Dokan Changelog

==v3.1.4 Jan 11, 2021==

 update: Added disconnect button on dokan admin setting and some issues fixed on vendor analytics
* update: Product add-on module template override does not work
* update: Changed social login sign in URL from dokan_reg to vendor_social_reg on query param
* fix: Import option allows vendors to create categories
* fix: If admin commission for flat type commission is set to zero it was showing not set
* fix: Text-domain missing on confirmation alert
* fix: Default attribute was not displaying when variation product edit form vendor dashboard
* fix: Vendor details admin commission label changed on the admin area
* fix: Fixed vendor staff was not receiving new order email issue
* fix: Fixed Variations was not saving correctly
* fix: Fixed store support form showing wrong with Elementor
* fix: Replaced WP SEO deprecated functions
* fix: Fixed product location mismatch if created from admin
* fix: Vendor verification image breaks after upload and the uploaded file is not accessible
* fix: Auction product SKU is not updating or saving
* fix: Single Product Multiple Vendor redirection for auction and booking type product
* fix: Updated stripe codebase and fixed some issues with Stripe modules
* fix: Responsive dashboard product and order table
* fix: Removed addon validation for Dokan Subscription product
* fix: Vendor updates other vendor product if SKU/ID is same, instead of creating a new product for requesting vendor
* fix: Make product status draft after a vendor/admin immediately cancels their subscriptions

==v3.1.3 Dec 20, 2020==

- [update] WireCard: Added tax/discount for Vendor Subscriptions, previously only actual product price was sent to API
- [update] WireCard: Added a new exception if vendor account is not linked with wire card, now the user will get proper error messages instead of Something went wrong
- [fix] Refund and announcement listing loading problem and text-domain issue fixed
- [fix] Booking addon options are missing on the Booking type product edit panel
- [fix] Variable product image upload when yoast seo plugin is active
- [fix] Added tax fields for vendor subscription type product, previously users weren't able to select tax for vendor subscription products
- [fix] Translation support for list tables on Dokan admin pages
- [fix] Booking simple product changes to virtual product
- [fix] Fixed Dokan Stripe 3ds recurring issue with vendor subscription products
- [fix] Dokan order discount mismatch when recalculate from admin panel order details page
- [fix] Fixed cart coupon option disabled for multi vendors
- [fix] WireCard: added some new exceptions to display formatted errors to users
- [fix] WireCard: Fixed product pack end date for vendor subscription, previously this was causing subscription to get canceled automatically before subscriptions actual end date
- [fix] WireCard: Fixed decimal issues on product price, this was causing API error due to mismatch order total
- [fix] WireCard: Removed rmccue/requests library from vendor folder, WordPress already has this library pre installed. This was causing a fatal error on some installations
- [fix] Limit your zone selected by default when zone created with a country
- [fix] Disallow direct access vendor verification uploaded documents folder
- [fix] Fixed Dokan Stripe resource missing api error for empty source provided via api call

==v3.1.2 Dec 01, 2020==

- [fix] Vendor gets error while purchasing normal product with PayPal in checkout page
- [fix] Single product multi vendor products showing others vendor area issue when SPMV product duplicated
- [fix] Admin commission set 0 by default when create/update vendor form admin area
- [fix] Enable vacation mode is hiding products from vendor dashboard, vendor not able to see the products
- [fix] Vendor staff not able to add/edit any product on vendor dashboard, also fixed capabilities issue and improve code standard
- [fix] Vendor shipping settings page showing JS error issue when try to add/update any shipping zone
- [fix] Update vendor review REST API and fixed some errors
- [fix] SMS verification error message translation not available
- [fix] SMS verification error handling for vendors
- [fix] Booking product virtual option not saving while 1st time create form vendor dashboard
- [fix] Coupon minimum amount not working with variation products issue fixed
- [fix] Vendor product addon appears in every product in marketplace when that vendor logged in
- [fix] Product wise Commission is not working in subscription product on admin area product edit page
- [fix] Report CSV header mismatch issue fixed
- [fix] Stripe Dashboard does not show the price including the tax for vendors
- [fix] SKU data not importing when CSV import on vendor dashboard
- [fix] Booking single day no data showing, responsiveness issue fixes form vendor dashboard booking details page
- [fix] Product SEO default meta description removed from vendor dashboard product edit page
- [fix] Check product pack end date before cancelling vendor subscriptions
- [fix] Downloads files showing multiple entries when have suborder
- [fix] Variable product showing extra fields when subscription type product update from vendor dashboard
- [fix] Bookable Product: Booking by day view which is missing in Booking calendar.
- [fix] If the processing fee is not 0 and if the dokan_gateway_fee_paid_by meta is blank then the processing fee is paid by the admin.

==v3.1.1 -> Nov 16, 2020==

- [Fix] Stripe Refactor
- [fix] Customer subscription cancel status not showing for vendor
- [fix] Wholesale product checkbox not working when product status pending
- [fix] Product wise commission not working comma decimal issue fixed
- [fix] Dokan modules section active/inactive issue
- [fix] Product addon select field not saving when price field blank
- [fix] PHP 5.6 Compatibility, **update: required minimum php version is set to 7.0.0
- [fix] Duplicate product not working when try any product duplicate
- [fix] Fixed translation issue for Dokan pro
- [fix] Modules url changes on module title and image in Dokan admin
- [fix] Dokan booking calendar only shows one booking on a single day

== v3.1.0-> 20 October, 2020 ==

- [new] Vendor Analytics
- [new] Live search with autocomplete list
- [update] Refactor and fix stripe connect module
- [fix] Add gateway fee payee indicator in admin report logs
- [fix] Booking confirmation not working when trying to confirm it from the booking list
- [fix] Text domain fix on export and import fix
- [fix] Activate only available modules during plugin activation
- [fix] Product type not changing to grouped
- [fix] Branding issue on Dokan seller search on store list page
- [fix] Vendor earning in order details after the refund
- [fix] Vendor export statement in report
- [fix] Remove external product type from subscription allowed product types
- [fix] Subscription product price not saving when WC auction plugin active
- [fix] Featured sellers showing more than limit
- [fix] Product tags search not working properly on quick edit area
- [fix] Text domain issue when report abuse delete in js end
- [fix] JS console error fixed on report abuse module edit product page
- [fix] Text domain missing on Wholesale module
- [fix] Subscription plan page design broken when different language use
- [fix] Vendor product csv import ui issue
- [fix] Dokan Pro core email template locations
- [fix] Store default geolocation when creating product first time
- [fix] Coupon product and exclude product field move to search select with variations
- [fix] Missing report header in csv
- [fix] Missing translation string for Dokan Subscription module
- [fix] Product variation toggle issue, variation downloadable file delete issue
- [fix] Product inquiry email spelling mistake
- [fix] Vendor can modify other vendor product
- [fix] Multi vendor duplicate SKU
- [fix] Vendor not getting email confirmation
- [fix] Can not quick update products when product limit reached
- [fix] Product addons vendor staff vendor view
- [fix] CSV import feature column to false if not admin
- [fix] Export wholesale column missing
- [fix] Edited product status not working properly
- [fix] Simple subscription layout break when vendor subscription active
- [fix] Product add-on type File upload does not show the file on vendor order
- [fix] Auction start,end field disable from keyboard
- [fix] Announcements week days to month
- [fix] Product discount price scheduled issue
- [fix] Import restriction on subscription category
- [fix] Wholesale customer registration email to admin
- [fix] Report custom date not working for daily sales & statements
- [fix] New refund request email not sending to admin
- [fix] WooCommerce deprecated function changes
- [fix] Refund issue with decimal formatting number order total

