Track Your Project Progress with WP Project Manager’s Summary Report (New Feature)

Every project management professional gets constraints regarding projects planning, executing, controlling and syncing with team members.

WP Project manager comes with a complete solution to meet your goals easily with zero time.

WP Project Manager cuts huge popularity and gets 7000+ loyal customers within a short period due to its user-friendly interface and advanced task management process.

We always keep our client's requirements above all. We believe-

Once a Client Always a Client

To keep our client's satisfaction graph line upward and solve their issues, we bring updates from time to time.

Today we will introduce two new features of ‘Summary Report' in WP Project Manager Pro that is recently launched to get a snapshot of your projects every aspect in a graphical view.

WP Project Manager: One Stop Solution to Manage Projects & Teams


The responsibility of a Project Manager is massive.

It's really difficult to create, organize and distribute all the tasks among the team members as well as maintaining the activities, deadlines, milestones, progress reports and other stuff simultaneously.

However, It is important to keep tracking the progress of ongoing projects, future plans, team productivity and so on.

WP Project Manager is a simple but expert automation tool for managing your team collaboration and delivering the task timely.

Advanced features of this task manager let you create, organize, assign and measure projects, tasks, to-dos, performance faster than ever within minutes.

Moreover, with the help of the time tracking tool and build-in reports, you can identify the productivity of your co-workers with less effort.

Most amazingly, users can customize the attributes of the project report as per their preference.

Project Management Summary Report (Feature Update)

Project Management Summary Report extends the user experience better adding new attributes to the board.

User will get a quick and detail comparative graphical overview to identify the overall progress of the project with some easy navigation.

Now, you can get two new reports using WP Project Manager Pro.

‘User vs Project' Graph

This section gives you a review of how much time one responsible member spends on his/her assigned project in a graphical view.

When you hover your mouse pointer on the graph you will get a tooltip describing the details.

User VS Project Summary Report

Benefits You Will Avail:

  • Find out easily the number of responsible members in a single project and how much time they bind to that project
  • Measure the productivity of your employees or co-workers at a glance.

‘Project vs User' Graph

This section gives you a graphical overview of how many members spend how much time on individual projects.

The same as project vs user, if you hover your mouse pointer on the graph then you will get a tooltip describing the details.

Project VS User Summary Report

Benefits You Will Avail:

  • Let you know the project progress against time.
  • Easy understanding of how much time one user has spent on different projects.

“Summary Report” helps you to get a comparative report on productivity and time frame.

Furthermore, it will assist you to generate next project strategy.

**Note: “Summary Report” will be available only if ‘Time Tracker' is used to track the working hours.

How does the Project Management Summary Work

Follow these easy steps to generate Summary Report of your project through WP Project Manager Pro.

Log into your WP Project Manager and click the “View Full Report” button.

project-report-summary dashboard

Then, click on the “Filter” button to set the filter of the report.

filter-summary in just one click

Next, you will get a pop up to set filter option. By default, it is set to ‘Summary'. However, you can also select the ‘User' radio button.

according-user in project management summary

To generate Summary Report you must select the ‘Summary' radio button from the ‘Choose report type' option.

By default, it is set to the ‘All Project' option. But you can click on the dropdown menu and select from the other options according to your need.

Here, you will find two new report filters now with the new release of version v2.3.3.

You can select Project Vs User or User Vs Project to generate reports with a graphical representation.

Project Vs User


User Vs Project

user-vs-project-selection t

Start Date and End Date: Set a date range to get report during that period.

You will get a graphical report immediately based on your selected option as we have shown above.

Do you need further help? Find the full documentation here.

Final Words on Project Management Summary Report

We always prioritize our client's requirements and value their reviews.

That is the reason behind our high customer satisfaction and 7000+ active installation over the globe.

Therefore, to lessen the hassle of our valuable clients we regularly update our system and add new features.

In this continuity, we release two new features to generate comparative report graph in WP Project Management Summary Report.

If you are finding a reliable solution to manage your project and align your team members properly you must go for a try!

Productivity Hacks & Tools For Startups in 2019

Every day at the end of working hours do you think what are some of the things you could have done more efficiently?

Especially for all the startups, there is no other option than to work hard with the limited amount of time and resource you get. But still, it's not enough. Luckily for you, it has never been easier to implement productivity hacks to be more efficient than now.

As technology is progressing at a faster rate than ever, productivity statistics are reaching an all-time high.

People are getting more work done with faster processing speed, faster communication, faster task management process, etc.

Riding this wave is one of the best decisions you can make for your work in terms of productivity.

Introducing Productivity Hacks

Hack (or life-hacking) refers to any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life.

So it is clear that hacks are something that is not bound to a specific area.

As a startup founder or even as an employee you can implement some productive hacks that will leave you -feeling like you have actually accomplished something each day!

Productivity hacks for startups

Use A Tool To Map Out All Your Tasks

Tools are something that makes everything better.

Did it ever occur to you- ‘How do all the biggest companies in the world keep everything in check?.‘ They use tools that organize everything in a more manageable way for the higher-ups.

Popular project management tools examples include-

We suggest XMind as it is completely free to get started on and is an open-source solution.

XMind for productivity hacks

Remove The Chances of Interruption

This one is really important. Distraction can break the flow of productivity that you get started really quickly. A useful hack you can do is to turn off notification from all your devices.

So that you will be able to do focused work.

Another great technique you can try out is the Pomodoro technique.

Promodoro Technique is a time management technique to help individual focus more on a single task for a certain amount of time. 

Francesco Cirillo, a widely popular time management expert is the founding father of this. You can learn more about the Pomodoro technique from here.

Adopt A Project Management Tool

Trello is a popular tool that can help any company's current on-going projects, things that need to be discussed, strategy plans and so on.

And it has never been so much organized. Though there are also other project management tools out there based on the Kanban process very few offer the simplicity that Trello offers.

The best part is that it is completely free to use. Some other tools you should consider using

  • 10,000 ft – a great tool for visual collaboration between your team members
  • Podio – extremely useful for all the complex project management in your startup

Don't forget to try out something you like from here. If you are a WordPress lover, we can guarantee you will love WP Project Manager.

With over 194,734 downloads, it's one of the leading team and project management tools in the WordPress industry. You can get all your project-related solutions at unbelievably 70% less cost. Have a quick look to WP Project Manager's features.

Basic features of WP Project Manager

Automate The Things You Repeatedly Do

Automation! The blessing of the internet era. That too for FREE.

On the other hand, inefficiency really is the black plague for your organization. It increases the cost of your organization, wastes your valuable time, reduces the quality of your product, and the most important of all damages the morale of your team members.

Inefiiciency can cost your organization as much as 20 to 30 percent of the annual revenue.

Start using popular internet automation tools like-

Productivity hacks by Zapier

etc to avoid those disasters. You can automate simple tasks using these platforms that you do repeatedly regularly.

So that they don't take you away from the time you could have been productive.

Use automated social media publishing platforms like-

to schedule all your social media content for the upcoming days.

Another great trick you can implement is automating your mundane email tasks. Use Gmail extensions like

  • Mixmax – Allows you to schedule your emails so it will send at a later date
  • – Really useful for keeping track of email follow-ups

Prioritize The Most Important Tasks

Not all tasks are created equal. Some tasks deserve the most attention from you, others not so much.

A simple routine you can follow as a part of productivity hacks is-

  • Take a pen & paper or any digital note-taking application whichever you prefer to write down all your tasks
  • Prioritize according to the urgency
  • Ask around to see if the metric you set is correct
  • Prioritize accordingly

You have to always be flexible & adaptable when sequencing the tasks according to what needs to be done now & what later.

On That Point, Use A Digital Note-Taking App

Yes, we know! People still like the idea of writing down things.

But that doesn't take away the fact that with pen & paper you won't be able to get all the modern facilities you get with a digital note-taking app.

