Create A WordPress News Site Using WP User Frontend For Free

News, in the beginning, was only shared with someone using only the words from one's mouth. After the revolution of the printing press in the 15th century by the people like Johannes Gutenberg, it started to began taking shape in it's written form.

At the time of this writing, another revolution is taking it's most mature form yet. The Internet! With its rise, people are building things that would have taken years to built before.

Reaching millions of people worldwide with a single tweet and connecting with thousands of people using your blogs are only possible with the power of the internet.

All of this happens without the intervention from a third party. Making you, both the content producer and distributor.

Resulting In WordPress, A FREE Content Management System

With all the innovation going on around the internet, WordPress is surely one of the most popular if not one of the best. And what better way to create a news website than to use this free Content Management System.

Is WordPress Good Enough for a News Site

A news site can be a great way for you to share new content every day on a regular basis. With it's easy to understand the learning curve using WordPress can be a very seamless & effective way to create a news portal website.

WPUF- best reliable WordPress website builder
It's easy to create News Site with WPUF

And no you won't need any complicated WordPress news plugin or any other sort of things.

We are proud to say that it can be easily done by using our very own WordPress User Frontend, The ultimate frontend solution for WordPress.

How Does WordPress User Frontend Help

WP User Frontend provides you with the best in the class frontend solutions for WordPress. You will be able to give your users features from the frontend that would have needed backend access.

WPUF– Top WordPress frontend editor plugin

Create content submission forms, restrict content, let your users post from the frontend, create membership sites and more using this plugin. Quite true to its name it is the ultimate frontend solution.

If you want to learn more about WP User Frontend Pro features and all its capabilities don't forget to check out here.

What Are The Needed Plugins

To get started with creating your own news portal website there are a few essentials that you need to make sure that you have. And the best part is you don't need any complicated WordPress news plugin to create one.

You only need WP User Frontend to start building your own WordPress news site. However, you can consider the Pro version as well to get more advanced features.

And the options are –

That's it. Nothing complicated.

So, Let's Get Started

Go to your wp-admin→Plugins→ WP User Frontend. Install & activate the plugin.

WPUF- top WordPress website builder

Follow this step by step documentation to see how you should go ahead with WPUF.

Here is a live demo if you want to see what the final product will look like.

Live Demo For WordPress News Site

First You Need A Registration Form

Registration forms are the first thing you need for your WordPress news site. You need to let the content writers and guest bloggers who are going to write the articles for you register and create their own profile.

To do that you need to create registration forms for your WordPress news site. Simply go to the wp-admin→User Frontend→Registration Forms

Create a new registration form with the field's options you will need. Such as the first name, last name, their username, the password they want to have and more. You can add the fields you think are necessary.

WPUF GIF- top WordPress website builder
WPUF- The easiest form builder

Don't forget to play with the form settings tab. You can enable email verification, new user role, user status, registration messages and more from there.

WPUF settings- top WordPress website builder
WPUF Settings

Create An Add News-Post from The Post Menu

Now comes the part where you will need to create an Add News post for your writers to use after successfully registering on your WordPress news site. But beforehand you need to make sure you have your categories set straight.

In term of on what niche your news website is on you need to set the category of the news sections.

You can do that by going to the wp-admin→Posts→Categories. Set the categories name, slug for that category, the parent category (if you want to set any), and a description for that category.

WPUF categories- top WordPress website builder

When you have set your categories, you are ready to create your post forms that your writers will use to write. Go to wp-admin→User Frontend→Post Forms.

Click on the Add Form and create a new form.

WPUF forms- top WordPress website builder

Select the fields you want your writers to have. Don't forget to insert the Categories Taxonomies field. This will help you and the writers select the category of the news they are writing. Making everything organized on your WordPress news site.

Bonus Tip: There are two tabs named Settings, Notification on the upper side of the form. There you can configure if you want the post status to be pending and review it yourself, get an email notification for a post submission, set a post-expiration time and much more.

WPUF GIF- top WordPress website builder
WPUF- WordPress Website Builder

Finally, Create Related Pages & Others

Now it's your turn to create the necessary pages for your WordPress new site to take its shape.

Go to wp-admin→Pages→Add New and select the form you created previously from the Post Forms menu using WP User Frontend.

Your shortcode will be automatically pasted and be placed on your page.

Add new page with WPUF- top WordPress website builder
Add New Pages

Once you have created the necessary pages go to the wp-admin→Appearance menu→Menus and set the menus to the pages that you like to organize.

See the demo if you have trouble understanding with anything related to this.

WPUF menu- top WordPress website builder
Add Menu

Top News Sites Built with WordPress

You have done creating your first WordPress news site with WPUF- one of the best WordPress website builders. Now take a look at some of the world-famous news sites which are built with WordPress.

If the can rely on WordPress, you shouldn't get hesitated. And solutions like WPUF are here to make your job easily done.