== v3.0.8-> 4th Sept, 2020 ==

- [fix] Shipping data updater issue fixed
- [fix] Subscription type product is not in the `Product Type` list

== v3.0.7-> 2nd Sept, 2020 ==

- [fix] Refactor Product SEO
- [fix] Shipping continent issues
- [fix] Global multiple zone conflict issue in shipping
- [fix] Paypal gateway fee not showing when products purchase by multi vendor
- [fix] CSV import not working cause of JS error 
- [fix] Product addon conflicting with WC booking
- [fix] Long tags listing issue fixed on product quick edit area
- [fix] Wrong text domain on store support email templates
- [fix] Vendor getting duplicate booking email
- [fix] JS conflicting issue on product addon module
- [fix] Spelling mistake fixed on vendor subscription module
- [fix] Store review author name show display name if exits
- [fix] Yoast SEO plugin some hooks changed
- [fix] Update Vendor Analytics module logo and primary metrics key
- [fix] Store category resets after updating store Payment details
- [fix] Automatic save zone location data during method add, edit and delete
- [fix] Product type not saving with product addon module
- [fix] RMA request delete by vendor and change text-domain
- [fix] Add missing permission callback in REST routes to make WP 5.5 compatible

v3.0.6 ->23 july, 2020

[fix] Shipping Issue with some different postcode with same zone

v 3.0.5 -> 22 July, 2020

- [feat] Decimal and Thousand Separator with Comma
- [feat] Gateway Fee, Total Shipping and Total Tax 3 new columns added on all logs
- [feat] Gallery image restriction count for vendor subscription module
- [fix] Stripe token issue fixed
- [fix] Shipping Issue with Same Country Multiple Zones
- [fix] Vendor product subscriptions not working with stripe connect
- [fix] Dokan Stripe conflicting with other payment methods when only enable it
- [fix] Add cart validation when try to add multiple subscriptions products
- [fix] When subscriptions product payment complete then active status update
- [fix] Subscription module image gallery restriction added for product edit
- [fix] Vendor subscription conflict with WooCommerce subscription in admin edit product page
- [fix] Fix loading active modules
- [fix] Now gateway fee subtract from admin commission value and make it separate column on all logs
- [fix] When try to add new card number in my account page on payment methods tab then it not worked
- [fix] Coupon and auction module pricing issues
- [fix] Gateway fee minus from admin commission earning
- [fix] Fatal error showing on refund request when RMA enable
- [fix] Fatal error when place an order note by vendor staff

v 3.0.4-> June 19, 2020

- [fix] Stripe Module add 2 requires options must need to add stripe credential and SSL
- [fix] Stripe Module added 2 notices for add stripe credentials and another for SSL activation
- [fix] Geolocation auto set same as store when product update from admin
- [fix] Add text Shipping Policies link after gear icon on vendor shipping setting page
- [fix] Text domain missing on email verification notice

v 3.0.3-> June 16,2020

- [new] Add Facebook Messenger to Dokan live chat (Live Chat)
- [improvement] Stripe Connect Module rearrange and refactor (Stripe Connect)
- [improvement] Vendor Subscription Module rearrange and refactor (Vendor Subscription)
- [fix] The minimum amount for discount coupon not working from vendor dashboard
- [fix] Store review not working if verified owner option is checked (Store Reviews)
- [fix] Dokan Sellers Sitemap XML file showing 404
- [fix] Shipping is showing for both vendors even if one of them sales digital product with no shipping
- [fix] Check if Dokan lite exists to avoid fatal error on Dokan pro installation is fixed
- [fix] Currency positioning for subscription product
- [fix] Shipping tax calculates wrong for sub orders
- [fix] Error When request a Refund and WooCommerce Product Addon plugin active (Refund with WooCommerce Product Addon)
- [fix] Error on RMA module if product not found (Return and Warranty Request)
- [fix] When multiple refund then commission value showing minus
- [fix] Remove get_current_screen function from vendor subscription product module (Vendor Subscription Product)
- [fix] Vendor dashboard product export showing fatal error (Vendor Product Importer and Exporter)
- [fix] Undefined index issue fixed on Geolocation module (Geolocation)
- [fix] Throw exception if source is not valid

v3.0.2 -> April 20, 2020

- [new] Vendor Subscription Product Module (WooCommerce Subscriptions Integration)
- [fix] JS error in backend report abuse page (Report Abuse)
- [fix] Use proper hook to load Brands functionalities
- [fix] Retrieve the raw postcode as it was saved to database to get the correct zipcode
- [fix] Live chat showing fatal error when using with elementor (Elementor)
- [fix] Vendor biography tab not showing in store page which is designed with elementor (Elementor)
- [fix] Fatal error and calendar issue in frontend booking page (Booking)
- [fix] Vendor disable email does not work and the vendor enables email is send twice
- [fix] Change cpf input field to text as cpf could be alphanumeric (Wirecard)
- [fix] Elementor store templates is not inserting on stroe page (Elementor)
- [fix] When import XML file then showing fatal error issue fixed (Export Import)
- [fix] Conflict with Yoast SEO sitemap file
- [fix] Remove google plus account as it's no longer supported
- [fix] Follow button is not showing on elementor store template (Elementor)
- [fix] Add missing subscription code while creating subscription product (Subscription)
- [fix] Add missing vendor verification widget code (Subscription)
- [fix] When store listing page set as frontpage, category search does not work
- [fix] Add missing vendor verification widget code (Subscription)
- [fix] Unable to refund order from both backend and frontend if item total is not set
- [fix] Single product multi vendor shows duplicate products in category page when its explicitly stated not to show

v3.0.0 -> March 25, 2020

-[fix] Outdated template warning on vendor migration page
- [fix] Undefined variable warning while adding a new product addon (Porduct Addons)
- [fix] When vendor access the backend, he can see the dokan menu due to store review permission issue (Store Review)
- [fix] Remove required fields attributes on product edit page ( Product Addons)
- [fix] Store progressbar is not updating when vendor save stripe or wirecard payment method (Stipre & Wirecard)
- [fix] Customer can place order from sellers who are on vacation (Seller Vacation)
- [fix] Prevent duplicate order creation on stripe 3ds checkout (Stripe)
- [fix] Exporting Google Map MarkerClusterer (Geolocation)
- [fix] Active and inactve social profile in vendor single page
- [fix] Various typos on different pages
- [fix] Make vendor staff permissions label translatable (Vendor Staff)
- [fix] Product review pagination is not working correctly (Vendor Staff)
- [fix] MAP on the store listing page is not showing if Google API key field is empty but Mapbox (Geolocation)
- [fix] Modifying the product from the Admin backend reverts the product location to `same as store` (Geolocation)
- [fix] If admin has earning from an order, only then refund application fee (Stripe)
- [feat] Brand support for single product multivendor and normal clone products (SPMV)
- [improvement] Add documentation link for modules in admin module page
- [improvement] Make store support template overridable (Store Support)
- [improvement] Plugin build process and add script to upload built zips on BitBucket
- [improvement] Overall code structure and performance

