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Dokan Export/Import


Dokan Export/Import allows you to export or import your products along with its details. It supports only .xml format and uses standard WordPress export and Import API. So you can use your product data with any WordPress and WooCommerce compatible site.

The plugin is simple and effective. Actually it is simpler than the WordPress Export interface.

Installation and configuration

You just have to upload and install it just like any other plugin. This means standard procedure installation is followed.


This plugin can be a great form of utility for the sellers. A seller can use this feature from Seller Dashboard → Tools and then Export or Import as per choice. This feature can be used to keep a backup of their products.


Login with your seller account and navigate to Seller Dashboard → Tools → Export and you’ll get something like this.

How to Use Product Export Feature of Dokan
How to Use Product Export Feature of Dokan

Select the option you need and hit the Export button. A .xml file with all your product data will be compiled and downloaded. Keep the file in a secure storage and you can use it later upon any accidental delete, or restore lost data if the site gets hacked. So this add-on will actually save you from any unwanted situation.


Importing is as simple as exporting. Just select the previously exported .xml file and click the red import button. Your product information would be restored shortly. However, you must restore the image files for the products in the /wp-content/uploads folder manually.

dokan import

Translation Text Domain

You have to rename the .mo file according to this format for translating: pluginname-languagecode_countrycode.mo
for this extension, just rename the .mo and .po file to the following –
For example, in case of French Language, the code will be- dpi_plugin-fr_FR.mo

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