It is much faster to write on plus you don't have to worry about grammar and other things (with autocorrect).

And the best thing about it is cross-platform and all your notes will be saved in the cloud so you won't have to ever worry about losing them.

Popular note-taking applications out there include Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, Google Keep, Apple Notes, Dropbox paper, etc.

Get started with anyone of this and test it. Don't settle until you find the right one that suits your needs.

P.S If you don't like the idea digital notes and feel comfortable with the traditional paper then that's the best choice for you.

Communicate Faster, More Effectively Among Teammates

Another communication platform that people all around the globe use is Slack. It is free to use, cross-platform supported (macOS, iOS, Android), comes with support for 10 integrations.

All our company communication is handled using Slack and it doesn't get any more effective than this.

Though there are other solutions like Google HangoutsFleep, Microsoft Teams, etc very few solutions are as resourceful as Slack.

But that doesn't mean it will work for you the same it does for us. Try other ones and see if they fit your need better than Slack.

Slack for productivity hacks

Use Cloud-Based Softwares To Store Everything And Access It Anytime

Even to this the startup founders and their employees are not taking the full advantage of a cloud storage option that can be had for free.

It eliminates the need to carry your files everywhere you go. You will be to access them no matter what device you are using. As it syncs with your storage account, not your device.

If you are not ready to invest in having a cloud storage solution there are many options out there that lets you get started for free with very reasonable storage space.

Popular free cloud storage providers like-

  • Mega: offers 50gb for free when you sign up
  • Dropbox: Starts at 2gb but you can increase that by inviting people to start using DropBox
  • Box: Tailored to business users. In the beginning, you get 10gb space for free
  • Google Drive: Best all-rounder cloud storage option. It is the one we use.
  • One Drive: Microsoft's offering in the cloud storage business. Integrates really well with Windows.
Cloud storage providers

Start Your Day With Quick Hacks

The morning shows a glimpse of how your whole day will look like.

Some of the most prolific entrepreneurs & CEOs have a morning ritual that they stick with every day. Whether it's checking and decluttering emails or just meditating you have to find out what works best for you.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, starts his day at 7 a.m. by addressing all the critical emails in his inbox*.

Having a proper morning routine that works for you will make sure that you are focused & productive for the rest of your working day. It eases up the tension you might have later that day by having the thought that you achieved something even in the first hour.

Monitor Everything, Tweak What's Needed

On the greatest blessing of tech in the 21st century is the ability to track certain data sets that were not simply possible before.

Using tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, etc marketers are now even able to track even what type of card customers use when purchasing a product.

So you can see all the details of your revenue and concentrate on the things that need more attention than others.

Not just in marketing but also in your workplace you can use tools like Time Doctor, Rescue Time and so on to get a report on, what tasks take how much time and how you can better manage them.

Check out our WP Project Manager Time Tracker extension, which lets you track how much time it takes to complete your project including time spent on each task.

Delegate Certain Tasks

WP Project Manager for productivity hacks
WP Project Manager

You can't do everything on the limited amount of time that you get in a day. Productivity hacks are all about managing tasks and distributing them accordingly.

The reason you have a team is so you can delegate certain tasks to those who hold expertise in that area, which is gonna save time in the long run. For this, you need to have a good understanding of what your team members are good at and what they lack.

Delegate tasks that relate to accounting to people who are good with numbers so it doesn't take up your time.

This will help you to concentrate on the things that really need your attention.

Read Books, More Importantly, Productivity Books

Get in the habit of reading books. It is a source of unlimited inspirations that you can use in your own life.

Also, it declutters your thought process to make it more in-line with the road which leads to achieving your goals in the long term. One great source of book list is Amazon's best-seller section.

You will be able to find the best books on productivity and self-help rated by the users themselves. Configure your time so you can read even some portion of a book each day.

It has also been proven that reading books can help you to

reduce stress, improve memory, have a stronger analytical capability, improve focus & concentration

Tell Us What You Think

We tried to cover the things that we think is gonna bring the most value to you.

The list goes on when you start finding all the productivity hacks you can and implement in your day to day entrepreneurial life.

If you think we missed something feel free to let us know. We would love to add them to this list and in our organizational lives.

Recurring Task Scheduling in Your WordPress Site- The Easiest Way

We perform different types of duties and responsibilities in our everyday life. Some of them are instant, some others are repeating on a regular basis. With lots of instant or uncertain tasks, we manage our repeating activities by maintaining a diary or setting up alarms etc. The situation is the same in our business projects too. There are lots of recurring tasks in each & every project.

So, how would you manage them?

If you follow the manual (pen & paper) process till now, that's just waste of your time. Automating the projects by implementing software isn't something new or unfamiliar today. But if you have a Project Management Software, you know that creating new tasks and assigning the members also requires some times and that could be huge regarding your project's size. That's exactly where comes the Recurring Task Scheduler to the rescue.

Recurring task scheduling

This post is basically for WordPress users. If you're using WordPress as your web platform, you have easy options to set recurring task schedulers and save both your times and efforts. WordPress Project Manager let you automate your projects and track all the internal activities and overall progress. Let's start.

Requirements to Use Recurring Task Management Module

To schedule your tasks using Recurring Task Module, you need to have these solutions.

  1. Your WordPress Business/Blogging site
  2. WordPress Project Manager (Part of WordPress ERP)
  3. Recurring Task Module (It's premium)

Why Do You Need a Recurring Task Manager?

The Recurring Task Module lets you schedule your repeating tasks on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis in your WordPress site. If you don't have this module, you have to create each of your tasks separately and assign the team members every time. Isn't it boring? Not only that, it will kill your valuable times.

So it's clear that if you use this module, you will be able to-

  • easily schedule all your tasks
  • track and monitor the progress
  • create timely and perfect plans
  • give employees check their assigning tasks
  • stay alert about the milestones and more

A Short Overview on WordPress Project Manager

To use this recurring task module, you need to have the WordPress Project Manager Pro. So, what this software actually let you do? This solution makes it easy for you to manage all the projects and tasks with lots of handy features, like creating unlimited tasks, calendar, milestone, private messaging, time-tracking, work scheduling, discussion features and other things that you need for your project.

WordPress Project manager-

It has a huge collection of essential modules that let you design and customize your process in a more productive way.

How to Add and Activate Recurring Task Management Module

The process is easy. Simply go to your WordPress site's dashboard. Install and activate the WordPress Project Manager plugin.

Recurring task module

This is a free-primary version. After activating the plugin, you need to upgrade to its pro version. Getting the pro version you need to activate all the advanced features including Recurring Task Module.

Now create a list of projects that you have and assign your team members to these projects. In each and every project, you will get an independent dashboard including the fields like- Overview, Activities, Discussions, Task Lists, Milestones, Files, Gantt Chart, Invoice, and Settings etc.

PM dashboard- recurring events examples
WP Project Manager Dashboard

These options would enable you to monitor the overall progress and add or edit new tasks and other things.

How to Schedule a Recurrence

When you have added a task that you need to perform on a regular basis, you can schedule them using Recurring task module. So, how would you schedule them? Let's check. You can also check our step by step documentation to learn the basic.

Step 1- Go to Your Projects Dashboard

Click on any of your created project. You will be redirected on your dashboard. Now select Task Lists option.

Task list- recurring task management

Step 2- Set a Recurrence by Weekly/Monthly/Annually

Setting a recurrence in WordPress
Setting a Recurrence
  • Name your task
  • Click on the recurrence loop from the right side
  • Select a (weekly/monthly/annually) recurrence
  • Finally, (after completing other options) click on the check button
  • You would see a green loop on the right side of your created task

Step 3- Setting a Recurrence by Date

recurring settings- recurring task
  1. Select a recurrence (weekly/monthly/annually)
  2. Select the number of repeating (1/2/3)
  3. Choose expiration on Date
  4. Mention the time duration for each task
  5. And finally click on the Done button

Step 4- Setting a Recurrence by Occurrence

recurring task management
  1. Select a recurrence (for example- monthly)
  2. Select the date of the month (1st to 31st of the month)
  3. Choose expiration After Occurrence
  4. Finalize the number of occurrences for each task (0 to infinite)
  5. Mention the time duration for each task
  6. And finally, click on the Done button

This is how you can set a recurring task in your To-do list.