v2.9.19 -> February 3, 2020

- [fix] Attach vendor id while exporting product variations (Import Export)
- [fix] Elementor get template filte (Elementor)
- [fix] Add template overwriting support in product addon module (Product Addon)
- [fix] Wrong order total in stripe payment for Yen
- [fix] Geolocation module has api key checking function (Geolocation)
- [fix] Wildcard shipping for multiple vendor
- [fix] Report abouse menu permisssion issues
- [fix] Add distinct clause to store category query to remove duplicate items
- [fix] Make product status pending while duplicating product as a inactive vendor
- [fix] Enabling proxy bidding by default option is not taking effect on the frontend (Auction)
- [fix] If product_id is matched with another vendor's product_id while importing product via csv, create a new product instead of overriding another vendors's product (Import Export)
- [fix] Product addon templeting issues (Product Addon)
- [fix] Add inclusive tax support for RMA (RMA)
- [fix] Set default commission type when commission type is not selected in backend vendor profile
- [Improvement] Store listing filter styles so that it works almost any theme
- [Improvement] Subscription installment count issue for paypal (Subscription)

v2.9.18 -> January 15, 2020

 - [fix] JS loading issue 

v2.9.17 -> January 09, 2020

 [new] Mapbox support for geolocation (Geolocation)
- [new] Add store filtering option in store listing page
- [new] Add stock management for auction product (Auction)
- [new] Add RMA support for bookable product (RMA)
- [fix] Same region shipping zones conflicts
- [fix] If vendor disable a zone, remove it from the search result
- [fix] Update linkedin API to version 2.0 (Social Login)
- [fix] Selected category get deselected in the geolocation category filter (Geolocation)
- [fix] Remove store reviews menu from WordPress backend (Store Review)
- [fix] Typo in filter hook definition
- [fix] Add product addon module thumbnail (Product Addon)
- [fix] Make support-tickets template overridable and remove deprecated warning (Store Support)
- [fix] Set default vacation message and vacation date issue (Seller Vacation)
- [fix] Check if PyaPal payment gateway is enabled before using it (Subscription)
- [fix] Warranty add on price is not being applied to the variable product (RMA)
- [fix] The vendor report statement does not work if the date format is not y/m/d
- [fix] If subscription on registration option is enabled the verification email is not working for customer
- [fix] If a vendor is not connected to stripe, don’t deduct his withdraw balance (Stripe Connect)
- [fix] Update Stripe SDK to make it compatible with PHP v7.4 (Stripe Connect)

v2.9.16 -> December 05, 2019

-[Feature] WooCommerce product addon integration with dokan
-[Enhencement] Extend vendor review system (admin should have permission to view and edit)
-[Fix] Single product multiple vendor is still showing multiple product on the category page
-[Fix] Stripe throws warning for the expired saved cards

v2.9.15 -> November 19, 2019

- [new] Add Dokan Shortcode gutenberg block.
- [new] Add single seller mode option.
- [new] Show warranty policy tab in single product page. (RMA)
- [fix] Select all product while creating coupon doesn't work when there are thousands of products.
- [fix] After changing the date format from the wordpress settings, the exported csv reports is blank.
- [fix] Add shipping, tax and discount data in staff order email. (Vendor Staff)
- [fix] When store-listing page is set to home page, geolocaion search redirect to wrong page. (Geolocation)
- [fix] When a product is get deleted by admin, an error notice is shown on RMA request. (RMA)
- [fix] Remove bitcoin settings options, as it's no longer supported by stripe. (Stripe Connect)
- [fix] If stripe connect payment gateway is disabled, don't execute it's code. (Stripe Connect)
- [fix] Vendor verifiation with social media account is not working correctly. (Vendor Verification)
- [fix] Same day bookings overlap in calendar view in vendor dashboard. (Bookings)
- [fix] Hide ended and won auction products in vendor store page if admin wants to. (Auctions)
- [fix] An warning is thrown on single product multivendor tab. (SPMV)
- [fix] Send auction finished email to admin and vendor. (SPMV)
- [fix] When a vendor wants to sell orther vendor's bookable product it redirects to wrong page. (SPMV)
- [fix] Variable product Import issue when 'pending review after edit' is enabled. (SPMV)
- [fix] Remove coupon category option for vendor as it's confusing to them. (SPMV)
- [fix] Existing category commission edit does not take float number.
- [fix] Make both (flat and percentage) field required for combine commission.
- [fix] Typo in rma, email verification and product enquiry template.
- [fix] Report abuse popup is not working on single product page. (Report Abuse)
- [fix] When a paginated link is visited on dokan backend all logs, other filtering query gets deleted.
- [fix] Vendor can change product review status from vendor dashboard doesn't work as expected. (Store Review)
- [fix] Warranty add-on price is not being applied on variable products. (RMA)
- [improvement] Dokan_Shipping_Zone::get_zone_id_by_postcode() method so that it returns correct shipping zone.

v2.9.14 -> October 2, 2019

- [new]  Add combine commission (Percentage + Fixed).
- [fix]  Add support for vendor biography in Elementor builder (Elementor).
- [fix]  Admin is only able to add 10 categories for a store in admin backend.
- [fix]  Vendor verification widget doesn't show up in the store page.
- [fix]  There was a typo in store banner height.
- [fix]  Stripe 3DS was only accepting US currency and ignoring others.
- [fix]  Exclude auction product from the vendor store page if auction product is ended.
- [fix]  Vacation mode is not making the product offline (Seller Vacation).
- [fix]  Assigning a new product to a vendor from admin backend doesn't show up in the shop page.
- [fix]  Plugin updater menu doesn't shop up even in the live server.
- [fix]  Vendor shipping method is not working for long zip code like (111123-2039) for brazil.
- [fix]  Remove vendor earning from all logs if it's subscription product. (Subscription)
- [fix]  Vendor email address is not showing up in stripe dashboard for subscription. (Stripe Connect).
- [fix]  Subscription renew issue with stripe (Stripe Connect).
- [fix]  Geolocation default latitude longitude doesn't change (Geolocation).
- [fix]  Apply coupon on stripe subscription if there is any (Stripe Connect).
- [fix]  Store support doesn't show full conversation (Store Support).

v2.9.13 -> August 29, 2019

- [new]   Add scheduled announcement option for admin.
- [new]   Add identity verification and unread message count in live chat (Live Chat Module).
- [new]   Add admin defined location on Geolocation map to be shown instead of default `Dhaka, Bangladesh` when there is no vendor or product found (Geolocation Module).
- [fix]   Guest user is unable to checkout with stripe (Stripe Module).
- [fix]   Add ca-certificate file to allow certificate verification of stripe SSL (Stripe Module).
- [fix]   If variable product is created by admin for a vendor, vendor shipping method doesn't work.
- [fix]   Product lot discount is getting applied on sub-orders even though discount is disabled.
- [fix]   Wholesale price minimum quantity calculation is not correct (Wholesale Module).
- [fix]   Social login facility is missing in the registration form which is created via vendor-registration shortcode.
- [fix]   Show error notice when admin tries to process refund from the parent order.
- [fix]   Allow geolocation template to be override from the child theme (Geolocation Module).
- [fix]   Use the new WC_Tax class to fetch tax classes when its available.
- [fix]   Set default bank payment object if it's not found from the API response.

