Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Boost Your Online Business Revenue

When it comes to earning money from your website, then there can be no better advertising displaying network than Google AdSense. While Google is still the big fish on the market thanks to Google Adwords & Google AdSense but still it is always smart to explore other options. This is why most people look for the best Google AdSense Alternatives available out there.

The competition is not about beating Google AdSense in their own game, it's is about providing similar or better ad campaign service at a much cheaper price with good reliability. It won't be easy for any ad networking company to beat Google AdSense by any means but people always want to try and explore something new.

And this is why today we have put together a roundup list of Google AdSense alternatives. But before that why don't we discover some of the probable reasons for users to look for alternatives to Google AdSense.

Why Do People look for Google AdSense Alternatives?

Alternatives to Google AdSense

So the big question is why should one switch to other ad networks even though Google is the current market leader in ad monetization? And also for many years, it has been the top way to earn money from the website for the bloggers.

But one should also know that a good ad campaign with quality content could easily run itself no matter whether it has Google Adsense to run its ad or not. And just because it is ruling the online advertising network doesn't necessarily mean it should be the only choice available to the users.

With the rise in big popularity, comes some big issues as well. And even though Google is probably the best platform to perform any action still this might not be the best-experienced solution for all of them.

You see there are a variety of reasons for which Google rejects the site application even if it fulfills the requirements of lax traffic. Many people might also want to diversify their income streams even after using Google AdSense.

Some people might as well want to turn to other ad platforms simply because they want to see whether they can earn more money with other displaying advertising networks or not. Also in some cases, a user wants to switch to one of its alternatives purely because getting approved for AdSense has become a lot difficult nowadays due to not having advertise-friendly content. This sometimes encourages users to try other online advertising networks as well.


What's More?

Google Adsense also has strict rules and regulations to follow for its users. Once you make any mistake you will be on the verge of getting banned right away, hence many of them think about moving to another more convenient and less complicated platform. Google has also been banning a lot of sites for a mere click on to an ad on their own site.

And this happens on regular occasions as well so people sometimes get frustrated due to this and want to turn to another more suitable platform. On top of that, the ban could continue to last for an indefinite number of days which is a very discouraging thing for any ad runners nowadays.

Above all, sometimes people also face a major performance issue due to changing too many designs to follow the ad rules of Google AdSense. So this is why this is also termed designer-unfriendly. In most cases, this happens with text-heavy ads and this also works as a drawback for users to look for other alternatives.

Top Alternatives to Google AdSense

Google Adsense Alternatives

So all in all, even though Google Adsense has a lot of goods to offer but for some people, these setbacks are quite big for them to ignore which is why most of them want to look for its alternatives. And so here is the list of:

1- Propeller ads

This platform right here provides a number of ways to monetize your website and blog. It has more than 150K listed publishers who are using their service. The best part being, you can choose any type of ad you want. And also the ad acceptance rate is also pretty good and uncomplicated.

Adsense alternatives Proppeller ads

If you want you can also monetize the mobile sites and apps with it. Moreover, this solution works much better specifically well with pop-under ads. In order to accept ads, it also has the prioritizing website's option based on digital media & technology. Since it offers a 24/7 ad moderation option, therefore it restricts spammy and annoying ads. This also makes sure you get only virus-free, appropriate, and relevant ads.

Key Highlights

  • It has global coverage
  • Clean & Virus-free ads only
  • Compatible with AdSense
  • Has ads bypass the ad-blocking feature
  • Options of the referral program
  • Auto ad optimization
  • Fraud detection & prevention system
  • Retargeting ad feature
  • A self-serve platform

2- Revcontent

Google AdSense alternatives revcontent

Revcontent seems to be quite different from other conventional ad network platforms. It features surprisingly a true screening process and relies on a custom widget to deliver its ads. These widgets are quite similar to the related posts section except in this case they include approved campaigns for your website.

This unique approach results in an ad experience that is less intrusive than usual as long as you don't pick campaigns at randoms. As per many opinions, the Revcontent widget system is as close to unobtrusive as ads can get. And this makes it a good option for publishers who are concerned that placing ads on-base sites might negatively impact user experience.