Checking the Output of WordPress Task Scheduler

The options you have chosen for your recurring task, you would be able to see the same new task on your task list at the date you have selected, with all the sub-tasks, assigned people and time duration etc.

And the task would be created as child under your parent task.

output- recurring task

Options with 3 Different Repeating Criteria

Now, check all the options you would get with this module to smoothly schedule your repeating tasks.

options- recurring task

Questions Answered

Question: Is it possible to edit my recurring task once after scheduling?

Answer: Of course, just go to your dashboard, select Task list and then click on recurring loop. You can easily edit the scheduling.

FAQ- recurring task

Q: How can I cancel a recurring task after scheduling?

A: First select the task, click on recurring loop and then select “No” on Repeat option. Your recurring task will be canceled.

recurring task list- recurring task

Q: I don't understand the difference between expiration on date and after occurrence.

A: When you select a recurrence by a week, the module lets you set an exact date on which you want to see your task would be re-created. You also have an option to set the expiration by the Occurrence. Check the image below.

Weekly recurring- recurring task

But when you select monthly or annual recurring option, the module will let you choose only “After Occurrence” expiration. You can't choose on date option directly. Here occurrence means how much time you want to recreate the task.

So, when you choose monthly or an annual time duration, it's clear that the task would require several occurrences.

That is why this module lets you choose only the occurrence option to make it easier regarding your needs. But of course, if you have only one occurrence, you can set that by select the number.

recurring task moduler

Q: When I will choose occurrence and duration date, will that time duration applicable for each occurrence separately or only for 1st occurrence?

A: Separately for each occurrence. Suppose you have created an annual recurring and set 5 occurrences with a 2-day duration, you will get 2 day for completing each of your occurrences.

what is recurring task management

So, you can see that setting up the recurrence and scheduling all of your repeating tasks with the Recurring Task module is so easy. It doesn't only help you to automate your projects but also make you able to track all the repeating task and see the progress.

Get the WP Project Manager now and start using the Recurring task module to skyrocket your business.

Final Words on WordPress Recurring Events Management

With around 10 independent modules, you have lots of options to automate and manage your business. Recurring task module is one of the premium features of the WP project manager that lets you get a go!

If you have any confusion or want to learn something specific, let us know in the comment option. We're always here to help you.

Manage Like a Pro! How to be the Best Project Manager

A Project Manager is similar to a psychologist. They are the ‘people-person’. The one accountable for keeping an eye on if everyone on the team knows and are executing their role — if the team members feel supported.

In our opinion, being a manager means to deliver a project successfully without losing mind in the process. We follow the same. Throughout the years, we have created a successful building ― our team. Managing the projects and encouraging the team is what we love to do. The journey from picking up the right talent to getting them on the right path is really enthralling.

Continue reading “Manage Like a Pro! How to be the Best Project Manager”

Effective Project Management Tips To Be A Better Project Manager

To be a better project manager is a lot of effort. But in today's world, it is easier than ever to get started. With all the resources available just on the internet, any project manager who is managing a project can be better at it.

In this article, we will discuss how an already good project manager can become a better one.

Continue reading “Effective Project Management Tips To Be A Better Project Manager”

WP Project Manager v2.0: A Blazing Fast Experience & Changes in Packages

What do you think you need to succeed in your business? Is it only the money that you invest in it? It is actually being able to manage your projects efficiently after you invest the money in your company is essential to get success in that business. This is why you need an effective project management tool. And if you are a WordPress user then you must already know about WordPress Project Manager.

And now your very own WP Project Manager has released its brand new version. This post will be all about the changes you will see in the new v2.0 release of WP Project Manager and the things that will change the user experience of using it.

Please Welcome WP Project Manager v2.0

With the 1 year hardship of Team WP Project Manager, we have finally released the fully functional v2.0. And you will be amazed to know that the updates are made for the benefits of both developers as well as for the general users. So curious to find out what's new with v2.0? Here is what you were looking for.

WP Project Manager v2.0

So What Really Changed?

Well for this updated version of WP Project Manager, we can divide the updates & changes into three categories – code structure, modules and new pricing plans.

Updates & Changes in the Codebase & Structure

The first change that you will notice is the complete rewriting & restructuring of the WP Project Manager code. Before the code of both frontend and backend operation was in the same place. But now in the latest version, codes of both ends are made independent. It has been programmed with the progressive Javascript framework Vue.js and created using REST API.

In the previous version, all projects were as relatively slower Custom Post Type but now in this version, we have migrated into Custom Table for a better performance and way faster user experience of your WP Project Manager. As before, the system used to slow down after a while It now loads the page instantly saving your time giving you the ultimate project management experience.

Our sole intention was to rewrite and re-modify the complete code structure was to ensure efficient performance from WP Project Manager. And with this latest update, we believe we have succeeded to do so.

Recapping The Changes

  • Completely rewritten the code using Vue.js
  • Created with a totally REST API
  • Single Page Application
  • Migration of Projects from Custom Post Type to custom database tables

Extensions Are Modules Now!

From now on, all the extensions of WP Project Manager will come with the premium packages as modules. You won't have to purchase, download, install and activate the extensions separately. Relief from extra work, right?

Well, this good news comes with a blast!

You will get the modules packed with the premium packages as the new pricing packages are coming in. There is a new menu under WP Project Manager Pro called Modules. You will have to head there and simply toggle on the button to activate the module that you need.

Extremely Easy Migration Process

Now that you have read about the technical changes, here's a good news for you. All these new changes won't affect your website at all. Besides that, the migration process is very easy.

Please note that – when you update to the newest version, sometimes your WP Project Manager plugin might become deactivated. So, you will have to activate it manually.

After installing the latest version, you will have to simply click a button and wait for the process to finish. However, we are recommending to keep a backup of your database before starting the migration. We have tested the migration a thousand time by ourselves, but just playing safe. You wouldn't want to risk to go something wrong.

The process will show you the status of the migration and if it fails for some technical reason, you can restore your database and start the process again.

Please read this detailed documentation before starting

Changes in Pricing & Packages

Now comes that most significant part of the new release. We have decided to change the pricing of WP Project Manager Pro. As you will be getting the new modules with premium packages, we had to bring some changes. Besides that, your favorite project management tool is now super fast and saves a lot of your time. We also have plans to bring new features, modules, integrations with the upcoming releases. So, you will love the new version as we are doing now!

You might ask – how we have changed the pricing. Here is a glimpse of the new packages.

In short, we have combined the WP Project Manager Pro and it's extensions in the new pricing plans.

You can see, we have increased the price of the Personal package from $59 to $79. You might ask why we are charging more.

The answer is simple, we have made WP Project Manager Pro more efficient and reliable just for you. Our 1 year of hard work and dedication paid off with this new release. Now, you can enjoy creating project easily and also in a faster way than before. Using the Vue.js, the project management tool is now more powerful and solve your problems without any difficulties.

View the Updated Pricing of WP Project Manager →

What Happens to the Existing Extension Users

Now, an issue may arise with the users who have bought some of the extensions of WP Project Manager. If you are one of them, you can contact the support team and they will help you to sort out the issue. You will either get the closed package for FREE or get a discount code so that you can upgrade to that package.

Contact the Support

What Can You Expect From This Update & For Future?

Everyone looks for a Project Manager that is easy to use & understand. So keeping the project manager user-friendly is something that will always be looked into in the future as well. Having to make the planning & scheduling easy is also something that the developer of WP Project Manager will certainly work on.