v2.9.12 -> August 09, 2019

- [new]   Add stripe 3D secure and strong customer authentication (Stripe Connect Module)
- [new]   Add subscription pack upgrade downgrade option for vendors (Subscription Module)
- [new]   Add wholesale options in the admin backend (Wholesale Module)
- [new]   Add support for vendor verification widget (Elementor Module)
- [fix]   WordPress backend date format while printing date in coupon and announcement
- [fix]   Attach product discount in order details
- [fix]   Coupon discount type changes on coupon edit
- [fix]   If subscription on registration enabled ignore email verification (Subscription Module)
- [fix]   Refund calculation is wrong when it's done from the admin backend
- [fix]   Product variations are not creating from imported CSV
- [tweak] Always return response headers even if no wholesale customers found (Wholesale Module)
- [tweak] Return more detailed error message for Wirecard and Stripe
- [tweak] Dokan admin settings rearrange and refactor

v2.9.10 -> June 19, 2019

- [new] Add vendor biography tab in dokan store page
- [new] Add filter and search option in admin report all logs area
- [new] Add multiple vacation date system for vendor
- [fix] Validate refund request in seller dashboard
- [fix] Split product discount on sub orders
- [fix] Ensure coupon works on vendors product not the cart
- [fix] Replace some moip text with wirecard (Wirecard)
- [fix] Remove subscription product from best selling and top rated product widget (Subscription)
- [fix] Booking is missing in calendar day view (Booking)
- [fix] Booking order shows duplicate line items in admin backend (Booking)
- [fix] Warning on my account order details page (RMA)
- [fix] Subscription renew and cancellation with PayPal (Subscription)
- [fix] Remove subscription menu in admin backend if subscription is not enabled (Subscription)
- [tweak] Store progress serialization and congrats message on 100% profile completeness

v2.9.9 -> May 15, 2019

- [fix] Make coupon strings translatable
- [fix] Make product status draft when vendors remaining product is zero (Subscription)
- [fix] Vendor can duplicate product more than the subscription product limit (Subscription)
- [tweak] Add thumbnail and description of report abuse module
- [tweak] Refactor social login and vendor verification module
- [tweak] Rename Moip to Wirecard payment gateway

v2.9.8 -> May 7, 2019

- [new] Add Report Abuse for customer (Module)
- [new] Allow adding new vendor from the admin backend
- [new] Add restricted days functionality in dokan booking (Booking)
- [new] Enable SPMV for admins to duplicate products from admin panel (Single Product Multi Vendor)
- [fix] Prevent sending REST request when feature is not active (Store Category)
- [fix] Fix store category list table search form (Store Category)
- [fix] Make Auction Integration module compatible (Geolocation)
- [fix] Vendor store settings uniform class names
- [fix] There is no order id in booking order (Booking)
- [fix] Localize auction date time picker (Acuction)
- [fix] RMA Warranty Request is appearning even though the customer wans't (RMA)
- [fix] Subscription form is rendering twice in registration form (Vendor Subscription)
- [fix] Cancel subscription doesn't work for manually assigned subscription (Vendor Subscription)
- [fix] Subscription is redirecting to seller setup wizard even for previous user and upgrading package (Vendor Subscription)
- [fix] Add wilecard and range matching for vendor shipping zone
- [fix] Product attributes with different language other than english was rendering incorrectly
- [fix] There are two dashboard when vendor staff module is active (Vendor Staff)
- [fix] This seller is not connected to stripe notice is appearing for subscription product (Stripe)
- [fix] While creating subscription from plan, inherit trial details from plan (Vendor Subscription)
- [fix] Conflict between social login & vendor verification with sessions (Social Login & Vendor Verification)
- [tweak] Add hook in product editing form (Booking)
- [tweak] Make delay while searching vendor in backend report page
- [tweak] Sanitize various input fields (Store Support, Store Review & RMA)
- [tweak] Show column title in exported CSV logs (Report All Logs)
- [tweak] Subscription handeling with paypal (Vendor Subscription)
- [tweak] Replace get_woocommerce_term_meta with get_term_meta as it was deprecated
- [tweak] Define constants variables in the constructor method so that it works on module activation

v2.9.7 -> Mar 25, 2019

- [new] Add Store Category
- [new] Make Dokan YITH WC Brand add-on compatible (Brand)
- [new] Add date and refund column in admin logs area
- [new] Change product status according to subscription status (Subscriptions)
- [fix] Show button for non logged-in user (Follow Store)
- [fix] Only show force SSL notice if, site is not under https
- [fix] Any change with quick edit makes pending product to publish
- [fix] Number_format for store rating (Store Review)
- [fix] Store tab button classes for logged and non logged in users (Live Chat)
- [fix] Send refund admin commission to customer (Stripe Connect)
- [fix] Error on subscription cancellation email (Subscriptions)
- [fix] Booking compatibility issue with the latest version of WC booking (Booking)
- [fix] Get store terms conflict with caching
- [fix] CSV report formatting issue in all log section (Admin Backend)
- [fix] Filter form for empty search param (Geolocation)
- [fix] Return rma defaults reasons and added hook after create coupon (RMA)
- [fix] Add max trial subscription period length for PayPal (Subscriptions)
- [fix] When a vendor subscribe to a trial subscription, make all other trial to non-trial subscription for that vendor (Subscriptions)
- [fix] Add email class for product enquiry email (Product Enquiry)
- [fix] Progressbar translation function is not working correctly
- [fix] If admin creates a shipping zone with a zip code and vendor don't create a shipping method under that zone, shipping calculation is getting wrong.
- [fix] Update social login and vendor verification API

v2.9.6 -> Feb 20, 2019

- [fix] Add csv export functionality for all log in backend dashboard report section
- [fix] Fix js compiling issues
- [fix] Fix backend report routing isssue

v2.9.5 -> Feb 18, 2019


- [new] Automate order refund process via stripe
- [new] Add create review REST endpoint (Store Review Module)
- [new] Add trial subscription functionality in (Subscription Module)
- [new] Add product type & gallery image upload restriction in vendor subscription (Subscription Module)
- [new] Show privacy policy info in a product enquiry form
- [new] Send an email to a vendor on store follows and unfollows
- [fix] Incorrect shipping zone in cart page, when a vendor limit his zone with postcode
- [fix] Store SEO time formatting issue on Google console
- [fix] Unable to select country or state in vendor shipping
- [fix] Unable to send an announcement to a single vendor
- [fix] Import export module does not allow to update an existing product (Import Export Module)
- [fix] Format geo metadata while importing from CSV (Geolocation Module)
- [fix] Remove unnecessary quote from a template (geolocation Module)
- [fix] Store support button appears even after disabling it from vendor dashboard
- [fix] Warning on customer my-order page (RMA Module)
- [fix] Customer is unable to ask for support throw Store Support form (Store Support Module)
- [fix] Product status changes even the vendor has the ability to publish product directly
- [fix] Show default vendor profile progress message in vendor dashboard
- [fix] Admin report logs calculation issue is fixed in admin dashboard
- [fix] Unable to save product wise commission to 0
- [fix] Product description and the short description is getting deleted on quick edit
- [fix] if zone id is not found in vendor's available zone id, assume it falls under Locations not covered by your other zones
- [fix] When an admin sends an announcement to all the vendors, newly registered vendors sees "no notice found"
- [tweak] Refund calculation process in the RMA module

v2.9.4 -> January 23, 2019

- [new] Wholesale Module ( Business and Enterprise package )
- [new] Return and Warranty(RMA) Module ( Professional, Business and Enterprise package )
- [new] Send subscription canceled email to admin (Subscription Module)
- [new] Add unlimited products option for vendor subscription packs (Subscription Module)
- [fix] Color customizer is not working on store listing & my-account page (Color Customizer Module)
- [fix] Default pages are not creating correctly
- [fix] Show seller is not enable warning message in vendor product quick edit page
- [fix] Vendor is unable to connect their account to Moip (Moip Module)
- [fix] Map address input in product editor form & showing location in widget map (Geolocation Module)
- [tweak] Rewrite admin report page in vue js
- [tweak] Show an alert message when vendor tries to set product geolocation same as store but store has no geodata (Geolocation Module)

