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Seller announcement is a really important feature when you need to communicate with all your sellers. Seller announcement goes to right into the sellers dashboard. We are also working on sending email notifications for announcements.

Create Announcement

Announcement location

You can create new announcement from wp-admin -> Dokan -> Announcement. Its as simple as creating as a post. You just have one extra option to define the visibility.

You can choose all sellers. Or you can choose “selected sellers” and search for your desired sellers assign the announcement to them.

select sellers announce option

Seller view in frontend

After successfully publishing the announcement, your assigned sellers will be able to see the announcement on their dashboard page.

latest announcement

Each of the notification titles are clickable. Clicking on the announcement title will take the seller to the details of the announcement. The seller can also click on the “See All” link to see all the announcement altogether in a page.

Schedule an announcement

Sometimes you can be super busy as an admin and you might want to schedule an announcement which will be published later and notify the sellers. As the announcement feature of Dokan is a custom post type and you can always schedule a post in the same way as you do with regular posts.

Just click on the top right widget “Publishing” while creating the announcement. You will see an option named Published and and should be set to “Immediately”. You can change that to any date and any time. Just click on Edit and set the time and date you want to notify your sellers.

But remember, this has to be done before publishing the announcement. It can not be scheduled after publishing.

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