Payment (PayPal)

Payment (PayPal)

Collect online PayPal payments with your forms easily
by integrating payment module with weForms.

With the weForms-Payment integration

  • Collect instant online payment connecting your weForms with PayPal
  • Quickly set up payment form for PayPal
  • Easily turn on or off the Payment module with a one time connect button
  • Enable or disable PayPal status using form settings
  • Get Individual payment form settings
  • Set up a thank you message for a redirected page
  • Get to choose different PayPal email for a specific form
  • Get more option to manage your payment with global settings of payment
  • Manage transaction of payment made

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Payment modules Integration for weForms enables you to easily collect payments using forms within your website.

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Integrate payment module and make online payment collection fast and easy !!

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