v2.9.3 -> December 18, 2018

- [new] Add ShipStation module(Business, Enterprise)
- [new] Add Follow Store module ( Professional, Business, Enterprise )
- [new] Add Quick edit option for product in vendor dashboard
- [tweak] Rewrite admin tools page in vue js
- [tweak] Rewrite admin subscription page in vue js
- [tweak] Remove delete option for approved refund request in the admin backend
- [fix] Show filter form and map in product category pages (geolocation module)
- [fix] Markercluster popup show when multiple item have same location (geolocation module)
- [fix] Fatal error in vendor product edit page
- [fix] Add per product commission option for bookable product
- [fix] Vendor orders are not showing in the admin backend properly
- [fix] Increase stock ammount if the product is refunded
- [fix] Add searching option in dokan vendor and refund page
- [fix] Show correct commission type in dokan single vendor page
- [fix] Remove old shipping settings from seller setup wizard
- [fix] Refund calculation is wrong when vendor is the shipping fee recipient
- [fix] Auction product editing issue in vendor dashboard
- [fix] Moip CPF Number is not getting translated (moip module)
- [fix] Seller setup wizard doesn't show up when registered using a subscription pack
- [fix] Booking product category restriction for subscription pack is not working
- [fix] Approving batch refund is not working in admin backend
- [fix] Progress values are not getting translated in vendor dashboard
- [fix] Geo product location widget is not working in the single product page (geolocation module)

v2.9.2 -> November 09, 2018

- [new] Added zoom level settings in geolocation module
- [new] Added shipping policy and processing time settings in zone wise shipping
- [new] Added rest API support for store review post type
- [fix] Show tax on bookable product
- [fix] Admin is unable to enter in admin dashboard in network site
- [fix] Unable to override seller setup wizard button color with color module
- [fix] Currency symbol is broken in dokan admin backend
- [fix] Allow vendor to import only allowed number of products
- [fix] Product and order discount for vendor is not working
- [fix] Shipping class is not saving for bookable product
- [tweak] Allow child to theme to override order templates

v2.9.1 -> October 15, 2018

- [tweak] Allow customers to purchase from non-connected sellers with stripe
- [fix] Allow vendor to create their own tags
- [fix] Subscription issue for vendor staff
- [fix] Booking date format
- [fix] Booking order issue when order is created by admin
- [fix] Store SEO warning

v2.9.0 -> October 03,2018

- [new] Add Geolocation module ( Business & Enterprise Package )
- [new] Add Moip payment gateway module ( Professional, Business & Enterprise Package )
- [new] Allow vendor to add product tag from vendor dashboard
- [new] Allow admin to verify a vendor from the backend and add send email again functionalities
- [new] Send new order email to vendor staff
- [new] Make dokan admin backend pages responsive
- [tweak] Upload vendor verification data to separate folder
- [tweak] Replace all dir constant to dirname function
- [tweak] Refund calculation for admin and vendor
- [tweak] Dokan rebuild order table functionality
- [fix] Subscription product shouldn't be listed on vendor product listing page
- [fix] Unable to save category for a subscription product
- [fix] Exporting product from admin panel issue
- [fix] Send approved refund request email to vendor
- [fix] Disable creating new product if a vendor is not subscribed to any package
- [fix] Stripe payment gateway is still available in vendor dashboard even if it's turned off
- [fix] Store support widget is not showing in backend widget page
- [fix] Variation API schema added in dokan rest API
- [fix] Shipping zone is not working correctly
- [fix] Unable to buy subscription pack using stripe connect
- [fix] Allow the shop manager to change user subscription from the backend
- [fix] Image and hyperlink in the announcement body do not reach in the vendor dashboard
- [fix] Disproving or rejecting Address which have previously been approved, still shows approved in store sidebar
- [fix] Vendor should not be able to sell subscription product
- [fix] Paypal credentials are not set warning even PayPal is turned off
- [fix] Booking day view is not visible
- [fix] Quantity discount is not visible in mobile device
- [fix] Refund pagination is not showing in admin backend
- [fix] Remove category commission options if multiple categories is allowed

v2.8.3 -> July 19, 2018

- [new] Customer inbox in live chat module ( Live Chat module )
- [tweak] Refund system modification
- [tweak] Statement calculation in vendor dashboard
- [fix] Make live chat popup responsive ( Live Chat module )
- [fix] Save the card info in checkout page only if admin wants to ( Stripe Module )
- [fix] Zone wise shipping text typo
- [fix] Zone wise shipping keeps loading issue
- [fix] Product import export issue in vendor dashboard ( Import Export module )
- [fix] Unable to insert shipping cost in decimal point in seller setup wizard
- [fix] Booking block cost is not getting saved ( Booking module )
- [fix] Admin can't access the refund request from email
- [fix] When admin tries to manually complete a refund, admin is redirected to the my-account page
- [fix] Vendor statement exporting problem fixed
- [fix] Booking order status not editable ( Booking module )

v2.8.2 -> June 29, 2018

- [new] Introduction of Dokan live chat module
- [new] Added Refund and Announcement REST API
- [tweak] Announcement, Refund and Module page in backend converted into vue single page
- [tweak] Load Dokan shortcodes and assets_url only in the product and normal page
- [tweak] Remove WooCommerce and dokan text from the shipping description
- [fix] Local pickup is not visible when the cost is set to zero
- [fix] Earning suggestion calculation fixing for multiple category selection
- [fix] Vendor welcome wizard redirection issue fix for email verification module
- [fix] Subscription package category can not be override from user profile (Subscription Module)
- [fix] Support ticket is not visible in customer dashboard support menu (Vendor Support Module)
- [fix] Report is not exporting properly from the frontend
- [fix] Conflict between social login and vendor verification module
- [fix] Store review count in front end and backend is not same
- [fix] Variation of a variable product throws price earning suggestion warning
- [fix] Column label and data are incorrect in csv file from the backend
- [fix] Added tax and shipping functionalities in auction product
- [fix] Make zone wise shipping responsive
- [fix] Vendor earning report is wrong
- [fix] Allowed category in subscription product is not rendering saved values
- [fix] Announcement email was sending twice
- [fix] Various string translation issue
- [fix] Appearance module is not working

v2.8.1 -> May 3, 2018


- [fix] Added some missing transation in single product multivendor modules
- [fix] Tinymce dokan button not working in all post types

v2.8.0 -> May 2, 2018

- [new] Introduction of REST APIs
- [new] Introduction of zone wise shipping
- [new] Price suggestion for variable product
- [new] Cancellation of a subscription pack will ask for confirmation
- [fix] Social login issue
- [fix] CSV earning report exporting issue
- [fix] Unable to delete vendor form admin panel issue
- [fix] Paypal adaptive checkout issue
- [fix] Fatal error while importing product via CSV issue
- [fix] Subscription based admin commission issue
- [fix] Seller permission issue
- [fix] Subscription is being updated with the update of a user in back end issue
- [fix] Stripe card saving option issue
- [fix] Duplicated product shows existing product's view count
- [fix] Booking cancellation email sending issue
- [fix] Seller setup wizard after a seller is verified by email issue
- [fix] Seller verification widget issue
- [fix] Shipping notice issue
- [fix] Seller could update admin commission from backend issue
- [fix] Subscription pack date issue
- [fix] Hide subscription product type from back end when a seller can access the back end
- [fix] Progress bar value not increase by adding stripe payment method issue
- [tweak] Disable back end access for vendor staff
- [tweak] Vendor review date format
- [tweak] Updated deprecated functions
- [tweak] Statement calculation
- [tweak] Reduction of 'dokan' text from staff permission
- [tweak] Various UI, UX improvement