Much quicker access to all your data in one place is also something everyone wants in a project management tool. So it is very likely that in near future WP Project Manager will allow you to access all your data much quicker at one place.

Hopefully, soon enough, you will get to see much better reporting system that will collect your previously inserted project data and enable creating customizable reports.

Loading time of a page is termed as a set back by many. So, therefore page loading time of your WP Project Manager has already been alleviated with its same page action and it can be expected to be improved further for better usability.

Task management features need to be able to help complete the task at a quick rate, this is also something that can be more improved in the WP Project Manager for a much better project management experience.

What's More?

Using WP Project Manager as a mobile or desktop application is another future plan of ours. So with the current changes made, users can expect in getting to use WP Project Manager as a mobile application in the near future for sure.

Everyone expects their project manager to be robust and powerful. It helps them to manage their sensitive projects efficiently. And it is the extensions that boost up the performance & functionality of WP Project Manager by letting you handle projects better. So including some more useful extensions of WP Project Manager can be another futuristic idea that can surely add more value to its operations.

With all the latest version the developer of WP Project Manager has always come up with updates that would enhance the usability of the plugin. This hasn't changed in this version of WordPress Project Manager as well.

It is not unknown that a comprehensive project manager must be able to create project plans, distribute work, track task time, estimate project budget etc. efficiently. But you can't think about getting success with just all that. Along with those you would also need to have well-trained up & skilful workforce that can execute the plan to manage the projects properly.

Our sole intention of this version release notes was to let you all know about the usefulness of it. So let's hope through this new v2.0 release post of WP Project Manager, now you will be able to manage your projects much better than you could have done before.

Get The Best Project Management Experience

If you are still using the old version, we suggest you update to the latest WordPress Project Manager v2.0 right away to enjoy its unparalleled benefits that would boost up your company's growth and development in a much more progressive and professional manner as it would steadily but certainly enhance the productivity and proficiency of your company.

Or if you are a user who is looking to get a powerful project management tool that can manage teamwork and deliver projects on time from your WordPress powered website then

Try WP Project Manager Pro Demo →

and decide for yourself if would like to get it or not.

Let us know your thoughts about this new version of WP Project Manager in the comment section below. Also, suggest us with features that you would like to see in the future updates of WP Project Manager.

The Beginner’s Guide To WordPress Project Management

Project management is often thought to be a huge hurdle for companies facing limited budgets and time. It's seen as an unnecessary overhead cost that eats up a significant portion of the project budget. Some are even insecure that a project manager may get in the way of what the team actually wants. For this reason often clients imagine doing the work themselves with a good briefing or training of the team, instead of hiring a professional.

But it's often the case that the sayers don't fully grasp the importance of project management.

Without it, there's nothing to hold the team and client together in the same page through all the good and bad phases of a project.

Great project management means much more than keeping project management’s iron triangle in check, delivering on time, budget, and scope; it unites clients and teams, creates a vision for success and gets everyone on the same page of what’s needed to stay on track for success. – The Digital Project Manager

But it's not even necessary to get a professional to do all that. One could even do it with the help of a software solution.

This brings us to get into the topic of WordPress project management for non-project managers.

With a platform like WordPress, it has become even easier, safer, and fruitful to run a project manager solution that serves all needs of a small to medium sized business.

Why is Project Management Important?

When projects are managed properly, profits increase and businesses can grow in size and revenue.

Here are some of the ways it does the job:

Increases efficiency & timely completion

Proper project management unifies team members to confirm which activities must occur in the project and in what order so projects are completed faster and more efficiently.

Manage costs & time

Delivering on time and on budget are two constraints of any project. Project management keeps track of monetary costs, resources, costs, time spent on each task, and a lot more by scheduling everything.

Schedules the work

A project management sets reminders or notifications and ensures team members work on their assigned tasks in the relevant order and appropriately.

Ensures projects are practically achievable

Good project management creates a clear process around tasks with achievable deadlines, so that everyone is able to work with precision and reasonable bounds.

Creates value & manage risks

Project management is important because it ensures the right people do the right things, at the right time, and that it delivers real value to the business. It ensures proper project process is followed throughout the project life-cycle.

Proper process helps to clarify roles, streamline processes and inputs, anticipate risks, and creates the checks and balances to ensure the project is continually aligned with the overall strategy. – The Digital Project Manager

Provides continuous oversight

Project management is important because it ensures a project’s progress is tracked properly in the form of reports and insights. These reports track the hours utilized or wasted, what worked according to plans or against them, how many milestones were completed, the issues, contingencies, and obstacles faced. And if the final output of the project fared well.

What you need to look for in a good project manager

In order to qualify as a competitive project manager for small and medium-sized businesses, the solution needs to have the following minimal features:

Basic features

  • allow creating projects
  • allow adding team members and clients
  • team communication
  • add attachments to messages
  • allow creating task lists
  • set up of different types of goals or milestones
  • see progress of tasks
  • add comments to tasks
  • send mails to team members

Other important features

In terms of advanced features for better management, the project manager should have the following:

  • Add members in different roles
  • Built-in private messenger
  • Set start and end dates of project
  • Calendar to check daily, weekly, and monthly progress
  • Upload files, create folders, make files private, link with messages and to-do lists
  • Modify user permissions and roles for each project
  • Bring discussions, projects, and tasks to the frontend
  • Control team-wise permission levels
  • Show updates of team members across site
  • Send automatic mails to team members on the status of tasks for the day
  • Automatic reports with filters to narrow down
  • Live updates of everything happening in all projects

If this list convinces you about the need for a project management solution, then continue reading!

That brings us to a comprehensive, all-in-one plugin solution that has all the above features but is especially designed for starters in project management.

The WP Project Manager is an easy and interactive feature-rich project management solution for WordPress.

WP Project Manager Plugin for WordPress

The features of WP Project Manager can be broadly divided into 14 types:

  1. Project & task management
  2. Team discussions
  3. To-do list
  4. Milestones
  5. Calendar
  6. Files Manager
  7. Customized user roles
  8. Control team capacities
  9. Frontend compatible
  10. Integration with WooCommerce
  11. Progress Report
  12. Daily Digest
  13. Reports with Insights
  14. Activity Tab

WP Project Manager FREE

If you have newly started your business endeavour, or even a few years ahead, the free version of this plugin is enough to get you going with your business project needs.

The free version allows you to do the following:

Project: Create unlimited projects, create unlimited tasks, add unlimited users, set title and details.

Team Discussions: Send mail to all team members, edit and stylize messages, add comments, add attachments.

Task list: Add as many to-do lists as you want with title and description, see progress bar on the list, add comments, task description, title on to-do lists and to-dos, mark as complete/incomplete.

Milestones: create milestone, assign messages and to-do lists, use 3 types of milestones: a) upcoming b) completed c) late milestone.

Files Manager: upload files on messages and comments.

How to install WP Project Manager FREE

Simply, download the file from or directly from the Plugins directory of your WordPress dashboard. After installing, click on Activate to get started.

What if you need a Complete Project Manager?

The plugin also comes in premium versions in 3 plans: Personal, Business, and Developer.

The PRO version will supercharge your team

WP Project Manager PRO lets you self-manage your team, tasks, and clients so well that you don’t have to rely on anything else.

Project & Task Management

Create unlimited projects, tasks, and sub-tasks.

Customize Team Member Roles

Decide each user role and privacy for everything with no sweat.

Personal Dashboard

View all completed, outstanding, and current tasks in the dashboard.

View Activities

Know every bits of the update in project from one single page as they occur.

Daily Digest

Send automatic emails to all users notifying about a summary of the day.

Frontend Compatible

Bring projects to your frontend site so you won’t have to give everyone dashboard access.

Interactive Calendar

Check progress & drag & drop your assigned tasks.

Private Messaging

Chat & discuss with clients & teams within the convenience of complete privacy.

