Introducing WordPress Default Theme – Twenty Twenty

As a persistent WordPress enthusiast, you may already be familiar with the trend of rolling out a WordPress theme with every major release. And this was no exception while it was the last major release of WordPress 5.0 back in December 2018.

With that in mind, the WordPress developers are all set to launch a new default theme called “Twenty Twenty”. But this time the theme will be included in the imminent release of WordPress 5.3 even if it is not a major release.

So, what's inside the theme?

Let's get going.

Under the Hood

The idea to develop the Twenty Twenty theme is inspired by the popular Chaplin theme which was introduced by Anders Norén. Interestingly, Anders is also leading the design team of the WordPress Twenty Twenty theme in close collaboration with the WordPress core developer Carolina Nymark who also belongs to the WordPress theme review team.

The Twenty Twenty team is @anlino as design lead, @ianbelanger taking charge of development, and @poena representing the Theme Review team. Anders Norén

The WordPress community is already aware of the feat shown by Anders Norén in developing his Chaplin theme. Thus the community is taking this news by their utmost interest.

Since the new Twenty Twenty theme is based on the Chaplin theme, we can infer that the theme will basically be improved and repurposed in a different manner rather than creating from scratch. According to the, the upcoming WordPress 5.3 update is confirmed to be released on 12th November 2019.

What Can You Expect from WordPress Default Theme Twenty Twenty?

The Chaplin theme also bags 5-star rating on the Currently, it has more than 800 installations.

If you want to know what can be done with the WordPress default theme Twenty Twenty, you need to know the characteristics of the Chaplin theme beforehand.

The Chaplin theme was built to make the most out of the Gutenberg block editor. Though the Chaplin theme was primarily tailored to meet the need of business and agency theme, it can be personalized to suit other requirements.

Here are a few things you can do with Chaplin theme:

  • Editing each and every aspect of the theme with the help of Gutenberg editor
  • Creating advanced theme layouts with Chaplin theme's “Cover Template” option
  • Adding a featured image
  • Defining the page structure using the block editing options
  • Giving you full control over the fonts and colors on your site
  • Choosing one of the ten included color schemes or build one from scratch
  • Adding infinite scroll on archive pages
  • Being able to set the different type of post meta to show on single posts and archive pages
  • And many more

Twenty Twenty theme is actually the improved and diversified version of the Chaplin theme. So, you can expect pretty much all of the bells and whistles that you could get from the latter.

Core Values You Are Getting from WordPress Default Theme Twenty Twenty

Although there are a lot of similarities in their codebase, the Twenty Twenty theme looks much different when it comes to appearance.

Anders Norén said that the reason behind the similarity of the codebase is that it takes much less time to the development pace.

Here are some of the exclusive values that the Twenty Twenty theme is expected to provide to its users.

Mobile Responsiveness of Twenty Twenty Theme

The Twenty Twenty theme is completely mobile responsive. It supports all the standard viewports. Be it a smartphone or tablet or desktop computer, there will be no content amiss.

Here is a screenshot that reveals the theme's amazing mobile responsiveness:

WordPress default theme twenty twenty

Multipurposeness of WordPress Default Theme in 2019

As far as the flexibility of the theme is concerned, the Twenty Twenty theme can align the requirements of an agency or an organization. This includes agencies or organizations but not limited to them only.

This means, the theme can be aimed to creating personal blogging websites too!

This will be feasible due to the theme's endless possibilities to create dynamic layouts, with the help of the Chaplin theme's covered template option. You can also add your own taste of alignment for columns, groups, media to create dynamic layouts altogether.

Simplicity of Twenty Twenty Theme

Though the theme's default appearance looks simple, it is more intuitive than you guess.

Still doubtful? Then you can try out the following full-page mockups of Twenty Twenty theme unveiled by Anders Norén:

Readability of Theme Twenty Twenty

If you are not a fan of using the same font over and over again, then this is the theme for you! Because it is the very first default theme of WordPress that will pave you the way to use variable fonts.

In fact, the focus on clarity and legibility will be very conspicuous on the theme. The Twenty Twenty theme will include the typeface Inter, designed by Rasmus Andersson.

In case you did not know, Inter will be a great pick for you because it makes even the smallest fonts to look more legible in it.

Unlike the former default themes, the Twenty Twenty theme will be using the x-tall height that will dramatically improve the readability of all the fonts especially for the headings – making them more discernible.

Full Block Editor Support

One thing that will surely stand apart is that the theme's magnificent support for Gutenberg block editor.

As I mentioned already, the Chaplin theme is rated very high, that is, 5 out of 5. In that its widespread philosophy not only for the full-on support for the Gutenberg editor but also for the enhancement to the Gutenberg editor.