v2.7.5 -> March 06, 2018

- [fix] If a user is logged in using social media then he is unable to upload product image
- [fix] Registration process through email verification doesn’t verify vendors properly
- [fix] Dokan Announcement option is not working
- [fix] Store support widget is not working on single product page
- [fix] Cannot register using social media
- [fix] Subscription pack [for unlimited number of days] expiration date shows invalid date from vendor’s dashboard
- [fix] Subscription pack purchase during vendor registration
- [fix] Announcement query conflict with product widget
- [fix] Shipping is not working if WPML is activated
- [Tweak] Skip updater if we are from command line
- [Tweak] Re-organize dokan admin menu’s

v2.7.4 -> Feb 12, 2018


- [fix] Fixed vendor verification permission issue
- [fix] Fixed Shipping not rendering in cart and checkout page
- [fix] Fixed dokan verification and store support Widget issue
- [tweak] Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.3+

v2.7.3 -> Feb 04, 2018


 - [new] Vendor Staff Module is added
 - [new] Email Verification on registration is added
 - [fix] Regular shipping shown while disabled from settings
 - [fix] Non-numeric warning shown on Statement report
 - [fix] Product edit template duplicates for pending products
 - [fix] Subscription: Become a vendor form not showing subscription form
 - [fix] Subscription: Commission rate for subscription can't be set as blank
 - [fix] Appearance: Color scheme not working on product edit page
 - [fix] Booking: Person type unlink or remove not working
 - [fix] Booking: Order links inside Booking details not working
 - [tweak] Dropping support for Tab view product edit page
 - [tweak] Import Export: button position for products view changed
 - [tweak] Import Export: CSV import export buttons added under Tools

v2.7.1 -> Dec 14, 2017


- [new] Added an option for hiding and showing withdraw menus in vendor dashboard
- [new] New module integration called Single product Multiple Vendor
- [new] Added helper link in social API integration
- [new] New product email template is added for auction product - Auction module
- [new] Vendor verification widget is now showing in single product page - Vendor Verification module
- [fix] Import export warning fixed - Import Export module
- [fix] Calculation wrong in Subscription packages - Subcsription module
- [fix] Fixed depricated checkout url - Subcsription module
- [fix] Fixed core udpater class
- [fix] Showing wrong WC Booking link fixed - Booking module
- [fix] Update textdomain in appearance - Appearance module
- [fix] Attribute saving problem if integer or commas value set as a attribute values
- [fix] Social connect redirection issue fixed - Vendor Verification module
- [fix] Fixed vendor verification widget is not showing - Vendor Verification module
- [tweak] Hooks added for new ticket and reply - Store Support
- [tweak] Update shipping package label hook parameters

v2.6.6 -> October 22, 2017


- [new] Added Flat commission option
- [new] Added status filter and search option on vendor listing for Admin
- [new] Added Social login feature 
- [new] Vendor Store's social share icon on tabs 
- [new] Added Category wise vendor commission
- [new] Added Export CSV option on All Logs tab of Dokan Reports page
- [new] Added Shipping option in seller setup wizard
- [new] Added Up sell and Cross sell product on vendor product option
- [new] Added group type product on vendor product option
- [new] Dokan email templates integrated within WooCommerce emails with template support
- [new] Added various help texts on Dokan admin pages
- [new] Added various help texts on Dokan admin pages
- [new] Help tutorial on Dokan Admin pages
- [fix] Customer migration redirect to seller wizard not working
- [fix] Placeholder date format translation issue
- [fix] Not sending new seller email on customer migration
- [fix] Announcement mail showing all seller emails
- [fix] Fix showing tax data for order details page 
- [fix] Added settings to hide customer info from vendor's order details
- [fix] Turned of shipping method when product shipping is disabled
- [tweak] Toggle switch added for toggle vendor status on vendor listing
- [tweak] Registered date in vendor listing column for Dokan Admin

v2.6.5 -> Aug 2, 2017


- [new] Added email template for announcement
- [new] Send email to admin when a product is edited and pending
- [fix] Widgets not showing in admin menu
- [fix] Vendor dashboard graph RTL issue fixed
- [tweak] Added missing <hr> on shipping tab title
- [tweak] Enhanced RTL support

v2.6.4 -> July 16, 2017


- [new] Added `dokan-customer-migration` shortcode
- [new] Added option in admin settings to allow product review status management for vendors
- [fix] Vendor Store page review pagination not working
- [fix] Vendor earning report date wise calculation problem
- [fix] Expired vendor coupons are showing in vendor store
- [tweak] Enhanced RTL support
- [tweak] Various other core improvements

v2.6.3 -> June 8, 2017


- [new] Added action to duplicate product from product list view
- [new] Added option to set product as pending review when vendors re-edit or update a product
- [fix] Announcement visibility logic updated for widget and announce template
- [fix] Coupon add category selection limit fixed
- [fix] All products can not be set when selecting all products on coupon view fixed
- [tweak] Coupon showing styles improved

v2.6.2 -> May 18, 2017


- [new] Dynamic state select option for Vendor Setup Wizard
- [fix] Change Product Seller from admin not working properly for variation products
- [fix] Store listing search not showing same result if submitted
- [fix] Store listing search sending multiple requests on AJAX
- [fix] Feature products, Best selling products and Top rated seller queries fixed
- [fix] Fixed Order status label issue in seller order listing
- [tweak] Added currency argument for wc_price
- [tweak] Various helper text labels updated

v2.6.1 -> May 4, 2017


- [fix] Vendor coupon type not showing properly
- [fix] Saving variation product and variation title view
- [fix] Tab view product gallery image not saving
- [fix] Tab view shipping functionality
- [fix] Tab view schedule render
- [fix] Refund rendering issue when order is not found
- [fix] Downloadable variable product not saving
- [new] Added variation description field in tab view product page

v2.6.0 -> April 18, 2017


- [new] Made dokan-pro compatible with WC 3.0
- [fix] updated Yoast SEO sitemap generation
- [fix] Tab view seller shiiping toggle not working
- [fix] Seller order refund showing notices fixed
- [fix] Seller add new coupon showing notices fixed
- [fix] Saving coupon data with WC 3.0

v2.5.3 -> March 12, 2017


- [new] Separated Free version from the PRO plugin
- [fix] Announcement functionality fixed
- [fix] Bulk discount for seller front-end fixed
- [fix] Styling fixed for coupons on Vendor Store Page
- [fix] Shipping Enable/Disable not updating issue fixed
- [fix] Review styling for 3rd party theme conflict fixed
- [fix] Product shipping toggling issue fixed
- [tweak] Updated Flot JS version and fixed JS issues

v2.5.2 -> January 25, 2017


- [new] Added filter 'dokan_new_product_popup_args' to enable custom validation on new product add
- [new] Enabled vendors to select all products while creating coupon
- [fix] On plugin activation auto flush rewrite rules
- [fix] Seller Setup wizard not translating properly in some cases
- [fix] Shipping tracking modal not showing while bootstrap loaded is fixed
- [fix] Vendor statement enhanced for calculating per product commission
- [tweak] Seller setup wizard enhanced for responsiveness
- [tweak] Seller dashboard widgets enhanced for better responsiveness
- [tweak] Add new product pop up enhanced for better responsiveness
- [tweak] Several other optimizations to codebase for better and stable performance

