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Translate Dokan Add-ons

Translating Dokan Plugins add-ons is very much similar to other WordPress plugins. The add-on is not ready for translating from wordpress.org, but we have created our own project from where you can easily translate it.

How to Translate Dokan Add-ons

Here are the steps which you should follow for translating this add-on.

  1. At first you have to register to https://wedevs.com.
  2. Login to the weDevs Translation Project at http://translate.wedevs.com/login.
  3. Now, go to http://translate.wedevs.com/projects/dokan-plugin/.
  4. You will find the list of Dokan add-ons on the left side of the page. Select an add-on from the list.
  5. You will see a list of available languages. Select your own language from the list.
  6. If the language is already 100% translated, jump to step 11. Step 7-10 is required if the language is not translated yet.
  7. After selecting language, you will see a list of available strings that need to be translated.
  8. Select the string and start to translate.
  9. Translate or modify the existing string if required.
  10. After completing translation, you will need to export the translation file.
  11. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will find a Export Link.
  12. You have download two important files.
  13. First, select Only Matching the Filter from the first drop-down menu beside the Export link.
  14. Next, select Portable Object Message Catalog (.po).
  15. Now click on the Export link. This will download a .po file to your computer.
  16. For the second file, select Machine Object Message Catalog (.mo) from the drop-down menu and click Export again. This will download a .mo file to your computer.

Please Note!

You have rename the .mo file according to this format: pluginname-languagecode_countrycode.mo 

For example, dokan-live-search-fr_FR.mo or dokan-export-import-en_US.mo

Here is a list of the plugin name you have to replace while renaming the .mo or .po file.

  1. Dokan export Import = dpi_plugin-languagecode_countrycode.po/mo
  2. Dokan Invoice = dokan-invoice-languagecode_countrycode.po/mo
  3. Ajax Live Search = dokan_ls-languagecode_countrycode.po/mo
  4. Seller Vacation = dokan_sv-languagecode_countrycode.po/mo
  5. Product Inquiry = dokan-languagecode_countrycode.po/mo
  6. Duplicate Product = dokan-languagecode_countrycode.po/mo
  7. Dokan Subscription = dps-languagecode_countrycode.po/mo
  8. Dokan PayPal Adaptive  = dokan-paypal-ap-languagecode_countrycode.po/mo
  9. Dokan Store Review  = dokan-store-review-languagecode_countrycode.po/mo
  10. Dokan Simple Auction  = dokan-auction-languagecode_countrycode.po/mo
  11. Dokan Store Support  = dokan-store-support-languagecode_countrycode.po/mo
  12. Dokan WC Booking  = dokan-wc-booking-languagecode_countrycode.po/mo

Finally, you will have to-

  • go to wp-admin -> Settings -> General and scroll to the bottom.
  • You will get to see a drop down menu for languages. Choose your language from there (like, en_Es for Spanish) and save.

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