Documents Manager

Store & view all files in one place. Navigate to linked comments, to-do lists & tasks.

Advance Reports with Insights

Automatic reports + filters for tasks, user activities, milestones & projects.

Progress Reports

Get a whole scenario of your company at a glance as they occur.

Milestone Tracking

Create timed project goals so that teams have small breakthrough points to achieve.

How to install WP Project Manager PRO

After successful purchase, download the file from your My Account dashboard. Upload the plugin from the Plugins directory of your WordPress dashboard. After installing, click on Activate to get started.

How to configure & use WP Project Manager

  1. First install and activate the PRO Version.
  2. Navigate to WP Dashboard>Project Manager>Settings. Select General Settings where you can set up the file upload limit, projects per page, task lists style, task lists per page, project managing and creation capability, upload logo, and a lot more.
  3. Create categories so that you can organize your projects under different classes.
  4. Create a New Project from the main dashboard.
  5. Type the name of project, select category, and add as many users as you need to!
  6. Now add a new Task List with a name and description.
  7. Create to-dos and subtasks inside the task lists as many as you like. This allows you to breakdown your broad tasks and easily assign each to-do to different coworkers.
  8. Add a starting and end date to your tasks to track time for efficient completion of projects. This feature tells you how much time has been spent on a particular task. It's also helpful when you need to bill your clients and report the amount of time you spent on an activity.
  9. You can choose to add tasks in the list format.
    Or create tasks more interactively in board-style with the Kanban view. Drag and drop tasks from one board to another, categorize tasks as Open, In-Progree, Done, Overdue or more, see assignee, view deadlines, comments, and add new tasks.
  10. Add Milestones to set an overall target. Milestones can also be used to divide a project into different achievable development phases, and to coordinate projects and assigned persons timely.
  11. Now upload files, images, and folders of any format for your project. Create folders or create a doc directly from the Files Manager dashboard. Want to attach your PDFs, images, Word, or spreadsheets with a certain task list, message or even save web links? That's all allowed!
  12. Set the kind of privacy and access you want your team members and clients to have for messages, to-do lists, to-dos, milestones, and files. Allow full management or choose to make private.

How to check progress with WP Project Manager PRO

  1. One of the first things you can do is to communicate with team members and clients about progress, obstacles, difficulties, plans, updates, and a lot more from the Discussions platform. Talk privately or exchange files privately with a single team member or client only. You can also consult in a group or create an open conversation for all.
  2. Check upcoming tasks, deadlines, and time limits project-wise, and more on the in-built interactive calendar for the coming week and future months.
  3. The My Tasks tab is where you get individual reports for everyone including your own. You can see a summary of completed, incomplete, and ongoing tasks. Moreover, you can view an Activity chart and a calendar. And you can filter these month-wise.
  4. A better and more creative way to check up on everyone on the team is to use the Gantt Chart. This feature will let you visualize all the tasks that you have created in your project in a bar charts system, and that too in one simple view! Here you can understand in an illustrative form all the to-do lists and assignee of your projects against time for each day. The Gantt Chart is also a useful way of seeing the start and end dates of every task, and the amount of progress that has been made.
    wppm gantt chart
  5. When your project has progressed significantly, you can view automatically generated reports that show your overdue, incomplete, completed, milestones, tasks, and unassigned tasks with several details. These reports allow you to easily share useful data with peers and clients who may need some briefing about what you are up to. Filter reports and export as CSV. Using the advanced report option, you can also view reports for all projects, coworkers, status and time range.
  6. The Activity tab is an interesting feature inside each project that informs you of all the changes, updates, and activities of team members within that project in chronological format.
  7. The same can be viewed but across all projects in the Progress tab.

These steps are enough to get done with setting up, keeping track, and optimizing your project activities.

Project management doesn't have to be as complex as usually thought of. WP Project Manager was specially designed for small to medium sized businesses so beginners and starters on WordPress and project management have an easy way to strategize and complete projects.

The WP Project Manager has additional features too like the Invoice payments, WooCommerce Order and Frontend Compatibility.


Project management is as important for large enterprises as it is for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The key is to lay bare the complexities of your campaigns in an organized way and then plan out each activity separately but as if it's part of the whole project planning. Without this scrutinization & scheming, teams and clients are exposed to disorganization, imprecise objectives, unachievable targets, improper use of resources, risks, poor or late deliverables, and projects going over budget.

WP Project Manager has just the most essential features that are required for any project so that you don't have to deal with unwanted functionality. But it also lets you tailor the plugin according to your needs with the help of extensions.

It is said, “Great project management matters because it delivers success”. When teams feel motivated and happier, they deliver the right stuff and the returns are also greater.


How This Global NGO Manages Their Tasks With WP Project Manager

With around 105,000 downloads and 5,000 active installs, WP Project Manager is widely considered as a leading solution for WordPress. Today, we are here with the story of The Word for the World, a champion team using WP Project Manager. Started back in January 1981, TWFTW is a non-profit organization that has been working dedicatedly to provide education to the underprivileged communities.

Keep on reading!

Manage Your Website Project Management on WordPress With Success

Juggling numerous projects, plans, communicating with countless clients, getting bombarded with many uncertainties and demands for change, and then coordinating billing – who understands this better than someone overlooking web development projects? All these uncertainties and complexities make many clueless on how to handle the entire website project management in a coordinated manner.

Keeping in mind the changing nature of web development projects, you would want to have as much less paperwork to handle as possible. Apart from the drawings you do for web-designs, nothing should be on paper!

You also need something that lets you manage communications with multiple clients while at the same time ensuring a smooth flow of the web development process.

So how do you ensure a smooth automated process that lets you BE both the Developer and the Project Manager? For this to happen, you need a fast, user-interactive, and cost-effective project management solution.

You need something uniform that lets you manage it all from a single dashboard.

Manage Your Web Development Projects With WP Project Manager

website project management

Web development projects don't simply start with coding and end when the website is launched. The pre-, post-, and during the development process affects how the entire project eventually unfolds. And it's a continuous process of improvements and updates, and that's how a website developer and manager should prepare:

Your project should be agile and flexible enough to have a possibility to change your website according to users’ feedback or spirit of the time. – XB Software

With web development, you constantly need to record clients' requirements, comments, observations, and change requests. And implement accordingly.

WP Project Manager lets you take care of these fluctuations and inconsistencies with no sweat. It's dynamic and feature-rich interface is intuitive enough for anyone to get started with. WP Project Manager is the only all-in-one solution on WordPress for your website project management needs. It lets you manage teamwork timely, collaborate efficiently, and obtain advanced reporting, making it the ultimate solution for your daily deliverables.

With WP Project Manager you are able to seamlessly manage your web development projects taking into considerations sudden and continuous adaptations in the project. It also lets you streamline client communication making it more easy for you to keep the entire work process transparent to your customers. When you are working with projects that require you to interact with several different people, add anyone to any project with any role and time, you need something robust enough.

WP Project Manager has a minimalistic interface yet ensures that you meet your needs both as a developer and a project manager. The perfect companion for your web development business: it's fast, feature-rich, beginner-friendly, reliable and cost-effective.

Create Task Lists & To-Dos

Web developers deal with countless projects and clients. So you need something that allows you add an unlimited number of projects, tasks, and people with different types of roles.

website project management

With WP Project Manager's Task Lists, you can do that exactly! Add unlimited projects and tasks as you like with unlimited users. Add titles and descriptions, see a progress bar, add comments, mark as complete, and even set the start and end dates.

You can also set private tasks, task lists, and milestones.

With Milestones, create a lifecycle of your web projects and make coordinating with co-workers even easier. Time mark the different development stages so that team members can aim for a date to complete the project timely according to those stages/steps.

website project management

Everything's easy, segmentized, and time-saving!