v2.5.1 -> January 12, 2017


- [new] Front-End product template new UI
- [tweak] All SELLER text is changed to VENDOR
- [tweak] Updated Seller Earning Statement Report View
- [tweak] Fixed variable product data saving issues
- [tweak] Changed Order Tracking options from Select to Text box for sellers
- [tweak] Improved Responsiveness on seller dashboard pages
- [tweak] Product commission option is moved to advance tab from general
- [fix] Improved Seller Setup wizard for better UX
- [fix] Improved Seller Setup wizard for better UX
- [fix] Fixed showing error If Google MAP API is not given
- [fix] Fixed Extra fee receiver not working issue

v2.5-> October 18, 2016


- [new] Setup Wizard on Admin panel
- [new] Setup Wizard for seller settings after new seller registration
- [new] Multiple header templates for store template
- [new] Added DOKAN shortcode insert button on post/page editor
- [new] Added store search option on store listing page
- [new] Added detailed income and withdraw statement for sellers
- [new] Added option to choose tax and shipping receiver as admin or seller.
- [new] Show seller payment options on user profile in back-end.
- [tweak] Dokan store listing shortcode has more options
- [tweak] Flat rate shipping synced with zone ID
- [tweak] Fixed Tab view variation products
- [tweak] Added active states in product review status filter
- [fix] Fixed front-end variation issue for other languages
- [fix] Fixed product add while selling is disabled for sellers

 v2.4.12-> August 8, 2016


- [new] Product base admin commission
- [new] Sellers coupon show on store
- [tweak] Added Settings for gMap API key
- [fix] Product with same SKU
- [fix] Product permalink, defaults to 'product'
- [fix] Image upload attribute undefined issue
- [fix] Multiple seller order mail
- [fix] Product SKU search
- [fix] Store search by store name

 v2.4.11-> May 29, 2016


- [new] Refund request from seller to admin by sellers order details page
- [new] Tracker added
- [fix] Checkout issue if flat rate shipping set as null
- [fix] Change seller display name to store name
- [fix] Multiple submit request on product add/edit
- [fix] Undefine error on cart page for shipping additional price
- [fix] Product edit page permission
- [fix] Remove duplicate insert on dokan order table

v2.4.10 -> February 24, 2016


- [new] New dashboard menu added for 'store link', 'edit account' and 'sign out'
- [fix] Remove repeated data rendering on admin panel dokan earning section
- [fix] Terms and condition not showing on registration issue
- [fix] Dashboard/orders page single view responsive issue
- [fix] Product edit and add issue on Firefox and IE browser
- [fix] Product variation save and update issues

v2.4.9 -> February 01, 2016


- [new] Plugin help page added
- [new] Seller search added on store listing
- [tweak] Some validation on contact seller email handler and after sent hook updated
- [tweak] Category check added on new product add without reloading page
- [tweak] Auto suggestion and clear button on flat view variation product attributes input

v2.4.8 -> November 21, 2015


- [tweak] Email template override system added
- [fix] Change dokan SEO admin option section
- [fix] Ajaxurl fixed to prevent conflict
- [fix] Fix Arrow (reverted) for pagination
- [fix] Hide unapprove comment from store review tab
- [fix] Update cart discount meta on suborder create

v2.4.7 -> October 20, 2015


- [fix] Fix Coupon discount redundancy 
- [fix] Fix product gallery image delete issue on tab view 
- [fix] Fix translation issue on user migration form
- [fix] Fix Store listing template view for not logged-in user
- [fix] parent sub-order creation on unsuccessful payment by card
- [fix] Store page breadcrumb fixed to show Store name and listing link properly

v2.4.6 -> October 12, 2015

- [tweak] Added terms and condition option field on Registration form
- [fix] Remove required for product per page field on store settings
- [fix] Fix delete variation product issue on tab view for seller
- [fix] Fix redudant data for guest users
- [fix] Fix responsive issue on front page product listing
- [fix] Seller store banner size to cover
- [fix] Store template fix for twenty twelve theme

v2.4.5 -> September 14, 2015

- [fix] Fix responsive style issue for store page
- [fix] Fix undefine parent order object issue on creat sub-order 
- [fix] Fix seller dashboard product comments count on widget

v2.4.4 -> September 4, 2015

- [new] Seller balance resync by checking unexpected order button added on tools page
- [fix] Make some text translatable on contact seller widget
- [fix] Optimise sql query to make regenerate process fast
- [fix] Fix WooCommerce deactivate dependency issue
- [fix] Fix plugin bulk activate issue with dokan welcome page

v2.4.3 -> August 25, 2015


- [new] Welcome page on activation with resync button added
- [tweak] Visual Progress bar added for resync Order progress
- [fix] Sub-order duplicate issue fixed
- [fix] Fix wp editor compatible to 4.3
- [fix] Compatible with WordPress 4.3 widget __construct functions
- [fix] Fix table name in sync table sql
- [fix] Fix store review rewrite problem, Move store functionality in Dokan_Pro_Store class
- [fix] Fix seller migration template loader
- [fix] Fix same seller multiple product type shipping issue
- [fix] Fix flat rate shipping issue for multi seller

v2.4.2 -> August 12, 2015


- [tweak] New hook on store header: dokan_store_before_social
- [tweak] Re-arrange dokan admin settings fields
- [tweak] Add field on seller store settings to manage store product per page
- [tweak] Sellers redirected to dashboard after login
- [fix] Feature seller widget display template path
- [fix] Best seller widget display seller name changed to store name
- [fix] Fix problem with showing variation data on order details
- [fix] Update "dokan_create_seller_order" function to save variation order meta on sub-order
- [fix] Update "dokan_post_input_box" function to add option for making text field and number field required
- [fix] Fix balance separator problem on withdraw
- [fix] Fix total sales balance display on seller dashboard page
- [fix] Keep value saved of override shipping fields meta even when the option unchecked
- [fix] English language phrases correction on several place
- [fix] Fix calculation of sub-orders in WooCommerce dashboard status widget sales query

v2.4.1 -> July 29, 2015


- [fix] plugin updater fix: wrong plugin file path
- [fix] Store banner min-height issue
- [fix] added validation on settings/store phone field

v2.4 -> July 28, 2015


 - [new] Code re-write, re-organized
 - [new] Customer support System for sellers
 - [tweak] After login redirect users to the page they were instead of my account
 - [tweak] Dokan order sync table from backend tools done by ajax step by step
 - [fix] New Product status change as admin settings rather than "draft"
 - [fix] Pageination fix on admin earning log
 - [fix] Translation fix on template-js
 - [fix] Fix undefine state error from store and store listing

v2.3 -> June 20, 2015


- [new] Add new flat view style for product add and edit on seller dashboard
- [new] Add store SEO manage system for sellers store page
- [new] Add shipping calculator on single product page shipping tab
- [new] Add new tab on seller store page to show terms and conditions
- [tweak] Store address field change to multiple-fields on seller dashboard store settings
- [tweak] New Products on "draft" status by default
- [tweak] Address field can be not required
- [fix] Fix styling issue in seller dashboard shipping settings options
- [fix] Fix some text domain for translation issues on several pages
- [fix] Fix empty title and empty category error on seller dashboard product edit page
- [fix] Plugin updater: return false early when response error
- [fix] Fix placeholder translation support for phone number and store name on seller dashboard store settings

v2.2.2 -> May 15, 2015


- [fix] Fix shipping calculation for 'everywhere else country' in checkout
- [fix] Fix undefine error on single product shipping tab if select everywhere else country
- [fix] Make override shipping value empty once set and then remove it
- [fix] Show shipping tab on product edit for both simple and variable type product
- [fix] Change same hooks on different settings forms
- [fix] Fix dokan store tab margin
- [fix] Fix store review template class/id

