Managing Vendor’s Selling Capabilities

Dokan is the best Multivendor Marketplace for WordPress. You can easily manage thousands of vendors and get commissions from their sales. In this doc, we will discuss the selling capabilities of vendors, how admins can enable or disable it and how to set vendor commission.

Selling Capability

At first, you need to activate your vendors' selling capabilities so that they can start selling on your marketplace. To do so, Navigate to –

WP-Admin → Dokan → Vendors

You will find the vendor list. On the right side of every name, you will find a toggle button as shown below. Simply turn on the button to make a user active or turn it off to make a user inactive. It will automatically enable or disable their selling capabilities.

The filters above categorize your vendors. Simply click on them and you will be able to see the list of all Approved vendor requests and all Pending requests.

You can also view your vendors' Products and Orders from the Username column. Similarly, you can easily change their selling capabilities and remove their permission.

Vendor Commission

You can set vendor commission for your marketplace depending on many things. In this doc, we will focus on the global commission for your vendors. You can read about different types of vendor commission from here.

To define the vendor commission for your vendor, navigate to – WP-Admin→Dokan→Settings→Selling Options Tab then choose the Commission Type, then Admin Commission.

Product Publish Status

You can easily define whether the new product will publish directly or will go to Review first. To do this Navigate to

WP-Admin→Dokan→Settings→Selling Options Tab, then “New Product Status”.

Trusted Vendors

You can give the extra opportunity to your Trusted Vendors to add a product directly without pending! To do this, you need to navigate WP-Admin→Dokan→ Vendors. Then go to any vendor's profile by clicking the username or go to WP-Admin→Users then edit the user profile.

Go to the end of the profile,  you will find the “Publish product directly” option, just enable this option!! Now your Trusted Vendor is ready to Publish Product Directly.

Seller Listing

To see the list of all registered Vendors, you need to navigate WP-Admin→Users→All Users.

From here, you can get a bird's eye view of your vendors. You can easily learn about their store name, email address, number of products, earnings, balance, contact information and also their selling capabilities. You can also view their user rolesAdministrator, Customer, and Vendor. And also view the full lists of users categorized with filters.