Ready To Get Started with The Easiest WordPress Website Builder?

A WordPress news site without using any WordPress news plugin that is readily available. Yes, that's certainly possible with WP User Frontend alone.

WP User Frontend can be used to create multiple things, just take a look at how we created a classified ads site with this awesome WordPress website builder previously. The possibilities are endless and depend on your imagination of what you can do using WP User Frontend.

We made an official WordPress news site demo using WP User Frontend. It is all yours to explore. Just tell us if you would like to know more.

Top Examples Of Successful User Generated Content Campaigns Worldwide

In today's time, top brands of the world are increasingly running User Generated Content campaigns to secure the effectiveness of their campaigns in order to market their products. Nowadays, with the help of social media, all these top brands are turning in to the general customers asking them to come up with unique ideas and share them with the world.

There are a number of reasons why top brands use content marketing to boost their lead generations efforts. And what more effective can it be other than the user-generated content to market their products?

So interested to know how top brands have used user-generated content to their marketing advantages? Then, here is a post for you that highlights some of the best examples of successful User Generated Content campaigns that really inspired their general communities.

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All New WordPress Private Messaging Feature On Frontend

Ok so we all know messaging is really common these days. In this modern era of communication & technology, it will be really tough to find anyone who doesn't send messages. Messaging apps are present on every mobile device. But do any of us think about the vulnerabilities of sending messages to unknown people revealing your personal information like emails, cell number to them?

To prevent such event, every social platform like Facebook, Whatsapp etc. has the secured private messaging feature that enables you to send & receive private messages from your friend list.

Although in case of WP User Frontend the private messaging feature brought in a different dimension to its functionality. As this entirely doesn't work as the social networking apps, rather it works just as a medium to send private messages to the registered users or subscribers on the website.

Essentiality of Private Messaging

Private Messaging Essentiality

Private messaging works as a tool to stay connected with friends and family. Also, it is really important to send a private message in workplaces these days for sharing anything confidential that other shouldn't know about. As a result, it has become, hugely popular in the work-space as well. During meetings and work time, most professionals use it to reach out their co-workers those who are not in the same room to improve efficiency. Not to mention the unmatchable privacy & security that a private messaging platform provides to both ends.

Although it is true that, private messaging promotes obscure boundary between private and work lives, making for many the work hours longer and private times shorter. But this cannot undermine the importance that the private messaging facility holds in our daily work and personal lives.

So today, we will briefly introduce & discuss the benefits of this awesome private messaging feature of WP User Frontend Pro. And will also find know how this will change your experience of frontend posting.

Introducing Private Messaging in WP User Frontend Pro

Introducing Private Message

In today's time, some of the most popular personal or private messaging platforms include Facebook private messaging, Whatsapp, Instagram direct messaging, Twitter direct messaging etc. In a usual public site, all these platforms give the user the feel of their private space through this private messaging feature. Though this is quite different from email and even mobile texting, where the “usual” uses are private anyway.

Now following the traditions of social platforms, this private messaging feature facility is also a reality in your very own WP User Frontend Pro now. This pro feature module adds tremendous value to its plugin as we already know the importance and essentiality of Private Messaging. This newly launched feature of private messaging in WP User Frontend enables its user to message privately to any registered user from the frontend of their profile.

Benefits of Private Messaging using WP User Frontend

Private Messaging Benefits

  • Choose the users you want to send a private message to.

Selecting Users

  • Send messages to any registered users privately from the frontend.

Writing private Message

  • View more details of the private messages right from your account frontend.

Getting Message Details

  • Get to view all replies of both ends in the message section to conduct a complete conversation.

Both End Replies

  • Once sent, get the option to delete private messages from your dashboard in the frontend.

Message Delete Option

Using Private Messaging Feature in WP User Frontend

For the new user WP User Frontend, here is how you would activate your private messaging feature in your plugin.

Activating Private Message Module

Simply get to the User Frontend Pro modules and look out for the module named Private Message. Then slide the toggle button at the top right and there you are, your Private Messaging feature is activated.

For more details of how to use this feature in WP User Frontend check out the Private Messaging Documentation.

Key Observations

Key Observations

Privacy and security of messaging was always a major concern. Now with hackers spying and attacking people's private information, the security of personal messages or data is always in danger. But thanks to these private messaging features that has come as a blessing in disguise for all of us. It now ensures our security in protecting our private data as well as messages that we send every day.

On the other hand, WP User Frontend has come a long way now with its feature enhancement every time. And no doubt, with the inclusion of this exciting feature of private messaging, the expectation will skyrocket for its users. So the job of its developers is not yet done. As now they will need to come up with other new & innovative features like this constantly to keep its existing and new users happy & interested.

