Best Project Manager Responsibilities

Manage Like a Pro! How to be the Best Project Manager

A Project Manager is similar to a psychologist. They are the ‘people-person’. The one accountable for keeping an eye on if everyone on the team knows and are executing their role — if the team members feel supported. In my opinion, being a manager means to deliver a project successfully without losing mind in the process. I follow the same. Throughout the years, I have created a successful building ― my team. Managing the projects and encouraging the team is what I love to do. The journey from picking up the right talent to getting them on the right path…

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Dokan Success Story Shopper region

Michael Delaney’s Story Of Becoming A Successful Marketplace Owner

Are you finally planning to launch your very own marketplace this year? Or you already have one and you want to double your revenue? If you are still hesitant due to the limitations that you feel you are in then taking motivation from success stories of the established marketplace would certainly help you ease down the stress and serve your cause. So taking inspiration from the way a marketplace develop itself can indeed be a fascinating thing for anyone. So today’s post will have one such interesting and captivating success story of Mr. Delaney’s marketplace

WordPress Storefront Metrics

Are You Using The Wrong Metrics For Your WordPress Storefront?

If you were to write a book of commandments for eCommerce, one of the first entries would be “known thine audience.” Unfortunately, there are so many different metrics you can track – so many different factors you can monitor – that it’s easy to get lost and end up paying attention to the wrong stuff. We’re here to help you avoid that. It’s pretty easy to understand your demographic if you’re running a brick-and-mortar outlet. Just pay attention to whoever comes through the front door, and you’ll eventually notice the emergence of a few trends. Online, however, things get a…

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tracking tool

How to Use an eCommerce Tracking Tool to Know your Audience

How do you measure what is working and what is not for an online store? If you are the owner of a physical store you will be able to see and understand when customers come into your store, what they are looking for, what they find difficult when they are in the buying process of a product etc. and you can then act based upon that. But what if you are running a full-featured marketplace but in an online environment. Would you be able to measure your customer’s activities to know what they are up to? The answer is Yes…

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Dokan Photography Multivendor site

Build a Multi Seller Photography Business Website like 500PX With Dokan

Internet becomes a place of opportunity to earn money. If you are a photographer and have an active community then it can be a great way to funnel your passion into a business. We know, you are thinking that we are joking. No, we are not making fun with you. By selling your stock photographs, you can earn handsome amount of money. Our suggestion is that, build a multi-seller photography business site. This will help you to earn money along with your photography community. How stock photography become an opportunity to earn? The Internet is an open space for earnings.…

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Critical Success Factor in Project Management

5 Critical Success Factors for Project Management Improvement

A number of companies operate under the perception that successful project management involves working more when it actually means working smart. There are some basics that hold true for any team process in business, but which people tend to forget down the line, as the complexity of the tasks and projects increases. But no matter how complex a project is, if you keep these project management success factors in mind, your team members and supervisors can communicate effectively, be more efficient with their work, and get faster approval, without having to spend hours going over a single item of action…

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User Generated Content Examples

Top Examples Of Successful User Generated Content Campaigns Worldwide

In today’s time, top brands of the world are increasingly running User Generated Content campaigns to secure the effectiveness of their campaigns in order to market their products. Nowadays, with the help of social media, all these top brands are turning in to the general customers asking them to come up with unique ideas and share them with the world. There are a number of reasons why top brands use content marketing to boost their lead generations efforts. And what more effective can it be other than the user-generated content to market their products? So interested to know how top…

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Dokan Pro 2.9.0

Dokan 2.9.0: What’s New In The Latest PRO Release?

Dokan has been always been about its customers. For those people who dream about owning the best multivendor marketplaces on the internet. We take that as an inspiration and continue working towards that vision. Not just our own, but also yours. Today we are happy to announce that we are releasing the latest version of Dokan Pro. Dokan Pro 2.9.0 brings with it features that will make the marketplace an even better selling platform than it already is. So let’s get right into it. Geolocation Module With the latest update, we are adding an all-new Geolocation Module. This module will enable…

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creative content marketing wedevs

What Are Some Smart Things That A Content Team Must Try?

Content Marketers constantly struggle to stay on top of the competition. The stats are fascinating: Some 329 million people read blogs each month, and 27 million pieces of content are shared each day. People spend more than 50% of their time online reading content and an additional 30% of their time on social media. So what do bloggers and businesses do that rely heavily on content to run? Here are some creative content marketing methods that have worked for us and many others, and so we share them with you: Tailor content for audience Quite cliched but not without merit.…

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