Creating Brands For Online Store

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Dokan Pro included a useful feature where vendors can set a brand for their products from an existing Brand list. And the interesting part is vendor could only set the brand created by the admin.


Before you start creating brands, let's check out the requirements below:-

How Admin Will Create Brands

First of all, you will need to login to the WP Admin Dashboard > Products > Brands.

Create Brand for Online Store

After that, you will have to fill out the fields, select a parent brand (optional), upload or add image.

Creating Brands

Finally, hit the “Add New Brand” button to create the brand. You will be able to see the brand you just created.

Finalize Brand Setup

If you create multiple brands, they will appear in a vertical list:

Dokan Brands

How the Vendors Will Set the Brands?

The vendors can only set brands from a list of already created brands by admin.

Adding Brand for a New Product

As a vendor, to set brands for a product you have to go to his/her Dashboard > Products.

Create Brand for Online Store

Next, click on add new product:

brand for Vendors

Then, you will get the options to add brand with all other options while creating a product.

Create Brand for Online Store

Select the Brand name from the dropdown menu:

Create Brand for Online Store

Finally, hit the “Create Product” button to finish adding the brand.

Adding Brand for an Existing Product

To add brand for an already existing product, go to your products > select the edit option from a product by hovering the mouse pointer on it.

Create Brand for Online Store

After that, scroll down to get to the Brand option:

Create Brand for Online Store

Now, select the brand for your product and click the Save Product button.

That's all about Branding.