Time Tracker

With all the many deadlines you get thrown at, how do you stay on track? You can do this best with the Time Tracker module.

website project management

This cool tool lets you start, pause, and stop your tasks anytime you want! Keep logs every time you pause. And have a total calculated time at your record after you finish the task.

Think about the efficiency it can help bring in your projects. A time tracker is essential not just to help you time yourself, but also to keep a tab on how much time you spend on a particular task.

If you bill your clients hourly, you can show exactly where and how you spent your time in your invoices at the end of your web project.

Gantt Chart

This is the most essential feature in WP Project Manager for a web development project. This priceless feature will allow you to add the whole development process, set deadlines, and ensure a smooth project implementation.

See the progress of each task in every project in the form of bar charts in percentages. Lengthen or reduce the deadlines conveniently by dragging the bars. Get a bird's eye view of how long each task is scheduled to be and everything else within a particular project. Instantly create new tasks under the main Task Lists whenever you want right from your Gantt Chart.

website project management

You can click on each task: it will take you to the details of that on the Task Lists tab from where you can add new sub-tasks, edit description, leave comments, mark tasks as complete, and much more. As new implementations and change requests keep coming in, include them in your Gantt Chart without any worry of losing track.

website project management

All in one dashboard!

Clients & Discussions

When you create a new project for a new client, you can add their roles as Clients. What's more! You can add as many clients as you want in one project!

website project management

Want to chat privately with a client? WP Project Manager comes with a built-in messenger where you can choose to have a personal chat with your clients.

website project management

Add your clients and team members to the relevant projects. With this feature, you can also send emails to all clients and team members, edit and stylize your messages, add attachments to messages, and comments.

Frontend Compatible

website project management

With WP Project Manager, bring your projects to the front of your site, and work just like you do from the backend. Your clients can edit and view everything on projects and tasks from the front.

This feature is great if you don't want to do give backend access to a client but want to allow a user to view and edit. Have more control over your projects and customers with WP Project Manager.

Manage All Files

The files manager allows you to upload as many files as you like, and organize it project-wise. You can even navigate to linked messages with the files. Besides that, you can also create folders, make private files, and upload files on messages and comments. Search a document, image or file any time you need amongst the numerous without worrying about becoming lost.

website project management

Go paperless! Store all your web designs, planning and goals, client proposals, content writing, and reviews securely in the Files Manager.

Coordinate Billing With Invoices

With invoice, you can bill your clients and send it directly to your clients right from within the project. Do you want to bill your clients hourly, weekly, or monthly? Or ensure you give some clear discounts to your loyal clients? WP Project Manager has all mechanisms to make it easy for you to charge your clients the way you like. You can also download your invoices as PDFs and send your clients by email from your dashboard.

website project management

When you finish your project, create an invoice that will be automatically formatted based on your input. Clients can pay against your invoice. The amount you have charged will be added to your account and the invoice will be automatically marked as paid!

Comprehensive Reports

Get 2 types of much-needed reports: progress and insights.

With Progress Report you get to see all the updates and activities of team members across the company site. As the admin, you will have a watch over every projects' activities.

website project management

With Insights Report, you can check detailed reports on completed, incomplete, overdue, and user activity. You can even see reports project-wise. These reports are detailed enough so you can get a quick glance and understanding of all the tasks and who they were assigned to, assigned, due, and completion dates, time taken to complete the task and also its status. You can filter each report in terms of task, time, and co-workers.

website project management

Why Choose WP Project Manager For Your Website Project Management

Work better in tandem with your clients with WP Project. You can simply hand over the login details to your project manager without them having to separately install the software. Thus saving you so much time, money, and energy in teaching or convincing clients to use the software.

Prioritize saving time, because time is invaluable. And automation makes things free of mistakes than manual human efforts. WP Project Manager makes your project management automated and impactful, and your communication more streamlined.

Everything happens and stays in the right place, properly departmentalized. So you never have to worry where your important conversations are or how your tasks are going. Hack the way you manage and deal with clients. Create your next landmark with WP Project Manager.

Manage Your Next Web Development Project With WP Project Manager NOW!

New Gantt Chart Extension Gives WP Project Manager A Transformation

Are you of the many who are intimidated by Gantt Charts because of the way they look and are usually presented? It looks complicated and difficult to comprehend. Right? Well not always. Gantt Chart for project management is a must and once you get a hand on it, you wouldn't want to leave it.

So what is a Gantt Chart?

Gantt Charts are well used and popularly known as planners and schedulers of individual and team tasks. It shows activities against time. They are essential tools of management.

A Gantt Chart typically shows what the various activities are, when each activity begins and ends, how long each activity is scheduled to last, where activities overlap with other activities, and by how much, the start and end date of the whole project.

In essence, a Gantt Chart shows you the amount of work completed in relation to the time originally planned for that project.

Gantt Chart Plugin for WordPress

WP Project Manager is one of the very few WordPress plugins ideal for project management. It takes care of all your project management needs comprehensively and at the same time it's intuitive and easy to understand for anyone. It's not just a software that bombards you with a lot of features that confuses you, but it gives you exactly what you need for your company's needs. WP Project is completely customizable because it's Open Source and you can even self-host it in your server.

WP Project manager comes with a number of good extensions, like Gantt Chart, Kanban board, Time Tracker, Invoice, Subtasks and more.

Here we will be introducing this WordPress Gantt Chart Plugin to our readers and its unique features.

Ensure A Well-Scheduled Project with the Best Gantt Chart Plugin for WordPress

With WP Project Manager create projects easily. The color codes and the box-like overviews, as shown below, give a good summary of your projects. On a single page, you can see how many tasks are in the task list, the discussions, comments, milestones and the files uploaded for that project.

And if your project needs to be tightly scheduled, Gantt Chart is the perfect method to make sure everything is done right on time and you never miss another deadline again!

WordPress Gantt Chart Plugin

Visual Overview of Gantt Chart for WP Project Manager

Gantt Chart for WP Project Manager is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule. It gives you a bird’s eye view of all the tasks of your project, what’s their schedule and progress.

Gantt Chart is one of the many tabs that you will come across when you open your WP Project Manager. Want something that makes handling projects easy?

As you can see, Gantt Chart for WP Project Manager has a colourful display and is visually appealing which makes it easy on the user's eye.

Gantt Chart Plugin for WordPress

Gantt Chart will show you a visual overview of all of your current tasks, when they started, when they are due, and how much of that task has been completed. You can quickly take a look at your Gantt Chart and have an overview of your project’s current standing.

Have your entire team organized

With Gantt Charts, have your teams' tasks for each project organized seamlessly. You will be able to view every member assigned to a task and to subtasks.

This means you don't have to manually check who is assigned for which task and how much the assignee has progressed. Thus, you are able to check actual progress against the planned time.

WordPress Gantt Chart Plugin

An Interactive Interface

Gantt Chart for WP Project Manager doesn’t just show you task schedules and progress, it’s actually interactive! That means you can move any task from one day to another, lengthen a project’s schedule, and even show how much of the task is completed. This makes the user interface friendly and easy-to-use.

Co-workers can update the Gantt Chart (their assigned tasks) which will reflect on everywhere across Project Manager. You can also create new tasks right from Gantt Chart window.

Create Tasks Whenever You Like

So first you create your Project. Then you create Tasks in the Task list. If it's a big task that will require many hands and involves many operations, then obviously you will need to create Sub-tasks. But the good thing is you can easily create these right from your Gantt Chart!

These tasks would be created under the main task. The benefit is that with the help of this Gantt Chart you can easily visualize the completed tasks and the upcoming deadlines and create your new sub-tasks accordingly. You do not have to navigate to another page. And these new tasks are editable too!

Gantt Chart Plugin for WordPress

This is simple and effective when you feel you need to create more new tasks for your project to get certain things done.

Keep Your Tasks Categorized

Simply clicking on the + icon under the relevant Task list category would let you create a new task.

