this.

What's the best solution for him?

He understands to be able to overcome this he needs to pass conversion data from his WooCommerce store to the right channels where he can run paid ad campaigns to bring in more people to his site.

Getting a hand on these specific numbers will help him in 2 important ways:

  1. Understand his visitors better, and
  2. Run effective campaigns.

To be able to do this the store owner needs to retarget visitors through the channels that work for him in order to promote his business to the right people.

This he can do simply using a FREE plugin!

The WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin for WordPress sends user-triggered events from your WooCommerce store to your chosen ads platform. This lets you create better retargeting campaigns through those channels.

It's straightforward and undemanding. A piece of cake!

Why Would You Need WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

Marketing and Ad campaigns are very important for any eCommerce business. You can collect adequate and important user behavioural data and send it to different Ad platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Adwords, Perfect Audience etc.

Using this data, you can prepare better advertising strategy for these ad platforms. You will need Pixel ID for sending data. But adding Pixel ID is a very complex process for non-technical people like store owners or business managers. WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Free allows you to insert Pixel/Account ID for Facebook, Twitter, Google Adwords easily without any coding. Besides that, you get the following benefits while using WooCommerce Conversion Tracking.

Reach and Interact with the Right People

You can find new potential customers by targeting and reaching people who have performed certain activities on your WooCommerce store i.e. visited your products, added them to cart, signed up on your store, added products to wishlist etc. Reaching such people opens a new opportunity for your store.

The following screenshot shows the Advanced Matching feature of Facebook Ad Platform. If you can feed Facebook with parameters like email, phone, city etc. of your users who have performed specific actions on your WooCommerce store, you can create better ads with targeting those specific people.

Increase the Number of Sales

You can optimize your ads depending on actions triggered on your WooCommerce store. For example, if a user made a purchase from you, then you can send those data to your Ad platform and target those customers who would most likely to buy from you again if they find the previous product or service useful. This potentially drives more sales.

The following screenshot shows the data of specific events that has happened on your WooCommerce store. This information can be tracked on Facebook, Twitter, Google Adwords etc. when you can successfully send the data to those ad platforms. This helps you to measure and prepare better ads for increased sales.

Easily Measure Results and Find Out How the Ads are Doing

You can track your ad results and understand the success of each of them. This means you get a birds-eye view of your conversions and sales. Thus, you can find out all the data that you can see from your WooCommerce store.

What makes WC Conversion Tracking different

The best thing about this plugin is it requires no coding or coding knowledge. In other words, the plugin is ready-to-use for the average user.

Unlike other analytics tools, the user doesn't have to implement tags and codes to every page of the website in order to send client data to the server.

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking requires the user to choose the events he wants to track and instantly send this data to different channels where he is running paid ad campaigns, such as Facebook and Twitter. Using these data, the platforms can now retarget those users who have already visited the site and made some actions.

With the FREE plugin, the owner can track 3 important channels:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google Adwords


The owner can now target people more easily using Facebook Ads and WooCommerce Data. WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin's functions will enable the owner to conduct better Facebook marketing for his eCommerce.

When a visitor carries out a particular set of actions in the WooCommerce store, he triggers some events the data for which are sent to Facebook.

The FREE version tracks the following events for Facebook:

  1. Add To Cart A huge percentage of visitors abandon carts due to indecisiveness and lack of the feeling of urgency. These are potential customers that store owners can bring back to their site using the Add To Cart event. Owners can reduce abandon rate by marketing these users with lucrative offers, discounts, and coupons.
  2. Initiate Checkout People who initiated checkout means they went beyond add to cart to purchase your products. This event category lets you target them on a later occasion.
  3. Purchase – Using this event, track those who successfully purchased a product from your store. Now get to make them your recurring customers using the plugin.
  4. Complete Registration – Those who take time to create a profile on your store are very close to becoming your customers. For this reason, users who have subscribed to your site are great leads and potential customers. Targeting them effectively can increase sales, user activity, downloads, and referrals.


Similarly, WooCommerce Conversion Tracking has a Twitter integration to pass the store's data for several events to Twitter. This allows the owner to retarget users better with Twitter ads.

