WordPress Managed Hosting

Top 15 Reliable Managed Hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce Sites (2019)

Ask anyone who has ever used WordPress, they would all agree that this CMS platform offers the easiest and the quickest ways to get your site up and running. But is it all you need to stay ahead in the game of having a complete & popular site for yourself? Off course not. You need to take care of web design, content management, marketing strategy and more but above all, you would require the right managed WordPress hosting to make sure your site is running smooth & trouble-free. Nowadays, it cost only a few dollars to get a good enough…

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Twitter marketing tips and tools

Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips & Tools You Should Definitely Try out

Nowadays, when you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing appears in your mind? ‘Have I missed something? What changes, updates or innovations came out last night?’… Like you, most of the people say this or something just like that. In this age of information, we are always busy to level up and create balance with the on-going technological advancement. You will find the same unavoidable reality in all other aspects of life including your business and marketing.

how to create a forum on WordPress

How to start a forum on Your WordPress Website Using bbPress

Starting a forum for your WordPress website can bring forth more user interaction and can take your website’s comment section to the next level. Moreover, you can streamline the customer service process with a dynamic discussion system by creating a massive community. Now that we are talking about WordPress forum, there is nothing to be worried! You don’t need to write a single line of code. All you have to do is to use a free plugin, bbPress. It’s from the same developer of WordPress. So, rest assured about its quality. Now let’s see how the bbPress plugin helps us…

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Multi-vendor marketplace shipping

A Guide To Multi Vendor Shipping With Dokan

In today’s world, shipping has taken center stage among all other activities performed by an e-commerce store. While starting, the store owner has to decide on which shipping carriers to tie up with. Then he should conceptualize on how much to charge his customers at checkout. As he starts getting more orders, scale becomes an important question for him. He understands the need for real-time shipping rates and begins to scout for solutions. At the same time, he can no longer copy paste information in the carrier website to generate labels. This compels him to think of an automated solution.…

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meta description

What Is Meta Description & Why Is It So Important?

The search engines are constantly developing their algorithms to ensure more user-friendliness with prioritizing the searchers intent. With proper optimization of your website or webpage in line with the changing guidelines of the Search Engines, you can definitely take your webpage all the way up to the SERPs. As search engines are changing their algorithms to optimize a webpage, it is pretty common that they are bringing forth new required factors while making some prevalent factors null and void. Though Meta Description is an old-school theory for SEO or Search Engine Optimization, it still works great to thrust your web…

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Common WordPress Errors And How To Fix Them (10+ Errors With Easy Solutions)

If you are a WordPress user, you must be completely aware of its performance abilities. WordPress is really easy to use, and it has helped millions establish a profound business. However, some hurdles may have intervened in your process of success. There are various WordPress errors such as WordPress error logs, WordPress fatal error, WordPress display errors, and some more. Managing WordPress pages and handling those WordPress errors could end life in frustration. Have you ever encountered any WordPress fatal errors? WordPress errors can happen, but don’t worry- they can be quickly resolved too! So, if you are searching for…

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Make WordPress Secure Platform to Power Your Websites

Make WordPress the Best and Most Secure Platform to Power Your Websites

Owing a WordPress site is a great achievement, especially when you want to have webpages where you can enlighten, entertain and educate your readers or followers. It is a platform that you can utilize and be a part of the large community embracing great internet technologies. To make use of WordPress, you need a domain and a hosting website as the key requirements to create and publish webpages for your target audience.

WordPress Gutenberg editor

15+ Helpful Tips and Tricks For WordPress Gutenberg Editor

With the introduction of Gutenberg, creating and formatting content on WordPress has been made easy, unlike the formal editor that requires the addition of two or more plugins to format a page or create a post. The WordPress Gutenberg editor will help both developers and users without experience in coding to create world-class websites. Gutenberg is one of the best things that happened to WordPress since its creation. In late 2018, WordPress introduced a new update, which is WordPress 5.0. WordPress 5.0 is a major change to WordPress since its creation. This update was all about the change in WordPress…

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The Ultimate Guide To Build An Effective eCommerce Marketplace

Are you thinking to start your own eCommerce marketplace? Or are you scared to face the challenges of building a marketplace from scratch? If you are thinking but scared and distressed at the same time; you need a plan. You need a guide that would help you, assist you to face all the challenges with the courage, hard work and determination. Moreover, you need a plan that would back up your strength and help you create a bang in the online market. Are you looking for that support? This ultimate guide will help you surpass every challenge, every obstacle you…

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WordPress Corporate templates

5 Most Successful Corporate WordPress Templates for Entrepreneurs

These days, a business organization can’t think of making rapid progress without having an online presence. It doesn’t matter how large your company is, potential customers will face difficulties to contact you. So, the time has changed a lot. Companies have started to go online with the WordPress CMS. Indeed, WordPress is one of the most popular and easy-to-use CMS platforms for creating business websites. One needs to choose a suitable theme to create an amazing business website & make it popular among the audience. There are multiple business themes available on different online resources. All of them differ with…

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