Best CMS Platforms in 2019

Best CMS Platforms in 2019 [WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal vs Squarespace vs Wix vs Medium]

Selecting a perfect CMS platform in 2019 is really a challenge. Lots of platforms are waiting out there- how will you decide about the best one? Back a few years, we had to struggle to find a CMS platform for blogging, doing business or other content publishing. But the situation is totally different now. You can see a close competition among the CMS platforms and that’s almost like a war! So, how would you choose the best CMS platform to start your content marketing? Which criteria would help you meet your needs ?…Don’t worry, we’re here to help you. In…

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7 Ways to Increase WordPress Blog Traffic by Updating Your Content

7 Ways to Increase WordPress Blog Traffic by Updating Your Content

If you want to drive more traffic to your WordPress blog, the folks over at WordPress itself have some great suggestions. You can also use traffic boosting plugins, write lots of visual content, and do any number of other things. There’s lots of great advice out there, but most of it forgets one important thing. You’ve already got loads of great content, and that can be updated and improved in order to earn more traffic. Think about it. If you had a fridge and pantry full of great food, would you run to the grocery store every time you got…

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WordPress Stats & Facts weDevs

Most Marvelous 100+ WordPress Stats & Facts (2019)

People might ask you, why would you want to switch to WordPress CMS platform? With the current position and progress of WordPress, the answer to it shouldn’t be too difficult. Because since 2003, today after 15 years of its successful journey and establishment all the awesome WordPress stats would automatically answer all the questions people might have in their curious mind about WordPress. Some people might still have the temerity to speak against WordPress and its number of flaws it posses. But the current stats and facts of WordPress will always speak above all for itself. So what makes WordPress so…

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woocommerce responsive themes

Top Responsive WooCommerce Themes to Use in 2019

WooCommerce and WordPress is the most effective pair when you are planning to run your e-commerce business smoothly. According to the most recent stats of barn2 media, 5.3% of top million websites are on WooCommerce. Considering its immense popularity, today we decided to heap up the best responsive WooCommerce themes in 2019 before you. Best Responsive WooCommerce Themes in 2019 How long my visitors will stay in my site is something that depends largely on themes. So be it a clothing store or online magazine, themes play a crucial roll in here. As an user you have to choose the…

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benefits of maintaining a facebook group for you business

Benefits of Maintaining Facebook Groups for Your Small Business

We all know that Facebook is an online social networking platform that brings people together in terms of sharing and communicating individual tastes and thoughts as well. With such power of Facebook, entrepreneurs can also uphold their brand with this system. However, having a personal Facebook account is a pre-requisite to create Facebook groups. In addition to Facebook groups, you should have a Facebook page with which you can promote your brand to your preferred audience’s news feed as much as you can. Unfortunately, Facebook users these days consider every business page as an advertisement and so they often avoid…

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WooCommerce multilingual marketplace

The Ultimate Guide to WooCommerce Multilingual Marketplace Owners

Multilingual marketplaces are becoming the next final move for even small to medium businesses. Do you know why? Today, around 75% of the internet communities use their native language to communicate and perform other online activities. It simply means- if your marketplace still only in English, you’re losing some of your profits and that could be huge! You have easy options to turn your single language store into a multilingual marketplace while you’re using WooCommerce. There are some facts you need to consider before and after making your move. In this article, we are going to show you how to…

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11 Growth Hacking Examples That’ll Help You Gain Traction

Growth hacking, often addressed as ‘growth marketing’ as well, refers to the strategies, processes or mindsets that are solely intended for one thing – GROWTH! Although it may just sound similar to marketing strategies, there’s a fine line between traditional marketing and growth marketing. Unlike traditional marketing, growth hacking focuses on more innovation, more experimentation, and more adaptation. Sean Ellis coined the term ‘growth hacker’ in 2010. Sean is a serial entrepreneur and business advisor who helped many startups achieve incredible growth. He pointed out that besides the basic strategies, some breakthroughs are essential to gain early exposure, wider user-base,…

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best e-commerce platform- all in one

The Best eCommerce Platform to Start Your Business Today (Comparison and Guidelines)

Trying to find the best e-commerce platform to start your dream project? You’re in the right place! Internet economy or e-commerce changed the whole picture of today’s business. We got a new form of interactions between consumers and organizations. If you are going to start your business thinking that it’s easy to make money online, you’re at the risk of making a mistake. We aren’t discouraging you, it’s the reality you should consider to prepare a better plan. Finding the best e-commerce platform is like finding the best car! Obviously, it’s in the market, but you need to get it…

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e-commerce business global audience

How to Successfully Cater Your E-Commerce Business to the Global Audience

If you are planning to go global with your e-commerce business, no doubt you need a careful planning and a powerful strategy in place. Having said so, today resources are widely available that can give your online company an international recognition. A deep analysis of current opportunities around the world will provide you with a successful foray into the global e-commerce market. Today technology is powerful enough to remove physical barriers, and enable businesses to look beyond borders for greener pastures. It can provide them a great opportunity to tap a sizeable chunk of audience base and get benefited from…

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news publishing solution newspack

WordPress Partnering with Google to Develop a News Publishing Hub ‘Newspack’

Automattic, the developer of the world’s one of the most popular Content Management System,, has announced a new project, Newspack. According to the founder of Automattic, Matt Mullenweg, this is going to bring about a revolutionary change for the news publishers. And guess what, is now partnering with Google accompanied by the other news industry leaders to raise the fund to develop this new news publising platform. So far, the team has secured $2.4 million in first-year funding from the Google News Initiative, Lenfest Journalism Institute, Civil funder ConsenSys, and the Knight Foundation, among others. Newspack in a Few…

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