Key Highlights

  • A great choice for both publishers & advertisers
  • Very lightweight & flexible
  • Uplifts revenue guaranteed
  • Has a faster content recommendation technology
  • Content quality controls & granular brand-safety
  • Get Real-time reporting
  • Top-class support

3- Amazon Native Ads

Google AdSense alternatives amazon

Many might feel surprised to see this advertisement network in the list of Google AdSense alternatives but to be very honest in the recent past they have become one of the popular names native ads publishing department. Even though it is mostly known to do advertising but the company also has a lot to offer for its publishers. On the blog it allows you to implement display & native ads.

Right now the platform is being widely used from the users of US & Europe-based users. Once you publish the ad, its ads network is able to connect a direct link and show particular products to some trusted e-commerce store. With so many people visiting the e-commerce store every day, Amazon's native ads provide direct access to the millions of products of other e-commerce giants worldwide.

Key Highlights

  • Product Advertising API
  • Enhanced image stabilization on ads
  • Complete native ads posting options
  • Moderate pricing & commission rate for advertisers
  • View complete earning summary from one place
  • Lucrative ads and banner modification


Google AdSense alternatives

This is the home of Yahoo, Bings ads network. This platform enables its publishers to pull campaigns from both search giants. In practice, this is very picky when it comes to its publishers which include famous names such as cosmopolitan and Forbes. Yes, you guessed it right, they are behind the notoriously annoying Forbes interstitial.

Also, if you are the owner of an established site that resides with lots of visitors from the US, UK, or Canada then will be your go-to choice. The ad platform also favors sites that are regularly updated with original content. And since is a contextual ad network, the displayed advertisements on the blog or website are always known to be more relevant than ever.

Key Highlights

  • You can get started in less than 10 seconds
  • Performs contextual ads
  • Easy access to high-quality display ads
  • Prioritize your user experience with native ads
  • A cross-format header bidding platform
  • Maximize revenue with a content-driven contextual marketplace

5- InfoLinks

Google AdSense alternatives infolinks

It claims to be one of the top runners in the in-text advertising platforms. With users across 128 countries, it is also the third-largest publishing agent in the world. When it comes to displaying ads it automatically indexes your website and looks for relevant keywords. Along with its in-text ads, the advertising agency also provides expendables ads and displays that can go in your relevant content.

Even without having to overhaul the look and style, it enables you to monetize your website. Its ads customization options blend perfectly with the provided content that improves viewer engagement to a great deal. It also has, InFold, InText, InArticle, InScreen, InFrame, InTag ad types to choose from. It follows an intelligent algorithm when it comes to displaying all these different types of ads. Moreover, the InfoLinks integration process is really simple. You get to add to your website's HTML after receiving a unique script once you are approved for add publishing. You will be all set to make money right at that moment once you paste that script anywhere on your website.

Key Highlights

  • Suite of advanced ad units to monetize all traffic
  • Budget-friendly ad campaigns
  • A large-scale network for ad publishing.
  • Provides stable revenue source for publishers
  • Enjoy a positive user-experience always
  • Reliable technology with fantastic account management facility
  • Delivers intent-driven ads in real-time

6- Skimlinks

Google AdSense alternatives Skimlinks

Skimlinks works best as the alternative to Sovrn (that will be discussed next) as it works in a similar manner. It is the kind of network that focuses majorly on affiliate marketing. It converts any outbound link into an affiliate link, so whenever any sale occurs you start earning money through it.

So once you install the javascript code on your site, it automatically converts the existing link into affiliate links that enable you to earn revenue. So it is quite possible for you to make ten times your current earnings as it even pays for affiliate sales not for clicks.

Its network has access to over 48k e-commerce affiliate traders to mention in them and has a partnership with more 50 ad publishing agents. It also has over 60k listed publishers. The important part is you don't really require to deal with a chunk of separate programs as its network already has so many affiliate merchants.

Though its fees might just be on the higher side but still considering the benefits it provides by proving the chance to earn commission still make it one of the people's favorite AdSense alternatives.