So you see, it keeps your sub-tasks categorized and organized under the relevant main task.

WordPress Gantt Chart Plugin

Move Tasks To Change Due Dates

Often times you will need to alter the due dates for your tasks. You may have to bring it earlier or push it to a later date.

Gantt ChartWordPress allows you to move tasks to left or right. On the top, you will see the date and month. On the left side of each of the blue bars, you can see how long the tasks are is, e.g., 4 days and 6 days.

Now you can smoothly move your tasks by dragging and dropping to the left or right.

Gantt Chart Plugin for WordPress

The features of Gantt Chart for WP Project Manager – the circles on both sides of each blue bar allow you to drag and drop painlessly.

In this example, as you can see below, we moved the dates for Idea Generation and Prepare Report from 29 May to 31 May and increased the length of time attributed to the task from 4days to 6days.

WordPress Gantt Chart Plugin

Progress Bar

Gantt Chart allows you to mark how much of a task has progressed. The triangular icon can be dragged and dropped to indicate the progress of task.

You and your assignees can do this for your own tasks and for others in the project.

Gantt Chart for Project Management

Why Choose WP Project Manager for Gantt Chart

This super intuitive Gantt Chart Plugin for WordPress is one of the necessary tools that let you plan, schedule, and track the progress of your projects through several tasks and sub-tasks in a visually interactive way. And it works with both the free and pro versions of WP Project Manager. Not only is Gantt Chart reasonably priced but it also takes care of all the difficult parts of project management for you, leaving the easy ones for you.

Learn More About Gantt Chart for WP Project Manager

We claim the same for WP Project Manager!

WP Project Manager comes with many other features and extensions. It is a comprehensive and all-in-one solution for all your project management and team collaboration needs. It is also one of a handful of WordPress Project Management plugins that provide a wholesome solution.

Check Out How Well WP Project Manager Fares From Other WordPress Plugins

How We are Using WordPress ERP Here at weDevs – Part 2

An automated business solution is a must for any successful company. weDevs is no different. If you have gone through our previous post, How We are Using WordPress ERP Here at weDevs, you already know that we are using WP ERP as the business solution of our company.

We have created WP ERP to provide something unique to the WordPress ecosystem. We believe this will help our users to manage their small and medium-sized businesses. That's why the WordPress ERP Suit, WP ERP is initially FREE and it offers three powerful modules which are essential for any kind of small business.

In the 1st part, we have discussed how we are managing our HR with WP ERP. In this post, we shall demonstrate how we solve our problems related to Accounting, Customer Management, and Projects. Let's dive in.

We Manage Our Company Documents with Our Own Document Manager

Remember those days when companies had piles of files stored in their offices? Those days are over, thanks to automated document management solutions. weDevs is based on WordPress and our ERP solution has its own Document Manager. We store all our files inside WP ERP and can retrieve them when needed.

It works like Google drive! We can also create folders and sub folders. We can Copy, Move and Delete documents. The most important thing is, we can store our documents within our own hosting and there's no limit to it. We can transfer files anytime we want and it remains secure from external threats.

Accounting & Finances? Not a Big Deal at All!

The most difficult part of a business is to manage their finances. Business owners get nightmares when they hear about accounting issues. That's why it is very important to take care of things related to accounting and finances with proper care and supervision. It's true that not only large companies, even small ones require qualified accountants to make sure everything is going flawlessly. But you should consider some factors like time consumption, human error, lack of motivation and many more.

It is possible to overcome these problems using accounting solutions. You will hardly find a company that doesn't use any software to manage their accounting and finances. Being the same, we, at weDevs, use WP ERP's Accounting module to take care of our finances. We have our account details stored in the system. Besides that, all our sales and expenses are listed here so that we can maintain the overall accounting without facing any problem at all.

We Take Decisions Using Handy Reports from Accounting Module

Without accurate and meaningful reports, it's very difficult to take proper decisions and actions. As WP ERP Accounting helps us to manage all financial aspects, it also creates handy reports for us. We can create reports related to Assets, Liabilities, Expenses, Income and also balances.

Apart from the general reports, there are reports for trial balance, balance sheet, sales tax, product purchase, income statement, product sales, inventory report etc.

WP ERP Payroll Makes Sure Employees Receive their Compensations Regularly

Here at weDevs, we are a team of almost 30 people. The company needs to pay their compensations monthly. This is a lengthy and complex process, but we have our own Payroll Management system to save valuable time and money.

All our employees have their own HR profiles and with specified salaries. Using the payroll solution, we have created pay calendars and they are automatically triggered every month. This greatly helps to automate the process and keep the finances solid with WP ERP.

Our Customers are Handled with Care Using CRM Module

WP ERP CRM module is one of the best Customer relationship management solution out there for WordPress. We use our own product to manage our employees. When a user subscribes to our blog, newsletter or social media, they are automatically added to our CRM system. Besides that, when someone purchase from us their details are added to the CRM as well.

Our Business and Support team takes care of our customers, leads and also subscribers using this solution. They can find any information they need from CRM contact profiles. There are different sections including basic info, purchase info, order amount info, activity timeline etc. Most importantly, our CRM agents and support team can take notes, trigger emails, log activity, schedule and create tasks if required directly from the CRM.

We Track Our Sales Using CRM and WooCommerce Integration

Just like other companies we also give importance to our customers. Thus, we need to track our sales properly. Our CRM has all the information of customers and we use WooCommerce for sales. The ERP WooCommerce Integration helps to connect it with CRM. This gives us the capability of advanced filtering and searching which is very handy for tracking sales.

We Use Our Own Email Campaign for Sending Emails & Newsletters

Marketing is one of the most important business processes out there. For WordPress and tech company like weDevs, email marketing is very important. Thus, we need to make sure, we are sending exceptional emails to our subscribers.

For sending regular emails, we need a solution capable of handing large quantity of newsletters. Our Email Campaign is very powerful. It can create attractive campaigns easily and also send the emails simultaneously.

Using email campaign extension, we can create beautiful emails with its drag and drop interface. It can create emails with different design elements including images, image caption, social follow, buttons, posts, contents, videos and also footers.

Email campaign can also track emails and provide valuable insights. This becomes very handy to understand the outcomes of the email and how to improve it later.

Our Own Project Manager is Helping Us with Team Collaboration

We manage our projects and tasks using our own WP Project Manager. It has excellent project management features including Kanban Board, drag and drop interface for tasks, easily create projects. Differentiate between open, ongoing, done and due tasks. It also shows assigned team member and the task status.

WP Project Manager has Gantt chart feature. It shows the timeline of a project and its tasks. We can also plan and schedule new projects using this handy tool.

Using WP Project Manager, all our employees get their own project management dashboard. From there, they can get a view of their task status. They can collaborate with other members as well.

Wrapping Up

WP ERP is a powerful solution that can help any business to automate their business operations. It saves a lot of time and also money. Here at weDevs, we are using it because it provides us many useful tools and makes things very easier. However, WP ERP is still maturing and we are improving it every day. We address our own problems and try to get a solution using our own product. This makes sure we are doing what it takes to help our users. We also have open support for our users at and if you have any issues or want us to add more features to our WP ERP suit, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can also comment below and share us your thoughts.

Must Have Free WordPress Plugins for Your Site in 2019

WordPress is the best open source CMS system world has to offer at the moment. If you have installed or used WordPress for at least once, you have surely noticed it has thousands of plugins. These plugins offer various functionalities that make your website even more powerful. Eventually, you can turn your WordPress site into an application to perform tasks that were unthinkable before!

There are more than 40,000 (Forty Thousands) FREE WordPress Plugins in

You may have thought about these awesome plugins and became confused wondering which plugins you should use?

Let's shake hands; you are not alone, my friend!

And the most common question pops up in our minds- What are the must have free WordPress Plugins in 2019?