Ending Notes

Now if you are already using Business package WP User Frontend Pro, then you can enjoy this awesome feature of private messaging from the frontend of your profile right away. But if you haven't tried it yet and want to take full toll of its amazing features then you may try WP User Frontend Demo first to find out whether it fits your requirement of frontend posting or not. After that, if you find it interesting enough to use it for the long term then you can simply

Buy WP User Frontend Pro from here→

But before that, you should note that this Private Messaging module is a feature available only in the Business package. To know more about its unique specialties check out WP User Frontend features.

Also if you have any queries or suggestions to make our services or products better then contact us or leave a reply in the comments section below.

Set New User Registration Status In WordPress Easily Using WP User Frontend

Some of the biggest media sites in the world rely on user-generated contents. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube are some of the biggest examples of this.

User-generated content has a different atmosphere as it is generated on the basis of what the community of people wants each other to see, hear or to share their emotions with. Thus, it is important to make sure the community stays spam free and only real-relevant people are available on the site.

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Create Invoices for Website Subscription Packs Using WP User Frontend

Undoubtedly, creating invoices for business transactions belongs to the bare minimum. And it is no different while your customers purchase subscription packs from your website. However, it may seem difficult and tedious for you to create invoices from the back end admin panel. This is where WP User Frontend comes to the rescue!
Keep on reading!

How to Create Social Networking Site with WordPress for Free

A social networking or community site is very popular among internet users. They can create their own profiles and communicate with their friends easily from a single place. Apart from that, it provides a great experience to the users.

For a developer or a person who wants to help people to get connected, building such a website can be a great thing to do. It allows him or her to control their users, increase traffic with manageable SEO and also create a happy coexistence between several users.

Social Networking or Community Site for WordPress

WordPress is the most popular open source CMS solution with a huge amount of possibility. Currently, it is powering up almost one-third of the world's websites. With proper knowledge and dedication, it is possible to do almost anything using WordPress.

Thus, creating a community site is also possible in WordPress. For this, you will require a community plugin like BuddyPress. It is one of the most popular and powerful plugins that allows you to build any kind of social networking or community site with user profiles, activities, groups, discussion forum, registration form, private messaging and much more.

Why Create Social Networking Site Using BuddyPress?

In WordPress, BuddyPress is known as the ‘Social Networking in a box‘! With this powerful plugin, you can turn any WordPress site into a social network, no kidding! Apart from that, you get full control over your site. Here are some amazing features that you get with BuddyPress –

  • Allows your users to create their own social profiles
  • Users can send friend requests (common for any social networking site)
  • They can join and create specific groups
  • Activity streams for groups
  • Private message feature for all your users
  • Sends notifications
  • Rich emails settings and much more

Here's another big thing- It's FREE!

Yes, BuddyPress is free and still it can do a lot. It provides the users with the latest update of their network and all over the community that you have built.

BuddyPress has a big community and they help each other out. If you want to do more, you can always ask them for help!

But, there is one constraint!

You cannot customize these profile and registration forms! You will need a profile builder plugin that can easily integrate with BuddyPress and customize its profile fields. WP User Frontend Pro is a powerful frontend plugin with profile building capabilities. Most importantly, it has BuddyPress Profile Integration that can effectively map it's own custom profile fields with BuddyPress.

Now, without any further ado, let's find out how to create a community site using WordPress.

Create Your Own Social Networking Site with WordPress


  1. WordPress
  2. BuddyPress
  3. WP User Frontend Pro
  4. BuddyPress Profile Integration

Domain & Hosting Setup

While creating a website, the first thing you need to consider is a domain name and suitable hosting. You can buy any domain that is available from popular companies like NameCheap, GoDaddy etc. They also have hosting solutions. You will need about $20 per year to host a single domain. This cost covers both domain and hosting for your social networking site.

WordPress Installation

Now, you will need to install WordPress on your website. WordPress is an open source and FREE CMS that you can use for almost anything. As mentioned before, WordPress is easily manageable and can prepare a social networking site within few minutes thanks to BuddyPress.

Installing WordPress is very easy. Here is a detailed tutorial that will show how to install WordPress on your site.

Installing and Configuring BuddyPress

You can simply install BuddyPress just like any other WordPress plugin. Login to your WordPress site's Admin Dashboard and navigate to Plugins. Click on the Add New and search for BuddyPress. Click Install and Activate.

After successful installation, you will get the following welcome screen.

Social Networking Site Using BuddyPress

You can easily configure BuddyPress from the Settings tab. Navigate to WordPress Dashboard → Settings → BuddyPress. You will find many components for your site. Enable or disable the components you want.

Social network site using WordPress

Setting Up Pages for Your Social Networking Site

This is one of the most important parts of BuddyPress. You can easily set up useful pages from here. Navigate to – WordPress Dashboard → Settings → BuddyPress → Pages.

