Front End Action & Hooks

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In WordPress; an Action is a PHP function that is executed at specific points throughout the WordPress Core.

Developers can create a custom Action using the Action API to add or remove code from an existing Action by specifying any existing Hook. This process is called “hooking”.

Header Actions

Hooks on header section.

before On top of every page.

Front Page Actions

Hooks on home page

dokan_home_slider_top Before home page slide.
dokan_home_on_slider On home page slide.
dokan_home_after_slider After home page slide.
dokan_home_after_featured After home page featred product.

Sidebar Actions

Hooks on sidebar section.

before_sidebar On top of every sidebar without store sidebar.
dokan_sidebar_store_before On top of store sidebar. perameter ( $store_user, $store_info )
dokan_sidebar_store_after On top of store sidebar. perameter ( $store_user, $store_info )

Store Page Actions

Hooks on store Page.

dokan_store_profile_frame_after After store banner. perameter ( $store_user, $store_info )

Shipping Page Actions

Hooks on shpping Page.

dokan_product_options_shipping After shipping page.

Note: All hooks of woocommerce plugin are available.