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Product Enquiry

Product enquiry for multi-vendor market place

Product Enquiry for Dokan Plugin allows awaited customers or visitors to make an enquiry about a product, directly from the product page. Dokan Product Enquiry add-on adds an enquiry button to every product page. Using this button, a customer can send you an enquiry about a product he/she is unsure of purchasing. You can metamorphose an unsure customer into a buyer.

How to install

The installation process is similar to any WordPress plugin. Navigate to wp-admin → Plugins → Add New → Upload Plugin and upload the .zip file that you downloaded from your account and activate. Nothing else needs to be configured.

Note that vendor will be able to see customers email address in this process. There is another add-on from us which allows to hide customer information and much more, it is called Dokan Store Support.

Usage: for new customer

After installing this add-on, the customers able to see a new button on product page. This button is to send email for product enquiry and for that they have to complete the following steps below.

  1. Product Enquiry button: Click this button to perform an enquiry.
  2. Name Field: Write down the name here.
  3. E-mail field: Insert their (customer) email ID.
  4. Text Field: Write details about an enquiry.
  5. Submit Enquiry: Click here to submit the enquiry.
Product Enquiry
Product Enquiry for new customer

Usage: for regular/previous customer

For the regular or previous customer  it’s more easy to enquiry. The Product Enquiry add-on automatically generate their name and email ID  so they have to complete  following steps below.

  1. Product Enquiry button: Click this button to start an enquiry.
  2. Text Field: write details about the enquiry.
  3. Submit Enquiry: Click here to submit the enquiry.
Product Enquiry for regular customer

How they communicate

After submitting enquiry, an email is send directly to seller’s email account. Then the seller can reply to the customer and ensure them about the product.

If you have any feature request or having difficulty to understand this doc, please let us know in our support forum.

Translation Text Domain

You have to rename the .mo file according to this format for translating: pluginname-languagecode_countrycode.mo
for this extension, just rename the .mo and .po file to the following –
For example, in case of French Language, the code will be- enquiry-fr_FR.mo

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