You can specify Member, Activity Steams and User Groups pages. These pages are important as your users will get detailed member list with whom they are connected. They also gets to view all their activities from the activity streams. Besides that, the user groups contain the list of groups they belong to.

There are two other important pages which allows users to register and activate their social profiles. Thus, you need to specify these pages as well. However, BuddyPress creates these pages by default, but you can specify custom pages as well.

There are more options..

You can customize many settings from the Options tab under BuddyPress Settings. You can set up toolbar, allow users to delete their profiles, and also choose templates. Besides that, you can customize profile settings including profile pictures, cover image and profile syncing. Similar settings are available for groups too.

Select A Suitable Theme

WordPress has many themes both Free & Premium. You can either use the free ones or buy a premium theme from different marketplaces. Simply add the theme from Appearance → Themes menu. You can also upload the theme that you have bought. Later you can customize it the way you want.

BuddyPress Themes

Create Menu Bar for Easy Navigation

Now, you must let your users find the pages that you have created with BuddyPress. You will need to create or customize your existing menu bar and add those pages there. You can read this user guide to learn more about creating and editing menus.

Add Some Useful Widgets

BuddyPress has built-in widgets for your social networking site. You can use them to make the site more attractive. You should remove the default WordPress widgets and replace them with the ones you require.

Simple drag the widgets you want from available widgets and drop them to Main Sidebar or First Front Page Widget Area. All the available widgets have descriptions of what they show.

Enable Social Network User Registration

This is a common task. WordPress disables website registration by default. So, you have to enable this from settings. Navigate to Admin Dashboard → Settings → General and enable anyone can register option. Save changes.

Setup Homepage for Your Social Users

Now, you have successfully created your own Social Networking website using WordPress. All you need to do is set up the front home page for your users. Navigate to Setting → Reading. In the front page displays, select A static page and select the one you want from the dropdown.

Here's How Your WordPress Social Site Looks

WordPress Social Networking Site

Do Even More with WP User Frontend Pro Profile Integration

If you are planning to create separate forms for the Profile fields of BuddyPress or let your users submit data while registering, you can easily do that with WP User Frontend Pro's BuddyPress Profile Integration. It allows you to use the profile fields in the frontend registration form. All you need to do is assign the fields while making the registration form. The updates are automatically synced with BuddyPress profile fields.

Here is a step by step process of using WP User Frontend Pro with BuddyPress:-

  1. Navigate to – WP Admin Dashboard → Users → Profile Fields. Create BuddyPress Profile Fields you want.
  2. Install and activate WP User Frontend Pro. Here is how to do it.
  3. Navigate to – User Frontend → Registration Forms → Add Form
  4. Create your form with the fields you have created for BuddyPress
  5. Click on Settings → BuddyPress and map each form fields with BuddyPress profile fields
  6. Save your Form and publish it as a page or post. Here's how to publish registration forms.
  7. View saved data using User Frontend registration form.

This integration will help you to create attractive registration forms with all the profile fields you need. WP User Frontend Pro has more 30 advanced fields that will surely help you to build the perfect social profile.

Final Thoughts

BuddyPress reduces the work and time for you when you are developing your own social networking site using WordPress. However, installing the plugin and configuring the site is still a time-consuming work as it is a long process. WordPress is an open source and friendly community where everyone helps each other out. We are also always ready to help if you face difficulty while going through this tutorial.

Send us your questions in the comments section and we promise to answer you promptly!

Best Frontend Plugin for WordPress – Feature Review

Backend editing has always been a hassle for general users. Besides that, it causes uncertainty, security and privacy issues in many cases. To overcome these limitations, Frontend editing and also posting has become very popular these days.

It may seem very common to you, but Frontend Posting has proved to be a wonderful concept specially for WordPress. It's very effective because collaborative work keeps your website active.

If you are planning to create a site where your users can submit their content without accessing the WordPress admin panel, frontend posting and editing is a must.  Apart from that, there are many use cases of frontend posting solutions including registration, profile editing, contact forms, content restriction etc.

Today, we are going to introduce you to the top Frontend Posting plugins out there for WordPress. In addition to that, we will prepare a comparison between these solutions so that you can easily choose the best one for you.

This comparison post will give you detailed insights on best frontend solution for wordpress. But first, we need to identify the most important features based on which we will prepare the comparison. Let's get started!

Most Important Frontend Features

Frontend Posting

Isn't it obvious that, a frontend solution should have frontend posting, editing and publishing features. This gives users to publish or post contents without accessing the backend of your website. However, they will still require to login if you are not allowing guest posting on your site!

Post Form Building

This is another important feature for a frontend solution. Without excellent and easy form building capabilities, we cannot say a plugin is good enough for frontend posting. If it doesn't have advanced drag and drop form building, at least it should have a basic builder. In today's market, there are many solutions with advanced form builders and settings.