v2.2.1 -> May 12, 2015


- [fix] Fix weight and dimensions string translation error on product edit shipping tab 
- [fix] Fix store listing shortcode rendering error
- [fix] Remove (#) sign from url when dokan gravatar and banner image upload
- [fix] Fix require once file name which rename 'theme-fucntion.php' to 'functions.php'
- [fix] Fix product listing sku search condition bug

v2.2 -> May 11, 2015


- [new] Settings pages divided into submenu
- [new] Dokan product listing search by sku and product id added
- [new] Tabs added on store page
- [fix] Fix translation issues on product and order status text
- [fix] Fix user migration shop url error
- [fix] Category problem fixed for updated WordPress 4.2
- [fix] Fix issue on plugin update checker. Was breaking getting plugin update info
- [fix] Don't allow users to create coupons with same code
- [tweak] Added "Elsewhere" for countries as well in shipping

v2.1 -> April 6, 2015

- [new] Seller announcement feature
- [new] Seller Profile completeness
- [new] Product listing filter and search field in seller dashboard product page
- [new] Add admin view withdraw table row action 
- [new] Added shipping processing time for individual product
- [new] Seller total earning view on seller dashboard
- [tweak] Shipping tab disable for downloadable product
- [tweak] Enable store contact seller and map show option of backend
- [tweak] Variable product image size
- [tweak] Product variation sku tooltip display
- [tweak] Shipping tab extra info added 
- [tweak] Order refund by seller removed
- [tweak] Download limit text and input type changed to number
- [tweak] Admin all log order status display
- [tweak] Restricted shipping charge for downloadable product or virtual product
- [tweak] Show hide override shipping option according to disable shipping in single product
- [fix] Shipping info display error
- [fix] Shipping disable logical issue
- [fix] Variation remove item problem
- [fix] Variation stock management
- [fix] Wp editor content render with auto p
- [fix] Inventory stock management

v2.0.1 -> March 9, 2015

- [fix] Minor bug in shipping gateway
- [fix] Manage stock and product review status wasn't updating
- [fix] Sell individually checkbox wasn't updating
- [new] Earning by seller report in Dokan admin earning reports page

v2.0 -> March 1, 2015

- [new] Add Custom Store wide and Per-Product Shipping option for individual sellers
- [new] Add TAX option for individual sellers on seller dashboard
- [new] Add Shipping TAX option
- [new] Variation stock management feature on font end
- [new] TAX and shipping management for variation product
- [new] Added settings for new product add email notification to admin
- [new] Added flickr, Instagram in seller store social profile field
- [new] Added tag feature in Seller dashboard product add or edit
- [new] Added Multiple category selection in seller product add or edit 
- [new] Set cookie for page view
- [fix] Line break in seller name with product in chart page
- [fix] Add seller review URL filter('dokan_get_seller_review_url')
- [fix] Fix some styling issue for button, position 
- [fix] Fixes the broken Store page sidebar for any WooCommerce compatible theme.
- [fix] Admin seller listing pagination fixed 
- [fix] Use wp_title filter from Dokan theme and correct store title
- [fix] Product edit tab background white color removed 
- [fix] Media popup close icon styling fixed
- [fix] Regenerate map file
- [fix] Update code structure by id prefixed with Dokan and stuff 
- [fix] Transliteration fixes 
- [fix] Fix withdraw threshold query
- [fix] Coupon delete problem fixed
- [fix] Fix settings page undefined error
- [fix] Change hook name "dokn_aditional_relation_filed" to "dokan_reg_form_field"
- [fix] Language file updated

v1.4 -> January 18, 2015

- [new] Added admin option to change store URL
- [new] Added withdraw threshold feature
- [new] Order report Export and listing
- [new] Added admin option to enable-disable store sidebar from theme
- [new] Coupon fee shipping removed
- [fix] Pagination compatible with WordPress v4.1
- [fix] Language translation fixed
- [fix] Seller name changed to store name at featured seller widget
- [fix] Fix product stock quantity save error
- [fix] Fix product variation stock error
- [fix] Settings page error fix

v1.3 -> November 20, 2014

- [fix] Sanitize settings fields
- [fix] Calculate admin commission without shipping
- [new] Featured seller widget
- [new] Few hooks in mail
- [fix] Customer to seller migration bug fix

v1.2 -> November 2, 2014

- [fix] Security fixes. props to @yann
- [fix] dokan_templart_part function wasn't picking up template from theme
- [fix] Add missing action hooks from the theme migration
- [fix] Pagination in dashboard
- [fix] Product edit page responsive issue

v1.1 -> October 5, 2014

- [new] Pre-defined attributes brought back in the plugin.
- [fix] Sold individual bug fix
- [fix] Withdraw cancel functionality was broken in plugin
- [fix] Product delete functionality was broken
- [fix] Fontawesome fonts added on dashboard. Removed icomoon
- [fix] Some Bootstrap CSS classes fix
- [new] New action hook and filters
- [new] My orders page brought back
- [fix] Duplicate order emails fixed
- [fix] Discounted price wasn't updating properly


- Initial plugin version released

==================== Theme Version ====================

v1.0.6 -> September 2, 2014

- [new] Added hook and filter in product listing
- [fix] Change seller name to store name in cart
- [fix] Add store link to seller review tab
- [fix] change best seller name to store name in best seller widget
- [new] Arabic translation added
- [new] Customer migration to seller
- [fix] Condition fix for new product visibility
- [fix] Update url separator
- [fix] Coupon product dropdown shows only 10 products
- [fix] Repeated slide off
- [fix] Change manage stock check
- [new] Hooks added on settings form
- [new] Pre-defined attribute feature
- [fix] Review pagination in seller dashboard
- [fix] Email notifications removed from child orders
- [fix] Correct text domain updated
- [fix] Order status localization

v1.0.5 -> June 9, 2014

- [new] Enable/disable scripts, styles, sidebars from child theme
- [new] Better child theme support
- [new] Responsive seller dashboard
- [new] Filters added slider
- [fix] Multisite collisions
- [new] Seller enable/disable feature on registration
- [fix] Language file updated with missing strings
- [new] Store only category menu on store pages
- [new] Turn on/off store sidebar location/contact widgets

v1.0.4 -> May 9, 2014

- [new] RTL support
- [fix] Responsive style problems
- [fix] page title fix for homepage
- [fix] category dropdown widget width with many categories
- [fix] clicking category dropdown widget on mobile
- [improve] child categories in main navigation are clickable now
- [fix] main dropdown selected color fix
- [fix] coupon expire date formatting fix
- [fix] style.css is the main stylesheet now
- [fix] duplicate phone number in admin edit profile removed
- [fix] missing translation strings
- [fix] small problem in seller listing

v1.0.3 -> April 7, 2014

- [new] Profile settings can be updated from admin area
- [new] Per user seller percentage
- [new] Some new hooks added.
- [bugfix] Product category won't update
- [bugfix] Menu parameter removed from wp_nav_menu
- [bugfix] Currency entity fix in withdraw email
- [bugfix] Downloadable file upload directory
- [bugfix] Price validation removed from new product page.
- [improve] Demo store notice compatibility
- [improve] Edit permalink support for category base

v1.0.2 -> Mar 24, 2014

- [bugfix] Withdraw request balance float

v1.0.1 -> Mar 24, 2014

- Sold individually option added
- New action hooks and filters
- PHP 5.2 support with replacing __DIR__
- Seller shop url customization choice
- Seller order status change enable/disable option added
- Seller reviews shown on store page
- Withdraw balance control -> order status choice option
- Avatar upload feature
- New seller notification mail
- New product visibility to visible
- Best seller widget

v1.0 -> Feb 17, 2014

- Initial Release