WordPress Default Theme Twenty Twenty Review in Conclusion

The Twenty Twenty WordPress theme will definitely stand out in the long line of WordPress default themes due to its full compatibility and enhancement for Gutenberg block editor.

With the release of the Twenty Twenty theme, the WordPress Gutenberg block editing experience will be more interesting and fun to use.

Still not convinced? If you want to be adventurous, then you can download the theme from the Github to play around it. As soon as the theme gets stable, it will be merged into core.

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a spin and let us know what you see while you use it in the comment section.

5 Most Successful Corporate WordPress Templates for Entrepreneurs

These days, a business organization can’t think of making rapid progress without having an online presence. It doesn’t matter how large your company is, potential customers will face difficulties to contact you. So, the time has changed a lot. Companies have started to go online with the WordPress CMS.

Indeed, WordPress is one of the most popular and easy-to-use CMS platforms for creating business websites. One needs to choose a suitable theme to create an amazing business website & make it popular among the audience. There are multiple business themes available on different online resources.

All of them differ with each other when it comes to quality, availability of useful features and settings for easy site administration. So, what are your options when you have to create a professional business website?

Well, we have reviewed several WordPress business themes and picked up the top 5 for you. Let’s see them & choose yourself.



This template includes video tutorials that contain step-by-step instructions for installing and updating themes and content (video, audio, galleries). The theme allows you to import any versions with a single click and receive a fully equipped website within a few minutes.

You must know that It differs in a collection of visual effects, ranging from a slider, pop-up text, gradual fading, and ending effects for graphics and text (size, color, fonts, three-dimensional text, shadow, overlay on video, etc.).

The contact form and Google maps are fully customizable, which gives WordPress developers & WordPress development agencies the ability to create an online store using the WooCommerce' e-commerce plugin. Useful features, such as counters, pie charts fully satisfy the requirements for a business website.

2. Shapely

Shapely is an ideal template for creating a WordPress website with responsive design in an easy way. The main page is designed as a one-page with perfect design and excellent functionality. It is perhaps the best free WordPress template with a lot of settings.


Shapely contains several built-in widgets for the main page that you can use to add portfolios, reviews, parallax sections, information about your product or service, a call to action, and more. It supports most of the free WordPress plugins, such as WooCommerce, Jetpack, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, Google Analytics from Yoast, etc.

So, you can use it to create all types of WordPress websites without having any second thought in mind.

3. Newspaper X

C:\Users\abc\Pictures\Newspaper X.png

Newspaper X is a simple WordPress magazine template for creating different types of websites, such as fashion, technology, food, lifestyle, new cars, games, and many others. You can use it for private or commercial use without any restrictions. It is fully responsive and will look great on both large monitors and mobile devices.

It is easy to customize using the built-in WordPress Customizer. You can publish in four sections. For example- editorial, events, latest news, and world news. This rule is not applied on blog pages, where you can create as many headings as you like.

4. NewsMag Lite- One of the Best Corporate WordPress Templates

NewsMag Lite is a powerful and impressive WordPress template. It is responsive to all mobile devices and easy-to-use. It has four different blog page styles. This theme has been recently redesigned and expanded greatly.
It is well customized for search engines (SEO). The template makes use of Bootstrap 3, Microformats and Font Awesome icons.


It offers a wide collection of tools and premium features which allows you to achieve incredible levels of customization without writing a single line of code and get professional results easily and effortlessly.

For instance, you can easily add a contact form and a Google map, custom colors, Google fonts, dynamic widgets, a slider (responsive and mobile touch), a widget of popular messages, etc. If needed, you can also create a custom homepage to use three different block styles, banner and slider unlimited.

The theme offers a widget sidebar and four columns Footer Widgets. You can add an unlimited number of widgets to each column of the sidebar and footer if needed. It is accompanied by a comprehensive installation guide and settings, making it easier for web developers to use the theme and create outstanding websites.

5. Sparkling


Sparkling is the most popular WordPress template, used by thousands of entrepreneurs and companies all around the world. It is a clean theme developed on Bootstrap 3. It’s a flat design template with perfect design, great functionality, and flexibility. It supports more than 20 different languages and is compatible with the WPML plugin for creating multilingual websites.

In recent times, the Sparkling template has seen several important updates to keep up with trends in web development and web design. This is the perfect WordPress template for personal and corporate websites for healthcare, fitness, education, finance, business, travel, web design, marketing or any other niche.

The Sparkling template is SEO friendly. The template supports most free and premium plug-ins, such as weForms, WordPress user frontend, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, SEO from Yoast, W3 Total Cache, etc. It can also be used to create WooCommerce websites through integration with WooCommerce.