Key Highlights

  • Powers all commerce content strategy
  • Connect to thousands of merchants worldwide
  • Easy to use platform
  • Full-house affiliate program available
  • Seamless integration process
  • Number of available toolbar extensions
  • Powerful analytical tools
  • Threshold with low payout option

7- Sovrn (Formerly known as VigLink)

Google AdSense alternatives sovrn

Another popular AdSense alternative is pretty similar to how Skimlinks works. By automatically inserting contextual ad links into your content, it enables you to monetize your website. It is the perfect ad display publishing network for a blog that links out to e-commerce stores or other business sites. Similar to Skimlinks, it converts ordinary links into affiliate links in order to enable you to link your products or services on other e-commerce sites to earn money or commission from them. And so it is probably the most ideal ad network for affiliate marketers.

Though setting it up could get a little tricky for some people and you might require expert assistance for it. But when it comes to ads displaying ability it could very well get in the list of top names. The complete process is automatic, saving you a lot of time in customizing the ad campaigns. Even though its name might sound a bit odd but when it is about displaying ads it is probably the neatest one out there as it is reasonably modest. It adds links to the already existing content rather than letting it add text ads or large banners. All-in-all a solid AdSense alternative from all aspects.

Key Highlights

  • Trusted partner for both publishers and advertisers
  • Ability to maximize the value of every unique visitor
  • Seamless connectivity to commerce, audience, and content
  • It is open-source and has custom integrations
  • OPS ad management that fits your goal & needs
  • Risk-free, safe & secured
  • Has an integrated powerful analytical tool

Bonus Advertising Network


This bonus ads networking platform has the potential to top many leading AdSense alternatives lists. It is one of the fastest-growing web monetization platforms for publishers that specializes mainly in ‘popunder' ads. Just like its slogan says, it performs smart advertising providing excellent results for its users. It is also a relatively young ad network. And it has first opened its doors in 2013 and since then it has proved itself to be quite a reliable resource for ad publishers.

Google AdSense alternatives Adsterra

Since its launch, the platform has grown to display more than 25 billion impressions per month. It also claims to provide some of the highest cost per mile rates in the industry. More essentially its network pays the publishers quickly and through a wide variety of platforms which makes them a highly demanding ad network option for all.

Moreover, Adsterra will be ideal if you are looking for an advertising platform that provides you utmost flexibility when it comes to ad types and payments. It enables you to pick and choose which types of ads and campaigns that you want to run.

Key highlights

  • Real-time statistics
  • Conversion tracking & Favourable CPMs
  • Third-party fraud detection system for extra security
  • High successful campaign rate
  • Enhance campaign performance ability
  • Offers performance-based solutions
  • Advertisers & publishers get their own account manager for assistance

Which One Should You Choose?

Alternatives to Google Adsense

The answer to this will depend on a number of related aspects. And it will vary from an ad runner to another ad runner. Some people go for user-friendly design to run ad campaigns and some prefer only more and more earnings from it. And the rest wants complete freedom with no strict rules or regulations to post ads. So it certainly depends on the kind of user they are and what they are looking for.

But from our experience, Propeller Ads and seem to be solid advertising networking platforms. They prefer mostly high-quality sites with large traffic. The solution helps ads optimization techniques to improve the position of the ad.

The ads network solutions work directly on your behalf with the advertisers. They simply seem to be able to negotiate better deals all the time since they don't just accept anyone. And so when it comes to increasing the earning from your site than these two AdSense alternatives could very well be your ultimate companion in this regard.

Use Ad Campaigns Better To Turn It Into a Money-Making Machine

Retargeting Ads Best Practices

Not just picking the perfect ad network to monetize your site, you will also need to utilize the right ad campaigns including the right design to generate an increase in revenues from your site. So simply choosing an alternative to Google AdSense would not yield results to bring the desired return for your company. While you see there are plenty of other good options out there but it's upon you to find out which one fulfills your basic requirement of running ad campaigns the most.

More so, it would be a better idea for you to survey all of the alternatives available for you if you are actually thinking about monetizing your blog or website. Even though we all know Google Adsense is the big shot in this department but you should be open to trying any of the above-mentioned platforms. Because you never know which features of these advertising networks would suit the best for your ad posting depending on whatever you are trying to achieve.

Now you at least know you wouldn't just have to settle for Google AdSense even after knowing there are so many good alternatives out there. And in some cases, many would even argue that some of them are even better than AdSense by all means. So all you need to do is pick and try out the most suitable one and optimize your website's advertising campaigns and create quality content to help boost your yearly revenues by a big margin.

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