Benefits of Having a Review Page for Your Online Business (Guide to Design a Review Page in WordPress)

It may sound fascinating to you, more than 72% of customers won't take any actions until they read any reviews. People will surely listen to you and do business if they trust you. And this will happens if they get positive reviews of your company.

15% of users don’t trust businesses without reviews – Hosting Tribunal

Therefore, considering the importance of review on business, we'll discuss how to make a review page on WordPress website, smart strategies to get positive reviews and also introduce amazing addons.

Yes, you're hearing the right. We're talking about Happyaddons. The most amazing enhancer that works seamlessly with Elementor Page Builder.

However, in the next part, we'll discuss why Happy Addons is perfectly suitable for designing a review page.

So, let's begin with the elaborate discussion:

Why Choose Happy Addons for Designing Review Page

How to make a review page on WordPress
HappyAddon – Collections of Slick, and powerful widgets

Happy Addons is completely unique and has dazzling designing tools. It has around 25 different widgets for the WordPress ecosystem. Moreover, the widgets of Happy Addons are capable of creating any types of designs at different circumstances.

Collaboration with Elementor makes it more strong and powerful. And its trendy and unique look with detail editing experience allows everyone to create ravishing designs in a quick time. Again, it includes two extra features for every elementor widget called Happy Effect.

Happy Effects

Happy Effect consists of two portions, and they are:-

  • Floating Effects: Using Floating Effects. you can Translate, Rotate or Scale thus it helps to create stunning animations for any Elementor widget
  • CSS Transforms: CSS transforms is another fruitful feature of Happy Addons. It'll help you to add various CSS transforms, for example, using it you can translate, rotate, scale and also skew your elements.

Let's check out the facilities you'll get using Happy Addons for any designs in WordPress:-

  • It's free, easy to use, and collaborates with Elementor
  • Responsive and tested on different screens
  • Compatible with almost every theme
  • Constantly adding new features
  • And, it's lightweight and fast

So these are the main reason why should determine Happy Addon as the prior plugin to make a review page on WordPress.

Anyways, read the article on ‘How elementor changed the era of WordPress Development

How to Design a Review Page with HappyAddons

Happy Addons works perfectly with Elementor. So before using Happy Addons, install the Elementor plugin to your website. After that, install Happy Addon.

Let assume you have already installed and used both WordPress and Elementor.

Check out the article on ‘How to Create a stunning header with Elementor

So let's get started:

Step 1: Adding Sections

First, add a section like the way you always do with Elementor. And then drag Review Widget to the sections.

How to make a review page on WordPress
  • After dragging ‘Review Widget', it'll appear like the following screenshot.
Overview of Review section
Overview of the review section

Step 2: Editing Preset, Review and Reviewer

In this section, you can edit Preset, Review, and Reviewer.


It's a collection of designs that will help you to use it in the objects. Using preset will allow you to decorate your review box with a more delightful look.

check out the screenshot below:

How to make a review page on WordPress
Selecting Preset


Here you can resize rating and also choose rating style. Next, you'll see the description, review position, and the review type, etc.

How to add preset
Editing Preset


This part is very interesting. You can edit each and every review of your customer. For example, the reviewer's photo, images position, name, designation, and more.

How to make a review page on WordPress
Editing Reviewer

Step 3: Stylize Review Widget

To stylize the section, click on the ‘Style‘ button.

How do you write a review page
Style section
  • Here you'll have more options to stylize your review page. You can stylize Rating, Review & Reviewer, and Photo, etc.
How to stylize review page
Style Section

However, you can edit this section according to your website design and your choice. You'll get three option here like:


Here you can resize the rating button, bottom spacing, padding, text color, and more.

How to edit review with Happy Addons
Options for Review

Review & Reviewer

In this section, you'll have more options to do different things with your review button. Therefore, it will look different and lucrative.

How do you write a review page


Next, you'll get a ‘Photo' section. It's also very simple to utilize. Here you can edit and resize your photos and do a lot of things like padding, margin, box-shadow, height, width, and more.

How to make a review page on WordPress

Step 4: Finalizing the design

This section is the final part of this tutorial journey. If you're a WordPress lover, then you must want to design your blog with fruitful styles. Right.

Here you can edit your design with some advance option. For example, margin, padding, Z-Index, CSS ID, and CSS Classes, etc.

How do I create a review page on WordPress
  • Now, you'll get the ‘Happy Effect' here. As we already mentioned earlier, the Happy Effect consists of two sections.
How do I create a review page on WordPress
  • If you activate the ‘Floating Effect' you can use its facilities. However, check out the following video to understand it more deeply:
Complete video of Floating Effect
  • After activating the ‘CSS Transform' like the previous part, you'll see more options to experience different designs. By the way, check out the following video to get a clear idea:
Complete Tutorial of CSS Transform

Live preview of Review Page

How to make a review page on WordPress

Smart Strategies To Get Positive Reviews From The Real Customer

Smart Ideas to get more Reviews
Smart Ideas to get more Reviews

If you're giving 100% to your customers then there is no one better than your satisfied customers to express your success stories. As we mentioned earlier, 72% of customers take any service after reading reviews. So, it's very notable to increase positive reviews for your business to stay in the competition especially if you have an eCommerce business.

Giving away real time experience of your customers on your website, blogs, and social media accounts, etc will prove how dedicatly you work for your brand to keep promise in the real world.

In this part, we’ll share some very effective smart ways of getting quality customer reviews. So let's get started:

Provide Customer Live Support

Having customer support on the website is a very plus point. Because it helps customers to communicate with you directly. For example, they'll share their views, opinion, feedback, search for any items and also complain if any problems arise. Therefore, this may increase reviews and trust also

Respond Reviews Quickly

You must respond to customer reviews quickly. Because it proves that you take care of them! And also you should respond to both the positive and negative reviews. Publicly ask your customers to contact you directly so that you can discuss the problem. Show them that you are eager to do all you can to solve the problem.

Keep Easy for Customers reviewing

Try to keep the review process of your website easy and simple. Thus, your service and products will get more ratings and attract more reviews. Suggestions from KissMetrics expresses that, keep your review form easy and short. In addition, it creates sense to make such forms as amusing as possible.

Share Your Reviews Through Social Platform

It’s quite important that your customers like your emails. Including customers, reviews in your promotional emails may energize your customers to take action on your site.

Follow Up Your Customers Regularly

Following up with customers regularly is another practice of getting more positive reviews. For example, giving calls, mail, tweets or messages. Thus, it increases revenue and traffic. However, this method is proactive and generates more leads.

Monitor Social Channels Regularly

Monitoring social channels on a regular basis also proves your activity. Moreover, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. can be a perfect place for getting customers reviews. So your instant response to customer reviews on these platforms is a positive sign to get more reviews.

So these are the smart strategies that you should follow if you have a small or medium online business.

Final Words

In this tutorial, we tried to show how to make a review page on WordPress in a very easiest way. However, you may already observe that we haven't used any code or programming language to make this review page.

So as a beginner, it'll give you amazing experience and joy using Happy Addon along with the Elementor page builder.

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