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Live Search

Admin – Installation

  1. Navigate to wp-adminPluginsAdd New and click on Upload.
  2. Select the zip file you downloaded from https://wedevs.com/account/downloads/
  3. After the Installation is complete, Activate the plugin.

Admin – Settings

Well, all you need to do now is to add the widget and set where it should be displayed on your landing site.

Admin – Setting the Widget Area

Please go to Wp-Admin > Appearance > Widgets.

From here choose the widget with Dokan Live Search and just drag-drop it on your desired area.
Save that settings and visit your site to see if it is working.

Customer Experience


Initially without the add-on the default search bar looks like this:

dokan default search bar


After the add-on is working, a customer at your market will encounter the effect of the feature as follows:

live search


Users will also get a drop down menu to define categories or subcategories for a finer result just like this:

live search filter

Translation Text Domain

You have to rename the .mo file according to this format for translating: pluginname-languagecode_countrycode.mo
for this extension, just rename the .mo and .po file to the following –
For example, in case of French Language, the code will be- dokan_ls-fr_FR.mo

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