Want to build your own e-commerce marketplace using WordPress? Check out how Irish teacher creates a revolutionary resource hub using WooCommerce and Dokan.

Final Words on Corporate WordPress Templates

Entrepreneurs need to select good business themes to create amazing business websites with the WordPress CMS. You can choose any theme from these. These themes are packed with lots of features and functionalities, which allows you to build high-performing, unique & eye-catching Business Websites in an easy. Best of Luck!

This post is written by Jason Daszkewicz. He is a Senior WordPress developer and passionate blogger. Currently, he is associated with WordSuccorWordPress theme development company in the USA. He is well known for his professional writings and technical blogs. Follow him on Twitter.

How Much Does It Really Cost To Build A WordPress Website?

Perhaps, we all know that WordPress is an absolutely free and open source CMS (Content Management System) and there are tons of free templates and plugins available out there on the market. With these, you can easily build a website from scratch with little coding knowledge!

Unfortunately, there are still some implicit costs when you are going to launch your desired WordPress site. That said, determining the minimum cost of creating a WordPress powered website can be really tricky. Because it entirely depends on your choice and needs. However, we would like to help you walk through the tricks of estimating both a typical and an advanced WordPress site.

Having many years of experience in WordPress, we always recommend you to start small and then scale your WordPress site as it expands over time. There are some premium plugins that your website does not require at all in the preliminary stage. Now, without further ado, let's see how to create a website on a customized budget with WordPress just as your diverse needs so that you can get to know how much does it really cost to build a site. 

Note: Typical Pricing sections are recommended for the beginners who love to cut costs while the Advanced Pricing sections are optional. If you wish to keep your budget tight then you can skip reading the Advanced Pricing sections.

Pricing Plan for Domain Name

Whenever you are going to build a WordPress website, the first and foremost thing that you need to consider is a Domain name. It is the URL or the address of your website that your visitors will type in for logging on your website.

You will be surprised at the variations of the pricing plans of Domain Names. Usually, Domain names ending with .com extension are pretty inexpensive and they are the most used ones.

Typical Pricing (Recommended for beginners)

According to a research, A typical Domain Name generally varies roughly from $10 to $15 a year. To be an economical and yet professional buyer, we recommend you to buy your preferred domain name from namecheap. This website has by far the most reasonable and affordable pricing plan. Getting a Domain Name at $8.88 from Namecheap would be a wise decision in order to be economical.

Surprisingly, If you only focus on the first year, you will even get a domain name less than a dollar. For example, Namecheap will give you a domain name at $.48 for the first year with either of the .stream/.bid/.review/.trade extension.  This plan would be cost-effective for the first year but from the second year, you have to pay pretty much like a regular pricing plan.

Another website is Godaddy that will provide you a domain name in exchange for $0.99 with the .club extension for the first year. But, they will charge a little more from the subsequent years.

Advanced Pricing(Optional)

An advanced Domain Name is essential for those of you who are looking for Social Media Marketing, SEO and above all Branding of products. Meaning that you will have social media accounts’ names available in accordance with the name of your Domain Name.

For this purpose concerned, It would be wise to buy Domain Name from knowEm. It will cost $158 for the standard plan. Remember, choosing a unique and SEO friendly domain name can act as a cornerstone of a successful website.

Notes on a used Domain Name Pricing:

It goes without saying that buying a used Domain Name will cut costs significantly. But, a used Domain Name could be a nightmare for you unless you conduct a little research right before the purchase.

Although a Domain Name is impossible to edit it is a piece of cake to delete the previous contents and add new contents to a certain site. Say, a particular Domain Name had some contents that were blacklisted earlier by Google but later the scam contents were excluded. Don’t ever buy this sorts of Domain Names!

Wondering how to check the history of the Domain Name? Very easy! Check the history of a Domain Name by some free services like, waybackmachine and so on.

Pricing Plan for Web Hosting

Web Hosting is like a Home for your website. Once you buy a Domain Name, you need a Web Hosting service in order to publish your WordPress website.

Web Hosting price varies significantly depending on the type of market you buy from. In addition to that, the price of web hosting continues to rise higher when it comes to WordPress website. Don’t worry! Just see the below pricing plans.

Typical Pricing(Recommended for beginners)

If you have a newly launched website or you are about to launch a website then you might as well buy low priced web hosting services. Because the newly launched websites tend to have a less traffic flow than the well-established ones. The less is the flow of traffic or visitors, the less is the pressure on the server. This is why you don’t need any pricey Hosting services.  

On average, you will have to pay $28 per year to avail the opportunity of using a web hosting service. In this case, we would love to suggest you buy the web hosting services from Namecheap once again owing to a low-cost pricing plan.