  • Purchase – Simply input Universal Tag ID in the plugin to pass purchase data to Twitter. Keep records and re-target people who once purchased from the store to make them recurring customers. According to researchers, 80% of profits will come from 20% of your existing customers.

Google AdWords

Simply by linking Google AdWords Account ID to the plugin, send data to Google AdWords server.

  • Purchase – The free version will track those client data who have made purchases. So you can retarget them to more relevant pages through Google searches of your site using AdWords campaigns.

The Cherry On Top: Custom Channel Setting

But what if you don't want to use Facebook, Twitter or Google AdWords?

Easily connect the platform of your choice using Javascript Tracking Scripts using the Custom setting. Using the Custom integration you can track:

  1. Successful Orders, and
  2. Registration

But instead of having to put these tags in every page of your WooCommerce store, simply insert the scripts in the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin, and seamlessly pass your order and registration data to the channel of your choice.

The Custom integration setting also allows you to enter dynamic values to track chosen categories.

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Free in a nutshell

Now that you know the purpose of this solution, get started with it. It's quick and easy to install, saves you valuable time from custom coding, gives accurate information automatically. And above all – It's free!

Connect your WooCommerce site and send user-triggered events instantly to your chosen ads platform.

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking helps you the most for:

    1. Connecting multiple ad platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords)
    2. Tracking user-triggered events
    3. Obtaining advanced user behavioural data
    4. Getting detailed conversion data for analytics
    5. Creating better ad campaigns
    6. Increasing ROI from all paid media investments
    7. Securing better customer retargeting for future marketing efforts
    8. Connecting sites using custom parameters

Want to Target More Specific Customers and Need More Features?

If you are looking for more accurate and precise conversion tracking of your WooCommerce store, you can try the premium version of WooCommerce Conversion Tracking!

The PRO version comes with a lot of new and exciting features including –

Supporting Perfect Audience Ad Platform

With the premium version of WooCommerce Conversion Tracking, you can easily connect your store to Perfect Audience. This means you can send your conversion data directly to Perfect Audience for better retargeting.

This gives you the opportunity of showing ad campaigns on mobile phone apps, different other websites, search engines and many more. Basically, by combining your WooCommerce store with the popular ad platform you can retarget in a better way. You can also –

  • Show Ads To Only Those Who Viewed Your Products
  • Target People Who Picked Your Products
  • Make Your Current Customers Recurring
  • Remind Users Who Purchased Something And Forgot
  • Remarket Registered Users To Make Them Your Customers

More Specific and Useful Events

The free version provides support to some basic events that may help you in terms of retargeting. If you want a better result and want to target visitors and users who have performed specific actions on your site (depending on their behaviour), the Premium Version of WooCommerce Conversion Tracking is the perfect solution. You can track and send data of following important conversions.


You can target people on Facebook who have viewed your WooCommerce products and product categories. This is a great way to attract customers by reminding them about the product. Besides that, you can target specific users who have searched specific products or added products to wishlists. This is a great way to market and advertise people to have shown interest in your products.

Thus, with PRO, the added Facebook events you can track are:

  1. View Product
  2. View Product Category
  3. Search, and
  4. Add To Wishlist


In case of Twitter marketing, you can target people who have added your WooCommerce products to their carts or have signed up to your store.

Therefore, with PRO, the other Twitter events you can track are:

  1. Add To Cart, and
  2. Complete Registration

Google AdWords

Similarly, you can send data of the people who have signed up on your WooCommerce store directly to Google AdWords.

Thus with PRO, aside from Purchase you can track also Complete Registration.

Multiple Pixel Support

If you are a marketing agency or have more than one person handling marketing campaigns, it's natural that you will require multiple pixel support. With WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Pro, you can add multiple Facebook pixels and customize events depending on your requirements.

This makes things lot easier, especially if you work with agencies or partners who want to have their own pixel. Or you may have different social media managers who handle different events of your Facebook channel.

The Multiple Pixel ID Support comes really handy in such cases!

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