Guest Posting

If your aim to let your users to post without registration and minimal information, you should consider guest posting. It is a great feature for a frontend solution. There are many users who earns a handsome amount from guest posting.

Custom Post Type Support

Using custom post type, you can do almost anything on your frontend. Different post types, taxonomies and custom field support allow to you create any kind of frontend form and integrate with other applications as well.

Registration & Profile builder

This is a significant feature. With it your users will be able to create their profiles from the frontend. Most importantly, they would be able to edit their profiles without accessing the admin area as well.


This is a must to have feature if you are planning to earn from frontend posting. With subscription, you would be able create and manage subscription packs for your users (customers).


While you are creating subscriptions, you need to accept and process payments. PayPal and Stripe are the most popular payment service providers. Thus, your frontend solution should have payment capabilities for operating properly.

Pay-Per Post

This gives you the capability of earning from every post on your site. This is a great feature for people who wants people of all types to post on their sites.


Content restrictions is a handy feature when you are allowing guest posts, subscription packs and pay-per post. With it you can restrict contents from different types of users based on their individual roles.

WooCommerce Products

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce solution for WordPress. You will hardly find a WordPress eCommerce store that isn't build using WooCommerce. Thus, posting WooCommerce products from frontend is a basic requirement for online store owners.

Different Types of Forms

Powerful frontend solutions has built-in templates and also support different types of forms. This gives the users ease and better usability while creating frontend forms for their website.

Top Frontend Solutions for WordPress

Here we are listing most popular frontend solutions for WordPress. We will describe each of the plugins at first and then compare them based on the above features.

WP User Frontend Pro

It is the first frontend posting solution ever made for WordPress. Using this solution, you can easily create new posts and edit it from frontend. However, there are live preview feature and drag and drop form builder, which makes it one of the most resourceful solution for frontend.

You can create custom dashboard from where you can view your pages. Besides that, it allows your users to edit their profiles easily without giving them access to your backend. Another important feature is to restrict both WordPress backend and also selected contents for any user level. WPUF also makes it easy to upload attachments including feature images easier from frontend.

It also has WooCommerce Product upload, form templates, subscription, guest posting, custom post type, pay per post and many useful features to give you a better frontend experience. Rating: 4 Stars

Price: FREE & $49 (Pro)

There are also amazing modules that help to achieve much more including collect payment, create email lists, private messaging, BuddyPress integration etc. All these premium modules come free with the pro versions.

Learn More About WP User Frontend Pro

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is one of the most popular form creation tools out there for WordPress. However, they also have paid extensions to provide frontend posting and editing support. Using this plugin, you can allow your users to create content, assign it to any publicly available post type, taxonomy and meta fields.

You can add images, feature image, additional fields and options including saving as draft and publish immediately.

This solution helps to create pages, posts, set and allow user to choose categories and tags. You can also enable guest posting for unregistered users. Rating: 4.4 Stars

Price: $39 (Pro only)

Learn More About Ninja Forms + Front-End Posting

WPForms – Post Submissions Addon

WPForms is one of the most popular contact form plugins out there. It provides a set of quality features. You can also get its post submission addon for posting from frontend. Submitting user generated content becomes easier using this plugin.

But you need to install the contact forms first to use this addon. It provides guest posting, collect information, manage them, custom fields and registration. It also has drag and drop form builder with live preview options.

Please note that- you need to buy the pro version in order to use this add and this solution bundle is very costly. Rating: 4.9 Stars

Price: $199 (Pro only)

Learn More About WPForms Post Submissions Addon

User Submitted Posts Pro

Another powerful plugin for user-generated content, User Submitted Posts, lets you create custom posting forms. Your users will be able to submit content, upload media and also register.

It has features including recaptcha, HTML markup, translations, inline doc, filter hooks, custom fields, shortcodes, image uploads, customization and many more. Rating: 4 Stars

Price: FREE & $40 (Pro)

Learn More About User Submitted Posts

AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro

This plugin allows you to post anonymously on your site directly from frontend. Thus, it makes it a good guest posting plugin. It has powerful media options for submitting images, videos and many more. It has good customizable options and settings.

You can add tags and category from frontend as well. It has email notification, post submission message, shortcodes to display submission forms, captcha support, drag and drop form builder, custom post type support and form templates. Rating: 4 Stars

Price: FREE & $25 (Pro)

Learn More About AccessPress Anonymous Post

Frontier Post

Another plugin out there in the market that enables simple management of posts from frontend for all WP user roles. It has the ability to edit text, links and images. You can also add feature images with it.

Most importantly, it works with posts, custom post types and also images. However, they don't have support for adding category and tags. You can configure its settings and familiar with WP editor interface.

You should also note- there is no live preview and no options to create restrictions. Your users won't be able to access media library and also backend admin panel. Rating: 4.8 Stars

Price: FREE

Learn More About Frontier Post

Wrapping Up

In this review, we have introduced top 6 frontend plugins out there for WordPress with their Pro and Cons. Our review will help you to find out the best solution for you. Don't forget to share your opinion when you identify the best solution with most of the features that we have discussed and also in a reasonable price.