There are many people asking the same question as it's impossible for a single person to test all those plugins out there. It becomes pretty challenging now and then while choosing.

What You Should Consider

To help you with this decision, we have come up with a list of plugins that a user must have for their website. However, you might have some favorite plugins just like me. But, we are not sharing our favorite ones instead we are focusing more on the top must have free WordPress plugins. Here we are going to provide you a compiled list of plugins that –

  • Improves User Experience
  • Speeds up your site
  • Helps with Analytics
  • Provides Security
  • Make Backups
  • Optimize for search engines
  • Collects information
  • Let's you design your blog
  • Makes media compatible
  • Manages your tasks

Here at weDevs, we get a lot of queries from thousands of our users about which plugins they should install. As we are a plugin development company and need to test a lot of plugins, we get the opportunity of researching the best plugins in the market. Thus, it becomes easy for us to find out the most usable and must have free WordPress plugins every year.

In our list, we have considered the most useful plugins that a website should have. So, whatever you are planning to do with your website, you will eventually require these free WordPress plugins or their alternatives.

top wordpress plugins 2017

Must Have Free WordPress Plugins You Should Use for Your Site

There is no perfect solution for a problem. You can always find alternatives. That is why there are so many plugins out there in So, it's quite wrong to make a list of must have plugins or top plugins for WordPress. Instead of that, we decided to identify the usefulness and how they can help you to keep things simple and manage essential operations.

So, focusing on which ones are more useful, we have conducted our research and end up making the following list. But, don't worry – as we have said earlier, we are going to provide alternatives as well so that you can choose the best one for you. Let's find out then.

Jetpack (FREE)

Jetpack- Must have Free WordPress Plugins in 2017

This is a must have plugin that helps you with a lot of things when you are using WordPress. It offers features including security, content tools, visitor engagement, social sharing, comments, spam protection, related post and also improves your site performance.

Apart from these, Jetpack offers an option for mobile themes which is very responsive and also lightweight. It is designed for tablets and phones. Rating: 4.1

weForms (FREE)

Another important thing for a website is its forms. Without a contact form, your users won't be able to communicate with you. weForms helps you to create contact forms easily and publish them on your site. It collects user information and lets you manage them easily. You can also create different types of contact forms and customize them as you want. Another amazing fact is that- it provides FREE Slack integration as well. For a Free plugin, it's amazing and lightweight, provides almost everything you need. However, it also has Pro packages with more powerful features and email marketing modules.

Contact Form Plugin Alternatives

Contact Form 7 is very basic and provides fewer features. On the other hand, both Ninja Forms and Caldera Forms are heavily customizable and has a lot feature along with many integrations. Although they have free versions, their paid version is more useful. Rating: 5.0

Yoast SEO (FREE)

Yoast SEO- Must have Free WordPress Plugins in 2017

One of the most popular SEO plugins, Yoast SEO offers a great set of tools that helps you to improve your position in the search engines. It allows you to add XML Sitemaps, OpenGraph data and also makes it easier to make your posts or pages SEO friendly. Besides that, it provides SEO score which is very handy.

It's Specials Features includes-

  • Page analysis tools
  • XML sitemap generator
  • SEO score
  • RSS Settings
  • Import and export settings etc. Rating: 4.8

SEO Plugin Alternatives- All in One SEO

It provides similar functionalities like Yoast, but it does not provide SEO score feature and has a lower rating.

Google Analytics Plugin – Analytify (FREE & Pro)

Analytify- Top WordPress Plugins in 2017

If you are worried about your site's performance, then you can rest assure and you Analytify plugin. It provides a range of features including tracking user visits, site popularity, insights about visitors, page or post-performance, powerful analytics and much more.

Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by Analytify connects your site with Google Analytics and generates a handy dashboard on your site. This is one of the great tools to make your site stand out in the crowd. Rating: 4.9

Alternatives of Google Analytics Plugin

W3 Total Cache (FREE)

W3 Total Cache- Must have Free WordPress Plugins in 2017

Who doesn't want his website to become faster? If it loads quickly, visitors will be satisfied while navigating the site. W3 Total Cache helps you to increase the speed of your WordPress site. As a result, it improves the experience of your visitors with faster page loading.

W3 Total Cache improves server performance, reduces page load time and download times. It dramatically helps to improve your rank in search engines. Rating: 4.3

Caching Plugin Alternatives – WP Rocket

It is another powerful solution for making your site load faster. However, it is a premium plugin and it provides some unique features.

Security Plugin – Sucuri (FREE & Pro)

Sucuri- Must have Free WordPress Plugins in 2017

Security is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to a website. Thus, it is a must to reduce online threats and keep your website safe from security issues. Sucuri is a great tool that provides a firewall to your site and it effectively protects your site from external threats.

You can get rid of DDos, XSS attacks, malware threats, brute force etc. If you thought, you don't need a firewall plugin for your site, think again! Rating: 4.6

WordPress Security Plugin Alternative

Backup Plugin – Updraftplus (FREE & Pro)

Must have Free WordPress Plugins in 2017

Backup is a great solution when something unusual happens to your website. UpdraftPlus is a great WordPress backup Plugin and it provides amazing features. You can backup your entire site into the cloud including Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP and also email. You can also restore it with just a single click.

The paid version offers more functionalities like back up to Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, SFTP and many more. Rating: 4.8

WordPress Backup Plugin Alternatives

They are also popular plugins that provide you similar features with paid versions.

Image Compression Plugin – Imagify (FREE & Pro)

Imagify - Top WordPress Plugins in 2017

Imagify helps you to manage your media storage. It makes your images lighter and most importantly without losing their quality. This greatly helps you to speed up your website and have a better management of your media files.

Besides that, it provides support to thumbnails and Retina images. You don't need to worry about image size anymore, thanks to Imagify. Rating: 4.7

Image Compression Plugin Alternatives

However, imagify is a better choice for its useful features.

Elementor Page Builder (FREE & Pro)

Elementor - Top WordPress Plugins in 2017

Want to build your pages easily without coding? Elementor is the best solution you will find for WordPress. It provides live page building with a lot of features. It's comparatively faster than other solutions. It has a template library that can be used anytime. Besides that, it supports mobile editing. You can even revert to the previous version with revision history. Rating: 4.8

Page Builder Plugin Alternatives

They also provide page building functionalities, but not faster.

WP Project Manager (FREE & Pro)

WP Project Manager Pro- Must have WordPress Plugins in 2017

Managing projects or tasks is very important. You need project management tool for everything. Suppose, you are planning to publish a blog. If you have a proper task management tool and working with a team, things become easier with WP Project Manager.

It has features like task management, to-do lists, milestone, discussion, file sharing and much more. These often become handy for website users and also bloggers. Although it has a free version. There is a pro version with advanced features as well.

Honorable Mentions

I have already discussed the most useful plugins that you will need for your WordPress site. Now, I am adding some more honorable mentions which provide some special purpose functionalities.

  • WooCommerce: Helps you to build an eCommerce store quickly. You get almost everything for FREE.
  • Google XML Sitemaps: Generates special XML sitemap to index your site better on search engines.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages: Adds AMP aka Accelerated Mobile Page (makes your website faster for mobile visitors) functionality to your WordPress site.
  • Autoptimize: Optimizes your site easily with minify and cache scripts and styles.
  • ManageWP: Helps you to manage your WordPress site better with automated workflow, bulk actions, reports and improves performance.

Problem Solved?

So, this article provided you a list of most useful and must have free WordPress plugins in 2019 for your website. We have considered most of the applications that you will need for your website when you first install WordPress on your site. This is why we have added the most useful ones and also FREE. This will surely help you out to make the best use of your WordPress installation.

If you are still not satisfied, we have honorable mention list with special purpose plugins. You should check them out.

Also, don't forget to share your opinion and mention your favorite plugins as well. We will list them out if they seem to be helpful for a general WordPress site.