In most of the cases, Namecheap will charge you roughly around $8.88 each year while the renewal cost is $48.88 per year for web hosting purposes. A bang for the buck indeed!

Advanced Pricing(Optional)

However, once your Amazon like eCommerce website or blog starts to bring a good number of visitors to your site then you should change your hosting plan to premium plans. A good number of visitors will slow down your website's speed by putting pressure on the server.

To tackle this hassle, you will have to go for some premium plans like Namecheap professional hosting plan that will cost $19.88 per year. The renewal price is $78.88 per year which is quite impressive when compared to other company’s premium price.

If budget is not an issue then you can opt for a WordPress oriented web hosting service like DreamHost, WP Engine, or Pagely. They will provide you additional services for backups, security, and speed enhancement. Pricing with these companies ranges from $19 to $47 and goes as much as up to $400.

Pricing Plan for and

Whether you are a beginner or experienced you have to have a crystal clear idea about and Despite sounding similar, they are actually quite different in terms of services they provide.  

If you want to avoid the cost of Domain Name and Hosting services then you can adopt But wait, there is a catch under the hood! You can not get even a single plugin or template free of cost from Consequently, will cause a price hike in the long run when you buy the essential plugins.

On the other hand, although, doesn’t provide free hosting services, it will give you thousands of amenities later on.

Between the two platforms, you can use due to the availability of free pieces of software which will be required to run your site efficiently afterward.

Pricing Plan for Themes

Whether you are setting up an eCommerce site or a blog site, themes are the part and parcel by all means. There are tons of free themes available out there in the market. All you need is choosing a Theme that is suitable for your site. For example: If your website is based on eCommerce then go for the WooCommerce themes.

Typical Pricing(Recommended for beginners)

If you expect a quality theme yet with a value for money then you will have to spend around $15. There are plenty of free themes out there on the market. But if you go for free themes, you need to consider some issues like compatibility with plugins and mobile device responsiveness.

Advanced Pricing(Optional)

When the budget is not a barrier and you want a theme look exactly like the way you wish then hire professionals. But you might have to pay the professionals more than $100 according to their demand.

Pricing Plan for Plugins

After you have completed the aforementioned steps, now you will be adding some plugins to your site. You may add features like adding a contact form, carousel/slider, Image Gallery, SEO Tools, security tools etc.

Typical Pricing(Recommended for beginners)

We will recommend using the free yet feature-rich plugin first to keep the initial costs lower. For example, you can try weForms to build a form as the free version has all the basic and almost all the premium features that you need.  Honestly, you don’t need the majority of the paid plugins at the initial stage.

Advanced Pricing(Optional)

For advanced usage, you may need to pay an average $100 per year for the premium plugins. You can spend this huge amount of money only when your site begins paying off.

SSL Certificate and it’s Pricing Plan

Add SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) certificate to your website after you have managed to get some traffic to your websites. The truth is some visitors are really fastidious and so tend to avoid the insecure sites. So if you would like to make your website well established then you must consider an SSL certificate.

There are so many pricing plans while you are going to purchase an SSL certificate. But buying the multiple year plans will worth the money you spent as it will help you minimize costs. The cost of an SSL certificate may vary from $9 to $29.88 depending on the pricing plan.

Note: Security plugins will not cost arms and legs. In fact, a full-fledged website without any premium security plugin might be an appealing target for the hackers.

Estimated Pricing Gist for Your Website

The discussion above can be summarized in a bird’s eye view. See the following table:

Cost to Build a WordPress Website

Items Typical Pricing/Year Advanced Pricing/Year
Domain Name $0.48(mandatory) $158
Web Hosting Service $8.88(mandatory) $19
Themes $0 $100
Essential Plugins (Security, SEO, Forms, Caching etc.) $0 $200
SSL Certificate $9(mandatory) $29.88
Total $18.36 $506.88

Note: The two mandatory things to build a WordPress website is a Domain Name and Web Hosting. Although, SSL certificate is optional, yet we have enlisted it as a mandatory component here for avoiding some security issues. If you exclude SSL certificate from the list then it will require only $9.36 to launch your dream website!

Final Verdict

As we said, the cost of building a WordPress powered website completely counts upon the way you want. In many cases, especially if you are a beginner, you don’t need all the premium features at all. Harnessing the free and low priced stuff can seriously save a lot of money.

Finally, we would like to give you a piece of good news! Some of these pieces of stuff are sold at a discounted price on various occasions! Keep a keen eye on those special price offers and grab those chances! Here is a bunch of amazing WordPress offers of 2017. 

What’s your pricing plan? Feel free to comment below on your plan or opinion.