Drive Your eCommerce Growth with User Generated Content

Creating a point of differentiation in the market has always been a big challenge for marketeers and business owners. This can not get any truer for those who are running an eCommerce business. Suppose, you are an eCommerce entrepreneur. The products that you are offering in your store is not your exclusive property rights. Some other eCommerce companies are offering the same product. You can barely do anything about it.

For small and mid sized eCommerce, it is difficult to invest heavily on distribution channels. If you are using a certain channel partner, chances are some other companies are doing that too. Your chance of getting an exclusive public promotion is also very limited here.

Given the situation, how do you position your business in front of your target customers? This is the question that leaves many of the eCommerce entrepreneurs dumbfounded.

User Generated Content- the New Weapon for eCommerce Marketing

User generated content is now considered as the most effective way for promoting eCommerce business effectively. So what exactly is user generated content (UGC)? It refers to authentic and unpaid content contributed by your product users, fans, promoters or peers. The most common forms of user generated content are review, feedback, testimonial, case study, video endorsement and so on. These are often circulated through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc.

Business Insider, a premium news website has conducted a research on significance on UGC for eCommerce sales. Let me share the key takeaways with you-

  1. Online shoppers who interact with UGC are 97% more likely to purchase from an eCommerce website than shoppers who do not.
  2. eCommerce companies experience around 80% conversion growth when their target customers interact through UGC.
  3. Average order value increases by 10% for a eCommerce retailer when purchasers interact with UGC.
  4. Most importantly, 82% of the customers read product review before making a purchase.

If these data does not wake you up from hibernation, then nothing probably will. But I would like to try a bit further by explaining how different types of UGC can help your eCommerce to ensure sustainable growth.

Website Engagement

This is probably the most direct benefit of user generated contents. If you have a section for customer endorsement or product review in your website, the contributors will feel more connected towards you. They will share the contents in their social networks which will drive traffic in your website. By using this strategy effectively, you can create a chain of events in your website that puts more people in the sales funnel and consequently increases conversion.

The key is to have an interactive website and offer your customers different interesting ways to submit contents.

Customer Service

Your customer service is another major business area that is directly influenced by user-generated contents. How do you pinpoint the limitation of your eCommerce? There are things your customers can advise you that your employees or consultants can't! That is because they are not getting the feel of your products on a continuous basis.

Conduct an opinion poll through your website or social profiles. It does not always have to be a shiny picture. Rather, 95% of customers suspect censorship or fake reviews when they can not find a bad score. It is more important how to respond to this criticism. You should be polite and express your willingness to learn from limitations. The next step is to share these negative reviews with internal employees so that they know about areas of improvement.

Search Engine Optimization

eCommerce is the epitome of online business and when we are talking about online business we must not overlook the importance of a good SEO. It ensures a strong visibility of your products on the internet. Web marketeers are now faced with the mammoth challenge to outperform their competitors SEO ranking. Why not let your customers and fans lessen their burden?

Firstly, UGC lets you know about the words consumers use to express their opinion about you. Trust me, it is not possible to guess those all by yourself. So you can use these keywords to craft your contents which is a solid strategy to reach your target users quickly. Also, you can repurpose some of the excellent user generated contents to complement your content stream.

Strong Community

A strong community does not automatically comes with UGC. But it makes the job way easier. If you have an active platform for submitting user contents, you can build a community or fan base around it. You can brand it using the name of something that your company or product stand for. This way your business will become more relatable to the mass which will ensure continuous growth.

Pro tips: Try to involve a relevant influencer or evangelist if you aim to build a community. This strategy expands your target market as the fan base of influencer start taking interest in your product.

Cost Effective Marketing Tools

User generated contents are undeniably a cost effective marketing tools for any business. All you need to do is interact with your customers smartly. Gone are the days of paid promotion in traditional media. If you want people to know how you stand out in the market, you do not need to pay for that. Simply let your happy customers speak on behalf of you. It is a perfect opportunity to utilize the power of social proof to earn loyalty and authenticity.

WP User Frontend – A Top Solution to Allow User Generated Contents

Now that you know why you should harness the power of user generated content for your business, you should get started. There is a technological requirement before you can allow users to post contents on your website. You need a content submission form for that.

WP User Frontend is a free one-stop solution for all frontend submission needs. It allows you to build submission forms so that your users can give you a variety of contents. Review, testimonial, images, video endorsement, discussion thread- you got everything covered with WPUF. With more than 270,000 downloads so far, it is considered as the most popular plugin for this purpose. Want to give it a try? I bet you do!

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How WP Arena is Using WP User Frontend to Manage Content Submission Process

WordPress is by far the most popular blogging platform and the huge community contributors keep it ever alive. But there was a time when WordPress content websites were struggling to find a solution to a BIG problem. The problem was –

How to allow users to submit their posts from the frontend?

WP User Frontend was introduced by weDevs back in 2012 which immediately put an end to that crisis. It did not take much time to become a top rated plugin for post submission and form building. From that position, it has evolved a lot both in terms of design and functionality. Now it is popularly known as a one stop solution for managing ALL the frontend needs of a WordPress websites.

Along the way WP User Frontend have helped numerous customers to make their dream website a reality. For them, it was not just a plugin. But a time-tested companion that offers endless growth opportunity for their business.

In this write-up, we are going to publish an interview with Jazib Zaman, CEO of TechAbout, a loyal WPUF user. He also happens to be the founder of WP Arena, a highly reputed WordPress company. He has been using WPUF to manage the entire post submission process for his blog. This interview is full of insights and experience about why and how this frontend plugin has been a lifesaver for him!

Q: Why did you start using WP User Frontend?

A: I was always looking for a solution to keep authors and contributors on the frontend of our site.  After searching for all the solutions available in the market, I came across the free version of WP User Frontend and found it impressive to accept guest posts and expand my site by directly accepting user-based content. At that time there were no such useful plugins available in the WordPress Market that allows frontend publishing and meeting my requirements. It was performing so well, and the users were also euphoric with the posting features they got. Later, I decided to go for WP User Frontend Pro, and it’s active on WPArena from the last four years.

Q: What tasks are you currently accomplishing with WP User Frontend?

A: The sole purpose of WP User Frontend is to not give the backend access to contributors. Usually, all contributors are not aware of using WordPress dashboard, and a simple form on the frontend will help them a lot in publishing content. This also helps them to update their content and even delete their already published posts, if you allow them to do so, in the WP User Frontend settings.

One of the most robust features of WP User Frontend is charging for guest posts and further for any listings, etc. You can sell per post item or even a bulk subscription. WP User Frontend made our lives easy as we are receiving hundreds of guest post requests each month.

This really becomes a hectic job without WPUF when you open a doc and then try to copy paste it into the WordPress Content Editor.

Q: How has your website progressed over the time?

A: WPArena was officially launched in 2008, but planned back in 2006. It's almost a decade of running this blog. At that time, I was not a WordPress expert and started learning it. I have a lot of challenges. The biggest one was quality content and writing awesome tutorials. But in around 2010, we became much more a WordPress geek. We launched many WordPress themes on our other WordPress sites which we later on merged in to WPArena.

At that time, a lot of new sites started sprouting out in the same niche and soon it became a very competitive niche. We tried almost all the plugins, many theme frameworks and a lot more to give WPArena users a great user experience.

The best thing till date was our Email List which has grown to over 38,000 subscribers. Thanks to Feedburner in the initial times.

Later on we started building free themes. Currently, we have a free WordPress theme named SEO WP.

Finally, the biggest source of traffic and of course the ultimate success is writing great content. We have almost all topics of WordPress covered on WPArena. Whether it's related to development, collections, tools, reviews, hosting we had covered it.

Q: How your users are experiencing User Frontend?

A: Our users are very much delighted by the functionality we have on our site. WP User Frontend is undoubtedly a one stop solution for accepting content and guest posts for any WordPress site.

Q: And finally, what are the things still delighting you today?

Ans: I think WP User Frontend is one of the finest products in its category and till date, there is no comparison in the market. The most awesome functionalities of accepting guest posts along with metadata, custom fields like I used to accept posts with SEO keywords and meta description of Yoast to further lessen the workload of editors.

WP User Frontend is one of the finest products in its category and till date, there is no comparison.

About WP Arena

WP Arena is one of the most popular names of WordPress World. It covers a wide range of contents related to WordPress and is focused on WordPress Tutorials, WordPress Hosting and WordPress Deals. It is considered as one of the topmost blogs on WordPress for its content quality and reach. WP Arena also works as a WordPress development company offering various services like website development, plugin development, theme customization, website conversion and many more. The company was founded by Jazib Zaman, a WordPress entrepreneur from Pakistan.

Contact Form Powered by WP User Frontend

If you live WordPress, it is no surprise that WP User Frontend is one of the most popular form builder plugins out there. The best thing about it is that it played a big role in making frontend posting easily possible on WordPress powered sites.

So far many of our users have thanked us saying that the plugin is saving them a lot of hassle! We feel very happy when we get such acknowledgment. But believe me when I say we do not want to become complacent. We love to push ourselves beyond our limit to create awesome solutions that make life easier for you!

So, now, we have decided to add a very popular and common feature to WPUF, a contact form builder! You can scroll down for a preview, but first, let us explain what actually User Frontend does.

WP User Frontend is a plugin that solves all your frontend problems

Previously, WordPress users had to go to the website backend to do different tasks. What kind of tasks are we talking about? It can be any kind of form builders or user-generated content, for example subscription form, registration form, guest post, discussion forum and so on. So doing all these from the backend was not only a big hassle for them but also it posed questions related to security and confidentiality. Also, the default WP admin panel does not sync with all the website’s brand style.

Naturally, in this situation, users would love to customize the form’s look and feel according to their need and preference. Apart from these, there were some other challenges as well. Tareq Hasan, Founder and CTO of weDevs pinpointed them and decided to build a plugin that would solve all these problems. That is how WP User Frontend came into play!

Why is it powerful and how it became popular?

The idea is to make WP User Frontend a feature rich plugin with seamless user experience. We understand how important it is to use a frontend solution for an interactive website. That is why from the beginning we gave our all out effort in terms of both technical development and customer-centric design.  Now lets have a look at the cool features of WPUF that stands out from the crowd!

Add Custom Fields to Create User Profiles

Create as many custom fields your form needs. Choose your custom fields from our 13 predefined field types.

Custom Form Builder

Create Customized Registration and Login Forms for your Website

Use custom fields, images, multi-step feature, or CSS to make your post forms highly customized.

Build Multi-step Forms to Post Contents Accurately

Break down longer forms into smaller segments which the user will progress only one page at a step.

Add Subscription Package for Your Exclusive Contents

Admins can create different subscription packs according to their need to offer users exclusive contents.

Create Subscription Package for Your Website

Use Google Maps in the Posts for Greater Convenience

This feature helps you to not only pinpoint the location, but also use the maps data to find routes and locate nearby places for your user's convenience.

Upload Word, Image, Video or other Files Effortlessly

Uploading any kind of files like image, video submission, article submission, authentication etc easily with WPUF forms. The privacy of these files are also ensured.

Add image to the Post

Get Notified about Post Submission or Editing

Get notified when a user submits a post, even be notified when he edits his post.

Creating Forms Are Really Easy

The plugin was developer friendly at the beginning. Now it has become user friendly with our new powerful form builder. Recently, we have released the live preview feature that has been greeted with raving feedback. No need to worry about how the forms will look after editing- you can see it live using this feature!

All these things can be done easily in a drag and drop method.  We do understand that apart from these, you might have to do things that are more complex, or involves integrating fields from other plugins. In that case, it offers you the option to add custom action hooks.

You can simply download the plugin for free and check it out!

New Form BuilderAccording to our users and WP experts, it has been a great leap from our previous form builder. Guess what- we are determined to take it to the next level. We believe it is the best time for us to deliver a solution that will give a all-in-one experience for the users!

Coming Really Soon!

We are excited to let you know that we are working on weForms powered by WPUF which will be released soon!

Update: 28.08.2017

After countless hours of UX research and development efforts, we have finally announced weForms! If you ask me to use three adjectives for it, I would say that it's feature rich, amazingly fast and easily usable. Some of the free features will surely delight you because in many plugins, those do not come with even an expensive package.

If you are using WPUF now, just go to your WPUF menu and select ‘Contact Forms' to start using the basic features. Here is a preview screenshot for you below. Non WPUF-users need to go to WP plugin directory or the contact form's landing page to download it.

Here is a preview

Contact Form

Some User Cases for Contact Form

Now, you might have a plan on how you are going to use this contact form for your website! If you do not have one, let us help you with that. Here is a short list of things that you can do with it.

  1. Survey Questionnaires
  2. Event Registration
  3. Job Application Form
  4. Support System
  5. CV/ Resume Submission
  6. Comment and Ratings
  7. Real-estate listing
  8. Professional Directory
  9. Calendar
  10. Visual Gallery
  11. Billing or Delivery Form
  12. Quiz
  13. Quotation or Testimonial
  14. Opinion Polls


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Why are we making a contact form plugin now?

There is a reason why we are developing this now, not before. With the new builder and templates, users can now do a wide range of actions using WP User Frontend. Since contact form is powered by WPUF, it is going to be a one-stop solution for the form building and content posting requirements.

Another thing we have observed is that the contact form market is crowded, but no plugin offer the core features for free. There are many modern features that can be implemented using JS but we could not see that effort from the market leader either.  Adding fuel to disappointment, all new big player are pushing more into paid version. But as we said, we believe in making people’s lives easier.

So, we decided to develop a free plugin with abundance of features. Download it from here and build any types of contact forms effortlessly.

Get a personal license for free

We are offering 3 months FREE subscription of weForms personal license for everyone. Click on the following “Use weForms Pro for Free” button and fill up the forms. You will receive an confirmation email with a copy of the plugin. Don't feel uncomfortable, because you do not need to fill in PayPal or credit card details to avail this offer!

And yes, do not forget to let us know your feedback! This is something we would love to hear.

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